March 10_ 1981

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      March 10, 1981

                                                                        PAUL A. BERNET, Publishing Director
                                                                             Atlantic Union Conference

                                                                          We are very grateful for the Lord's bless-
                                                                     ings on the publishing ministry in the Atlantic
                                                                     Union in 1980. Growth of the literature work
                                                                     has been witnessed on several fronts. We
                                                                     especially rejoice over the 180 souls won as a
                                                                     result of contacts with literature evangelists.
                                                                     Total deliveries were $1,614,000, which rep-
                                                                     resents an increase of $337,000 over the pre-
                                                                     vious year. Thousands of people were enrolled
                                                                     in the Bible course, and more than 150,000
                                                                     pieces of literature were distributed. Prayer
                                                                     was offered in numerous homes—often the
                                                                     first time—by LEs.
Senator Nolan receiving a plaque from Barbara Hudak, LISTEN IE, in
                                                                          The Greater New York Conference, which
recognition of his outstanding work in supporting LISTEN. Senator    includes New York City the greatest mission
Nolan's assistants are in the background.
                                                                     field in the world, delivered $435,000—the
                                                                     highest in the Atlantic Union. Literature
                                                                     evangelists of the New York Conference were
                                                                     responsible for 60 baptisms, the most of all
                                                                     the Atlantic Union conferences. The greatest
                                                                     number of Bible school enrollments were
                                                                     made in the Northern New England Con-
    Praise the Lord! On the cover are pictured
LEs who are performing the work all LEs
do the world over. They call on more non-
Adventists than any other group of workers.
Most LEs visit from 10 to 15 families a day—
some more. Multiply that by 18,000 LEs
around the world and you can begin to see
their far-reaching influence.
    LEs present the wonderful truth of God's
love in attractive books. Honest and sincere
individuals part with their hard-earned money
to purchase from $25 to $400 worth of our
precious books and magazines.
    We encourage LEs to pray in each home
they visit, whether the people buy or not.
Many people with varying religious experi-
ences have commented this was the first time
anyone had prayed with them. An LE and              drug abuse because of the efforts of dedicated
publishing leader prayed with the owner of          LISTEN LEs.
a Ford dealership in his office. Afterwards              The LISTEN workers get businessmen
the dealer had tears in his eyes. He was so         to sponsor subscriptions and other materials
moved by the earnest concern shown for him.         to schools. Young people are intelligently in-
     The ultimate goal of literature evangelism     formed of the harmful consequences of all
is the winning of souls. The pen of inspiration     drugs and their abuse.
says, "The literature evangelist work is the most        A tremendous thrust has been given to
 successful way of saving souls. Will you not       the program by government officials who have
 try it?" It is a precious privilege to see in-     endorsed the LISTEN work. New York State
 dividuals that LEs contact start Bible studies     Senator Nolan sent an enthusiastic endorse-
 and eventually be baptized. The day is com-        ment on his letterhead to businessmen in the
 ing when thousands will be baptized in a           Albany-Schenectady area. He urged them to
 day, most of whom will trace their first con-      support the program by sponsoring LISTEN
 viction to the reading of our publications.        to schools in their area.
     Another phase of the literature ministry            The positive and good in young people
 that is doing a tremendous work is the             will be emphasized in a regional Listen,
 LISTEN program. This area of literature            America pageant, Thursday, April 2, in
 evangelism is equally as important as our door-    Albany, New York, at the capital auditorium.
 to-door work. Young people all over the            Schools, public and private, from New Eng-
 country are kept from alcohol, tobacco and          land and New York will be represented.
                                                         Perhaps you have thought for years about
                                                     joining the literature ministry. Maybe NOW
                                                     is the time to make your decision to become
                                                     a co-worker with Christ in this great publish-
                                                     ing ministry. WE NEED YOU! For infor-
                                                     mation, write Publishing Department in care
                                                     of the Atlantic Union Conference.
                                     (USPS 036-280)
                     \utvj                                                                                      OFFICIAL NOTICE

                                                            General News...
                                                                                                          The Atlantic Union Conference
                                                                                                            Association of Seventh-day
Leon Davis                          Managing Editor                                                                  Adventists
Geraldine I. Grout                                Editor                                                  Notice is hereby given that a
Carol Hawley                      Layout Artist
                                                                                                       meeting of the Atlantic Union Con-
EDITORIAL COMMITTEE: L. W. Crooker, Chair-                                                             ference Association of Seventh-day
man; C. Dale Chaffee, Victor W. Collins, L. H.                       OFFICIAL NOTICE                   Adventists, a corporation, will be held
 Davis, Geraldine I. Grout, D. D. Osborne.
CORRESPONDENTS: Bermuda,            Patrick L.
                                                                                                       in connection with the twenty-third
                                                                 Atlantic Union Conference             session of the Atlantic Union Con-
O'Mara; Greater New York, Betty Cooney; New
York, G. E. Kovalski; Northern New England,                      of Seventh-day Adventists             ference of Seventh-day Adventists at
John Williamson; Southern New England,                                                                 the Rodeway Inn of Springfield/
Victor W. Collins; Atlantic Union College,                       Notice is hereby given that the       Chicopee, Chicopee, Massachusetts,
 Rpnna Archbold; New England Memorial Hos-                   twenty-third session of the Atlantic
pital, W. R. Holbrook; Metropolitan Ministries,                                                         Monday, April 27, 1981. The first
Diane Pomeroy.                                                Union Conference of Seventh-day Ad-      meeting of the association will be
   Published twice monthly by the Atlantic                   ventists will convene at the Rodeway      held at 11:00 a.m.
Union Conference and printed by the Col-                      Inn of Springfield/Chicopee, Chico-
lege Press, South Lancaster, Massachusetts                   pee, Massachusetts, April 26-27,             The purpose of this meeting is to
01561. Subscription price $6.00 a year.                       1981. The first meeting of the ses-      elect a board of trustees and to trans-
   All material for publication must be                                                                act such other business as may
                                                             sion will convene at 7:00 p.m., Sun-
channelled through the institution or con-                                                             properly come before the meeting.
ference correspondent.                                       day, April 26, 1981.
                                                                                                          Delegates to the twenty-third ses-
   Both old and new addresses should be                          This session is being held for the    sion of the Atlantic Union Confer-
given when a change of address is requested.                 purpose of receiving reports for the
Zip code should be included for all addresses.                                                         ence of Seventh-day Adventists are
                                                             five-year period ended December 31,       the delegates to the twenty-third
   Second class postage paid at Post Office.
South Lancaster, Massachusetts 01561.                        1980; the election of officers, depart-   session of the Atlantic Union Con-
                                                             ment directors, and an executive          ference Association of Seventh-day
ATLANTIC UNION CONFERENCE DIRECTORY                          committee; and the transaction of         Adventists.
             400 Main Street                                 such other business as may properly                 E. W. Amundson, President
   South Lancaster, Massachusetts 01561                      come before the delegates.                          L. W. Crooker, Secretary
        Telephone (617) Clinton 368-8333                        The constitution provides that the
                                                             voters of this conference shall be:
E. W. Amundsen ... . . ... . .... .... President
                                                             (1) members of the executive com-
A. N. Brogden Secretary; A.S.I.; Stewardship
                                                             mittee of the Atlantic Union Con-                 OFFICIAL NOTICE
                  and Development; Inner City
L. W. Crooker .                   Treasurer; Medical;       ference of Seventh-day Adventists;         Atlantic Union College Corporation
                                        Deferred Giving      (2) members of the General Confer-
P. A. Bernet                    .            Publishing:    ence committee who may be present               Notice is hereby given that the
                           Adventist Book Centers           at any meeting; (3) regular dele-           Quinquennial session of the Atlan-
L. H. Davis                          Communications;        gates as may be accredited on the           tic Union College Corporation is
                                      Religious Liberty                                                 called to convene at the Rodeway
A. D. Gilliam                  Associate Education          following basis: each local conference     Inn, Springfield/Chicopee, Massachu-
P. Kilgore .   ............................ . Education     and the Bermuda Mission shall be            setts, April 27, 1981, at 11:00 a.m.
R. L. Kretz       Sabbath School; Ministerial               entitled to one delegate—aside from            The object of this meeting is to
E. Martinez     . .. . MV; N.S.O.; Temperance               the president—without regard to            elect trustees and to attend to other
E. Parchment . . . .. ..... ........ Lay Activities         numbers, and one additional delegate        necessary business.
                                                            for every two hundred church mem-              The members of this corporation
I. Hansen         .......... ........ .... .... President   bers in the respective territories          consist of the members of the Board
                  Adventist Health System North
                                                            comprising the same, such delegates         of Trustees of Atlantic Union College;
                                                            to be elected by the local conference      the president, academic dean, dean
      LOCAL CONFERENCE DIRECTORY                            or appointed by its executive com-         of students, business manager, pub-
BERMUDA: A. R. Goulbourne, President. Office                mittee; and (4) such other persons          ilc relations director, residence hall
Address: Box 1170, Hamilton, Bermuda.
Telephone: (809) 292-4110.                                  as the Atlantic Union Conference ex-       deans, heads of instructional depart-
GREATER NEW YORK: G. M. Kretschmar, Pres-
                                                            ecutive committee may recommend.           ments, and managers of auxiliary
ident; Juan Prejtol, Secretary-treasurer. Office                       E. W. Amundson, President       departments; the local conference
Address: 7 Shelter Rock Road, Manhasset,
New York 11030. Telephone: (561) 627-9350.                             A. N. Brogden, Secretary        educational superintendents, senior
NEW YORK: C. W. Skantz, President; Nikolaus                                                            academy principals, local conference
Satemajer, Secretary; __________, Trea-                                                                treasurers of the Atlantic Union Con-
surer. Office Address (P.O. Box 67, Onondaga                                                           ference of Seventh-day Adventists;
Branch) 4930 West Seneca Turnpike, Syracuse,
New York 13215. Telephone: (315) 469-6921.                                                             the administrator of the New Eng-
NORTHEASTERN: G. R. Earle, President; H. W.                                                            land Memorial Hospital; the mem-
Baptiste, Secretary; S. H. Brooks, Treasurer.                                                          bers of the executive committee of
Office Address: 115-50 Merrick Boulevard,
Jamaica, New York 11434. Telephone: (212)                                                              the Atlantic Union Conference of
291-8006.                                                                                              Seventh-day Adventists; the mem-
NORTHERN NEW ENGLAND: D. J. Sandstrom,                                                                 bers of the General Conference Com-
President; W. M. Adams, Jr., Secretary-treas-
urer. Office Address: (P. O. Box 1340) 91                                                              mittee of Seventh-day Adventists in
Alien Avenue, Portland, Maine 04103. Tele-                                                             attendance at any meeting of this
phone: (207) 797-3760.
                                                                                                       corporation and/or delegates present
President; Jay Shanko, Secretary-treasurer.                                                            at a regularly called Atlantic Union
Office Address: 34 Sawyer Street, South Lan-                                                           Conference session if and when the
caster,   Massachusetts    01561    Telephone:                                                         constituency meetings are held at
(617) 365-4551.
                                                                                                       the same time and place.
                  COVER PHOTOS
                    Ron Quick
                                                            Christian Record Braille                               E. W. Amundson, President
                                                                                                                   L. M. Lewis, Secretary
                                                               Foundation, Inc.
                                                                 Serving the blind since 1899                   THE ATLANTIC UNION GLEANER
                                           CONFERENCES STUDY MERGER
                                            BY EARL W. AMUNDSON, President
                                               Atlantic Union Conference

     The executive Committees of the Northern New Eng-              The committee chosen to study and render a report on
land Conference and the Southern New England Con-                merger is as follows:
ference, in separate actions, voted recently to enter into
a study on the feasibility of merging the two conferences.                 Earl W. Amundson. Chairman. Atlantic Union
Many factors exist favoring the idea, not the least of which                  Conference
is the fact that tithe income is not keeping up with in-                   Aaron Brogden, Secretary, Atlantic Union
flation. In the United States, big business has cut its                       Conference
operating cost by 16 percent to 22 percent, principally by                 Luther Crooker, Treasurer, Atlantic Union
reducing administrative personnel and travel expenses.                        Conference
The ever-increasing pressure on balancing conference budg-                 Paul Kilgore, Education Director, Atlantic Union
ets has given rise to consider ways and means of more                         Conference
cash-effective operations.                                                 D. J. Sandstrom, President. Northern New England
     In harmony with the actions mentioned above, an /id
                                                                           Willis Adams, Secretary-Treasurer, Northern New
lioc committee has been appointed to study the merger
                                                                              England Conference
concept and to report to the respective executive committees.
                                                                           Sam Miller, Education Director, Northern New
If the executive committees accept a positive report and
                                                                              England Conference
 vote to recommend merger to the conference constituencies,
                                                                           R. Lenbert Cheney, Pastor, NNEC
special information meetings would be held in various
                                                                           Helen M. Govaya, Layperson. NNEC
 areas of the two conferences to acquaint the field with
                                                                           Paul E. Miller, Layperson, NNEC
 the proposal prior to specially called constituency meetings.
                                                                           Morley J. Thomas, Layperson, NNEC
     The concept of merger surfaced about the time that Elder              G. Douglas Timms, M.D., Layperson, NNEC
 S. R. Jayne, president of the Southern New England Con-                   Mrs. Eugene LeBrun, Layperson, NNEC
 ference, announced plans to retire as of January 1, 1981.                 S. R. Jayne, President, Southern New England
 The Southern New England Executive Committee voted                           Conference
 to request Elder fayne to continue serving as president                   Jay Shanko, Secretary-Treasurer, Southern New
 until May 31, 1981, in order to get the merger study                         England Conference
 under way and to give some time to ascertain the degree                   Gene Armour, Education Director. Southern New
 of interest in the field on the merger concept.                              England Conference
     Another factor included in the study is that Elder Don                A. C. Schnell, Pastor, SNEC
 Sandstrom, president of Northern New England Conference,                  James Finley, Layperson, SNEC
 has accepted a call to serve as the Secretary of the Afro-                Violet Kongorski, Layperson, SNEC
 Mideast Division, with headquarters in Nicosia, Cypress.                  Donald Siver, Layperson, SNEC
 This leaves both conferences losing their presidents in the               Paul L. Wethey, Layperson, SNEC
 near future. It is deemed advisable to ascertain the direc-               Don Harrison, Layperson, SNEC
  tion of the merger study before the selection of leadership        Constituent members of the two conferences may offer
  for the field is made.                                          suggestions to any of the members of the study committee.

