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					Los Angeles

          Monika Guľášová
   LA is the largest city in the
    state of California and the
    American West as well as
    second largest in the United

   Often abbreviated as L.A and
    nicknamed The City of

   L.A was founded on
    September 4, 1781 by
    Spanish governer Felipe de
     Los Angeles is one of the world’s
      center of business, international
      trade, entertainment, culture,
      media, fashion, science, technology
      and education.

     L.A leads the world in producing
      popular intertainment - such as
      motion pictures, television and
      recorded music - which forms the
      base of its international fame and
      global status.
   L.A is also the largest
    manufactoring center in the
    western United States
   The major daily newspaper in the
    area is the Los Angeles Times, Lá
    Opinión is the city’s major Spanish
    - language paper.
    Los Angeles and New York are the
    only two media markets to have all
    seven VHF allocations possible
    assigned to them.
   L.A is the home of the Los
    Angeles Dudgers of Major
    Basketball League, the Los
    Angeles Kings of the National
    Hockey League, Los Angeles
    Clippers, Los Angeles Lakers of
    the National Basketball
    Association, Los Angeles
   Today, much of the movie
    industry has dispersed into
    surrounding areas such as
    Burbank and the Los Angeles
    Westside but significant
    auxiliary industries, such as
    editing, effects, props, post-
    production and lighting
    companies, remain in

   The first studio in Hollywood
    was established by the New
    Jersey-based Centaur Co.,
    which wanted to make westerns
    in California.
   On January 22, 1947, the first
    commercial television station
    west of theMississippi
    River,KTLA, began operating
    in Hollywood.
   In December of that year, The
    Public Prosecutor became the
    first network television series to
    be filmed in Hollywood. And in
    the 1950s, music recording
    studios and offices began
    moving into Hollywood.
   Other businesses, however,
    continued to migrate to
    different parts of the Los
    Angeles area, primarily

   Much of the movie
    industry remained in
    Hollywood, although the
    district's outward
    appearance changed. The
    history of film spans over
    a hundred years, from the
    latter part of the 19th
    century to the beginning
    of the 21st century.
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