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									    Tourist attractions
                                              GROUPS 2011

        - The small train of Epernay         page 2
        - The small train of the vineyards   page 4
        - Croisi Champagne                   page 8
        - Musée de la Cave
        et des Métiers du Champagne          page   10
        - Museum of the vine                 page   16
        - Pré en Bulles                      page   18
        - Museum of Marriage                 page   20
        - Distillerie Guillon                page   22
        - Oxygène                            page   24
        - Cap Orientations                   page   26
        - Chocolaterie Thibaut               page   28
        - C. Comme                           page   30
        - Les confidences de Dom Caudron     page   34
        - Caslte of Condé                    page   36
        - Castle of Pierry                   page   38
        - Cabaret des Secrets                page   40
        - Danse avec les aigles              page   42

The small train
of Epernay
ADRESS        7, avenue de Champagne
              Tél : 00.33.(0)
              Fax : 00.33.(0)
              E – mail : tourisme@ot-epernay.fr
              Web : www.ot-epernay.fr

SITUATION     Situated in the capitale of Champagne, in the city center, close to the Avenue de Champagne.
              Departure in the gardens of the Town Hall.

DESCRIPTION   Let you tell the story of the Capital of Champagne and its main monuments: the Town Hall
              and its beautiful garden, the Château Perrier, Gabrielle Dorziat Theatre, the Church of
              Notre-Dame and other buildings of architectural heritage of the city, mainly from the great
              urban expansion of the XIXth century.

HOURS         Individuals:
              On april, may and October, every day (except on Monday)
              On june, july, august and September, every day (except on Monday morning)
              Departure at 10h30 – 11h30 – 14h30 – 15h30 – 16h30 – 17h3
              Every day (except on 25/12 and 01/01), by appointment
              For the conditions, consult us


DURATION      40 minutes

PRICES        Adult :                                  6,00 €
              Reduced price:                           4,00 €
              Child less 16 yeard old :                3,00 €
              Child less 5 years old :                 free
              Groups adult:                            4,50 €
              Groups Chid less 16 years old:           2,50 €
              Groups child less 5 years old:           1,00 €

              From november to march, groups must be composed by
                     - 20 persons minimum for groups of adults
                     - 40 persons minimum for groups of children

FREE          Guide and driver
              For groups of children: free for one guide per 10 children

    The small train of Epernay

The Small Train of the Champagne
ADDRESS         Caveau Champagne Lallement
                29, rue de l’Eglise
                51 500 Chamery
                Tél : 00.33. (0)
                Fax : 00.33. (0)
                Email : caveau.champ.lallement@wanadoo.fr
                Internet : www.caveauchampagnelallement.com


LOCATION        Small, flowery village situated on the picturesque « Route of Champagne » in the
                Montagne de Reims at 20 km (13 miles) from Epernay, 10 km from Reims (7 miles)

DESCRIPTION     • Depart on a small train from the room called “Le Caveau” in the village of
                Chamery on the “Route Touristique du Champagne”, listening to commentary as
                you pass through the vineyard. You will discover the work of the wine growers and
                the unobstructed view of the vineyard hillside of the “Montagne de Reims” and of
                the village of Chamery.
                • Groups (mini 30 people):
                         - visit the cellar followed by tasting of Champagne
                         - lunch or dinner champenois style at the wine grower’s. The service is
                         carried out in Folkloric Champenois dress
                         - organisation of trips of 1 or 2 days visiting the region, grape pickers lunch,
                         meals out of hotel and transport by coach)

OPENING TIMES   • Individuals:
                July and August: at 10h30 and at 15h30 (reservation only) Trip possible for a
                minimum of 15 people
                • Groups:
                All year round (reservation only)
                • Closed:
                From mid November to mid March the train doesn’t operate but there still may be
                meals available.

CAPACITY        minimum 30 people / maximum 120 people


DURATION        from 1h00 to 1 day (depending on the clients desire)

PRICES          Individuals:                                        On demand
                Groups from 15 to 30 people:                        On demand
                Day excursion (30 to 120 people):                   On demand

FREE PLACES                    guide and driver


Half a day of the Small Train of the Champagne Vineyard
DESCRIPTION                    Visit of the cellar and wine tasting
                               Commented visit of the vineyard in small train
                               Lunch or dinner in the room called « Le Caveau Champenois », service provided in
                               traditional dress
                               From 10h30 to 14h30 for a half a day

DURATION                       from 1hour to 1 day to 14h30

PRICES                         Varies depending on type of menu, contact us

Special Harvest
DESCRIPTION                    Visit the vineyard with the small train of the champagne vineyard, discover the work
                               of the wine-grower. Meet the grape - pickers
                               Grape’s pickers snack
                               Special grape harvest menu, service provided with music and traditional dress
                               Your afternoon will be devoted to the discovery of the origin of Champagne (car
                               journey through the vineyard and its historic villages)

DURATION                       from 9h00 to 14h30 or from 9h00 to 17h30

PRICES                         contact us

Half a day or One days in the Champagne Region
DURATION                       Half a day or 1 day depending on the choice of the client

PRICES                         contact us

Examples of menus for 2011

                                            Buffet des cépages
                                     Apéritif : Ratafia de Champenois
    Jambon de Reims, Jambon des Ardennes, Saucisson cuit et sec, Salami, Pâté croûte champenois, Charcuterie
                                        Charlotte aux biscuits roses.
                              Boisson : café, ¼ de carafe vin rouge / personne

