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					                                                                     MAP Directory
                                                                    as of 31 May 2011

     attendeela   prefix   attendeefi      suffix nickname          title                      company name                   line of business
                                                                                               Metropolitan Bank and Trust
1    ABACAN       Mr.      ANTONIO S.      JR.     Tony             Chair                      Company                        Banking
2    ABELLERA     Atty.    SAMUEL O.               Sammy            Chair and President        Kamayan International, Inc.    Real estate

                                                                                                                              ICT specializing
                                                                                                                              on GPS, GIS,
                                                                                                                              GSM and other
3    ABIS         Mr.      BERNARDO F.             Bernie           COO                        Webcast Technologies, Inc.     technologies

4    ABLAZA       Mr.      GERARDO C.      JR.     Gerry            President                  Manila Water Company, Inc.     Utilities - water
                                                                    Director, Strategic
                                                                    Business Economics         University of Asia and the
5    ABOLA        Dr.      VICTOR A.               Vic              Program                    Pacific                        Education
6    ACEVEDO      Mr.      EUGENE S.               Eugene           President and CEO          Philippine National Bank       Banking
                           ARISTOTLE                                CEO, President and                                        trading and
7    ADIVISO      Mr.      JOSEPH C.               AJ               General Manager            SA Technologies, Inc.          services

                                                                                                                              Public relations
8    AGATEP       Mr.      CARLOS A.               Charlie          President and CEO          Agatep Associates, Inc.        and advertising
                                                                                               Lenovo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
                           MARIA                                    Country General            Philippine Representative
9    AGORRILLA    Ms.      VICTORIA P.             Vicky            Manager                    Office                         ICT

                                                                                                                              and distribution
                                                                                               Johnson & Johnson Medical      of medical and
                           ROSITA CERES                             Human Resources            Janssen Pharmaceutica          pharmaceutical
10   AGUAS        Ms.      LEGASPI-                Nanette          Director                   Philippines                    products
11   AGUDO        Ms.      MA. FE PEREZ-           Fe               President                  Auto Asia Holdings, Inc.
                                                                                                                              Audit and
                           ANTHONY                                                             The Tax Offices of Romero      consulting
12   AGUILAR      Mr.      ALDEN SY                Anton            Senior Partner             Aguilar & Associates           services
13   AGUILAR      Mr.      ARTHUR N.               Art              President                  Panay Power Corporation
                                                                    SVP - Finance and                                         Sugar
14   AGUILAR      Ms.      ASUNCION S.             Sonie            Treasurer                  Roxas Holdings, Inc.           manufacturing
                                                                                                                              Manufacture of
15   AGUSTINES    Mr.      MANUEL U.               Manny            Chair                      Ramcar, Inc.                   batteries
                                                                                                                              Sevices, Real
16   ALBARRACIN   Dr.      MAGDALENO B. JR.        Mag              Vice Chairman              PHINMA, Inc.                   Management
                                                                    SVP and Head for
                                                                    Customer Sales and                                        Telecommunica
17   ALBERTO      Mr.      ERNESTO R.              Eric             Marketing Group            PLDT                           tions
                                                                                                                              Assurance and
                                                                                                                              services, tax
                                                                                          SyCip Gorres Velayo &               advisory
18   ALCANTARA    Atty.    EMMANUEL C.             Mannie           Co-Head, Tax Services Company                             services
                                                                                               Insular Investment and Trust   /Investment
19   ALCANTARA    Mr.      RONNIE B.               Ronnie           President                  Corporation                    Banking
                                                                                               Systems Technology Research
20   ALCUAZ       Mr.      MANUEL A.       JR.     Mano             President                  Corp.                        ICT
                                                                    Vice-Chair, Board of
21   ALFONSO      Prof.    FELIPE B.               Fil              Trustees                   Asian Institute of Management Education
                                                                                               Philippine Rural Banking
22   ALINGOG      Mr.      ROBERTO P.              Bob              President                  Corporation (PRBank)          Rural Banking
23   ALMENDRAS    Sec.     JOSE RENE D.            Rene             Secretary                  Department of Energy (DOE) service
                                                                                                                             biofuels and
                                                                                                                             initiatives on
                                                                                                                             CSR and
24   ALUNAN       Mr.      RAFAEL M.       III     Raffy            President                  Lopez Group Foundation Inc. wellness
                                                                                               ORIX METRO Leasing &          Financial
25   ALVAREZ      Mr.      EDUARDO R.              Ed               President and CEO          Financing Corporation         services
                                                                                                                             Real Estate
26   AMANTE       Mr.      VICTORIO M.             Vic              Vice President             Ortoll Group of Companies     Management
                                                                                               UCPB-CIIF Finance and
27   AMISTAD      Mr.      EDGARDO C.              Ed               President                  Development Corporation       Financing

                                                                                                                              Importation and
                                                                                                                              distribution of
                                                                                                                              roofs, floors,
                                                                                                                              walls, ceiling
                                                                                                                              and building
                                                                                               Multi-Line Design Systems,     automation
28   ANGELES      Mr.      AURELIO O.              Rey              President                  Inc.                           systems

                                                                                               Asian Construction and         Engineering and
29   ANGELES      Mr.      EDGARDO H.              Ed               President and CEO          Development Corporation        construction
                                                                                               AP Eastern Logistics           Services
30   ANGPING      Mr.      HARRY C.                Harry            Chair                      Managament Inc.                (manpower)
                                                                                               Milestone Petroleum
31   ANTIPORDA    Mr.      TIRSO D.        JR.     Jun              President                  Marketing Corporation
                                                                                                                              Assurance and
                                                                                                                              services, tax
                                                                                               KPMG Manabat Sanagustin &      advisory
32   ANTONIO      Mr.      HENRY D.                Henry            Principal                  Co.                            services
                                                                                                                              Real Estate
                           JOSE EDUARDO                                                        Century Properties Group,      Develeopment
33   ANTONIO      Mr.      B.                      Joey             Chair                      Inc.                           & Management
                                                                                               Associate Builder              solar
34   ANTONIO      Mr.      NIELSON M.              Niel             President                  International Co.              technology
35   AQUINO       Mr.      ANTONINO T.             Tony             President and CEO          Ayala Land, Inc.               Real Estate
36   AQUINO       Mr.      JAIME B.                Jimmy            Chair and CEO              Comfac Global Group            Manufacturing

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                                                                    MAP Directory
                                                                   as of 31 May 2011

     attendeela   prefix   attendeefi     suffix nickname          title                      company name                   line of business
37   ARAULLO      Mr.      JOSE G.                Joe              Chair                      The Real Bank                  Banking
                                                                                              Banco Filipino Savings and
38   ARCENAS      Mr.      TEODORO O.     JR.     Teody            Chair and President        Mortgage Bank                  Banking
                           ALBERTO                                                                                           distributorship/
39   ARCILLA      Mr.      PEDRO B.               Albert           President and CEO          Viking Cars, Inc. - Volvo      retail
                                                                                              Enterprise Information
                                                                                              Technology Corporation
40   ARCILLA      Mr.      RODELIO C.             Dode             President                  (EITC)                         ICT

41   ARGUELLES    Mr.      LEONARDO R.    JR.     Dong             President                  Unicapital Securities, Inc.    Stock brokerage
                                                                                              Colet Mining and
42   ARROYO       Mr.      EDUARDO C.     JR.     Jun              Chair and CEO              Development Corporation        Mining
                                                                                                                             and trade of
                                                                                                                             home textile
43   ASLAM        Mr.      MUHAMMAD               Aslam            President and CEO          Hudges Group of Companies      products
                                                                                                                             indentor of
                                                                                                                             paper and
                                                                                                                             board for
                                                                                                                             converters and
                                                                                                                             raw materials
44   ASPINALL     Mr.      JOHN G.                John             Chair and President        Aspinall Marketing, Inc.       for paper mills
                                                                                              Philippine Retirement          Government
45   ATIENZA      Mr.      VEREDIGNO P.           Bernie           General Manager            Authority                      service
                                                                                              Destileria Limtuaco and
46   AW           Ms.      OLIVIA LIMPE           Olive            President                  Company, Inc.                  Manufacturing
47   AYALA        Mr.      ALFREDO I.             Fred             CEO                        LiveIt Investments Ltd.        BPO
                                                                                              The Insular Life Assurance     Financial
48   AYLLON       Mr.      VICENTE R.             Ting             Chair and CEO              Company, Ltd.                  Services
                                                                                              ULTREX Management and
49   BACANI       Mr.      SENEN C.               Senen            President                  Investments Corporation        Manufacturing
                                                                                              National Commission on         Government
50   BADDIRI      Comm. EDILWASIF T.              Edil             Commissioner               Muslim Filipinos               service
51   BALAGTAS     Ms.      VIRGINIA D.            Gigi             President and CEO          The Flight Shop, Inc.          Management
                                                                                                                             Real estate
52   BALANGUE     Mr.      DAVID L.               Dave             President                  DLB Realty Corporation         development
                                                                                              Philippine Veterans Bank
53   BALBIDO      Mr.      RICARDO A.     JR.     Jun              President and CEO          (PVB)                          Banking
54   BAÑAGA       Mr.      EDUARDO L.             Ed               President                  Design Ambience, Inc.          materials
55   BAÑAGA       Fr.      GREGORIO L.    JR.     Gregg            President                  Adamson University             Education
                                                                                                                             Legal services
                                                                                                                             (Tax and
56   BANIQUED     Atty.    CARLOS G.              Carlo            Managing Partner           Baniqued & Baniqued            corporate)
                                                                                                                             Real estate
57   BARTOLOME    Mr.      ARSENIO M.     III     Archit           Chair and President        AMBER Properties Inc.          development
                                                                                              Presidential Commission on     Government
58   BAUTISTA     Atty.    ANDRES D.              Andy             Chair                      Good Government                service

                                                                                                                             Maximization of
                                                                                              National Competitiveness       of global
59   BAUTISTA     Amb.     CESAR B.               Cesar            Co-Chair                   Council                        services
60   BAUTISTA     Mr.      JAIME J.               Jimmy            President                  Philippine Airlines            and Logistics
                                                                                                                             Distribution and
                           MARIA ESTER                                                                                       Investments;
61   BAUTISTA     Ms.      F.                     Maret            Treasurer                  CL Follosco Group              Manufacturing
                                                                                              CLB Engineering & Supply,      wholesale and
62   BENEDICTO    Mr.      BERNARDO T.    III     Dong             Vice Chair                 Inc.                           retail
                                                                                                                             Manufacture of
                  Consul                                                                                                     wire and wire
63   BENEDICTO    Gen.     CEFERINO L.            Cef              Chair and CEO              Benedicto Steel Group          rope products
64   BENGZON      Dr.      ALFREDO R.A.           Alran            President and CEO          The Medical City               management
65   BERBA        Mr.      FILEMON T.     JR.     Jun

66   BERMUDEZ     Mr.      JOEY A.                Joey             Chair                      Maybridge (Asia), Inc.         finance services
67   BERNABE      Mr.      ROBIN R.               Robin            President                  Multimedia Exponents, Inc.     ICT
                                                                                                                             Audit, tax and
68   BERNALDO     Atty.    ROSARIO S.             Cherry           Managing Partner           R. S. Bernaldo & Associates    services
                                                                                              Lazaro Bernardo Tiu &          advisory
69   BERNARDO     Mr.      ROMEO L.               Romy             President                  Associates, Inc.               services
70   BIASON       Mr.      OSCAR B.               Oscar            President and CEO          RCBC Bankard, Inc.             Services
                                                                   CEO, President and
71   BILLANO      Mr.      FRANCISCO R.           Frank            General Manager            Interphil Laboratories, Inc.   Manufacturing
72   BINAY        H.E.     JEJOMAR C.             Jojo             Vice President             Republic of the Philippines    service
                                                                   Member, Monetary                                          Government
73   BONCAN       Mr.      RAUL A.                Raul             Board                      Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas    service
                                                                                              Corinthians Integrated         Security
74   BONGAT       Mr.      NOEL E.                Noel             President & CEO            Security, Inc.                 Provider
                                                                                                                             Assurance and
                                                                   COO and Vice Chair -                                      services, tax
                                                                   Tax & Corporate            KPMG Manabat Sanagustin &      advisory
75   BONOAN       Mr.      EMMANUEL P.            Noel             Services                   Co.                            services
                                                                   Vice President -
                           FRANCISCO                               Investment Banking         First Metro Investment         Investment
76   BONOAN       Mr.      JAVIER P.              Franz            Group                      Corporation                    banking

                           CLARISSA                                President and
77   BONSOL       Ms.      ROWENA C.              Butch            Managing Director          Expat Communications, Inc.     Publications
                                                                                              People Support Philippines,
78   BORJA        Mr.      RAINERIO M.            Bong             President                  Inc.                           BPO
79   BORROMEO     Mr.      FEDERICO V.            Fred

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                                                                       MAP Directory
                                                                      as of 31 May 2011

      attendeela   prefix   attendeefi       suffix nickname          title                   company name                      line of business
                                                                      Office of the President                                   Skyway
80    BORROMEO     Mr.      RAMON M.                 Chito            and CEO                 Skyway O & M Corp.                operation
81    BRADFORD     Mr.      MARK S.                  Mark             General Manager            Mandarin Oriental Manila       management

                                                                                                                                Distribution and
82    BRAVO        Mr.      EDILBERTO B.             Bert             Chair and CEO              U-Bix Corporation              Trading Services
                                                                                                                                and supply
83    BRIONES      Mr.      DANTE M.                 Dante            President                  Bayantrade                     chain services
                                                                                                                                Car rental and
84    BUENAFLOR    Mr.      ISAGANI G.               Gani             President                  Diamond IGB, Inc.              management
                                                                                                 Buenaventura, Echauz and
85    BUENAVENTURA Mr.      CESAR A.                 Cesar            Senior Partner             Partners                       Consultancy
                                                                                                 Ateneo de Manila University
86    BUENVIAJE    Dean     ALBERTO L.               Albert           Dean                       Graduate School of Business    Education
                                                                                                 The Philippine American Life
                                                                                                 and General Insurance Co.
87    BULL         Mr.      TREVOR                   Trevor           President and CEO          (PHILAMLIFE)                   Insurance
                                                                                                 Digital Telecommunications     Telecommunica
88    CABANGIS     Mr.      JAIME I.                 Jimmy            CFO                        Philippines, Inc.              tions
                                                                                                 Fortune Life Insurance Co.,
89    CABANGON     Mr.      D. ARNOLD A.             Arnold           President                  Inc.                           Life Insurance
                                                                                                 Fortune General Insurance      Non-life
90    CABANGON     Mr.      J. ANTONIO A. JR.        Jun              Chair and CEO              Corporation                    insurance
                                                                                                                                accounting and
                                                                      Vice Chair and Tax                                        advisory
91    CABRERA      Atty.    ALEXANDER B.             Alex             Managing Partner           Isla Lipana & Co.              services
92    CABUÑAG      Mr.      ROGELIO R.               Roger            President                  SM Development Corporation     development

