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									November 2008
                                                                    NEWS TO KNOW
                                                  ● November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month. At animal shelters and rescue groups

     Furry                                        across the nation, there are an abundance of healthy senior pets looking for a
                                                  special home to cherish them for the rest of their lives. Although shaping the life of
                                                  a youngster sounds appealing, giving a second chance to an older companion can be
                                                  equally rewarding. They like to share quiet moments, are already trained and
                                                  usually do not chew or scratch everything in sight.
                                                  ● November 2-8 is National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week. This campaign
                                                  was designed to acknowledge and promote the invaluable role shelters play in their
                                                  communities and to increase public awareness of animal welfare issues and shelter
                                                                                                                   t nd
                                                  ● The Animal Shelter Advisory Committee meetings are held the 2 Thursday of

Friends                                           each month. The next meeting is November 13th at 10:00 at City Hall. The
                                                  meetings are open to the public. Two additional individuals were appointed to the
                                                  committee: Frank James and Janice Taylor Vaughn.
          Newsletter of
                                                  ● Our bi-weekly appearance on Fox 13’s Good Morning Memphis has been moved to
      Memphis Animal Services                     Thursdays. Be sure to tune in during the eight o’clock hour! If you are interested in
           Volunteers                             appearing on TV with a featured pet, please contact Kathryn at
       Shelter Location:                
                                                  ● Since Wild Oats is an outdoor adoption site, we are looking to find venues during
     3456 Tchulahoma Rd
                                                  the colder months t allow us to have adoption events. If you would like to find an
      Memphis, TN 38118
                                                  adoption site for events or you think your workplace would be a great place to host
        (901) 362-5310                                                       Alexander,
                                                  one, please contact Ernie Alexander,                     ● Collierville Animal Shelter's adoption site at The Avenue of Carriage Crossing
         Shelter Hours:                           opened. It is located in store #616 between Kay Jewelers and College Station.
                                                                                                           4-8pm,          1
                                                  Regular adoption hours will then be held every Friday 4 8pm, Saturday 1-8pm, and
      Monday- 10:00 to 3:00
                                                  Sunday from 11-4pm. We wish them much success with this location and hope that
  Tuesday—Friday- 10:00 to 5:00                   MAS will be able to have adoption sites like this in the future.
     Saturday- 10:00 to 3:00
         Sunday- Closed
            Adoption Fees:                                    Mark Your Calendars
          Dogs/puppies- $75                            Nov. 8: Home 4 the Holidays Petco Adoption Event
          Cats/kittens- $70
(includes shots, spay/neuter, & micro-chipping)                                        11
                                                                     Poplar & Highland 11-4
                                                       Nov. 9: Home 4 the Holidays Petco Adoption Event
                                                                     Poplar & Highland 11-4
                                                       Nov. 15: Petco Adoption Day
                                                                     Poplar & Highland 11-3
                                                       Dec. 6: Petco Adoption Day
                                                                     Poplar & Highland 11-3
 Take a moment to be thankful for your pets.           Dec. 20: Petco Adoption Day
    Life would be a much duller, less joyful
 experience without our four-legged critters!
                                                                     Poplar & Highland 11-3
         Adoption                                   Sharing Shelter Snapshots
                                                    We’ve created a photo album from adoption events to share with volunteers
        Aftermath                                   and staff as well as to show the public the wonderful things MAS is doing for
 If you’ve adopted a pet from MAS, we’d love                                  the pets in the community.
to hear from you! Whether it’s a funny quirk   
 or a special bond, we would love to feature                                     Or click on the “MAS Photo Gallery” link on our
 your pet’s success story in our newsletter.                                                    Petfinder website:
     Please send your pet’s picture(s) and                             
adoption story to:                                   Send any pictures that you have from events to Kathryn
    It’s these stories that are our rewards!                                           to upload:

