Bachelor of by wuxiangyu


									Bachelor of
      Taught in English or Spanish
         Each Bachelor program at IE University is designed to prepare professionals to
         work in a global world.

         We encourage students to participate in exchange programs with international
         universities and institutions. Students are assisted in gaining internships in
         multinational companies and work on projects around the world.

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All of IE University‘s Bachelors are                                                                                                               und cts wh ral and
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designed to develop students’                                                                                                                       pro nd cult border
entrepreneurial capacities and encourage                                                                                                              b eyo phical
students to take initiative in pursuing                                                                                                                geo
their own projects.

The IE Module’s Business Management
courses provide our students with the
necessary tools to become a successful

Students can pursue a Minor in Business
with any of our programs, offering a
chance to expand their knowledge of
the business world and obtain additional
qualifications that will enhance their
professional profile.

All of the professors and professionals
at IE University share an entrepreneurial
spirit. The legacy of IE Business School’s
successful entrepreneurial model
permeates our University. Ranked among
the top 10 Business Schools worldwide
                                                                                                                                 ia     l
and number 1 in Europe, IE Business
School provides training related to project
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                                                                                                            nt rep
management to all IE University schools.
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                                                                                                                  IE ts

                             Each Bachelor program and academic discipline takes an integrated approach
                             and is always applied from a professional perspective.

                             IE University has a core set of courses required in all degree programs to give future
                             professionals, regardless of their focus of study, a well rounded education that
                             contributes to both academic and personal growth.
                             The IE Module core courses are geared to train students to be responsible and
                             entrepreneurial, with a global, innovative outlook. It comprises 4 main courses:
                                                                                                                                                                          IE U
                                                                                                                                                                         IE B
                                                                                                                                                                        IE La
                                                                                                                                                                       IE Sc
                             Business Management                            Interpersonal skills                                                                      IE Sch
                             The students at IE University create and       The students at IE University lead and
                                                                            carry out projects in teams.                                                             IE Sch
                             manage projects.
                                                                                                                                                                    IE Sch
                             Humanities                                     Ethics                                                                                 IE Scho
                             The students at IE University undertake        The Students at IE University create
                             projects without conceptual limitations.       responsible and valuable projects.
                                                                                                                                                                  IE Univ
                             IE University offers a unique learning experience that is multicultural, multilingual and inter-
                             national. The campus is housed by the Convent of Santa Cruz la Real, declared a national heri-
                             tage site. It covers over 18,000 m2, comprising lecture halls, laboratories, radio and TV studios,
                             and conference rooms, where new technologies have been seamlessly integrated into a his-
                             torical backdrop from the 13th century. Not only is the campus site itself rich in culture, but so
                             is the community of students and faculty that makes up IE University. Our students come from
                             across the globe, with multicultural backgrounds, and many are fluent in several languages.

                             Bachelor degrees are offered in Spanish or English.
                             IE University’s Language Center promotes the learning of multiple languages.

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                                                                                   tive   ,

                                                                                                                                      IE University provides flexibility in the
                                                                                                                                      design of study programs. Students can
                                                                                                                                      choose from a wide range of elective
                                                                                                                                      courses and tracks, with the possibility of a
                                                                                                                                      dual degree or Minor.

                                                                                                                                      The curriculum and teaching methodology
                                                                                                                                      is adapted to the needs of each program.
                                                                                                                                      We offer on-site sessions, online courses,
                                                                                                                                      workshops, and supervised experiential

                                                                                                                                      There is a system of ongoing evaluation
                                                                                                                                      aimed at the continual improvement of

                                                                                                                                      students’ competencies.

