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                                            RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK
                                                  DO NOT OPEN

                                 The lightning flash with an arrowhead symbol, within an
                                 equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the presence of
                                 uninsulated “dangerous voltage” within the product’s casing that
                                 may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric
                                 shock to persons.

                                 The exclamation mark within an equilateral triangle is intended to
                                 alert the user to the presence of important operating and
                                 maintenance (servicing) instruction in the literature accompanying
                                 the appliance.

                                 To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this appliance
       WARNINGS:                 to rain or moisture.
                                 DO NOT REMOVE COVER or OPEN CASING.
                                 Dangerous high voltages are present inside the casing. Do not open it.
                                 Refer servicing to qualified personnel only.
                                 Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than
                                 those specified may result in hazardous radiation exposure.

                                 Type: Dual semiconductor laser GaAIAs
                                 Wavelength: 650nm and 780nm
                                 Output power: 7mW
                                 Beam divergence: 60 degrees

                                 FAILED OR DEFEATED.

         WARNINGS:               DO NOT STARE INTO BEAM. Avoid direct exposure to laser beam.
                                 To prevent direct exposure to laser beam, do not try to open the casing.

To ensure proper use of this product, please read this owner’s manual carefully and keep for future reference.
Should the unit require maintenance, contact an authorized repairs service.

This set has been designed and manufactured to guarantee personal safety. Improper use can result in an
electric shock or a fire hazard. The safeguards incorporated in this unit will protect you if you observe the
following procedures for installation, use and servicing. This unit does not contain any parts that can be repaired
by the user.
•Read these instructions.
•Keep these instructions.
•Heed all warnings.
•Follow all instructions.
•Do not use this device near water.
•Clean only with a dry cloth.
•Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
•Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other devices (including
 amplifiers) that produce heat.
•Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched. Pay particular attention to the plug and connections.
•Ensure that the mains plug is easily accessible.
•Only use accessories specified by the manufacturer.
•Unplug this device during lightning storms or when unused for long periods of time.
•Use only with a cart, stand, tripod, bracket or table specified by the manufacturer, or sold with the device. When
 a cart is used, exercise caution when moving the cart/device combination to avoid injury from tip-over.
•The apparatus must not be exposed to dripping or splashing and no objects filled with liquids, such as vases,
 must be placed on the device.
•The mains plug of the device should not be obstructed, and should remain easily accessible when the device is
 in use.
•To completely disconnect the power supply to the unit, unplug the mains plug from the mains socket.
•Do not expose batteries to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire, etc.
Disc Tray
Keep your fingers well clear of the disc tray when it is closing. It may cause serious personal injury.
Do not place a heavy object on the product. The object may fall, causing serious personal injury and serious
damage to the product.
Do not use cracked, deformed, or damaged discs. These discs are easily broken and may cause serious personal
injury and product malfunction.
Damage Requiring Service
Unplug this product from the wall outlet and refer servicing to qualified service personnel under the following
a) When the power supply cord or plug is damaged.
b) If liquid has been spilled on the product or objects have fallen into it.
c) If the product has been exposed to rain or water.
d) If the product does not operate normally by following the operating instructions. Only adjust controls that are
   covered by the operating instructions. Improper adjustment of other controls may result in damage and will
   often require extensive work by a qualified technician to restore the product to its normal operation.
e) If the product has been dropped or damaged in any way.
f) When the product exhibits a distinct change in performance - this indicates a need for service.
Do not attempt to service this product yourself as opening or removing covers may expose you to dangerous
voltage or other hazards. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel.
Replacement Parts
When replacement parts are required, be sure the service technician has used replacement parts specified by the
manufacturer or have the same characteristics as the original part. Unauthorized substitutions may result in fire,
electric shock, or other hazards.
Safety Check
Upon completion of any service or repairs to this product, ask the service technician to perform safety checks to
determine that the product is in proper operating condition.

•This product complies with CE requirements.
Safety                                                                                  1
Important Safety Instructions                                                           2
Table of Contents                                                                       3
Box Contents                                                                            3
Installation                                                                            4
Front and Back Panels                                                                   5-6
Remote Control                                                                          7-8
Connections                                                                             8-11
Getting Started                                                                         12
Radio Mode                                                                              13
DVD Mode - System Setup                                                                 14-16
DVD Operation                                                                           17-18
Playing MP3 / JPEG / MPEG4 files                                                        19
USB Device and Memory Card Operation                                                    19
CD Ripping (encoding in MP3 format)                                                     19
Troubleshooting guide                                                                   20-21
Technical Specifications                                                                21-22

1. DVD player
2. Speakers (5x)
3. Subwoofer
4. Speaker cables (6x)
5. Remote control with batteries
6. A/V cable
7. FM antenna
8. AM loop antenna
9. Instruction manual

                                       Player Zones
                                       For the purpose of distribution of DVD discs, the world has been
                                       separated into 6 zones. The zone this unit is intended for is indicated
                                       on the Zone Label. This should be the same as the label on discs
                                       available in your region. If you have any difficulties in playing a disc,
                                       make sure that the disc is for the same zone as your unit.

