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       Working at getting fitter. A healthier lifestyle, getting rid of excess kilos! And   Of course we’re familiar with the stories you’ve heard: bought gym equipment
       also: Recuperation, regaining strength after an injury or illness. There are        for the home, started off enthusiastically, no longer used, stuck up in the attic.
       plenty of reasons for starting ‘fitness training’. If you give it some thought and   That’s not the idea of course. Let’s be honest: we want to sell gym equipment.
       look around you, it’s amazing how many options you have. And that’s why this        And that’s why we want those stories to change. Fitness is fun! And we know
       Fitness Guide can point you in the right direction.                                 from experience that fitness is a case of sensible and safe training, and above all:
       Why? We at Tunturi want you to make the right choices. We’re a ‘fitness pio-         becoming and staying motivated. Training and getting the required results,
       neer’ of nearly 90 years young. Founded in Finland in 1922 and internationally      that’s a long term thing! Tunturi can help you.
       active in fitness equipment since the 1960s.

                                                                                           WHAT WILL YOU CHOOSE?
                                                                                           You’re looking for home gym equipment. Or you’ve just bought equipment and
                                                                                           you’re wondering: “How should I get started?” In both cases, this Fitness Guide will
                                                                                           be a big help. We’d like to guide you along the many roads of training, losing weight
                                                                                           and getting fit, gaining more energy and feeling good. Of course we’ll show you
                                                                                           how the Tunturi fitness equipment is all about quality, design and inspiring innova-
                                                                                           tions, including the latest views on training. There’s always been a quick succession
                                                                                           of fitness rages, but over the years it’s become clear that heartbeat based training
                                                                                           (generally known as ‘cardio’) is what it’s all about. It’s a trend which is here to stay.
                                                                                           It is after all the safest and most sensible way of getting fit or losing excess weight.
                                                                                           Tunturi continuously works at modern and simple to operate training programmes,
                                                                                           with which you can monitor the results of your efforts very easily. That helps keep you
                                                                                           motivated too. This Fitness Guide also gives information about the various types of
                                                                                           equipment, the advantages of training at home and all kinds of useful tips to help
                                                                                           you achieve your targets.

                                                                                           Our aim in this guide is to provide you with as much information as possible about
                                                                                           the options, but we can never be absolutely comprehensive of course. If you’d like
                                                                                           to know more, check out our or websites, or nip into your local
                                                                                           Tunturi dealer. They’re familiar with all the ins and outs of fitness and the equipment.
                                                                                           Finally: if this Fitness Guide really does get you moving, we’ll both have reached our
                                                                                           mutual target. We wish you lots of fun training!

                                                                  5 FITNESS EQUIPMENT AND THE TECHNICAL TRICKS           42
                                                                    5.1 Brake systems in fitness equipment                42
         1.1 Being in good shape!                     6
                                                                    5.2 The flywheel and the ‘good feeling’               44
         1.2 Your body’s engine                       7
                                                                    5.3 The engine capacity (the HP) of your treadmill   45
         1.3 Heartbeat and training                   7
         1.4 Training at your own level               9
                                                                  FINALLY                                                47
         1.5 Oxygen: VO2-max                         10
         1.6 Weight loss and calories                12
         1.7 Balanced diet                           13
         1.8 A healthy weight?                       14
         1.9 Fitness during pregnancy                15

         2.1 Great convenience                       16
         2.2 Which equipment is suitable?            17
         2.3 Exercise cycles                         18
         2.4 Recumbent cycles                        19
         2.5 Cross Trainers                          20
         2.6 Vibration plate                         21
         2.7 Rowing machines                         22
         2.8 Treadmills                              22
         2.9 Small Fitness                           23

      3 TRAINING AND STAYING MOTIVATED               24
         3.1 Basic rules for successful training     24
         3.2 Warming up and cooling down             25
         3.3 Optimum use of your trainer             28
         3.4 Clothing and surroundings               31
         3.5 Heart rate monitoring                   32
         3.6 Fitness tests: basis for motivation     32
         3.7 PC-Tool                                 36
         3.8 Fitness logbook                         37

      4 FROM THE HEART!                              38
         4.1 The world of fitness and Tunturi         38
         4.2 Fun for life!                           39

FITNESS GUIDE                                             4   5
                                                                                                     1.2 YOUR BODY’S ENGINE
                                                                                                     We all have our own reasons to start training with fitness equipment. Getting
                                                                                                     in shape for example, a healthier lifestyle, losing weight or recuperation. You’re
                                                                                                     paying attention to your body. And then the question soon arises: so how does
      1.1 BEING IN GOOD SHAPE!                                                                       that body work? Without embarking on a complete study, it’s useful to know the
                                                                                                     basics. The important factors when it comes to fitness are your heart and your
      So why are you doing it? It’s important to start with that. The summer’s coming,               oxygen saturation.
      swimming trunks or bikini, you want to look good. That’s great, but let’s go one
      step further. Structurally working at getting fit and losing weight. Why is that so             Your heart is actually an engine which, whenever
      important? You notice it immediately. Lots of people start training in order to                possible, always needs good maintenance. Your
      look better, and then discover that being fit has many more benefits too. You can                heart pumps blood more or less in a circle around
      cope better with physical and mental stress and can actively enjoy your leisure                your body. The circulation starts in the right hand
      time. You feel better at work because you’re more energetic and productive. In                 side of the heart, after which the blood is pumped
      other words: You not look better but feel much better too. You’re more resilient,              into the lungs. There, it absorbs oxygen and relea-
      which is always useful, especially nowadays. Being fit also slows down the ageing               ses nitrogen. The blood then flows back to the left
      process as well!                                                                               hand side of your heart, after which it is pumped
                                                                                                     to those parts of the body which require oxygen
      So it’s always a good idea to work at keeping fit. This guide gives you lots of in-             and get rid of the nitrogen. The oxygen provided
      formation on a safe and motivating approach. Including: how to get started, the                by the blood is used by the muscles to exert force.
      development process and expansion of the results.                                              The conclusion is important: the more oxygen, the
                                                                                                     more energy!

                         If you haven’t played sports or trained for a long period of time, it
                         may be sensible to start by having a medical check-up. It’s certainly       1.3 HEARTBEAT AND TRAINING
                         not sensible to start training rigorously without medical advice if
                         you:                                                                        Once you start training, you want to see results. And as quickly as possible! In
                                                                                                     other words: People tend to ‘get stuck in right away’. That is often not sensible.
                                                                                                     Starting to train intensively can result in nasty injuries, especially if you are new
                                                                                                     to the training game. It also often takes a while to see results, with the risk of you
                                                                                                     losing motivation in the meantime. And that’s a waste, considering all the plans
                                                                                                     you made and the money you invested in gym equipment!