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 Univers                                     ssional           e
          ity com                                    division
                    prises 7                                  s.
Busines                      schools
         s Schoo                     :
 aw Sch             l
chool o
         f Arts a                                                        IE Business School has been recognized as one of the best business schools in the world in publications
 hool of          nd Hum
          Archite           anities                                      such as the Financial Times, The Economist, Wall Street Journal, Business Week and Forbes.
hool of             cture
         Commu                                                           These sources have acknowledged IE University as a leader in academics and entrepreneurial training,
hool of             nicatio
        Biology             n                                            as well as in the application of technology in education.
 ool of P
 rsity’s s
which tr          comple
          ains stu        ment e
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                                     progra       a share
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 Bachelor of
                       Taught in English or Spanish

                    How far do
                    want to go ou
                    If you want
                                   to practice
                    global settin                law in a
                                    g and work
                   most prest                     in the
                                igious law fi
                   corporation                 rms, major
                                  s and world
                  internation                   -class
                               al organiza
                 Bachelor of                 tions, the
                                Laws (LL.B.)
                 University is                 at IE
                                 for you. IE
                and IE Law                    University
                              School hav
                a program                   e designed
                             that will eq
                with the sk                uip you
                            ills to deve
               implement                  lop and
                            effective so
               within a glo                lutions
                            bal legal en

What we offer

IE University’s Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) is a unique program
with an international focus. You will be trained to become
a business lawyer able to work with corporate clients,
organizations or governments. This program gives you the
opportunity to become an international lawyer providing
you with the requirements needed to access two different
legal qualifications.
• Our Bachelor is designed for lawyers of the future. The
Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) is intended for those who want to
practice law in the global economy.
• The Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) will train lawyers both in Civil
Law and Common Law system and with an important focus
on European Union Law.
• Two specific tracks allow you to choose to focus on
qualifying as a lawyer in Spain, or study to qualify in England.
IE Law School has an agreement with The College of Law
of England & Wales which offers students the possibility to
prepare for and access the legal profession in the United
Kingdom as a solicitor (subject to validation).
                       What is Laws at IE Uiversity?

                                                                                   •  A well-rounded educ
                                                in a global                        The IE Module requir
                                   to engage                                                              ed in this
                      as a calling             rs for the
          We see law             pare lawye
                                                                                   program consists of
                                                                                                         core courses in
          profession . We pre                    rs who can                        humanities, ethics, int
                                  of law, lawye                                                            erpersonal skills
          internatio nal practice               crossborde
                                                            r                     and business manage
                                  al clients in                                                           ment. Our goal
           work with  internation               izatio ns and                     is to train well-round
                                   their organ                                                           ed professionals,
                       s and lead
           transaction                                                           with deep understan
                                                                                                        ding of human
           societies.                                                            and social issues, an
                                                                                                       d individuals who
                                                                                 can be both team pla
                                                                                                        yers and leaders.