                                       Anti-Copy Disc Protection
                                       Some DVD discs have anti-copying devices. It is impossible to copy
                                       these discs.


                                                                             Install your unit on a stable, flat surface. There must be
                                                                              sufficient room in front of the unit for the drawer to be
                                                                              opened and the unit should be positioned so that the
                                                                              sensor on the front of the unit can receive the remote
                                                                              control signal.
                                                                             Do not expose your unit to extremes of temperature or
                                                                              to humidity.
                                                                             Avoid standing the unit on a hot surface such as on top
                                                                              of other hot running equipment and ensure that there
                                                                              is adequate ventilation to the unit.

                                                                          Do not install this equipment in a confined space such as
                                                                          a bookcase.

                                                                          DVD Discs

                                                                          There are several types of DVDs:

                                                                          Single-sided one-layer discs play for approximately 2
                                                                          Single-sided two-layer discs play for approximately 4
                                                                          Double-sided one-layer discs play for approximately 4
                                                                          Double-sided discs with a double-layer on both sides play
                                                                          for approximately 8 hours.
                                                                          DVD discs have titles and chapters.

   There can be several titles on one disc and each title can contain several chapters. Titles and chapters are numbered, e.g.
    title 1, title 2, chapter 1, etc.
   Usually title 1 will show the disc publisher and studio logos. The next title will be the film. Other titles contain trailers for
    other films, production notes, or alternative endings for the film. There are many possibilities with Digital Versatile Discs.

   Chapters within the main title allow you to search quickly for a specific point on the disc. Many discs have a chapter menu
    (sometimes called scene index or scene menu) that displays the first shot from each chapter, which allows you to select a
    shot and play the disc from that point onwards.

DVD discs use PAL or NTSC systems. This player can play both types (if the player zone is correct).

DVD discs allow up to 8 audio languages and 32 subtitle languages on a single disc. The whole disc or just part of it can be
played and viewed from different angles (if the video is shot at different camera angles).

                                                                      CLEANING DISCS
                                                                      Picture freezing and sound skipping or repeating can occur if
                                                                      the disc inside the player is dirty.

                                                                         When a disc becomes dirty, clean it with a cleaning cloth.
                                                                          Wipe the disc from the center out.
                                                                         Do not wipe in a circular motion. Scratches can cause
                                                                          picture distortion or render the disc unplayable.

                                                                      Caution: Do not use solvents, commercially available
                                                                      cleaners, or antistatic spray to clean discs

Front Panel Functions

1.      POWER
       Before plugging the power cord into the AC outlet, make sure all of the connections have been properly
       Then, carefully plug the power cord into the outlet.
       Press the    POWER button on the front panel to turn on the unit.

     Open and close the disc tray in DVD mode.

3.       PLAY / PAUSE
     In DVD mode, press this button to start or pause playback.

4.  PREV
   In DVD mode, press to skip back to the previous chapter. In CD/VCD mode, press to skip back to the previous

5.  NEXT
   In DVD mode, press to skip forward to the next chapter. In CD/VCD mode, press to skip forward to the next

6.       SOURCE
     Select one of the following source modes: “DVD”, “AUX”, “SCART”, “FM” or “AM”.

   SD/MMC/MS card slot

8. USB PORT (        )
   USB device input.

   Use this button to adjust the volume level.

10. Infrared sensor

Back Panel Functions

1. AC power supply: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz
This unit has a built-in AC power cord.

2. FM 75    socket/ AM TERMINALS
Connect the provided FM and AM loop antennas (supplied).

Connect the left and right surround sound speakers.

Connect the left and right front speakers.

Connect the center and subwoofer speakers.











