Guidelines for Selecting and Registering for MBA Classes

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					                                     Carlson Exchange Student
                         Guidelines for Selecting and Registering for Classes
 Please complete the Course Request form and return to International Programs by the application deadline. We hope
            that you find the guidelines below helpful as you plan for your classes at the Carlson School.

Registration Process
Due to new U.S. Government Immigration Laws, we are able to officially register you for classes only after you arrive
on campus and have your visa documents checked. However, by completing the Course Registration form you will
allow us to help you know the status of the courses you are requesting. Since we are not able to register you for any
courses you request until you arrive on campus, your flexibility is appreciated.

How to Complete the Course Request Form
List at least 12 credits for your first choices, and at least 6 alternate credits. List designator, course number, and
section number (example: BFin 8100-02 Cases in Fin Mgmt). If there is a course you must absolutely take at the
Carlson School due to a requirement by your home institution, please write “yes” in the column titled “Required by
Home Institution?” next to that class.

MBA Courses Required By Your Home Institution
We will do our best to reserve a spot for such course(s) but in some cases may be limited by space constraints. Past
experience has shown that a student’s requested courses can change once they arrive on campus. Please note that
such changes will NOT be allowed in the case of courses that you indicate are required by your home
institution. In other words, you must be certain that this course is your final selection when you indicate your
preference on the Course Request form. You can expect to hear from us at least 2 months prior to your arrival
indicating if we were able to reserve a spot for you in such a class.

MBA Courses That Are Unavailable to Exchange Students
Due to the cohort structure and space constraints of the MBA program at the Carlson School, we regret that the
following courses will generally not be available for exchange students:

 DAY CLASSES:                                               PART-TIME (Evening & Saturday Classes)

        MBA 1                                                      MBA 6300-90,91,92,93,94
        MBA 2                                                      FINA 6121-90
        MBA 6020 section 1 or 2                                    FINA 6241-90,91
        MBA 6120 section 1 or 2                                    IDSC 6202-90
        MBA 6210 section 1 or 2                                    MGMT 6004-90,91
        MAB 6220 section 1 or 2                                    MGMT 6020-60
        MBA 6230 section 1 or 2                                    MGMT 6031-90,91
        MBA 6240 section 1 or 2                                    MGMT 6040-90
        MBA 6500                                                   MGMT 6084-90,91
        MBA 6501                                                   MGMT 6110-90
        MBA 6502                                                   MKTG 6051-90
        MBA 6503                                                   MKTG 6075-90
        MBA 6504                                                   MKTG 6088-90
        Fina 6242 section 1 and 2
        Mgmt 6004 section 1, 2 or 3
        Mgmt 6031 section 1 and 2
        Mgmt 6084
        Mktg 6075 section 1 and 2

Questions? Please contact Janelle Wenzel, International Programs Officer, Carlson School of Management.
Email:, Phone: +1-612-625-0562

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