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              Member of Stratford on Avon                                                                                    DW   Dishwasher
                                                                                 Indoor swimming pool
              District Hospitality
              Association                                                        Outdoor swimming pool                            Electric shaver points
              Ground floor bedrooms                                              Non-smoking establishment                   LN   Visitors must provide own linen
              Central Heating throughout                                         Working farm                                LF   Linen provided free of charge
              Children welcome (age may be                               B       Brochure available on request               TH   Linen hire service available
                                                                         C       Pitches for touring caravans                CS   Cleaning service - weekly
              Dogs accepted
                                                                         S       Static holiday caravans                          Tennis Court
              Private car parking (may be
              limited)                                                   T       Tents                                            Riding and/or pony trekking at
                                                                                                                                  establishment or nearby
              Radio in bedrooms                                         SA       Showers available
                                                                                                                                  Private fishing rights
              Television in bedrooms                                    WC       Toilets
              Television in lounge                                      SH       Foodshop on site
                                                                                                                                  Children welcome
              Lounge for residents’ use                                  E       Electrical supply to touring pitch
              Baby minding by arrangement                               M        Gas/Electricity or other fuel is by
                                                                                 coin or meter reading                            Cot
              Four-poster bed(s)
                                                                        GE       Gas / electric fires                             Internet access
              Passenger lift
                                                                                 Gas cooking                                V     Vegetarian
              Establishment is suitable for
              physically handicapped people                                      Electric cooking                           FR    French spoken

              Conference facilities for 20 or                                    Clothes washing machine and                GE    German spoken
                                                                                 drying facilities
              more people                                                                                                   IT    Italian spoken
                                                                                 Ironing facilities for guests’ use
              Evening Meal available                                                                                        SP    Spanish spoken
              Tea and Coffee-making facilities in                                Refrigerator/freezer
                                                                                                                            DU    Dutch spoken
              bedrooms                                                      MO   Microwave
                                                                                                                             J    Japanese spoken
              Table licence

      S-Single         D-Double           T-Twin         F-Family            PBS-Number of rooms with private bath and/or shower

                                                                                      GRADINGS                    PRICES                ROOMS                 FACILITIES

      MACDONALD ALVESTON MANOR                                                                              Classic double or twin 11 S
                                                                                         AA ★★★★
                                                                                                                     room          102 D - T
      Clopton Bridge CV37 7HP
                                                                                                              B&B from £96.00      ALL PBS
      Tel (0844) 879 9138
      Email                                                             per room                                                                            DBB from £111.00 per
      Old Manor House with adjoining modern wing, set in several acres of
      grounds just a five minute walk from Stratford town centre. Leisure                                            room
      facilities including gym, 18’ indoor swimming pool, beauty rooms.

      MERCURE SHAKESPEARE HOTEL                                                                              B&B from £89.00      9      S
                                                                                         AA ★★★★                                  41     D
      Chapel Street CV37 6ER                                                                                    per room
                                                                                                                                  14     T
      Tel 01789 294997                                                                                                            10     Superior                          B
                                                                                      MEMBERS OF SUA
      Email                                                       DISTRICT HOSPITALITY                                                                    ASSOCIATION

      MACDONALD SWAN’S NEST HOTEL                                                        AA ★★★★              Classic double or   2      SB
                                                                                                                 twin room        65     DB
      Bridgefoot CV37 7LT                                                                                                         All    PBS
                                                                                                             B&B from £87.00
      Tel 0844 879 9140                                                                                           per room                                    B
      Email                                                       DBB from £107.00                                                                                  per room

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                                                                              GRADINGS                  PRICES                  ROOMS                  FACILITIES

      THE STRATFORD                                                                                     from               102 D-T-F
                                                                               AA ★★★★
      Arden Street CV37 6QQ                                                                                                102 PBS
                                                                                                   £89.00 per room
      Tel (01789) 271000 Fax (01789) 271001                                                                                                                       B
                                                                            HOTEL ACCOMMODATION                                                         SILVER AWARD
      Non smoking establishment

                                                                             enjoyEngland          £35.00 - £50.00
      ADELPHI GUEST HOUSE                                                                                                  Total rooms 6
      39 Grove Road CV37 6PB                                                       GUEST            min/max pppn           5 En-Suite
      Tel (01789) 204469                                                      ACCOMMODATION                                1 S own facilities                                               SILVER AWARD                                2D                                                                                          1 Trip 1T
                                                                               AA ★★★★
      AIDAN GUEST HOUSE                                                      enjoyEngland           £30.00-£45.00          6 D-T-F
                                                                                ★★★★                min-max/pppn           All PBS
      11 Evesham Place, CV37 6HT
      Tel (01789) 292824
                                                                                  GUEST                                                      ACCOMMODATION
      Charming Victorian Guest House, non-smoking, free private
      parking. Full facilities, en-suite rooms, few minutes walk to town,
      river and theatres

      AMBLESIDE GUEST HOUSE                                                    AA ★★★★             £28.00 - £35.00         Total rooms 7
      41 Grove Road CV37 6PB                                                                                               1 S
                                                                               v s tB i a n
                                                                                ii r t i           £28.00 - £40.00
      Tel (01789) 297239 Fax (01789) 295670                                                          Double/Twin           5 D-T
                                                                                 ★★★★                                      3 F                  FREE WIRELESS INTERNET
      Email:                                                           min/max pppn                                 FREE ON-SITE PARKING
                                                                                  GUEST                                    5 PBS                                             ACCOMMODATION

