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									IST-004370 - RobotCub



                                                 ICDL 2004
IST-004370 - RobotCub

                        Main Keywords

               •   Cognition (manipulation)
               •   Human Development
               •   Embodiment
               •   Community Building

                                              ICDL 2004
IST-004370 - RobotCub

    Two Goals or a two-fold Goal?

                        Create a physical      Advance our
                          platform for       understanding of
                           embodied         several key issues
                           cognitive           in cognition

                                                                 ICDL 2004
IST-004370 - RobotCub

                        Main Figures
 • RobotCub is a 5 years projects
 • Presently the consortium is composed of 16
   Partners, 11 from Europe, 3 from Japan and 2
   from the USA.
 • Total Funding is 8.5 M€ and total effort is 1,651
   person-months (138 person-years)
 • Coordinator is the LIRA-Lab of the University of
   Genova: Giulio Sandini, Giorgio Metta and David

                                                 ICDL 2004
 IST-004370 - RobotCub
                                 Current Consortium
No                            Name                               Short Name               Main Expertise in Project
1 University of Genova – DIST
                                                                   UGDIST     Cognitive Robotics – Vision and Manipulation
   (Giulio Sandini, David Vernon, Giorgio Metta)
2 Scuola S. Anna – Pisa
                                                                   SSSUP      Cognitive Robotics – Manipulation Hardware
   (Paolo Dario)
3 University of Zurich
                                                                   UNIZH      Cognitive Robotics – Audition and Touch
   (Rolf Pfeifer)
4 University of Uppsala
                                                                   UNIUP      Cognitive development of manipulation skills in humans
   (Claes von Hofsten)
5 University of Ferrara
                                                                   UNIFE      Physiology of Manipulation control in humans
   (Luciano Fadiga)
6 University of Hertfordshire
                                                                    UH        Cognitive Behavior and Interaction
   (Kerstin Dautenhahn)
7 IST Lisbon
                                                                    IST       Cognitive Robotics – Eye-head coordination
   (Jose Santos-Victor)
8 University of Salford
                                                                   UNISAL     Robotics – Locomotion
   (Darwin Caldwell, John Gray)
9 Ecole Polytechnique Federal de Lausanne - (Aude Billard,                    Cognitive Behavior and Interaction (Billard - ASL)
   Auke Ijspeert)                                                             Locomotion (Ijspeert - LSL)
10 Telerobot S.r.l.
                                                                    TLR       Mechanical design and manufacturing
   (Francesco Becchi, David Corsini)
11 European Brain Research Institute (Emilio BIzzi)                 EBRI      Sensorimotor Coordination and motor cognition
12 MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
                                                                   CSAIL      Cognitive Humanoid Robotics
   (Rod Brooks)
13 University of Minnesota - Dept. of Neurology
                                                                   UNIMN      Developmental Psychology
   (Juergen Konkzak)
14 Communications Research Laboratory, Japan
                                                                    CRL       Humanoid Robotics and Development
   (Hideki Kozima)
15 Universty of Tokyo - Department of Mechano-Informatics,
                                                                   UNITK      Humanoid Robotics
   (Yasuo Kuniyoshi)
16 ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories – Kyoto –                      Neuroscience and Humanoid Robotics
   (Gordon Cheng)
                                                                                                                        ICDL 2004
IST-004370 - RobotCub

                        An open system!

   Robot-Cub engineering goal is to build a
   humanoid platform whose design is open to the
   scientific community and can be duplicated and
   improved by the community of its users.

   Clearly stated in our Consortium Agreement

    We are looking for other projects willing to join
    RobotCub with the same open attitude.
                                                        ICDL 2004
IST-004370 - RobotCub

  Seeking International Collaboration

  The European Commission is funding part of the
  internationalization activities and the project will
  support the research of groups interested in using
  the robot platform (about 2 Meuro have been set
  aside for this purpose).

    …reference person’s name from each of the
    ongoing projects interested to contribute…
                                                   ICDL 2004
IST-004370 - RobotCub

      Main Objectives (60 months)
 1.     ..a professionally documented, reproducible open
        platform shaped like a child-humanoid
 2.     ..the understanding through real-world implementation
        of exploratory and manipulation-based cognitive
 3.     ..the study and implementation of the initial period of
        human cognitive development in an embodied
        artificial system
 4.     ..building of an international scientific community

                                                            ICDL 2004
IST-004370 - RobotCub

     …which rest on several props
       • Unity of cognition: body and mind-ware co-design:
          – Requirements: hands, dexterity, etc.
       • Exploiting holistic design:
          – Complex bodies requires global optimization
       • Cost effectiveness:
          – An open system can lead to a more efficient
            design/exploitation process