                                              Menu du Vigneron
                                                Apéritif : Ratafia
                                        Médaillon de saumon macédoine
                                 Cuisse de canette sauce ratafia et sa garniture
                                                Salade Fromage
                              Pavé chocolat sur crème anglaise aux biscuits roses
                              Boisson : Café, ¼ de carafe de vin rouge / personne

                                              Menu du Vendangeur
                                  Apéritif : Coupe de Champagne Brut 1er Cru
                                                Emincé de Canard
                                            Potée Champenoise
                                       Duo de Fromages sur Salade
                                          Dessert du vendangeur
                            Boisson : Café, ¼ de carafe de vin rouge / personne

                                              Menu Millésime
                                Apéritif : coupe de Champagne brut 1er Cru
                                  Foie Gras aux 2 poivres et Champagne
                                   Cuisse de coq au coteau Champenois
                                             Chaource sur Salade
                                      Crème brûlée aux biscuits roses
                                 ¼ de bordeaux rouge/ personne et café

There is a possibility of changing the menu on demand

    The small train of the Champagne Vineyards - Chamery

Croisi Champagne
ADDRESS       B.P. 22
              51480 CUMIERES
              Tél :
              Fax :
              E-mail : croisi.champagne@wanadoo.fr
              Site: www.champagne-et-croisiere.com

CONTACT       Catherine BRULE - VADIN

LOCATION      Quay at Cumières, indicated access in the village
              Ample parking for cars and coaches in front of the landing stage

NOTE          In 2011: works at the entrance of Cumières coming Dizy and Hautvillers. Deviation
              from Epernay - Comings Cumières

DESCRIPTION   Built in 1992, the Champagne Vallée has a single room, on one level, which
              offers you an uninterrupted 360 degree view.
              • Tables of 4, 6 or 8 people are arranged according to the size of your group
              • Bar a dance floor
              • Large terrace in open – air, with blind, back sunny deck
              • Easy access for elderly people and the handicapped.
              • Lavatories, heating.
              • Seat for baby


CAPACITY      140 people on the pleasure trip
              103 people in the restaurant without animation
              From 70 to 80 people in the restaurant with animation

NOTE          Menu is chosen when you reserve
              Only one menu for everybody on board
              The first reservation has the priority on the choice of the menu

              On the river Marne, the landing stage of the Champagne Vallée is situated at
              Cumières (2 km west of Epernay). The boat sails by the hillsides of the Champagne
              vineyards from Cumières to the Château of Boursault, passing through Damery,
              Vauciennes, Venteuil, Boursault, Hautvillers.
              There is a lock at Cumières, except at 5:00 pm (not foreseeable at least 2 days in
              advance of the trip), Bank Holiday and some Sundays in low season (the lock is
              closed): cruise between Cumières and Epernay.

              Throughout the trip our hostess will commentate on the countryside around,
              discussing its history as linked to that of champagne. The captain will help you to
              recognise the river animals. You will be captivated by the pastoral charm of this
              cruise accompanied by swans, coots, mallards, moorhens and kingfishers. The
              captain will be happy to stop the boat for you if you wish to take a photograph. Our
              fishermen friends won't hesitate to show off to you their latest catch.

                        Bar Service
                        During the cruises the bar is open and can offer you a wide variety of refreshments,
                        and of course, champagne

CAPACITY                Groups of 20 people minimum – 140 people maximum

OPENING TIMES           Departure at 9:30 am, 3:30pm, 5:00pm except in cases of extreme weather
                        conditions (flooding of the Marne, or a ban on sailing by the Navigational Authority.
                        For groups: every day with reservation
                        Closed on Monday
                        Closed from 15th December 2010 to 15th March 2011

DURATION                1h30

PRICES                  Individuals:
                        Adults:                   9, 50 € / person
                        Children (– 12 years old): 7, 20 € / person
                        - Coach and Travel Agencies :
                        Adults:                   7, 90 € / person
                        Children– 12 years old): 6, 50 € / person
                        - Associations / Company Welfare groups:
                        Adults:                  8, 70 € / person
                        Children– 12 years old): 6, 60 € / person

                        Applicable from 15th March to 15th December

FREE PLACES             1 free place for 25 people

NEW                     Cruise + 1 glass of Champagne
                        Agencies / tour operator:     10.70 € / pers
                        Associations:                 11.50 € / pers

CABARET EVENING: welcoming party at 8:00 pm, end of progrmme at midnight
DESCRIPTION             • Dinner on cruise

                        • Welcome aboard at 20:00
                        Quay of the Champagne Vallée at Cumières - bandstand square

                        • Itinerary:
                        Cruise on the river Marne between Cumières and upriver from Epernay.
                        The powerful spotlights playing on the riverside create a magic show with swans
                        herons and mallards silhouetted against the bank, creating weird and wonderful

                       • Gastronomic meals: 5 courses, drinks included 1/3 bottle of wine, mineral water
                       and coffee, consult us.

