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					                  TUHSD Computer Proficiency Test
                                 Objective Terms & Concepts
The following terms and concepts are topics that may be covered on the objective component of the TUHSD
computer proficiency test. To prepare for this exam, you should thoroughly understand all of these terms and
concepts, know what they mean and what they stand for, know how they work and how they can be used, be
familiar with their specifications, and understand how they relate to each other. In addition, you will need to
study the online diagram of the backs of several computers to make sure you know the name and purpose of
every port shown and are familiar with the types of devices that can be plugged into each of those ports.

--analog (phone) modem                                      --microphone
--cable modem                                               --monitor
--circuit board                                             --motherboard
--compact disc                                              --mouse
--computer case                                             --onboard sound
--CPU                                                       --on/off switch
--data/music CD                                             --output device
--desktop computer                                          --parallel
--DVD                                                       --peripheral
--electrical current                                        --port
--Ethernet adapter                                          --power supply
--external drive                                            --power/electronic surge/spike
--fax machine                                               --printer
--FireWire                                                  --RAM
--flash/memory card/drive                                   --ROM
--floppy disk                                               --scanner
--gigahertz                                                 --serial
--hard disk drive                                           --sound card
--hardware                                                  --speakers
--headphones                                                --speech digitizer
--input device                                              --specifications for, & cost of, buying a computer today
--keyboard                                                  --surge protector
--laptop computer                                           --touch screen
--memory chips                                              --types & purpose of computer cases
--methods of playing sound                                  --USB

--Adobe Acrobat Reader                                      --purpose of operating systems
--Adobe Photoshop                                           --software
--computer program                                          --software application
--database application                                      --software patch
--Microsoft Excel                                           --software update
--Microsoft PowerPoint                                      --software upgrade
--Microsoft Word                                            --spreadsheet application
--operating system                                          --Web browser
--operating systems (Mac OS, Microsoft Windows,             --Web browsers (Apple Safari, Microsoft Internet
  Red Hat Linux)                                              Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Navigator)
--presentation software                                     --word processing application

Information Literacy
--accuracy of online information                            --online bias
--benefits/disadvantages of online information              --online catalog
--electronic database                                       --search engine
--Google.com                                                --Web site references
--Lycos.com                                                 --Yahoo.com
--methods of verifying online information
File Management
--audio file endings (.aif, .mid, .mp3, .snd, .wav)                   --other file endings (.doc, .pdf, .ppt, .rtf, .swf, .wps, .xls)
--file                                                                --purpose of file endings/suffixes
--file ending/suffix                                                  --saving documents
--folder                                                              --text file endings (.bat, .cgi, .csv, .htm, .html, .js, .txt, .xml)
--graphics file endings (.bmp, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .psd, .tif)   --video file endings (.avi, .mov, .mpg, .rm, .wma)

--AOL                                                                 --Internet
--bandwidth                                                           --ISP
--blog                                                                --local hard disk drive
--broadband                                                           --network
--cable                                                               --network drive
--computer network                                                    --online chatting
--cookie                                                              --online forum/discussion group
--dial-up                                                             --online journal/diary
--domain                                                              --T1 line
--download                                                            --T3 line
--DSL                                                                 --Web page
--Ethernet                                                            --World Wide Web
--FTP                                                                 --upload
--Home page                                                           --URL
--how the Internet was created/formed

--attachment                                                          --e-mail client
--carbon copy                                                         --format of e-mail addresses
--e-mail                                                              --spam

--anti-virus/spyware software                                         --methods of preventing viruses & spyware
--effects of spyware                                                  --methods of transmitting viruses/spyware
--effects of viruses                                                  --spyware
--how spyware is created                                              --trojan horse
--how viruses are formed                                              --virus
--macro virus                                                         --worm

--copyright laws                                                      --shareware
--freeware                                                            --software legal rights
--hacker                                                              --software licensing
--general computer ethics                                             --software piracy

--Adobe                                                               --ergonomics
--aid for people with physical disabilities                           --GIF
--Apple Computer, Inc.                                                --hard copy
--Bill Gates                                                          --information technology specialist
--case-sensitive                                                      --Intel
--causes of computer crashes                                          --JPEG
--causes of computer slowness                                         --manual
--causes of slow Internet connections                                 --Microsoft Corporation
--computer crash                                                      --network technician
--data analyst                                                        --printout
--default                                                             --real time
--differences between Macintosh & Windows computers                   --Steve Jobs
--eBay.com                                                            --system administrator

                           Be sure to thoroughly study this online diagram.