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Application Security
& Business Analysis
Part 1

• Application Security & Business Analysis tool
• Keeps managers constantly informed on database changes
• Produces reports on changes over numerous years

     Relax. AP-Journal Will Check it for You.

     Reports- based on changes to business-critical application data

     Alerts (e.g. “Item price increased by more than 10%”)

     Keeps selected updates in intermediate storage for long periods

     Cross-application activity tracking (based on common identifiers in
     ERP, Finance, Shipment applications)

      Instantaneous access to data covering numerous years

      Used to meet regulatory requirements - SOX, HIPAA, PCI
      (Ensures only authorized programs update production data)

      Based on patent-pending technology

      Logging of Database Read Operations
     Reports & Conditions Created with AP-Journal

•   Who modified file PAYMENTS between 20:00 and 06:00 during vacation; among those,
    who reduced the PAYMENT_AMOUNT by more than 15%?
•   Who made changes to production file LOANS using a non-approved program?
•   Who worked on the SALARY file during non-standard business hours, and accessed
    records of employees whose salaries exceed $5K monthly?
•   Provide John with a timeline report of all changes made to John's MORTGAGE (covering
    the dozens of files in the MORTGAGE system), during the past 25 years?
•   Send an SMS message and e-mail to the company's Chief Security Officer, Manager of IT
    and Internal Auditor when the PRICE_OF_ITEM changes by more than 4%.
•   Send a SYSLOG message and operator message when the PRICE_OF_ITEM for an
    ITEM shipped last month changes by more than $6.20
•   Send an e-mail whenever an employee record whose SALARY is less than $5000 is read
    from file SALARIES.
•   Which users who are not in the HR department, modified the SALARIES table?
•   What changes to the hospital's PATIENTS file were made via utility application DFU?
•   Who made changes to field DISCOUNTS since last Sunday?
What does IBM DB-Journal Support?

  IBM DB-Journal is generally used for:

     • Data integrity – handling commitment control to ensure
       that a transaction involving several updates is complete

     • High Availability – enabling Hot Backup to ensure
       instantaneous access to updated business-critical
       application data

     • Incremental backup – saving “before” and “after”
       images of file updates

          If IBM DB-Journal is enabled, and functioning
         Use it to its best advantage with AP-Journal
AP-Journal Added Value

Reports integrating data
from multiple applications                 Powerful

Quickly generates user-friendly
printed/online reports from journals    Convenient

Real-time threshold-activated alerts      Efficient

No programming or changes to
applications, no performance impact

Effective storage of only user-
selected data in special “containers”

Flexible filters based on field data
(e.g. Price increased by over 10%)
    AP-Journal Real-Life Applications

     Alerts to Enforce Changing Business Rules and Policies
     • Corporate management often changes customer and discount policies
     • AP-Journal alerts ensure each salesperson handles only specific customers
       and doesn’t give customers discounts over a certain percentage

     Long-Term Reports
     • Mortgage bank uses AP-Journal to monitor the long-term history of all changes made
       to loans
     • Clerks have a user-friendly interface to produce “single-click” AP-Journal reports
     PCI Compliance
!    • Credit card company is required by PCI regulations & auditors to save many files
     • Accumulates 10M entries per hour, but monitors and issues alerts on only 5K entries
       per day using AP-Journal advanced filtering capabilities

     Using AP-Journal Containers to Save Disk Space
     • Company that needs weekly reports based on information from journal receivers
     • Limited disk capacity won’t allow saving information from receivers for more than 1 day
     • Uses AP-Journal Containers as temporary storage until weekly report is produced
Part 2
Alert Scenario
Monday Morning

“OK… Let’s define salary thresholds.
Assistants: Alert at over 10%...”

           Mr. Bryan Fields
          HR Audit Manager
         Insurance Company
Three days later…

       I got a 20% raise!”

                     Ms. Jane Smith
                 Administrative Assistant
                   Insurance Company
One second later…

  Mr. Bryan Fields
 HR Audit Manager
Insurance Company
At the Greenspan Residence

     “Dear… Shouldn’t we be done
     with our mortgage already?
     It’s been 35 years…”

   Mr. & Mrs. Greenspan
   Retired Senior Citizens
   At the Bank

“In just a minute, I will produce                  Mortgage Timeline:
a report that covers all the information           Greenspan family
 about all 35 years of your mortgage:
payments, interest rates, guarantors…”       15 Aug 1973    Mortgage start

                                             1 Oct. 1975    Change of interest rate +4%

                         Mr. Michael Hill    1 June 1978    Standard payment $800

                       Mortgage Consultant
                                             30 Nov 1981    Mortgage frozen

                                             4 Mar 1992     $15,000 installment

                                             1 Apr 1996     Guarantor replaced

                                             6 Jul 2001     Change of property

                                             1 Apr 2003     2nd mortgage added

                                             8 Jan 2007      Standard payment $1000
   Back at the Greenspan Residence

“Goodness! All that information in a single report.
This bank sure gives great service. “

   Mr. & Mrs. Greenspan
   Retired Senior Citizens
Part 3
About AP-Journal
  Facts about AP-Journal

• Based on IBM DB-Journal receivers
• Real-time – operates as soon as database update occurs
• No programming
• No maintenance – fully automated receivers and containers transfer,
 backup and removal

• Not Based on Triggers – no delay in application, works
 asynchronous to the application, can operate during off-peak hours

• Not intended to support QUADJRN (Security Audit Journal); for this
 see iSecurity/Audit
  Reporting Features

