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Grand Christmas Sale 2010


									Merry Christmas SUPER SALE
             at RENASCENT CENTRE                                  

                                                          SPECIAL XMAS
                                             You are invited to a
                                                  ‘GARAGE’ SALE DAY on:
FREE: Entry, tea & nibbles                              Saturday: 4th Dec’
- Come along, collect
some bargains for your
                                                          at 10am- 5pm
self & friends, Have a
lovely day
        RECEIVE A COPY ** By email – request a copy! LOOK AT too!

                                 HOW MANY)

ALL ITEMS ON WEBSITE AVAILABLE +                                        Bookings required for   FREE CRAFT FOR YOU/THE
                                                                                  workshops     KIDS – All day make a pkt of
(4) PRIVATE CLINIC VOUCHERS - Just $60 (1 per customer)                                             natural bath salts with
PRAYER SUTRAS - Prayer pouches to radiate blessings $5.95ea                                     gorgeous colours, fragrances
                                                                                                  to take home – great gifts!
LUCKY SHOWBAGS Up to $99.95 value Now All $20 ea, includes a
                                                                                                 Buy jars/labels and make as
variety of: books, incense, feng shui symbols, soap - why so cheap ?-
We need to make room for new items & this is the easiest way to clear
                                                                                                   many as you like for gifts!
bits & pieces of remaining stock. Packed in a handy travel bag.
                                                                                                 FREE GIFT WITH EVERY
GEMSTONE TREASURE CHESTS – A                                                                     PURCHASE ON THE DAY!
wonderful assortment, a perfect gift for someone
who has everything, a selection of gems, bagged
& labeled so you know what they are –
fascinating (+$80 value) $25 1kg gift boxed with
full colour label and colour sheet of „their story of
collection‟. Also 500gm bags – labeled with story $15
SELENITE & FLUORITE MASSAGE WAND–Gorgeous design, carved
into a soft twist with fluorite cap for strength. Now $10
JADE LOCKS – Hand carved solid jade $39.95 $10 for 3
                    ** FREE workshops: CREATING
                      BLESSINGS IN YOUR LIFE
                       10.30-11.30am to invite these
                       beautiful energies into your life &
                      get things flowing gently with
                      abundance,      happiness       and
             success. Learn how to invite this Qi into
your home/life. FREE GIFT: 1 bottle of Tien Ti Space
Clearing Mister (RRP $49.95).
Discover how easy it is to make your own beautiful
soaps, maybe with gold! – great gifts!
HEALING WITH QI GONG 1.30-2.30pm Personal
awareness, spiritual connection, healing, endless
energy - share some fascinating stories & begin/deepen
your path of healing with Qi Gong. FREE GIFT: Qi Gong
Blessed Talisman.
A fascinating insight into EMF’s & how other peoples
energies affect us, techniques, skills & products to ‘seal
your energies’ & assist you to remain grounded. FREE
GIFT: Full sized pot of energy infused balm (RP $10.95)
   DIVINE DRINKING CHOCOLATE with Pure Lindt choc‟ $5.90/9.90jar
HOME STYLE TURKISH DELIGHT Made with rosewater, pistachios &
the freshest ingredients $6.95box or 2 for $12.00 Sold out in 1st hr last        VENUE: 143 Research Rd,
LUCKY JADE CARVINGS - $9.95ea Now $4 or 10 for $12                                  Warrandyte, 3113
Many other special items - come along!!                                         CAN’T COME? Email, Phone, Fax orders through,
FOR THE ‘CRAFTY’: All soap supplies with a few special offers. Gem              prior to or during the sale, (WE WILL PACK ASAP
Tree kits - $6 each or 2 for $10, Jewellery Making kits $12ea,                  ON THE DAY FOR MAIL ORDERS) In person -
Gemstone suncatcher kits $16.95ea or 2 for $20, , Beautiful Hand                Have a cuppa & time out with us Have a wonderful
Blown Venetian Glass beads –50% off , Acrylic beads 50gm $3,
tumbled gems $2 bag, Jewellery Findings $3pkt, Beautiful Silicone               & safe Christmas & 2011 with our blessings.
Soap Moulds from $5ea, Cosmetic Mineral Shimmers $4.95ea/3 for                  Ph: 03 9844 5888 Fax: (03) 9844 2788
                  JINTONG BLOOD PRESSURE WATCHES–Amazing
                  reports of health & healing, blood pressure normalized        MARK THE DATE IN YOUR DIARY – Dec’ 4th!
                  in just 30 minutes of wearing. A fantastic gift with a
                  difference. A beautiful looking watch in medium or
                  large face, gift boxed & fantastic health benefits for all.
                                                                                                                                         PTO 
                  (more on website) $125 $55

