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international students’
survival guide
Introducing your new home
                         Welcome to Adelaide – a city that is cultured
                         and dynamic, inspiring and surprising.
                         Home to more than one million – including
                         people from virtually every country in the
                         world – Adelaide prides itself on making
                         newcomers feel welcome.

          I, myself, am a great convert to Adelaide, having arrived in
          1977 after being born in London and spending my formative
          years in New Zealand.

          For me and countless other migrants and students, Adelaide
          has offered enormous opportunities. And today – with the
          State’s economy booming and a record number of people in
          work – there are even more. The defence and mining sectors,
          alone, are generating billions of dollars worth of projects –
          all of which will need large numbers of skilled workers.

          South Australia has a rich history, and the Adelaide plains
          region remains the home of the Kaurna Aboriginal people.

          Since European settlement in 1836, Adelaide has been the
          economic and cultural hub of the State – a city characterised
          by tolerance, religious freedom, educational excellence and
          progressive social policy.

          The North Terrace cultural, heritage and education precinct
          is one of the most impressive of its kind in the world.
          It is a place where the senses are spoilt and the mind
          is thoroughly engaged.

          Increasingly, the city centre is the neighbourhood of overseas
          students from right across the globe – with their number more
          than doubling to 30,000 in the past six years. For years, Adelaide
          has been very well served by our three major universities.
          And, in 2006, a branch of Pittsburgh’s prestigious Carnegie
          Mellon University – the first overseas university in Australia –
          opened its doors in Adelaide.

          The city’s “square-mile” grid boasts wide boulevards, striking
          architecture, and countless cafes, nightclubs and restaurants.
          It’s a place that can happily host a high-octane V8 motor race;
          the famous Adelaide Festival of Arts; the Fringe Festival; the
          Adelaide Film Festival; the Southern Hemisphere’s version of
          the Tour de France cycling race; and the brilliant WOMADelaide
          world music festival – all without missing a beat.
The hub of Adelaide’s arts and cultural     Adelaide’s city centre is surrounded
scene – the Adelaide Festival Centre –      by a band of parklands that acts as a
recently launched a superb, year-round      playground, a giant venue for the arts,
program of events for 2010. It includes     and the “lungs” of the city.
specific programs for music, dance and
theatre, and the Adelaide International     More broadly, Adelaide is a true
Guitar Festival.                            “20-minute city”. Leafy, green rolling
                                            hills; white, sandy beaches; bountiful
The city centre is home to superb           vineyards: all these things and more are
pubs, serving the best beer and wine        but a short drive or tram trip away from
in the world, as well as the gastronomic    the city centre.
cornucopia that is the Adelaide
Central Market.                             However long you plan to stay in
                                            Adelaide – and irrespective of your
Adelaide is a place where bumping into      particular endeavour – I trust that
world-renowned artists and designers,       your time here proves rewarding,
sports stars, and the even the odd Nobel    exciting and enjoyable.
laureate, can become unremarkable.

                                            Mike Rann
                                            Premier of South Australia

              SuRviving and thRiving in adelaide
              This book – an initiative of Study adelaide – aims to make your first
              months in Adelaide as stress-free as possible.
              It is also designed to be a reference guide once you have settled in,
              providing information on everything from accommodation, working
              and shopping to entertainment and personal safety.
              Get to know its contents as soon as possible, and keep the guide
              in a handy spot for quick reference in the months and years ahead.
Settling In                                                Enjoying SA
1       Climate                                            31       Your holidays
2       Accommodation: options for students                32       The arts
3       Accommodation: renting                             33       Student discounts
7       Government                                         34       Sport
8       Adelaide City Council                              35       Hip Guide to Adelaide
10      Cultural groups                                    40       Adelaide 2008 events calendar
11      Migrant Resource Centre
12      Places of worship & religious                      Work & Immigration
                                                           41       Getting started: work visas
13      Getting around: public transport
                                                           42       Job hunting
14      Buying a car
                                                           43       Pay rates
15      Renting a car
                                                           44       Paying tax
15      Driver’s licences
                                                           44       Workplace safety
15      Road laws
                                                           45       Equal opportunity
16      Food and shopping
                                                           45       Industry certification
18      Education and child care
                                                           45       Unions
19      SA Training Advocate
                                                           46       Honesty pays
20      Money
                                                           46       Useful employment links
21      Mail and internet access
                                                           47       Immigration: live & work in SA
22      Telephones
                                                           48       Immigration: how to become
                                                                    a skilled migrant
Health & Safety
23      Doctors                                            Useful Contacts
23      Emergency medical attention
                                                           49       Emergency contacts
23      Dentists, optometrists, physiotherapists
                                                           50       Useful telephone numbers
23      Medication
                                                           51       SA job websites
23      Hospitals
                                                           52       International telephone codes
23      Migrant Health Service
                                                                    & time differences
23      Ambulance services
24      Common health problems
25      Getting help for health problems
26      Overseas students’ health cover
26      Medicare
26      Student support services
27      The Police
27      Emergencies
27      Reporting a crime
27      Taking care of your safety
29      Theft
30      Australian laws you should know about

All information in this guide book is correct at time of publication. This booklet should be used as a guide only.
The publisher advises that further advice should be sought from the proper authorities and accepts
no responsibility for any action taken as a result of reading this book.

‘The firsT monTh i spenT my
 whole budgeT on phone
 cards, calling my mum for
 recipes and geTTing sTep-by-
 sTep insTrucTions.’
Sangeetha Sumthi, singapore
bachelor of commerce, unisa
Settling in

                                                                                        SETTLING IN
New Yorker magazine once called Adelaide “the last well planned metropolis
on earth” – and newcomers soon pick up on this fact.
Adelaide’s city centre was planned with utmost precision in 1836 by
Surveyor-General Colonel William Light (Light Square is named after
him), with wide city streets and central squares ringed by 900 hectares
of lush parklands.
In almost every sense this layout sets the scene for modern-day Adelaide.
Traffic is rarely congested; people are relaxed and friendly; the air is clean
and clear; and public transport gets you to white sandy beaches or the
Adelaide Hills within half an hour.
But settling in always takes time – give yourself a few months to really
feel at home.

Because of its Mediterranean climate,      It doesn’t snow in South Australia,
Adelaide has hot, dry summers and wet,     but it gets pretty cold and wet in winter.
cold winters. Be aware of the harshness    Umbrellas and rain jackets are essential
of the sun in summer and always wear       when you are out and about in the
a hat and sunscreen, particularly in the   winter months.
middle of the day.

SeaSon          MonthS                     ConditionS             teMpeRatuRe
Summer          December–February          Mainly hot & dry       25°C–35°C
Autumn          March–May                  Mainly dry             20°C–25°C
Winter          June–August                Cool & wet             10°C–15°C
Spring          September–November         Little rain            20°C–25°C

              Accommodation Options

              A range of accommodation options are available to international
              students in Adelaide – just ask the staff at your education institution.
              Some options include:

              •   On-campus Accommodation, University      •   Homestay: involves living with
                  Residences and Residential Colleges:         an Australian family and allows you
                  may be situated on-campus or within          to experience Australian family life.
                  a short distance, generally includes         Homestay is the most common form
                  a single furnished bedroom, access           of accommodation for high school
                  to computers and the internet and            students but is also taken up by some
                  a shared laundry and kitchen facility.       tertiary students.
                  Most are supervised and provide          •   Temporary Accommodation: backpacker
                  meals on weekdays.                           accommodation is often used initially
              •   International Residences: aim to             by students. For a good range of
                  assist students with the transition          Adelaide options visit the Backpacking
                  from living at home to independent           SA website www.backpacking-
                  living, by providing a quiet, managed
                  environment for students who may         •   Private rental: sharing a house with
                  prefer hostel living to the dynamics         friends or family is a good way to keep
                  of shared households.                        costs down. You can find a house to
                                                               rent by looking in the local newspaper
                                                               on Saturday or by visiting

                             teRtiaRy aCCoMModation SeRviCeS foR StudentS
                             • Flinders University:
                             • TAFE South Australia:
                             • The University of Adelaide:
                             • University of South Australia:

Accommodation – renting

                                                                                         SETTLING IN
Quick Guide to Renting                      leave before the end of the agreed
The following information is an edited      time, you may need to pay the rent until
version of the more detailed Guide to       a new tenant is found. You could even be
Renting, published by Study Adelaide and    asked to cover the advertising costs of
the Central Community Legal Service         finding someone new.
(CCLS). For the full guide or a Mandarin
                                            Periodic (unfixed) lease: Unsure about
version, contact the CCLS on 8342 1800
                                            how much time you will spend in South
or visit
                                            Australia? Then a periodic lease could be
Remember: always seek additional
                                            the answer. The good news is that you
guidance before signing a contract.
                                            only have to give your landlord 21 days’
Signing a lease                             written notice if you want to move out.
Found a great place to live? Before         The bad news is that your landlord only
moving in, you’ll need to sign a lease      has to give you 90 days’ notice (and 60
or Rental Tenancy Agreement. This is a      days in some circumstances) if they
contract between you and your landlord      want you to leave.
outlining things like the amount of rent
to be paid and how long you can stay in     Rent
the premises.                               Often you’ll be asked to pay up to two
                                            weeks’ rent in advance. If you pay the
Before signing, make sure you               rent in cash or by cheque, the landlord
understand the contract and are             must give you a receipt. If the rent is
happy with its terms and conditions.        paid directly into a bank account no
If in doubt, ask a friend who speaks good   receipt is required.
English to help or phone the Translating
and Interpreting Service on 131 450         Bond
(fees apply).                               When you sign a lease, you are required
Once you sign the lease, you are entitled   to pay “bond”. This money is lodged by
to receive a copy from your landlord        your landlord with the Tenancies Branch
within 21 days.                             and returned to you in full when you
                                            move out, provided you have not
types of leases                             damaged the property and have paid
Fixed-term lease: If you know how long      your rent in full and on time.
you are staying in South Australia, you
may wish to consider a fixed-term lease.    Make sure you receive an official
This means a landlord cannot ask you        receipt when you pay the bond. Bond is
to leave before the end of the agreed       calculated on weekly rent: if you pay less
period (unless you have breached the        than $250 a week the bond will cost no
conditions of the lease). While this        more the four weeks’ rent but if you pay
sounds great, be aware that should          more than $250 a week the bond will cost
your plans change and you wish to           up to six weeks’ rent.

              Accommodation – renting

              Inspection Sheets                            Gas, electricity and water
              Before moving in, it’s a good idea           While in most cases you will need to
              to fill out an Inspection Sheet which        pay for your own electricity and/or gas,
              records anything that is broken or           most contracts will allow you to use
              damaged on the premises. This stops          136 kilolitres of water without having
              you being unfairly blamed for damaging       to pay a cent. However, some agreements
              anything that was already broken             may require you to pay for all water
              before you moved in. It also protects        including the supply charge. Be sure
              the landlord, helping to prove if you        to check your contract.
              have damaged anything.
                                                           Contents Insurance
              Sharing a House                              Although unlikely, fire and theft can
              How reliable are your flat mates? It’s       occur. To protect valuables kept at your
              important to know, because if the lease      rental property, you should consider
              is in your name, you are responsible         contents insurance. Before entering
              for debts, damage and other problems         into an insurance policy, make sure
              even if not caused by you. You are also      you understand the contract and are
              responsible for paying gas and electricity   happy with its terms and conditions.
              bills and cancelling bills when you move
              out, if they’re in your name.

              Rooming House Residents
              Renting a room in a rooming house?
              rooming/index.html to find
              out about your rights and obligations.

                           CoMMon teRMS
                           • Tenant – person renting the premises (you).
                           • Landlord – the owner of the premises, or the person
                             you pay rent to.
                           • Premises – the place being rented.
                           • Eviction – when you are forced to move out of the premises.

                           handy ContaCtS foR RenteRS
                           • Central Community Legal Service: Ph 8342 1800
                           • Residential Tenancies Advice Line: Ph 8204 9544
                           • Translating and Interpreting Service: Ph 131 450.

