ICT in Society

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					ICT in Society
         Lesson Objectives
• Know how ICT is evolving within society

• Understand how ICT is affecting others
  within society

• Understand the issues with the rapid
  growth of ICT in society
             ICT in Society
• ICT is rapidly changing the way we live and

• Advances in the last 50 years are a result of
  new technologies being invented

• Think of some of the things that you take for
  granted that may not have been invented just
  a few years ago???
• Digital Television

• Computer games e.g. x-box, wii, playstation
            Access to ICT
• Digital divide
      Poverty – some cannot afford
  computers, connection etc…
      Network access (remote areas)
      Developing countries
• “Silver Surfers”
•   Mobile phones
•   Satellite and Undersea cables.
•   Internet
•   Email
•   Instant Messaging
•   Video Conference
•   24 hours rolling news.
• Communication – able to contact anybody,
• Environment – do not need to travel for
  business meetings
• Education and training – teacher/trainer
  may not need to be in the same room
• Free-time – more people are able to work
  from home
• Distraction – people driving on their
  mobile phones, working from home (able
  to play computer games, watch TV etc..)

• Laziness – email, instant messenger

• Crime – “happy slapping”, theft
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Example Exam Questions
Example Exam Questions