  5% off ALL online purchases
                       on day

                                         MARK OFF THE SPECIALS YOU WOULD LIKE & GET IN EARLY
                                  Can’t make it here in person: No problems, email, fax or phone your order through
                                prior to or on the sale day & we will bundle your goodies up on the sale day as soon
                                as we can – Please note on limited # items, we will pack sales in order of invoices
                                                       received – 1st in best shopped!.
What makes the Renascent sale so special?: You can do all your shopping peacefully in a lovely location or by mail
order without the hassles of parking & crazy shopping in malls. We will offer you complimentary snacks &
„cuppas‟ whilst you browse. You‟re welcome to relax & chat about your needs. Want to discuss clinic or classes
for the new year? –Sure!
Not sure what to buy for friends?: Some clients bring along a Xmas list and then choose from the specials or get
us to muscle test the most appropriate choices for them – too easy! All done very simply (Personally – I always
bring my Xmas list to the sale & the on closing I walk around & choose my Xmas gifts from here too, most of my
shopping is done this evening – terrific, really simple, no craziness & gorgeous gifts).
Really special or thoughtful gifts: Don‟t know what to get for someone special? No problems, take a look at the
Jintong watches, teas or give a gift voucher for many pampering services or classes. All items offered through
the website including products, classes & clinic can be issued via a gift voucher.
Post sale specials: If we don‟t sell out on the day (which by the amount that is here would be near on impossible
– then post sales specials may be available. We will email a list out or you can call me after 5pm to see what is
left at great prices. Alternatively you can call & pop in later in the week. Remember to check out our ebay
auctions too………

                                                                                  **NEW – 14 NEW COLOURS IN THE SHIMMER POWDERS – for soaps,
       Creativivity products                                                      candles, cosmetics $4.95PKT / 3 FOR $12, $39.95 KIT, $29.90 jar
                                                                                  SILICONE SOAP MOULDS – Create wonderfully beautiful soaps $35.95
               too!!!                                                             $10-20each, a range of 2nds for just $5 each!
NATURAL SKIN CARE BASES – Make gorgeous gifts for your friends, or                PVC SOAP MOULDS – Lovely designs - from $2.20 each!
business – many discontinued & great discounts – beautiful quality!
                                                                                  SOAP CUTTERS, DYES, FRAGRANCES, 3 D MOULDS Great selection!
INCENSE MAKING KITS – Blank sticks, oils, packaging, mister, instruct‟s
MELT & POUR SOAP MAKING KITS – Divine, easy, gorgeous!
                                                                                  Also – BODY & SOUL INDULGENCE SKIN CARE PRODUCTS – Beautiful
BATHING SALT MAKING KITS – decadent bathing bliss, perfect gifts!                 skin care–50ml Day crème $64.95 – Now $20, eye gel $32.95 $10 – WOW!
ROLLED SOAP KITS – Just add water to make gorgeous French milled                  SUN MATE UV TESTERS – Protect your skin & your family - $35 set $15 !
style soaps, inc‟ all you need ALL KITS(Above) $34.90 SALE $25kit
                                                                                  EYE BEAUTIFYING PEN – Eliminate fine lines & wrinkles – $89 $39.90 or
BATHING SALTS – PINK CLAY-HARMONY, LEMONGRASS, LOTUS                              with FREE Skin Analyser set (usually $49.50) for $59.90
CHOCOLATE SOAK bulk packs 1kg $8                                                  MOSQUITO CLICKS– if it stings or itches–just click! $19.95 $15– great gift!

