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					                                                                                                                             Secondary lesson plan 1

Number of students expected: 50          Date: 25/07/10        Time: 12:00-12:40     Level: Teenage           Name of Teacher: Tom Fleming

    LESSON AIMS 课堂目标
    At the end of this lesson the learners will be more confident about reading and understanding a text. They will practise identifying and using new structures
    and will have an opportunity to present their opinions and ideas. They will also review will (future), more, less, fewer.

     Stage     Approx            Student Activity                   Teacher Activity               Int.        Reason and link to          Aids 教辅材料
                 Time                                                                             Pat.1             Aims
    教学阶         (min.)               学生活动                                教师活动                     互动方           原因和教学目标
     段         所用时                                                                                  式

        1          5      In small groups, students play      Teacher shows a picture of a          1, 4      To stimulate interest   A toy robot. / A cartoon
                          the chain-memory game:              robot demonstrates the chain-                   around the topic of     picture of a robot.
                          1: My robot can walk.               memory game.                                    robots.
                          2: My robot can walk and talk
                          3: My robot can walk, talk and...

        2         10      In pairs students compare           Teacher sticks ten sentences          1, 3      To read and             Text: Do you think you
                          sentences around the                around the classroom and                        understand a simple     will have your own
                          classroom with the text and         introduces the reading race.                    text.                   robot? Go for it! Student’s
                          decide if sentences are true or                                                                             book page 8.
                          false.                              Feedback on comprehension
                                                              activity.                                                               Ten sentences (true and
                                                                                                                                      false). For example:

 1 = TClass, 2 = SS in whole class mode, 3 = Pairwork, 4 = Groupwork, 5 = Meleé 混合活动, 6 = Individual work
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                                                                                                                   Secondary lesson plan 1

                                                                                                                             Robots can dance. / In the
                                                                                                                             future people will do more

     3          10     Students find target structures     Teacher explains the task.           6   To study language in     Student’s book page 9,
                       in the text.                                                                 authentic context.       exercise 3b

                       Students draw a 3x3 grid, copy      Teacher monitors and offers          3   To practice new          Notebooks or paper.
                       the target structures (there are    support.                                 language in a
                       five) and add four words from                                                controlled exercise.
                       exercise 1b. This is used to play
                       tic-tac-toe: make a sentence to
                       win a square. The winner gets
                       three squares in a row.

     4          12     Students help create a list of      Teacher elicits a list of skills a   4   To explore a topic
                       skills a personal robot might       personal robot might have.               based on personal
                       have. In groups, students rank                                               desires and
                       the list in order of usefulness.                                             preferences.
                       Group leaders tell the class
                       what their ideal robot can do.

     5          3       Students listen to the song and                                         2   To end the lesson in a   http://learnenglishkids.briti
                       chant / sing the lyrics.                                                     fun and relaxing way.

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                       Secondary lesson plan 1

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