TV Network Special to                       United States. Handicapped persons
be Rebroadcast                              are heard saying that they are fre-
                                            quently underappreciated, underval-
   "Our largest Minority—The Dis-           ued in the employment market, and
abled," a 60-minute TV network spe-         often considered to be mentally sub-
cial produced and aired by NBC on           normal. Physical misfortunes are often
December 7, is to be broadcast again        thought to have their origins in sin.
Sunday, May 31.                             Some are told, "God is testing you."
   Introduced by NBC News Corres-           Others are told, "You haven't prayed
pondent Edwin Newman, the program           hard enough." Sometimes demon in-
shows people at the Center for Inde-        volvement is suspected.
pendent Living, Berkeley, California,          The film was produced by Philip
which operates a housing referral pro-
                                            and Norma Rappa, both of whom are
gram, computer training program, and
a variety of services for blind and deaf    disabled. It will be shown on about
persons.                                    one hundred NBC affiliate stations
   The film, which should be of wide        at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Viewers
interest to Adventists, indicates there
are 50 million disabled people in the
                                            should check local listings for time and
                                            station.                               -fg     Faith For Today
 March 10, 1981, Vol. LXXX, No. 5
                                                                                   Review and Herald Considers
          Andrews University to Hold Institute in Bermuda                          Third Site
                                                                                      The Board of Directors of the Re-
Theme:         Spiritual Development of Children                                   view and Herald Publishing Associa-
                                                                                   tion met today to consider site selec-
Emphasis:      Since "Vacation Bible Sdiool is the seed-sowing part of child       tion for the proposed new plant.
               evangelism" (VBS Handbook, 1980, page 29), the main em-             Under consideration already are sites
               phasis of the institute this year will be how to effectively        at Hagerstown and Frederick, Mary-
               operate a Vacation Bible School. Large numbers of youth             land.
               and parents who accept the message had their first contact             A third site, at Gainesville, Virginia,
               with Adventism through the Vacation Bible School. The               has been introduced for the considera-
               Bermuda Mission strongly encourages parents and all per-            tion of the Board. The Gainesville
               sons who work with children to attend—especially Vacation           property is located on Route 66 and
               Bible School and youth leaders, Sabbath school and church           includes 95 acres. The Board inspected
               school teachers.                                                    the site today, but further research is
                                                                                   called for to determine how much
Pilot Project: This will be the first time that Andrews has held an                preparation the land will require be-
               institute of this nature and, if the project proves success-        fore commencement of construction.
               ful, officials forsee the institute being held in other con-        That research will be conducted this
               ferences.                                                           month by Wiley and Wilson of Lynch-
                                                                                   burg, Virginia.
Credit:        Persons may take the course for 3 hours graduate or under-             "All three sites will continue to be
               graduate credit. Students auditing the course will be pre-          carefully evaluated," says General
               sented with a certificate. Costs: S45.00 per credit hour; regular   Manager Harold F. Otis, Jr.
               fee S90.00 per credit. Auditing S35.00; couple S60.00.
                                                                                                 ANITA BOBES-FERNANDEZ
                                                                                                         Public Relations
Background     Nellie E. Musson, the Vacation Bible School leader for
Information:   the Hamilton church, who made the proposal to Andrews,
               says that in recent years Vacation Bible School has become          LA VOZ DE LA ESPERANZA
               little more than a baby-sitting agency; with the original
               purpose of the Vacation Bible School—that of evangelism—            Prepares Daily Program
               being almost forgotten.                                             Series on Easter
                                                                                      Eight 15-minute Spanish programs
               During recent research on Vacation Bible School programs            have been prepared for the 1981 Easter
               and other phases of child evangelism, she discovered that           season by La Voz de la Esperanza, ac-
               while the church produced excellent materials on the                cording to Dr. Milton Peverini, direc-
               subject, supportive training, such as adequate training             tor-speaker.
               programs, seminars and workshops have not been conducted.             The series of broadcasts was pro-
                                                                                   duced at the request of the Inter-
               Last year Mrs. Musson introduced vegetarian cooking for             America Division. In Spanish-speaking
               teen-agers into her church's Vacation Bible School program.         countries, the Catholic people are very
               This year the plan is to have a total outreach program              receptive to anything related to the
               involving church elders, lay activity leaders, Bible workers,       week preceding Easter.
               children of the Sabbath school, and parents.                          The programs will also be useful
Institute      Dr. Donna Habenicht, Andrews University, Education De-
Instructor:    partment; instructor for summer extension program at At-
               lantic Union College.

                   Classroom Instruction — April 15-23
                Field Work — In any VBS Summer of 1981
                      Post evaluation date to be set

                       Accommodations at low cost
                                                                                   Milton Peverini (left), director-speaker of
                    For further information:                                       La Voz de la Esperanza, talks with Armando
                                                                                   Collins, researcher for the Spanish-language
                           Mrs. Nellie E. Musson                                   broadcast, about plans for distributing a
                           Musson Point, Paget 6-10                                special Easter week series of programs. Col-
                                                                                   lins was producer for the eight 15-minute
                           Bermuda                                                 programs entitled "Hacia la Cruz y la Vic-
                           Tel. Bermuda (809) 292-0302                             toria" ("Toward the Cross and the Victory").
                                                                                   They will be aired by many radio stations in
                                                                                   the United States and Inter-America.

                                                                                              THE ATLANTIC UNION GLEANER
for Spanish-speaking communities in              Hundreds of Changes                                Graduates' Pay Goes Up
the United States. Besides being avail-          Reflected in 1981                                     Next June's college graduates can
able for airing on radio, the series has
been released as an album of four
                                                 SDA Yearbook                                       expect to earn 5 to 6 percent more than
                                                                                                    graduates did in 1980, for a starting
cassette tapes. This set may be ordered             An up-to-date listing of all denom-
                                                                                                    salary of more than 515,000 for some-
at S9.50 postpaid by writing: La Voz             inational organizations and nearly all             one with a bachelor's degree, accord-
de la Esperanza, Box 55, Los Angeles,            institutions throughout the world ap-              ing to a Michigan State University
CA 90053.                                        pears in the 883-page SDA Yearbook                 survey of employers.
   "These eight programs are simple,             for 1981.                                             The average salary for graduates
but deeply spiritual," says Pastor Peve-
                                                    Detailed listings are given for the             ranges from a low of 312,970 for social
rini. "We believe they will aid in
                                                 new Africa-Indian Ocean Division and               science graduates to a high of 520,650
church evangelistic efforts during
                                                 the Mid-America Union in North                     for chemical engineering graduates,
Easter week, as well as in the personal
                                                 America. The new staff members of the              according to John D. Shingleton, di-
testimony of our lay members."
                                                                                                    rector of MSU placement services. Ed-
   Another goal of the special series is         General Conference and its world di-
                                                                                                    ucation majors will earn an average
to reach a large number of new listen-           visions, voted at the General Confer-
                                                                                                    of §12,672 for a 10-month year.
ers for La Voz. Persons who tune in              ence Session in Dallas, are included.
are encouraged to write for the free                                                                   About 90 percent of all graduates
                                                    The "Directory of Workers," with                will have jobs by graduation and a
materials offered on each program.
                                                 its names and addresses of the ma-                 good share of the remaining 10 per-
   Although the programs are now
ready for mailing to stations, the budg-          jority of denominational employees,               cent will have jobs within the next
et of La Voz de la Esperanza lacks               makes this directory a valuable refer-             three or four months after graduation,
 the funds to cover the costs of air              ence tool.                                         Mr. Shingleton says.                 •$;
 time. It is hoped that some stations               Orders from denominational organi-
 will air the series as a public service          zations are to be sent to Central De-             WHO'S WHO to List
 without charge. Local churches and               partmental Services of the General
 conferences are also appropriating                                                                 19 AUC Students
                                                  Conference. Church members and lo-
 special funds, and individuals are send-         cal churches may secure the 1981 Year­              The 1981 edition of WHO'S WHO
 ing contributions.                               book from their Adventist Book                    AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERI
    Pastor Peverini says, "We are trust-                                                            CAN UNIVERSITIES AND COL-
                                                  Center. Prices—to be announced later
 ing that, with God's help, this program                                                            LEGES will carry the names of 19 stu-
 will be aired over all the stations serv-        —are expected to be about S20 for the
                                                                                                    dents from Atlantic Union College,
 ing the growing Spanish-speaking pop-            cloth and SI8.50 for the paperbacks.              who have been selected as being among
 ulation of the United States."         <&                    F. DONALD YOST, Director              the country's most outstanding cam-
                                                                                                    pus leaders.
                                                                                                      Students named this year from At-
                                                                                                    lantic Ur>:cr> College are:

Atlantic Union College.                                                                                  Miss Lavern Bentt
                                                                                                         Miss Myrna Candelaria
                                                                                                         Mr. Gerald Cheney
                                                                                                         Miss Sherri Clark
                       Field Trip for Engineering Students
                                                                                                         Mr. Scott Fellows
                                                                                                         Mr. Joe Giampa
                                                                                                         Mrs. Mary Knott
                                                                                                         Mr. Ronald Knott
                                                                                                         Miss Barbara Kreaseck
                                                                                                         Miss Lori Lewis
                                                                                                         Mr. Tom Merrill
                                                                                                         Mr. Harold Merriman
                                                                                                         Miss Rebecca Peach
                                                                                                         Miss Deborah Rochon
                                                                                                         Mr. Anderson Sandiford
                                                                                                         Mr. Philip Smiley
                                                                                                         Mr. Francois Sarault
                                                                                                         Miss Regina Wood
                                                                                                         Mr. Donald Wright

      General Electric's mechanical turbine facility in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, was the site of
 a recent field trip for AUC's first-year Engineering students. They were given an illustrated
 lecture describing how turbines are manufactured. Following this, they were shown General
 Electric's computer, graphics and drafting department. Their guided tour through the manu-
                                                                                                     Help Us Change the World-
 facturing facilities showed commercial and industrial turbines in all phases of completion.          Be a Literature Evangelist.
 Those students who participated in this tour were (L. to R.): Bruce Burton, Doug Hartman, Neil
 Simon, Jocelyn Kebreau, Rennison Bispham, David Melville, and Aubrey Prescod.

