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					  Arizona National Lien & Bond Co., LLC

              6641 S. Kings Ranch Rd.
              Ste. #5 PMB # 105
              Gold Canyon, Arizona 85118

           Telephone: 602-635-4629
                 Fax: 480-452-0351
     Why choose Arizona National Lien & Bond Co?

                                           We Protect Your Profits!

Consider us one stop shopping!
We provide a variety of services to         We save you the time and effort it takes to re-
help protect your profits. From             search every situation. When we prepare your
notices to collections, we do it all!       Preliminary Notice, we thoroughly investigate and
                                            verify not only the correct addresses of all parties
                                            and job sites, but also verify ownerships and in
                                            what capacity the involved parties are serving on
                                            any particular project.

                   We have the knowledge of individual
                   state requirements.     In some states
                   you are required to notify the General
                   Contractor, the Owner, the Lender, the
                   Tenant and the Bonding Agent. Failure
                   to notify any one of these parties can
                   result in the loss of your right to file a
                                                                It is much more cost effective
          Mechanic’s Lien on the property. Sending the
                                                                for your company. Using your
          Notice to the incorrect address, incorrectly
                                                                valuable staff to take the time
          identifying the lot parcel number, or even hav-
                                                                to find and process forms they
          ing the margins set incorrectly on the paper-
                                                                are unfamiliar with, access
          work itself can void the entire Preliminary No-
                                                                county and state records, make
                                                                dozens of phone calls to verify
                                                                information, and properly docu-
                                                                ment conversations with in-
                                                                volved parties is impractical.
                                                                Even completing postal paper-
       Plus                  Licensed                           work and dealing with the post

                                                                office's own requirements can
                             Bonded                             be a job in itself.
      We                     Insured

                                                                  Arizona National Lien & Bond Co. LLC
                                                                                         Revised 9/2009
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       We Protect Your Profits!
                                          We are a loss prevention organization
                                          created to protect the construction
                                          industry. We are a full service lien and
                                          bond company, ready to serve as your
                                          agent for the protection of your rights
                                          and insure prompt payment!

Construction Notices:          We file your notices timely & accurately. We have a full
                               staff of professional investigators that do nothing but verify
•   Preliminary Notices        the owners of project properties, second owners, financial
•   Notice of Intent to Lien   institutions as well as bonding companies. If a job is with
•   Stop Notices               the government and no bond information is provided at the
•   Mechanic’s Liens           time of request, our verifiers not only get that
•   Bond Claims                information, but a copy of the payment & performance
                               bond as well.

Collection Recovery:           AZ National is in partnership with The Law
                               Offices of Alfonso R. Trujillo and Associates. Mr. Trujillo
                               and his team will work with you and your debtors to get
                               you paid quickly and in full. We have a relationship with
                               Mr. Trujillo where his firm will represent your company
                               on a contingency fee basis.

Private Investigations: We specialize in financial investigations and skip
                               tracing. Working along side The Law Offices of Alfonso
                               R. Trujillo and Associates, we search out assets to assure
                               prompt payment to you. We can approve your credit ap-
                               plications before you enter into a new business contract
                               so that you know who you’re doing business with and
                               what their financial track record shows.

100% Payment                   If you use our service from beginning to end, we guaran-
Guarantee Program:             tee you’ll never lose another dime! There is no additional
                               cost to you, and we back this guarantee with a ONE
                               MILLION DOLLAR Errors & Omissions Insurance Policy!

                                                                Arizon National Lien & Bond Co, LLC
                                                                                      Revised 9/2009
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            Preliminary Notices Make Sense!
                                                  Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Preliminary Notice?
A Preliminary Notice may also be referred to as a Prelien, Prelim, Notice to Owner, Notice of Com-
mencement or as a 20-day Preliminary Notice depending on which state you are working in. The
main purpose of the Preliminary Notice is to announce that you and your company are present and
that you have a financial interest in the property being improved. In many cases, though the General
Contractor knows that you are providing labor and/or materials to the job, his customer (presumably
the property owner) may not know of your involvement. It is your legal responsibility to notify the
owner (and all other financially interested parties) that you have this claim.