PACKAGING SOLUTIONS – for gifts or make your own products – A range               CORRESPONDENCE COURSES – On CD / DVD‟s. Feng shui, Crystal
of self sealing bags, jars, bottles, misters, pumps & more                        Workshop, Houses of Life, Qi Gong – 10% off
CHAKRA KITS – Delightful stocking fillers, 7 NATURAL GEMSTONES +                   PREHNITE PENDANTS – Vivid green, hand carved pendants, lovely
BOOKLET – ALLL GIFT PACKED $24.95 $10 kit                                          $69.95 $12
HIMALAYAN SALT DEODORANT – All natural $12.95 $7.90                                PINHOLE GLASSES – Improve eyesight immediately, strengthens eye
                                                                                   muscles, with charts & instructions. Gift boxed $19.95
GEMSTONE EARRINGS in drop, stud, pierced & Clip ons, Hypo allergenic
Rhodium $9.95pr Fun designs. Now $6.95 or 3pr for $15                              GEMSTONE IDENTIFICATION CARDS – complete with names of gems &
                                                                                   12 gems $9.95 $5
Silver or gold plated studs. Were up to $85pr Now $18.00pr or $12pr for 2          GEMSTONE TREASURE HUNT – Lucky Dips, see what treasures you can
or more pairs (A full range of RINGS also available - 80% off)                     find – gems and pendants 50c each
SOLID GOLDSTONE RINGS – String on a necklace, wear as a ring or hold               PENDULUM CHARTS – Delve into your subconscious – 2 for $10
for healing, brings back a sparkle $8each / 4 for $10
                                                                                   SOAP SUPPLIES:             Gorgeous         gifts    –    everything        you
EXQUISITE JEWELLERY, GEMS, CRYSTALS, BOOKS, SOAPS,                                 need……
                                                                                   Melt & Mold soap base – 1kg: Clear / White $12.90 / Shimmers $4.95pkt /
CRYSTAL & GEM BEADED BRACELETS $34.95 Now $10                                      Soap Petals $4.95 pkt / Dyes $10.90 / Fragrances $6.95 / Essential oils
                                                                                   from $9.95 / Rubbing Alcohol Spray $6.95 / Soap tray molds from $2.20 /
QI GONG DVD’S - $29.95ea Now $20ea / 3 or more $18 each / all 6 = $95
                                                                                   Silicone Soap Art Molds from $5
– Choose from Dragon Gate, Zhineng, Wuji, Seven Star, Guigen, Fragrant
Gong – See website for more info‟                                                  NEW SOAP TRANSFERS– Professional finishes - $5.95pkt 5 for $8.90
                                                                                   (10-30 images per pkt) Rub on soap for a great effect, or inside (2 pours)
(1) HIMALAYAN SALT LAMPS – Energise & Ionise the air, look beautiful.
A great gift. All natural Make it yourself salt bowl kit $25                       CUP CAKE OF SOAP:–AMAZING!!!! Everyone is delighted with these. A
                                                                                   soap that looks just like cake (email us for pic‟s). My father looked at these
FLICKERS – Fascinating tea lights that look like candles, flickering within a
                                                                                   in wonder for a while & then declared he needed to go home as they had
clear tube, complete with rechargeable base,
                                                                                   made him hungry. A really fun gift for someone special – cheap enough for
simply drop the tea lights onto the base and
                                                                                   those „teacher‟ gifts. Also – Gemstone /Crystal soaps / Fish in a bag
recharge overnight, beautiful mood lighting.
                                                                                   soaps & they smell as good as they look (A case for food smelling better
Perfect for home or clinic, these are truly lovely.
                                                                                   than it tastes!) What fun! $5 each
A perfect gift for anyone. Gift Boxed – set of 4
           $29.90, set of 12 $72.90 (please pre                                    Pure SOAP MAKING PACKS – 2kg soap, 2 oils, 2 colors, 1 mold - $49.95
              order to ensure availability)                                        (Save $26.25) – or 500gm / 2 dyes / 1 oil / 2 fragrances /book $34.90


