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                      S e r g e r F u n
                            w i t h
                       M a r g a r e t !
Margaret Tully will show you a good
time! I had a professional photo of her,
but I asked if she had one with a serger,
and she sent me this one. That pretty
much tells it all! Even if you haven't
used a serger, or haven't used yours for a
while, you'll really enjoy her sessions.
We waited an extra year to be able to
have her in the store. Don't miss
           Serger Fun
      with Margaret Tully
     Friday, April 8, 2:30pm
   Saturday, April 9, 9:45am
In this first seminar and Trunk Show,
Margaret will take you where you've
never gone before with your serger. See
how easy it is to create out-of-this-world
ruffles, crocheted serger lace, cover stitches, piping and lots more!
Explore the possibilities through the use of serger accessories and special
techniques. See the unbelievable "jet air threading" in action! Get ideas
for serger projects including, but not limited to, quilt piecing, home dec.,
and quick gifts.
      More Serger Fun with Margaret Tully
                       Friday, April 8, 6:00pm or
                        Saturday, April 9, 1:15pm
Let Margaret take you on an adventure with the chain and cover stitches.
We will show you the amazing serger pleating and smocking (a smocked
project finished in less than half an hour,) bias binding (that's right you
can even make your very own fusible bias,) or just bind the edges of your
projects effortlessly, stretch straps in an instant, we'll use a lot of those
lovely decorative threads, and sew much more. You don't want to miss
this. The Baby Lock "jet air threading" chain looper will change your
life.......well, in the sewing room at least. Projects are completed so beau-
tifully and quickly, that you'll be making more projects and enjoying them
more.              Just $10 for each session!
          ( o r s av e u p t o $ 2 0 ! I f y o u d e c i d e y o u h av e t o
       h av e a B a b y L o ck s e rge r, w e ’ l l g i v e y o u b a ck w h at
                       y o u p a i d f o r t h e s e m i n a rs ! )

                                the Month
               S e w- e r s o f    January

    Connie Riddle, Granger, got a request to make a Peace Sign quilt for her
    granddaughter at practically the last minute, and look what she turned out!
    (She had to borrow it back to show it in club, as many members do.) It
    earned her first place in the evening group. Runner-up was Joan Duval,
    South Bend, who got her customers’ quilts done in time to quilt this holiday
    wallhanging for herself, even though it didn’t get done for last Christmas.
    Sharon Young, Plymouth, IN, made this quilt for her husband, and made
    herself Sew-er of the Month for our morning sew-ers. Nice job, Sharon, we
    like it, too! Runner-up was Jo Ellen Jongkind from La Porte, who has been
    finishing up old projects. This one was from a class we had several years
    ago with Nancy Odom, and it’s beautiful.
                              Runner s - up

                               the Month
              S e w- e r s o f      February

    Davina Borlik, North Liberty, IN, was our evening Sew-er of the
    Month. She made the quilt and quilted it on her Handi Quilter Sit-Down
    machine, and did a great job with the feathers in the sashing of her
    Strawberry Quilt. Runner up for the evening was Jo Ellen Jongkind
    from La Porte. She made the lovely Tossed Nine Patch quilt below.
    Evening winner was Judy Sulok, South Bend, with her Crazy Compass
    quilt done all in the embroidery hoop. It is beautiful in green and yel-
    low. Runner up was Dianne Talboon, also from South Bend. Her place-
    mats from an old issue of Fons & Porter used Jinny Beyer fabric as
    striped borders.
                            Runners - up
 5        People and Projects in our News
Haiti Blanket Project

The Notre Dame bookstore donated unsold 2009 football t-shirts to Susan Soisson,
director of the Haiti project to use how she saw fit. Initially some of the smaller sizes
were sent directly to Haiti for use as is.
The largest sizes however were much to big , so Susan approached Judith Overmyer,
the sewing instructor at that time at John Adams High School to see if there was a way
to convert the t-shirts to receiving blankets.

Through trial and error , a blanket prototype emerged. With sleeves and necklines cut
off and shirts opened out as a flat pieces, 2 shirts could be serged together along the
bottom hemlines resulting in a nice size blanket. Judith contacted Erica’s to inquire if
the group could use (our) sergers and classroom facilities to do the serging.
When a couple of boxes of the small t-shirts were found, the Lakeville Homemakers
Extension club made “pillowcase” sundresses under the direction of Diana Kuhn.
The finished project will include 120 dresses and approx. 250 blankets. Most of the cut
off portions of the shirts are being passed along to various other groups to be used as
stuffing in pillows, draft dodgers, etc.

Other groups involved included Quilters’ clubs and Michiana FACS ( Home Ec. ) and
women from Christian Life Center. Approx. 300 + volunteer hours were involved in com-
pleting the t-shirts to blankets and dresses project. This is an example of how a large
number of people donating a few hours can collectively achieve a big result for the ben-
efit of others not so fortunate.
Judith Overmyer

Retired F A C S Teacher
Retired Director/Sponsor
J.Adams Mock Trial State & National Championship

in photo
Standing: Judith Overmyer
Denim Jacket: Anita Brown
Blue Sweater: Chris Urbanski
    More People and Projects in our News
                                                Bernadene Adams from South Bend,
                                                at left, brought in her beautiful.
                                                Fabrics are from Gypsy Rose
                                                Quilted by Louise Moon from Berrien

Virginia Kirchhoff’s Floral Illusions
embroidered quilt is outstanding with its
soft colors and embroideries. Virginia is
from Elkhart.

                      Judy Starasinic, from Chesterton, made these two
                      pieces for her lucky father-in-law! The fish is from a pat-
                      tern called Gotcha. It hangs on his wall with all the pho-
                      tos of fishermen (or women-Judy’s there) with their
                      catches. and the sign was done with her Letter It.
    More People and Projects in our News

Janet Alles brought in this wonderful quilt
in to show us. It’s called “Snake River,”
and Janet’s from Portage, IN

                                   These dresses are going all the way to
                                   England! Pat Olive from South Bend
                                   made them for a friend there. What a
                                   beautiful gift!

                                              Sue Hirschler from South Bend has
                                              been taking classes with us for many
                                              years and is one of our more prolific
                                              quilters! Here are her “I Believe in
                                              Angels” and “Turning Twenty” quilts.
8              Our Staff Works and Plays!

                   Jane Stuart in our Receiving
                   Department made this scarf with our
                   Bernat Bamboo yarn...3 skeins...just Knit
                   2, Purl 2 with size 13 needles. She said
                   this yarn “knits up really nicely and has a
                   nice drape to it!”

                               Nancy Fullen, who greets and helps customers in the
                               store, made this fun quilt “Man’s Best Friend” from
                               Henry Glass using the free pattern link on our fabric

She also made this great placemat from
the book ABC 3-D (A10940)
using Stonehenge fabrics.

                       Linda Ullery has been a familiar face at
                       Erica’s since 1987! She used a Charm
                       Pack for our “No Experience Necessary
                       Class.” (Even though she’s had lots of
                       experience!) The pattern is And Your
                       Point Is…(30400)

       Becky Adams, our Sewing Department
       Manager, shows off her Simply Charming Four
       Patch quilt that she made using Bliss by
       Bonnie & Camille for Moda. The pattern is in
       the book Simply Charming Collection, 44666.
 9                               More Staff!

Kim Wilson, who also helps customers, made the striking quilt for her nephew, Dillon!
Lucky kid! And she made the Chicago Bears quilt for her husband’s friend who is obvi-
ously a Bears fan! We all want to be on her gift list!

                          Darleen Davis man-
                          ages the Receiving
                          Department and is
                          sewing up a storm!
                          She made the 1-2-3
                          Down by the Sea
                          quilt for one of her
              granddaughters, then went on
              to finish up all these previous
10                  Email Testimonials             Thank so much for your attention to detail and
                                                   prompt service. Also just wanted you to know
                It sure is nice of peo-
                                                   how much I appreciate your reward certificates
                ple to take time to tell
                                                   - it effectively takes care of shipping! Just the
                us they appreciate us!
                                                   fact that you are willing to look up any
                We all love a pat on
                                                   "unused certificates" and apply them is great.
the back, and sometimes it even makes
our day! Thanks so much! Erica and                 Glen Baker, Blythe, CA
You've been great about filling recent orders --   I happened to be reading email and right after
I'm glad I found your shop and I've been very      she emailed, I told Karen we already had a
happy with your service!                           new item that she wanted coming in soon. I
                                                   got this fun note back:
Thanks! Diane Hock, Heldsburg, CA
                                                   Woohooooooooooooooooooo!!! That’s amaz-
                                                   ing. Thanks so much, Erica.
Thank you for the fast shipping of my first        I have to say that this is exactly why I like
order! It was well packed and beautifully          dealing with and YOU.
                                                   I asked if I could quote her, and she stroked us
Christina Wilson, Lakewood, OH                     even more!
                                                   My words were definitely sincere. Hopefully,
Thank you for your exemplary service. You          someday, I will be able to drive down to see
are amazing. I've always been impressed by         you from Ontario. I don’t think it is that far.
your willingness to pass shipping savings on to    P.S.: I am subscribed to your blog and enjoy it
your customers. I wish other on-line quilt sup-    immensely. I love social media!!
pliers would take a page from your book.
                                                   Karen Rilstone, Ontario
Sincerely, Carolyn Caruso Olympia, WA

                                                   And our thanks to all of you, for
I received my order today. You guys are great.     your kind words!

  Erica’s Gift Cards
         can be purchased or redeemed at
     Erica's Craft & Sewing Center in South
     Bend on our website.
        can be purchased for any dollar
       have no expiration date.
       have no fees of any kind at any time.
       are used on one or more purchases until the balance is used up.
       can have any dollar amount added regardless of current card bal-
       can make someone’s day brighter!
                       Our Craft e r K i t t y

Kassi, more than any of the cats
we’ve had, really wants to learn
to do everything Mommy does. I
have a bunch of photos I’m going
to use on my blog one day, call-
ing it “Kassi Everywhere.” Here
she wanted to go with me to one
of my clubs so she sat with everything I was gathering to take along.