FITNESS GUIDE                                                                              6     7
                                                                                                      1.4 TRAINING AT YOUR OWN LEVEL
                                                                                                      Based on your maximum heart rate, you can now determine your level of training.
                                                                                                      The most commonly used levels for home training are in the 50% to 85% category
                                                                                                      of the maximum heart rate. If you want to move to a higher level, you need to be in
                                                                                                      very good shape. The table below shows that very clearly:
                                                         “Paced at your heart
                                                          rate, which is very safe
                                                                                                        % max. heart rate            Training target                    Intensity
                                                          and effective. I’m now                        50-60%                       Starting training                  Low
                                                          working specifically                           60-70%                       Fat burning                        Reasonable

                                                          on my condition”                              70-80%
                                                                                                                                     Fitness training
                                                                                                                                     Performance improvement
                                                                                                                                                                        Reasonable to High

                                                                                                        50-60%: starting and losing weight
                                                                                                        If you need to watch your weight, recuperate after injury or you have a training backlog,
                                                                                                        start off at a level of 50 to 60% of your maximum heart rate. You already start to burn fat
                                                                                                        at this rate, and to lose weight. This is achieved by training in this heart rate zone for at
                                                                                                        least 30 minutes, 3 times per week. Regular exercise results in a considerable improve-
      The best results are achieved when training at the correct level of effort. The                   ment in breathing (the oxygen!) and blood circulation, and you really feel the results.
      best and most well known principle in determining that is your maximum heart                      Training at this level is at a low rate on average, which is ideal in order to burn fat. As
                                                                                                        your condition improves, you can train for longer and more often.
      rate. This is the heart rate at which you can increase your rate of exercise without
      increasing the heart rate itself. In other words: Your heart does not beat faster. As             60-70%: working at being fit and losing weight
      you get older, your maximum heart rate is reduced by an average 1 beat per year,                  When you train at a level of 60 to 70% of your maximum heart rate, you’re working at
      and is simple to calculate:                                                                       maintaining and improving your fitness. When you train at this level for 30 minutes at
                                                                                                        least 3 times a week, this amount of exercise is already effective for the development
                                      For example: a 30 year old man has a maximum                      of heart and lungs. If you want to improve your fitness even more, you can increase the
                                                                                                        duration or frequency. Preferably not both at the same time!
                  220 - age           heart rate of 190 (220 minus 30).
                  = maximum
                  heart rate                                                                            70% and higher: for (top) sportspeople
                                      This is an average value and can vary from person                 You need to be perfectly fit in order to perform at this level, especially above 80% of
                                      to person. When you are in one of the risk groups                 your maximum heart rate. This is the heart rate zone for active sportspeople and the real
                                      (see 1.1), it’s sensible to ask medical advice about              ‘cracks’. This is then usually endurance training.
                                      your maximum heart rate.
                                                                                                        Most Tunturi fitness trainers are fitted with a breast band, which gives extra comfort
                                                                                                        during cardio training.

FITNESS GUIDE                                                                                 8   9
      1.5 OXYGEN: VO2 MAX
                                                                                                     Men / Maximum oxygen intake capacity

      As we already said in 1.2: the more oxygen, the more energy. That’s also the                   (VO2MAX) 1 = very poor - 7 = excellent
      principle when measuring fitness. A commonly used and also scientifically                        LEEFT.    1        2       3       4     5   6   7
      acknowledged criterion is the VO2 max. In plain English: The maximum aerobic
      capacity, i.e. the maximum amount of oxygen which someone can absorb per
      minute. It is an important fact therefore.

      The value of the VO2 max can be measured precisely by specialists in
      laboratories or hospitals. That is time consuming and costly. Tests have therefore
      been developed for home trainers which do not directly measure your VO2
      max value but which give a very reliable indication. These tests are used on the
      Tunturi ergo-meters, cross trainers and treadmills. At the end of the test, you
      see a number which will be between 20 and 70 ml/kg/per minute. This number
      represents a value which ranges from excellent to very poor. Studies show that
      98% of the population has a VO2-max value between 31 and 58 ml/kg/per
      minute. You can compare the VO2 max value you’ve measured with the following
                                                                                                     Women / Maximum oxygen intake capacity
                                                                                                     (VO2MAX) 1 = very poor - 7 = excellent
                                                                                                     LEEFT.    1        2       3       4     5   6   7

FITNESS GUIDE                                                                              10   11
      1.6 WEIGHT LOSS AND CALORIES                                                                        1.7 BALANCED DIET
      The desire to lose weight is often the reason to start fitness exercising. However,                  A balanced diet is therefore always important. Useful information on this can
      ‘a minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips’ is a well known saying, and not                      be found at the Voedingscentrum website, Start at
      without reason. A well balanced diet is therefore also important in order to reach                  ‘healthy eating’ in the ‘Food & Health’ section, for simple and clear information.
      your target. After all, if you train hard without improving your eating habits, it will             Extra nutrition or a special composition of food is required to give intensive
      be hard work to lose weight.                                                                        sportspeople sufficient energy and optimum performance.
      The modern training programmes and displays of the training equipment give
      you an indication of the number of calories burned. Here’s a number of examples                     Food and drinks provide the energy we require for all effort, the energy being
      of calorie contents:                                                                                mainly derived from burning carbohydrates and fats. Good food makes an
                                                                                                          important contribution to fitness and the body’s performance, and this applies
                                                                                                          to the ‘fluids management’ too: drinking adequately is an important condition
     Food                     Energy content                                                              for good performance when training. sports drinks are ideal but water is also an
     Bread roll with chocolate paste       85
                                                                                                          excellent thirst quencher. When you’re training, you need to drink more than the
     Glass of milk (0.25l)              70-140
                                                                                                          standard recommended 1.5 litres of water per day.
     Dish of strawberries                  23
     Bottle of beer (0.33l)            100-140
     Grilled fish 100 gr.                  130                                                             VITAMINS AND MINERALS?
     Bar of chocolate 100 gr.             500                                                             If you stick to the guidelines of the Nutritional Centre, your level of vitamins
     Hamburger bap                        510
                                                                                                          and minerals will, in theory, be high enough. Extra vitamins will not improve
     Crisps (100 gr.)                     600
                                                                                                          your performance, and while a vitamin deficit could negatively affect your
                                                                                                          performance, there is little risk of that occurring. If however you plan to take extra
                                                                                                          vitamins, it’s sensible to choose a supplement which contains no more than once
      An adult woman uses an average                                                                      the recommended daily dose.
      2000 to 2100 kcal per day, while men
      use between 2200 and 3000 kcal.                                                                     DIETARY GUIDELINES AND FOOD GUIDE PYRAMID
      Above the age of 60, these values                                                                   The national nutritional centres all have their own versions of Dietary guidelines,
      are reduced to around 1850 and 220                                                                  Such as for example the Food Guide Pyramid of the USDA. Such models give a
      kcal, respectively. These values are an                                                             clear indication of what you should eat daily in order to take in enough nutrients.
      indication and depend very much on                                                                  The secret to success lies in the combination: each food in itself provides a
      your lifestyle                                                                                      number of nutrients. The models give the groups of foods which each participate
                                                                                                          in a healthy, varied and balanced diet. It’s therefore certainly useful to check out
                                                                                                          the Dietary guidelines and/or the Food Guide Pyramid at the Voedingscentrum
                                                                                                          nutritional centre or the USDA,

FITNESS GUIDE                                                                                   12   13
                                                                                                     The table below shows the BMI risk values very clearly:

                                                                                                       Classificatie       BMI (kg/m2)        Risk
                                                                                                       < 18,5             underweight        low (but an increased risk of other disorders)
                                                                                                       18,5 - 24,9        normal weight      average
                                                                                                       25 - 29,9          overweight         increased
                                                                                                       30 and higher      obese              clearly increased

                                                                                                       This classification counts for white adults of Western origin (the so-called Caucasian race)
                                                                                                       aged 18 to approximately 70 years of age. Other values apply for children and teenagers,
                                                                                                       whereas the relationship is less clear for the elderly. Other values also apply for other
                                                                                                       groups of the population, such as Asians and Africans, due to their different build.