• Content
  •   From either Receivers or Containers
  •   Processes information (Who, What, When…)
  •   Records changes to data (“transfer-to account” changed)
  •   Compares with previous value (Quantity decreased > 100)
  •   Covers dozens of years of application history

• Format
  • Flexible filters, various levels of detail
  • Timeline reporting
  • Online – enables extension of filters
  • Printed – upon request or via included
  • Emailed- in PDF or HTML formats

  Alerts Features

• Content
  •   Real-time
  •   Threshold-activated
  •   Enables defining complex rules
  •   Supports comparison to group of items
  •   Fully editable message with field values
  •   Field values appear in Before/After images

• Format
  • Email including alert details
  • Message queue with alert details
  • CL script with access to event fields
  Business Analysis Features

• Patent Pending
• Traces customer activities throughout all applications:
   • Mortgage bank: reports containing timeline of all mortgage activity
     (payments, returns, guarantors) across 7 years
   • Insurance Company: reports integrating data from policy, collection,
     claims and accounting applications
• Accesses data exceptionally fast
• Special-purpose Containers store and index customer-selected
  business items for quick retrieval
• Can also function based upon the IBM Journal Receivers
Part 4
      Business Analysis:
      Integrating Data from Multiple Databases

                     Payments     Guarantors Interest Rates

                                   Loan No. 1

              Loan No. field is identified in all databases & indexed

Time            Operation     DB             Loan No.            Output
20   Apr 01      Update         Interest        1
03   Jan 03      Add            Payments        2
17   Feb 05      Add            Guarantors      1
12   Mar 05      Change         Payment         8
24   Jun 07      Update         Interest        9
11   May 08      Update         Payments        1             Screen      Report

       All changes to Loan No. 1 are integrated into a single report
           AP-Journal Technical Overview

             DB1       DB2   DB3

                                   Business Items

                   Journal A
DB-Reads                                                               Long-time storage
                                                                       for critical data
                                            C                     D                            Alert
                                                Processing of
                                                                   E                       F
                                                 Receivers in
                   Receivers                      Real time
                                                (or at night)

                   G   Reporting                                               G   Reporting
                       System                                                      System

                                   Screen         Email & HTML   Print-out
  Annotation of Technical Overview

A. DB changes are journaled into journal receivers using OS/400 facilities.

B. Read access actions are added to journal receivers. This unique AP-
   Journal feature allows for filtering only the necessary Reads.

C. For performance purposes, AP-Journal reads only the required files from
   the journal receivers.

D. Alerts can be generated using strong filtering capabilities; alerts sent as
   operator messages, SMS, SYSLOG, etc.

E. Important journaled data is kept for long periods in database files which are
   protected and emulate journal receivers.

F. Alerts on data stored in containers; alerts sent as in 4 above.

G. Single report definition can run on either journal receivers or containers.
  Technical Features

• *BEFORE / *AFTER journal types
• Remote Journal
• Performance optimized for High Availability (HA) Journals
  containing tens of millions of entries
• Operates in parallel to HA software
• Automatic exchange of Journal Receivers
• Automatic exchange of Containers (AP-Journal’s proprietary
• Automatic backup of containers
• Tracking offline containers
Part 5
AP-Journal Screens
AP-Journal Filtering Interface

                                             See explanation on following slides.

                                                 Either price or quantity differences
                                                     of more than 10% will trigger this

Both header (pink) and fields (black) can
   be filtered. Note “RR” in Entry field,
   enabling filter of Reads in addition to
   Deletes, Updates, etc.
    AP-Journal Filtering Capabilities

Column "BEFORE=B" in the previous slide is used to specify if the field
   value to be compared is the value Before or After the field update.

Further explanations to the line in the previous slide beginning “Test:” :

• EQ NE LE GE LT GT are standard Boolean operators
• N/LIST checks whether the field value appears in the supplied list of
•   N/LIKE checks if the field value resembles the value entered.
    If the % wildcard (signifying any number of characters) is not the first
    character, the value to be compared is position specific (i.e. the first
    character in the field will be compared to the first character specified
    in the filter condition).
•   N/START checks that the field value does not begin with the
    characters entered
    AP-Journal Filtering Capabilities

Explanations Continued:

• N/ITEM checks if the field value appear as an item in the
    GROUP/MEMBER specified
•   N/SAME checks that the Before and After values are the same
•   DIFxx checks if the difference between the Before and After values
    as entered in the Value column complies with the Boolean operator
    xx (EQ, NE, LE, etc.)
•   DIF%xx checks if the difference in percentage between the Before
    and After values as entered in the Value column complies with the
    Boolean operator xx (EQ, NE, LE, etc.)
Alert Message Definition Screen

                  Define a Generic Alert message
Alert Recipient & Format

                    Define who receives alerts and in what
                    format (email, message queue,
                    SYSLOG, etc.)
Optional Alert Action Script

                     Capture the offending user’s screens and after 5
                        minutes terminate the session.
Display of Database Update

               Display data before & after
                   any changes which were
                   made from a specific
                   IP address
Full Report Displaying All Changes

  Printable report highlighting the before &
  after data in fields which were changed
Defining journal file operations

                  Easy to read summary table of journal
                     activities per file/library.
Modify file operations

                    Define file operations and related
Alert conditions and SYSLOG message

                 Define alert conditions and appropriate
                     message for SYSLOG/e-mail/msg.
View SYSLOG real-time alerts

              Note SYSLOG messages as received
                 in SIEM product.
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