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					Successful Applicants for 2006     Project                                  Project operation                       Benefits of project                      Awarded
                                                                            Current group members to create
                                                                            website, publicity brochures, and       Increased awareness of impacts of
                                   Establishment of Mangakotukutuku         hold activities to improve state of     surrounding land on stream ecology.
Mangakotuktuku Stream Care Group   Streamcare group and initiation of       Mangakotukutuku Stream, with            Potential to outreach to significant        $4,500
                                   education and enhancement work.          action and awareness raising            numbers and cross sections of the
                                                                            activities, as well as growing          community: schools, iwi & residents.
                                                                                                                    Promoting environmental awareness
                                   To organise and present the "Art of
                                                                                                                    and sustainability to large numbers
                                   the Good Life Expo",a festival
                                                                       Organising and running the festival          of festival goers. Critical stage in
                                   promoting environmental awareness
Hamilton Permaculture Trust                                            in conjunction with the Right Bank           affecting house hold behavioral             $4,000
                                   and sustainability, in association
                                                                       Summer Arts Festival.                        change, compliments Council's
                                   with the Right Bank Summer Arts
                                                                                                                    Know it?... Live it! Community
                                                                                                                    Environmental Education Campaign.

                                                                      Through visiting gardens, create a            Sharing of knowledge and
                                   Network of groups practicing                                                     experiences, mentoring, plant
                                                                      data base of permaculture and
Hamilton Permaculture Trust        permaculture and organic gardening                                               swapping and seed banks.                    $1,000
                                                                      organic gardens. Use existing
                                   in the Waikato.                                                                  Database available to othe
                                                                      networks to identify these gardens.
                                   Promotion and coordination of            Organisation of a tour of gullies not   Networking and motivational for
                                   Gullies Bus Tour. Requesting             previously seen (Melville and           gully owners (including those visited)
Tui 2000                                                                                                                                                         $240
                                   funding for bus hire, and colour flier   Glenview area) for May 14th.            and others, to see what can and is
                                   for gully tour.                          Production of a colour brochure.        being achieved.
                                   Community garden maintenance             Community Association to purchase
                                                                                                                  High profile community garden,
South East Kirikiriroa Community   and development. Providing               equipment and materials to facilitate
                                                                                                                  great environmental education                  $500
Association Inc                    gardening therapy for mental health      garden maintenance at Waimarie
                                   volunteers.                              gardens.

                                                                                                                    Profiling native revegetation, and
                                   Planting and maintenance of eco-                                                 providing opportunities for
                                                                            Purchase and planting of natives,
                                   sourced native plants, restoring an                                              environmental education, throughout
                                                                            following consultation from Wayne
Hamilton East School               overgrown bank on school grounds,                                                project and after the trail is              $1,000
                                                                            Bennett and Graham Mackie
                                   supporting the schools                                                           completed. Project is student
                                                                            (Ecosourced Waikato).
                                   enviroschools programme.                                                         focused with a strong environmental
                                                                                                                    education component.

                                   Clearing weeds, planting                                                       Profiling native revegetation, and
                                                                            Families and children to be involved
                                   ecosourced natives, and                                                        providing opportunities for
Campus Creche Trust                                                         in planting and University to provide                                               $1,000
                                   maintenance, on University of                                                  environmental education throughout
                                   Waikato grounds.                                                               project.

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                                                                               University to work with HCC design
                                      Pilot trial mapping significant trees in                                         Clearly identified and recorded
                                                                               services and planning team.
                                      the HCC area, and running a                                                      significant trees in Hamilton. Natural
University of Waikato                                                          University to provide GPS device                                                 $4,000
                                      demonstration workshop in the early                                              environment protected and
                                                                               and coordinate a student to carry out
                                      stages of the project.                                                           enhanced.
                                                                               the trial.
                                      To learn obout the environment and                                               Children have been involved in the
                                                                         Contract Plant Providers (Division of
                                      plant a garden to help address the                                               design and planning of the garden.
Peachgrove Intermediate                                                  Greens Garden Centre, to build and                                                      $250
                                      bareness of school grounds                                                       Improves peachgrove school
                                                                         plant a garden.
                                      following extensive building.                                                    landscape.
                                                                                                                        Good environmental education and
                                                                                                                       waste minimisation messages
                                      Support for Envirogroup in the
                                                                          Envirogroup students and teachers            delivered to students within school
Hamilton Fraser High School           delivery of environmental education                                                                                       $3,500
                                                                          to facilitate.                               and impacting beyond school gates
                                      and waste minimisation messages.
                                                                                                                       which will result in a reduction of
                                                                                                                       waste to landfill.

                                                                                                               Local education about sustainable
                                                                                                               cities. Potential long term benefits
                                                                          Hosting a keynote speaker as part of
Waikato Geographical Society          Keynote Speaker, Sustainable Cities                                      for Hamilton, through linkages to                $4,000
                                                                          a workshop series
                                                                                                               environmental education progamme
                                                                                                               and Cityscope Strategy.