                                                                                                     GAINING OR LOSING WEIGHT
                                                                                                     You can draw clear conclusions from the table regarding your body weight. A BMI
                                                                                                     value lower than 18.5 shows that it is sensible to gain some weight. People with
                                                                                                     a BMI between 18.5 and 25 should try to maintain this weight. A BMI between
                                                                                                     25 and 30 is a sign that you should not become any heavier, as long as there
                                                                                                     are no extra health risks (such as high cholesterol, or cardiovascular disease in
                                                                                                     the family). And is your value above 30? It’s medically necessary to lose weight,
                                                                                                     because you really are in the danger zone. If your BMI is higher than 30, it’s always
                                                                                                     sensible to consult a doctor before starting training.
      Body weight is something which is always talked about. You rarely hear of people               1.9 FITNESS AND PREGNANCY
      complaining about being ‘underweight’. A frequently quoted term in this
      sense is the BMI (Body Mass Index), otherwise known as the Quetelet index and                  So how about when you’re pregnant? Can you still keep training? There is no
      sometimes jokingly as the ‘Cutlet index’. This index is calculated by dividing the             simple answer to this, as it depends on so many personal factors. Basically, fitness
      body weight in kilos by the square of the body height.                                         has a positive influence, and it’s important to be fit and stay fit during such a
      For example: You weigh 75 kilos and are 1.70 metres tall. Your BMI index is then               heavy physical effort as pregnancy. The heart rate target is reached sooner when
      75/(1.70)2 = 75/2.89=26 (You can also calculate your BMI via the                   training during pregnancy, so you cannot expect to book the same results as
      The BMI index gives an estimate of the health risk in relation to your body                    before your pregnancy. After giving birth, your body will first need to rest, and
      weight. It is therefore less important whether you are too fat in places, just                 recover following its top performance. It’s therefore sensible to request advice
      looking in the mirror.                                                                         from your doctor on training during and after pregnancy.

FITNESS GUIDE                                                                              14   15
 AND THE RIGHT CHOICES                                                                                 Training at home is also very convenient for people who are less mobile and for
                                                                                                       those recuperating from illness.

                                                                                                       2.2 WHICH EQUIPMENT IS SUITABLE?
                                                                                                       You’ve taken the decision: I’m going to get fit! Once you start looking into the
                                                                                                       purchase of home gym equipment, you’ll soon discover how much choice there
                                                                                                       is. Exercise cycles, treadmills, cross trainers, you name it. Sturdy, lightweight, with
                                                                                                       many or just a few training programmes, functions and accessories. And all this in
                                                                                                       a wide range of prices. The main question is: which one best suits my needs?

                                                                                                       An important part of your choice must always be what you like best. Fitness
                                                                                                       should ‘fun’, you need to enjoy doing it. Take the cycle ergometer for example.
                                                                                                       It’s been very popular for years by now. Why? Simply because many people enjoy
                                                                                                       cycling. And you can easily watch the News or a film while you’re on a home
                                                                                                       trainer. It’s the ideal combination of ‘useful and pleasant’, which makes sure you
                                                                                                       stay motivated!

      2.1 GREAT CONVENIENCE                                                                            It’s also important that you think about your target: what do you want to achieve
                                                                                                       training at home? Each type of training equipment has its own function, such as
      If you’ve decided to start fitness training, you can choose between regular visits to             strengthening certain groups of muscles for example, or maybe it’s more suitable
      a gym or training at home. A combination of the two is also an option, especially                for losing weight, not to forget: getting fit.
      when considering that you require at least 3 sessions of 30 minutes per week in
      order to book results, as explained in chapter 1. There are many advantages to                                                      WEIGHT LOSS AND CALORIES
      training at home, such as:                                                                                                          Losing weight is the main target for the majority
        Training at times that suit you. You don’t need to leave the house, which saves                                                   of people. And so the important thing is to
        time                                                                                                                              ‘burn’ calories. Based on tests carried out at a
        Effective: You decide how long and how often you train                                                                            comparable level of exercise on the various types
        Quiet and relaxed training at your own speed                                                                                      of training equipment, we can compare them
        Training in your own surroundings with your favourite music, film, TV                                                              with each other. The table below gives a rough
        programme or magazine                                                                                                             average of the testing results. Your own calorific
        Family members or friends are also stimulated to start training.                                                                  needs and the resultant calorie burning may well
                                                                                                                                          deviate from these therefore.

FITNESS GUIDE                                                                                16   17
     Energy consumption               (kCal/hour for a person weighing 70 kg)
                                                                                                                                     T-Road - The outdoor experience for
                                                                                                                                     your indoor training

                                                                                                                T-Road™ is a unique Tunturi motivation programme: it brings the experience
         800                                                                                                    of training outdoors, indoors. The user will see, experience and undergo the
                                                                                                                training through films - including some of a Tuscan landscape - on the user-
                                                                                                                friendly display. Showing films on a monitor while training is not unique in
         600                                                                                                    itself. However, the total T-Road™ concept goes a few steps further.
                                                                 inclination                                    With T-Road you follow a “real-life” route through old towns, woods and
                                                                         3%                                     mountains with climbs and descents. The home trainer or cross trainer
                                                                                                                responds to the route just as a real bicycle would outside. The cyclist can
         200                                                                                                    follow the route making optimum use of the gears. Experience a tough uphill
                                                                                                                climb or the ease of a descent - it’s all possible with T-Road™. Seeing and
                                                                                                                experiencing it is living and doing it. T-Road™ is a standard feature on the top
           0                                                                                                    model Tunturi home trainers and cross trainers.
                    150W      150W       150W        150W                      6,5km/h   10km/h

      We’ll now look into the specific characteristics of the various types of training
      equipment for you.                                                                                                               2.4 RECUMBENT BIKES
                              2.3 EXERCISE BIKES                                                                                       The pleasure of the cycling movement becomes very
                                                                                                                                       comfortable when you opt for a recumbent bike. The
                              The exercise bike is “the mother” of                                                                     comfortable two-part mesh
                              all home gym equipment. Cycling is                                                                       backrest provides optimum
                              an ideal form of exercise for everyone,                                                                  support in your lower back. The
                              regardless of age, weight or level of                                         seating position limits the burden on your back and
                              fitness. It’s an effective, pleasant and                                       also stimulates blood circulation to the legs. That same
      safe way of improving your condition and training the leg                                             comfort is translated into activities during the training
      muscles. Exercise bikes are also commonly encountered in                                              session. Relax with a magazine during your training
      the medical sector, because they’re ideal for recuperation                                            session! Recumbent bikes are also ideal for recuperation
      following joint or knee injuries. Furthermore, the exercise bike                                      and for people with relatively limited mobility, though it’s
      is often used for warming up before other types of training.                                          also very suitable for the more demanding cyclist. Tunturi
      It does not take up too much space and is easily moved,                                               has recumbent bikes, ‘normal’ exercise bikes and cycle
      therefore making it ideal for home use.                                                               ergometers in its range.