         SPIRITUAL JEWELLERY – A terrific range starting from just $1              MINI SOLID JADE MASSAGE ROLLERS – Roll over the face to promote
piece10% other items – up to 50 % off.                                             radiant glowing skin, I tried it every day for a week & did notice a difference.
                                                                                   Cooling & refreshing, with uplifting & spiritual Jade –Were $39.95 Wow! $10
HIGH QUALITY GEM BEAD NECKLACES Whether you wear them as
necklaces or break them apart to use in jewellery making for beads. You                                         YELLOW JADE MASSAGE ROLLERS &
will get 100‟s per necklace. $29.95/ $10ea                                                                      PUMMELLER – Larger than above (20cm) with
                                                                                                                massage pummeller. Great for practitioners
BOOKS - Were up to $70 - Now $10 / $5 / $1ea - up to 80% Off                                                    $89.95 $10
DIVINATION RODS - From $15.95 set, I CHING COINS - From 50cea                                                 GENUINE        SOLID       JADE      CARVINGS/
PENDULUM KITS – with gemstone pendulum & Awaken Your energies                                                 PENDANTS – Assorted styles, hand carved
book $13.95 kit. AYE BOOK – how to heal with gems & crystals + FREE                                  jade pendants for jewellery or healing. (Around 1cm) 4 for
bag of 100‟s of tiny tumbled gems $12.95                                           $5

