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									                                                                                                             Districts 12 & 13
                                                                                                             San Antonio Al-
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              DISTRICT                                          UPCOMING EVENTS
           CORNER                                                                   DISTRICT 13 GR MEETING AND
                                              JANUARY 16, 2011                    SAAIS ISR COMMITTEE MEETING
 Our Fourth Quarter District Meeting
 was held in Bulverde on December 4,                                        ST PAUL’S UNITED METHODIST CHURCH - KERRVILLE
 2010. A thanks to Sunset AFG for
 hosting the meeting and a thanks to          JANUARY 29, 2011                   AWSC MEETING – LAKE JACKSON
 both Pass It On AFG and Strength and                                                    DISTRICT 12 GR MEETING
 Hope in Thousand Oaks AFG for also           FEBRUARY 5, 2011
 stepping up and offering to host this                                      ROLLING OAKS CHRISTIAN CHURCH – SAN ANTONIO
 meeting.                                                                 ALL TEXAS AL-ANON/ALATEEN CONFERENCE
                                              FEBRUARY 18 -20,
 In the morning, District 12 held its
                                                   2011                                        FORT WORTH, TX
 quarterly Business Meeting. We were                                                     P.O.S.S.E - GONZALES, TX
                                              MARCH 18-20, 2011
 fortunate to have Rosie M. in
 attendance to speak to us about her                                                DISTRICT 12 GR MEETING AND
 service work as our Area 53 Delegate.
 A budget committee was formed and               APRIL 16, 2011                   SAAIS ISR COMMITTEE MEETING
 the upcoming Concepts Workshop with                                        ALAMO UNTED METHODIST CHURCH – SAN ANTONIO
 Ric B. from the World Service Office,
 to be held March 11-12, 2011 was
                                               MAY 20 – 22, 2011           ETAA SPRING ASSEMBLY - ROUNDROCK, TX
 discussed. During a delicious potluck
 luncheon, Nancy P. held an Alateen
 Sponsor’s     meeting    while    other                                       TEXAS EAST ALATEEN CONFERENCE
                                                JUNE 3 – 5, 2011
 members of the fellowship took a                                                              GONZALES, TX
 moment or two to enjoy each other’s
 company. As always, we held our                                                 SAAIS SPEAKER MEETING – 7 PM
                                             FIRST SATURDAY OF
 traditional ornament exchange which                                            CLUB 12 – AL-ANON MEETING ROOM
                                                EVERY MONTH
 proved to be a lot of fun. And, finally,                                          102 THAMES – SAN ANTONIO
 the San Antonio Al-Anon Information
 Service finished up the day with their
 ISR Committee Business Meeting.            Please make a note that the February           It is my hope that everyone had a safe
                                            District 12 Meeting date has been              and joyous holiday season. I look
 The District 12 Meetings for 2011 are      moved to FEBRUARY 5, 2011. Upon                forward to seeing all the District 12 GRs
 set and groups have already                checking with the Rolling Oaks                 on February 5th.
 volunteered to host them.                  Christian Church on the availability of
                                            the facilities for February 12, Pass It On                                       Hugs,
                                            AFG found that the location was
 A special thanks to Pass It On AFG,
 Monday Nite Gratitude AFG, Sunset          already being used.                                                    Tricia L.
 AFG, Northwest Group AFG with                                                                             District Representative
 Saturday Big Book AFG and Strength         A full schedule of the five District 12
 and Hope in Thousand Oaks for being        Business Meetings is included in the Al-
 willing to host our 2011 District 12       Anews and can also be found on the
 Meetings.                                  SAAIS website.

December 2010                                Get Busy … Get Better                                                Page 1
             2009 – 2011 DISTRICT 12                                    AL-ANON INFORMATION SERVICE
             OFFICERS/COORDINATORS                                          EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE

District Representative                                            Interim Chairman:            210-341-0877
  Tricia L.                         TEL 210-865-0604                    Candy N.   
  13700 Judson Road #82           seren449@sbcglobal. net
  San Antonio, TX                                                     AIS Liaison:               830-305-2546
Alt. District Representative                                           Donna D.
                                     TEL 210-341-0877
 Candy N.                 
 15005 Saint Hedwig Rd                                                 Secretary:                 210-375-6961
 Saint Hedwig, TX 78152                                                Carola T.  
District Secretary                  TEL 210-599-6225
  Dolores W.                                                           Treasurer:
                                    CELL 210-240-9342                               
  16923 Graham Walk                                                     Mike B.
                                    WORK 210-292-5414
  San Antonio, Texas 78247
District Treasurer
 Donna D.                           TEL 830-303-5075
 218 Romberg St.                   CELL 830-305-2546
 Seguin, TX 78155     
                                                                  GROUP REPRESENTATIVES/ALTERNATES VOTING AT THE
Alateen Coordinator                                                             DISTRICT 12 MEETING
  Nancy P.                          TEL 210-658-6816              INFORMATION TAKEN FROM DISTRICT MEETING LISTS FOR
  201 Universal City, TX                       DECEMBER 4, 2010
Al-Anews Editor                                                  Al-Anon Literature for       Seguin Serenity AFG
 Carola T.                          TEL 210-375-6961             Progress - Dolores W..         Michael B.
 8511 Grapevine Pass    
 San Antonio, TX 78255                                           Boerne Hope AFG              Serenity’s Path AFG
                                                                  Carola T.                     Bonnie S.
Literature Coordinator               TEL 210-341-0877
 Candy N.                             Canyon Lake AFG              Spring Branch AFG
 15005 Saint Hedwig Rd                                             Marilyn K.                   Rich M.
 Saint Hedwig, TX 78152
Archives                                                         Hill Country AFG             Strength and Hope
  Lidia B.                          TEL 210-375-3036                Nancy M.                    Bonnie M-C.
  7218 Leading Oaks St.             CELL 210-396-6295
                          How Al-Anon Works AFG        Sunset AFG
  Live Oaks, TX 78233                                              Sue M.                       Allison W.
Public Outreach Coordinator
                                                                 Monday Nite Gratitude
   Position to be Filled                                           Sandra B.
                                                                 Northwest AFG
Spanish Coordinator                  TEL 210-289-7481              Paul R.
 Sylvia A.                          CELL 210-923-7016
 1237 Flanders                                                   Pass It On AFG
                             Ann M.
 San Antonio, TX 78211
Travel Coordinator                                               Saturday Big Book
  Trina H.                                                         Edwin T.
  1565 Cordova Loop                  TEL 830-660-3083
  Seguin, TX 78155      

Past DR
  Rich M.
  24881 State Highway 46 W          TEL 830-438-7393
  Spring Branch, TX 78070           CELL 210-367-0661

                               PLEASE RESPECT OUR TRADITIONS!

