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					                   WAIAKEA HIGH SCHOOL
                   BAND BOOSTERS

                           “BEEF STEW WITH FRANK”
   A Community Music Program Featuring Frank DeLima & WHS/WIS Bands
             Dinner Concession opens at 5:30 p.m.; Concert begins at 6:30 p.m.

WIS and WHS band boosters have joined forces to organize a major band fundraiser this
winter -- a joint band concert that will feature local entertainer Frank De Lima. This concert
will offer band students a unique opportunity to perform with a professional entertainer, as
well help create community support for maintaining funding of school music programs. We
need collective booster help as follows:
TICKET SALES: A ticket packet will be distributed to each student from either band. Each ticket
packet will include 6 general and 4 “under 18” tickets. Value per packet is $80. We are keeping it
affordable for pre-sale tickets at $10 for adults and $5 for under-18-year olds ($15 and $10 at the
door). We want all to be able to attend. PREPAYMENT IS HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. Students will
be charged for unreturned tickets. Extra tickets available at PostNet located in the Prince Kuhio
Plaza (ask for Pam). WHS Band Students will earn 70% of their gross tickets toward credit (the first
$20 will be applied to booster membership for non-member families before credits are earned).
Deadline for ticket and money turn-in is January 15th, 2008. A drop box will be located in the WHS
band room.
CONCESSION DONATIONS: We are asking for 12 pack drink donations from every band
student! Donations will be collected at band rooms or at the WHS Gym the morning of the event.
Please label your donations with student’s name.
PEPSI or COKE               DIET PEPSI or COKE             SPRITE (Diet okay too)
MOUNTAIN DEW                MUG root beer                  ALOHA or HAW’N SUN JUICES
WATER bottles (typical 500 ml bottles)
PROGRAM AD SALES: Please help us raise money by selling or buying an ad for your
business! Personal ads will also be available to support your child. Forms will be coming home
with your child.
CORPORATE SPONSORS: For those of you employed by businesses in Hilo, please ask your
employer for their support as a corporate sponsor. Forms will be coming home with your child.
CLEAN UP: We request that all band students and booster members help clean up after the
event. We will take down chairs, wipe up spills and remove rubbish, push back bleachers, uncover
floor, etc. so that the gym is ready for school on Monday morning.
CALLING… VOLUNTEERS!!!! Volunteer sign up sheets will be available at the December
concerts, and by email for specific areas where manpower is needed. So please be prepared to
sign up for at least one area of need (see next page).

CONCESSION WORKERS:          In keeping with the theme, we will be selling Café 100 beef stew and
Frank Food hot dogs, bottled water, canned drinks (from donations), Bruddah Pops and Meadow
Gold ice cream. We will need manpower for setting up the concession area, serving the food and
handling money.

FACILITY SET UP: We are planning to open the gym at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday morning.
Manpower is needed to lay down floor boards to cover the gym floor, set up fold-out chairs for
maximum seating and set up a portable stage area.

AV SET-UP & OPERATIONS: We will need technical help setting up the AV and Sound Systems
for those of you with these type of skills.

TRAFFIC & PARKING: We will need to set up cones for “NO PARKING” areas as well as
manpower directing traffic to the different parking lots on campus.

SECURITY AND PATROLLING: Because the gym is on school property, we are hiring two off
duty police officers to help remove any use of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs on school property. We are
asking for additional adults to help patrol the area.

THANKS and thanks again for all your help and generosity. We look forward to working with
you as we support our band directors and students as they show off their musical talent!

Rian Lau at, 938-4876
Eileen Walko at, 959-0246, beeper 326-0963 or Wendy Matsuura at, 969-3331 ext. 14.

For more information visit the Event website URL

January 7-10, 2008 WHS Band Room 10:30-12:00pm, 12:00-12:30 Break (lunch) 12:30-2:30
January 17, 2008 2:30-4pm WHS Band Room Joint band rehearsal
January 24, 2008 2:30-4pm WHS Band Room Joint band rehearsal
January 27, 2008 1pm WHS Gym final dress rehearsal with Frank De Lima

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