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Omaha Weavers _ Spinners Guild by qingyunliuliu


									                Omaha Weavers
                & Spinners Guild
                          Volume 61 issue 3   Jan.-Feb. 2011

                        A word from the president

 Happy New Year
 Time sure does fly. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
 Hope that all of your fiber resolutions come true this year. Thank you again
 Layna, for planning a wonderful Christmas Dinner and get together. Thank you
 Bev for a wonderful history program.
 I have been taking a semi weaving hiatus and Gail Ray has been helping organize
 my studio. It will help to make me a more productive weaver and a more
 organized teacher. This is the time of year to buy storage systems on sale and
 that is what we did today. Gail has organized a lot of my yarn in balls and skeins
 by color so now what was a whole lot of yarn appears to be an even larger amount
 of yarn. Should be interesting to see what I do with it all.
 Hopefully the weather will allow us to have all of our meetings in the first part of
 2011. We have interesting programs all lined up and I would hate to have to
 cancel any meetings. If they cancel schools on the day of the meeting or have
 already cancelled schools for the next day we will not meet. I will try to get an
 email out by 5pm on the meeting day if the meeting will be cancelled.
 Stay warm, keep those shuttles flying and those wheels spinning and see you
 next week.

The Omaha Weavers and Spinners Guild meets the second Wednesday of the month,
September through May at the Underwood Hills Presbyterian Church at 7 PM.
Underwood Hills Presbyterian Church's address is: 851 N. 74 Street, Omaha NE .

                          Officers        2010-2011
 President- Sharon Bowles                President Elect- Agneta Gaines
 Vice President - Joan Getzfrid
 Treasurer- Sue Kratville                 Newsletter Editor- Tara Neese
 Secretary- Amy Goodwin                   Webmaster- Amy Goodwin
                                  Art vs. Craft
       Last spring Joan G. asked if I would like to present a program and
suggested the topic "What makes Fiber Art". At the time I did not feel that I had
sufficient experience or education to properly present such a program and due to
my lack of interest Joan had to find another speaker. My apologies, it is not that
I minded giving a program or doing the prep work I simply did not feel qualified.
I don't know if I am any more qualified today but I have given the matter a lot of
thought over the past several months and felt it was a good time to share my
       Art to me is the use of familiar tools and supplies in a creative original way.
To have an idea and use your skills along with yarns, beads, treasures to give
form to your idea. To be daring, experiment, to find out what happens if.....
       Craft to me is properly using the correct tools and following printed
instructions, all the while making the perfect woven article- flawless and
       Art is not opening a magazine and following the instructions, using the
suggested yarns, suggested sett, and thread the draft as presented in the article.
Do not get me wrong it is fine for an artist to use a magazine as a learning tool, to
give an introduction to a structure, to help hone your craft and improve your
skills. A skilled craftsman has the ability to properly thread a loom, follow
complicated treadling instruction, collect the proper yarns, maintain perfect
selvedges, keep accurate measure and is rewarded with perfect hand-crafted
product- though not a work of Art.
       I began to think of the Art vs. Craft much like the Color Texture vs.
Structure Pattern factions. Neither is right or wrong, better or worthier, each
has their strengths and preferences. Those of the Art persuasion could not (or
would not) follow a pattern, they would have to make changes, they are unable
and unwilling to do something that has already been done, they must personalize
it and subject it to "what if's from the start. A craftsman approaches weaving like
cooking, they follow the recipe, use all the correct ingredients, have all the
equipment and the result is a tasty appealing dish. An artist will look at the
recipe, make substitutions, skips some steps, make due or repurpose another tool
or ingredient and end up with something that may only be vaguely similar to the
original dish.
       A master of the craft has the gift of patience, pays attention to detail, is
willing to take the time to create perfection. An Artist has the gift of vision and
often breaks the rules and sacrifices perfection in order to keep the creative
momentum flowing. All the while planning the next piece, "if I change this, and
make that smaller......." not able to slow the ideas, limited by time and only two
       I like to think that I have it in me to become a true Artisan of my Craft, to
use the written projects to teach me and the visions in my head to be
transformed into cloth. I will risk failure, due to a lack of understanding, an
incomplete vision, a haste from rushing ahead. I will learn from each project and
use what I learn in the future. I will keep records for reference, strive for
originality, aim for flawless fabrics. I want to be good at my craft and create
original art.