              onal Ou
                                         l faculty
                                                      of                   •Law Un
• Internati
IE Univers
            ity h  as an inte
                                 yers, bus
                                             in essmen                    Law Unp
                                                                                      lugged is
                      ticing law                    al                   focused                an innov
 profess ors, prac             bring  intellectu                                     compon
                                                                                              ent of yo
                                                                                                           ative an
                                                                                                                     d practic
            serva   nts who                   ip le                     you will                         ur prog               e-
 and civil                        and mult                                          have a fr                      ram wh
                       program                     IE                  legal pra              ont-row                        ere
  divers ity to the           gal pra  ctice. At                                    ctice an
                                                                                             d learn to
                                                                                                        seat to th
                                                                                                                    e reality
               ves  of the le                    a truly               a lawyer                          work an              of
  perspecti                        mersed in                                       from yea                        d think li
                       will be im           ch your
                                                                      in real-li             r one. Yo                        ke
   Unive  rsity you             t will enri
                                                                                 fe scena
                                                                                           rios and
                                                                                                         u will be
                      unity tha                        ective.        worksho
   global co
                mm                        rld persp                              ps and v             projects                d
                             ce and wo                  .B.)                               isits to le          through
                  experien                  Laws (LL                                                   ading la
    academic                    chelor of                                                                       w firms.
                  n, in our Ba                  n ities,
    In additio                      opportu
                          xchange                    tages           Through
     you w   ill have e             oth er advan                                Law Unp
                  rofe  ssors and              al
                                                                               issues an
                                                                                            lugged y
                                                                                                      ou will li
     visiting p                    ternation                                               d proble              ve the
                         m our in                                  encounte
      stem   ming fro                                              will face
                                                                               r in the la
                                                                                           w profes
                                                                                                      ms you
                   hips.                                                     the spec                 sion. Stu
       partners                                                   to the p              ific ethic              dents
                                                                            rofessio               al proble
                                                                 respons             n and ex                ms relate
                                                                           ibility as           perience                  d
                                                                 of law.              pect inv              the socia
                                                                                               olved in                 l
                                                                                                          the prac
                                  ration                      s out for
                       nd Integ                    .B.) stand
          xibility a                   f Laws (LL                   pus and
   •   Fle
     The IE Un
                iversity B
                            achelor o
                                           elor com
                                                    bines on-c
                        lum.  The Bach             anywh   ere in the
            le curricu                   ou to be
     flexib                   h allow y
                  sses whic                                                lum
      online cla                    periods.                    e curricu
                        line class                   part of th                  of
      duri ng the on               re a si gnificant          from   a variety
                 tive  courses a                ma y choose                 , in order   Courses                              European Credits
       Law elec                     year. You                  internship                First year
                          d fourth                   to do an
       in th e third an         well as c  hoosing                na l profile.
                    ffered, as                          professio                        First Semester
        courses o                            emic and
                                onal acad                                                European Legal History                              6
                    your pers
        to shape                                                                         Constitutional Law                                  6
                                                                                         Introduction to Private Law. Civil Law              6
                                                                                         Contemporary Cultures and Societies - IE Module     6
                                                                                         Economics                                           3
 •   Your professional op
  IE University will conn
                                                                                         Ethics - IE Module
                                                                                         Total Semester
                           ect you to a network
  companies and give                              of individuals and
                         you opportunities to
 highly recognized law                          have internships with                    Second Semester
                            firms and organizatio
 School boasts a close                             ns worldwide. IE Law                  Criminal Law I                                     6
                          relationship with pre
 companies such as Ur                            stigious law firms an                   Public International Law                           6
                          ía Menéndez, Clifford                        d
Landwell, Freshfields                             Chance, Garrigues,                     Civil Law. Contracts                               6
                        , Cuatrecasas, Gonçalv
McKenzie, Gómez Ac                               es Pereira, Baker &                     Law Unplugged                                      3
                       ebo y Pombo, Latha
DLA, and Deloitte. Th                         m & Watkins, Pérez-Ll                      Interpersonal Skills - IE Module                   3
                       ese organizations rec                         orca,
our law programs an                            ognize the excellenc                      Introduction to Management - IE Module             6
                       d actively recruit ou                         e of
                                             r graduates.                                Total Semester                                    30
                                                                                         Total Year                                        60

                                                                                         Courses                               European Credits
                                                                                         Third year
                                                                                         First Semester
                                                             e                           Administrative Law and Economic
                                                    as on
                                           nized                                         Regulation                                          6
                              l is recog the world
                     Schoo              ols in                 d                         Law Unplugged                                       3
             IE Law p law scho                       secon
                      to                   or the                   w                    Civil Law. Family, Estate & Trust                   3
              of the           n li sted f         the    best la
                      as bee ar among                      ancia
                                                                  l                      Taxation I                                          6
               and h             ye
                         utive                 the Fin              9                    Litigation II                                       6
                consec orldwide in cation 200
                        ls w              al Edu                                         Accounting and Finance                              6
                 schoo            al Leg
                         ’ Glob                                                          Total Semester                                     30
                          t.                              has
                   repor                        chool
                                  3 IE  Law S         gram
                                                               s to
                    Sin ce 197 ing law pro                       chool                   Second Semester
                                  ad                   . The S
                     tau ght le               wyers stigious
                                      ure la                e                            Taxation II                                         6
                              re fut              ith pr
                      prepa              hips w                 King’s                   Law Unplugged                                       3
                           s pa  rtners ich include                     ersity
                       ha                wh                    g Univ o,                 Legal Thought                                       6
                                 hools               Tilbur                g
                        law sc                don,                  Chica
                                     of Lon               sity in            r,
                                                                                         Elective Courses                                   15
                         C ollege tern Univer Law Cente                                  Total Semester                                     30
                                   wes                 rsity
                          North               Unive ool of Law                           Total Year                                         60
                                     etown                ch
                            Georg nd Mary S                              ia
                                                                 Virgin y of
                             Willi am a          ivers   ity of         ersit
                                              n                       iv
                                       inia U                nal Un
                             in Virg d the Natio aw in Asia.
                                        an                      L
                              (USA)                   lty of
                                             e Facu
                                Sin  gapor
Courses                               European Credits
Second year
First Semester
Administrative Law                                  6
European Union Law                                  6
Civil Law. Property                                 6
Commercial Law and Corporations I                   6
Law Unplugged                                       3
Labor Law                                           3       + business
Total Semester                                     30