                        • Cabaret entertainment will be assured during the cruise

                        • Meals: the Champenois’ Menu, drinks included

                        • End of programme: 0.00 at Cumières

PRICES                  Groups from 30 people Cruise + Dinner + Musicians + drinks included
                        - Coach and Travel Agencies:
                        - Adults:                     56.20 € / person
                        - Children:                   39.00 € / person
                        Associations / Company Welfare groups:
                        - Adults:                     59.00 € / person
                        - Children:                   41.00 € / person
                        - Adults:                     61.20 € / person
                        - Children:                   45.00 € / person
                        Extra charge for drinks:
                        1 glass of Champagne:         4.00 €
                        2 glasses of Champagne:       7.00 €
                        ½ bottle of Champagne:        14.00 €
                        Wine list from:               9.00 € to 28.00 €. The bottle
                        Champagne:                    from 28, 00 € the bottle

                        Payment: 30% at the time of the booking, the balance is due the day of the cruise

THE SPARKLING CRUISE: welcomed at 12.00 precisely, end of programme at 3.00 pm
DESCRIPTION             • Lunch on cruise (animated)

                        • Welcome in Cumières at 12:00
                        Quay of the Champagne Vallée, at Cumières - Bandstand square

                        • Itinerary:
                        Cruise on the river Marne between Cumières, the Château of Boursault and Reuil,
                        leaving from, and returning to Cumières. The boat will go through the locks of
                        Cumières and Damery (if it’s possible), and the cruise meanders its way between the
                        hillsides of the Champagne vineyards.

                        • Gastronomic meals: 5 courses, drinks included 1/3 bottle of wine, mineral water
                        and coffee, consult us.

                        • Musical entertainment will be assured during the cruise

                        • Meals: the Champenois’ Menu drinks included (1/4 wine, water and coffee)

                        • End of Programme: 15:00

PRICES                  Groups (from 30 people to 96 people) Cruise + lunch + musicians + drinks
                         - Coach and travel Agencies:
                                 - Adults:             50.70 € / person
                                 - Children:           34.00 € / person
                         - Associations / Company Welfare groups:
                                 - Adults:             53.70 € / person
                                 - Children:           36.00 € / person
                        - Individuals:
                                 - Adults:             56.00 € / person
                                 - Children:           37.00 € / person

                        Extra charge for drinks:
                        1 glass of Champagne:             4.00 €
                        2 glasses of Champagne:           7.00 €
                        ½ bottle of Champagne:            14.00 €
                        Wine list from:                  9.00 € to 28.00 €. The bottle
                        Champagne:                       from 28, 00 € the bottle
welcomed at precisely 12.00, end of programme at 3.00 pm

DESCRIPTION                  • Lunch on cruise (with commentary)

                             • Welcome in Cumbers at 12:00: Quay of the Champagne Vallée - Bandstand

                             • Itinerary:
                             Cruise on the river Marne between Cumières, the Castle of Boursault and Reuil,
                             leaving from, and returning to Cumières.
                             The boat will go through a lock, and the cruise meanders its way between the
                             hillsides of the Champagne vineyards.

                             • Meals: the Sailors’ menu 2011 drinks included (1/3 bottle of wine, mineral water
                             and coffee)

                             • Programme: From 12:00 to 15:00 at Cumières

OPENING TIMES                From 15th March to 15th December
                             From Tuesday to Friday, except Bank Holiday (only with appointment)

DURATION                     3h00

PRICES                       Groups (from 30 to 100 people): Cruise + lunch + drinks included
                             - Coach /travel Agencies:
                                      - Adults:              35.30 € / person
                                      - Children:            27.00 € / person
                             - Associations:
                                      - Adults:              39.30 € / person
                                      - Children:            29.00 € / person
                             - Individuals:
                                      - Adults:              42.00 € / person
                                      - Children:            32.00 € / person

                             Option Musical Entertainment with extra charge:
                             1 musician:                   250, 00 €
                             3 musicians:                  550, 00 €

                             - Wine list from:                9.00 €. To 28.00 €. the bottle
                             - Champagne :                    from 28,00 € the bottle

                                     NEW ON 2011
PICNIC LUNCH CRUISE (Prices for individuals 2011)
Formula from 12h30 to 14h30 in JULY and AUGUST ONLY

HOURS                Reception: 12:30 (sharp)
                     End of Program 2:30 p.m.
                     Cruise duration: 2h

ITINERARY            Cruise on the River Marne, between Castle and Cumières Boursault starting Cumières,
                     Cumières back, crossing the lock at the foot of the hills and vineyards of the Champagne
                     vineyards. * Except for special cases see sheet "special conditions of navigation.
PICNIC                        Salads: potato, sausage, rice-tomato-corn-tuna-egg, salade verte de saison
                              Charcuteries : rillettes, jambon, saucisson
                              Fromage : brie
                              Dessert : yaourt, compote, ou season fruit pie

                              Mineral water or sparkling

COMMENTARY                    A comment will be made during your cruise on the fauna, flora and navigation.

PAYMENT                       30% for booking, the balance on the date of completion of your program

PRICES                        Package includes: CRUISE + PICNIC + COMMENT
                              25.00 € per adult
                              18.00 € per child under 12 years

Check if we have a guaranteed minimum of 25 people booked at least 48 hours in advance.