                                    Donate to the Dogs!
Memphis Animal Services’ volunteers are striving to update and improve the conditions for all animals housed within the facility.
   One of the volunteers’ concerns has been animal comfort levels within the dog kennels. The metal floors of the kennels are
 designed for easy cleaning and sanitation, but are uncomfortable for puppies or dogs with small paws, older dogs or those with
 thin hair. Kuranda dog beds are the only beds made to give soft off-the-floor comfort and yet be able to withstand daily shelter
   use. These unique, cot-style dog beds are durable, chew-proof and easily cleaned, making them perfect for shelters where
    deserving dogs need a comfortable place to rest. They are economical, have replaceable parts, and last for years, so your
donation will benefit many dogs for years to come. Kuranda has offered special wholesale pricing to shelters and animal control
  facilities and they have made it easy for you to donate to MAS. If you would like to give a shelter dog a more comfortable and
             relaxing stay at Animal Control, please consider donating a bed to us by clicking on the link on our website: Please spread the word and encourage your friends and employers to donate a bed
to the Shelter. The donation is tax-deductible and we will send a receipt of your donation for tax purposes. The bed will be sent
 directly to the shelter in your name. For those wishing to donate in someone's name as a gift or in honor of a loved one, please
                              type your short message in the "Comments" field of the online order form.
                                               6 beds donated as of November 1st
                           Our dogs say THANK YOU to the following special friends
                                      who have already donated beds:
                                 Ona Tierney-Cooper: “Every dog deserves a nice bed.”
                                                   Rose Ann Keen
                                Cory Lowery: “Making donation in the name of Megan Kelly”
                                          Amanda Baker (donated 3 beds!)

                                                      Look at these dogs enjoying
                                                         a soft place to rest!
                                            Staff Spotlight
Name: Stacy Anderson
Hometown: Manchester, Tennessee
Pets: Herbie, a Great Dane, and Angel, a Beagle/Sheltie mix
Kids: Myles (age 10) and Hailey (age 8)
Job title: Animal Care Technician
How long I have worked for MAS: One year as a temp and now one year full-time
Favorite Food: Mexican
Favorite Color: Blue
What do I enjoy doing during my free time: Spending time with my kids
Thing I want to do before I die: Help as many others as I can & see my grandkids
Place I would like to visit: Africa
Something many people don't know about me: I worked in the travel industry prior to being a stay at home mom for 9 years.
What people might not know about my job: It is very rewarding while at the same time emotionally difficult.
What I like most about working with the animals: It gives me a chance to make a difference every day.