  December 2010                                Get Busy … Get Better                                     Page 2
                                                 groups in the World Service             information on them. An
    MEETING MINUTES                              Conference Structure. Candy             Alateen sponsors meeting
                                                 spoke on the use of             (brief) was held during the
    DECEMBER 4, 2010                                   lunch break at the District
                                                 website and invited members             Meeting
The District 12 Quarterly Meeting was            to visit the site for the
held at 71000 N 281 Spring Branch TX             information and free literature        Travel Coordinator Report:
on December 4, 2010, hosted by                   provided on site. Complete              none given at meeting.
Spring Branch AFG. The meeting was               report published in Al-Anews.
opened at 10 AM by Tricia L. with a
Moment of Silence followed by the               Public Outreach Coordinator       DELEGATES REPORT
Serenity Prayer. The Twelve Concepts             Report: need position filled
of Service and the General Warranties            Lisa M has moved.                      Rosie M Delegate from Texas
of the Conference were read by                                                           East panel 49 gave a verbal
members attending the meeting.                  Newsletter Report: Carola has           presentation on “God is In-
                                                 requested that reports from             charge” Spoke on the 50th
Dolores W. read the minutes from the             the December 4, 2010 District           World Conference to be held
last    meeting,    accepted    with             meeting be sent to her no later         in Virginia Beach. Rosie
amendments. Amendments are as                    than 10 days after district             shared on her experiences as
follows: Travel Coordinator report               meeting. Approximately 214              Delegate. A copy of the World
section change Tricia to Trina; and              members presently receive Al-           Conference Summary can be
“Under New Business” Haven for Hope              Anews and Al-Anews Flashes.             purchased for $5.00 from the
item remove Nancy M.                             Complete report in the Al-              WSO or you can download it
                                                 Anews.                                  free of charge in its entirety by
The Roll Call was taken by Dolores W.,                                                   visiting the WSO website
District Secretary. Of the Al-Anons             SAAIS Liaison Report: Candy    and
present, 14 voting GR’s or their                 reported for the SAAIS. Next            going to the member page.
representatives were in attendance. It           AWSC meeting is scheduled               Rosie expressed her thanks to
was established that 9 votes were                for January 29, 2011 in Lake            Texas East Al-Anon with their
required for 2/3 majority. A listing of          Jackson TX. The decreasing              continued support to Ann
voting members present is on Page                number of subscriptions for             Farrell who is the speaker who
Two of the Al-Anews.                             the Beacon was discussed,               was seriously injured at the
                                                 and        members        were          last Area meeting in Pearland
Treasurer’s Report:          Donna D             encouraged      to    subscribe         Texas. If you would like to
distributed the Treasurer’s Report               individually. The 2007 motion           send a card, please contact
reviewing current financial standing             that each group should be               Rosie for her current mailing
listed. After questions from attendees           receiving a copy of the                 address.        Rosie        also
the Treasurer’s Report was accepted              Beacon at no charge was                 expressed her Thank you to
and is to be filed for audit. A copy of          noted. Rosie M our current              all of the AFG groups who
the Treasurer’s Report is included in            area     delegate    gave     a         have already sent their
the Al-Anews.                                    presentation      on     TEAM           supportive cards and prayers
                                                 (Together Empowering Al-                to Ann.
COORDINATOR REPORTS                              Anon Members). Complete
                                                 report published in Al-Anews.           Rosie furnished the members
       Archives Coordinator Report:                                                     attending the District Meeting
        none given at meeting.                  Spanish Coordinator:     none           with a Delegate Report
                                                 given at meeting.                       Summary Sheet which will be
       Literature Coordinator Report:                                                   presented in the Al-Anews
        Candy       spoke     on    the         Alateen Coordinator Report:             based on space available.. A
        availability of both Al-Anon                                                     more     detailed   Delegate’s
        Faces Alcoholism 2010 and                Nancy P spoke on dwindling              Report can be found in the 4th
        2011 editions Booklets can be            number       of    teens     in         Quarter issue of The Beacon.
        purchased for $0.35 per copy,            membership. POSSE will be
        or your group can receive 25             held March 18 – 20 in
        free copies by providing a brief         Gonzales TX. Contact Nancy              (District 12 Meeting Minutes
        written     plan    for    their         P or Lynn S for further                 Continued on Next Page)
        distribution. Contact Candy N            information. Al-Anon groups
        for additional information.              can acquire Alateen table
        Copies of the 2010-2013 Al-              cards from Nancy P. The table
        Anon/Alateen Service Manual              cards are a reminder Alateens
        are now available with a                 are the future Al-Anons and
        complementary copy being                 need our support. The cards
        distributed to all registered            will also have Alateen meeting
December 2010                              Get Busy … Get Better                                       Page 3
(District 12 Meeting Minutes Cont.)       (District 12 Minutes Cont.)               (SAAIS ISR Meeting Minutes Cont.)