                                          MENU DU MATELOT 2010*
                                              Terrien de lapin au Muscadet et mesclun
                                            Blanquette de dinde et riz aux deux couleurs
                                         Suprême fruits rouges et son coulis de fruits rouges

*The menu is to be decided on reservation.
The menu is uniquely for all the people on board, the first reservation has priority for the choice of menu.
ATTENTION : room non-smoking

                                              MENU CHAMPENOIS*
                                      Tartare de saumon, mesclun et vinaigrette Basilic
                                                    Sorbet champenois
                            Fondant de poulet aux cèpes avec ses légumes verts, tomate provençale
                                                      Salade Fromage
                               Macaron mousseline de mandarine impériale et crème de mûre

*The sparkling cruise and the Cabaret evening menu
The menu is to be decided on reservation.
The menu is uniquely for all the people on board, the first reservation has priority for the choice of menu.
ATTENTION : room non-smoking

     Croisi Champagne

Museum of the Cellars and Workers
of Champagne
              63, Avenue de Champagne
              B.P. 136
              51 204 EPERNAY Cedex
              Tél : 00.33.(0)
              Fax : 00.33.(0)
              Email : candie.lheureux@castellane.com
              Site : www.castellane.com


LOCATION      Near the "Avenue de Champagne", direct access by railway siding

DESCRIPTION   Cellar Museum
              Created from an idea from the staff, four existing rooms have been transformed into
              a museum. Models display the usage of tools formerly used, enabling us to
              understand the work involved. From the digging out of the cellars in 1870 to 200
              years history of riddling.

              Traditional Champagne Museum
              Here again, models demonstrate the old machines and tools used, together with a
              display of old documents bringing to life two centuries of tradition and research in
              - First Room : From pressing to packaging
              Coopers workshop
              - Second Room :        From the vines to the press

              The Tower
              At 60 metres high, with 237 steps and 9 levels, this museum gives a unique view of
              Epernay from the top two levels.

              The Printing Museum of Epernay
              Housed in a splendid wooden building, all the printing machines which, since the
              “arm – press” ( nick – named the horned beast) have contributed to the modern
              method of printing. A very rare collection, assisted by the Estienne School in Paris.

              A superb collection of posters, old and new, displaying the champagne De

              The Workers
              In the style of traditional museum, we present the workshops of basket making,
              glass making and pewterleaf.

              The Label Room
              A magical place, showing the treasured souvenirs of Champagne De Castellane

              A glass of Champagne at the end of the tour


DURATION          Museums and tasting : 45 minutes

PRICES            6.50 € / person

FREE PLACES       Driver and guide from 50 people

              Museum of Cellars and Workers of Champagne
                      Champagne De Castellane

The Vineyard Museum
ADDRESS           51360 VERZENAY
                  Tel : 00.33.(0)
                  Fax : 00.33.(0)
                  E – mail : musee@lepharedeverzenay.com
                  Website : www.lepharedeverzenay.com

CONTACT           Frédérique GERLIER

LOCATION          On the Champagne Road of the Mountain of Reims
                  In the heart of the vineyard, at 20 km from Epernay and 15 km from Reims

DESCRIPTION       Climb to the top of this unusual tower, erected in 1909 by a wholesaler to promote
                  his make of Champagne; the visitors will adore this impregnable view of the
                  vineyards, the Champagne plains and the town of Reims thanks to this panoramic
                  viewpoint, built especially.
                  On site, a new discovery, educational and audio guided trail in four languages
                  (French, English, German and Dutch) allows you to learn more about the
                  Champagne region through games. The territory room is an amphitheatre with a
                  large scale model of the vineyards of the Marne region, and a new slide show
                  dedicated to the Champagne area and its characteristics.
                  A new multimedia room allows you to discover the landscape of the Champagne
                  region once again, through giant images shown around you.
                  However, the main show is located in a new room called <<Legend of the
                  lighthouse”. In this room, shaped like a drop of water and laid out in the style of a
                  theatre, the legends and true stories about the Lighthouse of Verzenay will be
                  narrated by Robert HOSSEIN, based on a story written by Eric POINDRON
                  (publicised by Coq à l’Ane)
                  For children, five small stories are illustrated by cartoons showing the Champagne
                  region through visual games.

                  From now on, the lighthouse shows off its most beautiful aspect during the night
                  thanks to a new lighting system at its highest point, which sparkles from dusk.

OPENING TIMES     Every day during the week except on Monday from 10:00 to 18:00,
                  Week – end and bank holidays : from 10:00 to 18:30.
                  Closed : 25th December, January and February
                          • Week day : last visit at 17:00
                          • Week – end and bank holidays: last visit at 17:30
                  Groups : open all year round on reservation

PARTICULARITIES   Constructed in 1909 by Joseph Goulet’s champagne house, as an advertising
                  medium, the lighthouse has a pathway with games on which to discover Champagne
                  The elevated site covers an area of 2,281 sq. metres, and boasts a magnificent view
                  over the surrounding vineyards.
                  Private parking nearby off the D26

LANGUAGES         FR, GB, D, NL (audioguides)

DURATION          From 1 hour to 1 ½ hour (free or guided tour)
                  35 people maximum. If more, the group will be divided.
                                        Museum           Lighthouse   Museum+lighthouse
              Adults :                  6.00 €           3.00 €       7,00 €

              Child:                    3.00 €           2.00 €       4,00 €
              (from 6 to 16)

              Child – de 6              gratuit          gratuit      gratuit

              Special prices* :         5.00 €           2.50 €       6.00 €

              price for child           free             free         free
              Children group            2.00 €           2.00 €       3.00 €

              * prices for groups, associations, TO, …

FREE PLACES   Driver and guide

NOTE !        These prices may change during the year

                                  The Vineyards Museum - Verzenay

Pré en Bulles
ADRESS        2 rue du Stade
              51 380 TREPAIL
              Tél : 00.33.(0)
              Fax : 00.33.(0)
              Email : contact@pre-en-bulles.com
              Site : www.pre-en-bulles.com


SITUATION     Situated in the heart of Montagne de Reims area, in the village of Trépail.