                                                                                                 Philippine National Oil        exploration and
93    CAILAO       Mr.      ANTONIO M.               Tony             President and CEO          Company                        development
                                                                                                                                Distribution of
                                                                                                                                fertilizers and
94    CALATA       Mr.      JOSEPH H.                Josh             Chair and CEO              Calata Corporation             seeds
                                                                                                 Global Executive Solutions     Executive
95    CALERO       Mr.      JAVIER JOSE L.           JJ               Board Advisor              Group                          Search

96    CAMPOS       Mr.      CESAR V.                 Cesar            Chair and President        PTS Corporation                and ICT/Trading
                            JEFFREY                                   Chair, President and       Greenfield Development         Property
97    CAMPOS       Mr.      JOSEPH D.Y.              Jeff             CEO                        Corporation                    development
                                                                                                                                General sales
                                                                                                 Interpacific Transit, Inc.     agency for
                            MA. VIRGINIA                                                         (General Sales Agent for Delta Northwest
98    CAMPOS       Ms.      Q.                       Gina             General Manager            Air Lines Inc.)                Airlines
                                                                                                 L. M. Camus Engineering
99    CAMUS        Mr.      LUIS M.                  Louie            Chair/President            Corporation                    Manufacturing
                            RAY SILVESTRE                                                        Global Executive Solutions     Executive
100   CANILAO      Mr.      N.                       Ray              Vice Chair and CEO         Group                          Search
                                                                      EVP and General            Fortune Life Insurance
101   CARADA       Ms.      EVELYN T.                Evelyn           Manager                    Company, Inc.                  Life Insurance
                                                                                                 Philippine American Life &     Financial
102   CARIASO      Mr.      GERARD M.                Gerry            SVP and HR Head            General Insurance Co.          services
103   CARLOS       Mr.      MENELEO J.       JR.     Ito              President                  RI Chemical Corporation        manufacturing
                                                                                                                                Services &
104   CARLOS       Atty.    VICENTE J.               Vince            Managing Partner           Carlos Law Offices             Consulting

                                                                                                                                Audit and
                                                                                                                                assurance, tax
                                                                                                                                advisory, and
                                                                      Partner and Head of                                       business
105   CARPIO       Mr.      JESSIE C.                Jessie           Outsourcing Division       Punongbayan and Araullo        support services
                                                                                                 Grand Monaco Estate            Real estate
106   CARPIO       Dr.      REYNALDO A.              Rey              President                  Developers, Inc.               development
107   CASAS        Mr.      REYNALDO T.              Regie            President and COO          ADTEL, Inc.                    Broadcast, IT
                                                                                                                                Real Estate
                            ROBERTO JOSE                                                                                        and
108   CASTILLO     Mr.      L.                       Bobby            President                  EEI Corporation                Management
                                                                                                 Philippine Dealing System
109   CASTILLO     Mr.      VICENTE B.               Teng             President                  Holdings Corporation           Banking

110   CASTRO       Mr.      PANFILO W.       JR.     Panfy            President                  Sprint Transport Services, Inc. Shipping
111   CASUELA      Mr.      FLORIDO P.               Doy              Director                   Philippine National Bank     Banking
                                                                                                                              Distribution and
112   CEA          Mr.      PHILIP                   Philip           President                  5-A Industries, Inc.         Trading
                                                                                                                              Marketing and
                                                                                                                              distribution of
113   CENTENO      Ms.      IMELDA H.                Imee             SVP                        United Laboratories, Inc.    products
                                                                                                 Philippine American Life &   Financial
114   CENTENO      Mr.      REYNALDO C.              Rey              SEVP and COO               General Insurance Co.        Services
                                                                                                                              Hotel and
                            JOHN PATRICK                                                                                      Restaurant
115   CHAN         Mr.      Y.                       Patrick          General Manager            The Bellevue Manila          Management
                                                                      Proprietor/ General        San Jose Kitchen Cabinets    Manufacturing /
116   CHAN         Mr.      OSCAR P.                 Oscar            Manager                    Manufacturing                Retailing
                            GARY                                                                 FortmanCline Capital Markets Investment
117   CHENG        Mr.      EMERSON P.               Gary             Managing Director          Limited                      banking

                                                                                                                                Non Financial
                                                                                                                                Cand Consulting
118   CHIN         Mr.      YU MING                  Yu Ming          Executive Director         Viventis Search Asia           Services
119   CHIONGBIAN   Mr.      VICTOR S.                Victor           Chair                      Fast Logistics                 Logistics
                                                                                                 Coastal Highpoint Ventures,
120   CHIU         Mr.      ANTONIO N.               Jim-Jim          President                  Inc.                         Real estate
121   CHOA         Mr.      BANSAN C.                Bansan           Chair and CEO              iREMIT, Inc.                 remittance
                                                                                                 Property Company of Friends, Property
122   CHOA         Mr.      GUILLERMO C.             Gerry            President and CEO          Inc.                         development

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                                                                        MAP Directory
                                                                       as of 31 May 2011

      attendeela    prefix   attendeefi       suffix nickname          title                      company name                   line of business
123   CHOW          Mr.      EDWIN S.                 Edwin            General Manager            Lawson PSSC, Inc.              BPO
                                                                                                  Walden Textile Industries,     Manufacture of
124   CHU           Mr.      WILSON                   Wilson           Chair                      Inc.                           textiles
                                                                                                                                 Refining and
                                                                                                                                 marketing of
                                                                                                  Shell Companies in the         petroleum
125   CHUA          Mr.      EDGAR O.                 Ed               Country Chair              Philippines                    products
126   CHUA          Mr.      FRANCIS                  Francis          Chair                      CLMC Group                     Investments
                                                                       Group President and                                       Advertising/PR/
127   CHUA          Mr.      GIL G.                   Gil              CEO                        DDB Philippines, Inc.          Media
128   CHUA          Mr.      JOSEPH T.                Joe              President and CEO          Macroasia Corporation          and Logistics

                                                                                                                                 Hotel and
129   CHUA          Ms.      MELESA D.                Elsie            President and CEO          CDC Quadrillion                real estate
                                                                       Executive Vice             General Metal Container        Manufacture of
130   CHUA          Ms.      ROSA S.                  Rose             President and CFO          Corporation of the Phils.      tin containers
                                                                                                                                 Distribution and
131   CHUA CO KIONG Mr.      BENITO                   Ben              President                  BNC Ingredients Corporation    Trading

                                                                                                  Wills International Sales      Distribution and
132   CHUA CO KIONG Mr.      WILLIAM N.               William          President                  Corporation                    importation
                                                                                                  Penta Capital Investment
133   CINCO         Mr.      JOVENCIO F.              Jovy             President                  Corporation                    Investments
134   CLAUDIO       Dr.      CORAZON PB.              Cora             President                  EARTH Institute Asia, Inc.     organization

                                                                       Co-Founder/Director                                       Jewelry
                                                                       for Corporate                                             manufacturing
135   CO            Ms.      ELIZABETH S.             Zabeth           Communication              Hoseki, Inc.                   and distribution

136   CO            Mr.      FAI                      Fai              CEO/Founder                Hoseki, Inc.                   and distribution

137   CO            Mr.      GERARD LEE B.            Gerard           EVP – Cebu                 Banco de Oro                   Banking
                                                                                                                                 Manufacture of
                                                                                                                                 rubber and
                                                                                                  Hicor Manufacturing            aluminum die-
138   COBANKIAT     Mr.      EDUARDO L.               Eddy             President and CEO          Corporation                    cast
                                                                                                  F & J Prince Holdings          holding
139   COKENG        Mr.      ROBERT Y.                Bob              Chair and President        Corporation                    company
140   COLAYCO       Mr.      ALOYSIUS B.              Nonoy            Chair                      Jardine Lloyd Thompson         Investments

                                                                                                  Presidential Communications    Government
141   COLOMA        Sec.     SONNY                    Sonny            Secretary                  Operations Office              service
142   COLONA        Mr.      ANGELITO E.              Lito             President and CEO          Eagle Express Lines, Inc.      and Logistics
                                                                                                                                 Manufacture of
143   CONCEPCION    Mr.      JOSE MA. A.      III     Joey             President and CEO          RFM Corporation                food products
                                                                                                                                 Manufacture of
144   CONCEPCION    Mr.      JOSE S.          JR.     Joe              Chair                      RFM Corporation                food products
                                                                                                                                 Manufacture of
145   CONCEPCION    Mr.      RAUL T.                  Ronnie           Chair and CEO              Concepcion Industries, Inc.    refrigerators
146   CONCIO        Mr.      CESAR R.         JR.     Cesar            Chair                      Vision Exponents, Inc.         Construction
                             MA. ROSARIO                                                          ABS-CBN Broadcasting           Broadcast
147   CONCIO        Ms.      SANTOS-                  Charo            President and COO          Corporation                    media

148   CONFESOR      Prof.    MA. NIEVES R.            Nieves           Professor                  Asian Institute of Management Education
149   CONSUNJI      Mr.      DAVID M.                 Dave             Chair                      D. M. Consunji, Inc.           Construction
150   CORONEL       Mr.      ELEUTERIO D.             Terry            President and CEO      Philippine Townships, Inc.         development
                                                                                              ETCOR Construction                 Construction
151   CORONEL       Engr.    EUSTAQUIO T. JR.         Jun              President              Consultancy Corp.                  consultancy
                                                                                              Oriental Assurance                 Non-life
152   COTOCO        Ms.      LUZ NG                   Luz              EVP - Support Services Corporation                        insurance
                                                                                              First Guarantee Life               Financial
153   COYIUTO       Mr.      PETER G.                 Peter            President and CEO      Assurance Company, Inc.            Services
                             ANTHONY                                   President and CEO,                                        Banking and
154   CRIPPS        Mr.      WILLIAM                  Tony             Philippines            HSBC                               finance
                                                                                              Philippine Dealing and             Investment
155   CRISOL        Mr.      CESAR B.                 Jing             President and COO      Exchange Corporation               banking
                             MA. LOURDES                                                      Multinational Investment           Investment
156   CRISTOBAL     Ms.      C.                       Malou            President              Bancorporation                     banking
157   CROOK         Mr.      JONATHAN                 Jonathan         General Manager            The Peninsula Manila           management
158   CRUZ          Mr.      AMADOR P.                Ador             Chair                      ASPAC Advertising              Advertising
159   CRUZ          Mr.      DELFIN R.                Del

                                                                                                  Alexander Forbes Philippines   Insurance
160   CRUZ          Mr.      ELFREN S.                Elfren           Chair                      Risk Services, Inc.            brokerage

                                                                       Managing Director and Deutsche Bank AG Manila
161   CRUZ          Mr.      ENRICO S.                Eric             Chief Country Officer Branch                              Banking
                                                                                                                                 Assurance and
                                                                       Deputy Managing                                           services, tax
                                                                       Partner and Head of        SyCip Gorres Velayo &          advisory
162   CRUZ          Mr.      J. CARLITOS G.           Itos             Assurance                  Company                        services
                                                                                                  Santiago, Cruz & Sarte Law
163   CRUZ          Atty.    PONCIANO V.      JR.     Jackie           Senior Partner             Offices                        Legal services

                                                                                                                                 Audit and
                                                                                                                                 assurance, tax
                                                                       Partner and Head of                                       advisory, and
                                                                       Audit and Assurance                                       business
164   CUARESMA      Mr.      LEONARDO D.      JR.     Jun              Division                   Punongbayan and Araullo        support services

                                                                                                                                 Distribution of
                                                                                                                                 materials and
                                                                       President and General                                     tires, batteries,
165   CUASAY        Mr.      EMMANUEL C.              Manny            Manager               Capital Industries, Inc.            llubes and oils

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                                                                       MAP Directory
                                                                      as of 31 May 2011

      attendeela     prefix   attendeefi     suffix nickname          title                      company name                   line of business
                                                                                                 BusinessWorld Publishing       Newspaper
166   CUAYCONG       Mr.      ANTHONY L.                              President                  Corporation                    publishing
                                                                                                 Embassy of the Philippines,    Government
167   CUISIA         Mr.      JOSE L.        JR.     Joey             Ambassador                 Washington DC                  service
                                                                      Publisher, TRAVELIFE
168   CUNANAN        Ms.      CHRISTINE O.           Christine        Magazine                   Tridem Asia Publishing, Inc.   Publications
169   CUYEGKENG      Mr.      ERNEST K.              Ernie            SVP and CFO                A. Soriano Corporation         Investments
                                                                                                                                Manufacture of
                              RAMON                                                                                             consumer
170   DAEZ           Mr.      ALEJANDRO P.           Mon              General Manager            S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc.      products
                                                                                                 Professional Payroll
171   DALUPAN        Mr.      ARTURO N.              Art              President                  Specialists Inc.
172   DAVID          Mr.      ROMEO G.               Romy             Chair and President        BNL Management Corporation services
                              RAYMOND                                                                                        advisory
173   DAVIS          Dr.      NELSON                 Ray              Chair                      Mabuhay Capital Corporation services
                                                                                                                             company mainly
                                                                      Managing Director -                                    on energy
                                                                      Manufacturing and          First Philippine Holdings   related
174   DE GUIA        Dr.      ARTHUR A.              Art              Portfolio Investments      Corporation                 businesses
                                                                                                 Marigold Estate Ventures    Property
175   DE GUZMAN      Mr.      LEOPOLDO P.            Leo              Chair and CEO              Company, Inc.               development
176   DE GUZMAN      Mr.      RENATO T.              Bing             CEO                        Bank of Singapore              Banking

177   DE JESUS       Dr.      EDILBERTO C.           DJ               President                  Asian Institute of Management Education

                                                                                                 Department of Transportation Government
178   DE JESUS       Mr.      JOSE P.                Ping             Secretary                  and Communications (DOTC) service
      DE LA PAZ-                                                                                 International Social Security
179   BERNARDO       Ms.      CORAZON S.             Cora             President                  Association
                                                                      SVP and Head of                                          Manufacture of
180   DE LEON        Ms.      EDITA A.               Edith            Corporate Affairs          Nestle Philippines, Inc.      food products
                              KAREN BELINA
181   DE LEON        Dr.      FELICIANO              Karen            President                  Misamis University             Education
                                                                                                 Philippine Economic Zone       Government
182   DE LIMA        Atty.    LILIA B.               Lilia            Director-General           Authority (PEZA)               service
183   DE MESA        Mr.      RAUL B.                Raul             Chair                      Bank of Commerce               Banking