PURE GLYCERINE & AROMATHERAPY SOAPS - No artificial                                SOLID MARBLE STRESS RELEASE SPHERES – Really attractive balls,
substances - just pure beautiful body bars, gentle enough for sensitive            roll them in your hand to relieve stress – great for executives $7.95 $5
skins, does not stress the energetic system, enhanced with pure Qi Gong            PURCHASE 2 CORRESPONDENCE COURSES – 15% off cheaper course
energies - uplifting, cleansing & indulgent. $8.90 bar $5 bar
                                                                                   GEMSTONE CABACHONS For jewellery making or healing $9 10 for $10
                    BLISS BAGS - A real treat, beautiful fabric bath bags,
                    blended with essences, essential oils, herbs and a             XYRON STICKER MAKING – the best piece of equipment a small
                    luxurious soaking mix. Toss in a bath or foot soak &           business will ever own – create your own business cards, fridge magnets &
                    delight, perfect gifts. These smell exquisite.                                 professional full color gloss labels for around 5c – 10c each.
                    $3ea or $12 for 6                                                              This machine saves me $1000‟s -you can do 1 label if
                                                                                                   desired or 1000‟s. Also a perfect gift for anyone „crafty‟
                    *NEW* QUAN YIN GOLD PENDANTS–                                                  especially scrapbookers – gift boxed with booklet & full size
                    Beautiful blessed energies $12.95                                              cartridge - $159.95 $144.90 (additional cartridges $41.95) /
*NEW* PRAYER SUTRA PENDANTS–Radiate good Qi - $9.95 /                                              or a smaller version to make objects adhesive - $17.95. See
$12.95                                                                             website for info‟. (As we order these in as required, please prebook to collect on
                                                                                   day or we can order)
eBay special Xmas auctions (Crystalmoonlight04) / store:
“Renascent College”: Leading up to the sale we will be offering special            (1) Indulge Yourself BODY& SOUL GIFT PACK – Contains (full size) skin
items on ebay & directly after the sale, we will be uploading remaining items      and beauty products $155-200 Now $65
to clear them out – log on – click “search” / “advanced search” & then             GEM & CRYSTAL PENDANTS - Many varieties $5 each or 3 for $10
search for items by seller and type in “crystalmoonlight04”– you will find all
our auctions here, remember to check back up until Xmas for some great             PROSPERITY PURSES–Fill with crystals or abundance items $10 for 4
items & terrific bargains – starting from just $2 – Happy bidding!                 CUPPING SETS– Restore balance & heal the body $69.95set SALE - $40
BEAUTIFUL SHAPED HEMATITE PENDANTS – Hearts, tear drops,                           MAKE YOUR OWN BATH SALTS– Great fun – create your own
smiling suns – to align energies & cut through illusion in life. $5ea /4 for $10   personalised bathing treat – great activity for the young at heart on the day,
choose from our pre mixed salts, shimmers, petals, herbs. Make a pkt for       YUMM DRESSINGS The most delicious salad dressings $12.90 bottle
free or buy the jars - $2.50 & make as many as you like! $8kg to take home!
                                                                               PRECIOUS GEMSTONE RINGS –Sterling Silver & gems $385 from $7.50
FENG SHUI RULERS – Determine the best measurements $19.95
                                                                               CHEMISTRY CHAOS –Fantastic kit of over 40 experiments + full colour
CHINESE FENG SHUI LOPANS Place in centre of home to align energies             book + DVD $49.50
& bring harmony (Daryll can assist) $79.95 $15ea
                                                                               FUN ROCKS–A gift boxed set of gems with amazing properties $24.90
SKIN ANALYSER–Determine the quality of your skin $89.95 Now $26
                                                                               CRYSTAL WONDER –Gift boxed, grow your own crystals $29.50
(8) SPA BARS–For healing skin, smoothing & removing wrinkles, softening
damaged skin, easing pain – gift boxed $195.00 Now $55ea                       FLUORESCENT ROCKS–A gift boxed set with fluoro‟ torch $24.90

LIP BALM KIT–Gorgeous creative gift $29.90                                     FOOLS GOLD DIG –A gift boxed set of pyrite to „excavate‟ $12.90

ITCH GO –Removes itching, stings, swelling $39.90 $20                          MARINE FOSSILS DIG –A gift boxed set of fossils to „excavate‟ $12.90

WATER SLIDE DECAL PAPER –Print, spray, dip in water, slide image               HEMATITE AND ROSE QUARTZ TRIPLE STRAND NECKLACE $29 $12
onto almost anything – create your own Xmas baubles 10 for $24.90              (3) 40 GEM ESSENCE KIT + FREE booklet $420 Sale - $350
FLUORITE OBELISKS –Assorted sizes – beautiful $37-70 – 50% off!                FULL COLOR AROMATHERAPY essence oil POSTERS $9.80ea -$2.50
(5) ROSE QUARTZ HEARTS–Were $39.95 Now $10 (1 lge), $6 (4 Med‟)                Energy Infused DETOX BATH SALTS - $6.95 Now $5 or 3 for $12 –
DELICATE QUARTZ EGGS– Approx 15mm $6.95 $6 for 3                               lemon ess‟ oil and Malachite essence to cleanse the physical & etheric!
                                                                               SOLID JADE BANGLES–Gift boxed $79.95 Now $25
CHOCOLATE ROCKS So real–look like pebbles! $4 100g pkt, $6 150g box
                                                                               Energy Infused HERBAL BATHING ALCHEMY KIT - $9.95 / 3 for $15
  Many more specials                                                          available on Saturday - especially clearance
   lines & small runs
  See you at the Sale -                                                Have a Prosperous & Exciting remainder of
  the Year - Thank you                                                 for perusing this, we look forward to sharing
                                                                with you soon.
                What’s so special for me?: Many gorgeous items. I particularly love the teas, everyone marvels at the
                soap art cakes. Enjoy……………. Merry Christmas & a successful New Year !