                 1.    (open/close the disc tray)
                 3. DVD
                 4.  Scroll UP
                 5. FM MODE (STEREO/ MONO)
                 6.  Scroll LEFT
                 7.  Scroll DOWN
                 8. MEMO(store radio stations)
                 9.  PLAY
                 10.       PAUSE/STEP
                 11. VOLUME Up and Down
                 12.  NEXT
                 13.  PREVIOUS
                 14. ZOOM
                 15. PROG (programming in DVD mode)
                 16. TITLE
                 17. GOTO
                 18. N/P (select NTSC/PAL)
                 19. SUBTITLE
                 20. RESUME
                 21. RETURN (go back previous menu)
                 22. REPEAT
                 23. MUTE
                 24. SCART
                 25. AUX
                 26. 0-10+ number buttons
                 27. SETUP
                 28. PRESET/TUNING
                 29. Scroll RIGHT
                 30. ENTER
                 31. AUTO tuning
                 32. STOP
                 33. CHANNEL UP/ DOWN
                 34.  Fast Rewind
                 35.  Fast Forward
                 36. A-B Repeat
                 37. SLOW
                 38. MENU
                 39. DISPLAY
                 40. LANGUAGE
                 41. ANGLE
                 42. CHANNEL SET
                 43. PROLOGIC (select one of the following PROLOGIC
                     modes: “MOVIE”, “MUSIC”, “OFF”)
                 44. R/L (In CD/VCD mode, select one of the following sound
                     output modes: “STEREO”, “MONO L” or “MONO R”)

Using the Remote Control                      Battery replacement
 Point the remote control at the IR sensor   When batteries become weak, the operating distance of the
    located on the unit.                      remote control is greatly reduced and you will need to replace
                                              the batteries.
   When there is a strong ambient light
    source, the performance of the infrared
    sensor may be degraded, causing
    unreliable operation.                      If the remote control is not to be used for a long time,
                                                remove the batteries to avoid damage caused by battery
   The recommended effective distance for
                                                leakage corrosion.
    remote operation is about 16 feet (5
    meters).                                   WARNING: Do not dispose of batteries in fire, as they may
                                                explode or leak.
To change the remote control
1. Open the battery door.
2. Insert two AAA size batteries.
3. Close the battery door.


Video connection                                        Audio connection
1. COMPOSITE VIDEO OUTPUT                               6. AUDIO - AUX INPUT
   Use the yellow plug on the RCA cable to connect         Use a red and white RCA audio cable (not supplied)
   the unit’s VIDEO OUTPUT jack to the video input         to connect the unit’s AUX IN jacks to the audio out
   jack on the TV.                                         jacks on your external audio device (for example a
                                                           CD/DVD AUX player).
   For better picture quality, use the S-VIDEO cable    7. AUDIO - LINE OUT
   (not supplied) to connect the unit’s S-VIDEO            Use an RCA audio cable (red and white) to connect
   OUTPUT jack to the S-Video input jack on the            the unit’s LINE OUT jack to the audio in jacks on an
   TV.                                                     external audio device (for example a recorder or
   Use the Scart video cable (not supplied) to          8. AUDIO - COAXIAL OUTPUT
   connect the unit’s SCART IN/OUT jack to the             To have the best sound quality, connect the unit’s
   Scart input/ output jack on the TV.                     COAXIAL output jack to the coaxial input jack on
                                                           your external digital amplifier.
  To have the best picture quality, use the             9. AUDIO - SW (SUBWOOFER) OUTPUT
  component video cables (not supplied) to                 To enhance the bass effect, connect the unit’s SW
  connect the unit’s Pr/Cr, Pb/Cb, Y jacks to the          OUTPUT to the SW input jack on an external active
  component video input jacks on the TV.                   subwoofer (not supplied).

   Use an RCA video cable (not supplied) to
   connect the unit’s AUX VIDEO IN jack to the
   video output jack on your external video device
   (for example a DVD AUX player).

The configuration and arrangement of a surround         The ideal surround sound speaker configuration may
sound system’s speakers are critical.                   vary according to room size and wall material. The
For the best surround sound effect, read the            figure below illustrates a typical arrangement.
following instructions carefully prior to connecting
the speakers.                                           Hints:
                                                         The front speakers and center speaker should be
Surround Sound Speakers                                   placed at the level of the listener’s head and oriented
Front right and left speakers; center speaker             towards the listener’s ears.
These three speakers provide a wide range s of
                                                         The rear surround sound speakers should be placed
sounds. The movie’s main dialogue comes through
                                                          higher than the listener’s head.
these speakers.
                                                         The subwoofer speaker may be placed anywhere
Rear surround sound speakers                              within the room, as its location produces little effect
These two speakers provide 3-D dynamic sound              on the listener’s sound sensations. To obtain the
effects, and create the surrounding atmosphere, as        optimum bass effect, a subwoofer should be used in
they produce background sounds.                           home theater systems.

Subwoofer speaker
Provides rich and powerful bass, adding a powerful
dimension of realism.