                                                                                           SETTLING IN
When renting your own place                  the landlord cannot:
you must:                                    • Inspect the premises more than once
• Pay your rent on time                        every four weeks
• Keep the premises clean and tidy           • Enter the premises at unreasonable
• Pay for items you or your guests break       hours to collect the rent
                                             • Enter the place whenever they feel like
you can:
                                               it (other than to collect rent)
• Have guests stay over without
  permission from the landlord               the landlord can enter the premises:
                                             • In an emergency
you must not (and could be
                                             • For repairs and maintenance at a
evicted if you):
                                               reasonable hour, provided 48 hours’
• Use the premises for illegal purposes
                                               written notice is given
  (such as using or growing illegal drugs)
                                             • During the last 28 days of the tenancy
• Change the property (for example,
                                               to show the premises to new tenants
  paint the walls) without permission
                                             • If your landlord breaches their
  from the landlord
                                               responsibilities, contact the Residential
• Interfere with the reasonable peace,
                                               Tenancies Tribunal. Their advice line is
  comfort or privacy of another person
                                               8204 9544.
  who lives near the premises (for
  example, by playing loud music).

the landlord must:
• Provide the premises in a clean and
  reasonable state
• Maintain and repair the premises
• Allow you peace, comfort and privacy
• Pay council rates and land tax charges
• Give receipts for rent (unless paid
  directly into a bank account)
• Keep proper records
• Provide and maintain locks on the
• Give seven days’ written notice to
  inspect the property

              Accommodation – renting

              Increasing the rent                             The Residential Tenancies Advice Line
              If you have a fixed-term lease the landlord     Still confused? The Residential Tenancies
              cannot increase the rent during this time       Advice Line can provide free advice on
              unless the contract states otherwise. If you    8204 9544.
              have a periodic (unfixed) lease, the landlord
              must give you at least 60 days’ written         Residential Tenancies Tribunal
              notice telling you when the rent will           While disputes are uncommon,
              increase and by how much. The landlord          they can happen. The Residential
              cannot increase the rent in the first six       Tenancies Tribunal can help you
              months and the rent cannot be increased         solve disagreements, giving you and
              more than once every six months.                your landlord a chance to have a say
                                                              at a hearing before a legally binding
              Repairs                                         order is made. An interpreter can be
              Accidents do happen and if you or your          organised by contacting the Tribunal
              guests break or damage something, you           Register. You cannot be represented by
              need to tell your landlord and pay for the      a friend or relative.
              repairs. Your landlord is responsible for
              maintenance, such as repairing a leaking        Cleaning and Repairs
              roof, so if you notice a problem let your       When leaving a rental property, you
              landlord know and give them a chance            must make sure the premises are clean
              to fix it.                                      (even steam cleaning the carpets if
                                                              necessary). The landlord will conduct a
              Pests and Vermin                                final inspection before you leave. While
              Sometimes unwelcome guests (such as             you will have to pay for any damage you
              ants, cockroaches, fleas, spiders, mice and     or your guests have caused, you will not
              rats) can make your home their home.            have to pay for natural wear and tear on
              If they were in the house or unit when          the premises, such as peeling paint or
              you moved in, the landlord must remove          worn carpet.
              them. But if the house was pest-free when
              you moved in, it’s your responsibility to       Bond Refund
              clean up. Exceptions include white ants         If there is no damage and you have
              (landlord’s responsibility) and European        paid your rent on time, your bond
              wasps (local government).                       money must be refunded when you
                                                              move out. Ask for a bond refund form
              Evictions                                       from your landlord or download one at
              If you’ve done something wrong, your  
              landlord may evict you (force you to
              leave). To do so, he or she must give you       Disconnecting Utilities
              a written notice outlining the problem          When you move out, always remember to
              and giving you seven days to fix it. If         advise your electricity, gas and telephone
              nothing changes in that time, you may           providers and cancel these services.
              be forced to leave the premises. Contact
              the Tenancies Branch for advice.


                                                                                        SETTLING IN
A three-tier government system exists in Australia, which sounds a bit
complex but it just means that there are three levels of services for
newcomers like you. We have the Federal Government, State & Territory
Governments and local governments (SA is covered by 68 local councils.)

All have representatives elected by            Federal Government:
the people and extensive bureaucracies
carrying out programs, services
and initiatives.                               State Government of South Australia:
It’s worth checking out the following
websites for the range of services offered     Local Government Association of SA:
by each, and to find out your local council.
You’ll find everything from local sports       Adelaide City Council:
clubs to free internet access and how to
apply for government jobs.

              Adelaide City Council

              Adelaide City Council – encompassing the city centre, North Adelaide and
              surrounding parklands – is hugely supportive of international students. Tens
              of thousands of local and international students now live, work or study in
              the city area, so it’s no wonder that many council services are particularly

              To find out more about council services,      Adelaide City Bikes
              visit the City of Adelaide website at         Adelaide City Bikes was the first scheme
     It’s a great          of its kind in Australia, with free bikes
              resource on everything you need to know       available for use anywhere inside the city
              about studying in Adelaide, including:        council area. You can get some exercise,
                                                            meet a friend or travel quickly and easily
              •   accommodation options
                                                            to work. All you need to do is provide
              •   sport and recreational
                                                            identification (ID) which will be kept as a
                  facilities in the city
                                                            deposit for the duration of the bike hire.
              •   food and culture
                                                            Compulsory bike helmets and bike locks
              •   “What’s on Guide” for things
                                                            are also available. Hire your free bike from:
                  to see and do in the city.
                                                            •   Bicycle SA, 111 Franklin Street.
              Here are a few more programs that you’ll          Ph 8168 9999.
              find really helpful:                          •   Rundle Street Market, Rundle Street
                                                                (9am to 4pm Sundays only).
              Adelaide City Library                         •   Adelaide Traveller’s Inn, 220 Hutt Street
              All international students are encouraged         Ph 8224 0753.
              to join the Adelaide City Library. Offering
              free internet access, 13,000 CDs,             North Adelaide Community Centre
              7000 DVDs, 100 magazine titles and            North Adelaide Community Centre is a
              114,000 books in 20 languages, library        non-profit organisation providing a range
              membership is free (it’s also free to         of activities and services, from weekly
              borrow). You’ll find the libraries in four    social gatherings to English lessons for
              key locations around the city centre:         students and new migrants. Facilities
              North Terrace (within the State Library       inside the stunning heritage building
              of South Australia; 18 Grote Street;          include meeting spaces, a large hall and
              235 Hutt Street; and 176 Tynte Street in      a modern kitchen, and all are available
              North Adelaide. Ph 8203 7990 or email         for hire. It’s located at 176 Tynte St in
               North Adelaide. Ph 8267 6813 or email


out of
           For your chance to experience everything
           South Australia has to offer, become a
           StudyAdelaide member.

           You’ll get:
           • Free events
           • Competitions
           • New friends
           • And a whole lot more

           Just visit
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              Cultural groups

              One in five South Australians (or 300,000 people) were born overseas –
              half in English-speaking countries and the other half in countries where
              English is not the dominant language. Among those groups from non-English
              speaking countries, our largest communities are from Europe and Vietnam.
              And because South Australians were born in 200 countries around the globe,
              the state is blessed with a wonderful mix of cultures and influences.

              Muslim Women’s association of                                    erman association:
                                                           South australian german a
              South australia: The Muslim Women’s          With German-born residents comprising
              Association helps to educate and inform      10 per cent of the South Australian
              the wider community on Muslims and           population since the earliest days of
              their practices. They can also give you      settlement, this group actively promotes
              information on Halal food outlets, the       and fosters German culture, language
              location of Adelaide’s mosques, Islamic      and habits. An annual highlight is the
              clothing outlets, Islamic schools and        Schutzenfest beer festival, held every
              female Muslim doctors. Ph 8212 0800          January. Ph 8223 2539 or visit
              or email mwa

              Chinese Welfare Services of Sa:
                                           S               Korean Community of adelaide:
              Primarily a social welfare advocacy          The Korean Community of Adelaide aims
              group for the state’s Chinese community,     to unite new migrants and international
              this organisation also runs a range of       students with members of South
              activities, from English language classes    Australia’s Korean community. A Korean
              to opera singing and excursions.             language website keeps members up
              Ph 8212 2988 or visit www.multiwebsa.        to date on social gatherings and other
                   interesting events. Ph 8212 8345 or email
              indian australian association of Sa:
              Set up in 1967 by Indian immigrants to       vietnamese Community in australia
              Adelaide, IAASA aims to promote Indian       (Sa Chapter): Offering a huge range of
              culture across the state. They run regular   programs, from welfare and education
              dinners for the local Indian community       to arts and culture, the Vietnamese
              and a huge Indian festival each year in      Community in Australia (SA Chapter)
              Elder Park in the city.     has a long and proud history. They also
                                                           organise a range of festivals and events.
              Japan australia friendship association:
              This new South Australian organisation
              aims to share and highlight the
              language, culture and people of Japan, by
              promoting friendship and understanding
              through social and cultural interaction.
              Ph 8370 8771 or visit

Migrant Resource Centre

                                                                                SETTLING IN
The Migrant Resource Centre of South
Australia (MRCSA) offers a great range
of services for migrants and refugees in
South Australia. Assistance ranges from
airport reception to assistance with
finding permanent housing and helping
you to access the health sector. You will
find the Migrant Resource Centre at 59
King William Street in Adelaide. For more
information phone 8217 9500 or go to

              to find otheR Sa MultiCultuRal oRganiSationS, CheCK out:
              • The State Government website:
                (look under ‘Community Services’)
              • The Multicultural Communities Council of SA website:
       or call them on 8410 0300
              • The SA Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs Commission website:
              • The Multicultural Youth SA website:

              Places of worship and
              religious organisations

              oRganiSation                    StReet addReSS                      phone
              Adelaide Progressive Jewish                                         8362 8281
              Adelaide Hebrew                 13 Flemington Road GLENSIDE         8338 2922
              The Adelaide Mosque             20 Little Gilbert Street ADELAIDE   8231 6443
              Islamic Society & Council of    658 Marion Road PARKHOLME           8277 8725
              South Australia
              Beth Shalom Synagogue           39-41 Hackney Road HACKNEY          8362 8281
              Buddhist Temple                 45 Smith Street THEBARTON           8443 5856
              Ganesha Hindu Temple            3A Dwyer Road                       8298 1278
                                              OAKLANDS PARK
              Gurdwara Sahib Adelaide         10 Mount Barker Road                8379 4420
                                              GLEN OSMOND
              Guru Nanak Society of           7A, Barham Street                   (02) 4736 7058
              Australia Gurdwara Sahib        ALLENBY GARDENS
              Korean Uniting Church           48 Main Road LOCKLEYS and           8234 1720
                                              187 Unley Road UNLEY                8387 5608
              Sikh Society of SA              285 Hampstead Road NORTHFIELD 8359 1355
              St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral   19 Wakefield Street ADELAIDE        8231 3551
              St Steven’s Lutheran Church     152 Wakefield Street ADELAIDE       8223 5491
              St Peter’s Cathedral (Anglican) 27 King William Street ADELAIDE     8267 4551

              For a full listing of churches and places of worship, check out
              under ‘Churches, Mosques and Temples’ and ‘Organisations – Church and Religious’.
              Street directories also contain this information.

Getting around

                                                                                             SETTLING IN
Public transport                               Single trip and day trip tickets: These
Adelaide’s public transport system             can be purchased from the driver on all
includes buses, trains and the Glenelg         buses and the conductor on all Glenelg
tram … and it will get you to the far          trams. They can also be purchased using
reaches of the city. You’ll find everything    vending machines on trains. A single trip
you need to know about Adelaide’s              ticket is valid for two hours and can be
public transport system (including             used as many times as you like within
timetables and route information) at           those two hours. A day trip ticket lasts Or you can           for one day.
visit the Passenger Transport Information
                                               Multi-trip tickets: These save you money
Centre at 79 King William Street in
                                               by giving you 10 trips for the price of
Adelaide or Ph 8210 1000.
                                               seven. Multi-trips are not available on
free city centre buses and trams: The          vehicles, but can be purchased from the
free ‘Terrace to Terrace’ tram service takes   Passenger Transport Information Centre,
you through the centre of the city from        selected post offices, service stations,
South Terrace via Victoria Square and          newsagents, convenience stores and the
King William Street to North Terrace,          Adelaide Railway Station.
connecting you with rail services at the
                                               Student discounts: All local and
Adelaide Railway Station and UniSA City
                                               international students are entitled to a
West Campus. Look out for the City Loop
                                               concession when buying tickets. You will
(99C) taking you on a circle around the
                                               need to show your student identification
city, past the South Australian Museum,
                                               to gain a concession and ensure you have
the State Library of SA, the Art Gallery of
                                               your student card on you during your
SA, the Royal Adelaide Hospital, Botanic
                                               journey, as on-board inspectors may ask
Garden, Rundle Street (East End), the
                                               to see it.
Adelaide Central Market, the Hindley
Street precinct and the city’s university      adelaide Connector: The Adelaide City
campuses.                                      Council also has a free bus service linking
                                               north and south Adelaide called the
Buying tickets: First buy a ticket, then
                                               Adelaide Connector. It runs seven days
validate your ticket by inserting your
                                               a week (except public holidays) and
ticket into the validating machine inside
                                               generally during shopping hours.
the vehicle. Keep your ticket until your
                                               For timetables and map details, visit
journey has ended and remember to
validate your ticket on every journey
(you could be fined if you don’t).

              Getting around

              Taxis                                          Buying a car
              Adelaide taxis are clean and convenient.       Planning to buy a second hand car?
              To get a taxi, phone for a driver to collect   Then contact the Office of Consumer
              you or look for taxi ranks located around      and Business Affairs (phone 8204 9777
              the city. Taxi fares are fixed by the meter    or visit for their
              and are not negotiable, and taxi drivers do    booklet on consumer rights when
              not expect tips. Taxi companies include:       purchasing a vehicle.
              • Adelaide Independent Taxis: 13 22 11
              • Suburban Taxis: 131 008
                                                             Read The Advertiser (Saturdays has the
              • Yellow Cabs: 13 2227
                                                             best listings), The Trading Post (available
                                                             in newsagents on Thursdays) or visit
              Bicycles                              for extensive
              Adelaide is a great outdoors city with         listings of cars for sale.
              good bike paths and cycling lanes, but
              there are a few things to remember             The Royal Automotive Association
              before taking off on two wheels.               (RAA) can also help by carrying out
                                                             a mechanical inspection of the car.
              •   By law, you must wear a helmet at all      A small fee will be charged for this
                  times when cycling                         service. Ph 8202 4600.
              •   When using bicycle lanes or shared
                  paths, always keep left and give way to    Also note that it is illegal to drive an
                  pedestrians                                unregistered vehicle in Australia. Vehicle
              •   All bikes must be fitted with a working    registration includes compulsory third
                  bell and brakes                            party insurance, which covers any costs
              •   Front and rear lights are required for     incurred for personal injury to another
                  riding at night or in hazardous weather    person if you are involved in an accident.
                  conditions – you must be visible from      Contact Transport SA on 13 1084 or
                  200 metres. (And always wear bright to arrange
                  and coloured clothing at night).           car registration or visit one of their
                                                             offices (listed in the White Pages
                                                             telephone directory).
              Walking is a pretty standard procedure,
              so not much input required here… except        Registration Third Party Person
              to say that Australian cars are driven on      insurance does not cover damage to
              the left-hand side of the road and will        cars or property, so it is recommended
              approach from your right as you cross          that you take out additional third party
              the street. Always look both ways before       property insurance. If the car is of high
              crossing the road and obey ‘walk’ and          value, comprehensive insurance is
              ‘don’t walk’ signs at pedestrian crossings.    also recommended. You can find
                                                             insurance agencies listed in the Yellow
                                                             Pages business telephone directory
                                                             ( under
                                                             ‘Insurance – Motor Vehicle’.