                          Where are our
                          Guest Craft e r
                         K i t ti e s ? ? ? ?

                        Photos needed here!

      After having a backlog of wonderful Crafter Kitties, I have none!
       So, feline companions, get out your cameras, and immortalize
     that sweet fur-purrrson who allows you to live with him or her, and
                           start snapping photos!
                 Please email them to me as attachments, at

 For a great selection of over
  7,000 embroideries, go to
   Take 25% off all designs
      March 21-March 28!
 Enter Promo Code: HVGIFT25
   Please choose Erica’s,
 South Bend, as your dealer.
         New & Noteworthy
         Books & Patterns
Beloved Baltimore Album                               terns and raw edge applique make these proj-
Quilts features 25 beautiful                          ects a breeze. Giraffe A11880, Zebra A11881,
blocks. These lovely                                  Elephant A11882, Owl A11883 ($15.00 each)
applique blocks often include                         Attention horse lovers!
embellishment to make them                            We have a lovely
even more special.                                    needlepoint kit featur-
Instructions are also given for                       ing a beautiful horse
turning your blocks into 12                           titled Gentle Strength.
possible quilts. Birds, fruits and flowers are        The subtle shading of
beautifully depicted in traditional style. Lots       white, grey, blue and
of instructions and illustrations make this a         tan give this piece a
great book. A11627 ($29.95)                           dimensional feel, while the face of the horse is
                    Quilts Made Modern is a           beautifully portrayed. The kit includes the
                    wonderful new book. If you        printed canvas, floss, needle, instructions –
                    like tradition, you'll still      everything you need! A11893 ($8.49)
                    want to take a look, as the                               Too cute! Cute and
                    quilts inside have can walk                               Easy Costumes for
                    that fine line between mod-                               Kids will have them
                    ern and traditional. Fresh                                dressed up all the time.
                    fabrics make the simple                                   35 designs are includ-
piecing look new. And the simple piecing will                                 ed, with full sized pat-
make easy work on the 10 projects included.                                   terns. Let her imagine
There's also loads of information about color                                 herself a fairy, princess
and design choices, so besides making inspir-         or nurse. Let him play at being a gladiator,
ing quilts, you'll be getting a great lesson too!     cowboy (complete with horse) or knight.
A11684 ($29.95)                                       You'll have as much fun making these creative
Just beautiful! Every animal                          costumes as they will playing in them. Perfect
lover will be anxious to make                         for any Mom or Grandma. A11924 ($19.95)
one of these gorgeous applique                        A follow up to the lovely
                     wall hang-                       Sewing with Whimsy is
                     ings of a                        More Sewing with
                     Strolling                        Whimsy. This second
                     Giraffe,                         book continues with more
                     Zebra                            of the fanciful and trendy
                     Crossing, Elephant               boutique style projects
                     Thunder,                         found in the first volume.
                     and the                          Make flowers, add ruffles
                     Block                            and trim, create wonderful cutwork. Any
                     Barn Owl.                        young lady would be thrilled with something
                     These ani-                       from this book. A12019 ($29.95)
                     mals have
                                                      Do you love the quiet look of neutrals? Take a
                                                      look at Japanese Taupe Quilts. This book is
                                                      filled with 125 pieced and applique quilt
                     with an
                     artistic touch. Full size pat-   blocks that use very subtle taupe, tan and blue
 13        New & Noteworthy
           Books & Patterns
                          hues. The blocks have                                          of the image.
                          their Japanese names                                           Quilt Shop
                          listed, having come                                            A11992; Baby
                          from a variety of tradi-                                       Quilt A11996;
                          tional oriental themes.                                        Quilting Bee
                          Besides the individual                                         A11991
                          blocks, there are ideas                                        ($9.00 each)
                          for combining them                                             “Who” will
                          into quilts, and a small-                                      love these pat-
er project or two. Certainly a great source of        terns? Everyone “who” sees them! We have a
inspiration! A12032 ($26.95) (Just a note, we         trio of beautiful applique owl patterns. Mellow
carry fabric lines Evening Mist from Moda and         Meadow shows an owl
European Taupe from Clothworks which both             sitting in a wheat field,
have that subtle Japanese flavor.)                    staring at the viewer
Keep those extremities warm with something            A12018. Whoo's the
from Quick Nordic                                     Cutest shows what
Knits. Inside this vol-                               appears to be a cute
ume you'll find 50                                    young owl, perched in
projects that include                                 a tree A12017.
socks, hats, and mit-                                 Midnight Glide is
tens. Many make use                                   stunning! The owl is
of more than 1 colors,                                                             gliding with majes-
but there are a few                                                                tic wings outspread
basic styles as well.                                                              A11904. The three
And the multicolored versions only use 2 colors                                    are done in neutral
in simple ways. Projects vary in levels of diffi-                                  toned Bali fabrics,
culty, so there's something here for everyone.                                     making the designs
A11977 ($16.95)                                                                    shine even more.
For fans of the lovely simplicity of redwork, we                                   (12.00 each)
have a new series of patterns. These depict old                                   EEEEK! Get ready
                                    fashioned         for a spooky Halloween with this cute applique
                                    scenes such as    pattern. Frankenstein is here, as is Dracula, a
                                    The Quilt         mummy, owl, with, crow, haunted house and the
                                    Shop, A
                                    Vintage Baby
                                    Quilt, and
                                    The Quilting