When Should You Use Preliminary Notices and the like?
In most states there is no legal requirement to use the Mechanic’s Lien process (California is one
exception since a subcontractor can face disciplinary action for not serving a pre-
liminary notice!!). In this light, some contractors and suppliers consider the Mechanic’s Lien process
as merely an option for protection provided by the various states, but not really important to use.
Invariably the question arises, "Why should I bother to use Mechanic’s Liens to protect myself?"
In many states suppliers, contractors, and subcontractors are afraid to file Preliminary Notices or
Lien Warning Notices on certain customers because of some rather outdated concerns of ‘offending’
their customer, i.e. the filing of these documents somehow denotes a lack of trust or personal insult
to the customer. In return, we would argue that the days of the handshake as a binding legal and
moral contract are gone.

Why should I file a Preliminary Notice?
Filing a Preliminary Notice is the first and most important step that you can take in the protection of
your lien rights. Although most business negotiations are made with the best intentions, in the Con-
struction Industry it is not hard to understand why so many invoices get overlooked, passed on to
the wrong department, or even sent to the wrong company for payment. The fact is, once your in-
voice becomes “past due,” every day that goes by without payment reduces your chance of being
paid altogether for your labor or materials.
Although laws vary from state to state, in most states, failure to file a Preliminary Notice will result in
the loss of your lien rights against any improved property. What this means is that if you don’t file a
Preliminary Notice within a specified time period, you will not be able to legally file a Mechanic's Lien to
ensure your ability to collect monies owed to you.

                                                                        Arizona National Lien & Bond Co , LLC
                                                                                                  Revised 1/2009
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             Preliminary Notices Make Sense!

Should I file a Preliminary Notice on every job?
Considering the small cost of serving a Preliminary Notice, it is a good idea to make this a standard
operating procedure for your company. This small investment provides a huge incentive for the paying
party to make sure your company's invoices are at the top of the list when payments go out.

When should a Preliminary Notice be filed?
Although requirements vary from state to state, a good rule of thumb is to file the Notice the same
day you begin work on or ship materials to the jobsite. This will protect your entire investment in
the property starting from day one. In Arizona you have 20 days after the start date of your project
to serve a Preliminary Notice. As a Arizona National Lien & Bond Co. client, we will provide with all the
information you need to file timely notices.

When should I file a Mechanics Lien?
You can file a Mechanics Lien against the property as soon as you feel you’ve waited long enough to
be paid for the materials and/or labor you provided on the job named in your Preliminary Notice. In
most states there are statutes that determine how long you have from the date of the Notice of Com-
pletion or the Notice of Cessation to file a Mechanic's Lien, which is normally 60 to 90 days after the
job has been completed, and/or these notices have been filed. To find out what the exact statutes
are for the state you are doing business in, feel free to call our office. One of our knowledgeable
staff will research your specific situation and advise you.

What’s the easiest way to request a Preliminary Notice?
Arizona National Lien & Bond Co. offers a fully interactive website that allows you to complete the
Preliminary Notice request form in just a matter of minutes. You may also fax your requests to us
(email or call us to request the initial "Company Packet" that contains the necessary forms).
Every request received from our clients is confirmed either by email or fax.

How do I know if I have lien rights on a specific job?
You may call us. We know the law regarding your lien rights in most situations. We have the Law
Offices of Alfonso R. Trujillo and Associates, P.L.L.C. on-site. Mr. Trujillo and his team specialize in
construction law.

                                                                            Arizon National Lien & Bond Co, LLC
                                                                                                   Revised 9/2009
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     Other Services We Offer...

                              Loss Prevention
                              We conduct seminars on-site or off-site to
                              educate your staff and customers on their
                              Lien Rights and the steps needed to
                              protect your profits.

Employment Background Checks:
We conduct complete background checks on
potential employees, including criminal history.
We verify the information listed on their
application is accurate and obtain 3
references for validation.

                                       Negotiate Bond Claims:
                Take the hassle out of bond claims by assigning the
               bond claim to our collection department. Our trained
                    analysts will negotiate payment on your behalf.

                                                   Arizon National Lien & Bond Co, LLC
                                                                         Revised 9/2009
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        What our clients are saying...