DESCRIPTION   Pré en Bulles is an original, innovative and fun way tourist site to spend a relaxing and bubbly
              stay. Its formula includes multi-activity sites:
              - museum
              - animation
              - lunch
              - Seminars
              - Accomodation
              - Theme holidays
              Space tourist innovating on the theme of champagne! A dazzling spectacle of imagination, a
              spectacular, educational and funny scenery.

HOURS         Monday to Friday from 10h to 13h and 14h to 18h
              Closing to 19h, weekends and holidays
              Last admission 1 hour before closing
              Closed in January and February (except for groups by reservation)


DURATION      1 hour

PRICES        Individuals :
                      Adult : 7.00 €            Child/School : 5.00 €

              Groups (15 persons minimum) :
                     Adults : 6.00 €

              With tasting :
              Individual : 11.00 €         Group : 10.00 €

                   Theme day
     Tourist site Pré en Bulles
     Set design on the theme of champagne:
     - The route of the Arts Vine
     - The angels share
     Duration of the tour : 1h30
     Group price : 6€
     Lunch at Pré en Bulles (to 70 pers)
     Tasting of cuvée Bullissime
     Traditional lunch « menu des galipes »
     Price : from 20€/pers.

     Tour in cellars (50m from Pré en Bulles)
     Tour + tasting free: 1h
     Maxi 30 persons

     Activities around
     Ex : Phare de Verzenay
     Museum of the vine : 45min
     Group price : 6€

     Or stroll in the heart of the vineyard
     Sentier du vigneron in Mutigny (free)

     Price for the day: from 26€/pers.

Museum of Marriage
ADRESS             1, rue d’Avize
                   51190 OGER
                   Tél: 00.33. (0)   Fax/ 00.33.(0)
                   Email: contact@mariage-et-champagne.com
                   Site: www.mariage-et-champagne

CONTACT            M. HENRY

SITUATION          Situated in the village of Oger (Gold Medal in the European contest of flowering in 2005) on
                   the tourist road of Côte des Blancs

DESCRIPTION        Museum of Popular Traditions on Marriage in France in the 19th century, with commentary
                   for groups only, with some 700 exhibits relating to customs and rituals around marriage.
                   Museum on the labeling of champagne at the same time. Cellar tour and tasting of
                   Champagne property.

HOURS              Open all year from tuesday to Sunday from 10h to 12h30 and from 14h to 18h.
                   Closed on monday

CAPACITY           70 persons

PARTICULARITIES Lunch possible on place

LANGUAGES          F, GB

DURATION           1h30

PRICES             Individuals :    Adult : 6.00 €
                   Groups : Adult : 5.00 €
                   Free for less than 16 years old

Distillerie Guillon
ADDRES        Hameau de Vertuelle
              51 150 Louvois
              Tél : 00.33.(0)             Portable : 00.33.(0)
              Fax : 00.33.(0)
              Email : guillon51150@aol.com
              Site : www.whisky-guillon.com

CONTACT       Thierry Guillon and Victorien Leblanc

SITUATION     The distillery is situated in the heart of the Montagne de Reims, within the forest, on an
              exceptional site of 20 hectares and only a few minutes away from Verzy and its twisted trees.
              Reims and Epernay are situated 25 km (17 miles) from the distillery.

DESCRIPTION   The visit is free and the hand-made production of the whiskey is developed from malt which
              comes from the champagne area. You will also discover our natural source.
              You will be able to visit our museum and see the tools which our ancestors used in the
              region in order to make the oak casks.
              One explication on the ageing of the whiskey will complete the visit.

              Visits and store opened 7j/7
              From 10h00 to 18h30
              Individuals without appointment
              Groups on appointment

LANGUAGES     F and D on reservation

DURATION      45 minutes

PRICES        Individuals : free
              Groups – associations : free
              Tourism industry workers : free

     Distillerie Guillon – Louvois

Cap Orientations
ADRESS         129 rue de Bacchus
               51160 Hautvillers
               Tel : 00 33 (0)6 24 38 26 55
               E-mail : alexandre@cap-orientation.com
               Site : www.cap-orientation.com

CONTACT        Alexandre Chevalet

DESCRIPTION    Fun and friendly, orienteering courses are fitted to groups and their goals: cohesion and
               communication, integration course, birthday, bachelorette / bachelor party, discovery and

               Orientation Challenge, Treasure Hunt... Using an orientation map of quality (essential
               element to achieve the activity), you go in search of tags and discover the special features of
               the site (fauna and flora, history and culture).

               Practice places: Hautvillers, Rilly-la-Montagne, Verzy and Reims ("Parc de Champagne" and
               "Parc de la Patte d’Oie").

               Disabled access (Park Patte d’Oie)
               Coach parking
               Options with an extra: snacks, champagne tasting, photo-CD with personalized cover,
               colored caps, rewards.