      ARDEN PARK ‘NON-                                                                             £36.00 - £60.00         1 S                                     PUBLIC
                                                                                                                                                                  CAR PARK
      SMOKING’ GUEST HOUSE                                                   enjoyEngland                Single            1 T
      6 Arden Street CV37 6PA                                                                      £28.00 - £45.00         3 D
      Tel (01789) 262126                                                                             Twin/Double           1 Triple                          LF
      Email:                                            GUEST                                    1 F
                                                                                                   £25.00 - £30.00         All En-Suite
                                                                                                                                                     FREE WIRELESS INTERNET                                                ACCOMMODATION                                                               THROUGHOUT
      ARDEN WAY GUEST HOUSE                                                  enjoyEngland          £29.00 - £55.00         1 S
      22 Shipston Road CV37 7LP                                                  ★★★                    Single             2 D
      Tel (01789) 205646 Fax (01789) 205646                                     AA ★★★             £29.00 - £35.00         1 T
      Email:                                                           Double pppn           2 T/D/S/F                   B                                                GUEST                                    5 En Suite
                                                                                                                           1 PBS
      ASHGROVE HOUSE                                                         enjoyEngland          Single £40.00-£50.00    Total rooms 6
                                                                                ★★★★                   min/max pppn        6S
      37 Grove Road CV37 6PB                                                                                                                     V
      Tel (01789) 297278 Fax (01789) 297278                                                       Double £60.00-£65.00     6D
                                                                                                        per room           3/4 F
      Email:                                    GUEST
                                                                                                      Family (sleeps 3)    4T                                        ACCOMMODATION
                                                                                                  £76.00-£82.00 per room   1 PBS
                                                                                                      Family (sleeps 4)
                                                                                                  £92.00-£98.00 per room

      AVONLEA GUEST HOUSE                                                   enjoyEngland           £29.00 - £45.00         1 S
      47 Shipston Road CV37 7LN                                                ★★★★                     Single             4 D
      Tel (01789) 205940                                                                           £23.00 - £38.00         2 T
      Email:                                    GUEST
                                                                                                       Double              1 F                                             ACCOMMODATION                                1 PBS
                                                                                                                           7 En Suite
      BRADBOURNE HOUSE                                                      enjoyEngland           £20.00-£35.00           Total rooms 7
      44 Shipston Road CV37 7LP                                                ★★★★                min-max/pppn            5 En Suite
      Tel (01789) 204178 Fax (01789 262335                                     GOLD AWARD                                  3D
      Email:                                              GUEST
                                                                                                                           1F                                     B SA                                                                                              2T                   WC
                                                                                ★★★★                                       1S                                     V

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                                                                          GRADINGS                   PRICES                ROOMS            FACILITIES

      BROOK LODGE GUEST HOUSE                                           enjoyEngland          Single £40.00-£46.00    Total rooms 6
      192 Alcester Road CV37 9DR                                           ★★★★                       per room        6 En Suite
                                                                                                                      3D                               V
      Tel (01789) 295988 Fax (01789) 295988                                SILVER AWARD       Double £60.00-£68.00
      Email:                                                              per room
                                                                                                                      1T               FR IT
                                                                                                                      2F                                                   GUEST
                                                                                               Triple £70.00-£78.00
      1 mile from Stratford town centre,                                  ACCOMMODATION
      8 miles from Warwick                                                                            per room

      CLOMENDY GUEST HOUSE                                                     AA                £25.00 Double        1 D
      AA◆◆◆                                                                   ★★★                                     1 T
                                                                                                 £45.00 Single
      10 Broadwalk CV37 6HS                                                                                             All PBS
      Tel (01789) 266957

      COURTLAND                                                         enjoyEngland          Single £35.00-£60.00    Total rooms 6        CC
      12 Guild Street CV37 6RE                                             ★★★★                  min-max/pppn         5 En-Suite
      Tel (01789) 292401 Fax (01789) 292737                                                                           1 PB                         V
                                                                          SILVER AWARD        Double £30.00-£40.00
                                                                            ★★★★                                      2F
      Email:                                                           min-max/pppn                              FR WI-FI                                               GUEST                                    6S

      CRAIG CLEEVE HOUSE                                                                             Double           Total rooms 14
                                                                        GRADING APPLIED FOR
      67-69 Shipston Road CV37 7LW                                                               £27.00-£37.00        13 En-Suite
      Tel (01789) 296573 Fax (01789) 299452                                                                           12 D
                                                                                                 min-max/pppn         2T
      Email:                                                                          Family           1F
                                                                              GUEST                                                    Not open Christmas
                                                                                                 £25.00-£30.00        1 PB
                                                                                                                                       Groups accepted

      EMSLEY GUEST HOUSE                                                enjoyEngland             £30.00 - £40.00      1D
      4 Arden Street CV37 6PA                                              ★★★★                                       1T
      Tel (01789) 299557                                                                                              1 TRIPLE
      Email                                                                                       2F
                                                                              GUEST                                                 ACCOMMODATION                               sleeping 4-5

      FORGET-ME-NOT                                                                           Single £30.00-£50.00    Total rooms 5
                                                                            AA ★★★
                                                                                                                      5 en-suite
      18 Evesham Place CV37 6HT                                                                  min-max/pppn
      Tel/Fax (01789) 204907                                                                  Double £20.00-£35.00
      Email:                                                                         2D
                                                                              GUEST              min-max/pppn         1T
      Stratford town, 9 miles from Warwick
                                                                          ACCOMMODATION                               1F