Bee. These hand embroi-
dery patterns include an
outline pattern that can be
used for redwork, or con-
sider using a different color                         other usual Halloweens. Bold colors and simple
(or a combination of col-                             shapes make this one fun project! A12092
ors). You could even                                  ($24.00)
choose to color in portions                                            Contributed by Cathy Mark
 14          New & Noteworthy
             Books & Patterns
                                                                     great addition to a quilt.
                                    Additions                        This unique free-motion
                                                                     machine quilting book
                                    from Erica:                      combines inspiration, how-
                                    The                              to, and patterns. A11625
                                    Anything                         (26.95)
                                    Goes Totes                       New York Beauty
                                    pattern                          Simplified by Linda J.
                                    caught my        Hahn has developed simple paper-piecing
                                                     foundation method to sew a gentle arc that
                                                     guarantees a perfect New York Beauty
                                                     block every time. I especially like that she
                                                     shows quilting patterns for all her designs!
                                                     A11925 (26.95)
eye because I had used the DesignMagic
                                                     My next favorite thing is
Stencils to make a panel for another Margo
                                                     reading with my Kindle,
purse. That didn’t get done, but I think this will
                                                     (or having it read to me
be the perfect home for that panel. (I showed it
                                                     while I quilt), so I really
to you in one of my blog posts
                                                     like the new pattern, E-
a while back.) It has complete
                                                     Cozy, E-Reader Cover
instructions for using Paintstiks,
                                                     and Carry Case from
one of my favorite embellish-
                                                     Whistlepig Creek
ment techniques. Of course,
                                                     Productions. It’s a fat quarter friendly
you can use any other panel,
                                                     project that is great for E- readers. A11679
whether it’s quilted or embel-
lished or just a favorite fabric in
either of the two sizes. A11983 (9.95)                                      McKenna Ryan’s
                                                                            Home Tweet Home
Just one of the several books I’m highlighting
                                                                            patterns are Building
this time is Everyday Quilts by Rita Fishel. It’s
                                                                            Blocks that can be
a fun, entertaining book, with easy machine
                                                                            put together any way
pieced patterns. There’s a wide variety of quilts,
                                                                            you like. You can
all of them quick enough that you like seeing
                                                                            pick out your
them used, rather than hanging on a wall. There
                                                                            favorite bird and
                    are anecdotes and recipes for
                                                                            frame and display it
                    each quilt. I especially like
                                                     separately, do several blocks and arrange
                    one called “Feel the Love,”
                                                     them however you like or do them all and
                    which would be a perfect gift
                                                     sew them togeth-
                    for a friend battling illness.
                                                     er for a unique
                    A12174 (24.95)
                                                     multi-block quilt.
                  I added Freemotion                 They use her soft
                  Quilting by Judy                   blues and laven-
Woodworth to my personal library as soon             ders to make a
as it came in! She has great tips, tech-             peaceful scene,
niques, and secrets in this book for domes-          no matter which
tic, midarm, and longarm sew-ers of any              way you choose
skill level. She really make the quilting a          to use them. We
 15       New & Noteworthy
          Books & Patterns
have packs for the blocks, and embellish-       by "fussy cutting" the Northcott
ment packs ro make them extra special.          Stonehenge Fabric Panels. Instructions are
                  I was so pleased to see the   in booklet form with full color graphics
                  Inside Out Jacket from        and the framing templates. So simple to
                  Four Corners come back!       follow Jewel Box tools Gem Ten and Gem
                  I seldom make the same        Five are required. A12161 (9.00) check
                  project more than once,       out all the varieties. There’s something for
                  but I made two of these.      everyone!
                  That was years ago, and I                      Eeny, Meeny, Miny &
                  still get compliments on                       Moe pattern from Eazy
them when I wear them. I had done                                Peazy makes bags in 4 use-
machine embroidery down the front of one                         ful sizes and it’s fat quarter
of them and Kassi thought that moving                            friendly. It uses the new
hoop was an amusement park ride. My                              Soft & Stable interfacing
first opportunity to use Cindy Losekamp’s                        and has a variation with the
great tip for taking out machine embroidery                      popular Double Diamond
gone wrong! See it on our product video         Ruler. A12171 (9.00)
page. 79301 (8.00)                              Everyone loved the
I hadn’t made a vest for a                      Whimsical Flower Patch
while, but loved the Bryce                      Tote Pattern by Melinda
Canyon Vest pattern, from                       Pirone when it came in. It’s
Morning Glory Designs, so I                     a fun and easy patchwork
made this one. The yoke                         tote that helps you explore
was a perfect place to put                      all the great decorative
Texture Magic. And I might                      stitches on your machine that you may not
just make a second. It’s a classic quilt-as-    use too often. 48625 (12.99)
you-go vest for casual wear. 48176 (10.00)      Cathy chose another beautiful pattern that
                I saw the Saratoga Jacket       will allow me to do some intricate quilting,
                & Purse pattern, also from      which I like. It could also be done with
                Morning Glory Designs,          simple quilting like echoing and other
                and want to do it with          backgrounds. Random Flowers from
                Texture Magic, too. Why         Random Threadz uses simple techniques.
                aren’t there more hours in      The applique can be done by hand or
                the day?! A11907 (12.00)        machine. A11690 $10.00 We have made a
                The Jewel Box designs           fabric pack that uses the Serenity fabrics
from Phillips Fiber Art have been popular,      shown on the cover. The red ombre fabric
and Cheryl keeps adding to her collection.      achieves the subtle color gradation in the
The Ten Point Star is the easiest of the        border arcs and flower petals. A green
                                    Jewel                             ombre fabric is used
                                    Box                               for the stems and
                                    designs.                          applique leaves. It’s
                                    The                               60" x 60". A11743
                                    cover                             (68.80)
                                    quilt is                              Sign up for our
                                    made                                  regular emails!
     Fun Stuff, Cool Tools,
       & Nifty Notions
                           Put a little   Charm squares.
                           zip in
                           has some
cute patterns and zippers that you
turn into stylish acces-
sories. Make a neck-
lace or floral brooch
with a zipper! Too
cool! The patterns
feature two themes,
             brooches of flowers or
                                          Each template includes a free pat-
             bugs, and jewelry. The
                                          tern for a runner or table topper.
             zipper packs include
                                          Have fun and whip up something
             five 1 yard pieces in
                                          new! Templates make cutting your
             assorted colors. My
                                          pieces so fast & easy. Half-
             Garden Zips A11426,
                                          Square/Quarter Square A11930,
             Zipper Jewels A11427
                                          Hatchet A11927, Whirligig
             ($9.99 ea.) Classic
                                          A11928, Snowball A11926 (13.75
Zippers A11670, Vintage Zippers
A11671 (12.99 ea.)
the thimble!                                      Contributed by Cathy Mark
Actually it's                             Additions by Erica:
a new tool
that will save your fingers when          One of my friends asked if we had
you’re hand quilting. This little         the Edge Perfect Blade yet. She
thing, Quick Quilter, looks like a        wanted it for some of her wool proj-
spoon, but when you hold it under         ects. I had to search for it, but
your quilt, it will help maneuver         now we have it. I
your needle back up through the           love it when cus-
layers. A neat concept. A11894            tomers tell us about
(15.94)                                   new things they
                                          want. Thanks,
More fun with 5” fabric squares.
                                          Carol. It’s a great
Creative Grid has new templates to
                                          blade for your rotary
give you new ways to use those 5”
17                                   tomize
     New & Noteworthy
       Fun Stuff, etc.
         (continued)                 cutter's
cutter if you do much hand work. It handle
makes even holes near the edge of with
your fabric to use with overcasting, your
blanket stitch,even crochet. It      own designs, photos or fabric. It
works best with non-ravel fabrics.   has a unique handle design that
A12173 (17.99)                       aligns your wrist naturally, placing
                                     all cutting power directly over the
Small & medium
                                     blade and eliminating stress in the
and large& extra
                                     wrist and arm. I haven’t had a
large Flower
                                     chance to try it yet, but I really
Frill Templates
                                     appreciate an ergonomic cutter
join Clover's
                                     when I’m cutting a lot of fabric.
family of fabric
                                     A12208 $27.99
tools. These flip-and-fold flower                        We have several
makers make it quick and easy to                         styles of laminat-
embellish your jewelry, wardrobe,                        ed fabric for the
and home accessories. 3" and 4"                          new raincoat pat-
A12237 (4.95) or large, 5" and 6"                        terns that are so
A12238 (5.95)                                            popular now. If
                                                         you’re in our
                        If you like
                                     area, check our class schedule and
                                     join Abby in her class.
                        Wonders of
                        His Love,    Have you
                        with 500     seen our
                        pieces by    Bali
                        Brenda       Building
Harris Tustian is a beautiful wood-  Blocks &
land scene with Santa and his ani- Logs?
mal friends. A12164 (12.00)                 These
                                               are collections that we
Well known quilt artist
                                                 make up here at Erica’s,
Diane Phalen has cre-
                                                    and they’re really
ated a beautiful 1000
                                                       beautiful! Just one
piece puzzle called the
                                                        example is our
Rose Sampler that is
                                                      Quilter's Building
a wonderful piece of
                                     Logs, which have twenty 2 1/2" x
art! A11975 (16.00)
                                     the width of the fabric strips
There’s a new ergonomic rotary       A11779 (15.99)
cutter on the market, and it has a
                                     We have new Large 3-
customizable handle! With the My
                                     Compartment Solutions Boxes,
Comfort Cutter, you can cus-
18                                    For lots of ideas to
     New & Noteworthy
                                      use the Nautilus
       Fun Stuff, etc.
                                      Feather Tools,
        (continued)                   there’s a book with
                                      complete step-by-
my favorite, of course being the
                                      step instructions and
Purple. They are molded in
                                      beautiful embellish-
translucent polypropylene with 3
                                      ing ideas. A12242
fixed compartments plus 20 remov-
able dividers,
with secure slid-                                  Other new additions
ing, lockable                                       from Quilters Rule
latches. The                                          are the Small Rope
large ones are                                                      Tool
8.5” x 14” x 2”.                                                    for 1-
A12258 (9.79)                         1/2" & 3"
                          We also
                                      A12241 (17.00)
                          have new
                                      and the Nested
                                      Star Set of 6. 1
                          with oth-
                                      5/8" thru 11
                          ers com-
                                      1/2". A12240
                          ing in
regularly, so
check out                                                     I talked
our yarn                                                      about this
department!                                                   before, but I
A fun gift for                                                used the HQ
a knitter or                                                  Mini
crocheter is                                                  Circles
                 the ten ounce                                Template
                 Black Sheep Mug. on my last quilt and just loved it. It
                 It has one black   makes circles in 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1
                 sheep with a       1/2". This template was designed
                 shamrock among     with slots leading into each circle
                 the flock of white so it will work for all mid-arm and
                 sheep, covering    longarm machines that have a hop-
the entire mug. 57951 (10.99)       ping foot. A11096 (28.95) This
                                    photo shows how I used the Catch
For mid- and long-
                                    ‘n’ Cut scissors with a hooked end
armers, we’ve
                                    to pull up the bobbin thread. It’s
added the 1/4"
                                    really good with Ruler work,
thick clear
                                    because you don't have to move
acrylic Nautilus
                                    the ruler, and it’s also good for
Feather Tool
                                    machine embroidery! A11981
that creates 3" &
4" spirals A12241 (17.00)
 19                                               in front of your machine and does
      New & Noteworthy
                                                  not require any form of marking or
        Fun Stuff, etc.
                                                  complex setup. A12244 $51.99
          (continued)                             You need the arm to go with it,
The Cross                                         and we have the 18" Arm in stock,
Hatch Ruler                                       but will be adding a longer arm and
base pro-                                         some wavy arms. I was surprised
vides an                                          at how easy it makes cross hatch-
accurate 30°,                                     ing. A12243 (17.99)
45°, 60°, 75°                                          To hear about new things
and 90°
guide for long                                            and specials, sign up
arm machine quilting to use from                       for our email newsletters.
left or right. It allows you to stay

   New & Noteworthy
 Machine Embroidery, etc.
                  Sam's Love Hearts was           together. Full instructions are on the CD.
                  named for Jenny Haskins’        25090 (49.99)
                  daughter Samantha, aka                           Yet another exciting new
                  Sam. It’s is a collection of                     collection from the Haskins
                  40 romantic designs, which                       embroidery mother-son
                  introduces double fabric                         team, is 3D Embroidery
                  applique and buttonholes in                      Magic. This collection uses
                  the hoop. It includes the                        their Krinkle Magic with
complete instructions for her latest quilt:                        embroidery! It’s made of
Windmills of the Heart using Jenny’s When                          floral and quilting designs
Dreams Flower fabric collection. Creative         that literally spring into life when steam
Expressions 30, (84260                            and heat are applied to the embroidery,
12.95) recently arrived,                          because of the Krinkle
features a double-sided                           Magic. What fun! 48018
quilt, Double the Love,                           (39.99) There are several
using Sam's Love Hearts.                          new ideas here, with more
She has lots more planned                         to come in Creative
for this collection. 25140                        Expressions 31 which you
(119.99)                                          can preorder. 48019
                 Fabricadabra is a new col-       (12.95)
                 lection in the Special Edition                      We have several new col-
                 series. Simon Haskins has                           lections from Smith Street
                 created this quilt with                             Designs, including
                 embroidered patchwork                               Greetings! There are ten
                 strips that make up the                             greeting cards to make on
                 blocks. He introduces a                             your embroidery machine,
                 technique which he calls                            5 for the holiday season
Magic Seams that makes them easy to put                              and 5 for special occa-
 20                                                Girls has twenty-four 9” blocks for popular
      New & Noteworthy                             home embroidery formats. A11999
      Machine Embroidery                           (60.00)
          (continued)                              The Quilters Set 1 and 2 also has twenty-
                                                   four 9” blocks A11998 (60.00)
sions, plus complete printed instructions
and PDF files to print applique pieces on
fusible web. A11902 (24.00)
                        Pin Cushions give
                        you four options to
                        make pin cushions on
                        your embroidery
                        machine. Each one
                        measures about 4 ½”
                        before stuffing. Use       The
                        cotton, silk, wool, etc.   Needleworkers has
A11903 (24.00)                                     twelve 9" Redwork
                                                   blocks A11997
Classic Beauty is a
beautiful embroidery
machine applique quilt
with a dozen applique
designs, and complete                                                 Vintage Scarf Ends was
instructions for lap, twin,                                           a popular Anita
and bed size quilts. It                                               Goodesigns collection, so
includes a printable PDF files for fusible                            now they’ve added Floral
web and cutting lines. A11428 (30.00)                                 Scarf Ends There are 12
                        Grandiflora Rose                              different designs and
                        also has directions                           each design comes in
                        for lap, large lap and                        two different sizes and 13
                        bed sizes. Combine         different individual designs to add to your
                        12 designs in 2 differ-    scarves. Instead of a scarf project you can
                        ent sizes in a variety     also embroider tea towels that would be a
                        of ways to make 19         perfect accessory to brighten your kitchen
                        different blocks. The      or bath. A12232 (29.95)
blocks can be made one at a time or by re-         Anita Goodesigns Special
hooping. It has both tack-and-trim and             Editions are always just
fusible web techniques with printable PDF          that: special. Floral Rings
files for fusible web for all the applique         is no exception. The col-
pieces. Design sizes are: 4 x 4, 5.7 x 5.7         lection starts out with 9
and 5 designs 8 x 8. A10201 (36.00)                unique floral rings that are
Quilting Bee Designs has charming simple           created by sewing 4 indi-
redwork                                            vidual designs together. Each of the indi-
collec-                                            vidual quilt blocks is created entirely in
tions is                                           your hoop! There is absolutely no piecing
various                                            of fabric on any of the projects. The
themes.                                            unique part of these blocks is that quilt bat-
Little                                             ting is inserted into the design while it is
Boys &                                             being embroidered for a truly dimensional
Little                                             effect. There are fully stitched blocks,
21   New & Noteworthy
     Machine Embroidery
blank blocks. Individual designs and 3D
flowers. A12029 (89.95)
The Quilter's Dream Collection has two
different design themes;
butterflies and floral fans.
Each of the themes comes
with a large 4-block scene,                              Earn Rewards Dollars with
2 individual blocks, and 2                                 regularly priced items
multi-part borders. All of
these design elements can                                  purchased in our store
be combined to create a                                          or online.
quilt of any size. Each of the quilt blocks
come in 4 sizes. A12027 (59.95)                                We appreciate
   Sign up for our embroidery emails!                     your shopping with us!