OPENINGTIMES   All year on request

CAPACITY       15 to 300 persons


PRICES         From 10.00 € per person

ADRESS        La Charmoie
              02330 SAINT EUGENE
              Tél: 00.33. (0)
              Email: laurent.omontdelattre@wanadoo.fr
              Site: www.nature-aisne.com

CONTACT       Catherine and Laurent OMONT

SITUATION     2 km from Saint Eugène, 10 km from Château Thierry and 38 km from Epernay

DESCRIPTION   Walk of 1h30 in the electric carriers through wood, ponds and meadows.
              Silence and comfort, teaching without excess
              Open from 4/16/11 to 10/16/11
              Closed on monday
              Open on bank holidays
              Possible restoration by delicatessen for the groups only (meal of midday)

HOURS         Individuals :

              Groups : 10h30, 14h30 et 16h30 but arrangement possible


DURATION      1h30

PRICES        Individuals : Adult 9,00 €        child– 15 years old 4,50 €
                               child– 5 years old : free

              Groups :        Without meal 8,00 €
                              With meal 7,00 €

FREÉ          1 free for a group of 25 to 39 people
              2 free for a group of 40 to 50 people

Chocolaterie Thibaut
ADRESS            Pôle d’activité Saint Julien
                  51530 PIERRY
                  Tel : 0033 (0)   Fax : 00 33 (0)3 26 55 39 61
                  E-mail : info@chocolaterie-thibaut.com
                  Net: www.chocolaterie-thibaut.com


SITUATION         Situated in Pierry, a village of Coteaux Sud

DESCRIPTION       The guided tour will show you the creation from the cacao tree to the delicious caps
                  of chocolate.

PARTICULARITIES   Air conditioning site
                  Parking and disabled access

HOURS             9h – 12h et 14h – 18h
                  From monday afternoon to saturday
                  Closed on Sunday and holiday days
                  Tour stopped 15 days before Christmas and Easter


DURATION          Individuals : 20 minutes
                  Groups : 45 minutes

PRICES            Individuals: free
                  Groups: 2, 50 € per person

FREÉ              Driver and guide

C. Comme (champagne bar)
ADDRESS           8, rue Gambetta
                  51200 EPERNAY
                  T. : 00 33 (0)3 26 32 09 55
                  F. : 00 33 (0)3 26 32 09 56
                  E-mail : contact@c-comme.fr
                  Internet : www.c-comme.fr

CONTACT           Frédéric DRICOT
                  Aurélie HERMANT

LOCATION          Situated in the town centre of Epernay near to the Avenue de Champagne

DESCRPTION        Direct sale of champagne from the owner (in a cellar dating back from X1X
                  Tasting of Champagne from the different areas
                  Boutique (champagne gifts)

OPENING TIMES     Open from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday :from 10am to 8pm
without closure
                  Open on Fridays and Saturdays :from 10am to midnight without closure

LANGUAGES         French, English, Spanish

DURATION          According to the chosen option

CAPACITY          50 people

                  Main point of entry is via the Tourist route of the Champagne region (according to
                  the signed agreement between CDT Marne, Aube, OTER and CRT Champagne
                  Unique tasting place which brings together all types of Champagne from all of the
                  viticultural Champagne areas : Marne, Aisne, Aube.

PRICE             According to the chosen package

VALID             2011

                  Tasting of 4 Champagne wines

                  a 100% Chardonnay, a 100% Pinot Noir and a 100% Pinot Meunier and a blend to
                  discover the different varieties of Champagne grapes

CAPACITY      From 7 to 30 people

DURATION      1 hour to 1 hour 30

              22.80 € per pers. (10 cl)
              26.90 € per pers. (14 cl)

              Tasting of 4 Champagne wines with different colours : a traditional white
              Champagne, a white Champagne kept in an oak barrel, and a blend of rose
              Champagne and a rose Champagne made from the skins of the red grapes.

CAPACITY      From 7 to 30 people

DURATION      1 hour to 1 hour 30

              22.80 € per pers. (10 cl)
              26.90 € per pers. (14 cl)

DESCRIPTION   Tasting of 5 Champagnes with different amounts of added
              sugar, in order to discover the practices of the wine-makers
              No added sugar (less than 3 g per litre)
              Extra brut (between 0 and 6 g per litre)
              Brut (less than 15g per litre)
              Demi-sec (between 33 and 50g per litre)
              Doux (more than 50g per litre)

CAPACITY      From 7 to 30 people

DURATION      1 hour to 1 hour 30

               (10 cl) 28.50 € per person
              (14 cl) 33.70 € per person

DESCRIPTION   Tasting of 7 Champagnes originating from different viticultural zones in the
              Champagne region : Aisne, Marne (Cote des Blancs, Montagne de Reims,
              Valle de la Marne, Massif de Saint thierry) and Aube (Riceys, Cote des Bar) in
              order to discover the different areas.

CAPACITY      From 7 to 30 people

DURATION       2 Hours

PRICE         39.90 € per pers. (10 cl)
              47.20 € per pers. (14 cl)


A group space
With his expertise, Champagne C as expanded in the month of January 2011 its offer to host groups with a range of
free services that allow animations tasting champagnes owners in a frame and optimal fit.