NEW BUSINESS                              GRATITUDE BASKET COLLECTED:               Roll Call was taken by the SAAIS
                                          $ 88.75                                   Secretary.  There were 13 voting
       District Meeting Schedule for                                               members in attendance. 2/3 majority
        2011. Tricia spoke on 2011        FUTURE DISTRICT 12 & 13                   vote would be 9.The SAAIS was
        meeting schedule.         Five    MEETINGS, SAAIS MEETINGS AND              represented by the following voting
        meetings are planned for          SPECIAL EVENTS                            members:
        2011. District meetings are to
        occur before Area Assembly        January 16, 2011 – District 13 and        Gloria M.       Pass It On AFG
        meetings to provide us ample      SAAIS Meeting – Kerrville                 Bonnie S.       Serenity’s Path AFG
        time        for     discussion.                                             Martha J.       How Al-Anon Works
        Discussion was held on what       February 5, 2011 - District 12 Meeting    Carola T.       Boerne Hope AFG
        duties are involved in hosting    Rolling Oaks Christian Church             Mike B. .       Seguin Serenity AFG
        District 12 Meetings.                                                       Nancy M         Spring Branch AFG
                                          February 18 – 20, 2011 – All Texas Al-    Candy N.        Strength & Hope
OLD BUSINESS                              Anon/Alateen Conference – Ft. Worth       Dolores W.      Al-Anon Literature For
                                                                                    Rich M          Hill Country AFG
       Workshop on the Concepts          March 11-12, 2011 - Workshop on the
                                                                                    Phil R.         Canyon Lake AFG
        chaired by Sue M and Candy        12 Concepts – Bulverde Methodist
                                                                                    Edwin T.        Saturday Big Book
        N. Ric B, Executive Director      Church
                                                                                    Gayle H.        Monday Nite Gratitude
        of the WSO will come and                                                    Paul R.         Northwest Group AFG
        lead     the  March     11-12     April 16, 2011 – District 12 and SAAIS
        Workshop to be held at            ISR Meeting – Alamo United Methodist      Candy welcomed all the new ISRs.
        Bulverde United Methodist         Church
        Church. Flyers were designed                                                Minutes
        by Candy N and passed out to      May 20-22, 2011 – East Texas Al-
        the attendees. Nancy M will       Anon/Alateen   Area    53  Spring         The Minutes from the September 4th
        handle the decoration, but        Assembly, Round Rock Texas                meeting were read as published in the
        volunteers are needed as                                                    latest issue of Al-Anews. Gayle H
        host/hostess to pick up Ric                                                 made the motion, seconded by Nancy
        and get him to his hotel.                               Yours in Service,   M that the Minutes be accepted as
        Snacks are also needed for                               Dolores W.         published and filed.
        days of workshop as well as
        volunteers to provide food                        Secretary – District 12
                                                                                    The Treasurer’s Report
        items that are listed on the
        planned menu for lunch on                                                   Michael B distributed the current
        Saturday, March 12, 2011.                                                   Treasurer’s Report along with the year
        Volunteers are needed to give              ALATEEN                          to date 2010 group contributions
        out flyers and create interest           COORDINATOR                        reports to the ISRs.
        from both the East and West
        Texas Areas by distributing                                                 The Treasurer’s Report was approved
        flyers to the AIS Intergroups                                               as reviewed and filed for audit.
                                          NO REPORT PROVIDED TO
        and the Texas website. To
        that end, flyers are being        THE AL-ANEWS EDITOR FOR
                                                                                    The Treasurer’s Report will be included
        revised to include hotel          INCLUSION IN THIS ISSUE.
                                                                                    in the next copy of the Al-Anews for
        information for out-of town                                                 downloading purposes.

       Spanish Coordinator Sylvia A             SAAIS                              OLD BUSINESS
        has been appointed by Tricia
        DR       as   the     Spanish
                                            MEETING MINUTES                         E-Communities Update:
        Coordinator for the remainder
                                                                                    It was reported that no activity or
        of this term.
                                                                                    notices have been sent to the AIS
                                          The meeting of the San Antonio Al-        contact for e-communities since the
                                          Anon Information Service was called to    last meeting. AIS contact urged
(Minutes Continued in Next Column)
                                          order by Chairperson, Candy N., on        members to go to the members page
                                          December 4, 2010 followed by a            of the WSO website for blogs and info
                                          moment of silence and the Serenity        on the Concepts, Traditions and Steps.
                                          Prayer. The 12 Concepts of Service
                                          and Warranties were read by those         (SAAIS    ISR    Meeting       Minutes
                                          present.                                  Continued Next Page)