    This map shows the 2923
  locations of people who have
         visited our blog.
     Were you one of them?


                                                    Guest Star Alert
                                               Whimsicals' Terri Degenkolb
                                  With a style that teeters somewhere between folk art and tradition-
                                   al, Terri designs quilts, projects, and fabric that looks aged and
                                                      loved, yet in a fresh new way.

                                 Her most recent hit was the book Tangled Up in Threads and the
                                               coordinating fabric line
                                        with Red Rooster, Tangled Threads.

                                             She’ll be here with her new Christmas fabric line,
                                         Winterberry Lane, her new book, Make it Merry, and new
                                                  winterberry lane patterns.

                                        Whimsicals' Terri Degenkolb
                                       Saturday July 30th.
            We’re finalizing the details and will give you all the information
                            in our June newsletter.
22                Knitters’ Notes ~
                            Fearless Lace
       Don't panic at the word “lace.” There are lots of ways to experience
the pretty patterning caused by deliberate holes. See, you can have holes
in your stitching and be good!
       Lace seems to intimidate people, but as long as you can knit and
purl, you can do lace. It does require (usually) a bit more attention, but
there are simple patterns with just one or two row repeats that can be
memorized once you've worked them a few times. The openwork that
results makes the piece look that much more complex and elaborate.
       One of the simplest techniques is knitting two together followed by a
yarn over. The knitting stitches together creates the hole, while the yarn
over adds back the stitch that you just decreased.
       This produces an openwork mesh type design that is great for
scarves or wraps. You could even use this at the cuffs or hem of a
       Where is it written that you must use lace-weight yarn and itty bitty
needles? I think this is another aspect that frightens people. I personally
prefer working with finer gauge yarns and smaller needles, but Debbie
Bliss, in her books “The Big Easy” (46310) and “Donegal Tweed” (38282,
currently on sale) uses bulky weight yarns and larger needles for a scarf
and sweaters that feature lace patterns. Use a worsted weight and size 8
needles for a scarf, you'll move along a bit faster (rather than lace weight
yarn and size 2 needles) and the effect will still be stunning. You'll want to
use a yarn with a smoother finish, so that you can see the stitches.
       If you like knitting socks, use a sock yarn and the appropriate needles
for a new wrap or shawl. The yarns are beautiful in themselves, and you're
already used to using the smaller needles.
For ideas, see “Nature's Wrapture” (27315) which has a variety of wraps
that use lace style patterns in a variety of yarn weights, “Shawls Two”
(40435) which again has quite a variety of patterns in various weights, and
“Simple Hip Knit Scarves”(A11819) which offers scarf patterns, several
using a lace type pattern.
       For a great reference on lace knitting, be sure to check out Vogue's
“Stitchionary 5” (59199). The Vogue series is wonderful with all sorts of
information, and this volume is no different. Choose a lace pattern and
then simply knit for a while to see what you have. Try different yarns and
different weights. Make scarves: a great learning tool and you'll end up
with something useful (start that Christmas list).
       Don't be afraid to try your hand at lace. It really is easier than it
appears. Find a comfortable yarn and needles and just knit. You'll be
amazed at what you can do!

                                 by Cathy Mark
                          23         Erica’s                         HOURS
                                                                 Monday, Tuesday,
                            Craft & Sewing Center               Wednesday & Friday
                                South Bend, Indiana              Thursday 9:30-8:30
                                                                 Saturday 9:004:00
                                     574-233-3112                Sunday 12:00-4:00

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                                                   Notes About Classes
           pages 28 & 29
                                                      Teaching Staff
         Block of the Month Clubs
                                                    pages 36 - 44
             page 30
                                              Class Schedule and Descriptions
       We Love our Handi Quilters!

           Watch for our next Newsletter in June

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Thank goodness winter is pretty much over!
We haven’t had to cancel so many classes for    Our Blog continues to be a favorite way for
as long as I can remember. Here’s to spring     me to communicate with you. I generally
flowers and (just enough) April showers!        have something to share with you every
                                                other week or so, and Cheryl and other guest
We have lots going on in our Sewing             bloggers are filling in inbetween. That way
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you’re in next.                                 that squirrel that sneaked in there a while
And don’t miss Margaret’s Serger Shows          back), which are my frequent topics. I know
April 8th or 9th. Be ready to have some         there are a lot of quilters and animal lovers
fun, and even learn something in the process.   out there, but I know there are other things to
We’re really looking forward to it.             do, too. So now we’re well rounded. (Pun
                                                intended.) You can also have our blog posts
Then there’s the Spring Fling Shop Hop          delivered to your inbox, like almost 1200
May 19 thru’ 21. Goodies at each of the         people do.
Michiana stores, including food. And again,
a good time will be had by all!                 For those who have asked about our cats,
                                                our Beethoven turns 20 in May. We’ve had
Meanwhile, be sure to look at our class         this kitty longer than any of our children
schedule. Some of the classes were shown        lived at home (continuously, anyway). Any
in our last newsletter, so they may have just   devoted pet lover will understand that we
a few spots left, so don’t hesitate and miss    have received more from his presence with
out. There are good classes through out our     us than we’ve been able to give him, in spite
session, all the way through June, so we        of the cat walks and stairs and ramps and
hope to see you regularly.                      condos in his world. We treasure each day.
If you live too far to come regularly, please   Tchaikovsky will soon be 17 and Kassia, pic-
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               Thursday, May 19th, 9:30 am - 8 pm
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                Saturday, May 21st, 9:30 am - 5pm
  Our theme this year is Tr a d i t i o n a l B l o c k s . We’re using the beautiful
           springtime floral “Isabella” fabric from Clothworks.

          Register today at Erica's Craft & Sewing or online.
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►     And did we mention, you get fed yummy treats at every store!!!

       Other shops in our Michiana                        Jeanette’s Fabric Boutique
           Spring Fling are:                                     Wakarusa, IN
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         Shop, Kalamazoo, MI                                   Kalamazoo, MI 49006
       Big Island Quilt Company                                Stitch N’ Time Fabrics
             Schoolcraft, MI                                       South Bend, IN

      S i g n u p N O W, i n o u r s t o r e o r
               online, to be sure
        you get your bag and pin!!
                   Block of the Month Clubs
                                                 Sewing Circle
                                                Cathy Mark and Cheryl Nelson help you journey
                                                  the threads of time with the Prairie Women's
                                                    Sewing Circle. Each session begins with
                                               information on the life and times of women living
                                                 circa 1840-1900. This period is rich in history,
                                                including movement along the Oregon Trail, the
                                                   Civil War, and into the Suffrage movement.
                                                You'll be able to make yo-yos during the history
                                               "lesson" to be used in a project later. Each month
                                                 will also include a small quilt project. Projects
                                               vary in size and style, but all will feature a "Make
 Do" attitude - using what you have available for your quilt. Selections from our Reproduction
                                    collection will be used.
                       Third Monday Evening of the Month
   ~ $30 Membership fee for the six months is prorated since Club started in
                         February. ~ Sign up now!

             Tiny Town
Join Karen for months of fun as you make this "Tiny
Town" your own. It's a perfect town with the cutest
 little neighborhoods! Techniques include applique,
    basic block construction and a small amount of
        embroidery. The finished quilt measures
 approximately 52" X 60". We have a pack with the
    exact fabrics the designer uses, but feel free to
     substitute your favorites. Club covers adding
   borders, squaring, layering, quilting, and adding
  binding. Embellishments can be used and you can
personalize it, making it unique. You'll love making
                 "Tiny Town" your own.
      Last Monday evening of the month
      ~ $40 Membership fee for the 9 months is prorated since Club started in
                           January. ~ Sign up now!