                                                         ICDL 2004
IST-004370 - RobotCub

• Manipulation as a link
  between action and
• Manipulation from
  grasping to gesture
  production with
  communicative intents
• From tool use to the
  creation of tool-ware

                                       ICDL 2004
IST-004370 - RobotCub

        General layout (60 months)
          Time                             Activities
                     Start of activities on specific aspects of
                     cognition (several parallel activities), start the
                     design of the CUB, start internationalization
                     activities, start open source support
                        First evaluation of cognitive investigation
        18 months
                        Mechanical design of the CUB
                        Robot-cub and mindware integration
           3 years
                        Launch of competitive call for proposals
           3 years New investigation starts using the open platform
                        Integration of the mindware developed during
           5 years
                        the five years

                                                                          ICDL 2004
IST-004370 - RobotCub

                        Activity allocation

       1                      1               1
            3                     3               3
      Building                Doing        Building
         the                 a lot of         a
       robotic                            communit
                             science          y

                                                      ICDL 2004
IST-004370 - RobotCub

                ACT 1: Mind                               ACT 2: Body                ACT 3: Open System
          (Cognitive Neuroscience)                     (Cognitive Robotics)            (Dissemination)

                                                                                 RC 3.1
                           RC 1.1                      RC 2.1
Learning and Development

                                                                                 Mechanical Drawings
                           Eye-Head-Hand               Head-eye and Vision

                                                                                                            Community Building
                                                                                 RC 3.2
                                                       RC 2.2                    Electronic Drawings
                           RC 1.2
                                                       Arm-Hand and Touch
                           Bimanual Coordination                                 RC 3.3
                                                                                 Firmware and Software
                           RC 1.3                      RC 2.3
                           Interaction and             Spine-Legs and Walk       RC 3.4
                                                                                 CUB Manufacture
                                                       RC 2.4
                           RC 1.4                                                RC 3.5
                                                       Electronics and Control
                           Interaction and Imitation                             Internationalization

                           RC 1.5                      RC 2.5                    RC 3.6
                           Interaction and             Enabling Technologies     Maintenance and
                           Communication                                         Update

                                                                                                         ICDL 2004
IST-004370 - RobotCub

                       Child-like, how much?
Approx 934mm


                                 Avg. 14Kg - 30.8 lb           ICDL 2004
IST-004370 - RobotCub

     Started playing w/ components…

                                  ICDL 2004
  IST-004370 - RobotCub

        Temporal Dependencies (60 Months)
                 ACT 1: Mind           ACT 2: Body         ACT 3: Open System
                  (Cognitive        (Cognitive Robotics)     (Dissemination)

                                                                                   Scientific Dissemination Activities
              Define manipulation   Define hardware
              experiments           architecture

              Experiments with      Design new             Design Documents
              existing platforms    components
18 months
              Experiments with      Realize new            Executive
              new components        components             Documents

              Experiment with       Realize whole system
              whole system
                                                           Revised Executive

                                    Robot-Cub Platform

              Final Demonstration
                                                           Maintenance and
60 months                                                  Update              ICDL 2004
IST-004370 - RobotCub

    The six objectives of month 18
  A model of human infants’ cognitive development based on recent
  and well documented experimental results. The model shall include, in
  an experimentally reproducible way, a description of how the robotic
  artifact develops over time showing the formation of manipulation
  skills of varying levels.
  Psychophysical and behavioral experiments will be planned and
  carried out to answer specific questions on the implementation and to
  acquire relevant missing information about the developmental process.

  Responsibility: Claes von Hofsten (UNIUP)

                                                                   ICDL 2004
IST-004370 - RobotCub

 The complete design of all CUB components and a suitable
 integration plan. This includes the definition of the functional and
 technical specifications of the CUB mechanics, electronics and
 software architecture. At this stage of the project, the partners
 responsible for the CUB design and for testing the CUB individual
 components will have: a) completed the design stage, b) run a
 mechanical compatibility test and c) written a preliminary plan for
 integration. .

  Responsibility: Giorgio Metta (UGDIST)

                                                                 ICDL 2004
IST-004370 - RobotCub

 The initial results of the implementation of cognitive abilities in an
 artificial system. This objective will be demonstrated through extensive
 testing of the robots’ cognitive abilities in realistic situations,
 implemented in several of the existing robotic platforms. In addition to
 basic manipulatory and visual skills, the robots will be equipped with
 a number of basic social skills, enabling natural interactions between
 robots and humans.

  Responsibility: David Vernon (UGDIST)

                                                                      ICDL 2004
IST-004370 - RobotCub

 Results of the testing of new technologies to be used in the CUB
 platform. Particularly important for the scope and goal of Robot-cub is
 to monitor and to test continuously new technologies for sensors and
 actuators as well as the electronic (HW/SW) components of the Open
 System Platform .