                                                                      Chair, Board of
                                                                      Advisers, RFO Center
                                                                      for Public Finance and
                                                                      Regional Economic
184   DE OCAMPO      Dr.      ROBERTO F.             Bobby            Cooperation            Asian Institute of Management Education
                                                                                                                           Distribution and
185   DE VENECIA     Mr.      OSCAR L.       JR.     Carey            President and COO      Basic Energy Corporation      Trading
                                                                                                                           Distribution and
186   DE VENECIA     Mr.      OSCAR C.               Oskie            Chair and CEO          Basic Energy Corporation      Trading
                                                                                             Angara Abello Concepcion
187   DEEN           Mr.      DANILO R.              Danny            Senior Partner         Regala & Cruz (ACCRALAW)      Legal services
                              MA. THERESA                                                    Philippine National           operation and
188   DEFENSOR       Ms.      T.                     Maite            President and CEO      Construction Corporation      construction
189   DEL MAR        Ms.      MARISSA                Marie            President                  Millicent Productions, Inc     TV production
                                                                      SVP and Head of
                                                                      Internal Audit and
190   DEL MUNDO      Mr.      FLORANTE C.            Dante            Compliance Group           Asia United Bank              Banking
                                                                                                 EON The Stakeholder           relations
191   DEL MUNDO      Mr.      TEODORO S.     JR.     Junie            Managing Director          Relations Firm                management
192   DEL ROSARIO    Amb.     ALBERT F.              Albert           Secretary                  Department of Foreign Affairs service
                                                                      Executive Vice             Rizal Commercial Banking
193   DEL ROSARIO    Mr.      ALFREDO S.     JR.     Fred             President                  Corporation                   Banking
                                                                                                 Trans-Asia Power Generation
194   DEL ROSARIO    Mr.      ANTONIO V.     SR.     Tony             Chair                      Corporation                   Energy
                                                                                                 Development Bank of the       Government
195   DEL ROSARIO    Mr.      FRANCISCO F.   JR.     Popoy            President and CEO          Philippines                   service
                                                                                                 Francisco V. del Rosario      Distribution and
196   DEL ROSARIO    Amb.     FRANCISCO V.           Toting           Chair and President        Holdings, Inc.                Trading
                              JUAN CARLOS                                                        Amalgamated Investment        Investment
197   DEL ROSARIO    Mr.      G.                     Carlos           Chair and President        Bancorporation                banking

                                                                      Vice President and         Shell Gas (LPG) Philippines,   and distribution
198   DEL ROSARIO    Mr.      RAMON D.               Mon              General Manager            Inc.                           of LPG
                                                                                                                                Sevices, Real
                                                                                                 Philippine Invesment           and
199   DEL ROSARIO    Mr.      RAMON R.       JR.     Ramon            President                  Management (PHINMA), Inc.      Management
                                                                                                                                consultancy and
                              ROLAND ENRIC                                                                                      executive
200   DELA CRUZ      Mr.      L.                     Roland           President                  StratSearchAsia                search
201   DELOS SANTOS   Mr.      JAIME S.               Jimmy            Chair Emeritus             UP Alumni Association          development
                                                                                                 Beacon Environmental
                                                                                                 Management Systems, Inc.       Financial
202   DIAZ           Mr.      FERDINAND T.           Ferdie           President                  (BEMS)                         Services
                                                                                                 Bancommerce Investment         Investment
203   DIAZ           Usec.    RENATO V.              Rene             President and CEO          Corporation                    banking
                                                                                                                                Marketing &
                                                                                                                                distibution of
                                                                      SVP and Chief Finance                                     pharmaceutical
204   DIGA           Mr.      JOSELITO G.            Lito             Officer               United Laboratories, Inc.           products
                                                                                            Federal Phoenix Assurance
205   DIMACALI       Mr.      RAMON Y.               Mon              President             Company, Inc.                       Insurance
                                                                                                                                Logistics &
206   DINGLASAN      Mr.      VICENTE C.             Jess             Relationship Partner       IDS (Philippines), Inc.        distribution

                                                                      Senior Litigation          Castillo Laman Tan Pantaleon
207   DIO            Atty.    ROBERTO N.             Boy              Partner                    & San Jose Law Firm          Legal services
                                                                                                 Sulu Sea Minerals            Mining
208   DISINI         Mr.      ARTEMIO F.             Art              President                  Management Corporation       consultancy

                                             D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e638bd62-ff28-4b81-b83f-09dcbcfc60f4.xls.doc.ebz                               Page 5 of 18
                                                                        MAP Directory
                                                                       as of 31 May 2011

      attendeela     prefix   attendeefi      suffix nickname          title                      company name                    line of business
                                                                                                                                  accounting and
                              MARY JADE T.                             Partner, Advisory                                          advisory
209   DIVINAGRACIA   Ms.      ROXAS-                  Jade             Services                   Isla Lipana & Co.               services
210   DIZON          Mr.      FRANCISCO A.            Paquito          Chair and President        Pacific Northstar, Inc.         consultancy
                                                                                                                                  Manufacture of
                                                                                                  Philippine Tobacco Flue-        tobacco
211   DOMINGUEZ      Mr.      CARLOS G.               Sonny            President                  curing and Redrying Corp.       products
                                                                                                  Leo G. Dominguez
212   DOMINGUEZ      Atty.    LEO G.                  Leo              CEO                        Consultancy                     Consultancy
213   DOMPOR         Mr.      FRANCIS M.              Ron              SVP and COO                Fast Distribution Corporation   Logistics
214   D'ORIVAL       Mr.      JEAN M.X.               Jean             Chair                      Dorias Advisors, Inc.           Investments
                                                                                                  The Institute of Corporate
215   DRILON         Mr.      REX C.          II      Rex              President                  Directors
                                                                                                  Marsman Drysdale                ments/Manufact
216   DRYSDALE       Mr.      GEORGE M.       JR.     George           Chair and CEO              Corporation                     uring
217   DRYSDALE       Mr.      GEORGE W.       SR.     George           Chairman Emeritus          Marsman-Drysdale Group          uring
                                                                                                  Federal Phoenix Assurance
218   D'SOUZA        Mr.      BRIAN L.                Brian            SVP                        Company, Inc.                   Insurance
                                                                                                                                  Manufacture of
                                                                                                  PepsiCo, Inc. - Philippine      consumer
219   D'SOUZA        Mr.      SUNIL ALARIC            Sunil            Country Manager            Branch                          products
220   DU-BALADAD     Atty.    BENEDICTA               Dick             Managing Partner           BDB Law Office                  Legal services
                                                                                                  Santi Dumlao Consultants,
221   DUMLAO         Mr.      SANTIAGO F.     JR.     Santi            Chair and President        Inc.                            Consulting Firm
                                                                       SVP and Head -
                              BERNARD                                  Residential Business
222   DY             Mr.      VINCENT O.              Bobby            Unit                       Ayala Land, Inc.                Real estate
                                                                       Executive Director,
                                                                       Center for Food and        University of Asia and the
223   DY             Dr.      ROLANDO T.              Rolly            Agri Business              Pacific                         Education
224   ECHAUZ         Dr.      LYDIA B.                Lydia            President                  Far Eastern University          Education
225   EDEZA          Mr.      SERGIO G.               Boy              Senior Vice President      San Miguel Corporation
226   EGAN           Ms.      VICTORIA Z.             Viksi
                                                                                                  Institute for Solidarity in Asia Non-profit
227   EIZMENDI       Mr.      FRANCISCO C. JR.        Frankie          President                  (ISA)                            organization

228   EJERCITO       Mr.      CARLOS C.               Do               Chair                 United Coconut Planters Bank Banking
                     Consul                                                                  Consulate of the Syrian Arab Diplomatic
229   ELDEBS         Gen.     M. ISSAM                Sam              Consul                Republic                     service
                                                                                                                          Audit and
                                                                                             Endriga, Manangu and Aguilar consulting
230   ENDRIGA        Mr.      BALTAZAR N.             Bal              Managing Partner      CPAs                         services
                              JUAN C.                                  Representative, 1st                                Government
231   ENRILE         Cong.    PONCE           JR.     Jack             District of Cagayan   House of Representatives     Service
                                                                       President and General A S Enriquez Engineering     Engineering
232   ENRIQUEZ       Mr.      APOLLO S.               Cocoy            Manager               Consultancy                  consultancy
                              ALEJANDRO                                                                                   Social
233   ESCAÑO         Mr.      TEVES                   Alex             President             MFI Foundation, Inc.         development
                                                                                             General Institution for
                                                                                             Empowerment Corporation
234   ESCOBILLO      Ms.      EVANGELINE C.           Vangie           President             (GIECo)
                                                                                                                          Audit and
                              MARIA                                    Managing Partner and                               consulting
235   ESPAÑO         Ms.      VICTORIA C.             Marivic          COO                   Punongbayan and Araullo      services

                                                                                                                                  Primary: Family
                                                                                                                                  Transition &
                                                                                                                                  Mgt. Services;
                                                                                             Famcor Franchise                     Secondary:
                                                                       Chief Managing Mentor Management and Executive             Franchising
236   ESPELETA       Mr.      VIRGILIO B.G.           Nonoy            and Partner           Development Corporation              services
                                                                                             The Institute of Corporate
237   ESTANISLAO     Dr.      JESUS P.                Jess             Chair                 Directors

238   ESTRADA        Mr.      FRANCIS G.              Francis          Chair                      De La Salle University System Education
239   ESTUAR         Dr.      FIORELLO R.             Toto             President                  F. R. Estuar and Associates     Investment
                                                                                                  Asia-Pacific Chartering         Transportation
240   EUGENIO        Mr.      TEOFILO S.              Pilo         President                      Philippines, Inc.               and Logistics
241   FABELLA        Mr.      VICENTE K.              t            President                      Jose Rizal University           Education
                                                                                                                                  Refining and
                                                                                                                                  marketing of
                              HENRY ALBERT                                                     Pilipinas Shell Petroleum          petroleum
242   FADULLON       Mr.      R.                      Bong             Vice President - Retail Corporation                        products
243   FAFUNWA        Mr.      TUNDE                   Tunde            Managing Director          Kitskoo
                                                                       Monetary Board
244   FAVILA         Sec.     PETER B.                Peter            Member                     Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas     Banking
245   FERNANDEZ      Mr.      ANTHONY L.              Tito             President and COO          First Balfour Inc.              Construction
                                                                                                  Metro Pacific Tollways          company and
246   FERNANDEZ      Mr.      RAMONCITO S.            Mon              President and CEO          Corporation                     infrastructure
                                                                                                                                  Financing and
247   FERNANDEZ      Mr.      RICARDO L.              Moy              President                  Unicapital Incorporated         Investments
                                                                                                                                  Mining and
248   FERRER         Mr.      ISAGANI P.              Gani             President and CEO          Lekcin Corporation              services

                                                                                                                                 and engineering
249   FERRER         Engr.    RODOLFO N.              Rod              CEO                        RN Ferrer and Associates, Inc. design services
250   FLOIRENDO      Ms.      MORAN-                  Margie           President                  Ballet Philippines, Inc.        Arts and culture

                                                                                                                                  Distribution and
251   FLORENCIO      Mr.      RENATO A.               Rene             Chair                      Recomira-Ray Corporation        business
252   FLORES         Ms.      MARGARITA B.            Margo            VP for Operation           Jemeli Realty Corporation       Real estate

                                              D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e638bd62-ff28-4b81-b83f-09dcbcfc60f4.xls.doc.ebz                                Page 6 of 18
                                                                      MAP Directory
                                                                     as of 31 May 2011

      attendeela    prefix   attendeefi     suffix nickname          title                      company name                    line of business
                                                                                                                                Distribution and
253   FOLLOSCO      Dr.      CEFERINO L.            Cef              Chair                      CL Follosco Group               Manufacturing
                                                                     Senior Advisor,            The American Chamber of
                                                                     Investment Climate         Commerce of the Philippines,    Trade
254   FORBES        Mr.      JOHN D.                John             Improvement Project        Inc.                            Association
                                                                                                BDO Capital and Investment
255   FRANCISCO     Mr.      EDUARDO V.             Ed               President and CEO          Corporation                     Banking
                                                                                                SyCip Gorres Velayo &           Management
256   FUENTES       Mr.      RENE R.                Bonnie           Senior Advisor             Company                         Consultancy
                                                                     Manila Team Leader,
                                                                     Technology and                                             Technology and
                                                                     Administration                                             administration
257   GAIN          Mr.      JOHN B.                John             Solutions Practice         Towers Watson                   solutions

258   GALLEGOS      Dr.      JESUS G.       JR.     Jess             Professor                  Asian Institute of Management   Education
                                                                                                A2A Management Services         Real estate
259   GALVEZ        Mr.      MARTIN H.              Martin           CEO                        Corp.                           investment
                                                                                                Data Center Design              ICT/Distribution
260   GAMBOA        Mr.      HERMAN T.              Herman           Chair and CEO              Corporation                     and Trading

261   GARCHITORENA Mr.       JAIME P.               Garch            President                  EDUPRO, Inc.                    IT Education
      GARCHITORENA-                                                                                                             Holding
262   ARPON         Mrs.     VICTORIA P.            Vicky            Managing Director          Ayala Corporation               company

                                                                     Executive Director,
                                                                     Ramon V. del Rosario,
                                                                     Sr. - CV Star Center for
263   GARCIA        Prof.    ANGELA G.              Angela           Corporate Governance Asian Institute of Management Education

264   GARCIA        Mr.      ANTONIO M.             Tony             Chair and CEO              Chemphil Group of Companies Investments
                                                                                                Development Bank of the
265   GARCIA        Mr.      EDGARDO F.             Bong             COO                        Philippines                 Banking

266   GARCIA        Dr.      ESTER ALBANO           Ester            President                  University of the East          Education

267   GARCIA        Mr.      EUSEBIO M.     JR.     Bimbo            Director                   Chemphil Group of Companies Manufacturing