   Worthwhile Website                                                         Click for MAS
                                                Until Dec. 14, The Animal Rescue Site
  The Pets for the Elderly Foundation mission is to give both a      ( is giving away $100,000 in
  lonely, elderly person and an innocent, unwanted animal the            grants to participating Petfinder member shelter and
gift of life, health and happiness. They donate money to animal      rescue groups. MAS is encouraging friends to click to help
shelters across the country, saving the lives of pets that need         rescued animals on The Animal Rescue Site and then to
 homes. The program enables elderly people who cannot pay                vote every day for their favorite participating rescue
the adoption cost to acquire a pet. Since 1996, they have been         organization in the $100,000 Shelter Challenge. Clicking
responsible for the adoption of nearly 29,000 pets. Last year         and voting is free for site visitors, but the right number of
       alone they made donations to 59 shelters and were                 votes can mean as much as $25,000 for the winning
  responsible for over 5,500 adoptions. Currently, there are           shelter. Weekly prizes of $1,000 are also available. Vote
  80 shelters on their waiting list. Conservatively 6-8 million       tallies will be updated regularly and visitors to The Animal
  Shelter Animals are euthanized annually by Shelters simply            Rescue Site can check on their favorite shelter’s tallies
                                for lack of funds or space. The                          throughout the Challenge.
                                most serious disease for older                 Look for the link on our Petfinder website:
                                persons is not cancer or heart      
                             disease – it’s loneliness. Pets offer
                              affection, unconditional love, fight
                               loneliness, and can help ease the
                                      loss of a loved one.
                      Santa Paws Party
                              Jump start your Holiday shopping
                             Great gifts for pets and pet parents
All proceeds benefit the Animal Protection Association Spay/Neuter Clinic
           "Fixing" pet homelessness through affordable prices
 Silent Auction, Drawings, Door Prizes, Appetizers and Desserts included
                        Cash Bar - and loads of fun!                                 Puppy Painting
                          Sunday, November 23rd                                   The adoption rooms at the Shelter are receiving
                                2 pm - 5 pm                                         a much needed make-over but we need your
                               Holiday Casual                                        help. If you have any leftover paint and/or
      Location: Stop 345 • 345 Madison Avenue • Memphis, TN 38103                  painting supplies that you are no longer using,
                          Tickets: $20 per person                                  please drop them off at the Shelter. There is a
Send checks to: APA/Santa Paws Party • P.O. Box 11471 • Memphis, TN 38111           donation box behind the volunteer desk. Any
 (include phone number and/or email address and return mail address)                    colors and amounts are appreciated!
                       Questions: Call 901-324-3202
                     The Animal Protection Association                               He is your friend, your
         854 Goodman Street • Memphis, TN 38111 • 901-324-3202                    partner...your dog. You are
                                                     his life, his love, his leader.
                                                                                  He will be yours... faithful
                                                                                  and true to the last beat of
Reason to Rant                                                                    his heart! You owe it to him
In response to posts by people giving up their pets for various reasons.              to be worthy of such
by Elliot Cantor about his dog, Kohl, posted on Craigslist 10.14.08                   devotion! -Anonymous
I love my dog. I have paid enormous fees for replacing carpets, chewed
up pieces of houses. I have been hated by my neighbors. Had to sweet
talk cops due to noise ordinances. Had to get down & clean up ungodly                         Political
amounts of crap from other people’s lawn. Had to teach children how to
act around my animal. Had to teach my animal how to act around other
people & animals. Have to come home every night to take care of him.              • I love a dog. He does nothing for political
Have to spend over an hour walking him every day. Had to eat crappy               reasons. -Will Rogers
cheap food while he eats his Science Diet. Had to pay vet bills 8 times           • My dog can bark like a Congressman, fetch
more than it cost me to get him. Had to replace clothes, couches,                 like an aide, beg like a press secretary, and play
furniture, anything he resembles as fluffy. I have paid for a fence in a          dead like a receptionist when the phone rings.
rental home more than once so he could run around outside. I have been            -Gerold Solomon, US Congressman
broke, I have been tired, I have been pissed & I have been upset. I had to        • Children and dogs are as necessary to the
switch home owners insurance after he accidentally knocked a child down           welfare of the country as Wall Street and the
that could barely walk in the first place. I do not let him roam. I have taken    railroads. -Harry S. Truman
him through training classes. I can walk with him off leash without him           • Every year the State will be the dog that
going 5 feet away from me but he's always on leash when outside & not in          chases its own tail... engaging in a futile attempt
                                     the backyard. I have to vacuum twice         to close a perpetual budget gap.
                                     a week or my house looks like I shave        -Richard J. Codey
                                     dogs for a living. All this for a “stupid”   • I am in favor of animal rights as well as
                                     dog who happens to be my best friend.        human rights. That is the way of a whole human
                                     I would not give him away for the world      being. -Abraham Lincoln
                                     & he would not give me away for the          • You want a friend in Washington? Get a dog.
                                     world.                                       -Harry S. Truman
                                           Offsite Adoption Numbers
                                   Take a look at the number of pets that are in their forever homes as a result of our offsite
                                   adoption events! MAS could not do any of this without their volunteers’ dedication and hard
                                     work. With your help, the Paws-N-Whiskers Mobile Adoption Unit will become the most
                                                         successful and well-known event in the area.