When I first started my business in Phoenix, I made a few mistakes by trusting other contractors.
I almost lost everything I owned. I heard about AZ National through other contractors
and began doing preliens on my jobs. They educated me on how to protect myself and I would
highly recommend their services. I worry a lot less about getting paid now that I use their
program because it works!
                                                                               Electrical Contractor/Phoenix, AZ

I can’t believe you were able to collect on such an old debt owed to me. This customer has owed
me $56,000 for over 2 years.
                                                                                 General Contractor/ Miami, FL

I just want to say thank you to AZ National Services for being
so helpful and patient with all my questions. Preliens are
something we just started doing so I want to make sure we
know what we’re doing.
                                      General Contractor/ San Diego, CA

Wow, what a difference Lien & Bond Services has made to my accounts payable department. I no
longer have to spend hours on end calling for payments. It’s amazing!
                                                                                    Pool Contractor/ Tempe, AZ

                                                                     Arizona National Lien & Bond Co. LLC
                                                                                                Revised 9/2009
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                        2009 Price List                                             •
                                                                                          No Set Up Fee
                                                                                          No Annual Fee
                                                                                          No Additional Charges
                                                                                          for high dollar projects.
                                                                                    •     National Account Fee
                                                                                          Structure available

Arizona Preliminary Notices                                  Texas tracking                                              $   25.00
Based on quantity per month                                  Monthly tracking (all other states)                         $   15.00
                                                             Amendment to Preliminary Notice                             $   15.00
1-25                                $24.00   per    notice   Cancellation of Preliminary Notice                          $   15.00
26-50                               $22.00   per    notice   (Cancellations received more than 48 hours after request)
51-100                              $20.00   per    notice
101-150                             $18.00   per    notice   Liens and Bond Claims
151-200                             $16.00   per    notice   Additional per lot fee for blanket notices apply.

Over 200                            $14.00   per    notice   Intent to Lien or Bond                                      $100.00
                                                             Lien Filing                                                 $350.00
All Other States Preliminary Notices                         (Maricopa Co, AZ received $75 discount)
Based on quantity per month                                  Bond Claim                                                  $150.00
1-25                                $35.00   per    notice   Stop Notice Filing                                          $100.00
                                                                                                           (plus cost of bond)
26-50                               $33.00   per    notice
51-100                              $31.00   per    notice   Release of Claim                                            $75.00
101-150                             $29.00   per    notice   Amendment to Claim                                          $125.00
151-200                             $27.00   per    notice   Cancellation of Claim                                       $75.00
                                                             (Cancellations received more than 48 hours after request)
Over 200                            $25.00   per    notice
                                                             Other Services
Additional per lot fee for blanket notices apply.
                                                             Demand Letter                                               $50.00
Rush Fees                                                    -With Collection Referral                                   Free

Preliminary Notice                  $20.00 per notice        Credit Application Check                                    $85.00
(process in less than 5 business days)                       Employment Background Check                                 $135.00

Lien Filing                         $100.00 per notice       Collections Referral                               Call for quote
(process in less than 5 business days)

Bond Claim                          $75.00 per notice
(process in less than 5 business days)

Additional fees will apply to notices with more then 5 pages or more then 5 parties. These fees may
vary depending on state. Certified mailing and overnight fees are not included. All prices are per

                                                                                        Arizona National Lien & Bond Co. LLC
                                                                                                                         Revised 9/2009
Prices subject to change without notice.                                                                                         Page 8
    Getting Started

Arizona National Lien & Bond Co. currently has over 400 clients nationwide.
We have earned their trust and respect by consistently providing accurate,
prompt and reliable services with the friendliest and most helpful office staff.
We’ll earn yours the same way!

In order for us to start protecting your profits, please complete the following
checklist and return either by US Mail or fax to:

                   Arizona National Lien & Bond Co, LLC
                          6641 S. Kings Ranch Rd.
                          Building #5 Suite #105
                          Gold Canyon, AZ 85118
             Telephone: (602) 635-4629 Fax: (480) 452-0351

            Lien Service
            Read and sign the Service Agreement
            Complete the Company Contact Form

            Credit Application/Financial Background Checks
            Read and sign the Credit Approval Agreement.