PUBLIC           Groups
                 Business meeting
                 Working meeting with tastings

           No room hire
           Computer Access
           Projector and wi fi

CAPACITY : 60 persons to 100 persons

The Museum of error of Champagne
DESCRIPTION : exhibition space permanently open. This unique site in Champagne show why the manufacturing
processes are complicated to set up before reaching the perfection at the dry and live (glass, label, cork, wine tasting,
...). We hope this different approach to show the excellence and expertise of champagne industry.

                 1 / The cork stopper
                 2 / The glass of the bottle
                 3 / The oenological elements
                 4 / The wood and stainless steel drums and tanks
                 5 / chalk and soils of the Champagne
                 6 / Labels and impressions
                 7 / Misappropriation of the Appellation Champagne

Champagne Dom Caudron
ADRESS        Rue Jean York
              51700 PASSY GRIGNY
              Tel : 03 26 52 45 17
              E-mail : champagnedomcaudron@hexanet.fr
              Site : www.domcaudron.fr


SITUATION     Located near the A4 highway at the exit n°21 Dormans

HOURS         Open all the year
              From Monday to friday: 10h-12h / 14h/17h
              Closed on tuesday
              Saturday and sunday: 11h-13h / 14h-17h
              Annual closing from 25th december 2010 to 3rd january 2011

DESCRIPTION   Ecomusée and discovering of mysteries of the champagne process
              Tasting of the champagnes Dom Caudron, with 2 vintages 100%


DURATION      1h

PRICES        Adult : 5,00 €       Child (-12 years old) : free
              Group (more than 15 persons) : 3,00 €

Castle of Condé
ADRESS        4, rue du Château
              02330 CONDE EN BRIE
              Tél: 00.33. (0)
              Site: www.chateaudeconde.com


SITUATION     Situated on the Marne Valley tourist road of Champagne, at 100 km from Paris.

DESCRIPTION   The Chateau de Conde is a private, historic building, inhabited all year. Its sumptuous decor
              of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries were made by the most prestigious artists
              (Watteau, Boucher, Oudry Servandoni ...)

              Set lunch or dinner in one of the medieval rooms of the castle before or after the visit (by
              appointment and menus available on request).

              Breakfast or snack before or after the visit
              (pastries and beverages - by appointment)

HOURS         Open all the year
              From Monday to friday: 10h-12h / 14h/17h
              Closed on tuesday
              Saturday and sunday: 11h-13h / 14h-17h
              Annual closing from 25th december 2010 to 3rd january 2011

CAPACITY      300 persons

LANGUAGES     F, GB, D, Esp, Ita, Jap, Tchèque

DURATION      1h

PRICES        Groups :
              Adult : from 8.00 €
              Meal + tour : from 25.50 €

              Individuals :
              Adults : from 6.50 €
              Children (from 5 to 12 ) : from 3.50 €
              Disabled: free access to the Park, Video and soldiers collection
              Children (less than 5 ans) : free

Castle of Pierry
" The charm and the class of the 18th
century »
ADDRESS           45 rue Léon Bourgeois
                  51530 PIERRY
                  Tel : 00.33.(0)
                  Portable : 00.33.(0)6-86-71-66-98
                  Fax : 00.33.(0)
                  Site : www.chateau-de-pierry.fr
                  E-mail : contact@chateau-de-pierry.fr

CONTACT           Jean-Paul GOBILLARD – Anita THIEFIN – Marie-laure ROMAGNY

SITUATION         In the heart of the vineyard, 2km from Epernay, in the village of Pierry, village Premier Cru
                  and important place in the history of Champagne.

DESCRIPTION       Built in 1734 by Monseigneur Claude-Antoine De Choiseul-Beaupré, bishop –
                  count of Châlons and Pair de France, this is a Champagne-making property
                  whose history dates back to the birth of Champagne. During the visit, you will discover
                  some private apartments and the reception rooms in the main part of the Chateau, you will
                  walk through the English gardens, the outbuildings, the Kings of France and the dynasty of
                  Champagne’s personalities gallery, the Champagne attic, and the museum press-house with
                  its cellar dating back to the Monk’s period.

HOURS             GROUPS: open all year round by appointment only.

                  From 1st April to 31st October : Open every day from 9.30 to 12.30 and from 13.30 to 16.00
                  (closed on Saturday after 2pm, and on Sunday). Closed two weeks in August.
                  From 1st November to 31 March : Open every day from 9.30am to 12.30pm and from 13.30
                  to 16.00 (closed on Saturday and on Sunday)
                  Visit accompanied with an illustrative booklet and video showing the Champagne process. .
                  Tariff : Adult: 6,50€ - Child over 6 years old: 4€.
                  Champagne Tasting possible in the press-room and museum (minimum of 2 people) from
                  2,50 € per pers.


DURATION          1 hour to 2 hours

OENOTOURISME: Visit of the castle and commented tasting of champagne

DESCRIPTION       Our programmes include the tour of the property followed by a tasting of your choice, and
                  the opening of the bottle by a sword (sabrage) by the owner of the place…

                  Two Options :

                     Tour and commented tasting of Champagne (Paul GOBILLARD) in the cellar of
                  the press-room museum. (for groups from 18 to 100 pers), with a choice:
                  - "Découverte" tasting

                 - "Cépages" tasting
                 - "Millésime" tasting
                 - "Vieux Millésimes & Prestige" tasting

                    Visit and thematic tasting of the main brand of Champagnes in the small historical
                 appartment (for groups from 15 to 25 pers.):
                 - "Les Grandes Maisons Familiales et leur histoire" tasting
                 - "Les Cuvées Mythiques et leur histoire" tasting
                 - "Les Cuvées de nos Rois et Empereurs" tasting

DURATION         Around 1hour 30

PRICE            Tour and tasting of « Champagnes Maison » : from 10.00 € to 20.00 € / pers.
                 Tour and tasting of « Champagnes de Grandes Marques »: from 20.00 € à 50.00 € /pers.