                                               1. TV set or screen

                                               2. Front left speaker

                                               3. Subwoofer

                                               4. Center speaker

                                               5. Front right speaker

                                               6. Rear left surround sound speaker

                                               7. Rear right surround sound speaker

                                               8. Listener

                                           Connecting Speaker Cables
This well-designed DVD receiver provides
optimum sound quality when the speakers    Connect the speaker system using the supplied speaker cables
used are within the range of their rated   by matching the colors of the terminals (red and black) and the
impedance.                                 speaker cable wires (grey and black/grey). Refer to the table
Important                                  Wire/ Terminal          Red                    Black
The minimum impedance of the five               Grey                   V
speaker terminals is 4 ohm; for the
subwoofer, it is 8 ohm.                     Black/Grey                                       V

                                           1. Peel off approximately 1/ 2 of cable insulation
                                           2. Tighten the wire end (see point 2 below).
                                           3. Open the cable terminal by pressing back on the tab.
                                           4. Insert the wire end into the terminal.
                                           5. Release the tab; make sure the wire is securely fixed in the

                                           To prevent damage to the circuit, care should be taken to avoid
                                           short circuiting the positive and negative poles of the speaker


Radio signals may be difficult to receive in some    FM Antenna
buildings and under certain conditions.
The antennas provided with the DVD system will       The FM antenna should be fully extended in order to have
help in their reception. They are intended for       optimum reception.
indoor use only.                                     In some cases, an external outdoor FM antenna (not
                                                     supplied) can be connected in order to improve FM
AM Loop Antenna                                      reception

Orientate the AM loop antenna to have optimum
reception. Keep it as far as possible from the DVD
player, TV set, speakers, power cords or other
radiation sources to prevent interference.

To connect the AM loop antenna:

1. Press back the tab.
2. Insert the bare wires into the hole.
3. Release the tab; make sure the wire is securely
   fixed in the terminal.

Preparing the unit and switching it on/off

Before plugging the power cord into the AC outlet, make sure all of the connections have been properly
completed. Then carefully plug the power cord into the AC outlet.

Press the      POWER button on the front panel to turn on the unit. The display will light up.
To turn off the unit, press it again.

 Select source                                          Volume Control

 Make sure that the source jack or terminal             The volume level can be adjusted by either turning the
 corresponding to the chosen source mode is             volume dial on the front panel or pressing the VOL+/-
 connected properly at the back of the unit.            buttons on the remote control.

 Press the      button to select one of the
                                                        Press the MUTE button on the remote control to turn off
 following source modes: “DVD”, “AUX”, “SCART”,
                                                        the sound output. To resume the sound output, press the
 “FM” or “AM”.
                                                        button again.
 Note: when the TUNER button on the remote
 control is pressed, the last station that was
 listened to will be played.


         Waveband       Station frequency                     Preset Radio Stations
                                                              The unit can store up to 50 FM/AM stations.

                                                              1. Tune to a desired radio station (refer to “Tune to
Preset station number                                            Radio Stations”.)
                                                              2. Press the MEMO button and the preset station
                                                                 number will flash.
                                                              3. Press the CH+/- button to select a desired preset
                                                                 station number.
Tune to Radio Stations
                                                              4. Press the MEMO button again to confirm the
There are two ways to tune in radio stations: manually
                                                              5. Repeat the steps above (1) to (4) to store any other
or automatically.
                                                                 desired stations.
1. Press the TUNER button to select the desired radio
    band (FM or AM).
                                                              Automatic Store:
2. Press the PRE/TUN button to select the tuning
                                                              1. Press the AUTO button and the unit will
                                                                 automatically search through the stations and store
   Briefly press the CH+/- buttons to activate manual
                                                                 the stations that it finds on the FM waveband.
    tuning. Hold down the buttons a little longer to
                                                              2. The unit will automatically search and store up to 50
    launch automatic tuning.
                                                                 radio stations.
3. In automatic search mode, when the appliance
                                                              3. To stop automatic store, press the AUTO button
    receives a sufficiently strong signal from a station it
    will stop at this frequency. Then press the MEMO
    button to store the station that has been found.
                                                              Listen to Preset Radio Stations
4. STEREO/ MONO: In FM mode, press the FM
                                                              1. Press the number buttons to select the preset
    MODE button to select stereo/ mono sound. When
                                                                 stations directly.
    the FM signal is weak and sound distortion occurs,
                                                              2. For preset stations consisting of two number such
    it is better to select mono sound.
                                                                 as “17”, simply press the “1” button and then the “7”

                                                              Using the CH+/- buttons
                                                              1. Press the PRE/TUN button to switch to preset
                                                              2. Press the CH+/- buttons to select the preset station
                                                                 number of your choice.