FITNESS GUIDE                                                                                     18   19
                                  2.5 CROSS TRAINERS                                                                             T-Trainer - Your ‘personal training
                                  The cross trainer continues to win in popularity.
                                  That’s hardly surprising because the cross trainer                      Your own “personal coach” with the Tunturi
                                  is an effective way of getting fit while working on                      T-Trainer™! If you wish, this coach will guide you
                                  developing your muscles. The natural, elliptical                        during your exercise on the cross trainer. Variety,
                                                                                                          motivation and effect are the keywords. The
                                  walking movement is combined with training your
                                                                                                          T-Trainer™ naturally also incorporates a good
      upper body. The main advantages are that your heart rate can be quickly brought                     “cooling down” period. This programme will help
      to the required level and there is no strain on your joints. There are 2 different                  you to use the cross trainer as effectively as possible
      types of cross trainers, the ‘front driven’ ones and the ‘rear driven’ ones. Tunturi                for all your muscle groups. The screen displays many
      has them both in its range.                                                                         different training options.

      The movement with the front driven cross trainer is flatter. This type of training
      puts minimal stress on the knees. This movement can be compared with sports
      such as cross country skiing.                                                                                               2.6 VIBRATION PLATE
      In the rear driven cross trainer, a distinction can also be made in the length of                                           Despite being a relatively young phenomenon, vibration
      the movement. The movement of the 16 inch rear driven cross trainer is truly                                                fitness is already an integral part of the fitness branch.
      elliptical, or oval. It is a practical, compact cross trainer and perfectly suited to                                       Vibration fitness makes use of the reflexes in a muscle.
      people who do not exercise every day. On the 19 inch cross trainer, you make                                                It does so by subjecting the body to a high frequency
      much longer and more intensive                                                                                              of vibration, which causes the muscles to react by
      movements. This can be compared with                                                                                        instinctively tensing.
      an active form of Nordic walking. This
      type of training is intensive and feels                                                           The Vibration Plate stimulates
      more athletic.                                                                                    the stretch reflex of the muscle.
                                                                                                        Regular power training only tenses
      Cross trainers are often praised for their                                                        40-50% of the muscle fibre, while
      ‘pleasant and relaxed movement’. It’s a                                                           with Vibration fitness this is 90-
      good idea to try out the various options                                                          100%. There are numerous training
      before buying one. Make sure you buy a                                                            positions, all of which are easy to
      trainer with which you feel good!                                                                 assume thanks to the ergonomic
                                                                                                        handgrips. The training range is
                                                                                                        very large, so you can do all the
                                                                                                        exercises without difficulty.

FITNESS GUIDE                                                                                 20   21
                                                                                                       many factors. You dealer can tell you more about this
                                  2.7 ROWING TRAINERS                                                  and can help you make the right decision.

                                  Rowing is an intensive sport which involves all the                  EXTRA COMFORT
                                  important muscle groups. A rowing trainer works                      The Tunturi treadmills are fitted with T-Flex, which
                                  exactly the same. It’s a relatively demanding training               guarantees optimum damping and shock absorption.
                                  method with which you can get your heart rate to the                 This results in an optimal training result in which the
                                  required level quickly and soon begin to burn calories.              muscles and joints are protected. The T-Flex walking
      Rowing stimulates oxygen saturation and strengthens the muscles, especially                      track allows safe and comfortable training, as if you’re
      those in the neck, arm and shoulders. The Tunturi rowing trainers                                walking in the woods.
      have been developed with a view to the
      natural, flowing movement of rowing,                                                                                    Many of the Tunturi treadmills have PSC, Position Speed
      putting the least possible burden on your                                                                              Control. This is a clever and user-friendly Tunturi invention:
      joints. It’s therefore a safe and effective                                                         the speed of the treadmill adjusts automatically to your walking speed. When
                                                                                                          you gradually move towards the back of the treadmill while walking, your speed
      training method, in which the ‘power’ factor
                                                                                                          is automatically reduced. And vice versa. Safe and comfortable, because you
      plays more than an average role.
                                                                                                          don’t need to adjust the speed via the monitor while walking.

                                2.8 TREADMILLS
                                Walking is the most natural form of movement and                       2.9 SMALL FITNESS
                                therefore also the most simple way of getting fit.
                                Treadmills are very versatile: For recuperation, a bracing             Tunturi also specialises in small-scale fitness
                                walk or jog, right through to marathon training. Tunturi               equipment. You can use these accessories
                                offers a very wide range of treadmills. They feature                   to put the finishing touch to your physical
      state-of-the-art technology and pre-programmed training profiles to guarantee                     training. For example, by using dumbbells while on
      a pleasant, safe and effective training. All Tunturi treadmills are very strong,                 the treadmill, you’re simultaneously training your upper
      comfortable and especially also very quiet.                                                      body. The Tunturi Collection consists of 4 product groups:
                                                                                                       Yoga, Pilates, Classic and Fun. The range provides the very highest quality
      SO WHAT DETERMINES THE PRICE OF A TREADMILL?                                                     products, such as complete yoga and pilates sets, beautifully designed weights
      The prices of treadmills vary greatly, but what exactly makes the difference? The                and hand trainers. It’s precisely the combination of a fitness trainer and a few small
      factors influencing the price include the length and width of the track, the amount                                    fitness products that make doing a real “total body workout”
      of noise produced by the machine, the programming options, the screen, the                                             so very straightforward. As a result, you’re helped to train
      engine capacity and the adjustment of the walking slope. In other words: there are                                       more muscle groups, and it gives you even more variety.
                                                                                                                                We love sharing our passion for sport with you!

FITNESS GUIDE                                                                                22   23
 MOTIVATED                                                                                             HOW INTENSE?
                                                                                                         The most efficient and safe level of exercise is determined by your heart rate
                                                                                                         (see 1.4). Nearly all Tunturi equipment has a heart rate monitor.
                                                                                                         Start by determining your personal heart rate! Many of the Tunturi machines
                                                                                                         help you do so on the basis of the heart rate programmes included.
                                                                                                         You can also determine the intensity of exercise on the basis of instructions
                                                                                                         from your doctor or sports instructor. Cardio based machines are automatically
                                                                                                         adjusted to your own level of fitness.
                                                                                                         Make sure you rest enough. If you’re not used to regular exercise, train every
                                                                                                         other day to start with. Your muscles need to rest in order to cope with the
                                                                                                         following training.