                  The interconnecting receptions rooms and appartments from the 18th century, the
                 fully equipped meeting room and the gardens are all available to rent for private or
                 professional events, welcoming up to 300 persons.:

                 - INCENTIVE DAY
                 - STUDY DAY
                 - MEETINGS
                 - LUNCH OR DINNER CATERER
                 -WEDDINGS (package)

                 The château can only be used by 1 event at a time, confidentiality and quietness will
be guaranteed.

PRICES           contact us

CAPACITY         300 people

HOURS            Every day by appointment (closed 2 weeks in August)

The Cabaret of Secrets
SARL : Vauciennes Evenement

ADRESSE                       Rue des Saints Rys
                              51480 Vauciennes
                              Tél : 00.33. (0)
                              E-mail : contact@vauciennes-evenements.com
                              Site : www.vauciennes-evenements.com / www.cabaretdessecrets.com

CONTACT                       M. CHEVILLET Joël
                              M. SCHMIT

SITUATION                     In Vauciennes, in the Marne Valley
                              Big car park for buses and cars

DESCRIPTION                   5 km from Epernay, located on the tourist route of champagne, the Cabaret of
                              Secrets is situated in a old Champagne house transformed into a theater, a park of 3
                              - Space Bar
                              - Access for disabled

HOURS                         Representation on weekends and on request
                              Privatization of the site for the date of your choice
                              (Depending on availability)
                              Dinner show at 20h
                              Lunch show at 12am

LANGUAGES                     F, GB

DURATION                      4 hours

CAPACITY                      100 persons

FRÉE                          For the bus driver (with conditions)


                              Away from the Parisian cabarets, attend a real Champenoise production using subtle
                              blends artistic!

                              Everything starts with your meal, you will marvel at an illusionist (close up), a duo of
                              musicians captivate you, transport you to a singer with international standards

                              After, an osmosis of talent honoring the symbols of the most prestigious and most
                              famous wine in the world: Champagne

                              With the help of our various artists, musician, illusionist, dancer, visual numbers
                              punctuated by new technologies, our show will introduce you passion, the charm of
                              emotions champagne.
                              Our unusual monks, the Roaring Twenties, oenology burlesque, comedy, cinema,
                              seduction, celebration!

                              Integrate the atmosphere of a fresh and sparkling original staging that made the
                              reputation of our institution.
                              An amazing dinner show for group, family, friends.

             Apéritif, flûte de Champagne
             Délice de crabe et saumon fumé, sauce passion basilic
             Fraîcheur champenoise et son biscuit rose de Reims
             Suprême de pintade au Champagne, accompagné de ses tagliatelles de céleri rave et
             pomme de terre écrasée à la truffe blanche
             Fromage et salade
             Gourmandises aux framboises

             For individual :                  65.00 €

             The offer includes dinner, entertainment, the locker room and parking (beverage a la

             Prices and offers group and special events: contact us

NB           We also make offers à la carte.
             Possibility to create animations and cocktails additional spaces in the heart of the
             Cocktail terrace possible from April to September.
             Outstanding! Be original by helicopter to an audience of guests, followed by your
             evening cabaret!

             All year round offer entertainment with our gift bags! Ideal for corporate gifts,

CONDITIONS   30% deposit with order
             Balance 30 days before the event date
             Any additional consumption at the end of the evening

Danse avec les aigles
ADRESS        Porte Saint Jean
              Rue du Château
              02400 CHATEAU THIERRY
              Tel : 00 33 (0)3 23 70 06 39       Fax: 00 33 (0)3 23 69 10 57
              E-mail : contact@aigles-chateau-thierry.com
              Site : www.aigles-chateau-thierry.com

CONTACT       Mme CARRERE Gisèle

SITUATION     Situated at 30 minutes from Disneyland Paris (motorway A4) and at 30 minutes from
              Reims (motorway A4).

DESCRIPTION   The ramparts and the old castle towers dominate the city and the Marne River covered by the
              Champagne vine. This fortress was built successively between the 8th and 17th centuries,
              particularly by Count Thibaut IV of Blois. It is accessible from the Porte Saint-Jean, rue du
              Château - City center.
              On this site evolve Eagles Château Thierry from 1st April 2011 until the end of the
              Halloween holiday. (55 minutes from the Eiffel Tower, A4)

HOURS         Open 7 days / 7, closed on Monday and Tuesday morning in September, October only.
              September, October, November: 14.30 and 16.00
              April, May, June, July and August: 14h30, 15h45 and 17 h15

CAPACITY      500 persons


              nursery               Primary school        Secondary school     adults
              7 euros               7 euros               8,50 euros           11 euros

              1 accomp.free    1 accomp.free              1 accomp.free     1 accomp.free
              for 8 children 1 for 12 children            for 25 children   for 30 persons
              accompagnist     1    accompagnist          1    accompagnist + driver free
              more             more                       more
              11 euros         11 euros                   11 euros


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