                                                                                                     SETTLING IN
RAA                                               If you have permanent residency, you are
You should also consider joining the RAA,         permitted to drive on an international
which means an RAA operator will come             driver’s licence for only three months.
to your assistance (free of charge) if your       After that, you are no longer considered
car breaks down. Phone the RAA on 8202            a ‘visitor’ and will need to gain a South
4600 for more details on how to become            Australian Driver’s Licence. You will need
a member.                                         to pass a theory test to obtain a licence,
                                                  and a practical test may also be required.
Renting a car
                                                  Further information is available from
To rent a car you generally need to be
                                                  Service SA, Ground Floor, EDS Centre, 108
over 25 and have a full driver’s licence, but
                                                  North Terrace, Adelaide. Ph 13 10 84 or
conditions vary between companies. Look
in the Yellow Pages telephone directory
or visit for a
                                                  Road laws
full listing of car rental companies under
                                                  By law, all people travelling in a motor
‘Car &/or Minibus Rental’. Be sure to ring
                                                  vehicle must wear a seatbelt. Occupants
around to compare prices.
                                                  16 years or over are responsible for
                                                  their own seat belt use. The driver is
Driver’s licences
                                                  responsible for those under 16. Tough
If you hold a current foreign driver’s licence,
                                                  fines apply so it’s best to ‘belt up’. It’s also
you can use it to drive in Adelaide if:
                                                  illegal to:
•   You also hold a current International
    Driving Permit; or                            •   Drive over the speed limit. Look out for
•   Your foreign licence is written in                speed limit signs – they’re generally set
    English or is accompanied by an English           at 50km or 60km in housing areas and
    translation of the details on the foreign         100km or 110km on the open road
    licence; AND                                  •   Drive under the influence of alcohol or
•   You have not held a current permanent             drugs (The legal blood alcohol limit in
    visa under the Commonwealth                       South Australia is 0.05)
    Migration Act 1958 for more than              •   Talk on a handheld mobile phone
    three months and you have not been                while driving
    disqualified from driving in South            •   Drive a motorbike without a helmet
    Australia or elsewhere.                           (passengers must wear a helmet too)
                                                  •   Skate or rollerblade without a helmet.
Students, tourists and people working in
South Australia on temporary visas are
permitted to drive on their foreign licence
only while it is current. If your foreign
licence expires, you are required to obtain
a South Australian driver’s licence.

              Food and shopping

              South Australia has always been synonymous with good food and wine,
              and its migrants have set the scene for a flourishing restaurant and shopping
              scene over the past 30 years.

              As a result, you can enjoy everything       the Store: 157 Melbourne Street, North
              from Cantonese yum cha to Aussie pie        Adelaide. Great showcase of fine South
              floaters (and thousands of dishes in        Australian produce. Seven days, 7am–11pm
              between). You can also buy great local,
              fresh produce cheaply and easily. And as    Woolworths Supermarket: Rundle Mall,
              a general rule, you don’t need to bargain   Adelaide. All the usual supermarket
              for goods or leave a tip in Australia.      offerings plus a one-hour photo lab and
                                                          liquor outlet. Monday to Friday, 7am–9pm.
              City centre shop trading hours              Saturday, 7am–5pm. Sunday, 11am–5pm.
              Monday to Thursday:   9am–5.30pm
              Friday:               9am–9pm               Halal food outlets
              Saturday:             9am–5pm               The Muslim Women’s Association can
              Sunday:               11am–5pm              provide you with a comprehensive list
                                                          of Halal food outlets across Adelaide.
              Extended shopping hours                     They will also let you know the location
              Most suburban shops stay open until         of Adelaide’s mosques, Islamic clothing
              9pm on Thursdays and city shops are         outlets, Islamic schools and female
              open until 9pm Fridays. Convenience         Muslim doctors. Ph 8212 0800
              stores and petrol stations can also be
              found throughout the city and suburbs       Adelaide Central Market
              and many are open seven days a week for     Dating back to 1869, the Adelaide Central
              extended hours, although you might pay      Market remains the heart of Adelaide’s
              extra for the convenience.                  cuisine scene. It’s always buzzing with
                                                          activity: the freshest South Australian
              City supermarkets                           food and produce, stalls, cafes, brilliant
              Good spots to stock up on groceries in      Asian food halls and more. Specialty
              the city centre include:                    shops sell Asian and European produce
                                                          and there is a halal butcher.
              iga adelaide City Central: 33 Gilbert
              Street, Adelaide. Quality fresh produce     The Central Market is located between
              with just about all services and friendly   Gouger Street and Grote Street in Adelaide.
              young staff. Open seven days, 8am–9pm.      trading hours:
              Coles Supermarket: 21–39 Grote Street,      Tuesdays – 7am–5.30pm
              Adelaide. A huge range of groceries         Wednesdays – 9am–5.30pm
              and fresh produce. Monday to Friday,        Thursdays – 9am–5.30pm
              midnight–9pm. Saturday, midnight–5pm.       Fridays – 7am–9pm
              Sunday, 11am–5pm.                           Saturdays – 7am–3pm.
                                                          Closed on public holidays.

                                                                                           SETTLING IN
Westfield Marion                               Department stores
A massive undercover shopping city             The main department stores in the city
for the southern suburbs, housing more         are Myer, David Jones and Harris Scarfe
than 420 shops, banks, hotels and more.        (all located in Rundle Mall). Target, Big
There are loads of great free family           W and K-Mart also offer clothing, shoes
activities, a personal style assistant for     and homeware (sheets, electrical goods)
hire and the Greater Union Megaplex            at reasonable prices. Major discount
Marion, with 26 top-class cinemas.             stores such as Cunningham’s Discount
It’s open daily including weekends,            Warehouse, The Reject Shop, Go-Lo and
with late-night shopping on Thursday.          Cheap as Chips carry a wide range of
297 Diagonal Rd, Oaklands Park SA 5046.        household items and stationery at very
Ph 8298 1188.                                  cheap prices.
Other Westfield shopping centres
can be found at Tea Tree Plaza (north          Second-hand goods
eastern suburbs) and West Lakes                You will find cheap second-hand
(western suburbs). For details visit           clothes, household goods and furniture                              at second-hand shops and charity shops
                                               across Adelaide (the Salvation Army
Arndale Shopping Centre                        and St Vincent de Paul Society are two
Centro Arndale is ideally positioned for       good examples). Look in the Yellow
students living in the suburbs around          Pages business telephone directory
Woodville, Cheltenham and Port                 ( for locations.
Adelaide. There is plenty of shopping for
clothes, food, electronics and it includes a   Also look out for ‘Garage Sale’ signs
cinema complex.                                beside the road, particularly on Saturday                              mornings. They are a great way to pick
                                               up second-hand household items and
                                               clothes, and bargaining is acceptable.
                                               Garage sales are also often advertised
                                               in The Advertiser and community
                                               newspapers like Messenger.

              Education and Childcare

              Schools                                    Childcare
              Adelaide has a long tradition of quality   South Australia has 283 childcare centres.
              education and a unique cultural precinct   Of these, 215 are located in the Adelaide
              in the heart of the city. We also boast    metropolitan area, with 12 in the city
              a world-class education system from        business district. There are 68 childcare
              preschool to university. This includes a   centres in country areas. Commonwealth
              range of child-care options, exceptional   Government assistance is available in
              public and private schools (several        certain circumstances. Full fees range
              offering international baccalaureate       from $225 to $250 a week, according
              curriculum), world-class universities      to the Department of Education and
              and wide range of technical and further    Children’s Services.
              education institutes.
                                                         Childcare for children from birth to age
              Primary schools cover the eight-year       12 is also available through approved
              period from Reception to Year 7 and        Family Day Care Providers in the carer’s
              secondary schools cover Years 8 to 12.     home and privately employed nannies.
              A number of secondary schools also         Childcare for school aged children for
              specialize in adult re-entry. The South    before and after school and during
              Australian Government has also recently    vacations is provided in Outside
              announced that $500,000 is being           School Hours Care services located
              provided to pay the primary and high       in most schools.
              school fees for the children of many
              international Higher Degree by Research    Department of Education and Children’s
              (HDR) students studying at universities    Services:
              in Adelaide.                               Community Based Child Care Centres:
              For information on schools in SA, visit:
              • State Government Department of
                Education and Children’s Services:
              • Association of Independent Schools
                of SA:
              • Catholic Education Office South

                                                                                       SETTLING IN
Tertiary Education                          of graduating). And more than 600
You might not know that Adelaide is         Registered Training Organisations also
home to five internationally recognized     offer accredited training programs in a
universities: The University of Adelaide,   wide range of subjects.
Flinders University, the University of
                                            TAFE SA:
South Australia, America’s prestigious
                                            The University of Adelaide:
Carnegie Mellon University and the
UK’s world renowned University
                                            Flinders University:
College London.
                                            University of South Australia:
Eight institutes of Technical and Further
Education (TAFE) provide more than          Carnegie Mellon University:
300 vocational education and training
courses designed to meet the demands        University College London
of the workforce (and more than 80
per cent of SA’s TAFE graduates go on
to win employment within six months

              South auStRalian tRaining advoCate
              The Training Advocate provides a free, confidential service to
              help you with any questions or difficulties you may have while
              you are studying and living in South Australia. They can assist
              you with information or help you to contact the right people
              regarding your study, employment, accommodation, visa,
              interpreters and multicultural organisations and communities.

              Contact the training advocate by:
              telephoning the toll free number: 1800 006 488
              visiting the website:


              It’s not necessary to carry large amounts of cash in Adelaide. Most shops
              accept payment by EFTPOS (see below) and you can pay bills via the Internet.

              The Australian currency is the Australian      ATMs and EFTPOS
              dollar. Notes: $5, $10, $20, $50, $100.        An Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) is
              Coins: 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, $1, $2.              a machine operated by a bank or credit
                                                             union that dispenses banknotes and
              Banks                                          allows limited transactions 24 hours a
              There are many banks and building              day. ATMs can be found at banks and
              societies to choose from in Adelaide,          shopping centres, allowing access to
              and they generally offer similar services.     cash both during and outside of business
              See listings under ‘Banks’ or ‘Credit          hours (using a credit card or plastic key
              Unions & Societies’ in the Yellow Pages        card available from your bank).
              business telephone directory
                             Electronic Funds Transfer at Point
                                                             of Sale (EFTPOS) is available in most
              ANZ: 13 3333                                   Adelaide shops and allows you to use a
              Adelaide Bank: 13 2220                         credit or bankcard to purchase goods.
              BankSA: 13 1376                                At some shops you may also be able to
              Commonwealth Bank: 13 2221                     withdraw cash when making an EFTPOS
              NAB: 13 2265                                   transaction.
              Westpac: 13 2032

              A quick way to transfer or receive money
              is by electronic transfer, but you will need
              a branch and account number to do it.
              Most banks can also give you access to
              internet banking.

              If you want to open a bank or credit
              union account in Australia, you need
              to pass the ‘100 point’ system to prove
              your identification. A birth certificate,
              citizenship certificate or passport will
              give you 70 points, a driver’s licence will
              give you 40 points, and additional points
              can be gained by providing utility bills
              proving your name and address.
              Your bank can provide further details.

Mail and internet access

                                                                                              SETTLING IN
Receiving mail                                 Internet access
Before you know your permanent address         You can enjoy free internet access at
in SA, you can arrange to get your mail        Adelaide City Council centres in the
delivered to your nearest Australia Post       central business district, and the council
office, or the General Post Office on King     is also working towards wireless coverage
William Street in central Adelaide. Mail       throughout the city in the next few years.
can be addressed to you at:                    Most council libraries now offer free
                                               library access. Here are some other great
Your Name                                      places offering internet access:
Poste Restante
C/- General Post Office                        State library of Sa: The internet access
ADELAIDE SA 5001 AUSTRALIA                     is free, the couches are comfy and the
                                               staff are friendly. There are also current
You will need to produce identification        newspapers and mags from around the
(such as your passport), to collect your       world to browse. Oh, and rather a lot of
mail at the General Post Office (GPO).         books. North Tce, Adelaide. Ph 8207 7334
Mail is held for a month and then              Mon–Wed & Fri 9.30am–8pm. Thurs
returned to the sender, if not collected.      9.30am–6pm. Sat–Sun 12pm–5pm

Sending mail                                   Cannon Street Backpackers: Low-cost,
Most people send letters and parcels in        easy access internet in a laid-back,
Australia via Australia Post. You will find    backpacker-filled environment. 110
Australia Post offices and shops in most       Franklin St, Adelaide.
major shopping centres and in every            Ph (free call) 1800 069 731
suburb. Many bills can also be paid at         7 days 6am-8.30pm
Australia Post shops.
                                               Wireless Café: Adelaide’s original internet
Australia Post offices are open from           café has it all: heaps of computers,
9–5pm on weekdays, but you can                 wireless and laptop facilities, printers,
generally buy stamps from local                faxes, coffee and snacks. Also the place
newsagents on Saturdays. Letters               to download and print digital photos.
and postcards can be posted within             53 Hindley St, Adelaide. Ph 8212 1266
Australia for as little as 55 cents. Sending   Mon–Wed 10am–8pm. Thurs & Fri
aerogrammes to any country overseas            10am–6pm. Sat–Sun 12pm–5pm.
costs less than sending a letter.
                                               hot spots: For a list of Adelaide’s wireless
For pricing details, Australian postcodes      hot spots, visit www.hotspot.internode.
and the location of your nearest Australia
Post office, visit

              Telephones and mobile phones

              Local phone calls in Australia are low       an existing connection: (2 days) is where
              costing and un-timed. Calls to mobile        a service can be connected without a
              phones, interstate and overseas attract      technician visiting your home and costs
              a much higher rate and are timed calls.      between $59 and $125. You will need to
                                                           meet Telstra’s credit rating to receive full
              Overseas call costs vary depending on        access (local, interstate or overseas). Until
              the phone company you use, and many          then, you can purchase a Phone Away
              phone companies offer special deals for      card (from Telstra shops, Post Offices,
              overseas calls in off-peak times. Pre-paid   most newsagents) to enable you to
              international phone cards are often a        phone overseas. This is a pre-paid calling
              much cheaper option… look online or at       card that works from virtually any phone
              newsagencies.                                in Australia.
              International call prefixes are listed       A mobile telephone may be the most
              towards the back of this guide or at         convenient option to arrange upon arrival,
              the back of the White Pages telephone        until you have a more permanent address.
                                                           Telstra (for connection and service).
              Connecting a phone in your home              Ph 132 200 or
              There are two main carriers of home
              telephone services in Australia: Telstra     Optus (for service).
              and Optus. Telstra is the company that       Ph 133 937 or
              owns the telephone infrastructure.           Vodafone
              There are two types of connection:           Ph 1300 300 404
              new service connection: (up to 5 days), is   or
              where there is no phone point and where      Three (mobile service)
              a technician is required to visit your       Ph 133 320 or
              home to install one. A standard single
              connection costs $299.                       Virgin Mobile
                                                           Ph 136 369 or


‘i love waking up To The
 sound of birds and riding
 my bike around adelaide,
To The hills, naTional parks
 or The beach.’
Alan Holmquist, denmark
flinders university
Here’s to a happy, healthy life in Adelaide. But just in case . . .