   Tiny Town and Prairie Women’s Club are also available online as
  well as Welcome to My Cabin, Monthly Minis, Darlene Zimmerman’s
              Clothesline Club, and English Pathways.
    Do you have a variety of feet for your sewing
  machine that you thought were really cool when
you purchased them, but now have forgotten how to
 use them? Stitcher's Garden might just be the club
      for you! Join Becky in Stitch Connection's
Stitcher's Garden and learn while you make blocks.
Different feet will be discussed each month, as well
 as a variety of techniques. By the end of the club,
you will have a beautiful quilt as well as a wealth of
knowledge about accessory feet! We’ll be showing
  you and letting you try feet like the pintuck foot,
piping foot, fringe foot, and many more. We’ll also
    show alternative techniques if you don’t have
                                        specific feet.
   It will be a great time and a wonderful experience for new and not-so-new sew-ers!
                   Third Thursday Evening of the Month
      and the Following Friday Morning, starting March 17th and 18th
                          ~ $45 Membership fee ~ Sign up now!

                                                    Guest Star Alert
                                               Whimsicals' Terri Degenkolb
                                  With a style that teeters somewhere between folk art and tradition-
                                   al, Terri designs quilts, projects, and fabric that looks aged and
                                                      loved, yet in a fresh new way.

                                 Her most recent hit was the book Tangled Up in Threads and the
                                               coordinating fabric line
                                        with Red Rooster, Tangled Threads.

                                             She’ll be here with her new Christmas fabric line,
                                         Winterberry Lane, her new book, Make it Merry, and new
                                                  winterberry lane patterns.

                                        Whimsicals' Terri Degenkolb
                                       Saturday July 30th.
            We’re finalizing the details and will give you all the information
                            in our June newsletter.
30                                                   Only 8 representatives in the world were
     Erica’s                                          given this award when we were! The
award winning                                          inscription says “HQ Way Award ~
                                                      Delivering Results through Superior
 training will                                        Service, Education, and Inspiration,
help you really                                         Erica’s Craft & Sewing Center”

   use your                                            We’re so proud to have earned this
                                                     award, and I thank my students, whose
Handi Quilter!                                        evaluations helped make this happen!

      We Love Our Handi Quilters!
              Find out why we’ve fallen in love with
                  our HQ 16 Sitdown machine,
            our new HQ18 Avante, and our Fusion!
* You can pull out all those unfinished tops and get them
done, make charity quilts, quilt for friends, or even start a
* It’s nearly twice as fast as most home sewing machines
* It has a full 16”, 18”, or 24” throat depth, over 8” vertical
* It has long arm capabilities and optional Stitch Regulator
at less than half the price of other long arm systems.
* It has a wide variety of the same kind of fun tools, and
the ProStitcher computerized option!

                                                     We have great savings on our HQ Sit-Down
Vicky Carter from Elkhart was all excit-
                                                      demo machine. Come in for a test drive!
  ed about her new Avante when we
 worked together, and I look forward to
   seeing the things she does with it.

                Let us show you
        why we love our Handi Quilters!

                    It’s such a pleasure for me to train new owners
                   on our wonderful Handi Quilter machines, and to
                      work with my Handi Quilter Club Members!
     J o b O p e n i n g at

Erica's has an opening in
Cathy's department for
40 hours per week,
mainly Monday thru
Friday, with occasion-
al Saturdays.
We are looking for
someone who is enthu-
siastic and positive minded. This
person should have general office
skills, be able to work in a fast-      so you don’t miss anything!
paced environment, be able to
multi-task and follow through. If
you consider yourself to be
detailed, accurate and organized,
this position may be perfect for
                 you. If you’re
                 interested, please
                 fill out an applica-
                 tion, and we will
                 call to set a time
                 for you to come in     Earn Rewards Dollars with
                 and talk with us.
                                          regularly priced items
                                          purchased in our store
                                                or online.
                                              We appreciate
                                         your shopping with us!

                        B a b y L o ck                                P
                             Spring                                   R

             Have you taken your Owner’s Class yet?
   Our Sewing Department has on-going classes for all our sewing machine and
serger owners. If you haven’t had your class yet, check in the Sewing
Department and find out when the next one is.

  This is part of the reason you bought your machine at Erica’s!
And be sure you don’t miss Sewing Club meetings.

     We’re happy to help whenever you need it. And we love to see what you’re creating!
                            Club Dates
             Find your Club and put the dates on your
            calendar NOW so you don’t miss anything!
        Best of the Bunch*                      Stitcher’s Garden Club *
               (Embroidery Club)                          March 17, 18
       Wednesday, April 13, 9:45am                        April 21, 22
       Wednesday, May 11, 9:45am                           May 19,20
       Wednesday, June 15, 9:45am               Thursdays 6:30pm, Fridays 9:45am

 Erica’s Creative Sewing Club *                       Stitchin' Sisters*
               March 29,30                              ( Embroidery Club)
               April 26, 27                      Saturday, March 26, 9:15am
              May 31, June 1                     Saturday, April 30, 9:15am
     Tuesdays 7:00pm, Wednesdays 10:00am          Saturday, June 4, 9:15am
       Handi Quilter Club*                       Tiny Town Quilt Club*
                April 12, 13                     Monday, March 28, 6:30pm
                May 10, 11                       Monday, April 25, 6:30pm
                June 14, 15                      Monday, May 23, 6:30pm
      Tuesdays 6:15pm, Wednesdays 9:00am

 Nifty Novices*           (Embroidery Club)
                                              Vi k i n g D i g i t i z i n g C l u b *
         Saturday, April 2, 9:15am               Saturday, March 19, 1:15pm
         Saturday, May 14, 9:15am                Saturday, April 16, 1:15pm
         Saturday, June 11, 9:15am                       Skips May
                                                  Saturday, June 18, 1:15pm
Prairie Women’s Sewing Circle *
        Monday, March 21, 6:30pm                We d n e s d a y ' s W i z a r d s
                                                        (Embroidery Club)
        Monday, April 18, 6:30pm
        Monday, May 16, 6:30pm                   Wednesday, April, 9:45am
                                                 Wednesday, May 4, 9:45am
       Scrap Therapy Club *                      Wednesday, June 8, 9:45am
     Cutting Workshop April 5, 7:00pm
     Cutting Workshop April 7, 9:45 am          * These clubs have space
     Reunion - Friday, March 25, 6pm                for new members
        Why you need an
      “Erica’s Credit Card”
         There is no annual fee.
     You don’t tie up other credit cards.
     You can pay for every purchase in our store with 90 day terms, whether
     it’s a pattern or a sewing machine!
     Option of 6 months no interest with monthly payments on purchases over
   If you apply by April 30th and are approved, we’ll give you 10% off a
purchase that day, of regularly priced merchandise of over $50, using
your new Erica’s Credit Card. Easy application, quick decision, any
sales person can help you. (New applications only.)
                          Special Offer

                                          Go to our website
                                        and click “New Items”
                                      on the left to see what we
                                          add as we add it!
                              Notes about Classes
         As more and more people are finding out, Erica's is a really fun place to learn!
                  We take a lot of pride in bringing you the best instruction,
                              in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.
             We’d like you to help us be sure things go smoothly for you.
   Please register early so we can be sure to have enough supplies. We accept phone regis-
tration, but paying your class fee is what actually holds your place and prevents your being
bumped when the class fills. You may pay your fee over the phone with a credit card, send
in a check, or come into the shop. If you are reserving a sewing machine, please include $3
per session to cover this service.
   Some classes require advance preparation as shown in the schedule, so please be sure to
get your materials early to allow yourself time.
    Most classes require materials be purchased for the project. The class schedule shows that.
If it lists a class pak, that cost is in the description of the class.
   Class fees will be refunded if you notify us 72 hours before class. Of course, if we have
to cancel a class, the fee is refunded.
   Unless listed as Kids' or Teens' class, our classes are geared toward adults 18 and over.
Many people are taking classes as a break from tending children. We thank you for leaving
your children and pets at home.
     Our classroom is a cologne-free zone. Please don’t use cologne, as someone next
          to you may have an allergic reaction to fragrances.
                 If the class is at a time we’re normally closed, the doors will
                  be opened 15 minutes before class. If your class involves a
                  sewing machine, you may come to the back purple door.
    Erica’s is dedicated to needlework, craft, and sewing education and takes pride in pro-
 viding quality classes at low fees. So that we can continue to offer classes at fees that
 are as low as possible, it is required that all students purchase class materials at Erica’s.
                        Join us and learn a creative new skill!

                   Erica Broecker, Cathy Young, Becky Adams,
        Tekla Coar, Mary Ann Lienhart-Cross, Joan Duvall, Sandy Fawley,
        Linda Gugliotta, Abby Gutierrez, Diane James, Lynn Kinney, Karen
       Libbey, Cathy Mark, Cheryl Nelson, Judy Nowicki, Angie Ortiz, Mary
               Parmalee, Mary Ripple, Ginny Smith, Margaret Tully
                                                        Sign up for
                                                        classes now!
 36            Classes & Events at Erica’s
378A Strippy Scrap Jacket * +                  Wed Mar 16       2 weeks         6:30-9:00pm     20.00 + materials
                                               Skips March 23

009A Professional Tote * +                     Thu Mar 17       2 weeks         12:30-3:30pm    24.00 + class pack & materials
                                               Skips March 24

596A Kids' Sewing- Stuffed Animal + *          Wed Mar 23       2 weeks         4:15-6:15pm     20.00 + class pack & materials

387B Preparing a T-Shirt Quilt                 Wed Mar 23       1 class         9:45a-12:45pm   12.00 + class pack

133A Sewing-Emaline Skirt * +                  Thu Mar 24       2 weeks         6:15-8:45pm     20.00 + materials

384B Scrap Therapy Star Light, Star Bright +   Thu Mar 24       2 weeks         6:15-8:45pm     20.00 + class pack & materials

386A Scrap Therapy Reunion +                   Fri Mar 25       1 class         6:00-9:00pm     5.00 (no supplies)

598A Bubble Dress *                            Sun Apr 3        2 weeks         1:00-3:30pm     16.00 + materials