December 2010                              Get Busy … Get Better                                          Page 4
(SAAIS ISR Meeting Minutes Cont.
OLD BUSINESS CONTINUED)                      Use of Paid Answering Service vs              Update On SAAIS Meetings with
                                             Weekend Phone Duty by Al-Anon                 District 13:
                                             Member Volunteers:
Website Update:                                                                            Communications between the DR from
                                             Nancy M. provided information that the        District 12, District 13 and the SAAIS
Carola T submitted a report that the         trial period using the paid answering         Liaison to the AWSC have been on-
SAAIS     website  www.san-antonio-          service has been very successful and          going. (See New Business Section) continues to be updated           that the AIS was able to keep its
and improved. Since the last ISR             original telephone number, thus               SAAIS Liaison        to   the   AWSC
meeting on September 5, the meeting          eliminating any extra work in changing        Report
pages have been updated at least six         the website, website links, etc.
times.                                                                                     In Donna D.’s absence, Candy N.
                                             Rich M. had prepared a very complete          prepared and presented a report to
A question arose as to why when some         report on the answering service and           the ISRs.
members revisit the website they find        the number of calls received. He
outdated meeting schedules:                  pointed out the increase in the number        Donna D submitted the following report
                                             of calls that had been reported by the        to Al-Anews to supplement Candy’s
ANSWER.         The website contains         previously contracted SAAIS employee          report. It reads as follows:
cached pages and, if the person is           and the paid answering service. His
revisiting the website meeting schedule      report pointed out how each incoming          “Monthly speaker meetings continue to
and their computer settings do not           call was handled and also reminded            be held at Club 12 on the first Saturday
automatically delete previously cached       the ISRs that the numbers might be            of each month at 7pm with an AA and
pages, they will see the same meeting        slightly skewed as there were several         Al-Anon speaker.
schedule as they saw the last time. In       test calls during this trial period. It was
order to receive the latest information      also beneficial to see in his report that,    The AIS is currently investigating and
on meeting schedules, locations, and         during this trial period, 12th step calls     trialing an answering service for daily
times, the user must HIT THE                 were being forwarded to just three (3)        and weekend phone duty with Al-Anon
REFRESH         BUTTON       on    their     people….a reminder that there is a            members taking 12 Step calls. There
computer.                                    need to put together a contact list of        were some hiccups with getting the
                                             members in District 12 and 13 willing to      service initiated due to our previous
The website will in future contain an        take 12th step calls.                         carrier but after that no problems
instructional notice advising all visitors                                                 reported.
to the meetings schedule webpages to         It was agreed that the trial period
hit the refresh button.                      should continue until December and            We are in the process of finding a
                                             revisited at the next ISR Committee           secretary and webmaster with the
A website report will be prepared citing     meeting. Rich will prepare a secondary        intention of the webmaster working
the number of hits, a breakdown of           report for presentation at that meeting.      towards revisions if needed of our
those visitations and a brief history on                                                   website making it user friendly,
the website for next ISR meeting on          Ways and Means:                               informational and continually current.
January 16, 2011 to be held in                                                             The group change/registration form
Kerrville.                                   Monthly speaker meetings will                 has been incorporated and the meeting
                                             continue to be held on the first              list has been updated.
Discussion on the expansion of               Saturday of each month at 7 PM at
website potential and new website            Club 12 in the Al-Anon Room. Candy            Candy N. is the new SAAIS chairman.
coordinator became a moot point and          N. requested that ISR’s bring back
no discussion was held.                                                                    The Al-Anews (District 12 and District
                                             the message to their groups that they
                                             need groups to act as hosts and               13’s newsletter) will have specific
Election/Appointment          of    New                                                    designated areas for District 12 and
                                             sponsors for the monthly speaker
Officers:                                                                                  District 13 news & to be distributed to
                                             meetings. Nancy also pointed out
                                             that the host group/leaders need to           District 13 District Representative. I
The subject became a moot point and                                                        have with this month’s District 13
                                             procure speakers (an Al-Anon and
was not discussed. Carola T will                                                           newsletter      been    including     a
continue on as Secretary until the Fall
                                             an AA) for those speaker meetings.
                                             Please contact Candy for more                 report/article.
elections. Finding a new webmaster
will be tabled until it can be brought       information on what this entails. Any
                                                                                           (SAAIS Liaison Report Continued Next
forward when the AIS holds its next          questions you might have concerning
meeting in conjunction with a District       this can be addressed via email to
13 meeting.                                  the SAAIS.

(Continued in next column)                   (Continued in next column)

