edison (PowerPoint) by qingyunliuliu


									Thomas Edison
  American Inventor
           Thomas Edison
• Thomas Edison was born on February
  11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio. He had six
  brothers and six sisters.
• He attended school for three months in
  Port Huron, Michigan.
• His mother decided to teach him herself.
• Edison loved to read books about
        Thomas Edison

• His mom made him move his chemistry lab
  from his home to an old empty train
  because it stunk up the house.
• He started to become deaf at age twelve.
           Thomas Edison
• Thomas Edison never went to college and
  never got a degree because he only went
  to school for three months as a young
Thomas Edison
                          • He worked as a
This is an example of       telegrapher in the
the Edison Universal        Midwest, the south,
Stock Printer               Canada, and New
This is an example of a   • He directed a laboratory
                            in Newark, New Jersey.
                            He made the Edison
                            Universal Stock Printer,
                            the automatic telegraph.
     Thomas Edison
• When Edison was 15, he saved a
  small boy’s life on the train tracks.
  The boy’s father offered to teach
  Edison about telegraphy as a reward
  for saving the small boy’s life.
          Thomas Edison
• He received special
• Congressional Gold
                                   This is the front and back
  medal                            views of the Medal of the
• Legion of honor of               Congress of the U.S.

• Elected to the hall of
  fame of Great
  Americas in 1960
       Thomas Edison
• Thomas Edison Invented:
• Transmitter that is still used in telephones
  and microphones
• Tinfoil phonograph
• Light bulb
• Kinescope
• Battery
•                           The light bulb is more than 100 years old.
                Thomas Edison
• Thomas Alva Edison died in West
  Orange, New Jersey on October 18, 1931.
  After he died President Hoover put out
  the White House lights for one minute on
  October 22, 1931.

Reference: Lang, H & B.M. Lang (1995) Deaf Person in the Arts and Sciences
   Westpor, CT. Greenwood Pres.

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