            100% Payment Guarantee Program
            Read and sign the 100% Payment Guarantee Program

            Collection Recovery
            Contact our office for the Client Engagement Agreement
            Complete the Collection Referral Form for each collection
            account assigned to our office.

                                                 Sign Up Today!
      Service Agreement                                                                            6641 S. Kings Ranch Rd.
                                                                                                   Building #5 Suite #105
                                                                                                   Gold Canyon, AZ 85118
                                                                                                   Phone: (602) 635-4629
                                                                                                   Fax:    (480) 452-0351
Arizona National Lien & Bond Co., LLC, an Arizona Limited Liability Company, herein after AZ National, will provide clerical
and related information gathering services for the preparation and purpose of preliminary notices and all related claims relating
thereto, according to the following terms and conditions.

1. AZ National will prepare and process preliminary notices/claims for customers after receiving such
request in writing, via mail, e-mail, by telephone or fax, from the customer, or an authorized agent for said customer. The
customer agrees to provide the following information.
                      Customer’s name, address and telephone number
                      Job site name and address
                      Materials and/or labor to be furnished
                      Owner, General Contractor, and Lender information- if known
                      Date job started or planned starting date
                      Estimated cost of labor and/or materials to be supplied to said job
2. The customer will provide above information within a minimum of five working days, for processing and
     service, except for expedited service offered by AZ National. AZ National will process the prelimi-
     nary notice/claim based on the information provided by the customer. Customer acknowledges that AZ National will
     rely on the information provided by customer, and any inaccuracy in such information provided by customer is not the
     responsibility of AZ National. Customer agrees to review any documents from AZ National to insure their accuracy.
     In no event will AZ National be responsible for notices and/or claims that are inaccurate or invalid based on information
     provided by customer. Customer is advised to monitor the job progress, and immediately inform AZ National
     of any changes to the job that require changes to the preliminary notice and/or claim.
3. AZ National will gather all appropriate information, other than that set forth above, from one or more of the
following public and/or private sources:
                     Direct contact with the reputed Contractor, reputed Owner of the real property and/or direct
                     contact with the reputed Lender- Ownership information from county tax assessment records
                     and/or building permits on file in the city or county of the job site.
4. The services provided by AZ National are designed to provide all customers with accurate and
timely preparation for service of preliminary notices and all related claim notices. Every reasonable effort will be made to
gather reliable information; all information is gathered from outside public records and private sources without independent
verification. Accordingly, no representation is made as to its ultimate accuracy.
5. AZ National are provided with the express knowledge that we do not engage in providing legal advice and are
not in the practice of law.
The customer agrees to hold AZ National, its officers, agents, and employees harmless for all claims resulting from
     any loss, damage or injury, of any and every nature whatsoever, including special or consequential damages, including
     attorneys fees resulting from, or in any way connected with, the preparation, service and/or recording of preliminary no-
     tices, related claim notices, or other services rendered. AZ National has explained that notices and filings must
     contain statutory information and timeframes required by statute must to be strictly adhered to. The customer hereby
     releases AZ National of any liability due to the timeliness or wrongful filing of notices, liens or claims unless
     customer is enrolled in AZ National's 100% Payment Guarantee Program. (See 100% Payment Guarantee Agreement for additional
The customer appoints AZ National as limited agent to execute preliminary notices or related
claim notices and to complete the requisite declarations of service. AZ National will provide a completed copy of
each preliminary notice and/or related claim notice to customer.
The customer agrees to pay for the above referenced services upon receipt of invoices generated monthly. All past due in-
voices greater than 30 days will be subject to 1.5% per month late fee for all outstanding balances.
In the event of a default in payment, the customer agrees to pay reasonable attorney fees and collection costs.
Customer agrees that any such proceeding shall take place in Maricopa County, AZ. Customer understands that they are
waiving their right to litigate outside of Maricopa County, AZ. Fees are subject to change without notice.

The undersigned agrees to unconditionally guarantee payment of all sums owed pursuant to this Agreement and further agrees
to its terms regarding venue. This is intended to be, and is, a continuing guarantee and shall not be revoked except by written
notice to AZ National.