                                                                                                       GENERAL TIPS
                                                                                                         Set yourself realistic targets
                                                                                                         Don’t train if you’re not feeling well
                                                                                                         Make sure you drink enough during and after training
                                                                                                         Training mustn’t “hurt”
                                                                                                         Stick at it and reward yourself. Make sure you stay motivated!

                                                                                                       3.2 WARMING-UP AND COOLING DOWN
      HOW OFTEN?
       Try to train at least three times a week; but remember it’s healthier to train once             A warming up can be compared with ‘starting up’ your body. It’s not sensible
       a week than not at all.                                                                         to start intensive training straight after sitting in the car or on the settee for a
       You’ll notice the effects of training within a few weeks. Whether you’re getting                long while, for example. Many sports people like to stretch their muscles with a
       fit or losing weight, it’ll take a while to notice results. Don’t expect miracles                few exercises first. Whatever you do, always start off slowly and gently. Always
       within a few days.                                                                              breathe quietly and rhythmically during all exercises.

      HOW LONG?                                                                                        WARMING UP
       In poor shape? Start with 20 minutes per session. If in doubt, ask your doctor                  The purpose of warming up is to make sure your training takes place safely and
       first.                                                                                           pleasurably. A good warming up should therefore be done at a relatively low
       As you get fitter, you can increase the length of training to 30 to 60 minutes,                  pace. A walk, gradually getting started on a treadmill or an exercise bike, can
       depending on your targets.                                                                      all be examples of a warming up. It takes around 10 minutes to warm up and it

FITNESS GUIDE                                                                                24   25
      should only make you slightly sweaty at most. It mustn’t be an effort, you must be              Thigh and hip muscles
      able to talk at a normal pace, for example.                                                     Bend through your legs, take a large step forward and
                                                                                                      push your hips forward. Keep your upper body straight
      The results of a good warming up: you relax your muscles, your breathing                        and your rear leg stretched back. You’ll feel the stretch
      improves and the risk of injury is reduced. It also makes you feel like achieving.              around your hips and front thighs.
      Try to see it as the transition from your daily routine to performing at sports!
                                                                                                      Upper leg muscles
      COOLING DOWN                                                                                    Keep one leg stretched and bend your other leg to the
      Cooling down is equally as important as warming up. The target: To relax your                   other side, keeping your leg on the bent leg. Make sure
      body and mind and to keep your muscles relaxed after a physical exertion. You                   you keep your knee straight!
      can use the cooling down to gradually decrease the intensity of the exercise. It
      also helps to prevent injuries. Your heart will also gradually return from the high             Front thighs
      rhythm to its standard rhythm. It’s useful to do stretching exercises in order to               Stand up straight and stable. Focus on a particular point
      keep your muscles supple. By stretching them in a sensible manner, you bring                    or hold onto a wall. Take hold of your ankle and pull your
      them back to length and relax them. The cooling down stretching exercises take                  heel towards your buttocks. Keep your body straight and
      a lot longer than the warming up stretches, around 20 to 30 seconds (as against                 your knee pointing towards the ground. You’ll feel the
      the 5 to 8 seconds for warming up stretching).                                                  stretch in your front thighs.

      Many Tunturi trainers have an automatic programme for safe and sensible                         Rear thigh muscles
      warming up and cooling down.                                                                    Take a good step forward and stretch your knee. Your
                                                                                                      rear leg stays bended at the knee. Bend your upper body
                                                                                                      towards your front leg, keeping your back straight. You’ll
                                                                                                      feel the stretch in the back of your thighs.
                                                                                                      Calf muscles
                                  Side and upper back muscles                                         Stretch your calf muscles by taking a step forward, then
                                  Stand with your legs slightly spread, stretch your                  lean your upper body straight forward against a wall or
                                  arms up and bend your body to the side and slightly                 something solid. Keep your rear leg extended with your
                                  forward. For more effect, hold the wrist of your                    heel on the floor. Push your hips forward to feel your calf
                                  highest arm with your other hand. You’ll feel the                   muscle.
                                  muscles stretch in your side and upper back.
                                                                                                      All these exercises can be used when warming up or
                                                                                                      cooling down!

FITNESS GUIDE                                                                               26   27
      3.3 BEST POSSIBLE USE OF THE TRAINER,                                                                      In sports schools, you run the risk of not doing what’s good for you but
      BY PERSONAL TRAINER CARLOS LENS                                                                            simply going along with all kinds of fads. Simply because everyone else
                                                                                                                 does too. Around ten years ago, when I’d finished my CIOS training
                                                                                                                 (Central Institute for Training Sports Managers), I moved to Tampa in
                                                CARLOS LENS, PERSONAL TRAINER TO THE                             Florida to teach in a number of large gyms. I soon noticed a shift towards
                                                STARS.                                                           fighting sports to music. All the TV channels were advertising Thai Bo.
                                                Carlos Lens has been a big name for some time in                 What I found special about Thai Bo was the energy: the combination of
                            Photo Roy Beusker

                                                the world of Personal Training. He qualified in the               kicks and punches in the air without resistance.
                                                USA, going on to introduce the Netherlands to the
                                                craze for Tai-Bo. Many famous people have benefi-                                     Because the US tends to be a couple of years ahead
                                                ted from his workout sessions. On television, he has                                  as far as trends are concerned, also in fitness, I
       been involved in the popular programmes Big Diet and De Gouden Kooi,                                                            recognised opportunities for the Netherlands. We
       where he supervised participants. Lens frequently writes articles for a variety                                                were ready for a new move in the aerobics branch
       of lifestyle and women’s magazines as well.                                                                                  here, and the combination with a fighting sport proved
                                                                                                                        to be a new market. Along this same line, came the combat and
                                                                                                                 kick fun trends later. They’re good forms of conditional interval training.
                                                                                                                 There were various trends after Thai Bo, such as Pilates: a yoga type
       It doesn’t make any difference whether people train at home or in the                                     training for long muscles which centres on rest and meditation. You look
       sports school. Exercise is always a good thing, anytime and everywhere.                                   for a balance, with suppleness and therefore long muscles. It’s very much a
       The sports school is useful because of the supervision factor but you don’t                               body and mind feeling! Circuit training also became popular: Training your
       need that after a while. When you’re working with programmes already                                      chest, legs and arms in a single sequence. A typical fitness training aimed
       developed for treadmills, exercise bikes and rowing trainers, you can stick                               at shaping: quite literally changing the shape of your body. The most
       to your own rate and your own ‘opening hours’. So why not get yourself                                    recent success is Zumba, which features dancing to all kinds of music, with
       one of the Tunturi fitness machines for use at home? You don’t need to go                                  the dancing styles to fit. It’s a dynamic training, aimed at fat burning and
       to a sports school and you can always train in your spare time.                                           coordination.