General steps in the setup menu                            1.1.2 “TV SYSTEM”
A) Press the SETUP button to enter the setup menu.         Select the TV system according to the TV color

B) Press the / buttons to select the following
                                                           1.1.3 “VIDEO”
                                                           Select one of the following video outputs:
                                                           “INTERLACE-YUV”, “P-SCAN YPBPR”, “TV-RGB”,

C) Press the / buttons to highlight the desired
   setting. Press the ENTER or  button to confirm.
                                                                Video outputs            Jacks
D) Press the / buttons to select a new setting on
                                                                “INTERLACE-YUV”          PR/Cr, Pb/Cb, Y
   the right and press the ENTER button to confirm.
                                                                “P-SCAN YPBPR”           Pr/Cr, Pb/Cb, Y
                                                                “TV-RGB”                 COMPOSITE
E) To exit the setup menu, highlight “EXIT SETUP"
                                                                                         VIDEO OUTPUT
   and press the ENTER button to confirm. You can
   also exit the setup menu by pressing the SETUP               “S-VIDEO”                S-VIDEO OUTPUT
                                                           Note: Ensure the corresponding video output jack is
                                                           connected properly.
                                                           1.1.4 “TV TYPE”
                                                           “4:3PS”: The picture will fill the entire screen of a
The system setup options are illustrated below:
                                                           conventional (4:3) TV.
                                                           “4:3LB”: Movies will be viewed in their original aspect
1.1.1 SOURCE
                                                           ratio. Black bars may appear at the top and bottom of
This option allows you to select one of the following
                                                           the screen.
media sources: “DISC”, “USB” or “CARD”.
                                                           “16:9”: Select this setting if the unit is connected to a
                                                           widescreen (16:9) TV.

Note: When you select one of these media sources,
ensure that the disc, USB device or card is inserted.

1.1.5 “PASSWORD”                                    1.2 “LANGUAGE SETUP”
The password option is locked by default, and
you cannot set the ratings. To set the ratings,     The language setup options are illustrated below:
first enter the default password (6666) and
then press the ENTER button to unlock. In
password unlock mode, you can change the
password using 4 digits and the default
password (6666) is always valid.

                                                    1.2.1 “OSD LANGUAGE”
                                                    This option allows you to select your desired language for the
                                                    OSD (on-screen display) menu.

                                                    1.2.2 “AUDIO LANG”
                                                    Select your desired audio language for DVDs.
1.1.6 “RATING”
                                                    1.2.3 “SUBTITLE LANG”
The rating feature is a rating limit system, like   Select your desired subtitle language.
movie ratings. It works with DVD discs that
have been assigned a rating. This helps you         1.2.4 “MENU LANG”
to control the types of DVDs that your family       Select your desired menu language on the disc.
There are 8 levels of selection, from “KID          1.3 “AUDIO SETUP”
SAFE” to “ADULT”. “ADULT” is the “play all”         The audio setup options are illustrated below:

                                                    1.3.3 “AUDIO OUT” (digital output)
1.1.7 “DEFAULT”
This option allows you to reset all the settings    “SPDIF OFF”: Turn off the SPDIF output.
to factory setup.                                   “SPDIF RAW”: Select this option if you have connected the
                                                    digital coaxial jack to a multi-channel decoder / receiver.
                                                    “SPDIF PCM”: Select this option if your receiver is not capable
                                                    of decoding multi-channel audio.

                                                    1.3.2 “LPCM OUTPUT”
                                                    Select the sampling rate of the digital output from the following
                                                    options: 48k, 96k or 192k.


1.3.3 “PROLOGIC”                                         1.5.2 “CENTER DELAY”
                                                         You can set the center delay time to improve the
There are 3 PROLOGIC modes: “MOVIE MODE”,                surround sound effect.

                                                         1.5.3 “REAR DELAY”
                                                         You can set the rear delay time to improve the sound
1.4 “VIDEO SETUP”                                        effect.

This option allows you to activate the screen saver or   1.6 “DIGITAL SETUP”
switch it off.
                                                         The “DIGITAL SETUP” options are illustrated below:
Adjust the screen brightness.
                                                         1.6.1 “DYNAMIC RANGE”:
1.4.3 “CONTRAST”                                         The adjustment of the dynamic sound output allows
Adjust the contrast of the screen display.               you to change the range between the weakest signals
                                                         and strongest signals. This means you can avoid
1.4.4 “HUE”                                              disturbing neighbors when using the system at night.
Adjust the hue of the screen display.

Adjust the saturation of the screen display.

The speaker setup options are illustrated below:

1.5.1 “DOWNMIX”

“LT/RT”: Choose this setting if your DVD player is
                                                         1.6.2 “DUAL MONO” (LEFT + RIGHT)
connected to a 2 channel analog audio input.
                                                         Choose one of the following left/ right output modes:
“STEREO”: Choose this setting if your DVD player is
                                                         “STEREO”, “MONO L”, “MONO R” or “MIX MONO”.
only connected to a TV set.
“5.1CH”: Choose this setting if your player is
connected to a 5.1 channel speaker system.

