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					Bordertown Bootleggers
Western Swing Allstars
“Langley proves throughout why he is one of the best hard bop and
soul Jazz guitarists on the scene.” All About Jazz

“Langley Soars with conviction and maturity” Downbeat

Producer/Guitarist Jake Langley has produced an exceptional
recording of original music and Western Swing classics with The
Bordertown Bootleggers. He has enlisted several giants of the genre
including Grammy Award winners Cindy Cashdollar (Asleep at the
Wheel, Van Morrison, Rod Stewart, Ryan Adams) Danny Levin (Asleep
at the Wheel), Floyd Domino (Asleep at the Wheel, Waylon Jennings)
and Kevin Smith (Dwight Yokam).

A hard swinging recording that still remains true to the roots of
Western Swing with nods to the blues and jazz featuring classics by
Spade Cooley, Speedy West, The Texas Troubadours as well as
original instrumentals.

Recorded exclusively with vintage instruments and recording gear at
Austin’s Bismeaux Studios, Langley gets a warm tone from his 1950’s
Gibson guitars and amps and Cindy Cashdollar delivers fiery solos on
Steel guitar and Dobro. Danny Levin weaves beautiful fiddle lines and   Track Listing:
provides string arrangements and cello on the ballads. Floyd Domino
shines with his Boogie Woogie virtuosity on “Almost to Tulsa” and
plays with tenderness on the Herb Remington Ballad “Lonesome”.            1. Minor Imposition
“Limehouse Blues” features cameo appearances from two of western
swing’s kingpins: Ray Benson (Asleep at the Wheel) on guitar and          2. Lonesome
Joel Guzman on accordion. Another welcome guest is Rick Mcrae             3. Limehouse Blues
(George Straight) who contributes the composition “Turnin’ the
Corn” as well as a remarkable solo. Cindy Cashdollar shines on both       4. Fidoodlin’
ballads “Lonesome” and “Skylark” and her Dobro magic is heard on
the Langley’s original tunes “Minor Imposition” and “Bootlegger           5. String Theory
Blues” and on The Texas Troubadours’ classic “Almost to Tulsa”. Of        6. Skylark
course, the group’s nod to Jimmy Bryant/Speedy West group is full
of spunk and Cindy performs “Two of a Kind” and “Littlerock               7. Two Of A Kind
Getaway” with amazing finesse and soul. The guitar artistry of Jake
Langley can be heard throughout the recording and his Jazz chops          8. Almost To Tulsa
indeed shine but never seem out of place or overpowering.                 9. Turnin’ the Corn
Langley utilized old-school recording techniques to record the music      10. Little Rock Getaway
live to tape with vintage tube and ribbon mics to get that classic
warm sound. This recording brings back the sounds of classic Jimmy        11. Bootlegger Blues
Bryant/Speedy west records of the fifties and sixties.
                                                                         Release Date        12/22/10
This recording is fun to listen or dance to and the band plays as        Format                    CD
spirited inspired unit. The Bordertown Bootleggers are destined to       Wholesale Price CD     $9.25
become a major force in the Western Swing genre. This is Texas           Catalog Number     TPCD 2013
Jazz at its best.                                                        Suggested List        $17.99
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