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					                                                  Thardo Korlo
         Thardo Korlo means “the Great Liberating Sutras, Mantras and Scripts Wheel” in Tibetan
         Great merits - Turning a prayer wheel one time is the same as having recited that many mantras and sutras
          in it
         Keep running 24 hours per day by 4.5V electric power
                - Wonderful and convenient tool for busy or lazy people
         Benefit all kinds of sentient beings in the 10 directions
         Purify all our negative karmas and obscurations, and cause us to actualize the realizations of the path to
         Is blessed and jointly made by the famous Dzogchen Shri Singha Five Sciences Buddhist University, Tibet
         Is recommended by His Holiness the 17 Karmapa
                - Here is his inscription of Thardo Korlo:
         Is recommended by His Holiness Dalai Lama. See his inscription on the cover.
         Contain a perfect complete set of sutras, scripts and mantras (here just a small part of the list)
              -   <<Diamond Sutra>>                             9 times     -   Mantra of Padmasambhava                  600 times
              -   Mantra of Vajravidarana(Namjonma)             9 times     -   Long Mantra of Medicine Buddha           100 times
              -   <<Heart Sutra>>                             12 times      -   Mantra of Confession                      30 times
              -   Sutra of Great Achievement of UsnisaSitapatra 8 times     -   Sutras about Confession                   10 times
              -   21 Taras' Mantra                            16 times      -   Sutra of Golden Light                      9 times
              -   Sutra of the 3 Superior Heaps               12 times      -   Noble Aspiration of Samantabhadra          9 times
              -   Green Tara’s Mantra                        100 times      -   Mantra of Conditioned Arising (Tendrel Nyingpo) 800 times
              -   Mantra of Usnisa Sitapatra                   9 times      -   Mantras of 21 Gods of Wealth (Dzambhalas)
              -   Om Mani Padme Hum                        1000 times       -   Dedication                                25 times
              -   100 Syllables Mantra (Vajrasatva)         160 times
         Much more powerful than Mani wheels.
             - Because Mani wheels just has one kind of mantra
         Large amounts of containing
             - 5 times much more than a usual Mani wheel
         Cheapest price
             - If a Mani wheel is $20, 5 Mani wheels are $100
             - If a Mani wheel is $28, 5 Mani wheels are $140
             - Amounts of our sutras and mantras are more than 5 Mani wheels.
         16 Buddhist songs
         Amitabha, Medicine Buddha Mantra, Namo Shakyamuni Buddha, Namo Medicine Buddha, Om Mani Padma
          Hung, Namo Ksitigarbha, Amitabha Mantra, Manjushri, Mantra of Yellow Dzambhala, Green Tara’s Mantra,
          Namo Amitabha, Namo Maitreya, Namo Compassion Chenrezig(Chinese), Chenrezig’s Mantra, Namo
          Chenrezig, Mantras of 5 Dzambhalas
         Rare opportunities
             - No competitors
         Why do you wait until tomorrow?
             - Do you know what will happen tomorrow?
                    Terrorism, Pestilence, War, Bird Flu, Cancer, Earthquake …
         Prayer wheels make your house the same as the pure land of Buddha

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