Once the unit is connected to a television set or           PREVIOUS/ NEXT playback
another piece of equipment, you are ready to view
your DVD videos or listen to your favourite CDs and         Press the / buttons to skip to the previous or next
MP3 files.                                                  chapter (or track for CD/ VCD).

To play a DVD video disc:                                   Fast Forward/Reverse
Turn on the TV and select the A/V mode. If the set
has an SCART connection, be sure the “SCART”                The unit features both fast forward and fast reverse
mode is selected on the TV menu. Turn on the                playback at the following speeds: 2x, 4x, 8x, and 20x.
amplifier, if connected. Select “AC-3” or “DVD” mode.       To resume normal playback, press the PLAY
To play an audio disc:
Turn on the audio system and choose the input               GOTO function
source that is connected to the DVD player. Set the         This function allows you to select any point on a disc
“AUDIO OUTPUT” option to “SPDIF OFF” in AUDIO               and start playback from this point.
SETUP menu display if you don’t have the equipment          Select a title/ chapter/ time (in DVD mode)
for Dolby Digital surround sound.                           1. Press the GOTO button and then press the buttons
                                                               to select title/ chapter/ time.
1. Press the      POWER button on the front of the unit     2. You can also use the number buttons to enter the
    to switch it on and then press the    button to            desired title/ chapter/ time. The unit will then start
    select the source (DVD) or simply press the DVD            playback from the selected position.
    button on the remote control.                           Selecting a track or time in CD/VCD mode
  “READ” is displayed on the screen.                        Select the track number or disc time.
   If there is no disc, “NO DISC” will be shown on
                                                            Slow Motion
                                                            This DVD receiver can play discs in slow motion.
2. Press the       OPEN/CLOSE button to open the            Each time the SLOW button is pressed, the speed will
    disc tray.                                              slow down at 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/7 of the normal
3. Place a disc on the disc tray. Be sure that the label    playback.
    side is facing upwards on the tray.                     To resume normal playback, press the PLAY
4. Press the       OPEN/CLOSE button to close the           button.
    disc tray.
                                                            Screen Display
Once it has read the disc, the unit automatically will      While a disc is playing, press the DISPLAY button to
start playback. When playing a DVD disc, the DVD            check the playback status of title, chapter (or track for
title or menu will appear. CD tracks are played in          CD/VCD) and time, language, audio type and subtitle
sequence.                                                   language.
Start playback from the menu                                N/P (NTSC / PAL)
1. Press the TITLE or MENU button to access the             This DVD player allows you to select the “AUTO”,
   menu screen.                                             “NTSC” or “PAL” TV system, using the N/P button.
2. Press the /// buttons or the number buttons          The picture will blink and become colourless when the
   to select the title.                                     wrong system is selected. (Select NTSC for North
3. Press the ENTER or       button to start playback        America and PAL for Europe). For more information
   from the title selected.                                 on the output format, refer to the TV set’s user
Pause playback
Press the    button (or    on the remote control)           Subtitles
once to pause playback. Press it again (or PLAY or         Press the SUBTITLE button to select a subtitle
RESUME on the remote) to resume playback.                   language or to turn the subtitles off.
                                                            With some discs, it may be necessary to go through
Frame by Frame advance (DVD/ VCD                            the disc menu to select a subtitle language.
Press the   PAUSE/STEP button to advance the
frame step by step. Press the      button (or              Audio language
PLAY on the remote control) to resume normal                Press the LANGUAGE button to display the current
playback.                                                   language and press it repeatedly to select a different
                                                            audio language, if it is available on the DVD disc.

Stop playback                                                With some discs, it may be necessary to go through
Press the  button once to stop playback and press           the disc menu to select an audio language.
the  PLAY or RESUME button to resume playback.
Press the  STOP button twice to stop playback               Camera Angle
completely.                                                  The ability to change the camera angle allows the
                                                             viewer to watch a movie from different perspectives.

                                                             Press the ANGLE button repeatedly to select the
                                                             camera angle.

                                                             This function is only available on some discs.

MENU: MENU/PBC                                               Program
For VCD discs, press the MENU button to select the           Contents of the disc can be played in the order of your
PBC function.                                                choice.
When the PBC function is on, you can only select a           Press the PROG button to display the program menu.
track via the main disc menu.                                DVD Programming
When the PBC function is off, you can select a track                                       __Chapter
using the number buttons.
In DVD mode, press the MENU button to enter the                                           __Title
root menu.