Doctors                                       Medication
You will find doctors listed under ‘Medical   In Australia, pharmacies or drug
Practitioners’ in the Yellow Pages business   stores are called ‘chemists’. For some
telephone directory (www.yellowpages.         medicines you will need a prescription, and it’s good to register with a     from a doctor.
doctor when you arrive. A consultation

                                                                                          HEALTH & SAFETY
will cost around A$50, but remember           Hospitals
to check whether you will be required         General hospital services are available
to pay when booking the appointment.          through a network of public, private,
The amount you pay will depend on your        community, religious and other hospitals.
insurance and health cover. Receipts are      The major metropolitan health units are
provided for insurance purposes.              Royal Adelaide Hospital, Queen Elizabeth
                                              Hospital, Lyell McEwin Health Service,
Emergency medical attention                   Noarlunga Health Service, Modbury
Everyone in Australia has access to           Public Hospital, Flinders Medical Centre
emergency medical treatment. Medical          and the The Women’s and Children’s
attention for life-threatening or acute       Hospital.
conditions is available from the accident
and emergency unit of any public              The Migrant Health Service
hospital, 24 hours a day.                     This is a multilingual access centre
                                              providing health care and referral
If you or a friend has a life-threatening     services for people with limited English.
injury or acute illness, dial 000 for         The service offers health assessment and
ambulance transport to hospital.              screening, counseling, health education
This is a free call from any telephone.       and language services. To access this
It is important to only use ambulances        service call 8237 3900.
in emergencies.
                                              Ambulance Services
Dentists, optometrists,                       Provided state-wide by the SA
physiotherapists                              Ambulance Service, including air
The Yellow Pages lists all providers of       ambulance. There is a substantial
these services, but be aware that costs       fee associated with ambulance
for treatment vary. Costs for some dental     transportation and it is recommended
work can be high, so be sure to get           that you take out ambulance insurance.
quotes before treatment.            

                  Common health problems                         Mosquito bites: Mosquitoes are a
                  Sunburn: Due to the harshness of the           problem in Australia, particularly in
                  sun in Australia, you need to be careful       the summer months in the evening
                  to avoid getting sunburnt. As well as          and night. There is no malaria in Australia
                  being uncomfortable in the short term,         but there is a very small risk of a strain
                  sunburn can lead to skin cancer. You are       of dengue fever. Avoid being bitten by
                  most likely to get sunburnt between the        mosquitoes by covering up and using
                  hours of 11am and 3pm; you can, however,       insect repellents available from chemists

                  still get burnt on a mild or cloudy day.       and supermarkets.
                  Spend as much time as possible in the
                                                                 influenza (flu)/colds: Colds and flu
                  shade when outdoors. Wear clothing
                                                                 are not uncommon in Australia and
                  that covers your arms, legs, back and
                                                                 usually occur during seasonal changes.
                  neck. Choose a broad-brim hat and
                                                                 Symptoms include sore throat, runny
                  wear it when outdoors in the sun.
                                                                 nose, headaches and sometimes a fever.
                  Check that sunglasses have a UV filter
                                                                 You should see a doctor and drink plenty
                  and provide adequate protection from
                                                                 of liquids if you are suffering from a
                  the sun. Always wear a SPF 30+ sun
                                                                 cold or flu.
                  screen when spending time outdoors.
                  These are available from chemists or           Sexually transmitted diseases (Stds):
                  supermarkets. Make sure you reapply            There are a range of diseases that
                  sun screen every two hours if swimming         can be transmitted through unsafe
                  or sweating. For more information go to        sexual practices. ‘Safe sex’ practices are
                          promoted and used throughout Australia
                  protection_outdoors.aspx                       to minimise the chance of contracting
                  dry skin: As South Australia is a dry          or passing on an STD. For further
                  state, skin can dry out quickly and lead       information on safe sex practises visit
                  to peeling or cracking of the skin and lips.   the ShineSA web site
                  Use moisturiser and lip balm in summer         (Sexual Health Information Networking
                  and drink plenty of water all year round.      and Education) or call the Sexual Health
                                                                 Hotline on 1300 883 793 (Mon–Fri,
                  hayfever: Hayfever is an allergic reaction     9am–1pm).
                  to flower or grass pollen, dust mites
                  or pet hair. It can affect some people
                  particularly in spring (September–
                  November) and late summer (February–
                  March). Anti-hayfever products are
                  available from a chemist.

Getting help
Mental health                                 Family planning and sexual health
People who feel depressed, anxious or         ShineSA ( offers
suicidal can get free help from a number      support services on a range of issues
of support groups. LifeLine (freecall         relating to family planning, pregnancy
13 1114) offers 24-hour counselling as well   and sexual health. A special ‘Multicultural
as further information and resources if       community’ section on the website has
required. A youth-specific service, Youth     fact sheets in different languages.
Beyond Blue (1300 224 636 or visit www.

                                                                                            HEALTH & SAFETY, offers free help on     Legal Aid
a range of mental health and health issues    Every person in South Australia is entitled
that affect young people and students. Or     to use the law to protect his or her
contact Reach Out for more information        rights and interests. The Legal Services
on how to deal with tough times (13 1114      Commission ( offers
or visit             legal help to people who cannot afford
                                              to pay for private legal representation.
Advice, counselling and support is freely
available to people who have drug,
alcohol or gambling addictions.

drug and alcohol Services
South australia:
Ph 1300 131 340
gamblers helpline:
Ph 1800 060 757 or visit

                  Overseas students’ health cover
                  All international students must have         Medicare
                  current health insurance while studying      All permanent resident Australians are
                  in Australia – this is a visa regulation.    entitled to receive free treatment as a
                  The only exceptions are Swedish and          public (Medicare) patient in a public
                  Norwegian students, who will be required     hospital and free or subsidised treatment
                  to pay up-front for their medical service.   by a doctor (including treatment by

                                                               specialists), participating optometrists
                  You will receive an OSHC membership
                                                               or dentists for specified services.
                  card, containing your membership
                  number. Always take it with you when         Overseas students are not entitled
                  using any medical/health service. You will   to receive Medicare, although once
                  have to pay full price if you do not take    you apply for permanent residency,
                  your OSHC membership card.                   you can also apply for Medicare.
                                                               For further information visit
                  Some doctors or clinics require you to pay
                  at the time of the service, so check when
                                                               Ph 13 2011.
                  you make an appointment. Remember to
                  always keep your receipts.
                                                               Student support services
                  The OSHC covers basic medical services       All tertiary institutions offer some
                  and emergency ambulance transport.           form of support services for students.
                  Additional cover is available for services   Adelaide’s universities and TAFE colleges
                  not covered by OSHC, such as dental,         have extensive support services to help
                  physiotherapy and optical services.          you deal with any problems you may
                  Contact your education institution for       have relating to your health, mental
                  in-depth details of the OSHC card.           well-being, finances or personal security.
                                                               Support personnel might include
                                                               chaplains or religious counsellors,
                                                               legal advisers, financial advisers and
                                                               an ombudsman (who can deal with
                                                               grievances you may have against
                                                               other students or the institution).

Personal safety
Adelaide is one of the safest cities in Australia, however it is important to
think about your safety.

The Police                                    Reporting a crime
The police in Australia are friendly and      To report a non-emergency minor
helpful, have a duty to protect everyone      crime, call the Police Call Centre on 131
and can always be safely approached.          444 or ring your local police station.
They are committed to promoting crime         Bank SA Crime Stoppers encourages

                                                                                             HEALTH & SAFETY
prevention and uphold the country’s laws,     members of the community to share
but they are also there to help you out       information about criminals or
of difficulty. To find your nearest police    crime. You can contact Bank SA Crime
station, go to the official South Australia   Stoppers on 1 800 333 000 and provide
Police website or      information anonymously, seven days
look in the ‘White Pages’ telephone book.     a week.

Seeking help                                  Taking care of your safety
If you have anything stolen, are assaulted,   on the street: Keep alert, walk
followed or threatened, you can contact       confidently. If you feel unsafe, head for
police who will always encourage you          the nearest well-lit or populated area.
to report the incident. Do not worry          Always walk against the flow of motor
about language difficulties, because the      traffic and if possible, walk with friends.
police will find someone (free of charge)     If you regularly walk alone, vary your
who speaks your language. You can             route and carry a personal alarm. Let
ask someone that you trust to contact         someone know where you are going and
the police on your behalf, or even do it      the time you will return. Minimise the
anonymously.                                  amount of money that you carry.

Your local police station can provide         on public transport: Check timetables
helpful advice about crime prevention         to limit waiting periods at transport
and a home security assessment, if            stops. If possible, stand in a well-lit area
required. They can also provide you with      near other people. When travelling, sit
a Crime Report Number which you will          near others or near the driver. If you are
need if you wish to make an insurance         harassed in any way, complain loudly to
claim for theft.                              draw attention to yourself.

Emergencies                                   atM banking: Avoid using Automatic
In an emergency – where there is a            Teller Machines (ATMs) in isolated or
danger to life or a crime is in progress –    dark locations – instead use one in a
you can contact the police, fire brigade      supermarket or service station. Be aware of
or ambulance by dialling 000 from any         people around you or watching you. Don’t
telephone. This call is free of charge but    let anyone see you enter your Personal
should be used in emergencies only.           Identification Number (PIN). Count your
                                              cash out of sight of other people.

                  Personal safety
                  Mobile phones: Keep your mobile phone            Beware of drink spiking: ‘Drink spiking’ is
                  out of sight when not in use. Never              when someone introduces a drug to your
                  leave your mobile phone unattended in            drink, and it does sometimes happen.
                  public – especially in a pub, club or café.      Remember this when accepting a drink
                  Ensure your phone has the Personal               from a stranger or leaving your drink
                  Identification Number (PIN) and Security         unattended. Tell one of your friends or bar
                  Code activated. Contact your network             staff if you feel unwell.
                  carrier, then the police if your mobile

                  phone has been lost or stolen. Your              Beach safety: Be careful in South
                  IMEI (International Mobile Equipment             Australian waters. Some parts of the
                  Identity) number is unique to your phone.        coast have powerful currents and
                  Press *#06# to display the number, write         tides; and shark attacks are rare but do
                  it down and keep the details in a safe           sometimes occur. It’s safest to swim at
                  place for future reference. Networks can         popular beaches. Areas marked by red
                  use this information to block your phone         and yellow flags are patrolled by surf
                  if lost or stolen.                               life-savers. And never mix alcohol and
                  Car safety: Always have your keys ready
                  before approaching your car. Park your             ire
                                                                   fire safety in the home: In South
                  car in a well-lit and highly visible area,       Australia, legislation is in place to
                  keep doors locked and your bag, briefcase,       make smoke alarms compulsory for all
                  mobile phone and other valuables out of          residential buildings. Most fire-related
                  sight. Don’t respond to aggressive actions       deaths result from the inhalation of toxic
                  from other drivers: stay calm and avoid          fire gases rather than from direct contact
                  eye contact. Don’t drink and drive.              with flame or exposure to heat. Correctly
                                                                   located smoke alarms in your home give
                  party safe: When planning a night out,           early warning of fire, providing you with
                  decide how you are going to get home.            time which may be vital to your survival.
                  An ‘After Midnight’ bus service (www.            For more information about fire safety in
                    the home visit
                  html) provides transport from the city
                  after midnight on Saturday nights and
                  taxis can be pre-booked. Never get into a
                  car with a drunk driver. Help friends stay
                  safe: if alcohol is involved, take it in turns
                  to stay sober for the night and keep an
                  eye on the rest of the group. Have a soft
                  drink or water between alcoholic drinks.

Take the time to protect your belongings
from theft – mobile phones, laptops and
other electronic items are highly prized
by thieves.

Insure your belongings and nominate
valuables in the insurance policy; keep
records of makes and model numbers.

                                                                      HEALTH & SAFETY
Have your name and phone number
engraved on valuables such as laptop
computers. Always lock your car, hide
valuables and never leave your keys in
the ignition, even when paying for petrol.
Don’t leave doors or windows open
in your place of residence; if in shared
accommodation, be careful who you let
in and always lock your bedroom.