  March 10, 1981, Vol. LXXX, No. 5
                                                                                                                                 Greater New York_
                                                                                                                                 North American Leader Speaks
                                        TERM 1 —May 18 - June 5 (3 weeks)
Number        Course Title                                   Days   Time
                                                                                                                                 at Evangelism Dinner
Undergraduate Courses:
                                                                                                                                    Elder C. E. Bradford, General Con-
ACCT    101     Principles of Accounting (3 hours)                               8:00-11:00        Segar           HH301
ART     243     Ceramics I (2 hours)                                   M-Th      7:00-10:00 P.M.   Cobb            Miles (Art)   ference Vice-President for North Amer-
ART     203     Photography I (2 hours)
                                                                                 1:00-4:30         Cobb            Miles         ica, was the featured speaker at the
ART     170     Art Appreciation (3 hours)                                       7:00-10:00 P.M.   McCulley        Purdon
BIOL    399     Topics in Biology—Ornithology (3 hours)                M-F       8:30-12:00        Wasmer          B4            Evangelism Dinner held for pastors
BIOL    207     Special Course—Orinthology Field Trip
                   (1 hour) May 14-22
                                                                       Arr       Arr               Wasmer          Arr           and workers on January 29 at the Con-
ENGL            English Workshop (1-3 hours)                           Arr       Arr               Stafford, Knott WH            ference office.
ENSL    207     English Language Institute                             M-F       8:00-11:00        Katcher         J103
                   Continuation Course (3 hours)                                                                                    Bradford encouraged his listeners to
FONT    253     Nutrition (3 hours)
                                                                                 8:00-11:00        Fuentes         HE3           follow the consistent advice of Confer-
FREN    207     Special Course—Conversational French                             8:00-11:00        Esposito        J101
                   (3 hours)                                                                                                     ence President Merlin Kretschmar,
GRMN    207     Special Course—Conversational German                                                               J115
                   (3 hours)                                                                                                     "Evangelize, evangelize, evangelize."
HIST     112    American History II (3 hours)                          M-F       9:00-12:00        Nelson, O.      P203          He extolled the principles of church
MATH    280     Calculus III (4 hours)                                 Arr       Arr               Pope            Miles
                   May 18-July 10                                                                                  (Math)        growth set down years ago by Ellen
PEAC    110     Beginning Tennis (1 hour)                              M-Th      10:00-12:30       Nelson, S.      FdH           G. White, the foremost of which was
RELB    311     New Testament Epistles (3 hours)                       M-Th      6:00-9:30 P.M.    Valentine       FH1
SECR    106     Mathematics of Business (3 hours)                      M-F       8:00-11:00        Brown           HH302         to establish small companies as the
SOCI    380     Practicum in Behavioral Science (6 hours)                        Arr               Willoughby      Arr           basis for all missionary effort.
(PSYC   380)
SOCI    117     Intro. to Criminal Justice-Corrections (3 hours)                 1:00-4:30         Antonucci/      J124             In his remarks, Elder Bradford re-
SPAN    207     Special Course -Hispanicamerican Literature                                        Genover         J103
                                                                                                                                 minded workers of the special work
                 (3 hours)                                                                                                       called for by the nature of the area
                                                                                                                                 and cited evangelism as their only
Undergraduate Courses:                 TERM II —June 15 - July 10 (4 weeks)
ART     207     Special Course—Photographic Workshop-                                              Cobb            Ireland
                  Ireland (2-3 hours) June 11-25
        223     Painting I—Oil Painting (2 hours)                      M-Th      7:00-10:00 P.M.   Johnson, L.     Miles
BIOL    223     General Ecology (3 hours)                              M-F       8:30-12:00        Rosario, J.     B4
EDUC    216     Audio Visual Education (3 hours)                       M-F       8:00-11:00        Sauls, H.       J128
LIBR    173     Selection of Library Material (3 hours)                M-Th      9:00-12:00        Sbacchi, M.     Library
MATH    110     Introduction to Computer Programming                   MWF       7:00-9:00         Clarke          Miles
(CPTR   110)        (3 hours) June 15-July 24                                    Lab arr.                          (Math)
MUCT    110     Elements of Music (3 hours)                            M-Th      9:00-12:00        Malin           Piano Lab
NRSA    274     Maternal Newborn Nursing (5 hours)                     M-F       arr               Rittenhouse     Nursing
                   June 8-July 10                                                                  Staff           Lab
PEAC     110    Recreational Activities (1 hour)                       M-Th      1:30-3:00         Trace           Gym
PSYC     100    General Psychology (3 hours)                           M-F       10:30-12:40       Nelson, W.      J115
PSYC     125    Development in Childhood (1 hour)                      M-Th      6:30-10:00 P.M.   Lewis, J.       J124
                   June 15-June 18
                Development in Adolescence (1 hour)                    M-Th      6:30-10:00 P.M.
                  June 22-June25
PSYC     275    Measurement and Evaluation in Education (3 hours)      M-Th      7:30-10:00        Bigham          J101
PSYC     347    Counseling Principles and Techniques                   M-Th      8:00-11:00        Handysides      J103
                  (3 hours)
                Special Course—Discipleship and                                  6:00-9:30 P.M.    Berry
                  Ministry (3 hours)
                                                                                                                                 Elder C. E. Bradford, General Conference Vice-
Graduate Courses:                                                                                                                President for North America, spoke to approx-
EOPC    514 (AU)     Psychology of Learning (4 qtr. hours)             MW        10:15-12:30       Habenicht, D.   J124          imately one hundred workers and their
                                                                       TTh       9:45-12:30                                      spouses at the recent dinner highlighting
EDUC    457(AU)      Special Methods in Teaching Elementary            MW        7:45-10:00        Habenicht, D.   J124
                       Religion (2 qtr. hours)

Undergraduate Courses:                TERM III — July 13           August 7 (4 weeks)                                               Elder Lee Kretz, Ministerial Secre-
BUAD     321    Management Theory (3 hours)
                                                                                 6:00-9:00 P.M.    Hill            HH305         tary for the Atlantic Union, was also
CHEM     101    Introduction to Chemistry (4 hours)                              8:00-12:30        Staff           B3
ENGL     207    Special Course—Literary Landmarks of New               Arr       Arr               Sauls, L.       WH            a guest for the occasion, which was
                    England (1 hour)
                                                                                                                                 coordinated by Conference Evangelism
EDUC     237    Children's Literature (3 hours)                                  8:00-11:00        Sauls, H.       J128
HLSC     102    Foundations of Health Science (3 hours)                M-F       8:30-12:00        Rosario, J.     B4            Coordinator, Kenneth Harding.
HIST     374    History of the Seventh-day Adventist                   M-Th      1:00-4:00         Fraser          P203             Opportunity was given for pastors
(RELH    374)      Church (3 hours)
LIBR     155    Reference and Bibliography (4 hours)                   M-F       8:00-12:00        Parson          Library       to review briefly their 1980 evangelism
PEAC     110    Intermediate Tennis (1 hour)                           M-F       9:00-11:00        Munroe          FdH           efforts and projected plans for 1981.
PEAC     207    Special Course—Gymnastics Camp                         Arr       Arr               Nelson, S.      Camp
                  July27-July31 (1 hour)                                                           Munroe          Winnekeag     Elder Kretschmar reported that a total
RELT     207    Special Course—The Doctrine of                         M-Th      8:00-11:00        Chaff ee        FH1           of 764 new members had been added
                  Righteousness by Faith (3 hours)
                                                                                                                                 to church membership lists during 1980
Graduate Courses:
                                                                                                                                 and called for pastors to dedicate them-
EDCI     564 (AU)    Trends in Reading Instruction (4 qtr. hours)      M-Th      1:00-4:00         Baker           J124
                       July 13-August 7                                                                                          selve's with renewed determination in
PETH     424 (AU)    Physical Education in the Elementary School       M-Th      8:00-11:30        Johnson, I.     FdH
                       July 14-July 24 (3 qtr. hours)                                                                            1981 to reach an evangelism goal of
Private lessons are available in organ, voice, and instrumental for each term.                                                   1,000 souls.                          if

                                                                                                                                            THE ATLANTIC UNION GLEANER
Mothers Make Decision to                     two workers and many, many more of                  The questions presented to the par-
Work for Souls                               our literature evangelists in the Greater        ticipants from grade five to eight in-
                                             New York Conference?                             cluded the names of the Books of the
   Sister Quisqueya Cruz, a mother of
                                               In this work, prayer is our greatest           Bible, gospel song titles, Bible charac-
six living in Brooklyn, has decided                                                           ters, parables and incidents in Jesus'
                                             help: "Humble, fervent prayer would
to work for Jesus. Sister Elenore Alvey                                                       life.
                                             do more in behalf of the circulation of
is a mother of two and works in the                                                              Lunch was served to the participants
                                             our books than all the expensive em-
Long Island area. Between these two
                                             bellishments in this world" (Testimo­            by the Soundview school personnel
dedicated workers $50,621.85 in pre-
                                             nies, vol. 6, p. 319).                           and upper-grade pupils.
cious books were delivered during                                                                The final bowl game consisted of
 1980. Though 1981 has barely begun,                           WALLEY QUEDZUWEIT
                                                                 Publishing Director          four students matching wits on people,
Sister Alvey has already brought in                                                           places and things in the Bible, with
two precious souls into the remnant                                                           audience participation as well.
church. In 1980 they gave away over                                                              Certificates were given by Mr.
3,300 pieces of literature, had 179          Seven Church Schools Participate
                                             in "Bible Bowl" Program                          Hunter and Superintendent of Schools
Bible course enrollments and had                                                              Dr. Leslie L. Lee to the participants
 prayer in some 600 homes during the         on Long Island                                   and to the principals of each school.
more than 3,636 hours they spent in                                                              Schools participating were Brook-
                                                Seven church schools of Greater
 this God-ordained ministry.                                                                  lyn, Jackson Heights. Middletown,
                                             New York Conference participated in
                                             a "Bible Bowl" program at the Sound-              Pearl River, Patchogue, Soundview,
                                             view Adventist school on February 5,              and Whispering Pines.                -^
                                             sponsored by the Principals' Associa-
                                                The program began with the Pledge
                                                                                               Second Annual Pathfinders
                                             of Allegiance by the students of Sound-           Day at Ridgewood Church
                                             view and the fifty other students and                The Ridgewood Pathfinders cele-
                                             teachers.                                         brated their second annual Pathfinders
                                                The Invocation was offered by Mary             Day shortly before the close of 1980.
                                             Buckley and the welcome by Joel Shoe-             Each Pathfinder performed a specific
                                             maker. Clive A. Hunter, administrator             role in the services, including assisting
                                             of Soundview, explained the rules of              with song service, prayer, mission re-
                                             the "Bible Bowl" and acted as moder-              port and singing in the choir.
                                             ator. Nestor Cabrera, Principal of the               Special guest speaker for the occa-
                                             Pearl River school, served as judge;              sion was Elder Eloy Martinez, who de-
                                             and Principal of Whispering Pines                 livered a superb sermon regarding the
                                             school, Mrs. Georgia Cluff, was time-             importance of Pathfindering. Elder
Sister Quisqueya Cruz                         keeper.                                          Martinez is Director of the Youth,

                                                                                    New Pastors

 Sister Elenore Alvey                              John Aitken (left) is the new pastor of the Manhattan church. Elder Aitken, his wife
                                              Harryette and nine-year-old son John come to us from the New Jersey Conference. The Man-
    If you are a mother with children,        hattan church was previously pastored by Richard Allison, who is now serving in Massachusetts
                                              at the Cape Cod church.
 you, too, can be in the business, for the         The new pastor for the Haverstraw church and Newburgh Hispanic and Yonkers Hispanic
 King. You can schedule your own              companies is Elder Dionisio Olivo (right). Elder Olivo and his wife Maria Altagracia and their
 hours, with no clock to punch, and at        three daughters, Diosalma, five years old; Ivrys, four years old; and Ismary, three years old,
 the same time have a feasible income         formerly lived in the Dominican Republic where Elder Olivo served as a departmental secre-
                                              tary for the Sabbath School and Lay Activities work. Prior to pastoring the Haverstraw district,
 to help your children with their Chris-      he assisted as a Bible worker at the Union Square church in Manhattan during their 1980 fall
 tian education. Will you join these          crusade.