Repeat Play
This DVD receiver allows repeated playback of a              1. Enter the title numbers (always use a two digit
specific title, chapter/track, or segment.                      format, e.g. “01”). Use the ◄/► button to highlight
                                                                the chapter and enter the chapter number.
Repeat a title, chapter or track                             2. Use the arrow buttons to move to another entry.
During playback, press the REPEAT button to select           3. Repeat the above steps to program other
one of the following repeat modes: “REP                         titles/chapters.
[CHAPTER]”, “REP [TITLE]” or “REP [OFF]”.                    4. Press the ►PLAY button or highlight “PLAY” on the
For CD/VCD discs, the available repeat modes are                screen and press the ENTER button to start the
“[REP 1]”, “[REP ALL]” and “[REP OFF]”.                         programmed playback.
Repeat a specific segment                                    CD/VCD Programming
1. During normal playback, press the A-B button once
   and “REPEAT A-” will appear on the screen. This
   indicates the start of the loop to be repeated.
2. Press it again and “REPEAT A-B” will appear on the
   screen. It indicates the end of the loop.
3. The loop will run from set point A to set point B until
   you turn off the repeat function.
4. Press the A-B button again to cancel the loop mode.       1. Enter the track number.
                                                             2. Refer to the previous section for program operation.
The Zoom function allows you to enlarge or reduce the
image size.                                                  Clear the programs
1. Press the ZOOM button repeatedly to activate the
   function and choose the required zoom factor:             Highlight “CLEAR” on the program menu and press
   ZOOM 1, ZOOM 2, ZOOM 3, ZOOM 4, ZOOM 1 /2,                the ENTER button to delete all programs.
   ZOOM 1 /3, ZOOM 1/4, ZOOM OFF.
2. When increasing the image size (Zoom 2/3/4),
   press the ▼/▲/◄/► buttons to shift the image.

Volume and Mute
Use the VOL +/- buttons to adjust the volume level.
To shut off the sound output, press the MUTE button.
To resume the sound output, press it again.


Selection Menu
The Selection Menu will appear when a disc containing MP3/ JPEG/ MPEG4 files is inserted into the disc tray.
The folders will appear on the left side of the screen and the contents of the selected folder will be displayed on
the right side of the screen.
Music/Picture/Movie files can be selected individually for playback. Use the ▼/▲/◄/► buttons to
highlight the Music/ Picture/ Movie icon at the bottom of the Selection Menu and press the ENTER button to
Then select the files of your choice and press the ENTER button or  PLAY button to start playback.

[MUSIC] --- MP3 Files
The unit will play the MP3 file currently selected. It will then play all the files in the subfolders contained within the
selected folder. After that, the unit will play the remaining folders on the disc.

[PICTURE] --- JPEG Files
Press the ► PLAY button to start a slideshow from the JPEG file currently selected. Then you can zoom (using
the ZOOM button), rotate (using the ◄/► button) or invert the displayed pictures (using the ▼/▲ button). You
can also select a folder and display all the files in that folder. Select the folder of your choice and press the
ENTER button.
Picture refresh modes: when viewing JPEG files, press the PROG button to select the picture refresh mode.

[MOVIE] --- MPEG 4 Files
The unit will start to play the file currently selected.

MP3, JPEG and MPEG 4 files cannot be played simultaneously.

Insert a USB device into the USB port and/or an SD/MMC/MS card into the card slot on the front of the unit. Press
the      button (or the DVD button on the remote control) to select DVD mode and the appliance will directly
display the files on the USB or SD/MMC/MS device (if no disc has been inserted into the disc tray). If more than
one media (USB, SD/MMC/MS, DISC) is inserted, press the SETUP button to select the media source. To do this,
go to the “SYSTEM SETUP” menu, select “SOURCE” and then choose “DISC”, “USB” or “CARD”.

Note: For more information, refer to “PLAYING MP3/JPEG/MPEG4 files”

During CD playback, you can encode music files from CD to MP3 file format and record them on the USB device.