So in conclusion I say, " Hone your Craft and Create your Art, fill 2011 with fiber"
                           T h e F ib e r S c e ne in Oma h a

Art is t Co o p e ra t iv e Ga lle ry
Me mbe r s Agne ta Gaine s and Jane tte Baue r will have the ir wor k on dis play
Re d Carpe t S how - Pas t Me m be rs Com m e m orativ e Ex hibition
Ex hibition: T ue s day, Januar y 4 - Sunday, Januar y 30
Ope ning Re ce ption: Satur day, Januar y 8, 5:00- 9:00 pm

Ne br as ka Ar ts Council NAC Ar tis t Fe llows hip Ex hibition
B e mis Ce nt e r f o r Co nt e mp o ra ry Art s - Omaha, NE
Fe atur ing the wor k of Mar y, along with the othe r 2010 NAC Ar tis t Fe llows hip
gr ant r e cipie nts .
Ope ning Re ce ption: Januar y 14

Ho t S h o p s : S t ud io 2 0 8
Jay Rich, Agne ta Gaine s and Kitt Hame r s ky ar e the Fibe r Ar tis ts at the Hot
Shops . Four Looms , a Knitting Machine and many ne w dir e ctions .

                                  Fiber Futures:
        The Kansas Alliance of Weavers & Spinners

                                 kans as we ave r s .com
                             Spinning Sample
                        By Karen McAndrew
Spun from blue faced leicester roving, dyed with acid dyes at the
august workshop.

                             Weaving Sample
                               By Kitt Hammersky

Structure: M's and O's
Project: Baby Blankets
Submitted by Kitt Hamersky
Source: Handwoven May/June 2010 Issue 150
Article: A new look at threading M's and O's by Kathleen Farling
Warp 8/2 unmercerized cotton
12 dent reed - 2 per dent 24 epi
Weft: 8/2 unmercerized cotton Solids and Multicolored
(article suggests hombre crochet cotton, I used my own hand dyed/ space dyed
This draft represents the "what if's" with the structure, the four possible
elements, to take it to the next level.
Note: this structure does not make a true tabby.
Final samples will include a swatch of the "possibilities" and a swatch of what is
on the loom (almost) right now.
                   Program                      Treats         Newsletter

Sept. 8        Mary Zicafoose. 
        Joan Slapkauskas,   Weaving: Gail Ray
            International Weaving.      Beverly Dimauro     Spinning: Gail Ray

Oct. 13        Beverly DiMauro.         Janet Ambrosek,     Nov. newsletter
           History of the Guild (60th   Cindy Page          deadline: Oct. 22
Nov.10           Sue Kratville          Ali Threlkeld,      Weaving: Layna Bentley
            Prepare for Show/Sale       Mary Jetton         Spinning: Cindy Page

Dec.8          Christmas Party          TBD                 Jan. newsletter
                                                            deadline: Dec. 22

Jan.12          Jay Rich. 
 TSA.        Kitt Hammersky,     Weaving: Kitt Hammersky
                                        Karen McAndrew      Spinning:
                                                            Karen McAndrew

Feb.9                TBA                Joan Getzfrid,      Mar. newsletter
                                        Layna Bentley       deadline: Feb. 22

Mar.9     Renee Prochaska-Keenan       Amy Goodwin,
Renee Weaving: Mary Jetton
          and Connie Wheeler.
Detailed Prochaska-Keenan   Spinning: Gail Ray
          Carding Demonstration

Apr.13               TBA                Connie Wheeler,     May. newsletter
                                        Janine Sandstedt    deadline: Apr. 22

May.         Garage Sale/Cookout        Pot Luck            Weaving: Jay Rich
                                                            Spinning: Sara Innes

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