 March 10, 1981, Vol. LXXX, No. 5
                                                                                              Temperance and National Services
                                                                                              Organization Departments of the At-
                                                                                              lantic Union Conference.
                                                                                                 One of the highlights of the pro-
                                                                                              gram was the announcement by Path-
                                                                                              finder Director Karin Haus of the
                                                                                              "Pathfinder of the Year" awards. Jan-
                                                                                              ine Passehl and Charles Permaul were
                                                                                              chosen for this meritorious honor.
                                                                                                 The Ridgewood Pathfinders feel that
                                                                                              God has blessed them during this past
                                                                                              year in all their undertakings. The
                                                                                              Pathfinders were particularly exuber-
                                                                                              ant over the results of the 1980 Olym-
                                                                                              pics held at Camp Berkshire in which
                                                                                              they attained the highest number of
                                                                                              points in the Conference. For this they
                                                                                              give honor and glory to God.
                                                                                                 We pray for God's blessings as the
                                                                                              Ridgewood Pathfinders begin their
                                                                                              third year of Pathfindering.
Some of the Ridgewood Pathfinders display winning ribbons with leader Karin Haus and Pastor
                                                                                                               THEODORE M. RENZ
Jon Paulien.                                                                                             Communications Secretary

                                               and received us into their warm fellow-        temperance group from the team went
                                               ship.                                          to the Orange Mall to demonstrate the
                                                 During Sabbath school, the mission           effects of smoking. Later, team mem-
                                               report was given by Priscilla Rivera           bers returned to the church for a so-
                                               and prayer by Ernest Hemans.                   cial.
                                                 To begin the Divine service, Lisa               The weekend was a success, and we
                    Greater New York           King provided special music. After-            look forward to returning next year.
                    Academy Corner             wards Pastor Corno, the sponsor of the
                                                                                              We extend our special thanks to the
                                               Team, brought to the waiting congre-
AYBL Visits Middletown                                                                        members of Middletown for the warm
                                               gation the bread of life from God's
  On the weekend of November 14 to             Word. To conclude the service, Cindy           fellowship and for your contribution
16, the Adventist Youth for Better             Galarza sang an appeal song.                   which will assist with the team's work.
Living Team of Greater New York                  After a delicious lunch, the team            We want you to know that you hold a
Academy visited the Middletown                 presented an MV program in which               special place in our hearts.
church. Upon arrival, the members of           the effects of smoking on the body                                 PRISCILLA RIVERA
the church greeted us wholeheartedly           were demonstrated. Following this, a                                 AYBL Secretary

New York.
Community and Church Hold                      Legion ambulance garage.                       Baptism Rochester
Five-Day Plan to Stop                             At the conclusion of the five days,         Genesee Park District
Smoking Clinic                                 there was a 97.7 percent decrease in
                                                                                                 On October 25, members of the Ba-
                                               the number of cigarettes smoked.
   The Tioga County, New York,                                                                tavia and Genesee Park churches ga-
                                                  The community effort involved two           thered to witness the baptism of four
church was invited by the Tioga                area doctors who presented lectures on
County Unit of the American Cancer                                                            new members into the body of Christ
                                               current data concerning the dangers in-        —Ira Baker of Batavia, Charles Roeser
Society to conduct a Five-Day Stop
                                               volved in smoking and the Co-opera-            of Lockport, and Gilbert and Eloise
Smoking Plan. In a joint effort, the
                                               tive Extension nutritionist presented          Chapell of Batavia. These individuals
American Cancer Society supplied news
releases to six newspapers, provided           helps for weight control. Also, a re-          were fruit of Elder G. S. Dudney's Fo-
120 posters, and advertised on local           presentative of the New York Southern          cus on Life Seminar held recently in
radio stations. The Society also pro-          Tier Chapter of the American Heart             the YWCA at Batavia. All have be-
vided films for the February 1 to 5 pro-       Association was present and supplied           come members of the Batavia church.
gram which was held at the American            educational materials and a film. •&?            Ira Baker is an employee of Niagara

10                                                                                                     THE ATLANTIC UNION GLEANER
                                                    • Between 40 and 50 non-Adventists
                                                    are regularly attending the prophecy
                                                    seminars being held in Syracuse by
                                                    George Dudney and Pastor Dick Dale.
                                                    • A Pastoral Leadership training ses­
                                                    sion was sponsored by the ministerial
                                                    department for the twelve licensed
                                                    ministers in the New York Conference.
                                                    The two-day meeting was held at Un­
                                                    ion Springs Academy on February 11
                                                    and 12. Conference president C. W.
                                                    Skantz and Ministerial Secretary Niko-
New Batavia church members being Inter-
                                                    laus Satelmajer, along with the depart­
viewed by pastor Rob Randall (center) are
(L. to R.): Ira Baker, Charles Roeser, Eloise and   mental directors, lead out in the ses­
Gilbert Chapell.                                    sion.

Mohawk Power Corporation, Charles
Roeser is an engineer with Harrison
Radiator of Lockport (his wife, Mary
Etta, was baptized at an earlier date),
and Gilbert Chapell ran the Batavia
airport for many years before his re­
                                                    Union Springs Academy Corner
   These four are among thirteen who                Outdoor Club Gets Canoes
have so far taken their stand as a re­
                                                      The Union Springs Academy Out­
sult of the Focus on Life Seminar. Al­
ready their fellow church members                   door Club recently took possession of     1. Dean Harold Knox picking up new can-
                                                                                                 oes at the Gruman factory.
have been strengthened and warmed                   nine new 17-foot Gruman canoes at
                                                                                              1. Outdoor Club President Andrew Bourne
                                                    the Gruman Canoe Factory in Mara­
by their witness and fellowship.     •&                                                          inspects the new life vests.
                                                    thon, New York.                           3. David Ruhling and Tim Scott break ice in
                                                                                                 the first canoe outing.
                                                                                              4. Fifty boxes of rice provided $1,500 credit

NewsBriefs                                                                                       towards the canoes.

                                                                                                Interested friends of the academy
                                                                                              gave donations toward the purchase
• Lay Activities Director Loren Nel­                                                          of the canoes. These people are:
son reports the Ingathering final total
amounting to ,$123,744.32 which is a                                                               Mr. & Mrs. Albert E. Barcelow
per capita of S26.54.                                                                              Dr. &: Mrs. Jay Edison
                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hammer
• Eighteen individuals are attending                                                               Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Knipple
the stress program sponsored weekly                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Fred Nudd
by the Albany district. The program                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Donald Strong
combines spiritual and physical in­                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Homer Trecartin
struction with Elder Francis Scott and                                                             Miss Anne Vespers
Dr. Victor Wallenkampf leading.                                                                    Mr. fc Mrs. Douglas Windover
                                                                                                   Mr. fc Mrs. Kenneth Windover
• Pastor Gerald Hamblen is continu­
ing his series of Daniel Seminars which                                                         These gifts, along with a special
began January 5 and end March 13                                                              fund-raising program run by Uncle
in Niagara Falls and Lockport. The                                                            Bens' Wild Rice Products, made the
Niagara Falls seminar is being held in                                                        purchase of the canoes possible by the
                                                                                              Outdoor Club. Included in the pur­
the Master Hosts Inn and the Lock-
                                                                                              chase were 24 Gruman Masterlite pad­
port seminar in the Farm Home                                                                 dles and 24 life vests. A number of
Center.                                                                                       canoe trips are already in the plan­
• Two boys, including the pastor's                                                            ning, and the club is anxiously await­
son, were dedicated in a baby dedica­                                                         ing the spring thaw.
                                                                                                The canoes and equipment can be
tion service at the East Palmyra church
                                                                                              rented by responsible church groups
in January. Pastor Michael Pizar, offi­
                                                                                              as the schedule will allow. For infor­
ciating in the service reminded the                                                           mation, contact Ralph Trecartin, Prin­
parents that "this is a parent dedica-                                                        cipal, Union Springs Academy, Union
                                                                                              Springs, NY 13160.                  &

 March 10, 1981, Vol. LXXX, No. 5                                                                                                        11
                Dream Come True
                                              BY JEAN THOMAS, Editor
                                       Afro-Mideast Division "Adventist Review"

     With what excitement the young people, some
from Ethiopia, others from Uganda, Tanzania and
Kenya, converged on the campus of the University
College of Eastern Africa the first week of October,
 1980. This was registration week—the first registra­
tion for a full academic year. What made it so
exciting? What was the momentous occasion?
     If you had waited year after year after year to at­
tend a college where Christian standards are upheld and
where there is freedom to worship on Sabbath, you
too, would rejoice. (Because of Sabbath problems
in some countries undergraduates have been unable
to complete their degree requirements.) "This is
the answer to many prayers that have ascended to
our Heavenly Father," remarked Bekele Heye, Afro-
Mideast Division's president. "This is the day for
which we have waited for a long time."
     What does it matter if the physical plant leaves
much to be desired with dormitories, classrooms,                    This classroom block, converted from the old calf pen on the agri-
library, and cafeteria in remodeled buildings which                 cultural research station, is where classes will be held until the ad-
                                                                    ministration block is built from funds to be received on Sabbath,
had housed an agricultural research station. Both                   March 28.
students and teachers have a vision of a completed
college sometime in the future with new buildings                        Consider the dilemma faced by the Afro-Mideast
for the administration block, student center, and                   Division whose membership in its African territories
dormitories. They'll make the best of a rather primi­               of Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania (217,252)
tive situation, waiting patiently for a better day.                 is greater than the combined membership of four
     Why all the hurry to get a new college going                   Unions in North America—Atlantic, Canadian,
when funds are woefully insufficient and the physical               Columbia and Lake (202,078)—yet whose under­
plant inadequate?                                                   graduate program is such that there has been no
                                                                    graduate on the African continent from this Division
                                                                    for the past 15 years. Compare this with the four
                                                                    Unions in America mentioned above who have four
                                                                    colleges with an enrollment of 3,766 and which last
                                                                    year graduated 774 students.
                                                                         Compounding the problem is the number of stu­
                                                                    dents who have gone abroad for further education
                                                                    thinking that their finances were sufficient to see
                                                                    them through but who have found them to be in­
                                                                    adequate. Now, stranded with no way to finish,
                                                                    they are pleading for financial assistance from the
                                                                    Division. Then there are others who, having accepted
                                                                    scholarships to countries where there is religious in­
                                                                    tolerance have found no way to keep Sabbath and
                                                                    are pleading for help to get away to some other
                                                                    country where there is religious freedom. In addi­
                                                                    tion there are other students who have been attend­
When the funds from the Sabbath School Special Projects Overflow
                                                                    ing schools overseas and who have become attracted
offering from March 28 are made available and this administration   to the way of life in the new environment and do
block is complete, it will indeed be a "Dream come true!"           not wish to return to their homelands.
    After summarizing the number of undergraduates                       It was at this juncture that the agricultural re­
on the African continent during the past three                      search station, located in the beautiful Nandi Hill
years from all three divisions with territories in                  District of Kenya, became available to the Afro-
Africa, Fred G. Thomas, secretary for the Afro-                     Mideast Division as a 99-year lease from the Kenya
Mideast Division, in writing to Dr. Charles Hirsch,                 Government. The Division was quick to take up this
General Conference Education director, makes this                   offer even though funds for the establishment of a
observation, "How can a church survive in this                      new college were extremely inadequate.
modern age when it produces so few graduates on                          Now, even though the buildings are extremely
African soil?"                                                      inadequate and not representative of a University
    Anyone with a superficial understanding and                     College, the first year of schooling has begun.
knowledge of the situation would be quick to ask,                        In concluding his four-page letter to Dr. Hirsch,
"How could a division get into such a deplorable                    Elder Thomas states: "Unless this fledgling college
state?" A brief explanation will be enlightening.                   in Kenya, the University College of Eastern Africa,
                                                                    becomes a sound, well-developed college, the situa­
                                                                    tion can only worsen and whether we can ever
                                                                    make up the fifteen lost years since 1965 is a question
                                                                    I cannot answer. . . . Our division has put all avail­
                                                                    able resources into this project, but unless we receive
                                                                    some special consideration over and above the support
                                                                     that has already been offered, I do not see how the
                                                                    college can really develop as it must. . . . The Lord's
                                                                     work is not tied just to educational qualifications,
                                                                     but our philosophy has surely been that if the church
                                                                     is to mature, become self-supporting and self-
                                                                     propagating, it must produce adequately trained
                                                                     leaders. . . ."
                                                                          The University College of Eastern Africa has
                                                                     an affiliation agreement with Andrews University
                                                                     and will be offering majors in theology, business
                                                                     administration, English, biology, and mathematics.
                                                                     There will also be secondary education, secretarial,
                                                                     vocational and industrial training. The master plan
                                                                     calls for an enrollment of 2,000. Two dormitories
                                                                     and the administration complex have been selected
                                                                      by the Division to benefit from the overflow offering
                                                                      on Sabbath, March 28, 1981.
Much of the furniture and other carpentry work for the buildings
on UCEA's campus are being done by students who are earning their
way through college.

