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									                                                                                              May / June 2007 Edition

                                                                  CLARK HIGH SCHOOL WEBSITE
  INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                                  UNDER CONSTRUCTION
Principal’s Message                   2                                By Mrs. McKinley, Business Technology Department
Bullying                              3-4
                                                                      Under the supervision of Mrs. McKinley, Matt Lake and
Choir Concert / Talent Show 4
                                                             Alex Silva (both juniors and friends outside of Clark), are creating
Blood Drive / Soup Bowl               5                      the Clark HIGH SCHOOL Website—hopefully to be operating by this
                                                             May. The Clark High School Website will feature these links:
21st Century / Class of 2008 6
                                                                           Administration
7th Grade Trip / Art                  7
                                                                           Faculty
Tux Day                               8                                    Support Staff
Luncheon / Basketball                 9                                    Student Athletics/Organizations
May Calendar                          10                                   Adult Organizations
June Calendar                         11                                   School Calendar
                                                                           Student Handbook
                                                                           Enrollment Procedures
                                                                           Newsletter
                                                                           Letter from the Principal
                                                                           College/Career Information
                                                                           Test/Homework Help (including Library Links)
                                                                           Honor Roll
                                                                           Directions

                                                                        The Clark High School Website will also feature a movie
                                                             (produced by senior Belinda Morales) to introduce the website
                                                             visitor to a virtual tour of the high school and its offerings.
                                                                        Matt Lake is currently enrolled in Advanced Computer
                                                             Applications and has completed Computer Applications and
                                                             Desktop Publishing. He has expertise in Macromedia Studio MX
                                                             featuring Dreamweaver, which is the recommended software for
                                                             websites. His career goal is to major in computer science at DeVry
  Juniors Matt Lake and Alex Silva execute Mrs. McKinley's
          plans for the Clark High School Website.                      Alex Silva has just come to Clark from the Archbishop
                                                             Quigley Preparatory Seminary. He is currently enrolled in both
                                                             Advanced Computer Applications and Desktop Publishing. Alex
                                                             plans to pursue a career as a computer engineer after attending
                                                             University of Illinois at Champagne/Urbana.
A Note from the Principal…..

Dear Parent/Guardian,

        Congratulations to each of you and your children as we near the completion of
yet another school year. There have been many outstanding accomplishments this year,
and I am very proud of our students and what they have been able to achieve this year. I
hope that you take some time with your children sometime soon to let them know that
you also appreciate their hard work at school and that they are doing a great job. Your
efforts, along with your children’s hard work at school have made my first year at Clark
very special. Thank you.
        As the school year winds down, there will be many important dates coming up.
Just to highlight a few, we have Prom on May 4, PTSA meeting (election of officers) on
May 15, Underclass Assembly on May 17, Senior Assembly on May 18, and High School
Graduation on June 6. Please remember that due to the snow make-up day, the last day
of school for students is Thursday, June 7, 2007.
        Prior to Spring Break, we conducted a workshop to train parents/guardians how to
use STI Home, which is our student information system that parents can access from home.
Parents/guardians can view grades, attendance, discipline, etc… using this program. In
order to access your child’s information, you must receive a password at the training
session, you will not be able to simply come to the office and request the password. We
will be having another training session on Tuesday, May 22 at 5:30 pm, in room 202. Please
enter through the front door, go up to the 2nd floor and turn left. Go to the end of the hall
and turn right. Room 202 is the 1st room on the right.
        Many times I am asked what parents/guardians can do over the summer to help
prepare their child for the next school year. Perhaps the most beneficial approach is to
have your child read as much as possible. Try taking your child to the local library to have
him/her pick out books that they will enjoy. Maybe you and your child could read a book
together, discussing the plot, characters, or other aspects as you move from chapter to
chapter. The biggest benefit will come from time that you and your child spend together
during the summer months.
           Finally, I would like to say thank you, again, for the vested interest you take in
your child’s educational progress. When a school, community, and parents/guardians
work together for what is best for students, great goals can be accomplished. I hope you
and your children have had a pleasurable experience this year at George Rogers Clark, I
know I have.