       Talking about opening hours: if you’re at home a lot, for work or                                         Is there a reason for all the trends? Of course there’s the psychological
       otherwise, you can combine work and training perfectly. Isn’t is great to                                 element. If it’s exotic, it must be good! Maybe you haven’t achieved the
       go for a quick run, cycle or row after a few hours staring at a computer                                  results you were hoping for, whatever the reason, and you want something
       screen? We should have more respect for ‘home workers’. They do it by                                     new. There’s also a very plausible reason however: if you really need to
       themselves and alone, and apparently they’re not only motivated by sporty                                 lose weight, variation in your training certainly is good. Your body gets
       surroundings!                                                                                             accustomed to a routine and new impulses are welcome: keep shocking

FITNESS GUIDE                                                                                          28   29
       and surprising your body for the best results!                                                  the starting times of group lessons or the tempo of the other participants.
       Those best results vary from person to person                                                   Simply key in your programme and you can get started at your own rate:
       but there’s often a common desire: to lose                                                      doing your own thing in your own time!
       weight by burning fat. You have to ask yourself
       whether that’s a realistic wish. If most fitness                                                 I generally advise people to use the most simple programmes going: keep
       fanatics simply wanted to get and stay fit,                                                      it simple for success. What’s wrong with going for a simple run, whatever the
       these trends would probably never have become popular at all.                                   length? Last but not least, boot camp type training can also be combined
       And however much fun the various trends might be, good old treadmills                           well with a treadmill. Do some dumbbell exercises and then head for your
       are still a very effective way of training. And they just keep getting more                     treadmill. If you keep varying your routine, you’ll have a top interval training.
       attractive and user friendly. It’s a cardio training so it’s good for burning fat
       and getting fit. Other advantages are the improved underground with a                            Good luck!
       soft landing (for prevention of injuries) and the fact that an indoor training
       is always possible. Walking or running is actually always a good workout as
       long as you do it properly and wear the right shoes. It’s important to make a
       distinction however: A Thai Bo training one day and the treadmill the next,
       for example. Ideally, make sure you do some weights as well, as otherwise                       Carlos Lens
       it’s too much cardio, though that once again depends on your target…
       Working on a cross trainer is also a good idea, for just about your whole
       body. You use your chest, arm and back muscles as soon as you move the                        3.4 CLOTHING AND SURROUNDINGS
       handles. If you can’t run, this is the best alternative. The exercise bike is OK
       too. It’s good for getting fit and burning fat, and can also be useful if you’re               The advantage of training at home is that you can do it anytime. We have a
       recovering from an injury, or for if you’re not allowed to walk yet. The same                 number of practical tips which will certainly help you:
       applies to rowing machines. In terms of muscles, you train your legs on the
       bike and also your back and arms when rowing. Personally, I use all these                       Make sure you exercise in a well ventilated room.
       machines in combination with my fitness training. I like to cycle for a while                    Wear the right clothing and shoes when training.
       after my fitness training in order to burn some extra calories, and I often use                  Make sure your shoelaces are tied securely.
       the other machines as interval training, to work up a sweat.                                    Use shoes which you only wear indoors. On treadmills in particular, gravel,
                                                                                                       sand and other dirt from outdoor shoes can cause extra wear and tear and/or
       The advantage of such machines is that they’re timeless and therefore                           malfunctioning of the machine.
       effective. And because they’re technical machines, there are plenty of                          Place the trainer on a flat and horizontal surface.
       innovations in terms of combinations of machines and user friendliness.                         It’s sensible to place it on an extra piece of carpet or rubber mat, This reduces
       And as I said earlier: a very nice factor is that you’re not depending on                       the noise amplification of the floor. It will also protect your floor if you sweat a

FITNESS GUIDE                                                                              30   31
                                                                                                     how. All our HRC (Heart Rate Control) Trainers allow you to simply check your
      3.5 HEART RATE MONITORING                                                                      progress, in terms of fitness, whenever you train. Here’s a complete list of the
                                                                                                     fitness tests you’ll find on the various Tunturi trainers:
      Confident training is all about monitoring your heart rate, and there are various
      ways of doing so. The chest band and the hand grip are well known methods,                     1. Recovery, de herstel hartslagtest
      though they don’t work optimally for all users. Sometimes, the blood vessels are               Within 1 minute of finishing a training session, this test tells you
      not close enough under the skin. These methods are only reliable up to a level of              how fit you are in comparison to previous tests. It’s simple and
      around 130-140 beats per minute, by the way.                                                   easy to carry out, and shows the recovery of your heart rate in a
                                                                                                     percentage on the screen.
                                   CHEST BAND MOST RELIABLE
                                   Monitoring your heart rate with a Tunturi chest                   2. VO2 Max test
                                   band is the most reliable way, And the accuracy is                An excellent and particularly reliable fitness test, in which the physical effort is
                                   increased due to the large measuring surface directly             continually increased. The test starts off easy and becomes increasingly more
                                   on the skin around your heart. The chest band is                  difficult. The test duration is not set beforehand, and depends among other
                                   supplied standard with many of the Tunturi models.                                                things on your level of fitness. This is expressed
                                   For more information, check out 1.4.                                                              in terms of the VO2 max value (maximum oxygen
                                                                                                                                     saturation), with a figure between 20 and 70
                                                                                                                                     millilitres of oxygen per kilogram of body weight
                                                                                                                                     per minute (ml/kg/min) or on a scale of excellent,
      3.6 FITNESS TESTS: BASIS FOR MOTIVATION                                                                                        very good, good, average, reasonable, poor or
                                                                                                                                     very poor. This test is standard for various models
      Good intentions, such as “I’m going to get fit”, often never develop past the                                                   of Tunturi treadmills, cross trainers and cycle
      intention stage. That’s logical, because it takes a while to notice and see the                                                ergometers.
      results. That’s why training programmes and fitness tests are so important.
      Testing is all about knowing. It’s good to see what shape you’re in and what                   3. Fitness test
      progress you’ve made, because that will motivate you to carry on. That’s why                   Most Tunturi trainers feature extremely accurate, heart
      many of the Tunturi trainers have options for testing your fitness, while also                  rate controlled programmes and, just as importantly, an
      showing how you’ve improved.                                                                   accurate Fitness Test. Tunturi always advises you to start
                                                                                                     by running through the Tunturi Fitness Test. This accurate
      FROM THE HEART!                                                                                test - a standard feature in the 40 and higher level
      There’s a good reason for Tunturi using the ‘From the heart’ slogan, as we’re a                displays - is your point of reference.
      pioneer in the field of cardio based training programmes. We were first in the                   You simply fill in the cardinal details such as gender, age
      market to carry out extensive research into training with your heart, and our                  and weight and then follow the programme. The Fitness
      training programmes are developed on the basis of these many years of know-                    Test does exactly what it says, it tests your fitness. The
                                                                                                     advanced Tunturi display software then helps you to run

FITNESS GUIDE                                                                              32   33
                                                                                 through your training programmes. The level of training exercise is precisely
                                                                                 tuned to the user, so you will never exercise above or below your level. This is
                                                                                 most essential if you want to exercise efficiently.

