Conditional Statements Reading Activity

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					         Conditional Statements Reading Activity
Read pg 33 – 34 and answer the following questions.

1. What is another name for if-then statements?

2. Give an example of an if – then statement.

3. What letter do mathematicians use to signify hypothesis?

4. What letter do mathematicians use to signify conclusion?

5. A general example of a conditional statement is: If p, then q. What is a converse and
   how would you write it using p and q.

6. Make up a conditional statement and write the converse.


7. What makes an if-then statement false?

8. How many counterexamples does it take to disprove a statement?

9. What do you call a statement where the conditional and its converse are both true and
   they are combined into a single statement?

Do the CLASSROOM EXERCISES on pg 34 on the back of this worksheet.