268   GARCIA        Mr.      GUILLERMO T. JR.       Willie           Chair                      Adformatix, Inc.                Advertising
                                                                                                Trinity Healthcare Services,    Medical
269   GARCIA        Mr.      ISIDRO G.              Sid              President                  Inc.                            insurance
                                                                                                                                Business and
                             MA. AURORA                                                                                         management
270   GARCIA        Ms.      GEOTINA                Boots            President                  CibaCapital Philippines, Inc.   consultancy
271   GARON         Mr.      ROBERT M.              Bob
                                                                     Vice Chair and                                            Power
272   GARRUCHO      Mr.      PETER D.       JR.     Peter            Director                   First Gas Holdings Corporation generation
                                                                                                                               and career
273   GATUS         Mr.      MARIO R.               Mar              President                  DBM Philippines, Inc.          consultancy
                                                                     Trustee, VP and Group
                                                                     Head, Farm Business                                        Social
274   GAYO          Dr.      JOSE RENE C.           Rene             Institute                  MFI Foundation, Inc.            development
                                                                     VP, District Sales
                                                                     Manager – Central          Rizal Commercial Banking
275   GESTA         Mr.      PRUDENCIO J.           Prudgie          Eastern Visayas            Corporation                     Banking
                                                                     Founder and Managing                                       Executive
276   GIL           Mr.      DIONISIO R.    JR.     Jun              Director                   Amrop Hever Philippines         search
277   GIMENEZ       Mr.      IGNACIO B.             Chony            President                  I.B. Gimenez Securities, Inc.   services
                                                                     Vice Chair, Director       Southeast Asian Airlines
278   GITSIS        Mr.      NICK                   Nick             and Co-Founder             (SEAIR), Inc.                   Aviation
279   CO            Engr.    CARLOS G.              Caloy            President                  Oversea Feeds Corporation
                             CAROLINA                                President and                                              Training and
280   GO            Ms.      ESCAREAL               Chiqui           Managing Director          Mansmith and Fielders, Inc.     consultancy
                                                                                                ASA Philippines Foundation,     Social
281   GO            Mr.      EDWARD S.              Ed/Eddie         Chair                      Inc.                            development
282   GO            Mr.      JIMMY D.               Jimmy            President                  MSI-ECS Phils., Inc.            IT Distribution
                                                                                                Chinatrust (Philippines)
283   GO            Mr.      WILLIAM B.             Bill             Vice Chair                 Commercial Bank Corp.           Banking
                                                                                                Ansaldo, Godinez and
284   GODINEZ       Mr.      MARIANO U.             Naning           Nominee                    Company, Inc.                   Stockbrokerage
285   GOERLICH      Mr.      BODO                   Bodo             President and CEO          STEAG State Power, Inc.         generation
                                                                     Representative - 2nd
                                                                     District of Parañaque                                      Government
286   GOLEZ         Cong.    J. ROILO S.            Roy              City                       House of Representatives        service
                                                                                                                                Design and
                                                                                                                                construction of
                             MA. ROSARIO                             Country Head for                                           corporate
287   GOMEZ         Ms.      R.                     Gina             Philippines                DB&B Philippines, Inc.          interiors
                                                                                                Universal Storefront Services   Financial
288   GONZALES      Mr.      ECKIE B.               Eckie            President and CEO          Corporation                     Services
                                                                                                                                Wholesale and
                                                                                                                                retail of
                                                                                                                                imported home
                                                                     CEO and General                                            furniture and
289   GONZALES      Mr.      NOEL J.                Noel             Manager                    Muebles Italiano                accessories
                                                                                                                                Manufacture of
                                                                     CEO and Country            Philips Electronics and         electronic
290   GONZALES      Mr.      RICO A.                Rico             Manager                    Lighting, Inc.                  products
291   GONZALEZ      Mr.      DELFIN C.              Chito            CFO                    Ayala Corporation                   company
                             JOSE ANTONIO                                                   Mondragon International
292   GONZALEZ      Mr.      U.                     Tony             Chair and CEO          Philippines, Inc.             Investments
                                                                     Special Assistant to
                                                                     the Chair/CEO;
                             MARIA                                   Executive Director for
293   GOOLSBY       Ms.      GONZALEZ-              Maria            CSR                    Union Bank of the Philippines Banking
                             CHRISTOPHER                                                    Anglo Philippine Holdings
294   GOTANCO       Mr.      M.                     Chris            President and COO      Corporation                   Investments
295   GOTHONG       Mr.      ROBERTO D.             Bob              CEO                        Gothong Southern                Shipping
296   GOULBOURN     Ms.      MARGARET               Jeannie          President                  Design Exchange, Inc.           Retail
                                                                     Chair, President and
297   GOZON         Atty.    FELIPE L.              Henry            CEO                        GMA Network, Inc.               Broadcast Media
                                                                                                Ferrier Hodgson Philippines,    advisory
298   GREGORIO      Mr.      DOMINADOR T. III       Butch            Executive Director         Inc.                            services

                                            D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e638bd62-ff28-4b81-b83f-09dcbcfc60f4.xls.doc.ebz                                Page 7 of 18
                                                                     MAP Directory
                                                                    as of 31 May 2011

      attendeela   prefix   attendeefi     suffix nickname          title                      company name                    line of business
299   GUERZON      Dean     PASCUAL SAYO           Al               President                  Melior Realty Services          ce
300   GUEVARA      Mr.      VICTOR P.      JR.     Bambi            Treasurer                  HIRE Inc.                       Recruitment
                                                                                               Polytechnic University of the
301   GUEVARRA     Dr.      DANTE G.               Dante            President                  Philippines                     Education
                                                                    President and                                              Executive
302   GUILLERMO    Mr.      MANUEL R.              Manny            Managing Director          KSearch Asia Consulting, Inc.   search service
303   GUTIERREZ    Mr.      ALBERTO V.             Mico             President                  SR Metals, Inc.                 Mining
                                                                    President and
304   HALILI       Mr.      EMMANUEL V.            Sonny            Managing Director          SAS Philippines Inc.            ICT
                                                                                               Land Registration Systems,
305   HALLARE      Mr.      DELFIN T.      JR.     Jun              President                  Inc.                            ICT
                                                                                                                               Non Financial
                                                                                                                               and Consulting
306   HAMLIN       Mr.      MICHAEL ALAN           Mike             Managing Director          TEAMASIA                        Services
                                                                                                                               Distribution of
                                                                                                                               hardware and
                            WOLFGANG                                                                                           hotel
307   HARLE        Mr.      KURT                   Wolfgang         Managing Director          Harle Philippines, Inc.         equipment

                                                                                               Access and Projects             Investments and
308   HENSON       Mr.      ANTONIO A.             Tito             Chair and CEO              Management, Inc.                consultancy
                                                                                               Securities and Exchange         Government
309   HERBOSA      Atty.    TERESITA J.            Tess             Chair                      Commission                      service
                                                                                               Management and
310   HERNANDEZ    Mr.      ANTONIO T.             Tony             Consultant                 Development Finance
                                                                                                                               Distribution of
                                                                                                                               products and
                                                                    President and General                                      construction
311   HERNANDEZ    Mr.      EDWIN H.               Edwin            Manager               Jardine Distribution, Inc.           supplies
                                                                                          Rafeli Realty & Development          Real estate
312   HERNANDEZ    Mr.      RAFAEL N.              Raffy            CEO                   Corp.                                development
                            MARIA ELENA                                                   Solutions Insurance Brokers,         Insurance
313   HERRERA      Ms.      BALTAZAR               Maya             Managing Director     Inc.                                 brokerage
                                                                                                                               Sevices, Real
314   HILADO       Mr.      OSCAR J.               Oscar            Chair                      PHINMA, Inc.                    Management
                            DORIS                                                              Magsaysay Maritime
315   HO           Ms.      MAGSAYSAY              Doris            President and CEO          Corporation                     Shipping
                                                                                                                               ading of
                                                                                                                               supplies for
316   HODGE        Mr.      JAMES T.               Jim              General Manager            Shasta Concrete Systems         manufacturing
                                                                                                                               Insurance and
                            JESUS                                   EVP and Head of Sales The Insular Life Assurance           financial
317   HOFILEÑA     Mr.      ALFONSO G.             Jess             & Marketing Group     Company, Ltd.                        services

                                                                                                                               and distribution
                                                                                                                               of automotive
                                                                                                                               power tools and
                                                                                               Robert Bosch, Inc.              car audio
318   HONG         Mr.      JOSEPH                 Joseph           Managing Director          (Philippines)                   system
                                                                                               Korean International School
319   HONG         Mr.      SUNG CHON              Sung Chon        Chair                      Philippines                     Education
                                                                                                                               Manufacture of
320   HORTALEZA    Dr.      ROLANDO B.             Rolan            Chair and CEO              Splash Corporation              products
                                                                                                                               Distribution of
                            ROSALINDA                                                                                          health care
321   HORTALEZA    Dr.      ANG                    San-San          Chair and CEO              HBC, Inc.                       products
                                                                                                                               distribution of
                                                                    Executive Vice                                             imported
322   HUANG        Mr.      ANTHONY T.             Anton            President                  Stores Specialists, Inc.        products

323   HUERGAS      Mr.      REYNALDO R.            Rene             President                  IP-Converge Data Center Inc. ICT
                                                                                               Consulate of the Republic of Diplomatic
324   HUIBONHOA    Consul   MA. AGNES T.           Agnes            Honorary Consul            the Gambia                   service
                                                                                                                            mainly on
                                                                                               First Philippine Holdings    energy-related
325   IBAÑEZ       Mr.      ELPIDIO L.             Nonoy            President and COO          Corporation                  businesses
326   IBAZETA      Mr.      JOSE C.                Nono             Consultant                 A. Soriano Corporation          Investments
                                                                                               Eton Properties Philippines,
327   IGNACIO      Mr.      DANILO E.              Danny            President and COO          Inc.                            Real estate
                                                                                               Multinational Investment        Investment
328   ILUSORIO     Mr.      RAMON K.               Ramon            Chair                      Bancorporation                  banking
329   ISBERTO      Mr.      RAMON R.               Mon              Head of Public Affairs     SMART Communications, Inc.      tions
                                                                                               EI Operations Management        Financial
330   ISIDRO       Mr.      EDMUNDO S.             Ed               President                  Group, Inc.                     services
331   JACILDO      Mr.      HARRIS D.              Harris           President and COO          iREMIT, Inc.                    remittance

332   JACOB        Atty.    MONICO V.              Nick             President and CEO          STI Education Services Group Education
333   JAMBALOS     Engr.    BERNARDO N.    III     Bernie           President and CEO          VORTEX Guardia Security, Inc. Provider
334   JAMIAS       Mr.      KASIGOD V.             Kas              President and CEO          The Zuellig Corporation         Investments
                                                                                               ButterflyHouse at KM 89
335   JAURIGUE     Mr.      ROLANDO A.             Rolly                                       Garden                          Butterfly farm
                                                                                               National Movement for Free
336   JAYME        Mr.      VICENTE R.             Ting             Vice Chair                 Elections                       NGO

337   JIMENEZ      Ms.      ALMA RITA R.           Alma             President and CEO          Health Solutions Corporation    Health care
                            GORDON ALAN                                                        Philpacific Insurance Brokers   Insurance
338   JOSEPH       Mr.      P.                     Dondi            CEO                        and Managers, Inc.              brokerage

339   JOSEPH       Mr.      ROBERT LIM     JR.     Bobby            Chair                      Coltrans Group of Companies Transportation
                                                                                                                           Non Financial
                                                                                               Engineering & Development   Services &
340   JOVELLANOS   Mr.      JOSE U.                Jovy             Chair                      Corp. of the Philippines    Consulting

                                           D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e638bd62-ff28-4b81-b83f-09dcbcfc60f4.xls.doc.ebz                                Page 8 of 18
                                                                     MAP Directory
                                                                    as of 31 May 2011

      attendeela   prefix   attendeefi     suffix nickname          title                      company name                  line of business
                                                                                               Manila Bankers Life Insurance
341   JUAN         Mr.      MABINI L.              Mabs             President and CEO          Corporation                   Life Insurance

                                                                                                                               Coffee shops
342   JUAN         Ms.      PACITA U.              Chit             Co-Chair                   Philippine Coffee Board, Inc.   and restaurants
                                                                    Senior Professional
343   JUICO        Dr.      PHILIP E.              Popoy            Lecturer                   De La Salle University          Education
                                                                                               Rite Management and             Management
344   KALAW        Ms.      MA. EVA E.             Chingbee         President                  Financial, Inc.                 services
                                                                                               Kapunan Lotilla Garcia &
345   KAPUNAN      Atty.    LORNA PATAJO           Lorna            Senior Partner             Castillo Law Offices            Legal services
346   KITANE       Ms.      CAMILA G.              Camil            President and CEO          CGKformaprint, Inc.
347   KLAUSER      Mr.      RETO KONRAD            Reto             General Manager            Makati Shangri-La               management

                                                                                                                               Distribution of
348   KOTAMRAJU    Mr.      VENU                   Venu             COO                        ACE Foods, Inc.                 consumer goods
                                                                                                                               repair and
      KRUGER-                                                                                  Lufthansa Technik               overhaul of
349   SPRENGEL     Mr.      BERNHARD               Bernhard         President and CEO          Philippines, Inc.               aircraft
350   LABRADOR     Mr.      JULIUS M.              Julius           President                  Labrador Electronics          Inventions
351   LACSON       Mr.      EDGARDO G.             Ed               President                  MIS Maritime Corporation      and Logistics
                                                                                               Dun & Bradstreet Philippines, Services and
352   LADAO        Mr.      JAIME Y.               Jimmy            Chair                      Inc.                          Consulting
                                                                                                                             Distribution &
                                                                                               Alen Group of Companies,      Trading/Manufa
353   LAGMAN       Mr.      ALFREDO V.     JR.     Jun              President and CEO          Inc.                          cturing
354   LAGMAN       Mr.      AUGUSTO C.             Gus              Chair and CEO              Logic Management, Inc.       Consultancy
                                                                                               Small Business Guarantee and Financial
355   LAGUA        Mr.      BENEL P.               Benel            President and COO          Finance Corporation          Services
                                                                                                                            storage, local
                            BRIAN                                                              Lane Archive Technologies    international
356   LANE         Mr.      CHARLES                Brian            Vice President             Corporaton                   moving
                                                                                                                            storage, local
                            GERARD                                                             Lane Archive Technologies    international
357   LANE         Mr.      MICHAEL                Gerry            President                  Corporaton                   moving

358   LAPUS        Sec.     JESLI A.               Jing                                        Optimus Management Services
                                                                                               ULTREX Management and
359   LARAYA       Mr.      JOSE BEN R.            Joeben           Chair                      Investments Corporation     Investments
360   LAUREL       Mr.      FRANCIS C.             Francis          President and CEO          YKK Zipper Philippines, Inc.    Manufacturing
                                                                                               Lyceum of the Philippines
361   LAUREL       Mr.      ROBERTO P.             Bobby            President                  University                      Education
362   LAUS         Mr.      LIBERATO P.            Levy             Chair                      Carworld, Inc.                  Car dealership
                                                                                                                               Sevices, Real
363   LAVIÑA       Mr.      ROBERTO M.             Bobby            COO                        PHINMA, Inc.                    Management
364   LAYA         Dr.      JAIME C.               Jimmy            Chair                      Philtrust Bank                  Banking
365   LAZARO       Mr.      DELFIN L.              Del              Board Member               Ayala Corporation               company
                                                                                               Consular Office of Monaco to    Diplomatic
366   LEDESMA      Consul   FORTUNE A.             Fortune          Consulat de Monaco         the Philippines                 service
367   LEDESMA      Mr.      JOSE F.G.              Joe              President and CEO          St. Luke's Medical Center       Health care

                                                                                                                               Distribution and
                                                                                                                               sales of
                                                                                                                               machine tools
                                                                                                                               and engineering
368   LEE          Mr.      ALLEN L.               Allen            President                  MESCO, Inc.                     products
369   LEE          Mr.      EDWARD K.              Edward           Chair            , Inc.         stockbrokerage

                                                                                                                       and distribution
                                                                                                                       of Nissan light
370   LEE          Ms.      ELIZABETH H.           Beth             COO                   Universal Motors Corporation vehicles
                                                                    President and General Jones Lang LaSalle           Real estate
371   LEECHIU      Mr.      DAVID TAN              David            Manager               Philippines, Inc.            brokerage
                            CALEN MARTIN                                                  Orange and Bronze Software
372   LEGASPI      Mr.      D.                     Calen            President and CEO     Labs., Inc.                  ICT-Software

                                                                                                                               distribution and
                                                                                                                               marketing of
                                                                                                                               chemicals and
                                                                    General Manager and                                        construction/bu
373   LEJEUNE      Mr.      CHRISTOPHE             Chris            Managing Director          PAREXDAVCO Philippines          ilding materials