                                                                                 4. Kilometre walking test
                                                                                 This is a walking test in which you must walk 2 kilometres at a brisk pace. You’ll
                                                                                 warm up quietly for 3 minutes before starting. The advantage of this test is that
                                                                                 you can walk it at your own rate, and so it’s suitable for nearly anyone. The results,
                                                                                 the state of your condition, will once again be expressed in the VO2 max. value
                                                                                 and the scales of excellent, very good, etc. (see point 2).

                                                                                 5. The 12 minute Cooper test
                                                                                 The Cooper test is probably the best known of all fitness tests: the running test in
                                                                                 which you run as far as possible in 12 minutes. It’s a very intensive test and so it’s
                                                                                 not suitable for everyone. Your fitness is expressed in the number of metres run
                                                                                 and in terms of good, reasonable and poor, etc. Check out the table below for

      “It’s really great to be able to assess my condition; it gives
       me an idea about the results I’m getting from training.”

FITNESS GUIDE                                                          34   35
       Age                        < 18 year 18 - 30 year 30 - 39 year 40 - 49 year > 50 year
       Your level of fitness is:    number of metres run in 12 minutes
       Extremely poor     M       < 2225       < 1600        < 1500     < 1400    < 1300
                          F       < 1725       < 1500        < 1400     < 1200    < 1100
       Poor               M       up to 2425   1600          1500       1400      1300
                          F       up to 1850   1500          1400       1200      1100
       Reasonable         M       up to 2600   2000          1900       1700      1600
                          F       up to 1975   1800          1700       1500      1400
       Good               M       up to 2750   2400          2300       2100      2000
                          F       up to 2200   2200          2000       1900      1700

      3.7 PC-TOOL
                                                                                                         3.8 FITNESS LOGBOOK
                              The T-Coach function on the PC has been made possible                      It’s repeated so often in this fitness guide: the importance of being motivated.
     !"#$%#&                  due to the PC tool, which allows you to attach the console                 And of staying that way. Being aware of your target, and measuring your
                              (monitor) of your trainer to your computer. After attaching                progress. Many people find it useful to make a note of such targets, as it’s so
      your console, you can analyse and save your training data and test results in                      easy to forget them. If you’re regularly confronted by your targets, there’s a good
      your PC. This gives you many options to monitor and analyse your training. The                     chance of you staying motivated. Especially when the results are there too. Your
      T-Coach will then provide you with personal training advice based on this data.                    results are saved in T-Coach programmes, but of course you can also note them
      This is a virtual Tunturi coach whose personal advice stems from many years                        down in your own fitness logbook.
      of Tunturi know-how. So you’ll even have your own “personal coach” with the
      Tunturi T-Trainer™! He’ll supervise you while training as well, if you like. The                   It’s an ideal way of summarising your targets and training results. Simply write
      result? Variation, motivation and effective training!                                              down which exercises you’ve done and at which intensity. Here’s an example of
                                                                                                         the data you might include in the summary: date, weight, heart rate, training
                                                                                                         time, distance, calories burned and your feelings.

                                                                                                         Saving this data will allow you to see the developments, which in turn will give
                                                                                                         you extra motivation. Experience has shown that training then becomes a part of
                                                                                                         your life and that you routinely exercise more!

FITNESS GUIDE                                                                                  36   37
                                                                                                     ‘SCANDINAVIAN DESIGN”
                                                                                                     This all makes Tunturi innovative and
                                                                                                     a little unusual, which is also reflected
                                                                                                     in that typical Scandinavian design,
                                                                                                     which is sound and timeless, slightly
                                                                                                     different to others and with great
                                                                                                     versatility and clever extras, aimed
                                                                                                     at the user. That same ‘soundness’
                                                                                                     can also be found in the top quality
                                                                                                     of the equipment, components and
                                                                                                     service. Tunturi happily gives 15 years’
                                                                                                     warranty on the home use of all frames
                                                                                                     of its fitness equipment and on the engines of the treadmills (Check www.
                                                                                            for our full warranty conditions). Tunturi and the world of fitness,
                                                                                                     that’s a story in itself.
                                                                                                     Tunturi therefore works intensively with specialised and expert dealers in the
                                                                                                     Benelux, who’ll be pleased to give you more details. For addresses, check out
                                                                                                     our websites at

                                                                                                     4.2 FUN FOR LIFE!
      Tunturi is a Finnish based company, which has been a true ‘fitness pioneer’ for
      90 years by now. Tunturi has been selling its fitness equipment worldwide since                                                            Training and getting results, that’s a
      1969, and in more than 50 countries by now. For many years now, Tunturi has                                                               question of patience as far as Tunturi
      become the brand for fans and connoisseurs: people who want to work seriously                                                             is concerned. Long-term enjoyment of
      at improving their fitness and health. Sensible and especially safe training, based                                                        the machines is what counts. Besides
      on permanent motivation. Hence the slogan ‘From the heart!’ We train with all                                                             our excellent warranty conditions and
      our heart and we really put our hearts into it!                                                                                           service, all the machines are naturally as
      Tunturi supports this concept by translating its vast experience and expertise                                                            ‘maintenance free’ as possible. We do
      into continuous product development and new training programmes. We                                                                       however advise you to treat your fitness
      do so by working regularly with experts such as doctors, physiotherapists,                                                                equipment with some care. Information
      ergonomic therapists and experienced sportspeople. Important inventions and                                                               on the required maintenance has been
      breakthroughs, such as the first ergometer and the automatic adjustment of the                                                             included in the manual provided with
      speed of treadmills, are well known examples of such developments.                                                                        the individual equipment. We strongly

FITNESS GUIDE                                                                              38   39
      recommend you read this manual beforehand and keep it in a safe place, so that
      you can always check it again as required.

      It’s generally advisable to pay attention to the following points, also with a view
      to safety:

        Check connections, nuts, bolts and screws regularly.
        You’ll hopefully sweat while training. It’s therefore advisable to wipe the trainer
        with a soft, absorbent cloth after use. Transpiration can cause corrosion (rust!)
        and electrical malfunctions. Never use solvents on your machine.
        Following on from the above point: We advise treating metal parts on the
        outside with Teflon or car wax before training for the first time. That offers them
        extra protection.

      During average home use (3 times per week, with training sessions of 30 to 60
      minutes), it’s important to check the lubrication of the treadmill at least four times
      per year. Effective lubrication keeps friction to a minimum between the treadmill
      system and the track itself. This will increase the working life of the treadmill.
      Tunturi has developed a special form of lubrication, the T-lube S, specially for this
                                                              purpose. It is easy to apply,
                                                              and the manual gives clear
                                                              information on maintenance
                                                              and how to check the

                                                                                                         “Keeping myself in condition is sometimes
                                                                                                          difficult; my Tunturi trainer makes it easier for
                                                                                                          me. Working out when it suits me.”