695A Hand Piecing *                            Tue Apr 5        2 weeks         6:30-9:00pm     20.00 + class pack & materials

382A Scrap Therapy Cutting Workshop            Tue Apr 5        1 class         7:00-9:00pm     12.50 See description

696A Crochet Basics *                          Wed Apr 6        2 weeks         6:30-9:00pm     20.00 + class pack & yarn

309A Kids' Sewing I, age 8 and up              Thu Apr 7        4 weeks         4:15-6:15pm     32.00 + class pack
                                               Skips April 21

382B Scrap Therapy Cutting Workshop            Thu Apr 7        1 class         9:45-11:45am    12.50 See description

207A How To Quilt-From Start To Finish *       Thu Apr 7        4 weeks         6:00-9:00pm     48.00 + class pack & materials
                                               Skips April 21 & 28

599A Serger Fun with Margaret Tully!           Fri Apr 8        -               2:30-4:30       10.00 seminar fee
                                               Fri Apr 8                ach
600A More Serger Fun with Margaret Tully!                        -              6:00-8:00pm     10.00 seminar fee

                                                                - e
599B Serger Fun with Margaret Tully!           Sat Apr 9                        9:45-11:45am    10.00 seminar fee

600B More Serger Fun with Margaret Tully!      Sat Apr 9        -               1:15-3:15pm     10.00 seminar fee
207B How To Quilt-From Start To Finish *       Tue Apr 12       4 weeks         9:45a-12:45pm   48.00 + class pack & materials

388A Scrap Therapy Bloomin' Steps *            Wed Apr 13       3 weeks         6:30-9:00pm     30.00 + class pack & materials

323A Magic Squares Quilt Top *                 Thu Apr 14       2 weeks         9:45a-12:15pm   20.00 + materials
                                               Skips April 21

388B Scrap Therapy Bloomin' Steps *            Thu Apr 14       3 weeks         9:45a-12:15pm   30.00 + class pack & materials

277A How to Sew-A Great Beginning *            Wed Apr 20       4 weeks         6:30-9:00pm     40.00 + class pack & materials

573A Knitting-Socks from the Toe Up + *        Sat Apr 23       2 weeks         9:15-11:45am    20.00 + class pack & materials
                                               Skips April 30

322A Hand Embroidery Basics                    Sat Apr 30       1 class         12:45-3:45pm    12.00 + class pack & materials

695B Hand Piecing *                            Mon May 2        2 weeks         9:45a-12:15pm   20.00 + class pack & materials

597A Laminated Raincoat * +                    Mon May 2        2 weeks         6:30-9:00pm     20.00 + materials

314A Knitting Basics *                         Wed May 4        2 weeks         12:45-3:15pm    20.00 + class pack & yarn

126A Silk Ribbon Embroidery +                  Fri May 6        2 weeks         10:00a-12:30p   20.00 + class pack

296A Machine Quilting Basics *                 Sat May 7        2 weeks         1:00-3:30pm     20.00 + class pack & materials

387A Preparing a T-Shirt Quilt                 Wed May 11       1 class         6:15-8:45pm     12.00 + class pack

311B Kids' Sewing II age 8 and up +            Thu May 12       2 weeks         4:00-6:00pm     16.00 + class pack
                                               Skips May 19

696C Crochet Basics *                          Sun May 15       2 weeks         1:00-3:30pm     20.00 + class pack & yarn

833B Hand Quilting                             Mon May 16       1 class         9:45a-12:15pm   10.00 + class pack

303A Stuffed Animals + *                       Tue May 17       2 weeks         6:30-9:00pm     20.00 + materials

099A No Experience Needed Quilt *              Tue May 17       2 weeks         7:00-9:00pm     16.00 + class pack & materials

314B Knitting Basics *                         Wed May 18       2 weeks         6:45-9:15pm     20.00 + class pack & yarn
  37         Classes & Events at Erica’s                                                                     (continued)
387C Preparing a T-Shirt Quilt                     Wed May 18       1 class                  9:45a-12:15pm   12.00 + class pack

595B Sewing Next Step-Make a Shirt * +             Wed May 18       2 weeks                  6:30-9:00pm     20.00 + materials

802A Michiana Spring Fling Shop Hop Club           Thu May 19       -                        -               15.00 See description
                                                   any time 5/19, 20, 21

389A Making a T-Shirt Quilt + *                    Thu May 26       1 class                  6:15-8:45pm     10.00 + materials

596B Kids' Sewing- Stuffed Animal + *              Thu Jun 2        2 weeks                  4:15-6:15pm     20.00 + class pack & materials

145B Knitting-Beyond Scarves + *                   Mon Jun 6        2 weeks                  6:30-9:15pm     24.00 + class pack & materials

594A Apple Core Quilt Top *                        Mon Jun 6        2 weeks                  6:30-9:00pm     20.00 + class pack & fabric

394A Knitting Fancy Socks from the Toe Up + *      Tue Jun 7        2 weeks                  6:30-8:30pm     20.00 + materials
                                                   Skips June 14

833A Hand Quilting                                 Tue Jun 7        1 class                  6:30-9:30pm              10.00 + class pack

                              * These classes require selection of materials and or preparation before class meets.

                  + These classes have skill level or membership requirements - Please check the individual description.