                                                            DOGS                                         CATS
  DATE               LOCATION
                                               Brought                Adopted               Brought                Adopted
  Jan. 3               Petco                      8                      6                     2                      0
  Jan. 17              Petco                      8                      7                     1                      0
   Feb. 2              Petco                      8                      8                     2                      2
  Feb. 16              Petco                      8                      8                     2                      0
 March 1               Petco                      8                      7                     2                      1
March 15               Petco                      8                      7                     2                      2
  April 5              Petco                      9                      7                     3                      0
  April 12           Wild Oats                    9                      7                     5                      0
  April 19             Petco                      9                      7                     3                      2
 April 26            Wild Oats                    9                      4                     3                      1
   May 3               Petco                      9                      8                     1                      1
  May 10             Wild Oats                    7                      3                     2                      0
  May 17               Petco                      6                      2                     6                      5
  May 24             Wild Oats                    8                      4                     8                      0
  June 7               Petco                     10                      4                     2                      0
  June 14       Centenary Church                  9                      4                     -                      -
  June 21              Petco                     13                      9                     2                      0
 June 28             Wild Oats                    7                      2                     2                      2
 June 28         Majestic Theatre                 7                      3                     -                      -
   July 5              Petco                      8                      4                     2                      0
  July 12            Wild Oats                    9                      4                     -                      -
  July 19              Petco                      9                      1                     2                      2
 August 2              Petco                      8                      3                     4                      0
August 9             Wild Oats                    9                      1                     -                      -
August 9       Home Builders Assoc.               9                      4                     8                      0
August 16              Petco                     13                      6                     6                      0
August 23            Wild Oats                    8                      2                     2                      2
  Sept. 6              Petco                      9                      6                     1                      0
 Sept. 13            Wild Oats                    8                      5                     2                      1
 Sept. 20    PLU Festival @ Shelby Farms         30                     26                     3                      2
 Sept. 27            Wild Oats                    2                      0                     6                      2
 Sept. 28    Woofstock @ Overton Park            16                     13                     2                      1
   Oct. 4              Petco                     10                      7                     1                      1
   Oct. 11           Wild Oats                    8                      3                     6                      1
  Oct. 18              Petco                     10                      7                     3                      2
  Oct. 25            Wild Oats                    8                      2                     2                      0
  Oct. 31       City Hall Downtown               26                     20                     8                      3
             TOTAL                               360                    221                   106                    33
                                          Howl at the Hall
                               A BIG thank you goes to all the volunteers and staff that helped with
                               the City Hall adoption event on October 31. We adopted out 20 dogs
                               and 3 cats to employees who work downtown in City Hall and other
                                 offices. Mayor Willie Herenton came and had his picture taken in
                                front of our tents and banner with Mr. Alexander. Both the Mayor
                                and Division Director wanted us to pass along a BIG THANK YOU to
                                the staff and volunteers that made this event possible. Also, a big
                                      thank you to Jim Donahue for taking the great pictures!