     Solusi College, Africa's old, well-established
well-known institution of higher learning, alma
mater of many of Africa's leaders today, became
isolated from the East African countries at the
time Rhodesia declared its unilateral independence
in 1965. To remedy this situation the East
African territories were incorporated into the Afro-
Mideast Division when it was formed in 1970,
giving students from this area access to Middle
East College in Beirut, Lebanon. However, several
problems arose. Being on a different continent
and in a Middle East setting with a culture very
different from Africa, the school did not attract many
students nor were they willing to come into a war
situation which was in existence in Lebanon. It was
during the escalation of the Lebanese conflict in 1978
 that Middle East College was no longer able to oper­
 ate as a Division institution. This left the youth of               "These students are from my country, Ethiopia," says Solomon En-
                                                                     dreas, Sabbath school director for the Afro-Mideast Division. "Some
 eastern Africa with no Adventist college to which                   of them have been waiting for eight years to go to an Adventist col-
 they could go.                                                      lege."
                                                                                          sisted on S100 and, Praise the Lord,
                            YOUTH/EDUCATION RALLY                                         they raised §H2.
                                                                                             Two examples of how the child­
                                       March 21                                           ren raised their money are as follows:
                                                                                             Dave Campbell planted, worked, and
              SYRACUSE SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH                                       then sold the produce from his own
                        2511 West Genesee Street                                          vegetable garden. He was able to turn
                                                                                          in S25. fay Young had a half-breed
                                 SPECIAL GUESTS:                                          puppy that he sold for S40. Instead
                                                                                          of keeping the money he gave $30 to
                        Elder Eloy Martinez, Union Youth Leader
                                                                                          the Lord. May we be as generous with
                        Tony Romeo, Popular Youth Speaker
                                                                                          our money as all of these young people
                        Atlantic Union College
                                                                                          have been.
                        Union Springs Academy
                                                                                                                JANICE YOUNG
                       All youth are welcome for a full day of                                        Communications Secretary
                     worship, friendship, and evening recreation.

                          Sabbath School begins at 9:15 a.m.                              Stop Smoking Clinic on TV
                         Bring lunches and non-church friends                                Gaylen Johnson, M.D., surgeon at
                                                                                          Parkview Memorial Hospital, Bruns­
                                                                                          wick, Maine, and Pastor Thomas
                                                                                          Kopko, Portland church pastor, con­
                                                                                          ducted a Five-Day Plan to Stop Smok­

Northern New England.                                                                     ing Clinic on Public Cable Television,
                                                                                          Portland, Maine. Fifteen participants
                                                                                          were willing to be on Television each
                                                                                          night as they broke the habit, while
       MORTGAGE BURNING                           Following the study, Pastor George      thousands more watched at home. The
                                               C. Mills led out in a discussion regard­   control booklet and materials were of­
                                               ing being organized as a Seventh-day       fered free to those who wanted to fol­
                                               Adventist Company. During this dis­        low the program at home, by going to
                                               cussion, suggestions were made for         the church's Health Food Store in
                                               appointments as "acting" leaders for       Portland.
                                               the group. All persons present un­
                                               animously expressed their wish to be
                                               thus organized. With the acceptance of
                                               the appointments to acting leadership,
                                               Pastor Mills therefore declared them
                                               to be an organized Company. There
                                               were twelve persons present for this
                                               organizational meeting.
                    Photo by Dwight Sommers      This company named themselves
   There was a happy day of celebration re-
                                               the Sanford-Berwick Company. The
cently when the Brunswick, Maine, church
burned their mortgage. Lee V. Gimbel (stand-   Company is presently meeting in a
ing left), looks on while Louise Moore holds   member's home Sabbath afternoons
the burning paper representing the mortgage.   as a Bible study group, however, it is
Both Gimbel and Moore signed the mortgage
                                               hoped that by the first Sabbath in
several years ago. Looking on at the right
is Northern New England Conference treasurer   April they can meet in a place which
                                                                                          Galen Johnson, MD, (left) and Pastor Thomas
W. M. Adams, Jr.                               can care for regular Sabbath school        Kopko as they were presenting the Stop
                                               and worship services each Sabbath af­      Smoking Clinic on TV recently.
Sanford-Berwick                                               PASTOR GEORGE MILLS            It was the first experience for both
Company Organize                                                                          the doctor and minister and the Cable
  On Sabbath afternoon, February 7,                                                       people. In an adjoining city, West-
                                               Investment Projects                        brook, another cable station asked to
1981, a group of believers gathered
in the living room of Alex and Cheryl            This past year Wilma Campbell,           have the tapes shown to their custom­
Sabol's home for Bible study and               Primary teacher of the Rutland, Ver­       ers also. This method beats holding a
prayer. This group had been gather­            mont, church, suggested to the class       Five-Day Plan to Stop Smoking Clinic
ing in this fashion for several weeks          that they set a goal and raise it for In   for 25 people when you can hold one
during which time several in the group         vestment. Mrs. Campbell thought a          which reaches hundreds and possibly
expressed an interest and desire to be         goal of $50 for such a small group         thousands.
organized into a church or company.            was large enough; but the class in­                      PASTOR THOMAS KOPKO

14                                                                                                  THE ATLANTIC UNION GLEANER
Our New School                                  night and on Sundays to build our            plainly against the use and abuse of
                                                beautiful new classroom in the base­         drugs, alcohol and tobacco, he is very
  The Oxford church wanted to have              ment of the new church. On October           much in demand, even so much so
a school of their own so they would                                                          that he charges up to 55,000 per day
                                                6, 1980, we finally moved in, along
not have to drive so far for school. On                                                      when he speaks at the high schools
September 2, 1980, we started school            with our pet hamster, Henrietta.
                                                                                             across the country. He was on T.V. ten
at our old church.                                                   ALLISON JONES
                                                                                             years ago and played with Bob Blake
  Our parents worked very hard at                                          Grade 3           as a tough detective in the Bereta
                                                                                             Show. Also on April 2, Francis Soper,
                                                                                             Editor of Listen magazine, will be
                                                                                             there to interview the students who
                                                                                             will be participating in the program.
                                                                                                The Listen America Pageant is to
                                                                                             show community, state, and nation
                                                                                             what the good kids are doing and to
                                                                                             help others to choose to be high on
                                                                                             life. No charge for admission will be
                                                                                             made so we do invite each and every­
                                                                                             one who possibly can to support this
                                                                                             most important outreach in helping
                                                                                             our young people to make proper
                                                                                              choices by attending the pageant.
                                                                                                               WILLIAM BERGHERM

                                                                                               A classroom-type evangelistic pro­
Matthew Lombard teaches the 18 children in the beautiful new Oxford, Maine, church school.   gram called "Studies in Daniel and the
                                                                                             Revelation," developed by Elder O. J.
                                                                                             Mills to fit into the busy schedule of
                                                                                             the pastors, was launched last Spring

Southern New England.                                                                        in Southbridge, Massachusetts. Elder
                                                                                             Wallace Frost, the local pastor, worked
                                                                                             with Elder Mills and his wife in this
The Listen America Pageant                       tobacco. 3. Be creative by drawing a           Sixteen people have been added by
                                                 poster, writing a song, an essay, or        baptism to the Quinebaug and East
   April 2, 1981, approximately 40               an oration.                                 Brimfield churches up to the present
high school students from Bermuda,                                                           time and four more are currently wait­
New England and New York will come                  Each local high school will select,
                                                 by a drawing a boy and a girl, who          ing for baptism, since they wish to be
together in the Convention Hall in                                                           baptized outdoors, according to the
                                                 will represent their school in Albany;
the Empire State Plaza in Albany,                                                            latest from Elder Frost.
                                                 and these are the ones who will be
where two students, a boy and a girl,                                                           The week of September 19, 1980,
will be chosen to represent the North­           there on April 2, at 8:00 p.m. Each
                                                 student will be given a lovely jacket       eight classes began simultaneously in
eastern states in the National Listen
America Pageant that will be held in             and the winners, again, a boy and a
                                                 girl, will be chosen for an all-expense
California in June.
   The Listen America concept was de­            paid trip to California for the National                   NOTICE
                                                 Listen Pageant.
veloped to help young people to choose                                                          Anyone knowing the whereabouts
not to use drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.             Barbara Hudak, the Listen repre­            of the following members of the
Drugs are eating at the heart and soul           sentative in Albany, has been visiting a       College Church, please contact:
of our nation. A few years ago it was            number of schools explaining the en­
                                                 tire program and working with the                   Atlantic Union College
the college students who were using
                                                 key clubs and other organizations that              Main Street
these substances. Then the high school
                                                  the schools already have; and where                South Lancaster, MA 01561
kids started using drugs and now it is
down to the elementary students.                  there is no club we are beginning our                 Linton Grant
   Qualifications for entering the Listen        own Listen America Pageant club                        Barbara Huntley
America Pageant are: 1. To serve others           which is meeting with big success in                  Bryan D. Johndro
by completing an average of two hours             many schools.                                         Jacques Lasserre
 per week in some type of community                 Dave Toma will be the guest per­                    John LePage
 service. 2. Educate others by complet­           sonality at the Pageant. He is well                   Jacqueline Tibbits
 ing a project that will help show the            recognized by high school students to­                Susan Williams
 full effects of using drugs, alcohol, or         day and even though he speaks very

  March 10, 1981, Vol. LXXX, No. 5                                                                                                15
different parts of the conference, using
one brochure giving time and place of                                              NOTICE
all. Elder Mills and Tony Moore held                                     Don't miss the
two in Stamford and Greenwich, Con­                                MARCH Inventory Clearance Sale
necticut; Cliff Gleason held one in
Middletown, Connecticut; and Art                                      SNE Adventist Book Center
Schumacher led out in Bethel, Con­
                                                                   One full week—March 22 thru 29
   In Massachusetts. Elder Dwight Tay-                      Sunday                    10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
lor and Bill Brace had a seminar in                         Monday - Thursday          8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Leominster; Paul Peterson in Gar­                           Friday                     8:30 a.m. to 12 noon
dner; Steve Parley in Pittsfield; and                     CAMPMEETING PRICES, many items below cost,
Laurel Laing in Greenfield.                                        up to 50% SAVINGS
   Twenty-three people have been bap­
tized from these seminars to date and                         Many Health Foods at WHOLESALE prices
                                                                        FREE Food Samples
many are studying the message further.
Four in Gardner are waiting for the
baptistry to be repaired for their bap­
tism.                                       emy with five still in attendance who
                                            came from the first. Ten good interests
  The seminars have strengthened the        are being followed up.
faith of many of our people, even of           Pastor David Thomas had a class
the pastors who led out in the pro­         in Amesbury and a number are at­
grams. A number of the interested           tending church.                                                  Pioneer Valley
ones are attending church services reg­        Let us pray for the work of our pa-                           Academy Corner
ularly.                                     tors and laymen as they work with all      Computer Acquired
   Several other pastors have held          the dear souls whose hearts have been
classes of their own that varied some­      touched by the Spirit as they studied         With the recent purchase of a used
what from the plan developed by El­         present truth for our time.                Radio Shack computer, Pioneer Valley
der Mills. Elder Ernest Stevenson and                                                  Academy has entered the electronic
                                                               VICTOR W. COLLINS
                                                                                       age. With its disc storage and printer,
PVA students held a class at the acad-                  Communications Director
                                                                                       the computer will assist business office
                                                                                       personnel to achieve greater speed and
                                                                                       accuracy in the handling of student
                 Turn Your Tithe Into the Catholic Church?                             statements, payroll, attendance, and
                                                                                       grade records. Not only will time be
                           Certainly we would hope that every member of the            saved in the preparation of these rec­
                       Catholic Church would be faithful to God in the tithe.          ords, but by producing a more clearly
                       However, I doubt that any member of the SDA church              detailed statement, fewer questions
                       would think of turning the tithe into any other church          about student accounts will need to be
                       than his own. And yet, we do far worse by failing to            asked.
                       heed the following inspired counsel:                               According to James Orrison, busi­
                           "Wills should be made in a manner to stand the              ness manager, it is anticipated that
                       test of law. After they are drawn, they may remain for          once the potential of this equipment
                       years, and do no harm, if donations continue to be              has been realized, opportunities will
                       made from time to time as the cause has need. Death             be sought to set up a service bureau
     will not come one day sooner, brethren, because you have made your
     will. In disposing of your property by will to your relatives, be sure that
     you do not forget God's cause. You are His agents, holding His property;
     and His claims should have your first consideration. Your wife and chil­
     dren, of course, should not be left destitute; provision should be made
     for them if they are needy. But do not, simply because it is customary,
     bring into your will a long line of relatives who are not needy" (Counsels
     on Stewardship, p. 328; The Adventist Home p. 397; Testimonies, vol. 4,
     p. 482; Testimony Treasures, vol. 1, p. 560.)
         WOULD YOU BELIEVE that most of us do not have our will pre­
     pared? This is a matter of business that each one of us should take care of
                                                            W. ROBERT DAUM
                                                       Trust Services Director
                                                                                       Mr. James Orrison, Business Manager.

