Crucible Crossword Puzzle (DOC) by keralaguest


									Crucible Crossword Puzzle
4. Asks Tituba to conjure the spirits of her dead siblings
5. When the opposite of what is expected happens
7. Female Character who leads the other girls in the witchcraft hysteria
8. Warren Turns against John Proctor after being attacked in the courtroom
10. Used as physical evidence against Elizabeth
11. Characters like Danforth, Cheever, and others are (blank) hungry
14. He becomes upset at the court's decision to question those who support his wife
16. Author of The Crucible
18. Uses his daughter to get other men in the village in trouble
1. Refuses to confess because he does not want to deny himself his name
2. Cares too much about his reputation and too little about the truth
3. A container that resists heat
6. The girls claim this is attacking them in the courtroom
9. Her arrest prompts Hale's dissatisfaction with the proceedings
12. The leading factor for (false) confessions of witchcraft
13. Comes to realize that the court proceedings are wrong
15. If you commit a religious (blank), you have also broken the law
17. Government controlled by religion

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