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					Chemistry                                                                                       Unit 1C.1 & C.2
                                           Solubility Practice

1. The two components of a solution are the _______________ and the _______________.

2. A solution is considered to be a ____________________(homogeneous/heterogeneous) mixture.

3. An _____________________(saturated/unsaturated/supersaturated) solution is on that contains less
dissolved solute than the amount that the solvent can normally hold at that temperature.

4. Careful cooling of a hot saturated solution can produce a _________________________ solution.

5. A large amount of solute per unit volume of a solvent produces a
___________________(dilute/concentrated) solution.

Identify the solute and the solvent of the following solutions:
6. salt water
7. humidity
8. atmosphere (78% nitrogen)
9. kool-aid
10. sterling silver (Ag alloy with Cu)

Use the solubility curve below to answer all of the following questions.

1. Which substance does not appear to increase greatly in solubility as temperature is increased?
Chemistry                                                                               Unit 1C.1 & C.2
2. Which substance decreases in solubility as temperature is increased?
3. Which substance increases the most in solubility as temperature is increased?
4. Which substance is most soluble at 15°C?
5. Which substance is least soluble at 65°C?
6. AT 80°C, how much KBr will dissolve?
7. How much NH4Cl will dissolve at 50°C?
8. Which two substances have the same solubility at 73°C?
9. What is the most KBr that can be dissolved at 70°C?
10. At what temperature would you need 100 ml of water to dissolve 50 grams of NH4Cl?