16                                                                                                THE ATLANTIC UNION GLEANER
for small businesses in the area. In                                                   Moors, Metropolitan Ministries, 144
this way, not only will the equipment                                                  East Central Avenue, Pearl River, NY
be used more effectively, but the bu­         PIONEER VALLEY ACADEMY                   10965; (914) 735-7510.
reau could provide additional work                 SENIOR BENEFIT
and training for students.                                                             • METROPOLITAN MINISTRIES
                                                   Sunday, March 15, 1981              WORKERS' MEETING—On Wednes­
   Pioneer Valley Academy has come
                                                         PVA GYM                       day, January 14, 1981, the workers in
a long way in the past 15 years. Every­
                                                                                       Metropolitan Ministries met at the
day we are building a program for our              10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.             Appleseed Restaurant for a time of
young people in which their lives will
                                               BIG TAG SALE AND FAIR                   fellowship and reporting. Encouraging
be fulfilled spiritually and academi­
cally. The training that our students                                                  reports were given and everyone ap­
attain will be very present here on               Many things and activities           preciated the Christian atmosphere
earth and in our Heavenly home. Our              for everyone. Come and have           and the fine vegetarian cuisine at Ap­
time is short and our young people                       a great time.                 pleseed Restaurant.
are our future.                      -^                                                • GIFT TO AYER HOY MANANA
                                                                                       •Recently Ayer Hoy Manana received
                                                                                       a wonderful gift of portable television

                            Metropolitan Ministries.                                   cameras, monitors, and lighting val­
                                                                                       ued at about SI5,000. This tremendous
                                                                                       gift was donated by the Laymens' Or-
                                                                                       gani/ation in the New York area
                                            • NEW YORK CITY MINISTRY                   called "Friends of Ayer Hoy Manana."
NewsNotes                                   TO THE BLIND—Pastor William
                                            Moors who works conjointly with
                                                                                       The television equipment will enable
                                                                                       Ayer Hoy Manana to produce tele­
                                            Christian Record Braille Foundation        vision spots for commercial use in or­
                                            and Metropolitan Ministries has been       der to assist in increasing Ayer Hoy
• JORGE GRIEVE IN SANTO DO­                 carrying on an active ministry to the      Manana income. It is hoped that the
MINGO—Elder Jorge Grieve of Ayer            blind and multi-disabled blind in the      equipment will also be able to be
Hoy Manana will be holding a very           New York City area. Four or five blind     used for regular Ayer Hoy Manana
important and large evangelistic cru­       individuals have been baptized through     production. Plans are being examined
sade in Santo Domingo, Dominican            his ministry. Pastor Moors has been         that would provide for an entire tele­
Republic, during the months of March        conducting special swimming classes        vision studio for Ayer Hoy Manana.
and April. Much preparation has taken       for the blind and multi-disabled blind     Appreciation is expressed to the
place and an enthusiastic goal of 1,000     and would welcome your interest and         Greater New York Conference for
baptisms has been set by the Central        participation in the various programs       providing the physical facilities in
Dominican Conference. The television        and activities in which he is engaged.      which to house the current mini-studio.
program, Ayer Hoy Manana, has been          A special camp for the blind is being       The Ayer Hoy Manana recording
shown for sometime in the Dominican         planned at Camp Berkshire for the           studio is already at the same location.
Republic and we ask God's blessing as       summer and all those interested in          We thank God for these opportunities
 the fruition of these telecasts takes      participating as counselors in the class    of advancing the Spanish evangelistic
 place during March and April. Please       are invited to contact: Pastor William      work.
 pray with us for the evangelistic cam­
 paign's success.
 TROPOLITAN MINISTRIES—Selva                                                       'NORTH
 Purushotham and his wife Eleanor and                                ADVENTIST HEALTH SYSTEM NORTH
 daughter Wilona joined Metropolitan
 Ministries in the latter part of August,                                               volved in the operation and manage­
                                            New Name for MAHS
 1980. as the new accountant. We are                                                    ment of four Seventh-day Adventist
 delighted to have the Purushothams           The Mid American Health Services          nursing homes in the Atlantic Union
 with us and it is proving to be a bless­   Board of Trustees recently voted to         Conference. These facilities are lo­
 ing to our organization. Brother Puru­     change the name of the corporation to       cated in Canaan, Connecticut; Living-
 shotham holds an MBA degree from           Adventist Living Centers.                   ston, New York; Pawtucket, Rhode
                                              The name change reflects the fact         Island; and West Paris, Maine. A fifth
 Andrews University. His wife Eleanor
                                            that the Adventist Health System mem­       facility, located in Schenectady, New
 teaches grade school at the Pearl River
                                            ber organization will soon be opera­        York, is being purchased by Adventist
 Seventh-day Adventist Church school.       ting and managing nursing homes in
 Brother Purushotham replaces Henry                                                     Living Centers.
                                            the Atlantic Union Conference terri­
 Bose who was much liked within our                                                        "Since Mid American is becoming
                                            tory. With the merger between North­
 organization and is currently working      east Adventist Health Services and          involved in an area outside the Mid­
 for the Greater New York Confer­           Great Lakes Adventist Health Services,      west, it was thought that changing
  ence.                                     Adventist Living Centers will be in­        our corporate name to one without a

  March 10, 1981, Vol. LXXX, No. 5                                                                                           17
regional connotation was desirable,"                                                   NEMH Holds March
commented Adventist Living Centers'
president, Gary C. Whitworth. He
                                            Parkview                                   Forums on Nutrition
                                                                                          What you eat is how you grow, run,
added, "For some time we have also
wanted to identify the denomination
                                            NewsBriefs                                  and feel about yourself.
                                                                                           A panel of health professionals will
in the corporate name."                                                                explore the relationship of nutrition
   In addition to the name change, the      • Hilda Bloomquist, Parkview Me­            to mental health, sports, childhood de­
offices of Adventist Living Centers have    morial Hospital's health education di­     velopment, and adult life in a March
moved to 15 Salt Creek Lane, Hins-          rector, has been a featured speaker at     series of forums at New England Me­
dale, Illinois, from Marshfield, Wis­       several women's club meetings in the       morial Hospital in Stoneham.
consin, January 1. The move was made        Brunswick, Maine, area. Most recently          Beginning on March 1, the public
to facilitate Adventist Living Centers'     she addressed the Merrymeeting Ex­         forums will be held on four Sunday
involvement with the operation and          tension at Bowdoinham on the sub­          evenings at 7:00 p.m. in the hospital
management of the additional nursing        ject of "Vegetarian Cookery."              auditorium. Panelists on the forums,
homes in the northeast.               -fc                                              titled "Nutrition—Pathway to Health,"
                                            • Several Parkview physicians are be­      will include dietitians, physicians, psy­
                                            ing featured on a regular Tuesday          chologists, and parents.
Life-Style Improvement Program              morning panel on the Brunswick,               The perspective of an athlete will
1981 Camp Meeting                           Maine, all-news and information radio      be presented by Dave McGillivray,
                                            station, WKXA-AM. Recent speakers          marathoner known for his long­
   You can have more energy. You can
                                            have been Dr. Gaylen Johnson, Dr.          distance treks across the country and
lose weight. You can live longer. You
                                            Mvron Krneger, and Dr. Gerald Klein.       along the eastern seaboard.
can lower your risk of heart disease.
You can feel fit. But how? All of the                                                     "Nutrition for Children and Young
                                            • A neonatal resuscitation seminar         Adults" was presented March 1 by Dr.
above are the result of an improved         was held at Parkview recently under
life-style.                                                                            Mirna Aeschlimann, chief of pediat­
                                            the sponsorship of the inservice edu­      rics at New England Memorial; Diana
   At NNEC Campmeeting this June,           cation department. The meeting at­
Parkview Memorial Hospital is pre­                                                     Gordy, specialist in pediatric and pre­
                                            tracted 28 area health professionals.      natal nutrition at NEMH; Nancy Cot­
senting a mini-course dealing with
life-style improvement through nutri­       • Parkview's occupational therapist        ton, director of the child psychiatric
tion counseling, a prescribed natural                                                  unit at NEMH; and Dianne Herrick,
                                            Rowena Forbes has been making fire
diet, health education classes and films,                                              mother of four children and foster
                                            evacuation aprons suitable for evacu­
and a graduated exercise program.           ating four babies at a time. The           parent to 100.
Sound like hard work? It is and it's                                                      "Nutrition for Sports" was dis­
                                            kangaroo-type apron utilizes pouches
worth it. Here are some comments                                                       cussed March 8 by Joan Cunniff, ad­
                                            or pockets to carry babies from the
from those who have taken the full                                                     ministrative dietitian at NEMH; and
                                            nursery in the event of a fire.
course at Parkview Memorial Hospital:                                                  Dave McGillivray, long-distance run­
                                            • Parkview employees made this year's      ner.
   —"I feel more alive. I'm less tired      United Way drive a grand success by           On March 15, "Nutrition and Men­
and I'm firming up."                        pledging almost S550 more than last        tal Health" will be discussed by Julie
   —"I'm a nurse, and I thought I was       year. Hospital chairman Dwight Som-        Fernekees, master's degree candidate,
taking good care of myself, but I've        mers announced the successful comple­      and Kris Vaughn, instructor, from the
learned so much. I can't believe I was      tion of the drive with a total figure of   Atlantic Nutrition Association; and
doing all that to my body."                 ,S3,653.01.                                Nancy Sheard, educator from the Eun­
   —"When I meet one of my friends,                      CHAPLAIN ERLING ODELL         ice Kennedy Shriver Center in Wal-
we spend the first couple of minutes                            Communications         tham.
looking at each other's stomach. Mine                                                     On March 22 "What's New in Nu­
is gone!"                                                                              trition" will be presented by Michelle
   —"I used to run out of steam mid-                                                   Gallant, teaching dietitian at NEMH;
afternoon; now, not until 11:30 at                      ANNOUNCEMENT                   and Constance Jordan, professor of
night."                                                                                nutrition at Framingham State College.
   —"I have always associated dieting            Mass. License                            The forums are free and open to
with starvation. On this program, you            Full-time                             the public. More information may be
can eat three meals a day and still            R.N.'s                                  obtained by calling Dietary Services,
lose weight."                                    Critical Care 3-11; 11-7              New England Memorial Hospital (617)
   —"I used to have headaches con­                  Full- and part-time                665-1740.                             •*
stantly, had a bottle of aspirin in the          Health Education
                                                   Full-time; budgeted for
car and at the bedside. Now the head­              two years
aches are gone."                                 Med/Surg3-ll; 11-7                    Prepare Yourself for
   You'll enjoy the fellowship as you              Full- and part-time                 Childbirth at NEMH
learn, exercise, and discuss together          Gary Hill, Assistant Personnel Direc-      Be prepared for your childbirth ex­
                                               tor, New England Memorial Hospital,
in PMH's program.                              5 Woodland Rd., Stoneham, MA 02180;     perience. Find answers to your ques­
   More information will be given in           (617) 665-1740, Ext. 240.               tions and ease your anxieties. Enroll
upcoming GLEANER issues.                                                               in one of New England Memorial

