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									                                                                               MATH HOMEWORK MATRIX
    *You must complete one activity each week.
                 Word                  Logic & Maths          Space & Vision         Body                  Music                 People               Self                   Naturalists
Number           *Write worded         *Find a sudoku on      *Create a series of    *Make a clapping      *Practice your        *Play a game like    *Put the ages (to      *Write an equation
                 problems for the 7,   the internet or in a   arrays to represent    pattern to match a    times tables to the   Monopoly that has    the month) of your     for how many
                 8 or 9 times table.   newspaper and          the 6, 7 or 8 times    rhyme about           beat of your          money. Record        family on a            birds you have
                 *Write a story        complete it.           table.                 equivalent            favourite song.       everyone’s score.    number line.           seen in your yard
                 about fractions and   *Find a Maths          *Use pictures to       fractions.            *Rewrite the          *Recite your times   *Make a list of 10     for 5 days.
                 decimals.             crossword puzzle       make 10                *Make up a            words to “Head        table to a family    things you would       *Make an equation
                                       and complete it.       subtraction or         skipping game to a    and Shoulders” to     member. Have         really like to own     for the number of
                                                              addition problems.     number pattern.       be a rhyme about      them time you.       and how much           flowers on a plant
                                                                                     Record the chant.     place value.                               they would cost.       outside.

Chance & Data    *Write a poem         *Develop a flow        *Make a Venn           *Shoot 10 times       *Sing the “Twelve     *Make a graph of     *Roll a die 6 times,   *Create a chart for
                 about likely or       chart of how to do     Diagram from a         into a basket with    Days Of               your family’s hair   write the biggest      your pets with their
                 unlikely and          a survey and graph     two question           your left hand and    Christmas”; how       and eye colour.      and smallest           feeding schedule.
                 possible or           the results.           survey.                then with your        many presents         *Survey 5 people     numbers you can        *Estimate how
                 impossible.           *Roll 2 dice 10        *Design some dice      right hand. Record    were there all        about something.     using all the die      many insects you
                 *Look at the          times. What is the     that would always      your scores.          together?             Make a graph of      rolls.                 might find in your
                 weather in the        total number that      roll even numbers.     *Play UNO three       *Make a graph of      the results.         *Make a pie graph      yard. Then check
                 newspaper. What       comes up the most      Draw them.             times. How many       your friends’                              of your daily          to see, graph the
                 is the chance of      times?                                        wild cards did you    favourite songs.                           routine.               results.
                 rain during the                                                     get?
                 next five days?
Measurement      *Look at a bus or     *Work out your         *Make a graph of       *Measure the          *Make a rap about     *Bake a cake or      *Look at the tv        *Measure how tall
                 train timetable.      daily routine in 24    the maximum            length of your        length, area and      some biscuits for    guide. When are        the tallest and
                 Work out the          hour time.             temperature for 5      house using your      perimeter and how     your family. Write   your favourite         shortest plants are
                 leaving times for     *Work out the          days.                  own body. Record      to find these.        down the recipe.     programs and how       in your yard,
                 working in the city   perimeter and area     * Draw a cartoon       the results.          *Write a radio        *Record how tall     long are they?         record this.
                 from 9 to 5.          of your back yard.     of someone trying      *Record your          jingle about a new    the people in your   *Measure your          *Measure how
                 *Measure the                                 to fill a swimming     temperature and       type of watch.        family are.          height. How much       long your pets are
                 perimeter of 10                              pool with a 1L jug.    heart rate while                                                 have you grown         from their noses to
                 things in your                                                      sitting still, then                                              since you were         the end of their
                 kitchen. Record                                                     after jogging for                                                born?                  tails.
                 these.                                                              two minutes.
Space            *Write directions     *Draw a maze and       *Draw ½ of a           *Make four 3D         *Write a song or      *Play a game of      *Draw a map of         *Find five natural
                 for a friend on how   have someone           picture, have          shapes out of         poem about a 3D       chess, record the    how you get to         3D shapes in the
                 to get to the shops   complete it.           someone else           playdoh.              shape and its         moves you and        your house from        environment.
                 from your house.      *Use the six           complete the other     *Play charades and    vertices, faces and   your opposition      school.                *Find a dead leaf.
                 *Describe four 3D     thinking hats to       half using a line of   have someone          edges.                made.                *Draw a bird’s eye     Put ½ of it in you
                 shapes to an alien    design a small         symmetry.              guess what 3D         * Make a rap about    *Play a game of      view of a room in      book and draw the
                 so it can recognise   town.                  *Draw the nets for     shape you are         how to get to         battleship. Record   your house.            other half.
                 them.                                        four 3D shapes.        making.               Broadmeadows or       where everyone’s
                                                                                                           Epping.               ships were.

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