      GREEN HAVEN GUEST HOUSE                                           enjoyEngland          Double/Twin £65.00 to
                                                                                                £75.00 per room
                                                                                                                      3   D                                B
      217 Evesham Road CV37 9AS                                            ★★★★                                       7   En-Suite
                                                                                                Single Occupancy      3   D-T-F
      Tel (01789) 297874
                                                                                                £45.00 to £50.00      4   D-T
      Email                                            GUEST                  per room                          Groups 20                                               ACCOMMODATION          Family prices on

      HERON LODGE GUEST HOUSE                                           enjoyEngland          Single £35.00-£50.00    2D
      260 Alcester Road CV37 9JQ                                             ★★★★                 min/max pppn        1T
      Tel (01789) 299169                                                                      Double £27.00-£40.00    1F
                                                                                                                      ALL PBS          B                   V
      Email:                                                           min/max pppn
                                                                              GUEST                                                                      Family £22.00-£30.00
                                                   see advert page 33                             min/max pppn

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                                                                               GRADINGS               PRICES                    ROOMS                 FACILITIES

      LINHILL GUEST HOUSE                                                     enjoyEngland     Single £25.00-£45.00      Total rooms 6                         V
      35 Evesham Place CV37 6HT                                                  ★★★★             min-max/pppn           4 en-suite
      Tel/Fax (01789) 292879                                                                                             1S
                                                                                               Double £25.00-£75.00      4 D/T
      Email:                                                    GUEST          min-max/pppn           3F                                              ACCOMMODATION
      Stratford town, 24 miles from Birmingham

      MELITA                                                                                   Single £45.00-£54.00      Total rooms 12
                                                                              enjoyEngland                               10 en-suite
      37 Shipston Road CV37 7LN                    see advert page 34                             min-max/pppn
                                                                                 ★★★★                                    3S
      Tel (01789) 292432                                                                       Double £68.00-£89.00
      Email:                                                                                 7T
                                                                                                   for the room          6D
                                                                                                                         2F                      V IT
      Proprietors: Patricia and Russell Andrews
      The Melita is a warm and caring guest house managed by friendly                                                    12 PBS
      proprietors. Accommodation and service are of a high standard with
                                                                                                                         2 Private
      wonderful breakfasts. The Melita is only 350m from the theatres
      and town centre and has free on-site parking

      MIDWAY GUEST HOUSE                                                      enjoyEngland      Single £35.00 - £45.00   1    S
      182 Evesham Road CV37 9BS                                                   ★★★               min-max/pppn         3    T
      Tel/Fax (01789) 204154                                                                    Double £25.00-£32.00     3    D
      Email                                          GUEST
                                                                                                    min-max/pppn         4    PDS

      MIL-MAR                                                                 enjoyEngland        Single £50-£65         Total Rooms 5
      96 Alcester Road CV37 9DP                                                  ★★★★             min-max/pppn           1T
      Tel (01789) 267095 Fax (01789) 262205                                                           Double             2D
      Email                                                  GUEST          £30.00-£35.00          2 TR
                                                                               ACCOMMODATION                                                          B                 V
                                                   see advert page 33                             min-max/pppn

      MINOLA GUEST HOUSE                                                      enjoyEngland       Single room from        1 S
      25 Evesham Place CV37 6HT                                                   ★★★             £35.00-£50.00          3 D-T
      Tel (01789) 293573                                                                          min-max/pppn           4 PBS
      Fax (01789) 551625                                                                        Double room from
                                                                                                per room per night

      PENRYN GUEST HOUSE                                                      enjoyEngland       Single room from            1 S
      126 Alcester Road CV37 9DP                                                  ★★★★                £35.00                 1 T
      Tel (01789) 293718                                                                         Double room from            1 Superior twin                        B
      Email:                                             GUEST
                                                                                                      £60.00                 2 Superior double                                               ACCOMMODATION    Superior room from           3 D
                                                   see advert page 34           SILVER AWARD
                                                                                                      £65.00                 ALL PBS

      QUILT AND CROISSANTS                                                    enjoyEngland        £25.00 - £50.00         3 S
      33 Evesham Place CV37 6HT                                                    ★★★               per person           4 D-T-F
      Tel (01789) 267629 Fax (01789) 550181                                                                               5 PBS                                     B
      Email                                     GUEST

      SALAMANDER GUEST HOUSE                                                  enjoyEngland     Single £20.00-£35.00      Total rooms 7
      40 Grove Road CV37 6PB                                                      ★★★             min-max/pppn           7 en-suite
      Tel/Fax (01789) 205728                                                                                             1S
                                                                                 AA ★★★        Double £20.00-£32.50      2D
      Email:                                                                                                                   B
                                                                                                  min-max/pppn           3T                                                                                     1F                      LF
      Salamander Guest House is a quality family run establishment situated        GUEST
      in the town centre and offering en-suite bedrooms and car                ACCOMMODATION
      parking/garaging on-site

      STRETTON HOUSE                                                             AA ★★★        Single £27.00-£35.00      Total rooms 6
      38 Grove Road CV37 6PB                                                                      min-max/pppn           6 En-Suite
      Tel/Fax (01789) 268647                                                                           Double            1S
      Email                                                                                         4D
                                                                                   GUEST          £25.00-£35.00          1T                                                  ACCOMMODATION
                                                                                                  min-max/pppn           4F