374   LEONIO       Mr.      LAWRENCE N.            Lawrence         CEO                        LNL Archipelago Minerals, Inc. Mining
375   LEVERIZA     Mr.      RENATO L.      JR.     Rene             President                  ATR KimEng Land, Inc.           Real estate
                                                                    Certified Public
376   LIBREA       Mr.      RICARDO G.             Ric              Accountant

                                                                                                                               Manufacture of
                                                                                                                               synthetic resins
                                                                                                                               and industrial
377   LICHAUCO     Mr.      ERNESTO E.             Esto             Vice President             Resins Incorporated             chemicals
                                                                                               Geostate Development            Property
378   LICUANAN     Mr.      FRANCISCO H. III       Kaiku            Chair                      Corporation                     Management
                                                                                               Commission on Higher            Government
379   LICUANAN     Dr.      PATRICIA B.            Tatti            Chair                      Education (CHED)                service

                            MA. CRISTINA                                                                                   Applications/Sol
380   LIGONES      Ms.      JENNIFER S.            Jennie           Country Manager            SAP Philippines, Inc.       utions provider
381   LILLIE       Amb.     STEPHEN                Stephen          Ambassador                 British Embassy, Manila     service
382   LIM          Mr.      ALBERTO A.             Bertie           Secretary                  Department of Tourism (DOT) service

                                           D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e638bd62-ff28-4b81-b83f-09dcbcfc60f4.xls.doc.ebz                                Page 9 of 18
                                                                      MAP Directory
                                                                     as of 31 May 2011

      attendeela   prefix   attendeefi      suffix nickname          title                      company name                   line of business
                            DONALD                                                                                             Digital
383   LIM          Mr.      PATRICK                 Donald           Managing Director          MRM Worldwide (Philippines)    marketing
                                                                     Co-Managing Partner
                                                                     and Head of Corporate      Angara Abello Concepcion
                                                                     and Special Projects       Regala & Cruz Law Offices
384   LIM          Atty.    FRANCISCO ED.           Francis          Department                 (ACCRALAW)                     Legal services

                                                                     Executive Vice
385   LIM          Ms.      GUIA C.                 Guia             President                  Union Bank of the Philippines Banking
                                                                                                                              health care and
                                                                                                Metro Pacific Investments     toll road
386   LIM          Mr.      JOSE MA. K.             Joey             President and CEO          Corporation                   management
387   LIM          Mr.      ROGELIO Q.              Roger            President and CEO          East-Asia Utilities Corp.     generation
388   LIM          Mr.      SAMSON                  Samie            President                  Automatic Appliances, Inc.     Retail chain

                                                                     Executive Vice
                                                                     President and Head of
389   LIM          Mr.      VICTOR Y.       JR.     Vic              Institutional Banking Asia United Bank             Banking
                                                                                           Eastern Wire Manufacturing , Manufacture of
390   LIM          Mr.      WILLIAM L.              Willy            President             Inc.                         wire products
                                                                                                                        Marketing of
391   LIM          Mr.      WILSON                  Wilson           President             Abenson, Inc.                appliances
392   LINA         Mr.      ALBERTO D.              Bert             Chair                      Airfreight 2100, Inc.          Logistics
393   LINSANGAN    Ms.      LILIAN S.               Lily
394   LIPANA       Ms.      TOMASA H.               Tammy
395   LIRIO        Mr.      RENATO E.               Rene
396   LIU          Mr.      BERNIDO H.              Bernie           CEO                        Golden ABC, Inc.
                                                                                                Embassy of the People's        Diplomatic
397   LIU          Amb.     JIANCHAO                                 Ambassador                 Republic of China              service
                                                                                                                               Real Estate
                                                                     Co-Founder and Vice        Cityland Development           Development &
398   LIUSON       Dr.      ANDREW I.               Andy             Chair                      Corporation                    Management
                                                                                                Ayala Systems Technology,      System
399   LOCSIN       Mr.      ERWIN P.                Erwin            President                  Inc.                           integration
400   LOPA         Mr.      ANTONIO A.              Tony             Chair and President        EquitiWorld Securities, Inc.   Brokerage
                                                                                                                               company mainly
                                                                                                                               on energy
                                                                     Assistant Vice             First Philippine Holdings      related
401   LOPEZ        Mr.      BENJAMIN R.             Jay              President                  Corporation                    businesses
                                                                                                First Philippine Holdings      Power
402   LOPEZ        Mr.      FEDERICO R.             Piki             Chair and CEO              Corporation                    generation

                                                                     Senior Vice President -                                   Sugar
403   LOPEZ        Mr.      JOSE MA. S.             Baby             Finance                 Lopez Sugar Corporation           milling/refinery
                                                                                                                               accounting and
                                                                     Chair and Senior                                          business
                                                                     Partner, Assurance                                        advisory
404   LOPEZ        Ms.      JUDITH V.               Judith           Managing Partner           Isla Lipana & Co.              services
405   LOPEZ        Prof.    ANTONIO G.              Mayo             Professor                  Asian Institute of Management Education
                                                                                                                              company mainly
                                                                                                                              on energy
                                                                                                First Philippine Holdings     related
406   LOPEZ        Mr.      OSCAR M.                Oskie            Chair Emeritus             Corporation                   businesses
                                                                                                                              ansportation &
407   LORENZO      Mr.      JOVINO G.       JR.     Ben              Vice Chair                 Citadel Holdings, Inc.        Logistics
408   LUCHANGCO    Mr.      GUILLERMO D.            Guilly           Chair and CEO              The ICCP Group                management
                                                                                                Emerson Network Power
409   LUGTU        Mr.      REYNALDO C.     JR.     Rey              Country Manager            (Phililppines), Inc.          Trading

410   LUGTU        Mr.      RUBEN Y.        JR.     Rubby            President                  Asia Link Finance Corporation Financing
411   LUI          Ms.      BETH G.                 Beth             President                  ePLDT                          ICT
                            ARMIN                                                               Department of Education        Government
412   LUISTRO      Sec.     ALTAMIRANO      FSC     Armin            Secretary                  (DepEd)                        service

413   MACADAEG     Mr.      HIGINIO O.      JR.     Joey             Exec. Vice President       United Coconut Planters Bank Banking
414   MACALINCAG   Mr.      VICTOR C.               Vic              Chair                      Superius Corporation         services
                                                                                                                             Distribution of
415   MACAPAGAL    Mr.      ARTURO R.               Art/Arthur       Chair and President        Toyota Pasong Tamo, Inc.     motor vehicles
                                                                     General Manager -                                       Manufacture of
                                                                     Corporate                                               consumer
416   MACAPAGAL    Mr.      RAMON GIL S.            Chito            Development                Unilever Philippines, Inc.   products

417   MACARANAS    Dr.      FEDERICO M.             Poch             Professor                  Asian Institute of Management Education
                                                                                                Pentathlon Systems
418   MACASAET     Ms.      HELEN P.                Helen            President and CEO          Resources, Inc.               ICT

                            MICHAEL                                  Executive Management                                      manufacturing
419   MACATANGAY   Mr.      SHERWIN M.              Mike             Consultant           PHAREX Health Corp.                  and marketing
420   MADDATU      Mr.      JOSE E.                 Joe              Managing Director          ENZI Corporation               arming
                            MARY                                                                St. Rafael Development         Property
421   MAGALONA     Ms.      ROSALIND T.             Butchay          General Manager            Corporation                    development

                                                                                                                                Human resource
                                                                                                Development Dimensions          consulting/servi
422   MAGDARAOG    Mr.      VICTOR L.               Vic              Vice President             International Philippines, Inc. ces

                                            D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e638bd62-ff28-4b81-b83f-09dcbcfc60f4.xls.doc.ebz                                Page 10 of 18
                                                                     MAP Directory
                                                                    as of 31 May 2011

      attendeela   prefix   attendeefi     suffix nickname          title                      company name                   line of business

                                                                                               Philippine Export-Import
423   MAGSAJO      Mr.      FRANCISCO S.   JR.     Chito            President and CEO          Credit Agency
                                                                                               Cinco Corporation (Potato      food retail and
424   MAGSAYSAY    Mr.      JOSE P.        JR.     Jo or Jomag      CEO                        Corner, BambooAsia Grill)      distribution
425   MAGSAYSAY    Mr.      JOSE P.                Joe              Chair and CEO              Prime Options                  Consultancy
                            CESAR MARIO
426   MAMON        Mr.      O.                     Mario            Chair and President        Enchanted Kingdom, Inc.        Entertainment
                                                                                               C. L. Manabat & Co.            governmental
427   MANABAT      Dr.      CONCHITA L.            Chit             Chair                      Foundation, Inc.               organization
                                                                                                                              Assurance and
                                                                                                                              services, tax
                                                                                               KPMG Manabat Sanagustin &      advisory
428   MANABAT      Mr.      ROBERTO G.             Bert             Chair and CEO              Co., CPAs                      services
                                                                                               TransEnergy International      consultancy on
429   MAÑALAC      Mr.      EDUARDO V.             Ed               President                  Limited                        oil and gas
                                                                                                                              Audit, tax and
                                                                                               MT Mananghaya & Partners       advisory
430   MANANGHAYA   Mr.      MARIO T.               Mario            Chair and CEO              Co. Inc.                       services
431   MANGIO       Arch.    NESTOR S.              Nes              President and CEO          Central Country Estate, Inc.  Real Estate
                            LUIS ENRIQUE                                                                                     and
432   MANGOSING    Mr.      T.                     Eric             President and CEO          Philam Properties Corporation management

                                                                                                                              Fish trading,
                                                                                                                              distribution of
433   MANLAPAZ     Mr.      CHRISTIAN V.           Cris             President and CEO          St. Joseph Group, Inc.         marine products
                                                                                                                              Marketing &
                                                                                                                              distibution of
                                                                    Director-Corporate                                        pharmaceutical
434   MANLAPIT     Mr.      ALBERTO A.             Bert             Affairs Division           United Laboratories, Inc.      products
                                                                                                                              Manufacture of
435   MANTARING    Mr.      JACINTO M.     JR.     Jogy             President             VEMAVAL INC.                        rubber
                                                                                          Sun Life of Canada                  Financial
436   MANTARING    Ms.      RIZALINA G.            Riza             President and CEO     (Philippines), Inc.                 services
                                                                                          Angara Abello Concepcion
437   MARQUEZ      Atty.    JEFFERSON M.           Jeff             Partner – Cebu Branch Regala & Cruz (ACCRALAW)     Legal services
                                                                                          R. A. Marquinez Construction general
                                                                    President and General Management, Design,          construction,
438   MARQUINEZ    Engr.    REGINALDO A.           Reggie           Manager               Consultancy Services         designs
                                                                                                                       Manufacture of
439   MARTEL       Mr.      JOSE V.                Joe              Senior Vice President Marsteel Corporation         steel products
                                                                                          Economic Development         Social
440   MARTIN       Mr.      MARIANO M.             Nonong           Chair                 Foundation                   development
441   MARTINEZ     Mr.      GEOFFREY M.            Jeff             President and CEO     Caritas Health Shield, Inc.  maintenance
442   MARTIREZ     Mr.      GEORGE J.              George           President                  Malayan Bank                   Banking

                                                                                               UMC Finance and Leasing        Financing and
443   MARTY        Mr.      CONRADO G.             Conrad           President                  Corporation                    leasing services
                                                                    President and Director TVI Resource Development           Development &
444   MATEO        Atty.    EUGENE T.              Eugene           for Legal Affairs      (Phils.) Inc.                      Production
445   MATOTO       Mr.      SENEN L.               Bing             President                  Vicsal Investment, Inc.        House

                                                                                                                              Technology and
446   MATTI        Mr.      JAMES G.               James            Managing Consultant        Towers Watson                  solutions
447   MAY          Mr.      GEORGE B.              George           President                  HSBC Insurance Brokers         brokerage

                   Vice                                                                                                       maritime
                   Admiral                                                                     Glenn Defense Marine Asia      security and
448   MAYUGA       (Ret)   MATEO M.                Matt             Chair and CEO              Philippines                    force protection
                                                                                                                              Distribution and
449   MELVIN       Mr.      JOHN L.                John             General Manager            Belmont Agricorp               Trading
                                                                                               AsianLife and General
450   MENDOZA      Mr.      EULOGIO A.             Loy              President and CEO          Assurance Corporation          Insurance
                                                                    Executive Director,
                                                                    AIM Policy Center
451   MENDOZA      Dr.      RONALD U.              Ron              Associate Professor        Asian Institute of Management Education
                                                                                                                             Refining and
                                                                                                                             marketing of
                            MARIA                                                                                            petroleum
452   MENORCA      Ms.      CRISTINA M.            Tenny            Controller                 Petron Corporation            products
                            ISABELITA                                                                                        and
453   MERCADO      Ms.      PAREDES                Eisa             President/CEO              IPM Group of Companies        management
                            BARBARA ANNE
454   MIGALLOS     Atty.    C.                     Babsy            Managing Partner           Migallos and Luna Law Offices Legal services
455   MILLER       Mr.      JOHN MARTIN            John             Chair and CEO              Nestle Philippines, Inc.      manufacturing

                                                                                                                              and distribution
                                                                                                                              of buses and
456   MILLS        Mr.      VICENTE T.     JR.     Bimbo            President                  Pilipinas Hino, Inc.           trucks
                                                                    Head, Wireless                                            Telecommunica
457   MOJICA       Mr.      DANILO J.      II      Bong             Consumer Division          SMART Communications, Inc.     tions
458   MONERA       Mr.      FRANCIS O.             Francis          President                  Cebu Holdings, Inc.            management
                                                                                               Philippine Institute of        Industry
459   MONTEIRO     Ms.      SALLY                  Sally            Executive Director         Petroleum                      association

460   MONTENEGRO   Ms.      ROSALIE ROTH           Rose             President and CEO          Makati Medical Center         Health care
                                                                                               Manila Bankers Life Insurance
461   MONTESCLAROS Mr.      EDGARDO S.             Ed               EVP and COO                Corporation                   Life Insurance

                                           D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e638bd62-ff28-4b81-b83f-09dcbcfc60f4.xls.doc.ebz                               Page 11 of 18
                                                                       MAP Directory
                                                                      as of 31 May 2011

      attendeela   prefix   attendeefi       suffix nickname          title                      company name                     line of business
                                                                                                 Mary's Garden Realty
462   MONTINOLA    Mr.      ANTONIO J.               Tony             President                  Corporation                      Real estate
                                                                                                 Bank of the Philippine Islands
463   MONTINOLA    Mr.      AURELIO R.       III     Gigi             President and CEO          (BPI)                            Banking
                                                                                                 Sony Life Insurance
464   MORIYAMA     Mr.      YOSHIKI                  Yoshi            President and CEO          (Philippines) Corporation        Life Insurance
                                                                                                 Private Infra Development
465   MURGA        Mr.      ROGELIO M.               Roger            Chair                      Corporation                      Insurance
466   NAÑAGAS      Mr.      VITALIANO N.     II      Lanny            President                  Organizational Systems, Inc.     services
                                                                                                 New Kanlaon Construction,
467   NARCISO      Mr.      ROLANDO S.               Rolly            President and COO          Inc.                             Construction
                                                                                                 PHILNICO Industrial
468   NARVAEZ      Mr.      EVARISTO M.      JR.     Jun              President                  Corporation                      Investments
                                                                      Head of Multimedia                                          Telecommunica
469   NAVARRETE    Ms.      ANNA IRMINA              Minette          Business Group             Globe Telecom, Inc.              tions and ICT
                                                                                                 Manabat Delgado Amper &
                                                                      Managing Partner and       Co. (MDA&Co.)/ Deloitte
470   NAVARRO      Mr.      GREGORIO S.              Greg             CEO                        Philippines
                                                                      Senior Adviser and         Rizal Commercial Banking
471   NAVARRO      Mr.      RIZALINO S.              Roy              Director                   Corporation                      Banking