                                     Club Dates are on page 33

                                                         5                       6 pm
                                                Ma rch 2
       We’ll be serving appetizers and                                         If you aren’t a member yet, come to one of
   desserts, Erica will demo and answer                                       our Cutting Workshops and bring your stash!
    questions on squaring your quilt and                                       Get organized, and ready to turn it into fun
    preparing it to be bound, making and                                            projects from table runners to quilts.
   attaching binding, many tips and great                                     You’ll learn cutting techniques and get a free
  ideas. Bring in any projects from scrap                                        bin to start your organizing. Attending a
  therapy classes that aren't finished and                                    workshop entitles you to take Scrap Therapy
    work on them, get help if needed, or                                        classes and buy special patterns that are
  cut more scraps into useable pieces for                                          only for our Scrap Therapy members.
              your next project.                                                          February 2, 7:00pm
  Bring along anything you’ve made from                                                  February 3, 9:45 am
        your scraps, to show others.                                                               $12.50
         Class Descriptions                                                      that, you’ll learn how
               (alphabetical by category)                                        to read instructions,
                                                                                 and start with a
        These classes were offered for the first
        time this session or last, or have not been                              simple potholder to
        offered for a while.                                                     get you going on a
                                                    project. Class pack (book & hook) is $11.10 +
          KIDS’                                     tax. Wed, Apr 6, 6:30-9:00pm or Sun, May 15,
     CLASSES                                        1:00-3:30pm
Kids’ Sewing I —                                    Hand Embroidery —Join Mary R as you
Becky has taught children                           learn the fun, relaxing art on a small spring
and loves seeing them                               decoration or ornament. She will
learn one of her favorite things to do. We have teach you basic stitches on a small
a great textbook with basic information put in a project, to get you started. Hand
really fun format, with puzzles,                    embroidery projects are very
sewing games, mazes, and lots                       portable, great in waiting
and lots of fun. We’ll provide                      rooms, etc. Embroidery is often beautifully
the sewing machines, so you                         combined with quilting. Class pack (most
don’t need to worry about                           supplies) is $16.40 + tax. Sat, Apr 30, 12:45-
bringing one. Class pack is $28                     3:45pm
+ tax. Age 8 and up, no
                                                    Knitting Basics —
experience necessary. Thu, Apr 7, 4:15-6:15pm
                                                    Learn how to knit as you
Kids’ Sewing II—Those                               make a quick and simple
“graduates” of any of our Kids’                     scarf. The class will
Sewing I or Kids’ Sewing                            teach you what you need to get started: casting
Camp can continue with                              on and off, and knit and purl stitches. Angie has
another fun project. If they’re                     patience and skill as a knitter, so you’re sure to
ready to do more, they can                          enjoy learning. Continental, or European style
make a neat little bag to put all                   knitting is taught in this class. Class pack
kinds of goodies in! Completing this project        (book and needles) is $10.05 + tax. Wed, May
will help build skills in machine stitching,        4, 12:45-3:15pm or Wed, May 18, 6:45-9:15pm
following instructions and sewing construction.
                                                    Knitting-Beyond Scarves —If you can
They’ll be using the same book they used in the
                                                    cast on and knit as a beginner, this class is for
original class. Class pack is $10.00 + tax. Thu,
                                                    you. Angie will help you make small samples
May 12, 4:00-6:00pm
                                                    and concentrate on learning additional stitches
Kids’ Sewing-Stuffed Animal—                        and effects, other ways to cast on, increasing
Have your son or daughter join Becky                and decreasing, without a large project to finish.
to make a wonderful corduroy dog or cat. This After this class you will be ready and confident
class will cover basic pattern construction,        to move onto a sweater or vest or shawl and she
sewing skills and hand embroidery. It will be       can help you pick out your project. Class pack,
helpful to have had some previous sewing            book, is $4.95 + tax. Mon, Jun 6, 6:30-9:15pm
experience, but not essential to the success of
                                                    Knitting-Fancy Socks
the project. It will be a great class and students
                                                    From the Toe Up —Have
will have a wonderful friend to take home at the
                                                    you started knitting toe-up
conclusion of the second class. Ages 8-12.
                                                    socks, but want more than
Class pack is $4.75 + tax. Wed, Mar 23, 4:15-
                                                    stockinette stitch? Try a
6:15pm or Thu, Jun 2, 4:15-6:15pm
                                                    simple yet elegant lace pattern
            NEEDLEWORK                              and cable pattern. The lace
                                                    pattern is great for showing off those solid-
Crochet Basics —Ginny will show you the colored and gently variegated sock yarns.
basics of how to crochet in the first class. After
 39 Another variation from the basic                   enthusiasm for sewing and fabric crafting,
       stockinette toe-up sock features a mock         giving you hints, patterns, and sewing and
cable stitch with no cable needle required.            serging updates. The same presentation is given
Great for men’s dress socks, especially when           in the evening and the next morning. We have
worked in a neutral colorway. This is a                a wonderful group of people who share this
continuation of the basic toe-up sock class.           common interest of sewing, and you can make
Skills required: knit, purl, cast on, bind off, toe-   new friends while you get new ideas. This is an
up technique. We’ll use the book from before,          opportunity specifically for our sewing machine
and there is homework before class. Tue, Jun 7,        and serger customers, but if you have a Viking
6:30-8:30pm                                            or Baby Lock and just moved to our area, or
                                                       didn’t know about us, please check with us if
Knitting-Socks from the Toe Up —                       you’re interested. See page 33 for Club dates.
Learn how to knit socks this way, and
you won’t have to deal with grafting or                Handi Quilter Club —This is an
running out of yarn before the end of a pattern        opportunity for Erica to share techniques and
ever again. Several different toe cast ons and         ideas with our Handi Quilter Frame System
heel techniques will be covered. Tekla will also       owners. Each meeting will include hints and
show you how to determine which one to use             tips, a technique or two, and a project to work
depending on your needle and yarn choice.              on at home. Everyone is encouraged to bring
You need to know how to cast on, knit, purl,           along quilts they’ve done, or want help with.
and bind off. The class pack is $22.95 + tax and       Club fee is $30 for 6 meetings, and there will
includes a fantastic sock pattern book. Sat, Apr       be a small charge for handouts at the meeting.
23, 9:15-11:45am                                       See page 33 for Club dates.
Silk Ribbon Embroidery—Come join                       Embroidery Clubs —These are groups
Mary and learn the basics of silk ribbon               where you explore more alternatives
embroidery. The floral project will teach you          for the embroidery aspect of
many basic stitches and include a bit of floss         your Viking, Bernina, or
embroidery as well. Must have basic                    Baby Lock and try all kinds
embroidery knowledge. Class pack, everything           of things you might not
but hoop and needles, is $41.75 + tax. Fri, May        have tried on your own.
6, 10:00a-12:30p                                       We have several groups
                                                       going now. Members will tell you
                                                       how much fun they’re having and how much
                                                       they’re learning! Membership is $30 for the
These classes are especially                           six-month session and club packs average
for people who have bought                             around $15, always including a few or several
their sewing and embroidery                            embroidery designs for your collection.
machines at Erica’s, as a                              Projects feature Judy Nowicki’s embroidery
“thank you” for supporting                             designs especially for our Embroidery Club
us. If you’ve recently moved                           members! You get information on project costs
into our area and have a                               and a list of what to bring before each meeting.
Viking or Baby Lock, please                            There are openings in some of the groups, so let
contact us about participating                         us know right away if you’re interested! (For
with us. Note-all other classes shown in other         our owners) See page 33 for Club Dates.
categories are open to everyone.
                                                       Viking Digitizing Club —This club
Erica’s Creative Sewing Club —If                       meets the first Saturday of the month. Linda
you bought your serger or sewing machine               uses prepared projects and step-by-step
from Erica’s, a year’s membership is automatic         instructions. We include Viking 3D, 4D and 5D
for most models, and you’ll get special                formats. It is not necessary to have a laptop to
discounts at the meetings. Mary Ann Lienhart-          join us, but it would be helpful. If members
Cross and I share our excitement and                   have taken the Digitizing Introduction class or
      have tried digitizing on their own with         How to Quilt-From Start to
 40 some success this will be helpful but not         Finish —This class is planned for beginners
absolutely necessary. You will be doing mostly        with no experience, but also perfect for those
manual digitizing over Linda’s drawings. You          who learned on their own and/or would like
will receive a paper handout as well as a CD          step by step instruction. Karen and Joan will
with drawings and a video of the class as your        start with discussions of fabrics and color
class pack. Come join the fun! See page 33 for        choice. You’ll learn proper rotary cutting,
club dates.                                           strips and triangles, and piecing by machine.
                                                      As you learn, you’ll complete a lap quilt or wall
If you’re one of our new owners and haven’t
                                                      hanging, layer it, quilt and bind it, so it’s done!
had a chance to take a basic class yet, please
                                                      For a good, basic foundation in quilting, this is
talk to someone in our sewing department.
                                                      a great way to go! Class pack is $12.95 + tax.
               QUILTING                               (Machine required) Thu, Apr 7, 6:00-9:00pm or
                                                      Tue, Apr 12, 9:45a-12:45pm
Apple Core Quilt Top —If you
have some piecing                                     Michiana Spring Fling —See page 27
and rotary cutting
experience, you’ll                                    Machine Quilting Basics —In this class
easily be able to                                     you will learn basic machine quilting on your
make this fun quilt                                   home sewing machine. Techniques taught are
with Sandy.                                           stitch-in-the-ditch and straight line quilting
Though it looks like                                  using a walking foot, free motion techniques
curved piecing, the QuiltSmart method is easy         including continuous pattern quilting, stippling
appliqué‚ that you sew to the background. It’s        and meandering, echo quilting, and continuous
a clever technique with surprising results.           curve quilting. Joan will teach you some
Class pack (interfacing, quilt kit with pattern) is   simple all-over quilting designs, background
$34.95 + tax. (Machine required) Mon, Jun 6,          quilting designs, and some sashing and border
6:30-9:00pm                                           treatments that you can use to enhance your
                                                      quilts. She’ll discuss marking techniques and
Hand Piecing —Mary P. will be teaching                preparing your quilt top to be quilted. Class
hand piecing using the Weathervane                    pack (book) is $13.25 + tax. (Machine required)
block pattern. This pattern has                       Sat, May 7, 1:00-3:30pm
squares, rectangles &
triangles. Students will learn                        Magic Squares Quilt
rotary cutting, template making                       Top —This striking quilt
& cutting, and cutting a triangle                     looks complex but is
from a square. Handwork is wonderfully                surprisingly easy and fun to
portable for those times you’re in a waiting          make. The pattern gives
room or at sports events, or riding in the car,       yardages and layouts for
and it’s relaxing at the same time! Class pack        throw and twin size quilts but
is $16.40 + tax. Tue, Apr 5, 6:30-9:00pm or           it can easily be made larger.
Mon, May 2, 9:45a-12:15pm                             You will learn how to work your magic on the
                                                      squares that you’ll sew for this 3-D optical
Hand Quilting —A great                                illusion look. Joan will share tips that will help
love of Mary P’s is hand                              you complete this quilt with ease using your
quilting. In this class you’ll use                    choice of fabrics. Prior rotary cutting
a preprinted wholecloth design.                       experience is required as cutting will be done in
She’ll teach you about using a                        preparation for the first class. Machine
stencil to transfer the design, layering, basting,    required. Thu, Apr 14, 9:45a-12:15pm
and the relaxing art of hand quilting. Class pack
is $17.00 + tax. Mon, May 16, 9:45a-12:15pm           No Experience Needed Quilt —In the
or Tue, Jun 7, 6:30-9:00pm                            first class Sandy will go over cutting methods
                                                      and tools and get you started. We’ll be using a
 41 light weight fusible                            project later. Each month includes a small quilt
      grid that makes it                            project. Projects vary in size and style, but all
so easy! We’ll even do                              feature a “Make Do” attitude - using what you
“on point” which is                                 have available for your quilt. Selections from
considered more                                     our Reproduction fabric collection are used.
advanced, but will be                               Club fee is prorated. See page 33 for Club
easy with this method! In                           dates.
the second class we’ll go
over easy ways to finish
                                                    Preparing a T-Shirt Quilt —T-
                                                    shirt quilts are a great way to preserve
up your quilt. Make a baby, lap, or wall quilt
                                                    memories. Recycle that collection of concert,