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                                                                                 GRADINGS                   PRICES                ROOMS               FACILITIES

     SUNNYDALE GUEST HOUSE                                                      enjoyEngland         Single £25.00-£35.00     Total rooms 6
                                                                                                        min-max/pppn          All en-suite
     64 Shipston Road CV37 7LP                                                      ★★★★
                                                                                                     Double £20.00-£35.00     3D                                V
     Tel (01789) 295166                                                                                 min-max/pppn          1S               WI-FI                                                                            Family £20.00-£30.00
                                                                                     GUEST                                    1 PB
                                                                                 ACCOMMODATION          min-max/pppn          2F

      VICTORIA SPA LODGE                                                       enjoyEngland          Single £50.00-£55.00 Total rooms 7
                                                                                  ★★★★                  min-max/pppn      All en-suite
      Bishopton Lane CV37 9QY                                                     SILVER AWARD
                                                                                                          Twin/Double     1T                                           B
      Tel (01789) 267985 Fax (01789) 204728                                      RECOMMENDED
      Email:                               MICHELIN GUIDE 2007      £32.50-£35.00     3D                   SA WC
                                                                                                             pppn         3F                                 FAMILIES                                                                      WI-FI
      Grade II Listed building. The first hotel that Queen Victoria gave her     WELCOME AWARD          Family rooms by
      name to in 1837, her coat of arms were built into the gables.                                        quotation
      Seven beautifully appointed bedrooms, all en-suite, having TV, radio           GUEST
      alarm, hairdryer and hostess tray.               see advert page 33


                                                                                  AA ★★★★
                                                                                                      Double Standard/Twin
      ARDENCOTE MANOR HOTEL                                                                            B&B per night from
                                                                                                                              110 D-T
      COUNTRY CLUB AND SPA                                                                               £45.00-£82.50            PBS
      The Cumsey, Lye Green Road, Claverdon                                                              min-max/pppn
      Warwick CV35 8LT                                                                                Double Standard/Twin
      Tel (01926) 843111                                                       HOTEL ACCOMMODATION
                                                                                                                                                     B SA WC
                                                                                                      DB&B per night from
      Email                                                                        £70.00.00-£107.50                       LF                                                                                  min-max/pppn                               V

      BARCELÓ BILLESLEY MANOR                                                                             From £79.00         Total rooms 72
                                                                                                                              72 En Suite
      HOTEL                                                                                                                   1S
                                                                                  A BARCELÓ HOTEL
      Billesley, Alcester, nr Stratford-upon-Avon B49 6NF                                                                     41 D
      Tel (01789) 279955 Fax (01789) 764145                                         SEE WEBSITE
                                                                                                                              26 S
                                                                                    FOR DETAILS
      Email:                                                                 4F                                                                                                  Spa & indoor pool facilities
      4 miles from Stratford
                                                                                     HOTEL                                                     Christmas and New Year packages
                                                                                                                                               Group and coach parties accepted
                                                                                                                                               Conference facilities

      DORMY HOUSE HOTEL                                                         enjoyEngland             Single £132.00       Total rooms 45
      Willersey Hill, Broadway WR12 7LF                                            ★★★★                per room includes      45 En Suite
      Tel (01386) 852711 Fax (01386) 858636                                                                 breakfast         13 D
      Email:                                                                                    4 FOUR POSTER
                                                                                                             Double                                                                                                    19 T
      13 miles from Stratford
                                                                                      HOTEL            £190.00 per room       9 SUITES         FR IT SP
                                                                                  SILVER AWARD
                                                                                                       includes breakfast

      NEW INN HOTEL AND                                                             AA ★★                   Single            Total rooms 13
      RESTAURANT                                                                                        £50.00-£95.00         13 En Suite
      Clifford Chambers, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 8HR                                                   min-max/pppn          7D
      Tel (01789) 293402 Fax (01789) 292716                                          HOTEL                  Double            4T                           B C
      Email                                                  ACCOMMODATION                                2F
                                                                                                        £30.00-£50.00         6 PB

      THREE WAYS HOUSE HOTEL                                                       AA ★★★               From £80.00 (SB)      Total rooms 48
      Mickleton, Chipping Campden, Glos GL55 6SB                                                       From £140.00 (DB)      All en-suite
      Tel (01386) 438429 Fax: (01386) 438118                                                                                  2S
                                                                                enjoyEngland               to £225.00
      Email:                                          EXCELLENCE AWARDS
                                                                                                                              29 D                                                         GOLD WINNER -      Rates are per room and   17 T                              FR
                                                                                SOUTH WEST TOURISM                                                     2006/07           include breakfast

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                                                                              GRADINGS              PRICES               ROOMS               FACILITIES

      CHURCH FARM                                                            enjoyEngland        Single £40.00       Total rooms 2
                                                                                ✦✦✦✦                                 2 en-suite
      Long Marston, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 8RH                                                 min-max/pppn
      Tel/Fax (01789) 720275                                                                     Double £32.50
      Email:                                                                               1 T/F
                                                                                  GUEST          min-max/pppn        1 PB                                               ACCOMMODATION
      6 miles from Stratford, 3 miles from Cotswolds

