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					                                1930 - 1931 Graham Headlight Bar
General Description: This is an original headlight bar assembly. I believe that it dates to the 6 cylinder
Grahams from 1930 and 1931.

Buckets: The buckets appear, based on the corrosion pattern, to be chrome plated brass. They are marked on
the rear, just above the painted steel base supports, as manufactured by “BROWN, COL’S, OHIO USA”. This
logo is in a keystone shaped outline. The buckets are 10-7/8” OD. On the left bucket there is an 1/8” OD dimple
at 12 o’clock and halfway up the back. On the right bucket there is a ½” OD flat spot at the rear apex of the
bucket. These locations are encircled with a black marker and show on the photographs. The buckets are
positioned at 29-3/8” center to center. There are light surface scratches over the buckets.

Lenses: The lenses are marked with “TOP” at the top; “TWILITE” two thirds of the way down; and “HEADLAMP”
near the bottom. In the glass pattern there is a keystone similar to that outlining the Brown logo on the buckets.
There is a raised circular ridge that has a 9-1/16” OD. The right lens is perfect. The left lens has a small chip at
the top of the circular ridge.

Reflectors: The buckets have not been opened to inspect the interior. Both appear to still have the bulbs. The
right reflector appears to be heavily corroded while the left one appears to retain most of its silver finish. There
are 2 worn wires coming out of the buckets; therefore, these are surely 2 beam lamps.

Rims: The rims appear to be chrome plated brass retain the original MS fasteners and tabs. On the left rim at
about 7 o’clock there is an edge dent. This location is encircled on the photographs. There are no cross cracks in
the brass that are generally found in similar headlight rims.

Bar: The measures 43” out to out at the outermost edges. The bar is rusty. It retains the cloisonné emblem in
the middle of the bar. On the left end there is a double bolted on plate that may have been a horn support
bracket. It is a strange looking assembly and may be a homemade bracket. When held in a vertical position, the
cross bar appears to be bowed forward about 2” or so. At the pointed and flared ends there are 4 holes to accept
fender bolts. Two of the bolts are sheared off, one rusted stud remains, and one hole has a clean thread.

Cloisonné Emblem: The cloisonné emblem with the 3 faces is marked GRAHAM. It is secured with a stud
and a #8 hex nut. There is a small amount of the white porcelain missing along the top. The finish of the metal is
dark with no indication of any plating.

Shipping: This assembly weighs 21 pounds or nearly 30 pounds packaged. The shipping box would be about
48” x 18” x 8”. It may be possible to remove the buckets and ship this in 2 boxes.

Price: $100 plus shipping and special crating.

          M.R. Simpers
          3595 James Rd.
          Cocoa, FL 32926
          (321) 636-2456

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