         ________________________________________       _______________________________________________
         Guarantor Signature                                  Guarantor Signature

         ________________________________________ _______________________________________________
         Guarantor Name/Title (Please Print)     Guarantor Name/Title (Please Print)

         (Full Company Name) (Please Print)

         Dated: _________________________________       _____________________________________
                                                             (Signature of AZ National Authorizing Agent)                Revised 9/2009
                                                                                                                                Page 10
Company Contact Form                                                         Arizona National Lien & Bond Co, LLC
                                                                             6641 S. Kings Ranch Rd.
                                                                             Building #5 Suite #105
                                                                             Gold Canyon, AZ 85118
                                                                             Phone: (602) 635-4629
                                                                             Fax:    (480) 452-0351

Legal Company Name                                                License Number

Street Address

City                                                              State                       Zip Code

Office Phone                                                      Fax Number

Contact Person

Contact Person Phone /Extension                                   E-mail address

Type of product or service your company furnishes

Do you furnish specially fabricated materials?           Yes                         No

Is there a retainage withheld on your jobs?              Yes                         No

What percent interest or service charge do you have stated in writing on your credit application, contracts, invoices,
etc., if your customers do not pay timely?          ___ %

                                                               Estimated Notices Per Month:
Person providing company information

How did you hear about us?                    Referral     Who may we thank?

                                              Online      Please specify website:

                                              Other        Please specify:

                                                                                   Arizona National Lien & Bond Co. LLC
                                                                                                          Revised 9/2009
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      100% Payment Guarantee Program
                                                                        Arizona National Lien & Bond Co, LLC
                                                                        6641 S. Kings Ranch Rd.
                                                                        Building #5 Suite #105
                                                                        Gold Canyon, AZ 85118
                                                                        Phone: (602) 635-4629
                                                                        Fax:    (480) 452-0351

        Arizona National Lien & Bond Co., LLC and
        agree as follows:
        Arizona National Lien & Bond Co., LLC is committed to protecting your profits!
        We are confident, by following our 4 step process, you will never lose another dime!

      To take advantage of the 100% Payment Guarantee Program, you must follow our 4 step
      program as detailed below:

      1) Credit Approval/Corporate Background Check
         Prior to engaging in business with new or existing customers, submit credit application
         or company information to our office for credit extension approval and/or a corporate
         background check. For cost and full details of this program, please see the ‘Credit
         Approval Agreement’.
      2) File timely Preliminary Construction Notices/Notices to Owner
         Follow the statute requirements for the state your job is located in and submit requests
         to our office. Please allow 5-10 business days for processing. For requests needing to
         be processed within 48 hours, RUSH fees will apply. For cost and full details please see
         the Lien and AZ National 2009 Price List and Service Agreement.
      3) Mechanics Lien Filing/Bond Claim Filing
         If within 60 days of project completion, you have not been paid in full, submit a Mechanic's
         Lien request to our office for recording. For cost and full details please see the AZ National
         2009 Price List and Service Agreement.
      4) Collection Recovery Program
         If you have not been paid in full within 60 days of project completion, submit to our office a
         collection referral form along with supporting documentation. For cost and full details
         please contact the Law Offices of Alfonso R. Trujillo and Associtates, P.L.L.C.

Arizona National Lien & Bond Co., LLC and the Law Offices of Alfonso R. Trujillo and Associates, P.L.L.C.
cannot be held responsible for inaccurate information obtained from any municipal authority
(city, state, or county agencies).

Accepted for:                                               Date:

By:                                                         Title:

ACCEPTED FOR Arizona National Lien & Bond Co., LLC

By:                                                         Date:

                                                                          Arizona National Lien & Bond Co. LLC
                                                                                                 Revised 9/2009
                                                                                                         Page 12
                                                                                      6641 S. Kings Ranch Rd.
                                                                                      Building #5 Suite #105
                                                                                      Gold Canyon, AZ 85118
                                                                                      Phone: (602) 635-4629
                                                                                      Fax:    (480) 452-0351


                          and Associates, P.L.L.C.