                                                                          Contract suitable person to consult
                                                                          with stakeholders, gather                    Raising awareness of ecosourced
                                      To design an ecosourced label to be information relevant to label &              plants in Hamilton with one standard
Environment Centre Hamilton           used by all interested nurseries in leaflets, present nurseries with             easily identifiable label to help        $3,300
                                      the Hamilton Basin.                 existing guidelines and produce draft        create a brand, ultimately promoting
                                                                          and final proof in consultation with         biodiversity in the region.

                                                                                                                       Working towards a more
                                      Delivery of 4 workshops/forums,
                                                                                                                       sustainable, liveable region in the
                                      monthly from May to October,           SBN to organise, co-ordinate and
Sustainable Business Network                                                                                           future. No other group is delivering     $2,000
                                      providing general education about      promote workshops.
                                                                                                                       environmental education to the
                                      sustainable development.
                                                                                                                       business sector.

                                                                                                                       Less waste to landfill, greater
                                                                             Carry out project with support from
                                      Establish systems for recycling,                                                 environmental awareness in school
Southwell School                                                             staff, ground staff and experts in                                                  $864
                                      composting and wormfarming.                                                      community through strong
                                                                             worm farming/composting.
                                                                                                                       environmental component in project.

                                      Junats Promotion - increasing the   Production and distribution of 3000
                                      number of families involved in      colour brochures to year 8 students, Providing quality environmental
Hamilton Junior Naturalist Club Inc   natural history education and       encouraging participitation in       education to year 8 students and                 $1,200
                                      preservation through the production environmental education and          their families.
                                      of colour brochures.                conservation events run by JUNATs.
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                                                                         Children and teacher have come up
                                                                         with garden design in consultation
                                     Building and preparing raised                                          Environmental education to school
                                                                         with Permaculture Trust. Gardens
St Joseph's School                   garden beds to be used for a school                                    and school community about                      $2,300
                                                                         will be built by contractors and
                                     permaculture garden.                                                   sustainable gardening.
                                                                         school groundsman and used by
                                                                                                                Environmental education to school
                                                                                                                and school community and
                                                                                                                supporting urban biodiversity. The
                                     Planting and propogating               Restoration planting of Forest Lake
Forestlake School                                                                                               project is being coordinated by a           $1,200
                                     ecosourced seedlings.                  Ngahere.
                                                                                                                parent who is active in the school
                                                                                                                community. Principal is also very
                                                                                                                committed to project.

                                     Translating recycling resources into
                                                                            Translating recycling resources into
                                     multiple languages. This project is
                                                                            4 languages. Publicity and           Waste minimisation information to
Waikato Migrant Resource Centre      part of a community environmental                                                                                      $4,500
                                                                            environmental seminars. Distribution ethnic communities.
                                     education programme delivered by
                                                                            of material to ethnic groups.
                                     the Hamilton City Council.

                                                                                                                   Adding value to the schools vision of
                                     Construction of compost bins,          BOT member to project manage the       an outdoor environmental education
                                     propagation area, rongoa garden        project to ensure that deadlines are   amphitheatre to be completed later
Vardon School                                                                                                                                               $1,600
                                     associated with outdoor classroom      met, and people kept informed of       this year. Supporting enviroschools
                                     area.                                  progress.                              and modelling ecobuilding
                                                                         Vouchers for greenwaste disposal,         Promotes biosecurity awareness,
                                                                         subsidised greenwaste disposal,           and good weed disposal practices.
                                     Weedout weekend, promoting the
                                                                         and clean up your weedy garden            Possible reduction of greenwaste to
                                     removal and appropriate disposal of
Waikato Weedbusters Steering Group                                       competition, with 2 k prizes for the      landfill. Supports the HCC Waste         $3,000
                                     noxious and undesirable weeds from
                                                                         winner. All activities taking place       Management Plan, as well as
                                     gullies and residential areas.
                                                                         over the weekend of 14-15th               strongly complimenting the Gully
                                                                         October.                                  Restoration Programme.
                                     Establishment of kaumatua gardens
                                     for rongoa (herbal medicine) and kai
                                                                                                                   An environmentally friendly method
                                     (food). Kaumatua will benefit from   Establish 2 green houses, establish
Frankton Dinsdale Rauawaawa                                                                                        of growing water-cress and other
                                     learning to grow cheap veges/        hydroponics project, and purchase a                                               $2,000
Charitable Trust                                                                                                   vegetables. Suitable for older and
                                     watercress. Line trimmer will make weed trimmer.
                                                                                                                   less abled gardeners.
                                     maintenance of areas around raised
                                     beds easier for kaumatua.

                                     Feasibility study into growing natives                                        Supports biodiversity, and traditional
Nga Man Toopu O Kirikirriroa Ltd.                                           Not specified.                                                                  $1,000
                                     to supply Te Parapara Gardens                                                 plant use/history

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                                                             Continued operation of 'Environment
                           Environment Matters radio                                             Strong environmental education
Community Radio Hamilton                                     Matters' show. Production of                                         $1,000
                           programme. Airtime and promotion.                                     component.
                                                             'postcards' to promote the show.

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