December 2010                                 Get Busy … Get Better                                              Page 5
(SAAIS Liaison Report Continued)           Because District 12 will be holding 5
                                           meetings this year, the schedule is a             TRAVEL
I along with Candy N., SAAIS chairman      tentative one.
and Trina H., District 12 travel
coordinator, attended the District 13      The vote to alternate the AIS meetings
picnic meeting. David S (District 13       was, however, approved with 11 in        NO REPORT FURNISHED TO
DR). gave each of us agenda time and       favor and 2 abstentions.
we were able to continue to work on
                                                                                    THE AL-ANEWS AT TIME OF
our AIS goal of communicating to both      SAAIS Sponsored Workshops:               PUBLICATION.
District 12 and 13. I verbalized that I
had realized District 12 was easy for      At this time, no workshops are
me because I am in service in my own       scheduled, however, it was decided
District but have a responsibility to      that the annual Serenity Celebration               AL-ANEWS
District 13. I offered an explanation as   would be held on October 1st. Plans
to what the SAAIS provides to the          are pending and will be discussed at
groups in District 12 & 13. We             the next meeting.                        As editor, every effort is made to keep
discussed the possibility of next year                                              the Al-Anews fresh and filled with
alternating our SAAIS meeting - first      The meeting was closed with the Al-      information that each and every Al-
with District 13 then District 12 and so   Anon Declaration.                        Anon member in both District 12 and
on.         I would like to officially                                              District 13 should know about. Al-
recommend to the SA AIS that we do         The next SAAIS meeting is scheduled      Anews is only as good as the
this for 2011.                             for January 16 in Kerrville, TX.         information it is given, the timely
                                                                                    manner in which it is distributed and
I was unable to attend the Fall                           Respectfully submitted,   those willing trusted servants who pass
Assembly so sent a report to the                                  Carola T.         it on.
AWSC and Assembly body and Candy
N. graciously took my place and                                        Secretary
                                                                                    In the last issue we included the
reported----thank you!!”                                                            OOOPs Column. In this issue you will
                        Donna D.                                                    find the financial reports from the
                                             OPPORTUNITIES FOR                      SAAIS included. We are making every
                                              SERVICE IN SAAIS                      effort to get the most information out
                                                                                    that concerns members of Districts 12
                                                                                    and 13. It is up to the GRs and ISRs to
SAAIS Meeting Schedule for 2011:           Being A Speaker At An                    distribute these materials.
                                           SAAIS Monthly Speaker Meeting
Upon explanation and presentation by                                                If, as a GR, you do not have an email
Donna D., the SAAIS Liaison, a motion      Purpose: To share your experience,       address, please seek out someone in
was made that the SAAIS participate in     strength and hope and carry the Al-      your group who does have a computer
a trial period of one year to alternate    Anon message.                            and would be willing to be the e-buddy
the SAAIS ISR Committee Meetings                                                    for the group to download and print
between the scheduled District 12 and      Requirements: At least one year in the   out a copy of the Al-Anews and all
District 13 Business Meetings. The         Al-Anon/Alateen program.                 subsequent “flashes” for the group’s
motion was presented by Martha J and                                                use. It is my hope that each GR is
seconded by Gayle H that the SAAIS         Serving As Your Group’s Alternate        maintaining a telephone/e-mail list of
ISR Committee would hold its 2011          GR/Information Service Rep               their    group’s   membership      and
meetings based on the following                                                     automatically forwards the Al-Anews to
schedule:                                  Attend the quarterly SAAIS ISR           everyone in their group. Better still,
                                           Committee Meetings and bring the         create a group email address by
January 16 – ISR Meeting to be held        information obtained from the meeting    setting up a separate email account.
in conjunction with District 13 Business   back to your group. Encourage
Meeting.                                   participation in programs offered by     If you are a GR or ISR and do have an
April 16 - ISR Meeting to be held in       SAAIS.                                   email address please make sure that
conjunction with District 12 Business                                               we are aware of it and can add you to
Meeting.                                   Actively Participating in SAAIS          the list. Please send information to
Fall Date to Be Determined –ISR            Sponsored Programs             
Meeting to be held in conjunction with
District 13 Meeting                        Attend the monthly SAAIS speaker         Share the information, share the hope,
                                           meeting which is held on the first       share the Al-Anon experience.
December 3 – ISR Meeting to be held        Saturday in the Al-Anon Room at Club
in conjunction with District 12 Meeting    12 starting a 7 PM.                                           Yours In Service,
(Continued in next column)                                                                                  Carola T.
                                           Volunteer to serve on committees for                           Al-Anews Editor
                                           SAAIS sponsored workshops.
December 2010                               Get Busy … Get Better                                         Page 6
                                            2010-2013 Al-Anon/Alateen Service
          SPANISH                           Manual                                          PUBLIC OUTREACH
        COORDINATOR                         The brand new 2010-2013 Al-                       COORDINATOR
                                            Anon/Alateen Service Manual is now
                                            available with a complimentary copy
                                            being distributed to all registered
NO REPORT SUBMITTED TO                      groups     in   the    World    Service
                                                                                        NO REPORT SUBMITTED TO
AL-ANEWS   AT TIME  OF                      Conference structure. GRs should            AL-ANEWS AT TIME OF
PUBLICATION.                                check to make sure the Current Mailing      PUBLICATION.
                                            Address (CMA) is correct for their
                                            group. Additional copies of the Service
           ARCHIVES                         Manual may be purchased from the                     CLIP & SAVE
                                            local Literature Distribution Center or
                                            from the WSO. The 2010-2013 Al-             All Groups are responsible for keeping
                                            Anon/Alateen Service Manual is              their records up-to-date with their local,
                                            downloadable in pdf format from the         regional, and world service offices.
NO REPORT SUBMITTED TO                      members pages of the Al-Anon                After any changes in Trusted Servants,
AL-ANEWS   AT TIME  OF                      website:                                    mailing address, meeting address, or
PUBLICATION.                                                                            time, please send a current copy of the
                                                       included                Al-Anon/Alateen
                                                                                        Registration/Group Records Change
                                            Remember, the password to get into          Form to each of the following:
        LITERATURE                          the members’ pages is the name of
       COORDINATOR                          your group followed by “AFG”.               WSO -- AFG, Inc.
                                                                                        1600 Corporate Landing Parkway
                                            Also available is the booklet “Al-Anon      Virginia Beach, VA 23454-5617
                                            and Alateen Groups at Work” which           FAX: 757-563-1655 or 1565
Both the 2010 and 2011 issues of            provides an overview of the Al-Anon
the “Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism”              group structure and can provide your
booklet are now available.                  group     members       with   additional   East Texas Area 53
                                            information. Check with you local
                                                                                        Group Records
This is a perfect vehicle for a public      literature distribution center (LDC) or
                                            the WSO website literature page and
                                                                                        Melissa H.
outreach project for your group to
                                            order P-24.                                 81 East Grand Oaks Drive
contact professionals in the medical,
mental health, judicial, religious and                                                  Harper, TX 78631-5133
educational fields to inform then what      The Next Al-Anon Book             
Al-Anon is and how to find us.
                                            Tracing Our Growth (working title) is       San Antonio Al-Anon
The booklets can be purchased for           the next planned book for Al-Anon and       Information Service Office
$.35 per copy, but your group can           is to be a book about Al-Anon’s history.    P. O. Box 701436
receive 25 copies of each for free by       The book will tell Al-Anon’s story from     San Antonio, TX 78270
providing a brief written plan for their    the perspective of Al-Anon members,
distribution. Please contact Candy N.       including those whose personal    
to receive your copies.                     progress involved working in Al-Anon
                                            service on the challenging issues of        District 12 Representative
A suggestion for additional information     their day.                                  Tricia L.
to include with this booklet is to make a                                               13700 Judson Road - #82
label to adhere on to the back of the       Discovering Choices is now available        San Antonio, TX 78233
booklet with the following information:     in Spanish. It is titled Descubramos
                                            Nuevas Opciones (SB30). The price
 “For More Information, contact:            is $15.00 if ordered through the WSO.
                                                                                        Beacon Editor                                                            Marilyn L.
  Name of your Group                        The Forum
                                                                                        P.O. Box 23
  Meets: State Day(s) of Week                                                           Brazoria, TX 77422
  Time of Meeting(s)                        Good News! Subscriptions to monthly
                                            Forum has increased. – 19,000 in 2009
  Location/Address of Meeting
                                            and 23,270 in 2010.
                                                                                        Texas Al-Anon Website
(Literature Continued Next Column)
                                                                     Candy N. 
                                                            Literature Coordinator