      DRYBANK FARM                                                            v s tB i a n
                                                                               ii r t i          £40.00-£60.00       1 en-suite
      Fosseway, Ettington CV37 7PD                                              ★★★★             min-max/pppn        1 D/T
      Tel (01789) 740476
      Email:                                              GUEST
      Set amidst 17 acres of beautiful Warwickshire countryside. A perfect   ACCOMMODATION                                                        V
      location for exploring the area

      LARKRISE COTTAGE                                                         ii r t i
                                                                              v s tB i a n       Single £35.00       1D
      Upper Billesley, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 9RA                             ★★★★             min-max/pppn        1T
                                                                                                                     2 PBS
      Tel (01789) 268618                                                                         Double £28.00
      Email:                                         ACCOMMODATION      min-max/pppn

      MEADOW COTTAGE B&B                                                       ii r t i
                                                                              v s tB i a n    Double £60.00-£65.00   Total rooms 2
      36 Church Walk, Wellesbourne, Warwick CV35 9QT                             ★★★                per room         2 En-Suite
      Tel (01789) 840220                                                                                             1T                               B
                                                                                              Single £30.00-£38.00
      Email:                                                                               1D
                                                                                  GUEST          min-max/pppn        1 PB
      A charming family home built in 1836, being part                        ACCOMMODATION
      of the old village of Wellesbourne situated at the                                                             1 PS
      end of a winding lane with ample parking.

     THE HOUNDSHILL                                                          enjoyEngland         Single £50.00      2S                      5                      C
     Banbury Road, Near Ettington CV37 7NS                                       ★★★              Double £80.00      3 D
     Tel (01789) 740267 Fax (01789) 740075                                     AA ✦✦✦               per room         2 T                               BT
                                                                                 GUEST                               1 F
                                                    see advert page 35       ACCOMMODATION                           8 PBS                   WC

      WHITCHURCH FARM B&B                                                      AA ★★★★         Single from £40.00 Total rooms 3
      Wimpstone, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 8PD                                                    Double £75.00     All en-suite
      Tel (01789) 450359                                                                      per room (2 persons) 1 D
      Email:                                                                                        1T                                 B C SA
                                                                                  GUEST                            1F                                                ACCOMMODATION                                                           V
      Listed Georgian Farm House set in Park like surroundings 4 miles
      South of Stratford-upon-Avon, with dining room offering
      seasonal food from the farm

      ARBOR HOLIDAY &                                                        enjoyEngland         Low Season         5 UNITS
      KNIGHTCOTE FARM COTTAGES                                                  ★★★★★         £453.00 - £1,198.00    2 units sleep 4
      Craig and Fiona Walker, The Bake House                                                   min-max per week      2 units sleep 6         SA                     B
      Knightcote, Nr Leamington Spa CV47 2EF                                                      High Season        1 unit sleeps 10
      Tel (01295) 770637 Fax (01295) 770135                                                   £648.00 - £1,692.00
                                                                                                                                             MO DW             LF
      Email                                           SELF
                                                                                 CATERING      min-max per week                         CS
      5 award winning self-catering farm cottages (close by to                                 3 Day Short Breaks
      Stratford, Warwick, NEC and NAC).                                                          From £317.00

      AS YOU LIKE IT                                                         enjoyEngland        Weekly Terms        SLEEPS 3
      Ian & Janet Reid, Inwood House, New Road,                                  ★★★
      Alderminster, Nr Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 8PE
                                                                                               £310.00 - £410.00
      Tel (01789) 450266                                                                                                      LF        with shower
      Email                                                                                                    open 12 months
      Victorian Cottage in Stratford’s Old Town                                                                                                   a year

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                                                                     GRADINGS                    PRICES                       ROOMS                  FACILITIES

      NO. 1 COLLEGE MEWS                                           enjoyEngland           Weekly Terms                 SLEEPS 2
      Ian & Janet Reid, Inwood House, New Road, Alderminster,         ★★★★              £310.00 - £410.00
      Nr Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 8PE                                                                                                                   MO            LF
      Tel (01789) 450266                                           SELF
      Email                                                                                               bath          Open 12
                                                                                                                                             + with shower months of year
      Ground floor mews apartment in Stratford’s Old Town

      DODWELL PARK                                                 enjoyEngland        Caravan/Motor Caravan Plots
                                                                                           £14.50-£18.00     50 Caravans
                                                                                                                                                    C T SA
      Evesham Road, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 9SR                       ★★★
                                                                                             min-max         50 Motor Caravans                WC SH E
      Tel (01789) 204957
      Email:                                                        Tent         50 Tents
                                                                     SELF CATERING         £14.00-£15.00                                                                  min-max
      2.6 miles from Stratford, 11 miles from Warwick

      ISLAND MEADOW                                                enjoyEngland         Holiday Caravans to hire too!                        C S SH T SA
      CARAVAN PARK                                                    AA ★★★
                                                                                        Open: March-October
                                                                                                                                             WC E
      Aston Cantlow, Warwickshire B95 6JP                                               Quiet Riverside park just outside the historic and
                                                                                        picturesque village of Aston Cantlow. Off A46 or     WHEELCHAIR ACCESS TO
      Tel/Fax (01789) 488273                                         DAVID BELAMY
                                                                                        A3400 1/4 mile west of Aston Cantlow.                SHOWER AND TOILET, ALSO        T
                                                                         GOLD                           CONSERVATION AWARD
                                                                                                                                             TO ONE PURPOSE BUILT
                                                                                                                                             HIRE CARAVAN

