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									                                           Sauk Rapids Youth Hockey Association
                                                    Sauk Rapids VFW
                                                  Monday May, 10, 2010
                                             Executive Board Meeting 6:00 pm

Attendance: Tory VanHalbeck, Brenda Kaschmitter, Cris Thell, Julie Schmid, Scott Thyen, Connie Pesta, Jenny McNew, Jay
Asper, Scott Marlin
Absent: Jeremy VanHalbeck, Brent Olson
Guests: Tim Reuter, Kevin Johnson
Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 6:05 p.m. by Tori VanHalbeck.
Review/Approval of Minutes: Reviewed Agenda. No Additions made: Motion to approve agenda made by Jay Asper,
seconded by Scott Thyen. All in favor-aye, opposed-none. Agenda approved. The minutes from the April meeting were
reviewed. Motion to approve the minutes as written was made b+y Scott Thyen, seconded by Scott Marlin. All in favor-aye,
opposed-none. Motion carried.
Treasurer’s Report: Brenda Kaschmitter provided written financial report. Motion was made to approve financial report
made by Jenny McNew, seconded by Scott Thyen. All in favor-aye, opposed-none. Motion carried.

District 5 Report/President’s Report: Work on handbook for District 5 discussed. Tim Reuter covered discussion at District
5 meeting.
Old Business:
Sports Arena East is working on ordering heaters, and other improvements – Jay Asper
Lumber Jacks are not looking to handle concession stand dollars or workers.
Food Fest - Jay Asper will be gone – Stockengers will run both.
Jersey orders - Discussion – tabled until next meeting.
New Business:
Minnesota Hockey PR discussed by Cris Thell – Minnesota Hockey approved for 12 sets of hockey equipment. PR from Wild
will be looking at coming to Sauk Rapids Arena. Two hours of open ice for PR. Board will look at advertising of this time.
Mite hockey has sets for rental. Review options for promotion for these sets at parade, Coborn’s, and with SR Herald. Cris
Thell will update board on PR date and time.
Parade – Tim Reuter will set up float and 40 skaters with balls and candy this summer, June 25th.
Scheduling guidelines - Mankato guidelines on their website. Discussion followed. Tory will review with scheduler.

Home Tournaments: Recommendations for levels – U10a/U12a/U14a Girls, Bantams B, PeeWee B, Squirt C.
Suggestion was made to have the logo and theme the same for all tournaments and to also stay close to weekends that were
scheduled previously. E-mail Tory with dates levels are interested in. Tory will check with District 5 on policy.
Open Floor:
West Suburban Referee Association – Tory VanHalbeck – we need to make decision on using their services. Jay Asper had
positive on mentoring program. Discussion followed. Tory will check with West Suburban the radius of games for refs under
the age of 16.
Lumber Jacks – Sauk Rapids youth hockey night – Connie Pesta will check into options with the Lumber Jacks.
Kevin Johnson discussed sewer line problemand the need to update to 6 inch line. The addition will cost about $20, 000.
Discussion followed.
Motion to approve sign for SR High School Hockey golf tournament $100 advertisment. Motion by Scott Thyen and 2nd by Jay
Asper. All in favor-aye, opposed-none.
Motion to adjourn made by Brenda Kashmitter and seconded by Jenny McNew. All in favor-aye, opposed-none. Meeting
adjourned at 7:30 p.m.
Respectively submitted,
Julie Schmid, secretary
SRYH Association

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