             Recovery Division
Lien & Bond Investigations (LBI) is a full service Pri-
vate Investigation firm working with The Law Of-
fices of Alfonso R. Trujillo and Associates, P.L.L.C.,
an Arizona law firm, specializing in commercial,
consumer, and judgment debt collection nation-
wide. We represent our clients on a contingency
fee basis, which means that our clients are not
charged unless we are successful in collecting
the account. As a full service Recovery Service, we
also offer the option of reporting all delinquent ac-              We Protect Your Profits!
counts to the credit bureaus at no additional cost.                     Fast, Efficient Recovery
We also assist our clients in obtaining the informa-                   Confidential and Discreet
tion needed to report written off debt to the IRS in                       Bonded & Insured
order to take advantage of the bad debt tax deduc-
tion. Depending on state law, we can even collect
on accounts up to 6 years old!

             Credit Counseling                                  Alfonso R. Trujillo
LBI conducts complete financial investigations on
your current and potential customers, including the       Lien & Bond Investigations is proud to be a part of
corporation itself and the officers and personal          the Alfonso R. Trujillo and Associates team. Mr.
guarantors. LBI then advises your company of its          Trujillo and his associates are on-site to answer
findings in order to assist you in making an intelli-     all of our client’s legal inquiries. Mr. Trujillo spe-
gent, educated decision before you open an ac-            cializes in construction law and commercial recov-
count, sell merchandise or materials on credit            ery services. He is available to represent our cli-
                                                          ents on perfection of lien claims and to file suit
                                                          against your debtor when all other avenues of col-
          Private Investigations                          lection have failed. Both Mr. Trujillo and LBI rep-
Our licensed Private Investigators are experts in         resent our clients on a contingency fee basis; if
financial asset investigations. Our research allows       the firm cannot hand you a check, you owe them
us to know what assets a debtor has so that when          nothing.
he says “I just don’t have the money to pay,” we
know better. We also excel in judgment recovery.
There is a common misconception that once you             In essence, as a client of The Law Offices of
receive a judgment, you will be paid. Unfortu-            Alfonso R. Trujillo and Associates, you have
nately, to a debtor a judgment is just another bill       immediate strength from a host of skills and
that won’t be paid. We can collect on judgments by        disciplines. While we use the knowledge and
seizing your debtor’s assets and selling them in or-      experience gained with each case, we treat
der to recover the judgment amount.                       each problem individually. The team tailors
                                                          their approach to each problem assigned to
                                                          us. We do not believe that “one size fits all.”

“Our primary mission is to provide our clients with effective and efficient debt recovery services
while doing so in the highest ethical and professional manner. Serving our clients in commercial
collection and providing credit counseling when requested, with both pride and enthusiasm are
our company goals.”                                               -Alfonso R. Trujillo, Attorney
Law Offices of Alfonso R. Trujillo and Associates, P.L.L.C.
We Protect Your Profits

                          COLLECTION REFERRAL FORM

                                                        Today’s Date: ____________
Company Name:______________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________

City: _________________________________State:____________Zip:__________________

Your Name _________________________________ Phone:___________________________

Signature                                  _________Title:____________________________

                        The Law Offices of Alfonso R. Trujillo and Associates
                            6641 S. Kings Ranch Rd. Bldg #5 Suite #105
                            Gold Canyon, Arizona 85118
                         Phone (602) 635-4629         Fax (480) 452-0351

                  Please use this form when submitting collection accounts.

In order for us to serve you better, please send the following information as stated below.

DEBTOR: ___________________________________________________________________

DEBTOR CONTACT NAME: ______________________________________________________

ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________________

CITY: _______________________________STATE:__________ZIP:____________________

PHONE NUMBER(S) ___________________________________________________________

YOUR DEBTOR ACCOUNT NUMBER: ______________________________________________

DEBT AMOUNT DUE: ___________________________              DATE LAST PAID________________






PLEASE BE SURE to include a copy of any of the following applicable:
   Copy of the actual judgment
   Invoices supporting debt amount due and/or statement of account listing payments
      made to date
   Credit Application and/or contract agreement signed by your customer
   Send us EVERYTHING signed by your customer!

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