      THE CROFT                                                                         Open: Open all year                                   C T SA WC
      Haseley Knob, nr Warwick CV35 7NL                                                 on A4177, 5 miles north-west of Warwick
      Tel/Fax (01926) 484447                                                            Pre-booking by telephone recommended                  E S

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      All accommodation featured in this guide has been quality assessed by either VisitBritain or the
      AA, or has recently applied for a rating and is awaiting assessment. Please be aware that rating
      may change throughout the year.
      All the national assessing bodies (VisitBritain,    Restaurants with Rooms are just that. The           Enjoy England awards star ratings reflecting
      VisitScotland, VisitWales and the AA) now           restaurant is the main business and they will       the overall quality of the park from one to five
      assess hotels and guest accommodation               be licensed. they generally offer a small           stars - five stars being reserved for parks of
      (including B&B’s) to the same criteria and          number of bedrooms with all the facilities you      exceptional quality.
      award one to five stars. The star ratings reflect   would expect, and breakfast.                                    HOSTELS
      the overall quality of the experience.              Inns are pubs with rooms which serve food in                    Hostels provide safe, budget priced
      When choosing your accommodation look               the evenings as well as breakfast.                              accommodation for young people,
      for the Quality Rose, the official marque of        Sometimes access to guest accommodation                         families and larger groups and are
      the Enjoy England national tourist board            may be restricted during the day, but you will                  star-rated. Higher rated
      rating scheme.                                      be advised on booking. Guest accommodation          accommodation often provides en-suite rooms.
      The enjoy England professional assessors visit      tends to be personally run by owners.               ENJOY ENGLAND RATINGS MADE EASY
      every year, carrying out a routine day visit or     GUEST ACCOMMODATION - DIAMONDS AND                  ★                Simple, practical, no frills
      an overnight stay in the case of serviced           STARS                                               ★★               Well presented and well run
      accommodation. On these occasions they book                                                             ★★★              Good level of quality and
                                                          The diamond ratings that were previously
      in as you would as a normal guest and test all                                                          comfort
                                                          awarded to guest accommodation (B&B’s,              ★★★★             Excellent standard throughout
      the facilities and services. A quality score is
                                                          Guest Houses etc) are gradually being replaced      ★★★★★            Exceptional with a degree of
      awarded for every aspect of the experience
                                                          by stars. You will find some entries in this        luxury
      including the comfort of the bed, the quality
                                                          guide with diamond ratings and some with            To confirm a rating please visit
      of the breakfast and dinner and, most                                                          or telephone
                                                          star ratings. The new star ratings are designed
      importantly, the cleanliness. they also score                                                           VisitBritain on 0208 563 3309 or email:
                                                          to meet the greater expectations of consumers
      the warmth of welcome.                                                                        
                                                          with regards to quality and facilities. Higher      For AA ratings visit www.the
      Places that ‘go the extra mile’ to make your        ratinga are therefore more difficult to achieve     or telephone 01256 844455
      stay a special one, will be awarded a high star     than under the diamond scheme. In this guide        or email:
      rating and hotels and guest accommodation           you may find, for example guest                     ‘GRADING APPLIED FOR’ AND ‘AWAITING
      may acieve a Gold or Silver award.                  accommodation that previously held a 4              GRADING’
                          HOTEL CATEGORIES                dismond rating and has been reassessed under        VisitBritain (VB), the AA and the RAC
                                                                                                              accommodation grading schemes are a sign of
                          Hotels have a minimum of        the new standards as 3 stars. it does not           quality. At the time of printing this guide, a
                          six bedrooms, but more          necessarily mean that their quality standards       small number of accommodation establishments
                          likely to have 20+ rooms.       have dropped.                                       had not been inspected and graded for 2007.
                                                                               GOLD AND SILVER                The proprietors have been included in this guide
                          Small Hotels have a                                                                 on the understanding that they have applied for
      maximum of 20 bedrooms and likely to be                                  AWARDS FOR HOTELS AND          inspection and geading. When you contact any
      more personally run.                                                     GUEST ACCOMMODATION            extablishment where ‘grading applied for’ or
                                                                               Silver Awards recognise        ‘awaiting grading’ is indicated, we recommend
      Country House Hotels have ample grounds or                                                              you check when it was last inspected and what
      gardens, in a rural or semirural location, with                          exceptional quality at all
                                                                                                              grading it has been given.
      emphasis on peace and quiet.                                             levels and Gold Awards are     CANCELLATIONS
                                                          given to the very ‘best of the best’.               When you accept accommodation on the
      Town House Hotels are in a city/town centre
      location and are of high quality with a             ROSETTE AWARDS                                      telephone, in writing or by email you are
                                                                                                              entering into a legally binding contract with the
      distinctive style. High ratio of staff to guests.   Rosette Awards (1-5) are given to hotels
                                                                                                              proprietor of the establishment. This means that
      Metro Hotels are found in city/town centres,        serving exceptionally high quality food, from       if you cancel a reservation, fail to take up the
      offering full hotel services, but no dinner. Will   fresh home cooked food right through to             accommodation or leave prematurely, the
      be in easy walking distance of a range of           international level cuisine.                        proprietor may be entiltled to compensation if
      places to eat.                                      An establishment with AA Red Stars or Red           it cannot be re-let for all or a good part of the
                                                          Diamonds has been judged to be the best in          booked period.
      Budget Hotels are part of a chain of branded                                                            If a deposit has been paid it is likely to be
      hotels offering clean and comfortable en-suite      its classification and offers outstanding levels
                                                                                                              forfeited and an additional payment may be
      facilities, 24 hour reservations and a              of customer care.
                                                                                                              demanded. Credit card details are classed as a
      consistent level of facilities. They are not                     SELF-CATERING                          form of deposit. However, no such claim can be
      awarded a star rating.                                           ACCOMMODATION                          made by the proprietor until after the booked
                          GUEST ACCOMMODATION                          For self-catering accommodation,       period, during which time every effort should be
                                                                                                              made to re-let it.
                          CATEGORIES                                   the layout and design of the
                                                                                                              Any circumstances that might lead to
                          Guest Accommodation is                       accommodation and the range and        repudiation of a contract may also need to be
                          the category which              quality of the kitchen equipment is assessed,       taken into account and, in the case of a
                          encompasses anyhting from       as well as the quality and comfort of the           dispute, both parties should seek legal advice. it
      one room bed and breakfasts to the larger           bedrooms and bathrooms and most                     is therefore in your own interest to advise the
      places found in our coastal resorts which may       importantly the cleanliness.                        establishment if you have to change your travel
      offer dinner and may be licensed.                   Higher star-rated accommodation tends to            plans, cancel a booking or leave prematurely.
                                                          have more spacious bedrooms and bathrooms,          PRICES AND FACILITIES
      Bed and Breakfasts accommodate no more                                                                  For serviced accommodation all prices are per
      than six people. It’s like staying as a special     and in its hotels a higher staff to guest ratio,
                                                          so service should be very attentive. At five star   person per night for bed and breakfast. Double
      guest in someone’s home.
                                                          you can really expect to be pampered in             rates are based on two people sharing a double
      Farmhouses offer bed and breakfast and                                                                  or twin room. Where no single rooms are
                                                                       luxurios surroundings!
      sometimes dinner, always on a farm.                                                                     available single occupancy prices are stated.
                                                                       HOLIDAY, TOURING AND
      Guest Houses tend to have more than three                                                               Occasionally you may be asked to pay a single
                                                                       CAMPING PARKS AND HOLIDAY
      rooms and may offer dinner to their guests.                                                             occupancy supplement. please check both prices
      Some may be licensed.                                            VILLAGES
                                                                                                              and facilities whan making your booking.