Be aware of scams. Don’t give out
personal details to strangers, however
friendly they may appear. Never give out
personal, address or bank details, even
over the internet. Banks will never ask for
a PIN number by email; if you are asked,
then it is a scam.

                  Australian laws you should
                  know about
                  In Australia you are considered to be an adult if you are over the age of 18.
                  A Juvenile Justice System exists for those under 18.

                  alcohol: People under the age of 18 are       gambling: Young people under the age
                  not permitted to consume alcohol in           of 18 are not permitted to gamble. If you
                  public. If you buy alcohol, or are given it   are under 18 you are also not permitted

                  on licensed premises, both you and the        in gambling places such as the casino or
                  person selling are committing an offence.     gaming areas in local pubs.

                  Some public areas are ‘Dry Zones’. This        nightclubs and entertainment venues:
                  means that drinking is not permitted          A person under the age of 18 is not
                  in these areas, other than inside licensed    allowed in a licensed entertainment
                  venues such as pubs or hotels.                venue after 9pm. You may need to
                                                                provide proof of age to buy alcohol or
                  There are heavy penalties for people who      enter a licensed venue. It is an offence
                  ‘drink and drive’. The legal limit in South   to provide false identification.
                  Australia is 0.05.
                                                                Stealing, vandalism: There are severe
                  drugs: There are severe penalties for         penalties for anyone involved in stealing,
                  illegal drug usage or dealing. Avoid          shoplifting or damaging public property.
                  being in any situation where illegal          Penalties will vary depending on the
                  drugs are involved.                           severity of the crime.
                  Smoking: It is an offence to lend, give       harassment and discrimination: Adelaide
                  or sell cigarettes or tobacco to anyone       prides itself on being a multicultural and
                  under the age of 18; it is illegal to buy     tolerant society. In Australia, it is generally
                  cigarettes or tobacco on behalf of a          illegal to discriminate against anyone
                  person under the age of 18. It is illegal     based on gender, sexuality, marital status,
                  to smoke in any enclosed public area,         pregnancy, race, physical or intellectual
                  including all hotel areas.                    impairment, or age. Most educational
                                                                institutions and many workplaces now
                                                                have anti-discrimination policies in place.


TransporT… people i have
never meT before Talk
and laugh wiTh me’.
Eriko Matsuura, Japan
vocational education & Training
(veT), port adelaide Tafe
Your holidays
South Australia is a state of diversity… a brilliant blend as our tourism
slogan goes. There are festivals celebrating everything from food and wine
to the arts, horses and cycling. You can walk among sea lions on the beach
in Kangaroo Island or ride a camel in the Outback. And from Adelaide,
nothing is very far away.

Coastline: You’ve got 4,800km of              the koalas and wallabies, platypuses and
South Australian coastline to explore,        echidnas – truly flourishing in the wild.
a seemingly endless stretch of beaches
whose waters are alternatively wild           Wine: The wine lands around Adelaide
and welcoming. Breathe the salt air at        are among the world’s most idyllic.
a sleepy seaside town, encounter our          They’re especially loved by walkers and
dramatic maritime history and keep an         cyclists who traverse the gently rolling
eye out for our most famous shoreline         landscapes, occasionally stopping to
visitors, the whales and dolphins.            eat on the verandah of a century-old
                                              homestead or quiet country pub. Wine
Kids: There’s action aplenty for children     regions within two hours of Adelaide
in Adelaide. Head to great skate parks on     include Barossa, the Adelaide Hills,

                                                                                            ENJOYING SA
North Terrace in the city or at West Beach.   McLaren Vale and Clare Valley.
Go wet and wild at the Beach House
in Glenelg (and then ride the historic        outback: Adelaide is often referred to
Adelaide Tram back to the city). Visit the    as the ‘Gateway to the Outback’. Why?
Adelaide Zoo or take a ride on paddle         Because within five hours drive, you’ll
boats and Popeye at Elder Park in the city.   find yourself among vistas you’ve
Many libraries, museums, galleries and        only ever imagined – time-shattered
the Adelaide Festival Centre also have        mountains, blinding salt lakes and
special programs for children.                deserts. And you’ll never forget your
                                              first visit to an outback town – like
Wildlife: South Australia is covered in       Coober Pedy, where you can still fossick
vast parks and reserves, places where         for the rare gemstone, opal.
you can truly feel at one with nature.
These include the world-famous                City hopping: Because of our geographical
Kangaroo Island – seven times the size        location, nowhere is too far from Adelaide.
of Singapore and mostly covered with          Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and even
pristine natural habitat. Here’s where        Ayers Rock are just a short flight away.
you’ll see Australia’s unique animals –       And thanks to special deals on low-cost
                                              carriers, you can fly for as little A$70.

              The South Australian Visitor & Travel Centre can meet your
              every need when it comes to planning a holiday or quick
              break in this great state. Drop in to 18 King William Street
              in the city, call 1300 655 276 or visit

              The Arts
              South Australians have always enthusiastically embraced the arts, and more
              than 400 festivals and events are now held across the state each year. Here
              are some of the events and venues helping to shape Adelaide’s reputation as
              the festival capital of Australia.
              adelaide festival of arts:                   adelaide fringe: Australia’s biggest and
              One of the most prestigious arts festivals   the second biggest fringe festival in the
              in the world, attracting audiences from      world, held annually in February and
              across Australia and the globe.              March. More than 1 million people took
              The biennial event captivates and            in a show in 2009, watching everything
              transforms the city centre, with the         from comedy and theatre to visual and
              next festival set for February 2010.         digital arts. In 2010 the Adelaide Fringe
                      will celebrate 50 years.
              WoMadelaide: Staged since 1992 in
              Adelaide’s beautiful Botanic Park, this      adelaide Symphony orchestra: Located
              annual world music festival runs over        in Hindley Street in the city, the ASO is
              three days and features hundreds of          envied around the globe for world-class
              performers from countries around             performances. Call 8233 6233

              the globe.                          
                                                           for a brochure or visit

              adelaide festival Centre: The first
              multi-purpose arts centre built in
              Australia and still an arts icon today,
              with some of the best shows in the
              world and the massively popular
              Adelaide Cabaret Festival staged here.
              You will also find great cafes, a groovy
              shop, exhibitions and an arts and craft
              market on Sundays.

Student Discounts
With a student card you are eligible for discounts to most tourism venues,
festivals and events around Adelaide. If in doubt, just ask.

Studyadelaide Student activities:            on Tuesdays and you can find what
The StudyAdelaide team runs a year-          movies are showing in Adelaide’s daily
long calendar of events specifically for     newspaper The Advertiser, or online by
international students. Events range from    typing in the search words ‘Adelaide’
free days of AFL football and tours of the   and ‘cinemas’.
zoo and the art gallery, to employment
workshops and free ticket competitions.      adelaide Symphony orchestra:
To register, visit     Founded in 1936, the award-winning
and sign up for your free Passport.          Adelaide Symphony Orchestra is one
                                             of Australia’s most exciting performing
adelaide festival Centre: The Adelaide       arts organisations. And students are
Festival Centre is the creative heart        eligible for $8 Student Rush tickets
of South Australia and offers great          for all Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
discounts and events for international       concerts. The special price applies to full-
students through its GreenRoom               time tertiary students and is available
membership program (16–30yrs).               at the venue 30 minutes before each

                                                                                            ENJOYING SA
By registering with StudyAdelaide (see       performance. All tickets are subject
above) you will be be kept up-to-date        to availability and student ID must be
on free events, artist workshops, special    produced. Visit the ASO website for
launches and discounted tickets and          program details:
offers to world quality dance, theatre,
music and visual arts.                       fringe Benefits: Fringe Benefits is South
                                             Australia’s new arts access program
To secure a year’s worth of heavily          for young people, created through
discounted tickets and access to social      a partnership with Arts SA and the
and industry arts events, all you have       Adelaide Fringe. As a Fringe Benefits
to do is join GreenRoom for only $20 by      member you will enjoy exclusively
calling BASS on 8205 2220 or visiting the    discounted tickets to performing and
Festival Centre’s BASS counter.              visual arts events, major festivals,
                                             concerts and gigs all year round, plus
For details on events coming up at the       special benefits at selected clubs, pubs
Adelaide Festival Centre, visit              and retail outlets. Each week you will            receive an email and SMS letting you
Movies: Heaps of mainstream and              know what’s on and where you can find
arthouse cinemas can be found across         it. Fringe Benefits membership is free
Adelaide, and students are entitled to       and available to anyone aged 18 to 30.
concessions when you show your student       To find out more, go to
card. Many cinemas have cheaper prices

              South Australians are great lovers of sport – both having a go and sitting on
              the sidelines to watch.

              The Adelaide City Council’s “Getting          Soccer: The world game is growing in
              Active” section lists 60 clubs in the         popularity across Australia and here
              city centre, from belly dancing,              it’s no different. If you’d like to join an
              rowing and cricket to soccer, chess           amateur team or want to know more
              and lawn bowls. Check it out at               about our state team Adelaide United,
                    visit the Football Federation SA website
                                                            at (Ph 8354 1422)
              australian Rules football (afl):
                                                            or phone the South Australian
              Adelaidians are passionate supporters
                                                            Amateur Soccer League on 8353 7355
              of the AFL, with two local teams playing
              in the national league: Adelaide Crows
              and Port Adelaide Power. State and            Cricket: The world renowned Adelaide
              amateur league matches are also played        Oval is the epicentre of the sport in
              on ovals across the state every Saturday      South Australia, with international and
              in winter. If you are keen to have a kick,    state matches regularly played here over
              support a local team or just to learn what    summer. The South Australian Cricket

              all the fuss is about, visit   Association is responsible for promoting
                                                            the game in SA, so for all things cricket
              life. Be in it: This is a community
                                                            visit their website:
              organisation promoting healthy living,
              and one of their most popular programs        tennis: One of the world’s oldest games
              is ‘Come ‘n Try’ which encourages people      is a popular summer time sport in South
              to have a go at new sports. Free activities   Australia. Matches are played on grass,
              include judo, rowing and netball. For all     hardcourt and clay. Join a club and be
              the details, visit
                             sure to make some great friends.

Hip guide to Adelaide
The following snippets are taken from the South Australian Tourism
Commission’s fantastic little book, the Hip Guide to Adelaide (written by
some of the coolest people in town).

To get a free copy of the guide and expert   fish out of Water: Universally praised
advice on what’s best to see and do in       as our best fish & chip shop.
Adelaide and South Australia, visit the      117 King William Rd, Hyde Park.
South Australian Visitor & Travel Centre     Ph 8272 1996. 7 days 12noon–9pm.
at 18 King William Street in the city.
                                             the art gallery Restaurant: Treat yourself
Ph 1300 655 276.
                                             to a long lunch in the gallery’s courtyard –
                                             one of the city’s best lunch spots.
                                             Art Gallery of South Australia, North Tce,
east terrace Continental: Whether
                                             Adelaide. Ph 8232 4366. 7 days 10am–5pm.
your breakfast faves are high protein
(eggs, bacon) or nursery sweet (banana
pancakes with caramel sauce), ETC’s long
                                             Great Cheap Meals
menu shows an exemplary commitment           ying Chow: Everyone raves about the
to the first meal of the day.                absurdly cheap prices & exquisite

                                                                                             ENJOYING SA
                                             Chinese food.
6 East Tce, Adelaide. Ph 8359 2255.
7 days 7am–4pm.                              114 Gouger St, Adelaide. Ph 8211 7998.
                                             Fri 12-3pm & 5pm ‘til late. Sat–Thurs
Cocolat dessert Café: Swoony stuff           5pm ‘til late.
for sweet-tooths.
                                             Marcelina pizza Bar & Restaurant: For
281 Rundle St, Adelaide. Ph 8232 6133.
                                             four decades, this reliable pizzeria has
Mon–Fri 9am ‘til late. Sat 10am ‘til late.
          am               10
                                             looked after Hindley St patrons – & done
Sun 9am ‘til late.
                                             late night delivery. We salute them.
And then there’s…                            273 Hindley St, Adelaide. Ph 8211 7560.
Zuma Caffe @ 56 Gouger St, Adelaide          7 days 11am ‘til late.
the Store @ 157 Melbourne St,                Curry nights @ the exeter: This legendary,
North Adelaide                               very casual pub serves up great grub
                                             & pints 7 days a week, but curry nights
Citrus @ 199 Hutt St Adelaide
                                             every Wednesday & Thursday are stand
Short Black espresso Bar @ 87 Hindley St,    out. Book ahead.
Adelaide                                     246 Rundle St, Adelaide. Ph 8223 2623.
Ciao Coffee Bar @ 14 Adelaide Arcade,        7 days 11am ‘til late
                                             vego & lovin’ it: Up a tiny flight of stairs,
                                             you’ll find satisfying vego burgers & huge
Lunch                                        serves of lentil soup at very small prices.
China town: Enter through the red arches
                                             1st Floor 240 Rundle St, Adelaide.
for the quintessential Adelaide lunch
                                             Ph 8223 7411. Mon–Fri 10am–4.30pm.
experience: Indian, Thai, Malaysian, curry
and Chinese food with fully licensed bar.
Gouger St, Adelaide. Various times.
              Hip guide to Adelaide
              Live music                                   Adelaide’s Cheap Beer
              the governor hindmarsh: Just out of the      Find the happy hours happening around
              city, The Gov is arguably Adelaide’s best-   town at
              known & best-loved live venue.
                                                           Bars/ Clubs
              59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh. Ph 8340 0744.
                                                           lotus lounge: Delightfully retro-chic,
              fowler’s live: It’s all about the music      with Adelaide’s cutest little tiki hut in the
              at Fowler’s, so it’s no wonder some of       courtyard. Live DJs on the weekends.
              the coolest Australian bands chose to
                                                           268 Morphett St, Adelaide. Ph 8231 0312.
              play here.
              68 North Tce, Adelaide. Ph 8212 0255.        Sugar: Sugar manages to fit a bar,
                                                           nightclub, café & art gallery into a small,
              grace emily: What you’ll find: a cool        sweet space. Adelaide legend Driller Jet
              pub with no pretensions & live local         Armstrong provides the soundtrack as
              music 7 nights a week.                       resident DJ.
              232 Waymouth St, Adelaide. Ph 8231 5500.     274 Rundle St, Adelaide. Ph 8223 6160.
                                                           Mars Bar: Adelaide’s legendary gay
                                                           nightclub runs until the wee small hours,

              Crown & Sceptre hotel: Trad pub meets        making it the perfect place to kick on
              groovy club. Eat, drink or shake it to a     after a show. Along with a solid lineup of
              range of funky styles at the Sceptre.        DJs it also hosts drag shows & MCs.
              308 King William St, Adelaide.               120 Gouger St, Adelaide. Ph 8231 9639.
              Ph 8212 4159.
              tap inn: An indoor golf range & 54 kinds     And then there’s…
              of tapas on the menu are just two of the     Zhivago’s @ 155 Waymouth St, Adelaide
              reasons to check out this quirky place.
                                                           Xo Supper Club @ 173 Hutt St, Adelaide
              76 Rundle St, Kent Town. Ph 8362 2116.
                                                           Belgian Beer Cafe-oostende
              gilbert St hotel: A great old corner pub     @ 27-29 Ebenezer Place, Adelaide
              with fabulous food that morphs into a
              happening night spot after dark.
              88 Gilbert St, Adelaide. Ph 8231 9909.