December 2010                                Get Busy … Get Better                                             Page 7
       CHECK IT OUT                        IMPORTANT DATES                           GOT A MINUTE
Have you visited the member pages of
                                              MARK YOUR
the     WSO       website          CALENDAR                         Take this time and blank lately? WSO                                             space to jot down what
is going high tech with podcasts and
blog pages, literature to read and             2011 DISTRICT 12                 you would like to see in
download, guidelines to read, study               MEETINGS                    the next issue of Al-Anews
and download, and suggested meeting
topics.                                   Registration Begins at 9:45 AM           and submit your
                                         Meeting Starts Promptly at 10 AM           suggestions to:
Check out the new Legacies Workbook
the WSO is working with blogs and
                                                Saturday Meetings
information on Steps, Traditions and                                                  Al-Anews
Concepts.     There is even a new                 FEBRUARY 5
Podcast specifically directed toward       Rolling Oaks Christian Church                 c/o
new Group Representatives to help                 7150 Stahl Road    
them understand their responsibilities           San Antonio 78247
as a trusted servant to the group.                   Hosted by:
                                                   Pass It On AFG
Have you visited the Texas Al-Anon
website to                    APRIL 16
check out various events across the        Alamo United Methodist Church
                                                     Building B
                                              4071 North Foster Road
Have you visited other websites in
Area 53 which include the Austin AIS
                                                San Antonio 78244
at , Houston AIS               Hosted by:
at , and               Monday Nite Gratitude AFG
Beaumont        Area
                           AIS     at
                                                     JULY 16
                                             Bulverde Methodist Church
You don’t have to plug into all those        28300 Highway 281 North
website addresses. Just go to                    San Antonio 78260            I was told early on that Al-Anon is a        and                Hosted by:               program of personal PROGRESS NOT
use our updated links.                              Sunset AFG                PERFECTION and how apparent that
                                                                              is in this publication.     Can’t make
We in the San Antonio area are one of            SEPTEMBER 17                 excuses, justify or rationalize the
four websites in the entire East Texas         Zion Lutheran Church           tardiness of getting this publication out
Area 53 that has an opportunity to                                            in a timely fashion nor the typos … just
                                                  Fellowship Hall
reach out to those who are still                                              human I guess.
                                                9944 Leslie Road at
suffering and searching for help.
Please check out your local website
                                                 Braun Road/1604
                                                San Antonio 78254             The latest Al-Anews Flash with regard
today.                                                                        to the Calendar of Events was
                                                    Hosted by:
                                               Northwest Group AFG            incorrect. It was corrected in a second
                                                        And                   Flash the following day.
   Al-Anon Declaration                        Saturday Big Book AFG
                                                                              No room in this issue or time to include
                                                                              Delegate’s Summary Report. It will be
                                                  DECEMBER 3                  in emailed Al-Anews Flash to GRs and
     Let It Begin With Me …               Traditional Holiday Potluck Lunch   ISRs who can, at their discretion, print
                                              and Ornament Exchange           it out and pass it on.
    When Anyone Anywhere                  Thousand Oaks Christian Church
     Reaches Out For Help,                   13007 Jones Maltsberger          CHALLENGE:
    Let The Hand of Al-Anon                       San Antonio 78247
          And Alateen                                 Hosted By:              There are at least 20 typos and
       Always Be There…                           Strength and Hope           grammatical errors in this publication.
                                               In Thousand Oaks AFG           Can you find them …. If so let me
                                                                              know at
…. And Let It Begin With Me

December 2010                            Get Busy … Get Better                                       Page 8
                           Texas Al-Anon Alateen
                            Convention (ATAAC)

                              February 18 – 20, 2011
                                        Fort Worth, TX
Hotel: DFW Marriott Champions Circle Hotel/Golf Club (Near Texas Motor Speedway)
       3300 Championship Parkway – Fort Worth/Alliance, TX 76177 CALL 817-961-0800
            Room Rate: Only $89 per night for ATAAC ($106 after taxes and fees)

                   REGISTRATION: Al-Anon or AA - $25                  Alateen - $5

            Send Registration to: Pat Cane – 1608 Palo Verde Drive – Denton, TX 76210
                                  Make Checks Payable to ATAAC

(Please Print)

Name ___________________________________ Al-Anon___ AA ___ Alateen ___
Email ___________________________________ (to receive confirmation)
Mailing Address ___________________________________________________________

                 For More Information: Kim Hankins 817-891-0941/

                  All Alateens must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times

December 2010                       Get Busy … Get Better                                Page 9
   Using the Concepts in Our Personal Lives
                Facilitated By Ric B – WSO Executive Director
                              Virginia Beach, VA
                       Hosted By District 12 – Texas East
                          March 11th and 12th, 2011
            Friday, March 11, 2011                        Saturday, March 12, 2011
          Registration: 6:30 – 7:00 PM                   Registration: 9:00 – 9:30 AM
              Workshop: 7:00 PM                          Workshop: 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM

                                   Workshop Location:
                            Bulverde United Methodist Church
                                28300 Highway 281 North
                                San Antonio, Texas 78260

        COST OF WORKSHOP: $20.00 if you register by February 15, 2011
                          $25.00 at the door
                 Cost Includes snacks on Friday night and lunch on Saturday

      Make Check Payable to: AFG District 12                 Mail to:                AFG District 12
                                                                              15005 Saint Hedwig Rd.
                                                                              Saint Hedwig, TX 78152
     Name __________________________________________

     e-Mail __________________________________________       Telephone # __________________

                        FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, CONTACT:
                        Sue M.                                       Candy N.
                     210-259-9866                                  210-846-0877

December 2010                      Get Busy … Get Better                                  Page 10

INCOME/TYPE                                2010      PERIOD      PERIOD      PERIOD      PERIOD       Totals
                                         BUDGET      1st QTR     2nd QTR     3rd QTR     4th QTR
Al-Anews Subscriptions                      $30.00                                                       $0.00
Gratitude Baskets                          $400.00     $37.00      $34.00     $45.00                   $116.00
Group Contributions                      $1,320.00    $237.00     $643.33     $322.75    $467.82     $1,670.70
Misc. Income                                $50.00      $5.00                 $ 40.00       5.00        $50.00
Workshop                                   $500.00    $354.00                                          $354.00
Total Income                             $2,300.00    $633.00     $677.33     $407.75     $472.62    $2,190.70

Al-Anews Expenses                         $100.00                                                       $0.00
Alateen Coordinator (w/POSSE
Registration)                              $200.00                            $157.67                 $157.67
Alt. DR Expenses                            $50.00                                                      $0.00
Archives Coordinator                        $50.00                                                      $0.00
DR Expenses                                $650.00                 $42.41     $190.34     272.81      $505.56
Literature Coordinator                      $50.00                                                      $0.00
Love Gifts                                 $100.00                                                      $0.00
Public Outreach Coordinator                $200.00                            $184.24                 $184.24
Secretary Expenses                          $50.00                                                      $0.00
Spanish Coordinator                         $50.00                                                      $0.00
Treasurer Expenses                          $50.00                             $43.90                  $43.90
Meeting Expenses                           $100.00                                                      $0.00
Delegate Visit Expense                      $50.00                                                      $0.00
WSO Contribution                            $50.00
Area Contribution                           $50.00
Workshop expense                           $500.00                                                      $0.00
Total Expenses                           $2,300.00      $0.00      $42.41     $576.15     $272.81     $891.37

