hardware assignments.doc - Cardinal Stritch University by chenmeixiu


									Bridget         Motherboards – sizes, types include chipsets and
Atkinson        feature lists.
Eric Carlson    Storage Devices – Hard Drives – How do they
                work? What sizes are appropriate for users?
Carmen          Optical Drives – CD, DVD, all kinds of burners;
DeBack          Don’t forget DVD+R and DVD-R. What is needed
                for most users, power users?
Bradley         Printers, Laser, Inkjet, others, How do they work,
Dzikowski       how are the different. What do they cost per
                page? How do they connect?
Shawn Eckert    Processors, Intel, AMD and others How do
                processors differ, how much speed is enough.
                History and future predictions might be nice.
Arlene Feucht   Computer cases and power supplies, fans
                pictures here might be helpful.
Jennifer Kern   Memory, including pen drives USB drives
                memory sticks etc. What should we know.
Matt Kolpack    Graphics cards & Monitors, include Multiple
                Monitor systems
Jeff            Digital Cameras – scanners
Peggy Murphy    Windows Vista, what is it like? What do we need
                to know?
Pamela          Input devices, i.e. mouse, keyboard, trackball etc.
Schulteis       Wireless? Bluetooth?
Laura Staats    Sound processing. Sound Cards, internal,
                external etc.
Katherine       Current state of Macintosh hardware? What is
Tarnowski       available, what is on its way?
Michele Taylor   Digital video, TV on the computer, Editing etc.
Brian Vetter     UPS (Uninterruptible Power supplies) What to do
                 when the power fails us.
Michelle         Notebooks, laptops other portable computing
Weinandt         devices.
Kersten          Home/Small Business network adapters, hubs,
Wuebben          switches, wireless etc. What should we use?

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