472   NAZARENO     Mr.      NAPOLEON L.              Polly            President and CEO          PLDT and SMART                   tions and ICT
                            CHRISTOPHER                                                          Philip Morris Philippines        Cigarette
473   NELSON       Mr.      JAMES                    Chris            Managing Director          Manufacturing, Inc.              manufacturing

                            BERNADETTE                                                           Private Education Retirement Financial
474   NEPOMUCENO   Ms.      M.                       Bernie           President                  Annuity Association          services
                                                                                                                              services, tax
                                                                                                 SyCip Gorres Velayo &        advisory
475   NERA         Mr.      MEDEL T.                 Ding             Partner                    Company                      services
476   NG           Mr.      JEFFREY T.               Jeff             President                  Cathay Metal Corp.           Manufacturing
                                                                                                 Ng Khai Development
477   NG           Ms.      MELANIE C.               Sandee           EVP                        Corporation                  ICT

                                                                                                                                  and distribution
478   NG           Mr.      PHILIP K.C.              Philip           President and CEO      Ergo Contracts Phils., Inc.          of furnishings
                                                                      Executive Assistant to Lucio Tan Group of
479   NGAW         Atty.    JOSE                     Joe              the Chairman           Companies                            Investments
                                                                                                                                  Assurance and
                                                                                                                                  services, tax
                                                                      Chair and Managing         SyCip Gorres Velayo &            advisory
480   NOEL         Atty.    CIRILO P.                Vic              Partner                    Company                          services

                                                                      General Manager -
                            BUENAVENTUR                               Manila Shared Services Shell Shared Services Asia           Offshoring
481   OCAMPO       Mr.      A           II           Vince            Common Infrastructure B.V.                                  shared services
                                                                      Executive Vice
482   OLBES        Mr.      EDUARDO M.               Edu              President              Security Bank Corporation            Banking
483   OLBES        Mr.      JOSE M.                  Joe
                                                                                                 Airline Employees                Air
484   OÑATE        Mr.      NOEL C.                  Noel             Chair                      Cooperative                      transportation
                            ANDREW                                    Deputy Director            Intellectual Property            Government
485   ONG          Mr.      MICHAEL S.               Andrew           General                    Philippines                      service
                                                                                                 CMA Intertrade Marketing         Investment
486   ONG          Mr.      ANGEL S.                 Angel            President                  Corporation                      management
                                                                                                                                  Manufacture of
                                                                                                 First Philippine Electric        electrical
487   ONG          Mr.      ARIEL C.                 Ariel            Senior Vice President      Corporation                      products
                                                                                                 CREBA Research Institute
488   ONG          Dr.      EDUARDO G.               Edgie            Director General           Foundation                       Education
                                                                                                 Stoneworks Specialists           Construction/M
489   ONG          Ms.      MARILYN G.               Marilyn          President and CEO          International Corporation        anufacturing
                                                                                                 The Insular Life Assurance
490   ONGSINGCO    Mr.      MAYO JOSE B.             Mayo             President & COO            Company, Ltd.                    Life Insurance
                                                                                                                                  Manufacture of
                                                                                                 Welding Industries of the        welding
491   OPPEN        Mr.      ANTONIO C.               Tony             President and CEO          Philippines, Inc.                consumables

492   ORBETA       Mr.      JOHN PHILIP S.           JP               President                  HRMall, Inc.                     Mall operation
                                                                      Chief Executive                                             Non-
                            NICOLAAS                                  Advisor- Executive         PBSP (Philippine Business for    governmental
493   OREEL        Mr.      FREDERIK                 Klaas            Office                     Social Progress)                 organization
                                                                                                 Intra Strata Assurance           Insurance and
494   ORETA        Mr.      ANTOLIN M.       JR.     Len              Director                   Corporation                      Construction
495   ORTEGA       Mr.      JOSELITO B.              Jos              CEO                     JWT                                 Advertising
                                                                      Managing Director to                                        Management
                                                                      Philippines and                                             consulting and
                            MA. LOURDES                               Operations Director for DOOR International Training         executivve
496   ORTIZ-LUIS   Ms.      R.                       Lot              Southeast Asia          and Consulting, Inc.                coaching
                                                                                              Philippine Exporters                Export trade
497   ORTIZ-LUIS   Mr.      SERGIO R.        JR.     Jun              President               Confederation                       promotion
498   OZAETA       Mr.      ANTONIO H.               Tony             President                  Philippine Trust Company         Banking
                                                                      Director-General and       National Economic
                                                                      Secretary for Socio-       Development Authority            Government
499   PADERANGA    Dr.      CAYETANO W. JR.          Dondon           Economic Planning          (NEDA)                           service
                                                                      Executive Director,                                         Government
500   PADILLA      Mr.      TEODORO B.               Ted              COCODA                     Senate of the Philippines        service
                                                                      Principal Architect -
                                                                      Urban                                                       Architecture/ur
501   PALAFOX      Arch.    FELINO A.        JR.     Jun              Planner/Founder            Palafox Associates               ban planning
502   PANGILINAN   Mr.      MANUEL V.                Manny            Chair                      PLDT                             tions and ICT

                                                                      President and Country
                                                                      Manager, Philippines & Ericsson Telecommunications Telecommunica
503   PANGREKAR    Mr.      RAJENDRA                 Raj              South Pacific Islands  Inc.                        tions

                                                                      Senior Vice President
                                                                      and Head of Customer
                                                                      Retail Services and                                         Electric and
                                                                      Corporate Marketing                                         energy
504   PANLILIO     Mr.      ALFREDO S.                                and Communications         MERALCO                          distribution
                                                                      Undersecretary and         Department of Trade and          Government
505   PANLILIO     Usec.    CRISTINO L.              Tito             Head - BOI                 Industry                         service
                                                                      SVP - National Sales
                                                                      Director, Consumer
506   PANLILIO     Mr.      DOMINGO P.               Don              Banking                    Standard Chartered Bank          Banking

                                             D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e638bd62-ff28-4b81-b83f-09dcbcfc60f4.xls.doc.ebz                                 Page 12 of 18
                                                                      MAP Directory
                                                                     as of 31 May 2011

      attendeela   prefix   attendeefi      suffix nickname          title                      company name                   line of business
                            JOSE MARCEL                                                                                        Hotel
507   PANLILIO     Mr.      E.                      Jocel            Chair                      Fridays Boracay                management
                                                                     Executive Vice             Energy Development             Power
508   PANTANGCO    Mr.      ERNESTO B.              Ernie            President                  Corporation                    generation
                                                                                                                               Refining and
                                                                                                                               marketing of
                                                                                                Shell Shared Services Centre - petroleum
509   PARASO       Mr.      NOEL P.                 Noel             General Manager            Manila                         products
                                                                                                Universal Storefront Services Financial
510   PAREDES      Mr.      GABRIEL M.              Gabby            President and CEO          Corporation                    Services
                                                                                                                               Real Estate
                                                                                                Ligaya Management              Development &
511   PARUNGAO     Mr.      ALFREDO B.              Fred             President                  Corporation                    Management

512   PASCUA       Mr.      RICARDO S.              Ric              Chair and President        Happy Communications, Inc.      ICT
513   PASCUAL      Mr.      ALFREDO E.              Fred             President                  University of the Philippines   Education
                                                                                                                                Retail and
                            JOSE VICTOR                                                                                         Franchise
514   PATERNO      Mr.      P.                      Victor           President and CEO     Philippine Seven Corporation         Management
                                                                     Managing Director and
515   PATERNO      Mr.      SIMON R.                Mon              Country Manager       Credit Suisse                        Banking
                                                                                                                                Retail and
516   PATERNO      Sen.     VICENTE T.              Ting             Chair                      Philippine Seven Corporation    Management
                                                                                                UCPB-CIIF Finance and
517   PATIÑO       Mr.      CEFERINO A.     JR.     Doy              Chair                      Development Corporation         Financing
                                                                                                Bases Conversion and            Government
518   PAYUMO       Cong.    FELICITO C.             Tong             Chair                      Development Authority           service
                            FERNANDO                                                                                            Transportation
519   PEÑA         Mr.      MARTIN O.               Fern             President                  MOF Company (Subic), Inc.       and logistics
520   PEÑA         Mr.      VIRGILIO L.             Ver
      PEREZ DE              GRACE                                                                                               planning,
521   TAGLE        Ms.      VICTORIA V.             Vickie           President                  PTFJ Ad Consult                 advertising
      PEREZ DE                                                                                  Metro Rail Transit
522   TAGLE        Mr.      RAFAEL R.       JR.     Peng             Director                   Development Corporation         Transportation
                                                                                                Picazo Buyco Tan Fider and
523   PICAZO       Atty.    ANTONIO A.              Bing             Managing Partner           Santos Law Offices              Legal services

524   PICO         Ms.      GILDA E.                Gilda            President and CEO          Land Bank of the Philippines    Banking
525   PIZARRO      Mr.      ROBERTINO E.            Robert           President                  A. Brown Company, Inc.          Real estate
                                                                                                Platon Martinez Flores San
526   PLATON       Atty.    CARLOS G.               Charlie          Managing Partner           Pedro and Leaño                 Legal services
                                                                                                                                of food,
                            CHRISTOPHER                                                                                         beverage and
527   PO           Mr.      T.                      Chris            President and CEO          Century Pacific Group           dairy products
                                                                                                                                Manpower and
528   PREYSLER     Mr.      FAUSTO R.       JR.     Fausto           President and Chair        Smith Bell & Company, Inc.      Energy
529   PRIETO       Ms.      MARIXI R.               Marixi           Chair                      Philippine Daily Inquirer, Inc. communication
                                                                                                United Coconut Chemicals,       Chemicals
530   PUNO         Dr.      CARLITO S.              Carlito          President and CEO          Inc.                            manufacturing
                            FRANCIS GILES                                                                                       Power
531   PUNO         Mr.      B.                      Giles            EVP and CFO                First Gen Corporation           generation

                                                                                                                       Audit and
                                                                                                                       assurance, tax
                                                                                                                       advisory, and
532   PUNONGBAYAN Mr.       BENJAMIN R.             Ben              Chair                 Punongbayan and Araullo     support services
                                                                                                                       BPO - Finance
                                                                                           E. Punongbayan Global       and accounting
533   PUNONGBAYAN Ms.       ESTER R.                Ester            President and CEO     Outsourcing, Inc.           outsourcing
534   PURISIMA     Sec.     CESAR V.                Cesar            Secretary             Department of Finance (DOF) service
                                                                     President and General Asiapro Multi-Purpose
535   QUEMADO      Mr.      GABRIEL U.      II      Gary             Manager               Cooperative                 BPO
                                                                                           Leonda Realty and           al estate
536   QUESADA      Mr.      HECTOR A.               Hector           Chair and President   Agricultural Corporation    development
537   QUIAMBAO     Mr.      CEZAR T.                Cezar/Zar        President and CEO          STRADCOM Corporation            ICT
                                                                                                Acquire Computer &
538   QUIBLAT      Mr.      ADVINCULO C.            Benny            President and CEO          Communications, Inc.            ICT
                                                                     Representative - 2nd
                                                                     District of Marikina                                       Government
539   QUIMBO       Cong.    ROMERO F.S.             Miro             City                       House of Representatives        service
540   QUIMBO       Mr.      VICENTE S.              Nonoy            President                  Bel Mondo Italia Corporation    distribution
                                                                                                                                Oil and gas
                                                                                                Shell Philippines Exploration   exploration and
541   QUINIONES    Mr.      SEBASTIAN C.    JR.     Baste            Managing Director          BV                              production
542   QUISUMBING   Mr.      LUIS B.                 Louie            President                  Norkis Group of Companies       and logistics
                                                                                                Great Pacific Life Assurance
543   QUISUMBING   Mr.      VICTOR P.               Vic              President and CEO          Corp.                           Insurance
                                                                     Director and General       FPD Asia Property Services,     Property
544   RABUY        Ms.      ELIZABETH G.            Beth             Manager                    Inc.                            management

                                                                                                Japan-PNB Leasing and           Finance and
545   RAMIREZ      Mr.      VICENTE LL.     JR.     Vic              President                  Finance Corporation             leasing services
546   RAMOS        Mr.      ALFREDO C.              Fred             Chair and President        The Philodrill Corporation   Oil exploration
                                                                                                Eternal Gardens Memorial     Memorial park
547   RAMOS        Mr.      BENJAMIN V.             Ben              President and CEO          Park Corporation             management
                                                                                                                             Dealer of
                                                                                                                             power systems
548   RAMOS        Mr.      EDMIDIO V.      JR.     Boy              President                  Monark Equipment             products
                                                                                                Ramos Peace and              Social
549   RAMOS        Hon.     FIDEL V.                Eddie            Chair                      Development Foundation       development
                                                                                                                             Commercial and
550   RAMOS        Mr.      KIRK Q.                 Kirk             President and CEO          Stealth Ventures Corporation lighting

                            LINDA OLIVA                              President and Country DHL Supply Chain
551   RAMOS        Ms.      COLLANTES               Olive            Managing Director     (Philippines), Inc.                  Logistics

