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									                                                Federal Aviation

            AVS National
            Service Desk
             Vendor Day

Presented to: Prospective Offerors
By:           John Dean, Dep AVS CIO, AQS-201
Date:         January 16, 2009
Meeting Purpose

• Describe Aviation Safety (AVS) organizational
  mission and structure
• Describe AVS National Service Desk objectives
  and strategy
• Answer questions about AVS National Service
  Desk procurement

                                       Federal Aviation   2   2
AVS National Service Desk Vendor Day   Administration
   AVS Mission
   To promote aviation safety in the interest of
   the American public and the millions of
   people who rely on the aviation industry for
   business, pleasure, and commerce.

                                       AVS provides safety oversight of
                                         all elements of the National
                                                Airspace System

                                                          Federal Aviation   3   3
AVS National Service Desk Vendor Day                      Administration
  AVS Organization
                             Associate Administrator, AVS-1
                                     Nick Sabatini
                               Deputy Associate, AVS-2
                                     Peggy Gilligan

                                               Office of Aviation Safety
                                                 Analytical Services

                                                                                      Office of
                                           Air Traffic
  Aircraft        Flight       Office of                   Office of                  Quality,
                                            Safety                        Office of
Certification   Standards     Aerospace                    Accident                 Integration,
                                           Oversight                     Rulemaking
 Service         Service       Medicine                  Investigation              & Executive
                                            Service                        (ARM)
   (AIR)          (AFS)         (AAM)                        (AAI)                    Services

                Over 6700 Employees dedicated to Aviation Safety
                                                                              *Pending Administrator’s Approval

                                                                           Federal Aviation         4     4
  AVS National Service Desk Vendor Day                                     Administration
 Lifecycle of an Aircraft


                                                                       Maintenance         Continued
             Design and
Standards   Development
                             Production         People    Operations       and             Operational
                                                                       Modifications         Safety

                                                                        Federal Aviation        5        5
 AVS National Service Desk Vendor Day                                   Administration
   AVS National Service Desk

    –      To establish a consolidated, centralized
           AVS global IT help desk, providing
           24x7x365 support to AVS employees,
           on-site contractors, and external users
           of AVS systems worldwide.

                                        Federal Aviation   6   6
AVS National Service Desk Vendor Day    Administration
AVS IT Overview
• Customer IT Service Calls
   – Last year over 98,000 calls were taken just from the established Service Call Desks
   – Does not include an approximate 100,000 calls supported by computer specialists that are not part
     of a centralized Service Desk

• 56 National Applications supporting AVS’s workforce
• 60 National Projects
   – Example - Technical Refresh of User Equipment averaging 1800 computers a year

• 885 Servers (Physical 657, 227 Virtual)
   – Providing safety data, system access, collaboration and other vital IT services to the AVS
     workforce, other government organizations and the public

• Over 3,900 SharePoint Sites – with approximately 10 new sites created a month
• AVS web content and services account for approximately 2.4 of the 3.2 million site
  visits per month to FAA.GOV
• Support for Non-AVS IT systems by AVS employees
   – Lotus Notes / Gov Trip / Non-Standard IT Equipment

                                                                           Federal Aviation       7   7
AVS National Service Desk Vendor Day                                       Administration
AVS Workforce (US Only)

                                       Federal Aviation   8   8
AVS National Service Desk Vendor Day   Administration
Benefits of Centralized Service Desk
Consolidation of IT Customer Service
•   Consistent support available 24x7x365 Worldwide
•   Strict, performance-based service-levels to hold the contractor accountable and
    which can be adjusted based on need
•   Escalation chain when inconsistent support is being provided or service levels are
    not being met
Consolidation of Computer Specialists
•   Streamlined National IT automation activities, leveraged resources and reduced
•   Foundation created for a strategic IT organization well equipped to support the
    evolving AVS safety mission
•   Better alignment of locally developed and nationally developed applications
•   Increased hands-on training offered to AVS employees when COTS products and
    new AVS National Applications are deployed
•   Career paths created for IT staff

                                                                  Federal Aviation       9   9
AVS National Service Desk Vendor Day                              Administration
Local IT Support
• The source of support for the AVS workforce
  remains unchanged until the National
  Service Desk is in place and operational
• After the National Service Desk is
  implemented, it will perform all support
  functions that can be accomplished remotely
• AQS-200 is committed to ensuring a smooth
  transition, with virtually no interruption to
  customer service

                                       Federal Aviation   10   10
AVS National Service Desk Vendor Day   Administration
Current AVS End-User Support Profile

• Tier 1:
      – AVS Headquarters Help Desk contract
      – Other local contracts (OKC, SW, AL)
      – 180 AVS FTEs in 9 regions, AMC, and 100 field
        offices (est. 40% of workload)
• Tier 2:
      – AVS Support Central contract (OKC)

                                             Federal Aviation   11   11
AVS National Service Desk Vendor Day         Administration
Current Environment – Within AVS
 • Inconsistent service levels being provided to
   our employees
 • Support not available 24x7x365
 • Support ratio not in alignment with industry
 • Need for critical safety positions
 • Help Desk work not “inherently governmental”
 • Limited career growth for computer specialists
   in providing “help desk” support

                                        Federal Aviation   12   12
AVS National Service Desk Vendor Day    Administration
User Support Functions
•      Remote – First Call (Tier 1) Resolvable Issues (National Service Desk)
        –   Lotus Notes (mail jail, webmail password reset)
        –   COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) software installs/support (“How do I?...”)
        –   Login / network access / account administration (password resets, create/delete accounts)

•      Remote – Escalation Required (Tier 2) Issues (National Service Desk)
        –   VMAT / RMAT issues (Notes client password resets, advanced Notes issues)
        –   Advanced AVS Standard Client software support
        –   Access Control changes (folder permissions, mailbox access, mailing lists)
        –   File restores / security patches / advanced anti-virus issues

•      Hands-On Support Required* (Combination of National Service Desk & Local
       Computer Specialists)
        –   Hardware installation and repair
        –   Loan pool management
        –   AVS Standard Client installations
        –   Conference room support
        –   Local network / server issues (building, troubleshooting)
        –   Security issues (isolating machine from network, securing/removing hard drives)

*Goal is to reduce the amount of hands-on work required to support these functions in the future

                                                                              Federal Aviation     13   13
    AVS National Service Desk Vendor Day                                      Administration
• After National Service Desk implementation, IT
  staff will transition defined duties to the
  Service Desk Contractor.
• IT staff roles will include a
  combination of remaining            National         AVS IT
                                      Projects      Ambassador
  local support responsibilities,
  national project work, and
  serving as the AVS IT                        Support
  Ambassador to their local office.

                                             Federal Aviation   14   14
AVS National Service Desk Vendor Day         Administration
Service Desk Acquisition - Strategy
•   Performance based contract
•   Base year plus four (4) option years
•   Full and open competitive process
•   Implementation schedule developed
    with selected vendor

                                       Federal Aviation   15   15
AVS National Service Desk Vendor Day   Administration
Service Level Expectations

• Speed to Answer
      – 90% of calls answered within 30 seconds
      – 100% of calls answered within 60 seconds
• First Call Resolution
      – 97% of the calls that should be resolvable at Tier 1
• Customer Satisfaction
      – 85% satisfaction
      – Survey sent for every 5th ticket

                                               Federal Aviation   16   16
AVS National Service Desk Vendor Day           Administration

                                               Federal Aviation   17   17
AVS National Service Desk Vendor Day           Administration

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