              And then there’s…
              austral hotel @ 205 Rundle St, Adelaide
              the archer @ 60 O’Connell St,
              North Adelaide
              union hotel @ 70 Waymouth St, Adelaide

Adelaide Attractions                            Migration Museum: A museum with a
adelaide Zoo: More than 1300 weird and          difference, celebrating South Australia’s
wonderful, cute and creepy mammals,             proud heritage as a cultural melting pot.
birds, reptiles and fish to check out.          82 Kintore Avenue, Adelaide.
Frome St, Adelaide. Ph 8267 3255.               Ph 8207 7580
7 days 10am–5pm.                                Mon–Fri 10am–5pm. Sat–Sun 1–5pm

aboriginal Cultures gallery @ Sa                art gallery of South australia: Housed in
Museum: The world’s largest collection          a glorious heritage building is one of the
of Aboriginal cultural material over two        finest art collections in the nation. Feast
floors of displays – you can spend an hour      your eyes on works ranging from the
or a day. Free entry.                           classical to the cutting-edge. Free entry.
North Terrace, Adelaide. Ph 8207 7500..         North Tce, Adelaide. Ph 8207 7000
7 days 10am–5pm.                                       10am–5pm (Free tours: Mon–Fri
                                                7 days 10am–
                                                11am & 2pm. Sat–Sun 11am & 3pm)
Bradman Collection @ adelaide oval:
One for the sports fans. This priceless          andanya:
                                                tandanya: Tandanya – National
collection of memorabilia spans the             Aboriginal Cultural Institute offers an

                                                                                                ENJOYING SA
career of the greatest batsman cricket          insight into the vibrancy and diversity
has ever known. Naturally, he was South         of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
Australian. Free entry.                         culture in a great modern space.

King William Road, North Adelaide.              253 Grenfell Street, Adelaide.
Ph 8300 3800                                    Ph 8224 3200. 7 days 10am–5pm

haigh’s Chocolates visitors Centre:             Views
Chocolaty goodness. Break your diet, take
                                                Mt lofty: From the highest point in the
the free tour and get a taste of the divine
                                                Adelaide Hills you can see right across
brown stuff. This is sweet tooth heaven.
                                                the city and the Piccadilly Valley. There’s a
Free entry (but bookings essential).
                                                café, restaurant and Visitor Information
154 Greenhill Road, Parkside. Ph 8372 7070.     Centre up there too.
Mon–Fri 8.30am–5.30pm. Sat 9am–5pm.
                                                Summit Rd, Mount Lofty. Ph 8370 1060
Tours @ 1pm & 2pm daily.
                                                light’s vision, Montefiore hill: Follow the
Museums & Galleries                             finger as the statue of Colonel William
South australian Museum: A modern
        ustralian                               Light points to great views of the city he
museum with some great exhibits.                first surveyed.
Freak out over the 11m tall giant squid
                     m                          Cnr Montefiore Rd & Pennington Tce,
model, check out the opalised fossils, then     North Adelaide.
recover over coffee in the café – overlooking
a 16m long whale skeleton. Free entry.
    m                                           Windy point lookout: An unparalleled
North Terrace, Adelaide. Ph 8207 7500.          view across the city helps explain why this
7 days 10am–5pm.                                is one of Adelaide’s best look-out spots.
                                                Belair Rd, Belair.

              Hip guide to Adelaide
              Parks and Gardens                              Beaches
              the parklands: One of the pleasures of         glenelg: Taking the tram from Victoria
              living in Adelaide is strolling out of the     Square to Glenelg is the quintessential
              city centre and into the 900 hectares of       Adelaide summertime ride. At the end
              lush parklands that surround it. Make like     of the line there’s plenty of options. Play
              a local and spend some time here playing       it cool at the trendy upmarket marina,
              petanque, smelling the roses or just           feel the sea breeze in your hair as you
              chilling out. Free entry.                      stroll along the jetty, or take a dip in the
                                                             gentle gulf waters. Great shopping and
              adelaide Botanic garden: Walk through
                                                             dining too.
              the garden’s wrought-iron gates and
              you’ll step straight from inner-city rush to   10km south-west of Adelaide CBD.
              calm oasis. Explore an indoor rainforest,
              wander around a heritage palm house or         henley Beach: After you’ve taken a dip
              have a picnic by the pond. De-stressing        at the safe swimming beach, head a
              guaranteed. Free entry.                        few metres inland and experience the
                                                             village charm of Henley Square. Its
              North Terrace, Adelaide.                       funky eateries and laid-back vibe make
              Ph 8222 9311                                   it Adelaide’s coolest seaside locale when
                                                             the weather hots up.

              adelaide himeji Japanese gardens:
              A stately gift to the people of Adelaide –     12km west of Adelaide CBD.
              take a serene stroll just south of the city.
              Free entry.                                    Middleton: Catch some gnarly breaks at
                                                             one of the state’s best surf beaches. Or
              South Terrace, Adelaide.                       pack the binoculars and head here for
                                                             some whale watching during winter.
                                                             90km south of Adelaide CBD.

                                                             Recreation and Leisure Activities
                                                             heluva Jet Boats: One for the speed
                                                             freaks: Strap yourself in and experience
                                                             the rush on this high velocity off-shore
                                                             jet boat.
                                                             Holdfast Shores Marina, Glenelg.
                                                             Ph: 8376 8288

                                                             Bike Riding through linear park: This
                                                             35km bike trail winds its way from the
                                                             beach to the foothills, following the lovely
                                                             River Torrens. Plenty of prime picnic spots
                                                             along the way.
                                                             West Beach to Athlestone.

temptation Sailing: Swimming with             the parade, norwood: Make your
dolphins is truly magical: board the          way east to one of Adelaide’s premier
catamaran and let the Temptation              shopping and café precincts. Cinemas,
Sailing crew guide you through this           every kind of shop imaginable and
unforgettable experience.                     excellent eateries.
Holdfast Shores Marina, Glenelg.              north terrace, City: Get your fix of high-
Ph 0412 811 838                               brow on Adelaide’s cultural boulevard.
                                              Its world-class attractions include the
City Beach volleyball: Located on the         Art Gallery of SA, Migration Museum, the
corner of Frome and Pirie streets in the      National Wine Centre, Adelaide Botanic
city, City Beach offers the ultimate beach    Garden and SA Museum.
volleyball experience without the need
to travel to the beach. Lunch and social      Op Shops (second hand
competitions are held regularly.              clothes stores)
Ph 8224 0144.                                 goodwill hindley: Score something
                                              cheap and unique from this store’s
Can’t Miss Streets                            collection of 60s, 70s and 80s clothes.
gouger St, City & adelaide Central            97 Hindley Street, Adelaide. Ph 8231 3687

                                                                                           ENJOYING SA
Market: This eat street has been              Mon-Thurs 9am-4.55pm. Fri 9am-8.20pm
described as Adelaide’s United Nations
of food. It lives up to its reputation with   nadia’s house of Serendipity: Cool retro
a plethora of tasty options – including       threads for guys and girls. Choose from
the amazing stalls, shops, food halls and     new or recycled.
cafés of the Adelaide Central Market. The     4 Partridge Street, Glenelg. Ph 8294 3121
market is open Tuesday to Saturday.           Mon-Fri 10am-5.30pm. Sat 10am-5pm
hindley St, City: By day it’s a thriving
arts hub with a collection of bookstores,     Red Cross Superstores: Uncover a
gallery spaces and funky shops. By night      hidden gem from the huge range of
it’s home to some of Adelaide’s hottest       second-hand clothes and accessories
nightclubs and coolest bars.                  at all three stores.

Jetty Rd, glenelg: A beachside street with    69 Glen Osmond Rd, Eastwood.
a laid-back, bohemian vibe. Have a drink      Ph 8271 0270.
at The Grand, enjoy a yiros, stop in at the   317 North East Rd, Hampstead Gardens.
shops or grab an ice-cream and stroll         Ph: 8367 5344
along the sand.
                                              166 Unley Rd, Unley. Ph 8271 8640
Rundle St, City: Cutting-edge fashion and
jewellery stores rub shoulders with wine      Salvation army family Store: The
bars and pubs. Adelaide’s avant-garde         Whitmore Salvos stocks furniture,
centre pulses with life almost 24/7.          crockery, bric-a-brac, and masses of
                                              second-hand clothes.
                                              Whitmore Square, Adelaide. Ph 8231 9779

              Adelaide Events Calendar 2010
              With more than 400 events held in South Australia every year, we couldn’t
              possibly list them all. For the complete picture, visit

              event                                                              date
              Ales, Sails and Scales Festival, Port Broughton, Yorke Peninsula   January
              Port MacDonnell Bayside Festival, Limestone Coast                  4 January
              Schutzenfest 2010 (German festival), Bonython Park, Adelaide       9 January
              2010 World Tennis Challenge, Memorial Drive                        12–14 January
              Tour Down Under (cycling), Adelaide and regions                    19–25 January
              Port Lincoln Tunarama Festival (Eyre Peninsula)                    22–26 January
              Crush – Adelaide Hills Wine Festival                               24 January
              Natuzzi The Parade Food, Wine & Music Festival, Norwood            February
              Taste the Limestone Coast Festival                                 12–14 February
              Kangaroo Island Coopers Cup Carnival 2010                          18–20 February

              Adelaide Fringe 2010                                               19 February–14 March
              Barossa Under the Stars (music)                                    March
              WOMADelaide (music festival)                                       5–8 March
              SKYCITY Adelaide Cup (horse racing)                                8 March
              Clipsal 500 Adelaide (V8 car racing)                               11–14 March
              International Rugby Sevens (Adelaide)                              20–21 March
              Laura Folk Fair (Flinders Ranges)                                  10–11 April
              Stansbury and Port Vincent Wooden & Classic Boats Regatta          16–18 April
              (Yorke Peninsula)
              Adelaide Cabaret Festival                                          June
              Royal Adelaide Show                                                September
              Magic Millions (thoroughbred racing)                               29 October
              2010 Adelaide International Guitar Festival                        November

    WORK &

‘whaT i like mosT is going To
The beach afTer school.’
Iracema Mauriz, brazil
english language (elicos),
south australian college of english
Want to work while studying in Australia? Not only will you make some extra
money, you will also meet the locals and learn new skills. Here’s a quick guide
to your rights and responsibilities as an employee.

Getting started: work visas
If you have been granted a Student visa      Volunteer (unpaid) work
on or after 26 April 2008, you and your      Not interested in earning money?
dependent family members already have        Then you may still wish to work, but
permission to work.                          as a volunteer where you can make
                                             friends and gain valuable skills and
This means you can work up to 20 hours
                                             experience. Call your local council for
a week during your study semester and
                                             details or visit the Volunteering SA
unlimited hours during term break.
Members of your family who are living
                                             Even though you’re not being paid, you
with you can also apply to work.
                                             still need a work visa and can only work
Before starting a job, your employer         up to 20 hours a week.
may ask for a National Police Clearance
Certificate which will cost around $50
                                             Getting your Student visa
                                             Remember, you need a letter of offer
and take seven to 14 days to be issued.
                                             from your chosen institution before
Simply take your passport, student card
                                             applying for your Student visa. Apply
and driver’s license to your local police
                                             for your visa as early as possible, as
station and fill out a clearance form.
                                             processing times may vary according
If you’re under 16, you will generally not   to the country and the time of the
be able to work in Australia. Some jobs      year. For more information visit the
(such as working in licensed premises)       Australian Government’s Department

                                                                                        WORK & IMMIGRATION
require you to be aged 18 or over.           of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC)
Not all employers understand student
visas and may tell you that you don’t
need one. This is incorrect. A student
visa is essential to work in Australia.
You should apply for a tax file number
at the same time as applying for a
work visa.