 18                                                                                              THE ATLANTIC UNION GLEANER
Hospital's upcoming classes.                mental health, and better sleeping ac­         The representatives noted several
   Childbirth Preparation, an eight-        cording to hospital health educators.       areas of need for the elderly, includ­
week course preparing parents for ac­         For more information, or to register,     ing needs for a listing of elderly citi­
tive participation in both natural and      community members may call Health           zens, an information and emergency
semi-natural childbirth, will be held       Education, New England Memorial             telephone service, more advertising of
evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 in the hos­      Hospital, (617) 665-1740, Ext. 426.         existing programs for the elderly, and
pital banquet rooms. In order to meet                           JUNE MCCREADY           a resource information book.
increasing enrollment needs two pro­                            Public Relations           Also discussed were the needs to in­
grams will run simultaneously, ex­                                                      volve more volunteers, including young
plains Julia Andrade, coordinator of                                                    people, in services, and the listing of
the program.                                Silent Auction Held                         various support and service groups the
   The first course, started February 12                                                elderly can join.
                                              The New England Memorial Hos­
and will meet for eight consecutive                                                        An information and referral tele­
                                            pital Auxiliary held their 1981 Silent
Tuesdays. Meeting on Thursdays, the                                                     phone service, The Blue Room, is
                                            Auction in the hospital banquet room
second program, began March 3.                                                          maintained in Human Services at New
                                            on February 11 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.
    Featuring the modified Lamaze ap­                                                   England Memorial Hospital. Com­
                                            The annual meeting was held to raise
proach, the class is usually taken dur­                                                 munity members can receive informa­
                                            funds for the hospital and also to in­
ing the last three months of pregnancy.                                                 tion about mental health and social
                                            crease membership in the Auxiliary,
Health professionals meet with couples                                                  services at the hospital and in the
                                            explained co-chairpersons Linda Bou-
to discuss various aspects of pre- and                                                  community by calling (617) 665-2121.
                                            chie and Hilda Holbrook.
post-partem care, anesthesia, labor, de­                                                                        BEN JACQUES
                                               Members brought gift and white
livery and parenting.                                                                                        Public Relations
                                            elephant items, along with delicious
    Instruction on breathing and relax­     baked goods. The assortment of goods
ation techniques is given by qualified      were previewed, silent bids turned in,
registered nurses and teaching nutri­       and the auctioneer announced the
                                                                                        Heart Risk Course
tionists lecture on nutrition and           highest bidder. After the auction, re­         What are your chances for develop­
breast-feeding.                                                                         ing heart disease? What can you do
                                            freshments were served and Auxiliary
    Psychological aspects of pregnancy,     members welcomed any questions              about it?
child-care and parental adjustment are      about membership in that group.                These are the questions community
some of the topics doctors discuss with        All proceeds have been pledged to        members can find answers to at a
couples. Participating physicians en­       aid NEMH with needed diagnostic             Coronary Risk Class which began
 courage question-and-answer sessions       equipment.                                  March 5 at New England Memorial
 along with group discussions.                                                          Hospital in Stoneham, announces Dar-
                                                                 JUNE MCCREADY
    Information regarding hospital pol­                          Public Relations       ell McWilliams, health educator.
 icies, the NEMH birthing room and                                                         The Coronary Risk Class is consid­
 other birth alternatives is available at                                               ered especially helpful for those with
 these sessions.                            Mental Health Needs of                      high blood pressure and/or history
    A minimal registration fee is re­       Elderly Discussed                           of heart attack or stroke. Evaluation
 quired.                                                                                of coronary risk was based on a com­
                                               Mental health needs of the elderly       prehensive health screen and health
    For further information or to re­
                                            was the focus last week as the Human        history report.
 gister, call Health Education, (617)
                                            Services Advisory Council of New Eng­          In the first class, participants re­
 665-1740, Ext. 426.
                                            land Memorial Hospital met for its          ceived health screenings including
                       JUNE MCCREADY
                                            quarterly session.                          tests of height and weight, resting
                       Public Relations
                                               Some 25 community representatives        heart rate, blood pressure and blood
                                            joined the Advisory Council at the          tests determining glucose, cholesterol,
 NEMH Stress Management                     Stoneham hospital as Doreen Moore,          triglycerides and lipoprotein levels.
                                            chairperson of the Council and director        There was also a film and discussion
   Making your world more livable           of Our Place in Stoneham, stressed          of risk factors of coronary heart dis­
by learning how to manage stress is         the need for working together to pro­        ease.
the focus of Stress Management, a           vide adequate psychiatric and social           The second class, focused on recom­
five-week course beginning March 9          services for the elderly.                   mendations for lowering the risk of
at New England Memorial Hospital               Better communications among agen­        heart disease. Lab reports were pre­
in Stoneham.
                                            cies and a sharing of resources wher­        sented along with the benefits of reach­
   Classes will meet for five consecutive   ever possible were encouraged, reports       ing ideal levels of cholesterol and
Mondays from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. in the       Dave Gushing, assistant director of          other risk factors.
hospital auditorium. The program will       Human Services at the hospital. "The           For more information, individuals
include topics such as "What Stress         meeting with community representa­          may call Health Education, New Eng­
Does to You" and "Practical Ways to         tives gave us an excellent opportunity      land Memorial Hospital, (617) 665-
Control Stress."                            to become familiar with community            1740, Ext. 426.
   Benefits from the course can be im­      needs and to begin to formulate plans                           JUNE MCCREADY
proved self-esteem, improved rela­          to assist in alleviating some of the pro­                       Public Relations
tions with others, better physical and      blems," said Gushing.                                [More News on page 22]
 March 10, 1981, Vol. LXXX, No. 5                                                                                               19
                    BERMUDA                Lay Bible Instructors Recognition    ASDAN Meetings
     AU Institute                                                                 Physical Assessment for Nurses
                                             West Genesee Church                  0.7 CEU's
       Vacation Bible School Seminar         Syracuse
                                             Apr. 3-4                             Mar. 22
       Hamilton Church, Bermuda                                                   At South Lancaster Academy
                                             Elder George Knowles, GC
       April 15-23                              Lay Activities Dept.                 Multipurpose Room
       See announcement p. 6                 Elder Earl Parchment                 9:00 a.m.
                                               Atlantic Union Lay                 Members: $20; Non-members: $25
                                               Activities Dept.                   Fee includes lunch

                                                                                  Agape Supper
                                           USA Events                             Apr. 3; 6:30 p.m.
                NEW YORK                                                          Place to be announced.
                                             Senior Benefit
     ABC Pre-Inventory March Sale            Mar. 28; 7:30 p.m.
                                                                                  Business Meeting
       Sundays March 8, 15, & 22             Alumni Weekend                       June 14; 7:30 p.m.
                                             May 2-3
                                                                                  Camp Meeting Special
                                                                                  "Battered Women and Rape
       Ithaca                                                                       Victims"
       Jan. 7-Mar. 11                                                             Speaker: Katherine Taylor
       Richard Caraboolad                                                         Counselor for Western Mass.
                                               NORTHERN NEW ENGLAND
                                                                                  Time and place to be
       Cortland                            Central Maine Youth Rally                announced.
       Jan. 9-Mar. 13                        Riverview Memorial School
       George Dudney assisted                Norridgewock, ME
         by Richard Caraboolad               Mar. 13, 7:30 p.m.                 Youth Activities
                                             Mar. 14, All Day
                                                                                  Leadership Training Seminar
                                                                                  Camp Winnekeag, Ashburnham,
       Jan. 16-Mar. 20
                                           PTA Events                                MA
       George Dudney and                                                          April 3-5
         Robert Parley                       Band and Choir                       Registration Form
                                             Mar. 14                              Gleaner, Feb. 10, p. 12
       Jan. 21-Mar. 25                          Portland SDA Church               Union Pathfinder Camporee
       George Dudney and                        11:00 a.m.
                                                                                  Burlingame State Park
         Robert Parley                         Brunswick SDA Church               Westerly, Rl
                                               4:30 p.m.                          April 30-May 3
     Follow-Up Class                         Bell Ringers
                                             Mar. 28                              SNE Pathfinder Fall Camporee
       Jan. 6-Mar. 10                           St. Johnsbury Church              Place to be announced.
       George Dudney                            11:30 a.m.                        Sept. 18-20

                                               Newport SDA Church                 Leadership Training Seminar
     Music Festival                            3:30 p.m.
                                                                                  Camp Winnekeag, Ashburnham,
       Elementary & Junior Academies                                                MA
       Union Springs Academy                                                      Nov. 13-15
       Mar. 27; 7:30 p.m.
       Mar. 28; 9:15 & 11:00 a.m.;            SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND
                                                                                PVA Events
         3:00 p.m.                         ABC March Inventory Clearance Sale
       Featuring New York Conference                                              Freshman/Sophomore Bible Camp
                                             March 22 through 29
         School students.                                                         Mar. 13 & 14
                                             See announcement p. 16

     Conference-wide Youth/Christian                                              Senior Benefit
                                                                                  March 15
     Education Rally                       Visual Aids Workshop                   10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
       West Genesee St. Church               Village SDA Church                   See announcement p. 17
       Syracuse                              So. Lancaster, MA
       Mar. 21                               April 26
                                             10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.                 Senior Recognition Weekend
       Guest speakers, music, fellowship     See announcement, Feb. 24            March 21, 8:00 p.m.
       See announcement p. 14                    Gleaner.                         Benefit Movie

20                                                                                           THE ATLANTIC UNION GLEANER
                                                                              »•« •*,


 Meadess Swiss Steak.
Great flavor diat's
 not beyond your
                                      SWISS 5TEBK
                                        1*1 FAT   MO CKOlES'E*- 1   *


          Z.Z7M/1 LINDA FOODS
           Our Church's Own Company                           ADVERTISEMENT
Family Medicine                           surgery room, reception and office              BEMAN, Laura Jean, age 54, passed
                                          rooms in the Family Care Center.             awav on January 3 in Canandaigua, NY,
Program Expands                                                                        following a long illness with cancer. She
                                             Open for appointments during nor­         was born on October 24, 1926, the daugh­
   New England Memorial Hospital's        mal office hours, the Family Care            ter of Claude and Janet MacDonald. Jean
program to train physicians as special­   Center will extend its hours, begin­         was united in marriage with Addrian
ists in family medicine will expand                                                    Richard Beman in 1948. Together they
                                          ning in March, to include Wednesday          dedicated their lives to the Lord and
significantly this year to include six    evenings from 5:30 to 9:00 p.m.              were engaged in countless missionary
additional physicians and added facili­      One of over 360 such programs na­         activities of the church. She was instru­
ties and hours in the Family Care         tionwide, but the only one in greater        mental in forming the church company
Center, announces Dr. John Danis,         Boston, the family practice residency        in Gouverneur, NY. At the time of her
program director.                                                                      death she was a member of the East
                                          program trains physicians in all basic       Palmyra church.
   Certified and opened in 1979, the      areas of medicine from obstetrics to            Besides her husband, she is survived by
three-year family practice residency      internal medicine, as well as offering       one son, Ronald of Rochester; a grand­
program will expand its staff of resi­    physicians elective study in a wide          daughter, Michele Rene; and her mother
dents by this July to include fourteen    range of specialty areas.                    Janet Stacy of Florida.
physicians.                                  Expansion of the family medicine
   Resident physicians, based in the      program at the Stoneham hospital                CHILD, Harland (Sam) Child of Dix­
Family- Care Center in -the Medical       parallels its acceptance not only by         field, ME, died unexpectedly at his home
                                          the community but also by the medi­          on January 7. 1981.
Arts Building, will be caring for an                                                      He was born in West Peru, ME, No­
increasing number of families and in­     cal constituency, notes Danis.               vember 25, 1898, the son of William and
dividuals, reports Danis.                                           BEN JACQUES        Etta Card Child. He was employed for
                                                                Public Relations       40 years by the Rumford Falls Power
   Three new examination rooms, con­                                                   Company and Central Maine Power
ference room, and physician's library                                                  Company as a town representative until
will be added to the family-medicine                                                   his retirement in 1963.
complex of examination rooms, minor-                                                      He is survived by his wife, Ruby, of
                                                                                       Dixfield; three sons, Eugene and Robert,
                                                                                       both of Dixfield, and Clayton, Spokane,
                                                                                       WA; a daughter, Mrs. Stanley (Myrna)
                                                                                       Hayncs. West Peru; two brothers, Harold
                                             BLAKE, Clara Isabel (Robbins), other­     and Edward, both of Dixfield; two sisters,
                                          wise known as Belle R. Blake, was born       Mrs. Roger (Helen) Swan, Dixfield and
                                          January 22, 1889, in Willington, CT, and     Mrs. Geneva Burr, Miami, FL.; 13 grand­
                                          passed to her rest on January 21, 1981, in   children; and seven great-grandchildren.
                                          West Groton, MA. She was the daughter           Funeral services were conducted by his
                                          of Charles A. and Clara Ella (Hazen) Rob-    son Pastor Clayton Child, assisted by Pas­
                                          bins. She married Howard B. Blake March      tors Don Sandstrom. President of the
         Verastegui - McEnery             30, 1935, in Freedom, ME.                    Northern Xew England Conference, Carl
                                             For many years she worked for Cluett      P. Anderson, retired Conference President,
  Giannine Verastegui, daughter of        and Peabody Co. in Leominster, MA, as        and R. O. Richardson at the Hawthorne
                                          a finish seamstress for a Boston Company,    Funeral Home in Dixfield. Interment will
Mrs. Nory Verastegui of Warwick, RI,      and a custom seamstress for a tailor in      be in the Greenwood Cemetery in Dix­
and David McEnery, son of David J.        Fitchburg.                                   field in the spring.
and Caroline McEnery, both deceased,         She made her home in Maine except            Brother Child was a faithful member
                                          when she and her husband wintered in         of the Dixfield Seventh-day Adventist
were married November 16, 1980, in        Florida for the past 26 years. Since the     Church. He leaves not only a vacant
the Pawtucket, RI, church, The couple     passing of her husband on July 18, 1980,     place in the church, but in the community
                                          she made her home in West Groton, MA,
are making their home in Providence,      with Thelma E. Hale, one of her nieces.
                                                                                       as well. He was a man loved by all. He
RI.                                                                                    now rests in the "blessed hope" of the
                                             Mrs. Blake was a member of the North­     resurrection morning when Jesus calls
   Pastor John Cameron officiated.        ern New England Conference of Seventh-
                                                                                       forth his faithful children.
                                          day Atlventists. She has always been a
                                          strong supporter of the Voice of Pro­                      PASTOR R. O. RICHARDSON
          Willett - Herlinger             phecy and The Quiet Hour. She liked to
                                          study her Bible and read widely. She
  Linda Willett, daughter of Dr. and      had a winsome manner and thoroughly             DUDGEON, Jane Roberts, was born
Mrs. Albert Willett of Glens Falls, NY,   enjoyed her family. She was a brilliant      November 29. 1932. She was stricken sud­
                                          and alert conversationalist even to the      denly and passed away on Sabbath even­
and Friederich Herlinger, son of Mr.      time of her death.                           ing. January 17, 1981, at New Haven, CT.
and Mrs. Ernst A. Herlinger of South         Belle Blake is survived by three de­      Jane was born in Southbridge, MA, and
Lancaster, MA, were married in the        voted nieces among others: Mrs. Marjory      attended Browning Memorial and Atlantic
                                          E. (Hale) Wilkins, Miss Thelma E. Hale,
beautiful Miller Chapel on the campus     and Mrs. Geraldine I. (Hale) Grout, all      Union College in South Lancaster, MA.
of Atlantic Union College on Decem­       of Massachusetts; many great nieces and      She was a registered nurse, receiving her
                                          nephews; and a host of friends who will      training at New England Memorial Sani­
ber 21, 1980, by Elder Richard Trott,                                                  tarium and Hospital in Stoneham, MA.
                                          cherish her memory.
chaplain at the college.                     Private funeral services were conducted      Her life was one of complete selfless­
  The reception was held in the Red       January 22, 1981, from the Badger Fun­       ness and devotion to God, her family, her
                                          eral Homes, Inc., Groton, MA, with Pas­      church, and her neighborhood. She will
Room of Thayer Hall. After a skiing       tor Paul B. Peterson of the Fitchburg
                                                                                       be greatly missed by her family and
honeymoon in Vermont, Rick and            SDA church officiating. Interment will be
                                          in the spring in the North Cemetery,         friends. She made a great contribution to
Linda returned to Nassau where both                                                    her family and church.
                                          Fayette, ME, where she will be awaiting
are teaching at the Bahama Academy.       the call of the Life-giver.                    She is survived by her husband, Wil-