                           Helping You Stay Healthy!
• Pets Help to Lower Blood Pressure. A recent study found that people with hypertension who adopted a cat or dog had lower
blood pressure readings in stressful situations than did those who did not own a pet.
• Pets Help to Reduce Stress. Walking with a pet helps to sooth nerves and offers instant relaxation. Studies conducted
worldwide have shown that the impact of a stressful situation is lesser on pet owners, especially males, than on those who do
not own a pet.
• Pets Help to Prevent Heart Disease. Because pets provide people with faithful companionship,
research shows they may also provide their owners with greater psychological stability, thus a
measure of protection from heart disease.
• Pets Help to Lower Health Care Costs. People with pets actually make fewer doctor visits,
especially for non-serious medical conditions.
• Pets Help to Fight Depression. Pets help fight depression and loneliness, promoting an
interest in life. When seniors face adversity or trauma, affection from pets takes on great meaning.
 Their bonding behavior can foster a sense of security.
                                                                                      Something that someone wouldn't know
Good Dogs make Great Pets                                                          about a rescue/yourself: That we are unpaid
 MAS is grateful for rescues that support the Shelter & we wanted to                volunteers with full time "day jobs” doing very
  take a look inside the workings of rescue groups. Good Dog Rescue                 expensive work. A rescue group has no steady
 regularly takes dogs from the Shelter, so I interviewed the founder,                source of funding such as tax dollars. All our
 Lisa Trenthem, to learn more about their wonderful effort to save as              expenses are incurred from the minute you take
     many dogs as possible!                      responsibility for a dog. The adoption fee will
                                                                                    never cover the cost of rescue. We must rely
  How & why you started GD Rescue? The Memphis Animal Shelter dogs
                                                                                     on the kindness of strangers. I receive a few
  have always been a big concern to me. There are just so many more dogs
                                                                                    donations here & there but the largest part of
 than there are good homes. I'm a native Memphian. When I was a child, we
                                                                                   our funding comes from my own salary. I work
 used to ride the bus downtown to shop. The animal shelter was a frequent
                                                                                    a full time & a part time job. I have some very
stop for us. The building still sits there on the corner of Front & Auction. We
                                                                                    dedicated volunteers who will sometimes incur
always asked to get dogs out but my mom said, “No.” The image of all those
                                                                                      the expense of a special needs foster dog.
 captive dogs who had nowhere to go really stuck with me. I pulled my first
dog from the Memphis Animal Shelter when I was 18 years old. I also worked
                                                                                     What do you look for in a dog at a shelter
  with West TN Border Collie rescue & made frequent visits to the shelter. I
                                                                                      you want to rescue? I feel that if the dog
could not see all those eager friendly faces (most were not border collies) &
                                                                                   appeals to me it will appeal to others. I look for
do nothing. Working with Border collie rescue gave me the confidence that I
                                                                                     a Disney quality of mutt. I love scruffy dogs,
                         could find a home for a dog.
                                                                                   and mixes of herding breeds. I just look. What
  How many "permanent" pets do you                                                     happens after that is up to the dog. It is
 have? 4 dogs, all rescued, two from MAS.                                           important to make a conscious choice of what
                                                                                      dog I can actually live with because I never
   What it takes to be a foster? Same                                              know how long this dog will be in foster care. I
 qualifications as to adopt: rapport with the                                       am ultimately responsible for housing the dog;
  dog, safe environment, compatible mix of                                                also dogs are sometimes returned.
  family members & other pets, history of
good vet care with previous pets. For me to                                        Amount of dogs you pull from MAS: Varies on
 feel comfortable with a foster or adopter,                                        available foster space but on average 10-12/mo.
    the dog has to want to go with them.
                                                   Typical problems you encounter when you get a dog from MAS: My biggest
How many foster people work with you? I            concern when getting a dog from MAS is the health of the dog. Almost all will
have 8-10 people who will foster a dog. This       suffer some sort of respiratory illness. About 10% of the time this is fatal. I
   is the backbone of this operation. I can't      will incur vet expenses with every dog no matter how minor this illness is. This
  thank them enough. We could use at least         is due to lack of preventive vaccines for distemper, parvo & kennel cough prior
20 foster homes with a strong commitment           to exposure to shelter borne illness. Our community needs to understand how
 to see their foster dog placed permanently.       important these vaccines are when they get puppies.

Things that anyone could donate that could          Things you like about getting a dog from MAS: 1) I know I have saved a life.
 help GD Rescue: Adjustable collars in 9-13"         These are the neediest animals in our geographic area. There is no doubt in
   size or 10-16" size • 4 & 5 foot leashes •         my mind what that dog's outcome would have been. Many adopters cannot
Heartgard Plus or similar preventive product,       believe that the excellent pet they adopted was on death row at MAS. 2) Unlike
any size • Frontline plus any size • Antibiotics     a puppy mill dog, these have been pets in someone's home. They love people.
(Clavamox, Doxycycline, Keflex) • Good quality         Many are housetrained and well socialized. 3) I enjoy working with these
    dry dog food (Iams green mini chunks,             employees who genuinely seem to love animals: Archie, Shauna, Kirby, John
   Science diet, Pedigree canned traditional          Cox, Jonathan, Rhonda, Ralph. I greatly appreciate the efforts of Ernie and
  ground formula) • Dollars & foster space                                     Tracy to work with rescue.
  Plenty of
Homes at Petco
 We want to thank everyone who continues
to support our adoption events at Petco at
Poplar & Highland. This location has been a
              great success!

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