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					title:7 Work At Home Mistakes To Avoid
author:Tina Barraclough
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:06

When I first started my own "WORK AT HOME" business, I had no experience
whatsoever , and I did not know how to get started on the right foot.
After a lot of trial and error, I have learned [and still learning] on
what to do and not to do to get started in my "WORK AT HOME " business.
Any one who had decided to start their own "WORK AT HOME" business , is
going to make mistakes along the way. Remember, no one is perfect, so it
is expected to make mistakes as you learn. Many "WORK AT HOME" mistakes
can be avoided , when we learn from the mistakes of others.
1. First of all, before you start a home based business, you must know
what it is you'll be doing. You need to educate yourself about your "work
at home" business. For example , Internet Marketing , Placing classifieds
, getting a WEB SITE ,Follow-ups ,etc. Look at it this way , say you sign
up someone under you , and they need help getting started , how are you
going to help them if you do not even know this? Expect your first 6
months or so to be a learning process for you.
What is SPAM?
Simply put, SPAM is unsolicited advertising. It is our belief that SPAM
is in the eye of the person being SPAMMED, not the person sending the
SPAM. While you may not consider a message to be Spam, if the person
receiving it does, it's SPAM. If you are not 100% certain that the person
or persons you are advertising your Surfside Internet site to will not
complain, DO NOT advertise your site to that person or persons. Any SPAM
complaint is cause for immediate termination, no second chances, no
questions asked. This is a very serious matter. Surfside Internet
reserves the right to take legal action against any person or persons
involved in SPAMMING
What types of advertising are considered SPAM?
Bulk e-mailing (sending an e-mail advertisement to persons listed on an
e-mail address lead list).
Advertising with bulk e-mail services (companies who will send an e-mail
advertisement to persons listed on an e-mail address lead list for you).
"Bounce back" e-mailing (sending an e-mail advertisement in reply to an
e-mail advertisement that was sent to you).
Advertising your Surfside Internet site to people that you don't know,
who didn't specifically request the information.
Cross-posting or advertising to Usenet newsgroups, forum or discussion
lists, and online chats (IRC) is not allowed.
These are only examples. Remember, SPAMMING includes ANY unsolicited
For more information about SPAM and how to avoid it. Please visit this
Friends House In Rose hill:
3. Posting ads on Forums: Like spamming , posting ads on forums message
boards can [most likely will] get you banned. Forums are only to be used
as sources of information about business opportunities. You can ask
questions , or get/give advice about any "Work At Home" business , or
other topics , but absolutely not allowed to place any ads of any kind.
When visiting Forums, always look for their rules/regulations , so you
know what is and is not acceptable on these Forums.
4. Submitting to FFA's. These are free for all sites that you can post
your ads on. Do not waste your time posting your ads on these sites
,because your site will never get seen. Worse ,because most FFA's have
such low rankings ,it will give your site a low rank ,because you posted
on them. Place your ads on classified ad sites. Here is how to find
classified site to place your ads. Go to your favorite Search Engine and
type" free home business classifieds" or something like that. I have
listed a few places for you to place ads on for your conveince.
Free Classifieds and Promotion at:
A-Z FREE Classifieds
World profit FREE Classifieds
Free Business Ads " target=new>>
Classifieds for Free
FREE Classifieds Directory
5. Shouting Other than using caps to emphasize a few words within an e-
mail ,or a web page, do not use all caps. Using all capital letters in a
text or a correspondence is considered shouting, and shouting at people
just causes them to leave.
6. Slow response to e-mails: If someone has taken the time to send you an
e-mail for more information about your business, or has some questions,
and you do not respond to them in a timely manner, then you probably have
lost a potential customer, or an affiliate. Even if you do not know the
answers [you may still be learning] let them know that you do not have
the answers, but you will find out for them, and get back to them A.S.A.P
7. No persistence: Let me tell you that there is no such thing as a "Get
Rich Quick Scheme" They do not exist. If you want to have a successful
"Work At Home" business, then you must be willing to work hard for it.
What you put into your business is exactly what you will get out of it.
Persistence is the single most important factor in determining a
successful "work at home" business. Be persistent and you will be