22                                                                                               THE ATLANTIC UNION GLEANER
liam, pastor of the New Haven Seventh-                              Advertisements                                    REGISTERED        PHYSICAL     THERAPIST
                                                                                                                   NEEDED—excellent benefits, salary commensu­
day Adventist Church; three children:                                                                              rate with experience. Enjoy mild winters, nearby
Sharon and William, Jr. of Wyoming, MI,                   All advertisements should be sent, together with         SDA schools and Fort Worth shopping. Contact
and Marcia of New Haven; one sister,                   payment, to your local conference office for ap-            Personnel Department, Huguley Memorial Hos­
                                                       proval by the president or secretary-treasurer. The         pital. Box 6337. Fort Worth, TX 76115; (817)
Abbie of Billerica, MA; one brother, Al­               rate is $12.00 for each insertion of forty words or less,   293-9110.
fred, South Lancaster, MA; and a step­                 and 10 cents for each additional word for advertise-
mother, Mrs. Olive Roberts of South Lan­               ments originating within the Atlantic Union; $15.00 for
                                                       each insertion for all others with a forty word maxi-         DIRECTOR OF SOCIAL SERVICES—LCSW
caster, MA.                                            mum. Check or money order should be made payable            certification or MSW degree. Some experience
                                  S. R. JAYNF.         to Atlantic Union Gleaner or Atlantic Union Confer-         necessarv. Generous benefits, good salary. Young
                                                       ence. Advertisements appearing in the GLEANER are           progressive hospital. Contact Personnel Depart­
   HALSWICK, Esther Dagney was born in                 printed without endorsement or recommendation of the        ment, Simi Valley Adventist Hospital. 2975 N.
                                                       Atlantic Union Conference.                                  Sycamore Drive, Simi Valley, CA 93065: (805)
La Crosse, WI, on August 24, 1895, and                                                                             527-2462, Ext. 304 or 305.
passed away January 17, 1981, at Loma                   PLEASE NOTE: The Atlantic Union Gleaner does
Linda, CA, where she had lived for the                  not accept responsibility for categorical or typo-
                                                        graphical errors.
past sixteen years. On June 1, 1915, she                                                                              FOR SALE—Wooded home sites with beauti­
married Louis Halswick. To this union                                                                              ful mountain view. 3-7 acres each. More avail­
                                                           WANTED—dedicated missionary-minded SDA                  able. SDA physicians, surgeons, dentists, and
were born two daughters: Evelyn Under­                  men with no encumberances to work at begin­                church school available locally. 52,000 per acre.
wood and Pauline Moore.                                 ning oulpost in Southern Maine. One should                 Charles P. Blomeley, MD, Box 277, Columbus,
   Along with her husband she helped to                 have some agricultural skills, interest in sales           \C 28722; (704) 894-8213.
serve in his pastoral work in Chicago,                  of natural foods and herbs, also interest in
                                                        communication skills. Would be helpful in as­
New York and Minneapolis; later on mov­                 sisting in publication of missionary paper. Bene­            ADMINISTRATOR AND FOOD SERVICE
ing to the Seventh-day Adventist General                fits: Room and board, opportunity to learn op­             DIRECTOR—Laurel Nursing Center, new 160-
                                                        eration of a natural food/Health Center, help              bed facility in rural location two miles from
Conference headquarters in Takoma                       in publishing regular missionary paper and                 Blue Mountain Academy. Special opportunities
Park, Maryland. She became his secretary                other communication media. Sharing Christian               for professionalism. Salary negotiable. Write
while he served as general secretary of                 fellowship and working together to advance the             Richard Mayer, R.D. 3, 670, Hamburg, PA
the Bureau of Home Missions.                            cause of God in a rural setting in beautiful               19526.
                                                        Maine. Opportunity for a small salary is anti­
   Survivors include two daughters, five                cipated. Send information about yourself to:
grandchildren, and six great-grandchild­                URGENT, Box 456, Cumberland.' ME 04021                       REGISTERED OR CERTIFIED Nuclear
                                                        or call (207) 829-5471 evening.                            Medicine Technologist willing to work also in
ren.                                                                                                               Diagnostic Ultra-sound and C.T. Scanner. Po­
   Funeral services were held at Monte-                                                                            tential to grow and develop skills in progressive
cito Memorial Park under the direction                    FOR SALE—Eight-room house, four-car gar­                 institution in beautiful East Tennessee. Ta­
of Emmerson-Bartlett Loma Linda Chapel                  age, and wholesale health food business. Busi­             koma Adventist Hospital, Greeneville, TN
                                                        ness five-day week, excellent income. Write to             37743: call Personnel (615) 639-4721.
with interment in the Park where Sister                 Paul Kngel, Eagle Valley Road, Sloatsburg, NY
Halswick awaits the call of the great                   10974.
Life-giver. Elder James M. Mershen, as­                                                                               RN's—Where are you going in your nursing
                                                                                                                   career? Become part of our multi-discipline
sociate pastor of the University Seventh-                  CHIEF RADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGIST—                          team where we offer many opportunities for
day Adventist Church, officiated.                       Seeking individual with supervisory capabilities,          vou to develop skills and expertise at Loma
                                                        knowledge of radiographic equipment and pro­               Linda University Medical Center. Call collect,
                                                        cedures. Hospital located in northwestern New              Paula Galbraith (714) 796-7311, Ext. 3927.
   KEARNEY, Milly Burnette was born                     Jersey. Academy and elementary school within
in West Pierrepont, NY, on May 4, 1909,                 five miles. Excellent salary, complete benefits.
and passed to her rest on October 23,                   Personnel Director, Hackettstown Community                   HEATING         AND     AIR-CONDITIONING
                                                        Hospital, Hackettstown, NJ 07840; (201) 852-               TECH—position available at Shawnee Mission
1980, at the age of 71.                                 r.ioo.                                                     Medical Center. Must have experience in pneu­
   Sister Kearney lived in Camillus, NY,                                                                           matic, electric controls, air-handling equipment
and was a member of the Syracuse West                                                                              and chillers. Contact Richard Haas, 74th &
                                                           MOVING SOUTH? We have a special way                     Grandview. Shawnee Mission, KS 66201 or call
Genesee church until two years ago when                 of helping SDA friends. The Smoky Mts. have                collect (913) 676-2570.
she moved to Tennessee to be near her                   it all. Churches, schools and medical centers.
daughter. While living in Tennessee she                 (704) 693-8611 Red Carpet Heritage Realty,
                                                        Inc., 322 S. King St., Hendersonville, NC 28739.              SHAWNEE MISSION MEDICAL CENTER
belonged to the First Church of Nashville.              Boh Baldwin SIM Broker, (704) 692-6047.                    has immediate position available for medical
   She was the wife of Garrett Kearney                                                                             records evening supervisor. Prefer someone with
who survived her for one month. She is                                                                             supervisory experience and have ART degree.
                                                           YOU CAN build a substantial income in less              Excellent pay and benefits. Contact Richard
survived by two children; a son Garrett                 than six months marketing gas-saving, engine               Haas. 74th !c Grandview, Shawnee Mission, KS
 Kearney. Jr., of Clay, NY, and a daughter,             life-extending, synthetic lubricants for cars,             66201 or call collect (913) 676-2576.
                                                        trucks, and farm equipment. Don't delay. Free
 Diannc Long of Hendersonville, TN; two                 literature. Louis Roscnthal, 10548 Harvest Ave­
brothers, Jay Burnette of Truxton, NY,                  nue, Santa Fc Springs, CA 90670; (213) 863-2942.
 and John Burnette of New Milford, CT;
 three sisters, Josephine Akridge of Dan-                 NOW is the time to catch up on your musical
 bury, CT, Alma Duford of Morristown,                   education. Detailed hymn instruction. Let Jesus
                                                        "play11 Center. (Really!) Six large books, $18.50,
 NY. and Jeannc Meacham of Syracuse.                    while they last. "So You Want to Play the
 NY; and four grandchildren.                            Piano." R. 6, Box 101 BB, Florence, MS 39073.
                                                                                                                                   Sunset Table
                                                                                                                              Eastern Standard Time
                                                                                                                                                   Mar. Mar.     Mar.
                   MOVING?                                                                                                                  Mar.
                                                                                                                                             6     13   20       27
                                                                                                                   Bangor, ME               5:28   5:37   5:46   5:55
    Please let us know at least (> weeks                                                                           Portland, ME             5:35   5:43   5:52   6:00
    in advance.                                                   Altach OLD ADDRESS                               Boston, MA               5:39   5:47   5:55   6:03
                                                                                                                   So. Lancaster, MA        5:41   5:49   5:58   6:06
                                                                  HERE AND MAIL To:                                Pittsfield, MA           5:48   5:56   6:04   6:12
    NEW ADDRESS (please print)                                                                                     Hartford, CT             5:46   5:54   6:02   6:09
                                                                                                                   Nw York, NY              5:52   5:59   6:07   6:14
    Name                   _._„.__.-__._--.—.._.._-— _ ..         Atl antic Union Gle;mer                          Utica, NY                5:55   6:03   6:12   6:20
    Street       __ ... _„________......_________--..„.__        Atlantic Union Conference                         Syracuse, NY             5:59   6:07   6:16   6:24
                                                                                                                   Rochester, N.Y           6:05   6:13   6:21   6:30
                                                                       -100 Main Street                            Buffalo, NY              6:10   6:18   6:26   6:35
    Citv     . .......... .____..„....„......_._..„„.-...         So. Lancaster, MA 01561                          Hamilton, Bda            6:20   6:25   6:30   6:35
    State      ....................... Zip .....__.—...                                                             Add one minute for each thirteen miles west. Sub-
                                                                                                                    tract one minute for each thirteen miles east.

 March 10, 1981, Vol. LXXX, No. 5                                                                                                                                 23
                            THE TEN MOST WANTED MEN
                                  BY EARL W. AMUNDSON, President
                                      Atlantic Union Conference

     "The greatest want of the world is the want of men—men who will not
be bought or sold, men who in their inmost souls are true and honest, men
who do not fear to call sin by its right name, men whose conscience is as true
to duty as the needle to the pole, men who will stand for the right though the
heavens fall" (Education, p. 57).

     The kind of man or woman described above is:

     1. The man who puts God's business above any other business.

     2. The man who brings his children to church and Sabbath school
        rather than sending them.

     3. The man who is willing to be the right example to every boy he

    4. The man who thinks more of his Sabbath school class than his
       Sabbath sleep.

     5. The man who measures his giving by what he has left, rather than
        by the amount he gives.

     6. The man who goes to church for Christ's sake rather than for himself
        or for someone else.

     7. The man who has a willing mind rather than a passion to be helped.

     8. The man who can see his own faults before he.sees the faults of others.

     9. The man who is more concerned about winning others for Christ than
        he is about winning worldly honor.

   10. The man who is committed to God's truth wherever it be found.