                                            D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e638bd62-ff28-4b81-b83f-09dcbcfc60f4.xls.doc.ebz                                Page 13 of 18
                                                                       MAP Directory
                                                                      as of 31 May 2011

      attendeela    prefix   attendeefi      suffix nickname          title                      company name                  line of business
                                                                                                                               Due diligence,
                                                                                                                               tax, advisory
                                                                      Managing Partner for       Reyes Tacandong & Co.         and audit
552   RAMOS        Ms.       MILDRED R.              Mildred          Advisory Services          (RT&Co.)                      services
                                                                                                                               Real estate and
                                                                                            Concrete Aggregates                property
553   RAPADAS      Mr.       EMMANUEL A.             Noel             President             Corporation                        development
                                                                                            International Container            Port
554   RAZON        Mr.       ENRIQUE K.      JR.     Ricky            Chair and President   Terminal Services, Inc.            management
555   RECTO        Mr.       MANUEL D.               Manny            Nominee               MDR Securities, Inc.
                                                                      President and General Ubaldo Reidenbach Solutions,
556   REIDENBACH   Mr.       PATRICK D.              Patrick          Manager               Inc.                         ICT
                                                                                                                         ICT and Data
557   REVEILHAC    Mr.       PHILIPPE                Philippe         Coutry President      Schneider Electric           Center services
558   REYES        Mr.       SEBASTIAN L.            Dan              Country Manager            Genpact                       CBPO
                             MA. CARMEN                                                          Center for Leadership and     management
559   REYES        Ms.       ALCUAZ                  Nena             President                  Change, Inc.                  consultancy
                                                                                                 Avanti People Partnership     recruitment, HR
560   REYES        Ms.       NERISSA S.              Neri             President                  International                 consultancy
561   REYES        Mr.       OSCAR S.                Oscar            SEVP and COO               Manila Electric Company       distribution
                                                                                                                               Private equity
                                                                      Executive Director-        PineBridge Investments Asia   direct
562   REYES        Mr.       RAFAEL LL.              Paey             Southeast Asia             Ltd., Philippine Branch       investments
                                                                                                                               Due diligence,
                                                                                                                               tax, advisory
                             ROMAN FELIPE                                                        Reyes Tacandong & Co.         and audit
563   REYES        Mr.       S.                      Manny            Chair                      (RT&Co.)                      services
                                                                                                 Clark Development             Government
564   RICAFORT     Mr.       BENIGNO N.              Benny            President and CEO          Corporation                   service
                                                                                                                               Distribution of
                                                                                                                               machines and
565   RIDOLOSO     Ms.       DELIZA GOZE             Deliza           President                  Pacific Sun Solutions, Inc.   software
566   RIEDER       Mr.       LUDWIG G.               Lude             Chair                      Asia Pacific Projects, Inc.   consultancy
                                                                                                                               Consulting and
                                                                                                                               coaching in
                             SUSAN GRACE                                                         Workplace Asia Wellness       leadership and
567   RIVERA       Ms.       C.                      Susan            Managing Consultant        Solutions, Inc.               change
                                                                                                 Coffee Centrale, The Bean
568   ROCES        Mr.       JOSE JESUS F.           JJ               COO                        Company, Inc. (Bo's Coffee)  Coffee lifestyle
569   ROCHA        Amb.      JUAN JOSE P.            Johnny           Chair and President        C. F. Sharp Holdings, Inc.   and Logistics
                                                                                                                              Real estate
570   RODRIGUEZ    Mr.       HORACIO C.      JR.     Harry            Owner                      Lighthouse Consulting        consultancy
571   RODRIGUEZ    Mr.       VICTOR H.               Vic              Chair                      Marinducare Foundation, Inc. development
                                                                                                 Harbour Centre Port          Port
572   ROMERO       Mr.       MICHAEL L.              Mikee            CEO                        Terminal, Inc.               management
573   ROMUALDEZ    Mr.       PHILIP G.               Philip           President and CEO          Benguet Corporation           Mining
574   ROMUALDEZ    Mr.       JOSE MANUEL             Babe             CEO                        Stargate Media Corporation    Media
                                                                                                 Romulo Mabanta
                                                                                                 Buenaventura Sayoc & de los
575   ROMULO       Atty.     RICARDO J.              Dick             Senior Partner             Angeles                       Legal services
                                                                                                                               import trading,
576   ROQUE        Mr.       ORVILLE M.              Orville          President and CEO          The Astra Group, Inc.         distribution
                             MA. CRISTINA                                                        RCBC Forex Brokers
577   ROSALES      Ms.       S.                      Angel            President and CEO          Corporation                  Financing
                                                                                                                              Banking, Legal
                                                                                                                              Mining, Real
                                                                                                 Green Square Properties      Estate/Property
578   ROXAS        Atty.     ROMEO G.                Romy             Chair and President        Corporation                  Development
                                                                                                 Consulate General of         Diplomatic
579   RUFINO       Consul    ANTONIO A.              Tony             Consul General a.h.        Mongolia                     services
                                                                                                                              Real Estate
                                                                                                 The NetGroup - Real Estate & Development &
580   RUFINO       Mr.       CARLOS S.               Charlie          President                  Project Management           Management
                                                                                                                              Health care;
                                                                                                 Health Maintenance, Inc.     prepaid health
581   RUFINO       Mr.       ERNESTO B.      JR.     Ernest           Chair and CEO              (HMI)                        care, HMO
                                                                      VP and Head - HR and                                    Property
582   RUIZ         Ms.       MA. TERESA T.           Pinky            Public Affairs             Ayala Land, Inc.             development
583   SALAZAR      Dr.       CHITO B.                Chito            President                  PHINMA Education Network      Education
                                                                      Chair and Senior
584   SALAZAR      Mr.       MARIANO S.              Mar              Consultant                 The iTelligent Group, Inc.   Real estate
                                                                                                 Manila Bulletin Publishing
585   SALAZAR      Mr.       MELITO S.       JR.     Mel              Vice President             Corporation
                                                                                                 Fortun Narvasa & Salazar Law
586   SALAZAR      Mr.       RODERICK R.C. III       Dicky            Managing Partner           Offices                      Legal services
587   SALONGA      Ms.       HERALDINA R.            Dinah            Managing Director          SQL*Wizard, Inc.              ICT
                                                                                                                               Audit, tax and
588   SALVADOR     Atty.     SERAFIN U.      JR.     Jun              Managing Partner           Salvador and Associates       services
589   SAMSON       Mr.       ANTONIO R.              Tony             Chair                      DDB Philippines               Advertising
                                                                                                                               accounting &
      SAN                                                                                                                      Service/Mgt.
590   BUENAVENTURA Atty.     LEOPOLDO E.             Pol              President                  SEA Consultants, Inc.         Consultancy
                                                                                                 Ateneo de Manila University
                             DANIEL GLENN                                                        Center for Continuing
591   SAN LUIS     Mr.       C.                      Glenn            Executive Director         Education                   Education
                                                                                                 Beyond Property Management Property
592   SAN LUIS     Mr.       HERNAN P.               Hernan           Treasurer                  Services                    management
                                                                                                 Leverage International      Services &
593   SANCHEZ      Ms.       CECILIA A.              Chechi           Chair and CEO              (Consultants), Inc.         Consulting

                                             D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e638bd62-ff28-4b81-b83f-09dcbcfc60f4.xls.doc.ebz                              Page 14 of 18
                                                                     MAP Directory
                                                                    as of 31 May 2011

      attendeela   prefix   attendeefi     suffix nickname          title                      company name                    line of business
                                                                                                                               brokerage and
                                                                                               BVM Sanchez & Son Global        freight
594   SANCHEZ      Mr.      EDGARDO M.     JR.     John             COO                        Logistics, Inc.                 forwarding
                                                                                                                               Distribution of
                                                                                                                               nitrogen and
595   SANCHEZ      Mr.      ERNESTO P.             Ernie            Chair and President        Nobility Trading Company        allied gases
596   SANDOVAL     Mr.      LIRIO P.               Lirio            President                  A-Z Direct Marketing, Inc.      Publications
                                                                                               Business Processing
                                                                                               Association of the
597   SAÑEZ        Mr.      OSCAR R.               Oscar            CEO                        Philippines(BPAP)               BPO
                                                                                               Philscan Travel and Tours,      Travel
598   SANGCO       Ms.      SYLVIA LIM             Sylvia           President and CEO          Inc.                            management
                                                                                                                               Pre-need life
599   SANTIAGO     Mr.      ERNESTO C.             Ernie            President and CEO          St. Peter Life Plan, Inc.       plans
                                                                                               Alfonso-Saquitan Realty         Property
600   SANTOS       Mr.      BENJAMIN S.            Ben              President                  Corporation                     development
                                                                                               CB Richard Ellis Philippines,   Real estate
601   SANTOS       Mr.      FREDRICK M.            Rick             President                  Inc.                            brokerage
                                                                                               MRI Worldwide Philippines,      Executive
602   SANTOS       Mr.      HERIBERTO Y.           Bert             President and CEO          Inc.                            search

                                                                    Vice President for
603   SANTOS       Mr.      JOSE F.                Tito             Finance and Treasurer Ateneo de Manila University          Education
604   SANTOS       Mr.      JUAN B.                Johnny           Chair                      Social Security Commission      service
                                                                                                                               IT Solutions and
605   SANTOS       Mr.      LEONARDO H.            Doy              EVP                        NEC Philippines, Inc.           Integration
                                                                                               Centre for International-
                                                                    Founder, President         Education (CIE) Global
606   SARCOL       Ms.      NELIA CRUZ             Nelia            and CEO                    Colleges, Inc.                  Education

                                                                                                                               and engineering
607   SARDA        Mr.      RUGNATH M.             Runy             Consultant                 Filipinas Dravo Corporation     services
608   SARINO       Mr.      CESAR N.               Cesar
                                                                                                                            Manufacture of
                                                                                                                            food and dairy
609   SARMIENTO    Mr.      JOSELITO J.    JR.     Lito             SVP and CFO                Alaska Milk Corporation      products
                                                                    Consultant, CSR            League of Corporate          Social
610   SARMIENTO    Ms.      LYDIA P.               Lydia            Institute                  Foundations (LCF)            development
                                                                                                                            Refining and
                                                                                                                            marketing of
                                                                    Vice President -           Pilipinas Shell Petroleum    petroleum
611   SARMIENTO    Mr.      WILLIE J.              Willie           Finance                    Corporation                  products
                                                                    Resident                   Hanns Seidel Foundation      governmental
612   SCHAFER      Mr.      PAUL G.                Paul             Representative             Philippines                  organization
                                                                                               New World Hotel Makati City, Hotel
613   SCHOUCAIR    Mr.      FARID                  Farid            General Manager            Manila Hotel                 management
                                                                                               The American Chamber of
                                                                    Director of External       Commerce of the Philippines, Trade
614   SEARS        Mr.      ROBERT M.              Rob              Affairs                    Inc.                         Promotion
615   SEE          Mr.      EDGAR C.               Edgar            President                  Halston Garments, Inc.       manufacturing

                                                                    SVP and Head of HR                                        Electric service
616   SEGISMUNDO   Mr.      RAMON B.               Mon              and Corporate Services MERALCO                            distribution
617   SELVERAJAH   Amb.     A.                     Salva            Ambassador                 Embassy of Singapore           service
618   SIBAYAN      Mr.      JOSELITO H.            Lito             Chair                      Bayanihan Advisory, Inc. (BAI) services
                                                                    Undersecretary for
                                                                    Railway Transport and Department of Transportation Government
619   SICAT        Usec.    GLICERIO V.            Glicer           Civil Aviation        and Communications (DOTC) service
                                                                                                                       Security &
                                                                                                                       Manpower, Real
620   SIMEON       Mr.      JOSE R.                Joe              Chair and President   Consolidated Matrix, Inc.    Health Care
                                                                                                                       Investments and
621   SINGSON      Ms.      EVELYN R.              Evelyn           President             Gilt-Edged Properties, Inc.  leasing
622   SINGSON      Gov.     GABRIEL C.             Gabby            Chair and President   J. G. Summit Holdings, Inc.  company
                                                                                                                       Services, Audit,
                                                                                          Uy Singson Abella & Co. (USA Business Risk
623   SINGSON      Mr.      JAIME F.               Jimmy            Managing Partner      & Co.)                       Services
                                                                    Executive Vice
624   SIO          Mr.      JOSE T.                Joe              President & CFO       SM Investments Corporation   Investments
625   SISON        Mr.      CESAR L.               Cesar
                                                                                               Epicurean Partners Exchange,    Food service
626   SIY          Ms.      BERNADINE T.           Bern             President                  Inc. (EPEI)                     and franchising
                                                                                               Face & Body Rejuvenation        Health and
627   SIY          Mr.      GEORGE T.              George           President                  Center, Inc.                    beauty care
628   SOBERANO     Mr.      JOSE R.        III                      President                  Cebu Land Masters, Inc.
629   SOBREPEÑA    Mr.      ANICETO M.             Chito            President                  MetroBank Foundation, Inc.      development
                                                                                               College Assurance Plan
630   SOBREPEÑA    Atty.    ENRIQUE A.     JR.     Ike              President and CEO          Philippines, Inc.               Pre-need plans
631   SORIANO      Mr.      JOSE M.                Jose
                                                                                               J Anthony Management            HR consulting
632   SOTELO       Mr.      ANTHONY B.             Tony             President and CEO          Consultants, Inc.               and services
633   STA. MARIA   Mr.      RODOLFO B.     JR.     RB, Jun          Vice President             STRADCOM Corporation            ICT
                            VAL ANTONIO
634   SUAREZ       Atty.    B.                     Val
635   SUNICO       Mr.      RENATO C.              Rene             President                  Iligan Cement Corporation       manufacturing
                                                                    Partner and Head -
                                                                    Banking and Finance
636   SY           Atty.    FELIX T.       JR.     Felix            Practice Group             Quisumbing Torres               Legal services
637   SY           Mr.      HENRY          SR.     Henry            Chair                      SM Group of Companies           Investments

638   SY           Mr.      RAMON Y.               Ramon            President and CEO          United Coconut Planters Bank Banking

                                                                                                                               Marketing and
                                                                                                                               distribution of
639   SY           Mr.      STEPHEN D.             Steve            President                  Focus Global, Inc.              consumer goods
                            WASHINGTON                                                                                         Management
640   SYCIP        Mr.      Z.                     Wash             Founder                    The SGV Group                   Consultancy

                                           D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e638bd62-ff28-4b81-b83f-09dcbcfc60f4.xls.doc.ebz                                Page 15 of 18
                                                                        MAP Directory
                                                                       as of 31 May 2011

      attendeela     prefix   attendeefi   suffix nickname             title                      company name                    line of business
                              ANTHONY JOSE                             Chair, Presidential        University of Perpetual Help
641   TAMAYO         Mr.      M.                  Anthony              Management Staff           System Dalta                    Education
                                                                                                  Trade & Investment              Government
                                                                       Chief Compliance           Development Corp. of the        Financial
642   TAMBANILLO     Ms.      JANE U.                 Jane             Officer                    Philippines (TIDCorp.)          Institution
643   TAMBUNTING     Mr.      ANTONIO P.      JR.     Jun              Chair                      TFS Inc.                        services
                                                                                                  Superior Maintenance            Janitorial/Servi
644   TAMBUNTING     Mr.      GUSTAVO S.              Gus              President                  Services, Inc.                  ce contracting
645   TAMBUNTING     Amb.     JESUS P.                Chuching         Chair and CEO              Planters Development Bank       Banking
                                                                                                                                  Manufacture of
                                                                                                  Integrated Microelectronics,    electronic
646   TAN            Mr.      ARTHUR R.               Art              President and CEO          Inc.                            products
                                                                                                                                  Hotel and
                                                                                                                                  boutiques and
647   TAN            Dr.      ELTON SEE               Elton            Chair and CEO              The E-Hotels Group              gift shop
                                                                                                  Angara Abello Concepcion
                                                                                                  Regala & Cruz Law Offices
648   TAN            Atty.    EUSEBIO V.              Ebot             Managing Partner           (ACCRALAW)                      Legal services
                                                                                                  Rizal Commercial Banking
649   TAN            Mr.      LORENZO V.              Yay              President and CEO          Corporation                     Banking
                                                                                                  Wellmade Motors and
650   TAN            Mr.      PHILIP N.               Phill            President and CEO          Development Corporation         Metalworking
                                                                                                                                  services, tax
                                                                       Partner, Industry and                                      advisory
651   TAN            Mr.      WILSON P.               Wilson           Market Sector Leader       SGV & Co.                       services
                                                                       Chair, President and                                       Fastfood chain
652   TAN CAKTIONG   Mr.      TONY                    Tony             CEO                        Jollibee Foods Corporation      management
                                                                                                                                  Trading of fresh
                                                                                                  Mida Trade Ventures             and frozen
653   TANCO          Ms.      LOURDES R.              Chingling        Managing Director          International, Inc.             seafood
                                                                                                                                  Fastfood chain
654   TANMANTIONG    Mr.      ERNESTO                 Ato              President                  Jollibee Foods Corporation      management
                                                                                                                                  assembly of
                                                                                                  Automated Technology            semiconductor
655   TANSECO        Mr.      RENATO M.               Rene             Chair and CEO              (Philippines), Inc.             components
656   TECSON         Mr.      WILFRIDO C.             Willie
                                                                       Associate Professor in
                                                                       Business and
657   TEEHANKEE      Dr.      BENITO L.               Ben              Governance                 De La Salle University          Education
658   TETANGCO       Gov.     AMANDO M.       JR.     Say              Governor                   Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas     Service