Yours in education,

Reid A. Amones
George Rogers Clark MS/HS

 Without Empathy There Is Nothing
        Empathy is the ability to view situations from another person’s
perspective. Feeling remorse when someone has hurt another is one of the
most common examples.
        We have many, many good kids in our schools. But let’s face it, we have
some very troubled ones. The message is that you, as parents, have the
opportunity to change distorted perceptions before they become ingrained with
little probability of change. This lesson centers on teaching empathy, a very
challenging concept to instill.
        If you are dealing with a chronic bully who exhibits very little, if any
remorse for his/her actions, adult intervention is warranted, (and the earlier
the better). Research provides us with two effective approaches to combat a
child’s lack of empathy.
Constantly link action with feelings. For
example you may start with something like “How
do you think it feels to be called names in front of a
large group?” This critical association has to be
brought to an awareness level so that the
behavioral connection to emotion can potentially
be internalized.
        Immediately correct faulty belief systems
which perpetuate justifications for aggressive
behavior. Listen between the lines of the verbally
articulate child speaking in their own defense. Do
they convincingly give the impression that the
victim “deserved” what was coming, thus making
them less accountable? Their thinking tends to be
skewed to their own needs.

                                               Mankind must evolve
                                               for all human conflict
                                                 a method which
                                                  rejects revenge,
                                                  aggression, and
                                                   retaliation. The
                                               foundation of such a
                                                   method is love.

                                                 - Martin Luther King Jr.

      Correct Faulty Thinking
  Incorrect Thinking                               Correct Thinking
  Someone made me act badly              I am responsible for my own actions
  “I can’t”                              “I won’t”
  They exaggerate to get me in           My behavior does hurt others
   trouble                                I don’t like being hurt so I shouldn’t hurt others
  I don’t care how others feel           Everyone has to follow the rules
  I don’t have to follow the rules       A give and take balance makes good
  I have to watch out for myself          relationships
  I will be successful in everything     Success usually evolves from failure
  I never make mistakes                  Mistakes are common and used for learning
  I am not afraid of anything            Everyone experiences fear at some point in life

                                                  Spring Choir Concert
                                                    Come to the Spring Choir Concert on
                                             Tuesday, May 22nd at 6:00 PM in the
                                             Auditorium! You'll hear selections from Rent,
                                             Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,
                                             Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and
                                             other great songs from musicals, movies and
                                             television. Tickets are $2.50 for students/senior
                                             citizens and $5 for adults. Come for a great
                                             hour of musical fun!

Come to the Faculty Talent Show at 3:15 on
Thursday, May 31st in the GRC Auditorium.
You'll see teachers and staff showing off
their talents. Tickets are only $2 and
available at the door.
               See you there!

                              George Rogers Clark High School
                                       Blood Drive
                                                Wednesday, May 23rd
                                   Located on Heartland’s Mobile Coach on Davis Ave.
                                   Contact Mr. Klapak at 659-3522 or any Student Council
                                    Officer to schedule an appointment.
                                   16 year olds may donate with a signed permission slip!
                                   EVERY DONOR WILL RECEIVE A FREE WATER BOTTLE

                                                       Walk-ins welcome!

                               *Please Eat a Healthy Meal Before Donating & Bring a Photo ID to the
                                                           Blood Drive*

     Soup Bowl
The Soup Dinner was held on Friday, March 30,
2007 from 4:00 - 7:00 p.m. The profit was about
$1,700, which will be donated to Father
Beeching of St. Joe's Soup Kitchen and the
Whiting Food Pantry. Both parties will accept
their checks from the National Honor
Society on Thursday, May 3, at 7:30 a.m.

              21 Century Learners
     The last day for 21st Century
     tutoring will be May 17th and the
     last day for 21st Century Friday
     lessons will be May 18th.

     We had a great year and hope to
     see those students who were
     selected for summer school this

                                                           Congratulations to our Middle
                                                           School Special Education
                                                           teachers, Mr. Hernandez, Mr.
                                                           Hicks, Ms. O'Hare, and Mrs.
                                                           Sarwacinski! They applied for and
                                                           were approved for two
                                                           community grants! They will be
                                                           using these grants to take two
                                                           educational field trips in May. Well

                               Upcoming Seniors
                                 Class of 2008
Yearbook Update

The yearbook class has signed a contract with a new photographer (Interstate Studio). In order for
your picture to appear in the senior section, you MUST take your picture during underclassmen
pictures in mid September at the school. The following will be offered for senior pictures:

          Affordable packages
          Separate backdrop from the underclassmen pictures
          No sitting fee

However, if you want to order senior portraits with props, different backdrops, etc., you are free to go
to any photographer of your choice.