  Responsibility: Paolo Dario (SSSA)

                                                                      ICDL 2004
IST-004370 - RobotCub

 The Community Building activities will be carried out all along the
 project’s duration.

  Responsibility: Giulio Sandini (UGDIST)

                                                                       ICDL 2004
IST-004370 - RobotCub

 Define and refine the IPR and licencing rules of robotcub

  Responsibility: David Vernon (UGDIST)

                                                             ICDL 2004
IST-004370 - RobotCub



        Next meeting is November 25-27 in Genova
        Everybody is welcome!

                                                   ICDL 2004
IST-004370 - RobotCub

      How do we get there through a

                                      ICDL 2004
IST-004370 - RobotCub

          Synthesize our knowledge of human
                cognitive development
 • Neuroscience leads 
 • Organize state of the art understanding of
 • Prepare, think, plan, new experiments to
   fill the gaps
 • Derive suggestions for robotic
   experiments, CUB requirements,
   materials, skills, control, etc.
                                              ICDL 2004
IST-004370 - RobotCub

             Since we’re focusing on manipulation
                                                                   Perception/Action      Component of Social
         Development                    Learning what                                                                Goal of system
                                                                      exploitation           Interaction

               No    reaching
                                 Head-eye coordination          Gazing, smooth pursuit    Shared attention       Look around

                                                                Controlling arm and
               Pre-Reaching      Approach an object             hand movements in         Pointing               Touch

                                 Eye-hand        coordination                             Reaching for object
    between    Power                                            Anticipatory closing of                          Grasp         (become
                                 based on object position and                             held by other person
     action    grasping                                         the hand                                         “owner”)
                                 object motion                                            “I got it!”
   onset and
      ces      Differentiated    Adjustments to object shape                                                     Grasp    appropriately
                                                                coordination based on     Take and give
               grasping          and size                                                                        (geometric)
                                                                object s’ shape

               Object                                           Coordination based on                            Handle          objects
                                 Objects’ affordances                                     Play games
               manipulation                                     actions to be executed                           appropriately (use)
                                                                on objects

    delays     Imitate acts on   Associate what is seen with    What I do looks like
                                                                                          Play games             Action’s Interpretation
               objects           what the system can do         what I see

               Act       to      Associate what is seen         What I do generates
                                                                                          Communication          Action’s meaning
               Communicate       (perceived) with “meaning”     some reactions

                                                                                                                                ICDL 2004
IST-004370 - RobotCub

       Start the robot design investigation

 • Leveraging on our past experience
   different aspects of the CUB design are
   handled in parallel
 • Specific targeted investigation on, for
   instance, materials or new sensing,
   actuation technology might be launched
   [budget has been allocated for this

                                              ICDL 2004
IST-004370 - RobotCub

   In parallel start mindware investigation
 • Robotic experiments are initiated relying
   on existing setups
 • Aims:
      – clarify specific aspects of interests along the
        developmental timeline
      – Uncover the developmental mechanisms
        useful in building adaptive machines
      – Clarify the link between action, perception,
        and cognition

                                                      ICDL 2004
IST-004370 - RobotCub

                        Opening the system
 • Starting the organization of the open
   system repository
 • Establishing adequate level of
   documentation [both SW and HW]
 • Establishing standards (e.g. for sharing
 • Attracting the community to the CUB

                                              ICDL 2004
IST-004370 - RobotCub

                   Start building a community
 • Dissemination: advertise the project
 • Training: getting young scientists involved
   with cognitive robotics
 • Lobbying: getting other funding agencies
   (third country participants) involved with
   financing cognitive robotics actions

                                                ICDL 2004
IST-004370 - RobotCub

                        @ month 18
 Coalesce the activities into:
      Design of the CUB and integration plan
      Design of parts of the mindware architecture
       and stricter integration plan
      Specific results from technology search [to go
       into the CUB], from neuroscience [to fill the
       “gaps”], and from the internationalization and
       training activities [international community
      …and more importantly a demonstration!

                                                  ICDL 2004
IST-004370 - RobotCub

            The vision @ 18 months
  Robot  Play-pal
       Sitting around a table, playing with toys, tools,
 Learn how to:
      Properly grasp a toy/tool
      Associate tools to specific actions
      Adjust the action wrt the environmental conditions
      Combine primitive grasp/manipulative actions
      Interact appropriately with the play-pal in learning a
       new game or task

                                                            ICDL 2004
IST-004370 - RobotCub

             Milestones @ month 18
 Initial specifications of the CUB (open
 Definition of the cognitive architecture and
  initial implementation of manipulative
 Creation of the core components of the
  international community and plans for an
  international project

                                            ICDL 2004

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