1. During CD playback, press the SUBTITLE button to start the CD ripping function. The current track is recorded
  as an MP3 file on the USB device.
2. Press the SUBTITLE button again to stop the recording.
3. Repeat steps (1) and (2) to record other tracks.
Should you experience problems, please consult the troubleshooting guide below first.
 Symptom                    Possible cause                Remedy
 The appliance does not     The mains power is not        Check that the AC power cable is
 work.                      connected.                    properly connected.
                            The power is OFF.             Adjust the ON/OFF switch to the
                                                          ON position.
 Playback does not begin.   No disc is inserted           Insert a disc into the disc tray.
                            (“NO DISC” will be shown
                            on the screen).               Reload the disc. The label side
                            The disc has been             should face upward.
                            inserted upside down.         Clean the disc surface.
                            (“NO DISC” will be shown      Change the disc.
                            on the screen).               Turn the power on for 1-2 hours
                            The disc is dirty.            before using the unit.
                            The disc is
                            There is condensation
                            inside the unit.
 No sound.                  The mute function may be      Check that the mute function has
                            switched on.                  not been switched on.
 No sound from one or       Poor cable connection or      Check the speaker cable
 more speaker(s).           no cable connection.          connections.
 No sound from the          Downmix settings are          Check the Downmix settings.
 centre/surround speakers   incorrect.                    Switch the PROLOGIC function on.
                            The disc or TV program is
                            recorded in stereo.
 No sound or weak sound     The volume is not high        Adjust the volume up to the
 from the unit connected    enough.                       maximum (only if no speakers are
 to the Scart socket.                                     connected to the DVD system).
 No picture.                No video equipment has        Check the video connections.
                            been connected.               Check the video output setting in
                            Incorrect output video        the “SYSTEM SETUP” menu.
                            output setting.
 Radio stations cannot be   The antennas are not          Connect the antennas to the unit.
 received.                  connected.                    Use an external antenna.
 Unable to insert a USB     The device or card is         Insert the device or card the right
 device or SD/MMC/MS        inserted the wrong way        way around.
 card.                      around.
 USB, SD/MMC/MS             This unit does not support    Check if the USB device/card file
 device cannot be read.     NTFS format.                  system is in FAT or FAT32 format.
 Remote control does not    Batteries are low or empty.   Replace the batteries.
 work                       An object is blocking the     Remove any objects between the
                            remote control infrared       appliance and the remote control.

1. The quality and speed of reading JPEG photos depend on the resolution and the
   compression ratio of the photos.
2. Some DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW and CD-R/RW discs may not be played due to the quality or
   burning conditions.
3. Some external hard disks may not be supported or may require a separate power supply.

DVD player
TV System                        NTSC/PAL
Discs and Files Supported        DVD-Video, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, MPEG4, Xvid, CD-DA, CD-R/RW,
                                 MP3, JPEG, VCD 2.0

Resolution                       > 500 lines
Video S/N Ratio                  65 dB
Frequency Response               fs (96KHz/24bit)
                                 4Hz – 44KHz: +/-2dB
Audio S/N Ratio                  95dB
Degree of Distortion             <0.01%
D/A Converter                    192KHz/24bit
Video Out                        1Vp-p
S-Video Out                      Y: 1Vp-p (75 ohm)
                                 C: 0.3Vp-p (75 ohm)
Audio Out                        2.0V, 5.1 Channel
Digital Audio Output             Coaxial
Connections                      SCART, Composite, S-Video, USB and SD/MMC/MS
                                 Coaxial, 5.1 Channel Output

FM Tuner
Tuning range                     87.5-108MHz
S/N Ratio                        >46 dB
Mono                             >46 dB
Stereo                           >50 dB (DIN)
Selectivity                      50 dB
Mono                             2%
Stereo                           3%
Frequency response               30Hz – 10 kHz : +/-1dB
Stereo Resolution                35 dB (1kHz)
                                 30 dB (100Hz – 10 kHz)

AM Tuner
Tuning Range                     522-1620 kHz
S/N Ratio                        35 dB
THD                              3%

USB port type                    1.1
USB maximum handling capacity    2GB
Card Type                        SD/MMC/MS
Card maximum handling capacity   2GB

Remote Control
Transmitter                      Infrared sensor
Signal range                     approximately 16 feet (5 meters)
Power source                     2 AAA Batteries

Power supply                            AC 230V ~ 50Hz
Power consumption                       130 W

Main unit
Dimensions (W x D x H)                 410 x 228 x 48 (mm)
Weight                                 3 kgs

SPEAKERS (Front/Rear/Center)
RMS power                              15W X 5 + 30W = 105W
Music power                            30W X 5 +100W = 250W

Impedance                              4 ohm
Frequency response                     200 Hz – 18 kHz
Dimensions (W x D x H)                 90 x 98 x 118 (mm)
Weight                                 1.8 kgs total

Output Power                           30 W
Impedance                              8 ohm
Frequency response                     20 Hz - 200 Hz
Dimensions (W x D x H)                 145 x 310 x 270 (mm)
Weight                                 2 kgs

Note: Due to continuing improvements, these technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

            If at any time in the future you should need to dispose of this product please note that
            waste electrical products should not be disposed of with household waste. Please recycle
            where facilities exist. Check with your local authority or retailer for recycling advice.
            (Waste Electrical and Electronics Equipment Directive)