FITNESS GUIDE                                                                                  40   41
 TRICKS                                                                                                       Friction brake
                                                                                                              Manually operated magnetic brake
                                                                                                              Magnetic brake, electronically operated by a servo motor
                                                                                                              Electromagnetic brake, also known as an EMS or induction brake

                                                                                                            Friction brake
                                                                                                            A friction brake is generally used in racing bikes or spinners. The resistance,
                                                                                                            or level of difficulty can be adjusted by pressing the brake block with a special
                                                                                                            wear-resistant friction material at varying degrees of pressure against the quickly
                                                                                                            rotating flywheel. It works like a clamp on the flywheel as it were, just like the
                                                                                                            brake blocks on the rim of a normal bicycle.

                                                                                                            Manually operated magnetic brake
                                                                                                            The magnetic brake is used on fitness machines which do not include
                                                                                                            programmes. These are usually simple exercise bikes, cross trainers and rowing
                                                                                                            The braking process, i.e. the resistance, occurs as the magnets are moved closer
                                                                                                            to the flywheel. When the magnets are moved away from the flywheel, the
                                                                                                            resistance is decreased of course. The resistance can usually be adjusted in 10
                                                                                                            steps (‘levels’).
      As we already said earlier: the market for fitness equipment is enormously varied
      and offers a wide range of possibilities. It also often requires a considerable                       Magnetic brake, electronically operated by a servo motor
      investment. No wonder then that many people want to look into the possibilities                       In a servo motor, the resistance is also adjusted using magnets set via the
      and the more technical aspects of the equipment. This chapter therefore pays                          monitor. 10 to 16 steps are programmed into the servo motor, within which the
      attention to the main technical aspects and themes regarding the various types                        resistance can be set. This system is applied in fitness machines, exercise bikes,
      of machines.                                                                                          cross trainers and rowers with (cardio) programmes.

                                                                                                            Electromagnetic brake, also known as an EMS or induction brake
      5.1 BRAKE SYSTEMS IN FITNESS EQUIPMENT                                                                This is the most advanced brake system. It is applied in many Tunturi (cycle)
                                                                                                            ergometers and cross trainers. The resistance can be electronically (and
      A wide range of brake systems are applied in the world of fitness machines. Of                         steplessly) adjusted via the monitor. An EMS system allows for accurate
      course, braking takes on a different meaning here when compared with standard                         measurement of Watts and calories burned.
      road vehicles. It is mainly about the resistance, the level of difficulty of the training.
      A brief description of the brake systems and their differences is given below:

FITNESS GUIDE                                                                                     42   43
      A trainer fitted with an EMS system is therefore also always an ergometer.                     heavy flywheel. This high rotational speed is what makes the cycling or cross
      An ergometer is a trainer which accurately monitors the amount of training done.              feeling so good. The 1:10 ratio means that when you train at 60 revolutions per
      It is expressed in Watts, or rather the energy consumption per second.                        minute, the flywheel rotates no less than 600 times. And that’s what gives the
      The ‘standard’ exercise bike measures speed and time. An ergometer measures                   excellent and comfortable feeling while training.
      the total effort in Watts, which allows very accurate calculation of the calories
      burned. This can only be measured on a trainer with an officially recognised and               LIMITS TO THE WEIGHT
      calibrated value, which is why an ergometer must meet certain international                   There is of course a limit to the robustness of a flywheel, and the rotational speed
      standards (EN 957)                                                                            is then actually more important than the weight. Tunturi uses a limit of around
                                                                                                    14 kilograms, also in order to avoid the risk of transport damage to the relatively
                                                                                                    fragile flywheel bearings. 14 kilos is actually quite heavy, which in turn has
                                                                                                    consequences for the design of the exercise bikes and cross trainers: they have
      5.2 THE FLYWHEEL AND THE ‘GOOD FEELING’                                                       strong, thick and sturdy frames. In other words: the weight of the flywheel is not
                                                                                                    the only important factor. The rotational speed is just as important. Your dealer
      A good or pleasurable cycling or cross movement is influenced greatly by the                   will be happy to let you test the differences!
      flywheel. We therefore receive an increasing number of questions regarding
      the weight of this flywheel. The Tunturi trainers are equipped with relatively
      heavy flywheels, which is important in order to enjoy supple and comfortable
      movements and resistance (braking). In order to understand how that works, we                 5.3 THE ENGINE CAPACITY (THE HP)
      need to briefly describe the concept of ‘mass speed’.                                          OF YOUR TREADMILL
      ‘MASS SPEED’                                                                                  The engine and particularly the engine
      The mass speed is important for good rotation of                                              capacity is apparently becoming more
      the flywheel. The factors which determine this mass                                            and more important when buying a
      speed are as follows:                                                                         treadmill. But: what does this ‘capacity’
                                                                                                    actually mean? In practice, the values
        The rotational speed of the flywheel                                                         used tend to vary somewhat. Tunturi
        The circumference/size of the flywheel                                                       always states the capacity under a
        The weight of the flywheel                                                                   continuous load, i.e. the constant
        The type of brake (magnetic, electromagnetic)                                               capacity. This measurement is the
                                                                                                    highest capacity at which the engine
      The correct choice of these factors determines                                                can run without becoming damaged.
      whether the perfect cycling or cross properties                                               These values are now between 2 and
      are realised. Tunturi has opted for a very high                                               3.5 HP. Constant capacity and peak
      rotational speed in combination with a relatively                                             capacity are two different concepts.

FITNESS GUIDE                                                                             44   45
      Peaking is a very short-term thing, so that such data is of little value, because                FINALLY
      long-term use of the engine at the peak capacity would damage it. If you want to
      compare engines, check the value of the constant capacity.                                       Why have we taken the initiative to write and compile this Fitness Guide? We
                                                                                                       receive questions from consumers every day, who want to start training at home
      RESERVE CAPACITY                                                                                 or who have already started. Their questions cover many topics, and are often
      It’s not always necessary to have the greatest possible engine capacity. When it                 about the ‘basics’ of fitness equipment, training programmes, motivation and
      comes to low speeds, a high user weight and serious running, a high load is put                  many other things. In our Fitness Guide, we aim to answer the most frequently
      on the engine. Take the situation of recuperation and users of a heavy weight, the               asked questions and to offer you an introduction to the world of fitness.
      treadmill will then need to be able to get the user moving and keep him or her
      that way. It needs to do so without jolting, moving irregularly or varying in speed.             This guide is the result of our experience and our enthusiasm for fitness, our
      Moreover, the engine cooling is only minimal at low speeds, as the fan fitted to                  equipment and our philosophy, summarised under the motto of ‘From the
      the engine only moves slowly. The Tunturi engines are therefore built large, with                Heart!’ Please see it as an ‘introduction to exercise’. We are not a medical
      great ‘reserve capacity’ as it were, so that they never really need to operate at                institute, but we like to share our experiences, in order to help you towards a
      maximum capacity.                                                                                ‘more active and healthy lifestyle’. We refer to other sources of information here
                                                                                                       and there, where you can sometimes find more detailed information on certain
                                                                                                       subjects. We have also enlisted the help of experts, whom we would like to thank
                                                                                                       for their cooperation, from our hearts!

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Accell Fitness Division
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