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According to an estimate, there are more than fifty millions registered domains at present. There
are individuals who own more than one domain apart from persons who are in the business of
acquiring and selling domain names. Keeping in view the increasing number of websites and
domains, it is very important to manage and protect both your domains and domains names.
However, in order to efficiently manage domain names, one needs to possess software that will
effectively manage your various domains.

Losing a domain as a whole or domain names is the worst nightmare that one can think of in
these times of increasing e-commerce. Losing them would mean losing SEO (Search Engine
Optimization) related benefits, your existing links, brand awareness, and your precious online
investments. Further, how can you leave your online investments unprotected and unmanaged? If
you are doing so, you are in for big trouble, anytime.

In this era of online business, the more web domains you have, the more money you can make.
Everyone wants to make a handsome online income these days. Every online and affiliate
marketer realizes the importance domain management. Without it, your online business can
soon turn into a chaos that will be very difficult for you to manage. Once you start your online
business, the links, data, and web domains keep on building up and before you realize, it turns
into a storehouse that you find difficult to handle.

Thus, it is very necessary to have domain management software that not only lets you control
your business but also helps you to obtain optimum profits. The software contains domain
scanner or domain tracker apart from other tools. A domain scanner notifies you as and when a
specific name is available, allowing you to buy it for your website. Similarly, a domain tracker
notifies you whenever the registration of any domain name is about to expire. This enables you
to renew the registration for that particular name, making sure that you get the optimum benefits
from your online business.

Having domain management software is useful for every online marketer, especially for those
who are in the business of buying and selling domain names. If you are an online entrepreneur
and think that you do not need such a software or that you do not have a great domain suite, then
perform this simple test. Just close your eyes and say 25 names of the domains you possess.
Most of the chances are that you will not be able to recall them along with their respective status.
This is exactly where this software comes into picture. It not only remembers the domain names
for you but also keeps you informed about their status.
Even though, there are various such software available these days, you have to be careful about
the one you choose. Having inappropriate software is even worse than having none at all. You
should choose a software that caters to all your requirements and is capable of managing your
data, links, and web domains. A software that places you in a position so that you can fully
control your online business in an effective manner. One such domain management software is
The Domain Dashboard ™. It is the most efficient software and is available at economical rates.
The software can be bought by visiting

“Domain Marketing Strategies - How to Build Incredible Traffic with Domain SEO”

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In today’s e-business era, the methods of doing business are fast changing. More and more
people are using Internet for money making opportunities. However, just like brick and mortar
business, e-business is also witnessing cut-throat competition. Online marketers are using
varying and innovative techniques to attract their customers. In this context, several domain
name marketing strategies are being used by entrepreneurs to woo the Internet users.

Domain marketing is fast catching up as an increasing number of world’s population is turning
to Internet. Of the overall Internet marketing strategies, Domain marketing is an important
component. It is of vital importance to make domain name look attractive and informative at the
same time. In today’s fast pace Internet world, most of the clients judge the websites by their
names alone. If the name appeals to them, then only they care to log in or check out that website.

First, the domain name should necessarily reflect the kind of business you do. If you deal with
antique items, then the domain name should contain the word antique in it. This ensures that
people looking for antique items will eventually visit your website. Thus, a good domain name is
the primary requirement of any online business. Secondly, it is a good idea to use a keyword rich
domain name. Doing so will generate good traffic for your website.

The domain name chosen by you should be short and simple, so that it can be easily memorized
by the clients or the customer group you wish to target. For domain SEO (Search Engine
Optimization) purposes, the name should contain keywords that are in high demand by the
search engines. It is an established fact that a keyword rich domain name attracts more traffic.
However, be cautious not to use long and difficult keywords. Further, you should use only
industry-specific keywords, in order to generate more web traffic to your website.

If your website deals in “old and used shoes”, then you should search for common words that are
prevalent in this industry. This is of utmost importance as wrong keywords in the domain name
can create an altogether different perception among the clients. This would defeat the very
purpose of your website. So, you must be extremely cautious in selecting the name of your
website. Further, the domain extensions are also very vital as they form the overall name of your
website. The most common domain extension is .com, as Internet users all over the world are
used to it. In other words, you should try to optimize domain names.

Other domain extension such as org, net, co, in, or biz are also prevalent but various Internet
researches have shown that consumers are more comfortable with .com. So, always try to create
or purchase the domain name ending with .com, as it is sure to bring certain benefits to you.
Further, you should avoid creating or purchasing several domain names for your website.
Instead, just go for one keyword rich domain name and use Internet marketing strategies to make
it popular.

The basic aim of your website is to earn profits for your business. So, be careful in choosing the
right domain name and then the keyword rich content for the site itself. You can visit to learn all about domain marketing and its techniques.

“Choosing a Domain Name - An Easy Way to Create Perfect Domain Name Ideas”
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Domain name is the most important factor for generating good volumes of web traffic for your
website. A good domain name is the key to good revenues for your business. However, choosing
a domain name is a sort of challenge and requires a great deal of research and patience. A
domain name, also known as URL (Universal Resource Locator), is the web address that Internet
users type in to go to a specific website. In today’s fast changing tech-world, people have
extremely short memory span as far as remembering domain names is concerned.

As a domain name leads potential customers to a website that promotes your business, it is a vital
component of online business. Hence, it becomes even more important to choose a good domain
name. Moreover, it is imperative that a domain name reflects the kind of business in which you
are dealing. For instance, if you deal in selling “used automotives”, then the name of your
website should contain the word “automotives” in it, either as a part or whole.

The name chosen should be short, simple, and point towards the business nature. In the above
example, the domain name “” seems to be good as it is pointed and direct.
You should be innovative and think “out of box” domain names. However, innovations should
be based on industry specific keywords and not be generic in nature. Again, if you consider the
above example, the name can be “” or “”.
Different individuals may have different domain name ideas, but they all agree on keeping it
short and simple. The major advantages with the short domain names is that they are easy to
remember and less open to typing mistakes. A typing mistake can lead your clients to a different
website that is owned by your competitor, thus defeating the very purpose of owning a website.

Further, it is sensible not to use hyphenated domain names. Internet users are not used to in
typing hyphenated websites names, and one silly typing mistake can lead them to some other
website. Otherwise also, it is easy to type “” rather than “used-auto-”. Domain extensions also play an important role in making the names popular.
People often get confused in choosing the right extensions for their websites. Since the inception
of Internet, dot com (.com) has been the most sought after domain extension. So, you should opt
for a dot com instead of dot net (.net), dot org (.org), or dot biz (.biz).

However, if you are dealing in products or services that are specific to a particular country, then
using a country extension such as dot in (.in), or dot uk (.uk) is a good idea. It will attract
customers belonging to that particular country. If you are finding it difficult to choose a name for
your website, then you can ask for domain name suggestions from experts in this field. Once
you have obtained suggestions for choosing domain names, test them by sampling them. It is
known as test marketing and is the best technique to select a domain name. This method allows
you to confirm whether or not a particular domain name will generate traffic for your site.

Once you have test marketed the suggested names, select the best domain names out of them
and use them for your website. After all, in Internet world, the name has it all.

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