Bank Reconciliation Schedule
Net Change for Period                                  $633.00     $634.92   ($168.40)     $199.81   $1,299.33
Begining Checking Acct. Balance                      $1,723.43   $2,366.43   $3,001.35    2,832.95
Pending Bank/Deposit Error                              $10.00
Chargeback Items
Chargeback Fees
Transfer to Savings (Prudent Reserve)
Special Fund for Alateen Background
Checks                                                   $0.00       $0.00       $0.00       $0.00
Checking Acct Balance at End of Period               $2,366.43   $3,001.35   $2,832.95   $3,032.76
Plus: Balance In Savings (Prudent
Reserve)                                             $2,538.60   $2,539.54   $2,540.18   $2,540.81
Ending Total Cash Balance                            $4,905.03   $5,540.89   $5,373.13   $5,573.57

December 2010                        Get Busy … Get Better                                  Page 11
GROUP NAME                        Jan.   Feb.   Mar.   Apr.     May   June   July   Aug.    Sept.   Oct.     Nov.   Dec.   TOTAL
Al-Anon Sharing Solutions                                                                                                       0
Big Book Monday                                         48.33                  8                    25                       81.33
Boerne Hope                               25                     25                   25                     25            100.00.
Booster Shot                       25                     25     25                                                          75.00
Canyon Lake AFG                           40                                                        30                       70.00
Cathedral Park                                            75                  50                    75                      200.00
Estado De Paz                                                                                                                   0
Happy Destiny                                                                                                                   0
Hill Country AFG                                          30                                                                 30.00
How Al-Anon Works                                                                   44.75           32.62                    77.37
Literature for Progress                                                 20                                                   20.00
Monday Nite Gratitude                                            50                                                          50.00
New Braunfels Sharing Solutions                                                             100                             100.00
Pass it On AFG                                                  250                                 160                     410.00
Release Alanon                                                                20                                             20.00
Saturday Big Book AFG                            52                                                                          52.00
Seguin Alanon Group                                                                   10                                     10.00
Serenity Al-Anon                                 25                     25    25                                             75.00
Serenity Path                                                                               20                               20.00
Strength Hope - 1000 Oaks          20                     20                  20                    20                       80.00
Sunset                                    50                            50                          50       50             200.00
TOTAL                              45    115     77    198.33   350     95   123    79.75    120    392.62   75       0    1570.70

December 2010                              Get Busy … Get Better                                               Page 12
Big Book Monday AFG                      $ 65.00
Boerne Hope AFG                          $125.00
Booster Shot AFG                         $135.00
Canyon Lake AFG                          $ 20.00
Cathedral Park AFG                       $340.00
Estado De Paz AFG                        $ 15.00
Group 12 AFG                             $538.50
Hill Country AFG                         $ 30.00
How Al-Anon Works AFG                    $ 42.00
Literature For Progress AFG              $ 20.00
Monday Nite Gratitude AFG                $ 70.00
North Loop Rd AFG                        $182.26
River City Community Church              $ 50.00
Serenity Al-Anon Group                   $ 30.00
Serenity’s Path AFG                      $158.05
Strength & Hope at Thousand Oaks AFG     $ 65.00
Sunset AFG                               $100.00
Total                                              $1,985.81

      Strength & Hope at Thousand Oaks AFG        $ 20.00
      Group 12 AFG                                $135.00
      Pass It On AFG                              $ 50.00
      Booster Shot AFG                            $ 25.00
      Monday Gratitude AFG                        $ 50.00
                                       Total:     $280.00
        Canyon Lake AFG                         $ 30.00
        Sunset AFG                              $ 50.00
        Boerne AFG                              $ 25.00
                                         Total: $105.00
        North Loop Rd AFG                       $ 35.00
        North Loop Rd AFG                       $ 12.50
        Cathedral Park AFG                      $120.00
        Group 12 AFG                            $135.00
                                         Total: $302.50
        Strength & Hope at Thousand Oaks AFG      $ 20.00
        Hill Country AFG                          $ 30.00
        Booster Shot AFG                          $ 25.00
        Big Book Monday AFG                       $ 48.33
                                         Total:   $123.33

December 2010                        Get Busy … Get Better     Page 13
       Contribution                              $ 30.00
                                          Total: $ 30.00
       Boerne Hope Al Anon Family Group         $ 25.00
       Booster Shot #40002                      $ 25.00
       Monday Nite Gratitude AFG                $ 50.00
       North Loop Rd AFG                        $ 26.00
                                          Total $126.00
       Group 12 AFG                             $135.00
       Just For Today AFG                       $ 10.00
       Strength & Hope @ Thousand Oaks          $ 20.00
       Boerne Hope AFG                          $ 25.00
       Cathedral Park AFG                       $ 80.00
       Sunset AFG                               $ 50.00
                                          Total $320.00
       Boerne Hope AFG                          $ 25.00
       Group #30507892                          $ 44.75
       Release AFG San Antonio                  $ 20.00
       Big Book Monday Night AFG                $ 8.00
                                          Total $ 97.75
       Group #025555 Fredricksburg              $ 30.00
                                          Total $ 30.00
       Sunset AFG #66575                        $ 50.00
       Group 048596                             $ 25.00
       Canyon Lake AFG #50913                   $ 30.00
       Cathedral Park AFG #066248               $120.00
       How AnAnon Works AFG #30507892           $ 32.62
       North Loop Road AFG #7056                $ 38.00
       Boerne Hope AFG                          $ 25.00
       Group 12 AFG                             $135.00
                                     Total      $455.62

December 2010                        Get Busy … Get Better   Page 14
                          CLIP IT AND GIVE IT
                                  DISTRICT 12 CONTRIBUTION
     Make Check Payable to: AFG District 12   Mail to: Donna Dodgen, District 12 Treasurer
                                                       218 Romberg Street, Seguin TX 78155

     Group Name __________________________________________ Group # _________________

     Current Mailing Address _________________________________________________________