                     Job hunting
                     One of the hardest things about finding     Writing a job application
                     a job is knowing where to look! A           Employers in Australia will generally
                     comprehensive listing of job vacancies      expect you to write a one-page letter
                     appears every Saturday in Adelaide’s        of application, accompanied by a short
                     major newspaper, The Advertiser.            resume detailing your level of education
                     Executive jobs are also advertised          and work experience. Include a minimum
                     in Saturday’s edition of our national       of personal details – just write your name,
                     newspaper, The Australian.                  address, contact telephone number
                                                                 and email address and appropriate
                     However, employers are often most
                                                                 information such as whether you
                     impressed if you apply for jobs that
                                                                 hold a driver’s license. Registering with
                     are not advertised – so work out which
                                                        (it’s free), will allow you
                     field of work you are interested in, look
                                                                 to create your own resume online
                     for employers in the Yellow Pages and
                                                                 and give you a good idea of the kind
                     send off your application. Part-time
                                                                 of resume expected by Australian
                     jobs you might like to consider include
                                                                 employers. Also, do not be afraid
                     working in restaurants and hotels, in
                                                                 to ring and ask the employer if you
                     supermarkets or convenience stores.
                                                                 need to clarify something in the job
                     Look on supermarket websites such as
            or www.woolworths.
            for job vacancies under their
                                                                 Other useful job hunting sites:
                     ‘careers’ sections.
                                                                 South Australia’s Department of Trade
                     Online employment websites are also         and Economic Development (DTED) site
                     hugely popular in Australia. The number     linking to job opportunities:
                     one national site is, and
                     our local site is

                                                                 State Government links to career
                                                                 information and counselling, job
                                                                 placement services and more:

                                                                 You’ll also find a heap of job websites on
                                                                 page 51 of this guide.

Pay rates
How much you earn depends on the               Once you’re working, it’s up to your
type of job you’re doing. Most workers in      employer to make sure you are paid the
Australia have the right to a minimum          correct amount of money and that the
rate of pay and as an international            right amount of tax is taken out of your
student, you are entitled to the same          wage. Most employers will pay your wage
working conditions as Australians.             directly into your bank account but some
                                               pay cash. No matter how you’re paid, you
Most work is covered by State or Federal       must receive a pay slip which includes
industrial awards which set out the            details such as how many hours you
conditions and wages for jobs in different     worked and how much tax was deducted.
industries. Ask your employer for a copy       While unlikely, it’s important to keep your
of the award covering your job. Some jobs      pay slips in case there is a problem or
are covered by an Enterprise Bargaining        dispute with your employer.
Agreement (EBA), negotiated between
employers and employees.                       Your employer will also ask you to fill
                                               out a Tax File Number Declaration form
Casual work is paid hourly, but some           (this is different from a Tax File Number
companies may try to pay by the “session”      application – more about that later).
(pay a total amount for a shift) which is
much less than the award wage. This is         South Australian Government advice
illegal. It is also illegal for employers to   on finding a job, workers’ rights
hire a worker on a “trial basis” for no pay.   and more can be found at www.
It’s important that you tell your employer     or Ph 1300 363 264.
that you are not allowed to work more          You will also find a guide to wages
than 20 hours a week. The Immigration          and conditions of employment at
Department monitors this closely and 

                                                                                             WORK & IMMIGRATION
should you work extra hours, you may be        or Ph 1300 365 255.
forced to leave Australia.

                     Paying tax
                     Your Tax status                             Tax File Number: A Tax File Number (TFN)
                     If you study in Australia for more than     is a unique number issued to you by the
                     six months, expect to pay the same tax      Australian Taxation Office and it’s very
                     as Australian residents.                    important – without one you may pay
                                                                 more tax than necessary. You keep your
                     The first $6,000 of your income in a        TFN even if you move interstate, change
                     financial year is ‘tax free’ – you only     jobs, change your name etc. To apply, visit
                     pay tax if you earn more than this.
                     The financial year is from 1 July to 30
                     June and ‘income’ doesn’t just mean         Workplace safety
                     wages – interest earned on investments      You are entitled to a safe and healthy
                     is also counted.                            workplace but if you are injured at work,
                     If you have two or more part-time jobs,     you can lodge a workers’ compensation
                     you can only claim the $6,000 tax-free      claim. This will cover you for medical
                     threshold with one employer. For more       expenses and/or lost wages. For more
                     details visit                information visit
                                                                 and the SafeWork SA site
                     All workers in Australia are required
                     to submit a tax return each financial
                     year. Returns must be lodged with the
                     Australian Tax Office (ATO) by the end of
                     October for the previous tax year. While
                     the forms can be confusing, luckily the
                     ATO and student support areas in most
                     universities and TAFE colleges can help.

Rights and Responsibilities
Equal Opportunity                              Someek works at a busy restaurant
It is illegal to disadvantage anyone on        and his manager often makes him work
the basis of race, religion, age, gender,      long shifts without allowing him to take
marital status, sexual preference or           breaks. When Someek says he is entitled
any disability. For details, visit the Equal   to take a break, his manager threatens to
Opportunity Commission website at              fire him. This is bullying (employers must                             allow you to take proper breaks).

                                               Fadia goes to a job interview at an
What are discrimination, bullying
                                               accountancy office. During the interview,
and harassment?                                she’s asked if she’s married or single.
The following are fictional examples:
                                               Fadia answers the question. This is
Wei Han has two years’ experience as a         discrimination (it is illegal to ask someone
waiter in an Asian restaurant in Adelaide.     their marital status in a job interview).
He applies for a job as a waiter, which
requires experience, but misses out.           Industry Certification
The employer tells him he does not             Sometimes you will need a certificate
want to employ somebody with a                 to work in certain industries. For example,
“foreign” accent. This is discrimination.      certificates are needed for security jobs,
                                               work in the gambling industry and in
Sonja works for a men’s fashion store.         child care. The employer should be able
Her employer tells her that she must           to advise you about this.
wear “revealing” clothes as men will buy
more. She refuses and her employer sacks       Unions
(dismisses) her. This is sexual harassment     You have a right to join a union (fees
and bullying.                                  apply) which will help you to protect your

                                                                                              WORK & IMMIGRATION
                                               rights at work. It is against the law for
Leyna has a co-worker who constantly
                                               your employer to discriminate against
makes her feel uncomfortable by
                                               you because you are a union member.
emailing her with sexually explicit
material. She has told him that this
offends her, but he continues to do it.
This is sexual harassment.

                     Honesty pays
                     You may feel tempted to work for an          You should NOT be:
                     employer who pays cash (without              •   Asked to do unpaid “trial work” to see
                     providing a pay slip) and does not mind          if you are right for the job.
                     whether you work more hours than you         •   Paid below the minimum wage.
                     are legally allowed to. Here’s why that is   •   Have superannuation and WorkCover
                     not a good idea:                                 allowances deducted from your wages.
                                                                  •   Given cash without a pay slip.
                     •   You are breaking the law and could
                                                                  •   Made to sign a contract you have not
                         be forced to leave Australia.
                                                                      read or understood.
                     •   You are being exploited by your
                                                                  •   Discriminated against on the
                         employer – cash payments are usually
                                                                      grounds of race, sex, age, sexual
                         below normal pay rates.
                                                                      preference, ability, marital status,
                     •   You are not protected if you are
                                                                      family responsibilities, religion and
                         hurt at work.
                                                                      political opinion.
                     •   It is a serious crime in Australia to
                                                                  •   Harassed or threatened if you ask
                         avoid paying tax on your income.
                                                                      for better pay or conditions.
                                                                  •   Sacked because you’ve been
                                                                      ill or injured.
                                                                  •   Sacked without proper notice.
                                                                  •   Sacked if you join a union or encourage
                                                                      your workplace to become unionised.

                                    uSeful eMployMent linKS
                                    university and tafe Sa employment services
                                    Adelaide University Union Employment Service:
                                    TAFE South Australia’s Employment Advice:

                                    Workplace dispute assistance
                                    Australian Industrial Relations Commission:
                                    Office of the Employee Ombudsman:
                                    department_ombudsman.html or email
                                    Department of Employment and Workplace Relations:

Immigration: live and work in SA
South Australia’s economy is growing           An important note
at an incredible rate, with over $37bn of      Some overseas students are able to
capital expenditure in the immediate           remain in Australia while they apply for
pipeline. So the state is actively             their permanent visa, without the need
encouraging skilled people with tertiary       to return to their home country or leave
qualifications to become permanent             Australia. However, you must make sure
members of the community. Anyone               that you have a valid visa to remain in
applying to migrate to South Australia         Australia at all times.
receives bonus points for holding a
tertiary qualification.                        Full details are available from the
                                               Department of Immigration and
Bonus points: If you’ve completed a            Citizenship “General Skilled Migration
degree, diploma or trade qualification         Booklet 6” which is available from their
here in Adelaide, the South Australian         website at
Government knows you’ve reached                booklets/books6.htm
one of the world’s highest standards
of education. To this end, it will award       Provisional visas
you five bonus points towards any              Australia’s General Skilled Migration
application you make for permanent             Program changed from 1 September
migration. These points are in addition        2007, and this has also impacted on the
to points awarded for holding a tertiary       South Australian sponsorship policy.
                                               In relation to overseas students,
Who is eligible for skilled migration?         the Department of Immigration &
To apply for skilled migration, you need       Citizenship has recognised the benefit of
to be a recent graduate overseas student       higher English proficiency, level of study
                                               and work experience and has introduced

                                                                                            WORK & IMMIGRATION
who has:
                                               a new 18-month temporary visa for
•   Gained a relevant Australian degree,       overseas students who have graduated.
    diploma or trade qualification while
    in Australia, studying at a South          In South Australia, overseas students
    Australian educational institution;        who cannot reach 120 points for
•   Studied full time for at least two years   independent migration are encouraged
    towards an award in SA;                    to use this new 18-month temporary
•   Made application for migration within      visa (subclass 485).
    six months of successfully completing
    that qualification; and
•   Acquired a positive skills assessment
    relevant to the course you’ve completed.

                     Immigration: how to become
                     a skilled migrant
                                                  FROM OVERSEAS STUDENT TO SKILLED
                                                     MIGRANT IN SOUTH AUSTRALIA

                                  EMPLOYER                                                 FAMILY (spouse)
                                                             GENERAL SKILLED
                                 SPONSORED                                                   CATEGORIES
                              (                                          (

                                           YOU MUST MEET ALL OF THESE CRITERIA TO PROGRESS
                     • Studied a minimum of two years in Australia
                     • Currently hold or held an eligible student visa in the last six months
                     • Have applied to have your skills assessed in your nominated occupation
                       (50 or 60 points are applicable)
                     • Have at least competent (IELTS 6.0) English (non-trade occupations) or vocational (IELTS 5.0)
                        English (trade occupations)

                      END                  NO                                                         YES

                                     Apply with DIAC for a                                  Meet DIAC minimum
                                  skilled graduate, 18-month                    NO        requirements and have at
                                       (subclass 485) visa                                    least 120 points?


                     • Gain 12 months’ work                  Gain 12
                       experience in your                 months’ work                     Apply with DIAC for an
                       NOMINATED skill or                 experience in                  Independent (subclass 885)
                       closely related occupation        ANY skilled (SOL)                    Visa (Permanent)
                     • Undertake a Professional Year

                     • Increase English to IELTS 7.0

                                                                                         If you have 100 points and a
                               Meet DIAC                     Meet DIAC                      family member who can
                                minimum                       minimum                        sponsor you, apply for a
                              requirement         NO        requirement                    Sponsored (subclass 886)
                            and have at least                and have at                visa. Otherwise, if you have 75
                               120 points?                least 90 points?               points and a family member
                                                                                        living in South Australia who
                                                                                        can sponsor you, you may be
                                                                                              eligible to apply for a
                                                                 NO                     Regional Sponsored (subclass
                         Apply with DIAC for an                                          487) visa
                       Independent (subclass 885)
                            Visa (Permanent)                                                          YES

                                                                                            South Australia may be
                                                                                           able to sponsor you for a
                                                                                           provisional or permanent
                                                                                                visa, please visit


‘embrace The advenTures
 you have. no experience is
 ever bad or good; iT’s always
a learning experience.’
Shivan Sathasilvan, singapore
masters of engineering, unisa
Emergency Contacts
•   Dial 000 (or if there is no mobile phone coverage dial 112 from mobile)
    for police, ambulance or fire emergencies (24-hour Freecall)
•   For non-emergency police attendance 13 1444
•   Royal Adelaide Hospital 8222 4000
•   Women’s and Children’s Hospital 8161 7000
•   Flinders Medical Centre 8204 5511
•   Poisons Information Centre 13 1126
•   Crisis Care after hours 13 1611
•   Kids’ HelpLine - Freecall 1800 55 1800
•   Lifeline 13 1114. 24-hour counselling service
•   Rape and Sexual Assault Service - daytime 8226 8787
    or Freecall 1800 817 421 (from rural areas)
•   Mental Health Emergency Crisis 13 1465
•   Interpreting Services 13 1450
•   RAA Emergency Road Service 13 1111
•   Legal Services Commission Advisory Service 1300 366 424


           Useful Telephone Numbers
           Consulates, embassies                         Accommodation
           and high commissions                          •   Residential Tenancies Advice Line
           Consulates can offer advice on issues             8204 9544
           in your own country, but most are based       •   Central Community Legal Service
           in Australia’s national capital, Canberra.        8342 1800
           For a complete listing of countries,          •   Translating and Interpreting Service
           contact numbers and websites, visit               131 450
                            •   Office of Consumer and Business
                                                             Affairs (Tenancies) 8204 9544
           Local councils                                Immigration
           There are 68 councils across South            •   Immigration South Australia 8204 9250
           Australia, all offering great services        •   Department of Immigration and
           for residents. To find your council,              Citizenship (DIAC) 13 1881
           go to                       •   Migrant Resource Centre of SA
           City of Adelaide 8203 7203                        8217 9500
                                                         •   Multicultural Youth South Australia
           Universities and TAFE SA                          8212 0085
           •   Flinders University 8201 3911             Transport
           •   The University of Adelaide 8303 4455      •   Passenger Transport Information Centre
           •   University of South Australia 8302 6611       8210 1000
           •   Carnegie Mellon University 8110 9906      •   RAA (Royal Automobile Association)
           •   Cranfield University 8302 3189                8202 4600 – General Enquiries
           •   TAFE SA (International Education          •   Transport SA 13 1084
               Services) 8226 3402
           •   South Australian Training Advocate
                                                         •   South Australian Visitor & Travel Centre
               1800 006 488
                                                             1300 655 276
           Household utilities
           •   AGL (Electricity) 13 1245
                                                         •   Westfield Marion 8298 1188
           •   SA Water 1300 650 950
                                                         •   Westfield Tea Tree Plaza (Modbury)
           •   Origin Energy (Electricity
                                                             8264 4011
               and natural gas) 13 2461
                                                         •   Westfield West Lakes 8356 7488
           •   Telstra (Phone) 13 2200
                                                         •   Centro Arndale 8445 2155
           •   Optus (Phone) 133 937
           •   Australian Tax Office 13 2861
           •   Fair Trading Advisory Service 8204 9777