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                   EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME
                                 • Stunning Interiors • Fabulous Giftware
                              • Unique Landscaping • Quality Tea and Coffee

              Opening Times:
            Monday - Saturday
             9.00am - 5.00pm
            10.00am - 4.00pm

                        Preston Lane, Preston-on-Stour, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 8DZ
               Telephone: 01789 450837 Fax: 01789 450735 e-mail:

                                                 Single   £40-£46 per room

                                                 Double   £60-£68 per room

                                                 Triple   £70-£78 per room
                                                          Prices inclusive of full English Breakfast

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        Sunnydale Guest House                                                                  MIL-MAR GUEST HOUSE
             64 Shipston Road, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 7LP                                               YOUR HOSTS: SANDRA AND JIM SPENCER
                Tel: 01789 295166
                                               Sunnydale is ideally located on                               96 Alcester Road, Stratford-upon-Avon,
                                                 Shipston Road within a short                                       Warwickshire CV37 9DP.
                                            distance of Stratford-upon-Avon’s                             Telephone: 01789 267095 Fax: 01789 262205
                                                         historic town centre.                                   e-mail:
                                                 The recently extended and refurbished                             website:
                                                        Sunnydale Guest House offers a
                                                         friendly atmosphere with quality
                                                 accommodation. There is a newly built
                                                  dining room facing the large garden at
                                                                               the back.
        All rooms are en-suite. Each room has a hospitality tray, hair dryer and TV.
       We aim at providing a relaxing and enjoyable stay for our guests, and our main
                                        priorities are:
                   • A warm welcome • The importance of cleanliness
                              • A high degree of comfort

                             Heron Lodge
               260 Alcester Road, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 9JQ
                                Tel (01789) 299169
                                                                                                                           Mil-Mar is a chalet bungalow and is
                       Stratford town, 9 miles from Warwick
                                                                                                                           situated just 10 minute’s walk from the
         • All rooms ensuite                                                                                               town centre. We are a family run
         • Private offroad parking                                                                                         friendly guest house with clean
                                                                                                                           comfortable rooms all tastefully
         • Guest lounge                                                                                                    decorated with colour TV, clock
         • A la carte Breakfast menu                                                                                       radios, hairdryers, tea/coffee making
         • Free broadband connection                                                                                       facilities and full central heating. All
         • Digital freeview TV                                                                                             rooms are en-suite. We are close to
                                                                                                                           the railway station, Shakespeare
       Conveniently situated for Stratford and within walking                                                              properties, Warwick Castle and The
       distance of Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, Heron Lodge is a
                                                                                                                            Car park                         GOLD
       friendly family home where Sarah and David Russon extend                                                                                            HYGIENE
       a warm welcome to our guests.                                                                                From £30.00 pppn                        AWARD

                                                Victoria Spa Lodge
                                    Bishopton Lane, Bishopton, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 9QY
                                              Tel 01789 267985 Fax 01789 204728
                                                                               1.4 miles from Stratford

          Grade II Listed building                                                           We are equidistant from all the Shakespeare properties
          First hotel that Queen Victoria gave her name to in 1837. Her coat                 Walks along the canal towpath to other villages, 5 minutes drive
          of arms were built into the gables                                                 from the theatres and restaurants. 4 minute walk from the
          Seven beautifully appointed bedrooms, all en-suite, having TV,                     Park-and-Ride
          radio alarm, hairdryer, hostess tray, excellent breakfast and WI-FI                AMPLE PARKING. COMPLETELY NO SMOKING
          internet connection                                                                Your hosts are Paul and Dreen Tozer

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                              Bradbourne House                                                                                          PENRYN GUEST HOUSE
                        44 Shipston Road, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 7LP
                             Tel 01789 204178 Fax 01789 262335
                        Stratford town, 8 minutes walk. We have a large car park.

