CRYSTAL ARNETTE by chenmeixiu


									                                     CRYSTAL ARNETTE
     (561) 324-0604   Hair: Brown  Eyes: Blue  

You Can’t Kill Stephen King (Shush or Die)   Hilary Bachman (Lead)                          LocoDawn/Maine Studios
Yesterday Is Here                            Vera (Lead)                                    Intangible Badge/Terramax
Drown                                        Mary (Supporting)                              Left Lane Films
Young & Divine “Shake That Bubble”           Senorita (Lead)                                RCA Records/Film Orange
Eyeborgs                                     Stunts Performer, Punk Chick                   Crimson Wolf Productions
Take Out                                     Media Girl (Supporting)                        Dir. Bridget Palardy
Requited                                     Sophia (Supporting)                            Bardo Films
The Last Case of Dt. Roles Martin            Holly Reeves (Lead)                            Dir. Ryan Guiterman/Purchase
Drift                                        The Girl in the Black Cloud (Lead)             Dir. Makiko Fukaya/SVA CA
Knights & She                                Yza (Lead)                                     Dir. Sarah Murat, NYU Grad
Change Me To Me                              Monique (Lead)                                 Dir. Federica Gianni, NYFA
Exit Wounds                                  Vera (Lead)                                    Dir. Sarah Murat, NYU Grad
Asphyxia                                     The Patient (Lead)                             Dir. Jessika Pilkes, NCSA
BlackRock                                    Sarah Corvey (Lead)                            Dir. Andrew Young, NCSA
Rain, Rain                                   Meredith (Lead)                                Dir. Ethan Carlson, NCSA
The Great Detective                          Rescued Women (Supporting)                     Dir. Andrew Young, NCSA

Stop/Kiss                                    Sara                                           Collaborative Stages, NYC
The Mystery Plays                            Abby Gilley                                    Jeff Crosely, The Secret Theater, NY
Sunday In The Park With George               Yvonne/ Naomi Eisen                            Gerald Freedman, NCSA
Hedda Gabler                                 Hedda                                          Caroline Kava, NCSA
The Importance Of Being Earnest              Lady Bracknell                                 Gerald Freedman, NCSA
Boyer: Ellis Island Symphony                 Helen Cohen, Clara Rudder                      Gerald Freedman, WS Symphony
Take One Step                                Alberta                                        Roanoke Island Festival Park
The Comedy of Errors                         Emilia                                         Roanoke Island Festival Park
Nine Armenians                               Armine                                         Beverly Blanchette, TBPAC
Two Gentlemen of Verona                      Julia                                          Mollye Maxner, Gerald Freedman
The Trojan Women                             Hesione                                        John Langs, NCSA
Balm In Gilead                               Judy                                           Laura Henry, NCSA
Twelfth Night                                Maria                                          Matt Bullock, NCSA
Lunchtime                                    Avis                                           Quin Gordon, NCSA

The Apprentice                               Commercial Actor (Principal)                   NBC/Reilly International
American Heart: A Zombie Comedy              Lucy Simms (Lead)                              Baker & Woo Productions
Bravo’s On With The Show                     Featured                                       NBC- Universal
Choices(Pilot)                               Christy (Lead)                                 Ko-Mar Productions

List of commercial appearances available upon request

University of North Carolina School of the Arts – Dean Gerald Freedman                      BFA, Acting
Gerald Freedman, Matt Bullock, Laura Henry, John Langs                                      Acting
Caroline Kava, Laura Henry                                                                  Meisner, On-Camera, Auditioning
Robert Francesconi                                                                          Masks, Movement
Mary Irwin, Ben Furey, Geordie MacMinn                                                      Voice, Dialects, Alexander
Jeff Lewis, Greg Walter, Janine Hawley, Marilyn Taylor                                      Singing
Dale Girard, David Brimmer, Angela Bonacassa                                                Stage Combat
Molly Murray, Donald Sadler, Cynthia Penn                                                   Jazz, Tap, Modern
A. W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts                                                           Acting, Directing

Singing – Mezzo (Low F – High Ab), Dialects (RP,Polish,Irish,New York,Southern,Armenian,London),IPA,Voiceovers
S.A.F.D. certified Single Sword, Rapier & Dagger, Sword & Shield, Knife, Unarmed,; Tap, Jazz, Modern Dance, Juggling,
Masks/Red Nose, Cycling, Cooking, Guitar, French, Graphic/Web Design, Photography, Vaild Driver’s License & Passport

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