SA Job Websites
Major job search engines                    Civil Engineering Jobs
•                     •   Department for Transport,
•                        Energy and Infrastructure:
                                            Defence Industry Jobs
                                            •   Defence Teaming Centre Inc:
State & Federal Government Jobs             •   ASC:
•   Australian Job Search:
                                            Environment and Heritage Jobs
                                            •   Department of Environment and
•   SA Government Vacancies:
Recruitment Firms                           Human Resource Jobs
•   Allstaff Resources:            IT Industry Jobs
•   Chandler Macleod:                       •                 Medical Officer Jobs
•   Challenge Recruitment Ltd:              •   South Australian Department of Health:              
•   Drake International:      •   International Medical Recruitment:
•   Entrée Recruitment:
•   Extrastaff:
•   Hays:                      Nursing Registration and Jobs
•   Hender Consulting:    •   Nurses Board of South Australia:
•   Hudson Global Resources:                       •   Flinders Medical Centre:
•   Lloyd Morgan Pty Ltd:
                                            •   Queen Elizabeth Hospital:
•   Locher Human Resources:
                                            •   Royal Adelaide Hospital:
•   RobertWalters:
                                            •   HenderCare:
•   Speakman Tanner Menzies:                Police Recruitment                    •   South Australia Police:
•   Stillwell Management Consultants  
    Pty Ltd:          Teaching Jobs
•   Talent2:             •   Association of Independent Schools:
    Tesa Group:

•   Westaff:             •   Department of Education and Children’s
Construction and Building Jobs                  Services:
•   Master Builders Association SA Inc:

           International telephone codes
           and time differences
           CountRy                                  phone Code                                            tiMe diffeRenCe
           (Approximates based on Central Standard Time)
           BELGIUM                                  0011/0018 + 32 + area code + local number                less 8.5 hours
           BRAZIL                                   0011/0018 + 55 + area code + local number                less 12.5 hours
           CANADA                                   0011/0018 + 1 + area code + local number                 less 15 hours
           CHILE                                    0011/0018 + 56 + area code + local number                less 13 hours
           CHINA                                    0011/0018 + 86 + area code + local number                less 1.5 hours
           CROATIA                                  0011/0018 + 385 + area code + local number               less 8.5 hours
           CZECH REPUBLIC                           0011/0018 + 420 + area code + local number               less 8.5 hours
           DENMARK                                  0011/0018 + 45 + 8 digit local number                    less 8.5 hours
           FINLAND                                  0011/0018 + 358 + area code + local number               less 7.5 hours
           FRANCE                                   0011/0018 + 33                                           less 8.5 hours
           (Paris City and suburban areas dial 1 + 8 digit number, all other areas dial 9 digit number)
           GERMANY                                  0011/0018 + 49 + area code + local number                less 8.5 hours
           GREECE                                   0011/0018 + 30 + area code + local number                less 7.5 hours
           HONG KONG                                0011/0018 + 582 + local number                           less 1.5 hours
           HUNGARY                                  0011/0018 + 36 + area code + local number                less 8.5 hours
           INDIA                                    0011/0018 + 91 + area code + local number                less 4 hours
           INDONESIA                                0011/0018 + 62 + area code + local number                less 1 hour
           IRAN                                     0011/0018 + 98 + area code + local number                less 6 hours
           IRELAND                                  0011/0018 + 353 + area code + local number               less 9.5 hours
           IRELAND NORTH                            0011/0018 + 44 + area code + local number
           ITALY                                    0011/0018 + 39 + area code + local number                less 8.5 hours
           JAPAN                                    0011/0018 + 81 + area code + local number                less 1 hour
           KOREA (SOUTH)                            0011/0018 + 82 + area code + local number
           LAOS                                     0011/0018 + 856 + area code + local number               less 2.5 hours
           MALAYSIA                                 0011/0018 + 60 + area code + local number                less 1.5 hours
           MEXICO                                   0011/0018 + 52 + area code + local number                less 16 hours
           NEW ZEALAND                              0011/0018 + 64 + area code + local number                less 2.5 hours
           NORWAY                                   0011/0018 + 47 + 8 digit number                          less 8.5 hours
           PHILIPPINES                              0011/0018 + 63 + area code + local number                less 1.5 hours
           POLAND                                   0011/0018 + 48 + area code + local number                less 8.5 hours
           PORTUGAL                                 0011/0018 + 351 + area code + local number               less 8.5 hours
           RUSSIA                                   0011/0018 + 7 + area code + local number                 less 6.5 hours
           SINGAPORE                                0011/0018 + 65 + local number                            less 1.5 hours
           SOUTH AFRICA                             0011/0018 + 27 + area code + local number                less 7.5 hours
           SWEDEN                                   0011/0018 + 46 + area code + local number                less 8.5 hours
           SWITZERLAND                              0011/0018 + 41 + area code + local number                less 8.5 hours
           THAILAND                                 0011/0018 + 66 + area code + local number                less 2.5 hours

           UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (U.A.E)             0011/0018 + 971 + area code + local number               less 5.5 hours
           UNITED KINGDOM                           0011/0018 + 44 + area code + local number                less 9.5 hours
           USA                                      0011/0018 + 1 + area code + local number                 less 18 hours
           VIETNAM                                  0011/0018 + 84 + area code +8 + local number             less 2.5 hours

           A complete listing of international telephone and postal codes may be found in the back of the White Pages
           telephone directory.

Adelaide & North Adelaide
                                                                                                                                              Fitzroy Terrace


                                                                                                                          Adelaide                                                                                                                                                                                                  To


                                                                                                                          Aquatic                                                                                                                                                                                                  North

                                                                                                                                                               Pros pect
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Le                                                                                                                                                                                 LEGEND


                                                                                                                           Centre                                                                          v                                                                          Rob                                          East

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            e Te

                                                                                                      t Roa
                                                   e                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  rrac                         Road

                                               c                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Visitor Information Centres


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Passenger Transport Info Centre



                         Pa                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Train

                                                                                                              Terrace                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Adelaide - Glenelg Tram
                                                                                                     n                                                                                                             ce
                                                                                             Barto                                                                                           n Terra                                                                                                                                                                                  O'Bahn Busway
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Free Bus Services


                                                                                                      s                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               99b Beeline Bus


                                                                                                                                                                                             Street                                                                      Playground                                                                                                   City Loop


                                              Hill St


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                e Terr

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ce                                                      Linear Park Track


                         Mills                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Te                                                                Restaurant & Shopping Precincts
                                                                                                         et                                                                                    Street

                                                                                              n Stre



                                                                                                                                                   Tynte                                                                                                                                                                   e      et                                                  Emergency Entrance

                                                                                                                     gton                                                                         Street                                                                             ton
                                                                                        Street                Wellin                                                                                                                                                            gs

                                                             orth                                                                                                                                                                                                         Kin                                                           t
                                                       olesw                                                   Square                                                                                                                                                                                                                ee


                                                                                                                                                     Archer                                                                                                                             y                                         Str

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     nle                                                               rad
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Street                                                      Sta                                                                  Pa


                                                                  rd                   Street
                                                             Barna                                                                                                                                                                                                                             r ne                                                  Bunde

                                                                                                                                                          Ward                                               ham                                                                             ou                                                                        ys Roa

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         lb                                                                                              d
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Me                                                  Soldiers'

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Brougham                                                                                                  et                          Memorial

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Gardens                                                                                               tre
                                                                        s                                                                                                                                                                                                                                sS                                Garden


                                                way                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            nis

                                                                                                     Terrace                                                                                                                                                                                Fin



                                                                                                                                                                                                      Womens &

                                                                                                                                                                                 Kerm      Childrens

                                                                        10                                                                                                           ode   Hospital

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             h Av


                      em                                                                                                                                13                         ning

                           or                                                                 City of                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   0
                                ia                                                           Adelaide                                                                                          Te   rrac                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        250
                                     l                                                                                                                                                                                      e

                                                                                             Golf Links
                                                                                                                                                                                         Pennington                                                                                                                                                                                                                                m

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sir E


                                                                        Dr                                                                                                     5                                                                                                                                                                           Botanic Park


                                                                                                                                                                                                             King William Road
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Plane Tre
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     e Drive
                                                                                                                                                       Memorial Drive
                                                                                                                                                       Tennis Courts

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Vic                                                                                                             8


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Kintore Avenue
                                                                                                         Riv                                                                                 Popeye

    En               Bonython
       te   rta                                                                                             er                                                                               Landing
                  inm Park                                                                                                                      Torrens
                     en                                                                                                                                                                   Elder
                           en                                                                                                                                                             Park
                              tre                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        16
          rt                                                                                                                                         Adelaide Adelaide                         3                                                                   14                                                             Royal Adelaide
                  Ro                                                                                                                                                                                                             11                                                                                                  Hospital                                   1
                         ad                                                                                                                         Convention Railway                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ad
                                                                                                                                                                                              18                                                                                                                                                                                                          Ro
                                                                                                                                                      Centre   Station                                                                                             9 20 19 7                                                                                                                       nic
         rt A                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ta
              de                                                                                                                                                North                                                            Terrace                                                                                                                                                  Bo
                           e                                                                                                                                                                                                       SA Visitor &                                                                                                                                                   Rundle

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Travel Centre                                                                                                                                                   Park
                                                                                             Hindley                                                  Street                                                                                     Rundle Mall                                                        Rundle Street                                           Rundle Road                                     D
       Glo                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Rundle Mall Visitor                                                                                                                                                                          ue
                      Ave                                                                                                                                                                                                         Information Centre                                                                                                                                                                                    tte

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            v ill
                                                                                             Currie                                                   Street                                                                                                                 Grenfell                                                  Street                                                                      Rymill                        e
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Gawler Place

                                                                                                                           Light                                                                                                                                                   Hindmarsh                                                                                                                       Park                                 rra
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               RAA                                                                                                                                                                         ce

                                                                                                                          Square                                                                                                                                                     Square
             Ellis                                                                           Waymouth                                                 Street                                                                                                                 Pirie                                                     Street                                                                      Bartels Road

                                                                                                                                                                                               12                                 Hall

                                                                                             Franklin                                                 Street                                                                                                                 Flinders                                                  Street
                                                                                                                            Morphett Street

                        n                                                                                                                          Franklin Street
                 Statio                                                                                                                                                                           Victoria                                                                                                                                                                                                              Playground
          ailway ns)                                                                                                                                Bus Terminal
     ick R       ai                                                                                                                                                                               Square
Kesw terstate Tr                                                                             Grote                                                    Street                                                                                                                 Wakefield                                                 Street                                                                      Wakefield Road

           Bra  dman
     onald                                                                                                                                                                                          Tram
Sir D Drive                                                                                                                                                           2                             Stop
                                                        West Terrace


                                                                                             Gouger                                                   Street                                                                                                                 Angas                                                     Street
            West Terrace
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Hutt Street


                                                                                             Wright                                                    Street                                                                                                                Carrington                                                Street                                                                                     Terrace

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Hurtle                                                                                                                                             Park
                                                                                                                     Whitmore                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Racecourse
                                                                                                                      Square                                                                                                                                                                Square
                                                                                             Sturt                                                    Street                                                                                                              Halifax                                                  Street

    West Terrace

     Cemetery                                                                                Gilbert                                                  Street                                                                                                                 Gilles                                                    Street

                                                                                                                                                                                 South                                              Terrace
                                                                                               Princess                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Gl              4
                                                        Goodwood Road

                                                                                                                           Sir Lewis Cohen

                                                                                                                                                                Veale                                                                             Glover                                                                     en

                                                                            Royal Adelaide

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Peacock Road


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Hutt Road

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Unley Road

                                                                                                                                                               Gardens                                                                          Playground                                                                        Os







Major Attractions
1 Adelaide Botanic Garden                                                                                                                                 9 Bradman Collection                                                                                                                                        16 National Wine Centre of Australia
2 Adelaide Central Market                                                                                                                                10 City of Adelaide Golf Links                                                                                                                               17 Old Adelaide Gaol
3 Adelaide Festival Centre                                                                                                                               11 Government House                                                                                                                                         18 Parliament House
4 Adelaide Himeji Gardens                                                                                                                                12 General Post Office                                                                                                                                      19 South Australian Museum
5 Adelaide Oval                                                                                                                                          13 Lights Vision                                                                                                                                            20 State Library of South Australia
6 Adelaide Zoo                                                                                                                                           14 Migration Museum
7 Art Gallery of South Australia                                                                                                                         15 National Aboriginal Cultural
8 Bicentennial Conservatory                                                                                                                                                 Institute - Tandanya
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•   Adelaide City Council
•   Central Community Legal Service
•   Department of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology
•   Flinders University
•   Lawasia Committee of the Law Society of South Australia
•   South Australia Police
•   South Australian Tourism Commission
•   The University of Adelaide
•   University of South Australia
•   The Department of Trade & Economic Development

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