                                                                                                                                  General pest
659   TIGULO         Mr.      REMY T.                 Rem              Chair                      Chemitron Enterprises, Inc.     control services
                                                                       Chief Officer,                                             interactive
                                                                       Research and Business                                      media, cable
                                                                       Analysis, Corporate                                        channels, film
                                                                       Planning and Investor ABS-CBN Broadcasting                 making,
660   TIN            Ms.      VIVIAN Y.               Vivian           Relations             Corporation                          publishing
                                                                                                  First Credit Consultants        consultancy
661   TIONGCO        Ms.      GRACE P.                Grace            President                  Corporation                     services
                                                                       Advisory Board
662   TIRONA         Mr.      JESUS G.                Jess             Member                     Banco de Oro                    Banking
663   TIRONA         Mr.      SALVADOR G.             Dory             President and COO          Lopez Holdings Corporation      company

664   TOLEDO         Atty.    MICHAEL T.              Mike             President & CEO            Weber Shandwick Worldwide       Public relations
665   TORRALBA       Mr.      OSCAR ALESON            Oscar            Chair and CEO              Town Holdings Corporation       ading
                                                                                                                                  IT HW, SW,
666   TRONQUED       Mr.      JAIME JOSE C.           Jimmy            Vice Chair                 Questronix Corporation          Services
                                                                                                                                  Networking and
                                                                                                                                  marketing of
                              RHODORA                                                             First Vita Plus Marketing       clothes and
667   TUMPALAN       Ms.      TACTACAN-               Doyee            President and CEO          Corporation                     accessories
                                                                       Chair, President and
668   TURALBA        Mr.      ANTONIO A.              Tony             CEO                        Active Group, Inc.              Investments
669   TY             Dr.      GEORGE S.K.             George           Chair                      Metrobank Group                 Banking
                                                                       Associate Dean -
670   UGUT           Dr.      GRACIA S.               Grace            Executive Education        Asian Institute of Management Education
                                                                                                                                Manufacture of
671   UMALI          Mr.      EDWIN LL.               Edwin            President and COO          Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation     chemicals

                                                                       President & Gen.           Gardenia Bakeries (Phils.),     Manufacture of
672   UMALI       Mr.         SIMPLICIO P.    JR.     Jun              Manager                    Inc.                            bakery products
      UTTAMCHANDA                                                                                 Esquire International
673   NI          Mr.         RAJAN                   Raj              Managing Director          Financing Inc.                  Financing
                                                                                                                                  Trading of
                                                                                                  Phoenix Petroleum               petroleum
674   UY             Mr.      DENNIS A.               Don-don          President and CEO          Philippines, Inc.               products
                              WILLIAM                                                                                             General
675   UY             Mr.      CARLOS                  Willie           President                  Parity Values, Inc.             merchandising
                                                                                                                                  Exportation of
                                                                                                  Universal Leaf Philippines,     tobacco
676   UY             Mr.      WINSTON P.              Winston          President                  Inc.                            products

677   VALDEPEÑAS     Mr.      VICTOR B.               Vic              President and COO          Union Bank of the Philippines   Banking
                                                                                                  ABS-CBN Broadcasting            Broadcast
678   VALDUEZA       Mr.      ROLANDO                 Ron              Chief Finance Officer      Corporation                     communication
                                                                                                  Hypercash Payment Systems,      Financial
679   VALENCIA       Mr.      RENATO C.               Rene             Chair                      Inc.                            consultancy
                                                                                                                                  Distribution and
680   VALERIO        Mr.      REUBEN M.               Reuben           Chair and CEO              AC Corporation                  Trading
                                                                                                  Anscor Casto Travel
681   VALLEJO        Mr.      AGUSTIN W.              Gus              President                  Corporation                     Tourism

                                              D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e638bd62-ff28-4b81-b83f-09dcbcfc60f4.xls.doc.ebz                                Page 16 of 18
                                                                       MAP Directory
                                                                      as of 31 May 2011

      attendeela    prefix   attendeefi      suffix nickname          title                      company name                   line of business
                                                                                                 Anflo Management and           agribusiness,
682   VALORIA       Mr.      ALEXANDER N.            Alex             President and CEO          Investment Corporation         manufacturing
                             JUDITH                                                                                             tions cross
683   VAZQUEZ       Ms.      DUAVIT                  Judy             CEO                        PHCOLO Inc.                    connection site
                                                                                                                                tions cross
684   VEA           Mr.      ORLANDO B.              Doy              Chief Wireless Advisor SMART Communications, Inc.         connection site

685   VEA           Dr.      REYNALDO B.             Rey              President                  Mapua Institute of Technology Education
                             FRANKLIN                                                            Amvel Land Development        and
686   VELARDE       Dr.      CHURCHILL M.            Frank            EVP and COO                Corporation                   management
                                                                      President and General
687   VELASQUEZ     Mr.      JAMES G.                James            Manager                    IBM Philippines, Inc.          ICT
                             JOSE ARNULFO                             Treasurer and Head of
688   VELOSO        Mr.      A.                      Wick             Global Markets             HSBC                           Banking
                             ANTONIO                                  SVP and Head, ABS-         ABS-CBN Broadcasting           Broadcast
689   VENTOSA       Mr.      SANTISTEBAN             March            CBN Publishing, Inc.       Corporation                    media
                                                                                                 Trans-Asia Power Generation    Power
690   VENTURINA     Ms.      ROSARIO B.              Chari            Senior Vice President      Corporation                    generation
                                                                                                                                Assurance and
                                                                                                                                services, tax
                             MARIA                                                               SyCip Gorres Velayo &          advisory
691   VESTIL        Ms.      MADEIRA R.              Madz             Partner                    Company                        services
                                                                                                 Financial Advisers and         Financial
692   VILLACORTA    Mr.      EXEQUIEL P.     JR.     Jun              Chair and President        Strategic Thinkers, Inc.       advisory

                                                                                                                                Global travel
                                                                                                                                distribution and
693   VILLADOLID    Mr.      ALBERT T.               Albert           General Manager            Amadeus Phils, Inc.            ICT services

694   VILLALUNA     Mr.      J. ERNESTO C.           Ernie            President and COO          Philex Mining Corporation      Mining
695   VILLANUEVA    Dr.      SICANGCO-               Arlyn            President                  Holy Angel University          Education

696   VILLANUEVA    Ms.      MA. TERESA D.           Matec            Chair and CEO              Publicis Manila                Advertising
697   VILLAR        Sen.     MANUEL B.       JR.     Manny            Chair and CEO              C & P Homes, Inc.              development
                                                                                                                                Manufacture of
698   VILLARICA     Dr.      RODOLFO M.              Rudy             President                  Villarica Chemicals, Inc.      chemicals
699   VILLAROSA     Mr.      ALBERTO S.              Abet             President and CEO          Security Bank Corporation      Banking
                             JESUS CARLOS                                                                                       Procurement
700   VILLASEÑOR    Mr.      P.                      Charlie          President and CEO          Transprocure Corporation       and ICT
701   VILLENA       Mr.      LAMBERTO R.             Bert             President and CEO          Sterling Bank of Asia          Banking

                                                                                                 Small Enterprises Research Training and
702   VILORIA       Dr.      PATERNO V.              Pat              President                  and Development Foundation consultancy

                                                                                                                                and installation
                                                                                                                                of electrical
703   VINTA         Mr.      JOHN ALLAN T.           John/Jojo        President and COO          Micromatic Industries, Inc.    products
                                                                                                 Rizal Commercial Banking
704   VIRATA        Mr.      CESAR E.A.              Cesar            Corporate Vice Chair       Corporation                    Banking
                                                                                                 Trans Asia Oil and Energy
705   VIRAY         Dr.      FRANCISCO L.            Francisco        President and CEO          Development Corporation        Energy
706   VITANGCOL     Mr.      YORK B.                 York             President and CEO          St. Peter Life Plan, Inc.     Pre-need plans
                                                                                                 Alta Vitas Land and Holdings, Real estate
707   VITAS         Mr.      HERNANDO M.             Hernan           Chair and CEO              Inc.                          development

                                                                                                 CHMI Hotels and Residences,
708   VIVAS         Mr.      CELSO P.                Celso            Vice Chair                 Inc. (Acacia Grove Hotel)
                                                                                                                                ICT research,
                                                                      Founding President                                        advisory and
709   VIVES         Mr.      LAURO                   Lauro            and CEO                    XMG Global (Asia-Pacific)      consulting
710   VODUSEK       Ms.      SONJA F.                Sonja            General Manager            The Peninsula Manila           management
711   VOHRA         Mr.      SANJIV                  Sanjiv           Citi Country Officer       Citibank N.A.                   Banking
                                                                                                                                 Country risk
712   WALLACE       Mr.      PETER                   Peter            President                  Wallace Business Forum          services
                                                                                                                                 consulting -
                                                                                                                                 contractor of
                                                                                                 Management Systems              USAID project
                                                                                                 International - USAID Integrity to assist
713   WESBERRY      Mr.      JAMES P.        JR.     Jim              Chief of Party             Project (iPro)                  government

                                                                                                 Avon Products Manufacturing, manufacturing
714   WHITTINGTON   Mr.      COLIN                   Colin            General Manager            Inc.                         and distribution

                                                                                                                                HR Outsourcing,
715   WHYTE         Ms.      PATRICIA L.             Trixie           President and CEO          Quaerito Qualitas Inc.         and Consultancy
                                                                                                                                Manufacture of
716   WIJNEN        Mr.      ROLAND van              Roland           COO                        Holcim Philippines, Inc.       cement
717   WINTON        Mr.      BRUCE                   Bruce            General Manager            Cebu City Marriott Hotel       management
718   WISNIEWSKI    Ms.      ANNABELLA S.            Annabel          President                  Raintree Partners              velopment
719   WONG          Mr.      MANUEL L.               Manny            General Manager            Acer Philippines, Inc.         ICT
720   YAMBAO        Mr.      BENJAMIN J.             Ben              President and CEO          Maggamby Holdings, Inc.
                                                                                                 Golden Arches Development
                                                                                                 Corporation (McDonald's        Management of
721   YANG          Mr.      GEORGE T.               George           Chair                      Philippines)                   fastfood chain

                                                                                                                                and distribution
                                                                                                                                of food and
722   YAO           Amb.     ALFREDO M.              Fred             Chair                      ZESTO Corporation              beverages
                                                                                                                                Real Estate
                                                                                                                                Development &
723   YAP           Mr.      EDUARDO H.              Eddie            President                  Clairmont Group                Management

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                                                                     MAP Directory
                                                                    as of 31 May 2011

      attendeela    prefix   attendeefi    suffix nickname          title                      company name                    line of business
                                                                                               Lepanto Consolidated Mining
724   YAP           Mr.      FELIPE U.             Felipe           Chairman and CEO           Company                         Mining
                                                                                               Philippine Environmentech
                                                                                               Products Corporation            Manufacture of
                                                                                               (PEPCO), the organic            coco fiber and
725   YOUNG         Mr.      ROLAND U.             Roland           Chair                      company                         coco peat
                                                                                                                               distillery and
726   YOUNG         Mr.      WILSON T.             Willy            President and COO          Tanduay Holdings, Inc.          rhum making
727   YU            Mr.      ANTHONY L.            Mark             CFO                        SEAOIL Philippines, Inc.        Oil distribution
                                                                                                                               and industrial
                                                                                               Yutivo Investment               supplies
728   YU            Mr.      PETER C.L.            Peter            President                  Corporation                     distribution
                                                                                                                               and ICT/
                                                                                                                               Services/ Real
                                                                                                                               Estate Devt.
                                                                                               Yuchengco Group of              and Logistics/
729   YUCHENGCO     Amb.     ALFONSO T.            Al               Chair                      Companies                       Investments

730   YULO          Mr.      JORGE M.              Jorge            President and CEO          1 Document Corporation          n of documents
                                                                                                                               Trading and
                                                                                               Yupangco Holdings               travel and
731   YUPANGCO      Mr.      ROBERT L.             Robert           President                  Corporation                     leisure

                                                                                                                        Engineering and
732   YUQUICO       Mr.      GEORGE L.             George           President             KIMIKA Industrial Corporation plastics
                                                                                                                        Production of
733   ZABALJAUREGUI Mr.      LUISMARI L.           Louie            VP-Ethanol            Roxol Bioenergy Corporation ethanol
                                                                                          E. M. Zalamea Actuarial       Consultancy
734   ZALAMEA       Mr.      ENRIQUE M.    JR.     Rick             President and Actuary Services, Inc.                Services
                                                                    Vice President &
                                                                    Country General
735   ZAMORA        Ms.      MARIFE B.             Marife           Manager               Convergys Philippines         BPO
                                                                                                                        Risk advisory
                                                                                                                        and insurance
736   ZANDUETA      Mr.      RAMON L.              Mon              President and CEO     Marsh Philippines, Inc. (MPI) brokerage
                                                                                          South East Asian Airlines
737   ZAPANTA       Mr.      AVELINO L.            Lino             President and CEO     (SEAIR), Inc.                 Aviation

                                                                                               Integrated Waste                Waste disposal/
738   ZETA          Mr.      BENJAMIN C.           Ben              General Manager            Management, Inc.                incinerator
      ZOBEL DE                                                                                                                 Holding
739   AYALA         Mr.      FERNANDO              Fernando         President and COO          Ayala Corporation               company
      ZOBEL DE                                                                                                                 Holding
740   AYALA         Don      JAIME                 Jaime            Chair Emeritus             Ayala Corporation               company
      ZOBEL DE               JAIME                                                                                             Holding
741   AYALA         Mr.      AUGUSTO       II      Jaime            Chair and CEO              Ayala Corporation               company
                                                                                                                               Overseas and
                                                                                                                               shipbuilding and
742   ZOSA          Mr.      ROLANDO M.            Roy              President                  IDHI Ports and Shipping, Inc.   repair
743   ZULUETA       Mr.      JESUS M.      JR.     GG               Managing Director          ZMG Ward Howell                 search

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