CH’I ENERGY PRODUCTS – FREE DVD $15.95 with 3 or more Chi                      CRYSTAL LIGHT BALANCING TORCHES– A fantastic tool for everyone, use
items. Personal Chi Energy disc – for protection from other peoples            in the home to relieve aches & pains or as a professional healing tool. Every
energies, EMF‟s & holding in balance $39.95 (Gold or silver $49.95),           home should have one. Complete with 7 color discs for a variety of healing,
Child disc $39.95, Practitioner disc – relieves stings, rapid healing,         natural crystal tip & quality torch. $225 $200 kit.
spiritual protection, space clearing – all homes should have one. New
design $79.95, House disc – to align all energies in the home $69.95,          CRYSTAL LIGHT BALANCING WORKBOOK – $24.95 $20
Water polarisers – to put the correct spin back into water & vitalize it for   CRYSTAL & GEM HEALING BOOK – An easy to read reference book.
health benefits $69.95, Mains $79.95, Mobile phone disc $32.50. All            Descriptions of over 75 different gems & crystals & their healing properties of
chi products are gift packed with a booklet of instructions, info’ &           each. physical ailments chart, Anniversaries 1-100, Birth Stones, Planetary
testimonials. SPECIAL – 10% off all-20% off 3rd item.                          Stones & Chinese Year of Birth Stones.$12.95 $5 – SALE 4 for $16
CHI ENERGY BALMS – Gorgeous balms for healing & spiritual                      Prosperity Goldfish Carved in Jade Beautiful goldfish brings beauty, good
protection. Many reports from clients thrilled by their benefits. 5            luck & financial abundance & success in life (especially relationships &
varieties: Chi balm, Goddess balm (to restore your energies & bring            business deals). Place or carry in the pocket 3-4cm. $13 $6ea
personal empowerment – use every morning), sleep balm, pain relief
balm, integration balm (to assist in thinking & clarity, excellent for         The 10 Blended Gem Essences in a full kit – ABUNDANCE, CLARITY,
Kinesiologists clients to integrate R & L brain hemispheres whilst             NURTURE, ANIMALS, MOTIVATION, TRANSFORMATION, BALANCE,
balancing. $10.95 pot. Special - 3 pots for $25 / 5 for $40.                   MOTHER & BABY, CHILDREN - A kit of 10 pure essences packaged in a
                                                                               carry box with full color gloss $129.95 $90 full kit
INCENSE RESINS– The original incense for smudging & space
clearing, drop a little onto lit charcoal – delightful, with frankincense,     SPIRITUAL PENDANTS – Delightful small gold tablets depicting the image of
myrrh & essential oils. *New resin pkts $2.95. or special (3) RESIN            Quan Yin in a clear case with prayers imprinted. It is said to have 1 of these
INCENSE KIT: Contains, rock salt (for absorbing heat) charcoal tablets,        radiates the prayers into the ethers & brings safety, harmony & spiritual
3 pkts of resin & instruction scroll $10 Gift boxed!                           blessings Gift Boxed $14.95 $8ea
GEM ESSENCE HEALING (TAROT) CARDS– *New* A great set of 40                     Hand Carved Brown Jade Bracelets- Delightful jewellery $39.95 $8
gem essence cards(6cm) + full instruction cards – full color / gloss for
readings, spiritual insights, healing & more. Each card is treated with the    GEMSTONE WANDS – Hand carved healing wands, set with precious gems
energies for that gem & will radiate these, producing healing for the          and sterling silver For massage, healing or just looking terrific - delightful
body by holding it or the environment by placing it. An excellent tool for     $129.95 Aventurine $25, Sunstone $30 (set with chakra gems)
natural health practitioners as part of a clinic session. Can locate &         Single Gem Wands $10ea Tiger Iron (4), Smoky Quartz (1), Hematite (3),
release issues & concerns. Nor just for insights, but to heal also.            Rose Quartz (6), Chlorite (1), Approx 80mm long
(Practitioner tool). Beautifully Gift boxed $34.95 $25 complete set.
                                                                               JEWELLERY – Lovely range of really special pieces 50% off marked prices
                              BUDDHIST MUSIC BOXES – Delightful
                              little gifts that play chanting for spiritual    ACUPRESSURE DEVICE – Natural pain relief,
                              blessings $19.95 $14.95                          gentle gold fingers stimulate pain points $89 $49.50