that will impress your friends in a flash!. (You
                                                    sports, or vacation t-shirts into a great quilt, or
don’t have to be a beginner to take the class, if
                                                    gather a teenager’s accumulation of t-shirts to
you just want a fast, fun project!) Class pack,
                                                    make a wonderful graduation gift. Any number
the pattern, is $10.00 + tax.) Machine required
                                                    from just a few to thirty or more shirts can be
for second class. Tue, May 17, 7:00-9:00pm
                                                    made into a quilt. Joan will help you get
Monthly Minis—                                      started. She will help you plan your quilt, show
This year-long club                                 you how to prepare your t-shirts, calculate
includes quick, easy                                fabric yardages, and demonstrate the tools and
and cute monthly                                    tricks that will make it easier. Class pack is
projects. Each 12" x                                $4.00 + tax. Wed, Mar 23, 9:45a-12:45pm or
14" mini quilt will fit                             Wed, May 11, 6:15-8:45pm or Wed, May 18,
on a basic table stand.                             9:45a-12:15pm
Each month there will
be a different topper
                                                    Making a T-Shirt Quilt —If
                                                    you’ve taken Joan’s Preparing a T-Shirt Quilt
for the stand, making these projects
                                                    class and your T-shirts are ready to be made
even more special. Each month you’ll
                                                    into a quilt, this is the next step. Joan will show
receive the pattern, pack, stand topper
                                                    you how to cut and sew sashing for both
(and button set if applicable) for the
                                                    straight and diagonally set quilts. She will
next month - so you can have your mini
                                                    discuss where to use half square and where to
ready to display during the correct
                                                    use quarter square setting blocks in a diagonally
month. Club started in January with
                                                    set quilt and you will learn how to determine
the February project but you can still
                                                    what size those need to be. She’ll show you
catch up. In February, members
                                                    how to determine the length of your border
received the March project and so on
                                                    strips and how to sew them. She’ll also talk
through the year. There is a sign-up fee
                                                    about the finishing steps of preparing your quilt
of $20.00 and monthly charges for
                                                    sandwich, quilting the quilt, binding it, and
supplies are approximately $25.00 We
                                                    sewing a label for it. You need to have taken
give you the basic stand free! Sign up
                                                    the Preparing a T-shirt Quilt class before taking
in the store or online.
                                                    this one. Machine required. Thu, May 26,
Prairie Women’s Sewing                              6:15-8:45pm
Circle Club —Cathy Mark and
Cheryl Nelson help you journey the threads of
                                                    Scrap Therapy-Bloomin’ Steps—Join
                                                    Cathy for this Scrap Therapy quilt class. This
time with the Prairie Women’s Sewing Circle.
                                                    is the pattern she fell in love
Each session of this six month club begins with
                                                    with when she looked at all the
information on the life and times of women
                                                    patterns to chose from! You
living circa 1840-1900. This period is rich in
                                                    can use ALL your scraps;
history, including movement along the Oregon
                                                    brights, floral, tone-on-tone,
Trail, the Civil War, and into the Suffrage
                                                    light, dark, it doesn’t matter!
movement. You’ll be able to make yo-yos
                                                    They all look stunning set
during the history “lesson” to be used in a
                                                    against white, ivory or black,
       for instance. New techniques will be         scraps and sit and sew these neat stars—they
      taught in this class and the quilt pattern    will fit together perfectly, and the pattern
uses quite a few of your 3.5 and 2 inch squares     includes instructions on which way to press
while having 3 different options for borders.       your seams for simple assembly. Come in and
Class pack, the pattern, is $9.00 + tax. Machine    bring your scraps or squares before class if
required. Wed, Apr 13, 6:30-9:00pm or Thu,          you’d like help choosing the main color (the
Apr 14, 9:45a-12:15pm                               sashing) and border color, if your stash doesn’t
                                                    have a piece that is perfect for it. Cathy will be
                                                    teaching this class and will be providing great
                                                    piecing, border and binding tips. Class pack,
                                                    the pattern, is $9.00 + tax. (Machine required)
Scrap Therapy Cutting                               Thu, Mar 24, 6:15-8:45pm
Workshop —Do you feel like your stash is
overflowing and you just don’t know what to         Tiny Town Quilt
do? Scrap Therapy is the answer! It’s a two-        Club —Join Karen for
part program that is a proven system to             9 months of fun as you make
organize and use your fabric scraps. Put a new      this “Tiny Town” your own.
blade in your rotary cutter and Cathy will help     It’s a perfect town with the
you brush up on fast and efficient fabric cutting   cutest little neighborhoods!
techniques. You’ll cut your fabric into three       Techniques include applique,
useable sizes and store them in special see-        basic block construction and a small amount of
through storage bins. (You’ll get a bin free!)      embroidery. The finished quilt measures
The classes that follow the workshop will help      approximately 52" X 60". We have a pack with
you convert your cut scraps into fun useable        the exact fabrics the designer uses, but feel free
table runners, quilts, and other things as we go    to substitute your favorites. Club will cover
along. If you have already attended a               adding borders, squaring, layering, quilting, and
workshop, coming to additional workshops            adding binding. Embellishments can be used
gives you a set time to get your scraps ironed      and you can personalize it, making it unique.
and cut, learn cutting tips, and enjoy other’s      You’ll love making “Tiny Town” your own.
company. Tue, Apr 5, 7:00-9:00pm or Thu, Apr        Membership fee will be prorated since it started
07, 9:45-11:45am                                    in January. Club dates are on page 33.
Scrap Therapy Reunion —To                                   SEWING
join us, you need to have attended a Scrap
Therapy Cutting Workshop. We will be serving
                                                    Bubble Dress —Abby
                                                    chose the pattern “Miss Lily” for
appetizers and desserts. Erica will demo and
                                                    this class. It’s a great project for
answer questions on squaring your quilt and
                                                    the novice sew-er who is looking
preparing it to be bound, making and attaching
                                                    to expand into the world of
binding, many tips and great ideas. You can
                                                    clothing. This bubble-style dress
bring in any project from scrap therapy classes
                                                    is cute, playful, and versatile. No
that aren’t finished and work on them, get help
                                                    buttons or zippers. Just a simple
if needed, or cut more scraps into useable
                                                    slip-on dress that any girl will love. Pattern is
pieces for your next project. Fri, Mar 25, 6:00-
                                                    sized for girls ages 5-10 years. Machine
                                                    required. Sun, Apr 3, 1:00-3:30pm
Scrap Therapy Star
Light Star Brite —                                  How to Sew-A Great
This Scrap Therapy class
                                                    Beginning —Join Diane
                                                    for our How to Sew class
will make a 60" x 72"
                                                    for detailed step-by-step all
stunning scrap quilt from
                                                    you need to know to start
the pieces you started
                                                    sewing. From what tools are
cutting in the Cutting
                                                    needed as basics, to demonstrations of the basic
Workshop. Bring in your
       techniques in sewing. Learn as you work      never gone before with your serger. See how
      on two simple projects; a quick               easy it is to create out-of-this-world ruffles,
pillowcase and boxer shorts or pajama bottoms,      crocheted serger lace, cover stitches, piping and
and choose your next project with Diane’s           lots more! Explore the possibilities through the
guidance. No experience needed. Bring your          use of serger accessories and special
own machine (and manual) or rent one of ours        techniques. See the unbelievable “jet air
for $3 per class. Class pack (book) is $15.00 +     threading” in action! Get ideas for serger
tax. Wed, Apr 20, 6:30-9:00pm                       projects including, but not limited to, quilt
                                                    piecing, home dec., and quick gifts. Fri, Apr 8,
Laminated Raincoat —The                             2:30 or Sat, Apr 9, 9:45am
perfect rainy day project! Abby will
guide you through the construction of               More S erger F u n wit h
Amy Butler’s hooded raincoat,                       Margaret Tu lly! —Let Margaret take
focusing on techniques such as: darts,              you on an adventure with the chain and cover
pleats, flat-felled seams and attaching             stitches. We will show you the amazing serger
sleeves. Using laminated material,                  pleating and smocking (a smocked project
you can create a unique one-of-a-                   finished in less than half an hour,) bias binding
kind jacket that will keep you dry in style.        (that’s right you can even make your very own
(Basic sewing experience and machine                fusible bias) or just bind the edges of your
required.) Mon, May 2, 6:30-9:00pm                  projects effortlessly, stretch straps in an instant,
                                                    we’ll use a lot of those lovely decorative
Professional Tote —Whether you work in              threads, and sew much more. You don’t want
an office or just have a lot to organize and
                                                    to miss this one. The Baby Lock “jet air
carry, this tote has it all.
                                                    threading” chain looper will change your
There is a pleated pocket on
                                                    life.......well, in the sewing room at least.
each side of the tote to hold
                                                    Projects are completed so beautifully and
a bottle of water, umbrella,
                                                    quickly, that you’ll be making more and
magazine, baby bottle or
                                                    enjoying them more. Fri, Apr 8, 6:00pm or Sat,
telephone. There are pockets
                                                    Apr 9, 1:15pm
and compartments for
everything! On the inside,                          Sewing Next Step-Make a
there is a large center-                            Shirt —This two session
dividing zippered pocket that holds file folders.   class is for sew-ers who want
There is plenty of room inside for a laptop         to learn to sew collars, cuffs,
computer. Several pockets are inside for your       plackets, and button holes. Diane
business cards, keys, pens, PDA, and more. To       has chosen the wonderful Amy
finish it off, there is a zipper that will close    Butler “Liverpool” pattern, which
tight to keep the contents secure. This would       can be a shirt, tunic, or dress with 4
also work great as a sewing tote with a place       sleeve lengths, and you’ll learn the techniques
for patterns or books, fabrics and notions. Or      as you make your garment. This isn’t a
make it a “professional” diaper bag, with a         beginning sewing class. You need to know how
pocket for all the baby’s needs. Linda G’s got      to sew, how your machine works, and how to
this one down to a science, to guide you            lay out and cut out the pattern. (Machine
through it but you’ll need to get your fabric and   required) Wed, May 18, 6:30-9:00pm
pattern ahead and be sure to have all pieces cut
and fused before coming to the first class to
make the most of it. Class pack (zippers and
                                                    Skirt —This A-line easy-to-sew
                                                    beauty features three different skirt
vinyl) is $11.99 + tax. Machine required. Thu,
                                                    options. Abby will help students
Mar 17, 12:30-3:30pm
                                                    create their own, personalized skirt
Serger Fun with Margaret                            using techniques such as
Tully! —In this first seminar and Trunk             gathering, pleating, hemming and
Show, Margaret will take you where you’ve           inserting a zipper. During class,
      we will also focus on tailoring and          Stuffed Animals —
      embellishing your simple skirt, to fit you   Learn to make stuffed
and your personality. The possibilities are        animals! Abby will teach
endless. Need basic sewing experience.             you the skills needed to
(Machine required) Thu, Mar 24, 6:15-8:45pm        make any of the fun line
                                                   of Rumpled Quilt Skins animals. You will be
Stitcher’s Garden —Do you have
                                                   reading the pattern, laying out pattern pieces,
a variety of feet for your sewing
                                                   cutting and sewing. You’ll also be grading
machine that you thought were really cool
                                                   seams, clipping curves, turning and stuffing the
when you purchased them, but now have
                                                   animal to give it dimension and shaping. You’ll
forgotten how to use them? Stitcher’s Garden
                                                   finish by closing the seam with a ladder stitch.
might just be the club for you! Join Becky in
                                                   Students need to have some prior sewing
Stitch Connection’s Stitcher’s Garden and learn
                                                   experience and know how to use their machine.
while you make blocks. Different feet will be
                                                   (Machine required) Tue, May 17, 6:30-9:00pm
discussed each month, as well as a variety of
techniques. By the end of the club, you will
have a beautiful quilt as well as a wealth of
knowledge about accessory feet! We’ll be
showing you and letting you try feet like the
pintuck foot, piping foot, fringe foot, and many
more. We’ll also show alternative techniques if
you don’t have specific feet. It will be a great
time and a wonderful experience for new and
not-so-new sew-ers! Club dates are on page 33.

        15 minutes b
           class time.
       T hanks for yo
                      ur patience.                       If your class
                                                     involves bringing a
                                                       sewing machine,
                                                      you’re welcome to
                                                     use the purple door
                                                      in the back of the

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