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									Ways That You Can Learn Jive
In 1960 a new category of competition dances was put together called “Latin &
American”, this enabled dancers to learn jive a new way by combining four Latin dances
with one American – the “Ballroom Jive”. The usual abbreviation to “Latin American”
should not be assumed to imply that Jive originated in Latin America!
A key player at this stage was Walter “Wally” Laird, three times World Ballroom
Champion. Walter, a scientist from Essex, had a very analytical mind and was fascinated
by the physiology of movement in dance. From his early beginnings, dancing as a
schoolboy with his sister Joan, and, in 1936, winning an early Jitterbug championship, he
went on to spend years studying the Jitterbug along with ways to learn jiveroutines and
all about Cuban and Brazilian dance forms. The result of his studies was the codification
of the Latin & American dances in his ground breaking Technique Of Latin Dancing in
the early 1960s – still the bible for ballroom dancers all over the world. It was this
thinking that enabled the first dancers to learn jive style dances and perform them to a
high standard.
It is said that one of Walter‟s intentions was to make Lindy more beautiful or elegant.
Opinion is divided on whether he succeeded or not!
This competitive ballroom version of Jive is based on a six-beat pattern of two fast
syncopated chassés (side, close, side) followed by a slower break back and replace
forward; it prohibits any kind of air step and is usually danced in an enhanced bouncy
style, very upright and with lots of kicks. In competition it is danced at a fixed speed of
176 beats per minute (bpm), and will be most familiar to non-dancers who are looking to
learn jive as the type of Jive they see on Strictly Come Dancing or Dancing With The
Stars! This is the style of dance many people wish they could perform to a good level as
it it seems fun and exciting just watching . By studying the professionals it is possible to
learn jive moves that you can use very quickly in your dancing.
Learn Jive – The Modern Ballroom Jive
These days Ballroom Jive is controlled by organisations such as the ISTD, IDTA and
UKA, each of which has its own syllabus for the Jive, though the differences are
minimal, for example minor variations in the description of exactly how far one should
turn on a particular step, or exactly where the feet should be placed. This gives a
framework for when you learn jive so the teaching is based around the standard 27 moves
that make up the Bronze, Silver and Gold medals, recognised world wide.
If you really want to learn jive dances you can now do this in many different ways
including from the professionals dancing in the comfort of your own home.
 “We have been watching the show for a couple of years and I am excited to learn this
with my girlfriend. I am surprising her for Christmas – I wanted to give her something
romantic and she will love this! – Bryce B. Utah
It is Saturday night, your friends and their significant others are off for another fun night
of music and dancing. You would really like to go, except you can‟t dance, or at least you
think you can‟t and that is enough to stop you from going.
Instead you stay home in your bath robe and watch “Dancing with the Stars‟‟. The
gorgeous costumes, the infectious beat of the music, and of course the romance…..
As you drift off to sleep you envision yourself being whirled across the dance floor with
the hypnotic beat of the Samba surrounding you in its warmth. You are in the arms of a
handsome man. You smile up at him in confidence; his large hands encircle your waist as
he glides you across the floor, making your feel like you are flying.Laughing
triumphantly, you throw back your head and begin swaying with the music swing and
grinding your hips seductively as you drive yourself closer and closer to the edge of …
the dance floor.
As the music draws to a close you gently pull apart, he tries to draw you back but as you
turn from him you are swept away once again but this time in the arms of another
man.You look back and catch the desperate look in your partner‟s eyes as he watches you
being lead away from him this time to the gentle sway of the waltz.
There is no stopping you tonight; you are barely able to catch your breath as one partner
after the other claims you for a dance. Visions of the foxtrot, the Jive, the Rumba and the
Cha Cha fill your head.
As you look around the room searching for the handsome partner that you shared your
first dance with you notice that most of the dancers have left. As if on cue the lights begin
to dim. Perhaps, you sigh, it is time for you to go as well. As you head towards the door,
the band begins to play and somehow you sense it. He is there waiting for you in the
middle of the dance floor with his arms held out to you, looking at you as if you are the
only woman in the world.
The sensual music of the Tango pulls you into his arms as once again he folds you into
his embrace, spinning you and twirling you across the floor.As the song comes to an end
you glance up at him and feel … like you must be dreaming.
Well, yes of course you are, but the good news is that it will not be for long. Learn jive or
any of the other modern dances such as the salsa or the rumba and the dreams could
become a reality.

Learn Jive – How Do I Go About It
With the help of Emmy Nominated Choreographer, Louis van Amstel, best known for his
3 hit seasons on America‟s most popular dance show, „Dancing with the Stars‟, you will
be able to learn all of the most popular dance steps in the ease and convenience of your
own home.
The eight disc selection allows you to choose from popular dancing steps such as: Cha
Cha, Salsa, Waltz, Tango, Sumba, Jive, Rumba and the Foxtrot.
Learning how to dance will help you gain more confidence, tone your body, and shed
any unwanted pounds, and the greatest part of it is that you will be having fun while
doing it.
Before long you too could be “Dancing with the Stars”.
Learn Jive now ...


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