                              RADIONIC TEST KITS– tools to heal the            SILICONE – make your own moulds              $49.95kg
                              body, great practitioner tool, with              $25kg
                              instructions     (Vitamin    /Environmental      (2) GEM ESSENCE COURSE – Certified &
/Spiritual / Heavy Metals) $89 set of 4 sets for $160 – great gift!            Accredited $245 $100
GODDESS SOAP– An all time favourite, blended with buttermilk to                TEAS – Have you tried our new range of premium quality teas – they are
soothe skin & infused with goddess energies – delightful $8.90 bar $5          divine – great gift! $8.90 box $5.90 / 2 for $11.90/ 3 for $16.75 / 4 for $20 / 10
                                                                               for $45 + free „tea wand‟. You will love them!
MANI STONES –hand painted gems with Sanskrit blessings to radiate              FOREST DEW, CHAI, CHAI LATTE, MASALA TEA, Green Tea Chai,
blessings & spiritual well being, with description card $5.95 ea               Buddha‟s Delight, Quan Yin‟s Delight, Fruit Delight, CHERISH, Tummy Calm,
JADE TAOIST GODS– Hand carved - lovely $39.95 – SALE $10                       Earl Grey, Lady Grey, ROSE POUCHONG, MONKS DELIGHT, Caramel
                                                                               Crème, Madagascan Vanilla, Hazelnut Chocolate Crème, ORANGE PEKOE,
SOAP ART DVD – TWIN PACK – Easy to watch demonstrations to get                 Strawberries & Cream
you creating your very own „soap art‟ for personal use, gifts or a
business $34.90 $25 or with 1kg soap/instruction book/ 1 dye / 1               MANY, MANY MORE SPECIAL INDULGENT, SPIRITUAL & FUN ITEMS –
fragrance $69.20 SALE - $50                                                    COME ALONG OR MAIL ORDER – SAT’ DECEMBER 4TH 10-5PM
SILVER DOLPHIN RINGS–Assorted sizes – stocking stuffers. $5.95
$1ea                                                                            We look forward to seeing you on Saturday
(3) QUARTZ CRYSTAL PENDANT IN S. SILVER–Were $19.95 Now $5                      4th or processing your mail order! Come &
GEMSTONE PKTS– A great variety – rough or tumbled gems – 100‟s of                 have a cuppa & a chat – no obligation!
treasures. Great for collections, stocking stuffers, jewellery $2pkt             Join us in a workshop – book in today so
(2) QUAN YIN GOLD PLATE– to bring blessings & spiritual safety. A                    you don’t miss out. Merry Xmas!
gorgeous design. Gift packed in a red fabric envelope. Beautiful gift
$6ea or 2 for $10

                                                                                            Looking for a bargain? We often list items on
     Ready to order: Come along on Sat‟ Dec‟ 4th !                                          Ebay. It‟s fun, easy & you can pick up terrific
   Can’t make it in person? – no problems – just circle                                    bargains. Go to: www, & SEARCH
what you like on these forms & post, email or fax your order                                BY SELLER “Crystalmoonlight04” or our ebay
  through. PAYMENT: Paypal, Credit card, direct deposit,                                    store “Renascent College” Happy Ebaying!!!
                   money order, cheque

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