ebXML and Web Services

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					ebXML and Web Services

 Introduction to Web Services
SJSU Professional Development
     ebXML vs. Web Services
• ebXML initiative
  – Meta models describing networked business,
    process definitions, and discovery / execution
• Web services technologies
  – SOAP, UDDI, and WSDL
• Business process models (for WS)
• B2Bi as a driver of business technology
  – Fast and flexible discovery and execution
  – Requires documented process models for „flow‟
Core of ebXML Architecture (1)
• A standard mechanism for describing a
  business process
• A mechanism for registering and storing
  business process and information
• Discovery of information about each
  participant (potential business partners)
• A mechanism for registering the
  aforementioned information (resource)
Core of ebXML Architecture (2)
• A mechanism for describing the
  execution of a mutually agreed upon
  business arrangement
• A standardized business messaging
  service framework
• A mechanism for configuration of the
  respective messaging services
         What ebXML is (1)
• A set of guidelines for documenting what a
  business does and how it does it
• An extension of UDDI built into ebXML to
  allow the discovery and registration of
  business process meta models
• ebXML describes the process used by other
  companies to discover descriptive information
  about other registered companies
          What ebXML is (2)
• ebXML allows companies to register the
  specifics of their ebXML implementations
• CPA is the key document used to describe how
  companies will link their business process meta
• Messaging service describes XML extensions
  used to package business process information
  and route them between companies
     ebXML in a Nutshell (1)
• To sum up, ebXML:
• Allows companies to find companies
  they would like to do business with
• Defines a suite of specifications to
  create a standardized environment of
  ebXML-compliant companies that can
  integrate applications with relative ease
    ebXML in a Nutshell (2)
• Describes reusable business processes
  for fast implementation
• Can be extended to provide custom
  business process implementations
• Implements a messaging framework,
  describing how to interoperate between
  companies via various protocols
           Web Services
• Web services are also starting to adopt
  specifications to allow disconnected
  business transactions such as WS-
  Coordination, WS-Transaction, and the
  WS-Choreography working group
• Initiatives including BPMI, BPML, BPEL,
  BPEL4WS, WSCI, WSFL, and others
  capture the „execution‟ of a WS process
        WS Working Groups
• WS-Coordination
• WS-Transaction
  – http://www-
• WS-Choreography
• ebXML is an initiative (XML and B2Bi)
• WS are a set of (XML-Web) technologies
  „bridging‟ B2Bi using XML (UML) and WS.
• “Without standards bodies and initiatives, the
  Web services marketplace may be divided
  into a number of non-interoperable sub-
  networks” (XML Cover Pages)