IMPORTANT: You must take your picture with Interstate Studio in order for your picture to
appear in the 2007-2008 yearbook. We will NOT accept any picture from another studio. If
you have any questions, you can see Ms. Lail in room 225 or call at 219-659-3522.

                     7 Grade Goes to
This year, as in past years (15 to be exact) the New Horizons 7th grade team and
the Hybrid 7th grade team will be going to Indianapolis for a field trip on May 25,
2007. In order to help fund the trip, the team has sold Fannie May Candies and
Little Caesars' Pizza, Cookies, and Pies. The trip is usually the highlight of all the
field trips taken over the school year and the kids look forward to going with
great enthusiasm. Although the agenda is not completely set, some of the places
that are tentatively scheduled are the State Capitol Building, The Indianapolis
Zoo, The Indiana State Museum (where the students will go to the Imax Theater),
and downtown Indianapolis (where students can dine, relax and just enjoy Indy.)
Field trip forms will be sent out at a later date. As always, we encourage parents
to chaperone in order to make this trip both fun and educational for the students.
Check the following websites out for further information on our designated sights
to see:
Indianapolis Zoo Indianapolis State
Downtown Indianapolis
  Thank you to all of the students, parents, teachers, and others who helped make
       this field trip possible through the selling, buying, and delivering of our

         Mrs. Carson's AP art class studied
  different artists. Each student was to
  design an egg based on an artist. Among
  the artists were Rococo, Neoclassicism,
  Romanticism, and Realism. Awards were
  given to "most creative" (Carrie Cole,
  Fragonard - French Rococo) and "most
  true to the artist" (Jessica Hatczel,
            Congratulations girls!!!!
                            Tux Day
      On April 5th, the annual Tux Day took place which is sponsored by the
Latino Club. Junior and Senior boys were selected by faculty and staff to
get snazzied up for the day. In addition, our faculty and staff were
encouraged to participate this year as well. Principal, Mr. Amones along with
teachers Mr. Hicks, Mr. Howard, Mr. Perez and Mr. Turner participated this
year. Gingiss, After Hours and House of Invitations were the vendors who
provided the tuxedos to staff and students.
      Students went around collecting money from students and staff in hopes
to win a $50 gift certificate toward a tux rental. This year's winner was
Senior, Brandon Day who collected over $195. All monies collected are given
away in scholarships to any minority student.

On Wednesday, April 18, a Mayor's
luncheon was held. Mayor McDermott
informed students, the importance of
having a goal and how continuing
education after high school plays an
important role in their lives. Also, the
Mayor covered the benefits of a parent
owning a home in Hammond. Each
student, whose parents own a home in
Hammond, could receive $7,500 per
year to be applied towards an Indiana

                                                        Hammond Police / GRC Staff vs.
                                                          Clark HS Boys Basketball
                       Clark                        Come out and watch the Hammond Police
                  Cheerleaders will                 Department along with GRC Staff battle the GRC
                  be selling teddy                  Boys Sectional Champions in their first annual
                                                    basketball game. This charity/fundraiser will
                     bears and                      benefit both the Hammond FOP Christmas Food
                    balloons at                     Basket Drive and the 2007-2008 GRC Boys
                                                    Basketball Team. Come out and watch this historic
                    Graduation.                     game on Friday, May 11th at 7 p.m. in the GRC
                                                    gym. Tickets are only $3 and may be purchased at
                                                    the GRC main office.

                Box Tops 4 Education

                                                                     Middle School Track Meets

                                                                       Tues. May 8th @ Gavit
Did you know that there is an easy way to earn money for
Clark MS/HS? There is! Money can be earned by saving                  Thurs. May 10th @ Home
Box Tops 4 Education coupons found on many common
products such as General Mills cereals, Kleenex facial                Tues. May 15th @ Home
tissues, and Progresso soups. Each coupon turned in is
worth 10 cents to our school. If every student turned in 10            Thurs. May 17 @ Home
coupons, Clark PTA would earn $800 towards funding
student activities. Please drop off your box top coupons in     Tues. & Wed. May 22-23 @ Gavit CITY
the office. For further information visit the Box Tops 4                      MEET
Education website at


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