     ________________________________________________ Telephone # __________________

     Sent By _____________________________ Check # _____________      Amount ____________

     Make Check Payable to: SAAIS              Mail to: SAAIS – Attention Treasurer
                                               PO Box 701436 – San Antonio, TX 78270

     Group Name __________________________________District # _______ Group # _________

     Current Mailing Address ________________________________________________________

     _______________________________________________Telephone # ___________________

     Sent By ___________________________ Check # ______________ Amount ______________

                             EAST TEXAS AREA 53 CONTRIBUTION
     Make Check Payable to: ETAAA          Mail to: ETAAA
                                           PO Box 2626 – Alvin, TX 77512

     Group Name __________________________________District # _______ Group # _________

     Current Mailing Address ________________________________________________________

     _______________________________________________Telephone # ___________________

     Sent By ___________________________ Check # ______________ Amount ______________


     Make Check Payable to: Al-Anon WSO               Mail to: AFG, Inc.
                                                      1600 Corporate Landing Pkwy
                                                      Virginia Beach, VA 23454-5617
     Group Name __________________________________District # _______ Group # _________

     Current Mailing Address ________________________________________________________

     _______________________________________________Telephone # ___________________

     Sent By ___________________________ Check # ______________ Amount ______________

December 2010                      Get Busy … Get Better                               Page 15
This Newsletter is one of our principal means for communicating information and activities
throughout District 12 as well as District 13. We distribute a copy to every group to help ensure that
every Al-Anon/Alateen member in the District will have access to it. Al-Anews is published
quarterly. No dues or fees are required from the groups within the District to receive this Newsletter
and Al-Anews Flashes, however, your individual contributions are gratefully appreciated.

In addition to the copies of the Al-Anews distributed to the groups in both District 12 and District
13, an electronic copy of the Newsletter can be found on the San Antonio Al-Anon/Alateen
Information Service website at

If you would like to be added to the mailing list or would like to financially support this
communication service arm, please your check made payable to District 12 and the completed form
to the address given below. Please print when filling out the form. You have the option of receiving
your copy via the post office or by email.

Thank you for supporting Al-Anews and your District.

                       Official Al-Anews One-Year Subscription Form
                      Please use this form to submit your group or individual subscription request.
                                Price is $3.00 for each one-year subscription (4 issues).

This subscription is for: Individual  Group  # ___________________
 Hard Copy ___ E-mail_____ E-mail Address____________________________


Do not send cash. Enclosed is my: Check Money Order  for $ _______ for ____ subscriptions.
    Make checks payable to: District 12. Mail along with separate forms for each subscription to:
               Carola Turner 8511 Grapevine Pass, San Antonio, TX 78255

                       Official Al-Anews One-Year Subscription Form
                      Please use this form to submit your group or individual subscription request.
                                Price is $3.00 for each one-year subscription (4 issues).

This subscription is for: Individual  Group  # ___________________
 Hard Copy ___ E-mail ____ E-mail Address ___________________________


Do not send cash. Enclosed is my: Check Money Order  for $ _______ for ____ subscriptions.
    Make checks payable to: District 12. Mail along with separate forms for each subscription to:
               Carola Turner 8511 Grapevine Pass, San Antonio, TX 78255

December 2010                            Get Busy … Get Better                                        Page 16
                                  Al-Anon Registration/Group Records Change Form
 This is not an Electronic, Tab Set Form. It must be filled out and mailed. To do it electronically, go to the SAAIS
                              website (Meetings Page)
                       Fill Out Form And Mail || Please PRINT All Responses Clearly
(1) WSO I.D. Number                                    District Number                        Area Name                   (Abbreviation)

(2) Status                        New                 Change                  Inactive          Not Sure If Registered

(3) Group Focus                   Regular Al-Anon                             Parents           Men              Women
         (Check only one)         Al-Anon Adult Children                      LGBT

(4) Changes                       Current Mailing                             Mtg Place         Mtg Day          Mtg Time
         (Check all that apply)   Address (CMA)                               Group Name*       GR               Contact

(5) Group Type                    Closed*             Open*

(6) Special Needs                 Babysitting       Handicap Access         Signing (ASL)        Limited Access*
                                  Language Spoken                                  Mailing Language
                                  Special Instructions, i.e. use back door, etc.

(7) Special Meetings              Beginners**         Introductory
*See Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual (P24/27) for information and/or definitions **See Beginners’ Meeting Guideline (G-2) for meeting format

(8) Current Mailing Address: (All WSO mail for the group is sent to this address)
    First Name                                       Last Name
    Address /PO Box
    City                                             State/Province
    Zip/Postal Code                                  Country
    Phone Number            -        -               E-Mail

(9) Group name
(10) Meeting Place
(11) Meeting Address
    City                                                             State/Province
    Zip/Postal Code                                                  Country
(12) No. of Members                         (13) Day: Su   Mo    Tu       We       Th    Fr   Sa     Time:      :    AM      PM

(14) Contacts (WSO refers newcomers and visitors to these members for information about your meeting.)
First Name                                 Phone #        -     -
First Name                                 Phone #        -     -

(15) For Area Use: Group Rep First Name                                             Last Name
    Address /PO Box
    City                                                             State/Province
    Zip/Postal Code                                                  Country
    Phone Number            -        -                               E-Mail

(16) For Additional Area Use: (indicate title of service position.)
Service Position              First Name                                     Last Name
    Address /PO Box
    City                                                         State/Province
    Zip/Postal Code                                              Country
    Phone Number               -             -                   E-Mail

Submitted by:                                                        Date:
   Phone Number                         -         -                  E-Mail
E-Mail as an Attachment, or Mail Printed copies to:
1.) San Antonio AIS, P. O. Box 701436, San Antonio, TX 78270 -- Email:
2.) AFG, Inc., Group Records, 1600 Corporate Landing Parkway, Virginia Beach, VA 23454
3.) District Representative, Al-Anews Editor and Beacon Editor (Addresses provided in Al-Anews Clip and Save)
4.) Al-Anon East Texas Area 53 Records
December 2010                                         Get Busy … Get Better                                             Page 17

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