                                                                                                                                              warm welcome awaits you at Penryn which is situated within
                                                                                                                                              easy walking distance of Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, the town
                                                                                                                                              centre and railway station. Private car parking is provided
                                                                                                                                       for the convenience of our guests.
                                                                                                                                       Our success in the Inspired Breakfast Awards reflects our commitment to serving the
                                                                                                                                       finest locally produced food from the Heart of England including fresh fruit, honey,
                                                                                                                                       delicious bacon and sausages, the superb Harvest of Arden English Apple juice and
                                                                                                                                       home made bake selection. Guests who prefer the vegetarian option or have special
                                                                         Detached Tudor style house, situated                          dietary requirements are also well catered for.
                                                                         eight minutes walk to town centre and                         Designed with your comfort in mind, we offer single, twin, double and superior ensuite
                                                                         theatres, via the Tramway Walk.                               rooms including colour television with Freeview, hairdryer, clock radio and
                                                                         Ian and Chris offer a warm welcome to                         refreshment tray. WI-FI is available at no cost to guests who wish to access the internet
                                                                         all their guests.                                             and e-mails, simply bring your laptop to enjoy this facility,
                                                                         Bradbourne House has colour                                   Penryn is a non-smoking establishment.
                                                                         television/satellite, tea/coffee making
                                                                                                                                                     HOSTS: JOHN & HEATHER TAYLOR
                                                                         facilities, radio alarm clocks and
                                                                                                                                        126 ALCESTER ROAD, STRATFORD-UPON-AVON CV37 9DP
                                                                         hairdryers in all rooms, separate
                                                                                                                                                             TELEPHONE: 01789 293718
                                                                         tables in the dining room.                                                        E-mail:
         SHORT BREAKS AVAILABLE                                                                                                                                   All major credit cards accepted

                                                                                                                                                       “Quality Bed & Breakfast Accommodation”
                                                                                                                                           37 Shipston Road, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire CV37 7LN
                                                                                                                                            Tel: +44 (0)1789 292432 Email:
                                                                                                                                       The Melita was built in 1888 and is one of the larger Victorian buildings in
                                                                                                                                      Stratford-upon-Avon. The property became a bed and breakfast in 1935 and
                                                                                                                                       has been welcoming visitors and theatre goers through its doors ever since.
                                                                                                                                       • One of the best B&B locations in Stratford
                                                                                                                                       • 5 minutes walk to theatres and town centre
                                                                                                                                       • Private free on site car parking
                   A privately owned,                                                                                                  • Beautiful restful/peaceful rear garden

                   independent 4 star                                                                                                  • Delicious individually prepared breakfasts
                                                                                                                                       • Friendly family run bed and breakfast
                venue offering unrivalled                                                                                              • 12 beautifully appointed bedrooms

                amenities and first class                                                                                              • WI-FI available

                  service, all in a truly
                  outstanding location.                                                                                                     To Advertise in the 2011
                           LEISURE BREAKS -                                                                                                        issue of
            Visit our Website/Special Offers -
         Special Breaks from £45 per person B&B
                  Rate based on Special Offers 1 night B&B standard/double twin based on 2 sharing.
         Selected dates. Correct at time of going to press Summer 2008 & subject to alteration & ammendment
                                                                                                                   4 STAR VENUE
                                                                                                                 AWARD WINNING
                                                                                                                                       STAYING IN STYLE
                                                                                                                 83 ACRE GROUNDS
                                                                                                                INDOOR & OUTDOOR
                     Ardencote Manor Hotel, Country Club & Spa,
                                                                                                              HEATED SWIMMING POOLS
             The Cumsey, Lye Green Road, Claverdon, Near Warwick CV35 8LT
                                  Hotel Tel: +44 (0)1926 843111                                                9 HOLE GOLF COURSE
                                                                                                                   WEALTH OF
                                                                                                                                                   Sharon, Ruth or Sandie
                                Hotel Email:
                                                                                                                LOCAL ATTRACTIONS
                                                                                     SPORTS, LEISURE &
                                                                                                                 GOLF FACILITIES
                                                                                                                 SPA TREATMENTS,
                                                                                                                SPA DAYS & BREAKS
                                                                                                                                                           01789 266261
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                     The New Inn Hotel and Restaurant
                                      Clifford Chambers, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 8HR
                                            Tel (01789) 293402 Fax (01789) 292716
                                           2 miles from Stratford, 5 miles from Long Marston Airfield

                                The New Inn, 15th Century, situated
                                in the picturesque village of Clifford
                                The Inn is family run and in a quiet
                                location. Twin, double, 4 poster and
                                family en-suite rooms, ground floor
                                rooms and disabled facilities.
                                Restaurant suitable for large groups.
                                Ideal area for walking, cycling,
                                fishing and golf.
                                (situated on the B4632)

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