Second Semester                                           We complement your Bachelor
                                                                                                of Laws
Litigation I                                        6     (LL.B.) with a Minor in Business, a
Labor Law II                                        6     advantage which will enhance
Commercial Law and Corporations II                  6     professional and academic profile.
Law Unplugged                                       3     The Minor in Business will com
Conflicts and Business Law                          3                                            plement
                                                          your legal training with the skills
Criminal Law II                                     6                                           to be an
                                                          innovative manager and deve
Total Semester                                     30                                          lop your
                                                         entrepreneurial capacities needed
Total Year                                         60                                              in the
                                                         dynamic legal profession. With train
                                                                                                    ing in
                                                         business principles you will better und
                                                         the needs of your future corporate
                                                          The courses taught by IE Business
Courses                               European Credits   professors cover marketing, strat
                                                                                             egy and
Fourth year                                              finance, as well as interdisciplin
                                                                                            ary topics
First and Second Semester                                such as decision making, leadersh
                                                                                               ip and
LL.B. Thesis                                       12    economic environment. These cour
                                                                                              ses offer
                                                         additional credits which comprise
                                                                                           a Minor in
Choose one of the following:                             Business.
Option 1
Elective courses with an internship                48

Option 2
English Laws Track: Study at The College
of Law of England and Wales to access
the legal profession in the UK

Option 3
Study at one of our partner law schools

Total Semester                                     60
Total Year                                         60

Total Bachelor                                   240
                                11 e
                           0 -20 Profil
                        201 dent et
                         Stu t She

35 Countries on campus:               Region                         %
Australia, Belgium, Bolivia,          EU                          70%
Brazil, Canada, China,
                                      South America               11%
Colombia, France, Germany,
                                      North America                9%
India, Italy, Libya, Mexico,
Morocco, Netherlands,                 Asia + Australia             5%
Philippines, Poland, Portugal,        Middle East + Africa         5%
Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain,
Switzerland, Turkey, Venezuela,
the United States, and others.

 Spanish 30%          International            70%           Approximately 60%
                                                             of the students who
                                                             applied for an IE
 14%8%                                         85%           University Scholarship for
                                                             the 2009-2010 academic
                                      18-19 years
                                                             year, were awarded some
                                      20-27 years
                                                             form of financial support.
 Female             47%       Male             53%

Grades to access IE University
Qualification                     Range                  Average
IB Diploma                        30-40                    35
Selectividad/UNED                  6-9                     7,5
Admission tests
Exam                  %                    Scores
IE University       70%                    Exam          Average
SAT                 20%                    SAT            1850
ACT                 10%                    ACT             30

Additional information:
Students are predominantly from international schools and many have
lived in several countries and speak several languages fluently.

IE University has a rolling admissions process,
                                                                                 ads:                       on
which means that you can apply for admission at                         Downlo                        missi
                                                                                                 y/admis sion
                                                                                           ersit d
                                                                                      /univers ity/a           ays and
any time of the year. You may begin the process as                 /univ
                                                                        ww      .edu                 , open d s and
early as 2 years prior to the start of your university                                    sessions , open day
                                                                                     sight ssions
                                                                         Virtuall in sight seates:
                                                                               a in
studies. Places are allocated strictly by order of                       Virtuission test d ates:
                                                                         adm ission test ersity/events
                                                                         adm                     ity/even
reservation and admission is normally closed                                       .edu/univers
months before the first day of the academic                     
year. Therefore, given the limited number of
places available, and the time typically required
to obtain credit validation and/or a student
visa, we strongly recommend that you apply for
admission at least 3-6 months prior to the start of
the academic year.

                 I                                       II                                         III

           Application                          Admissions test                          Personal interview

     • Application form                   • IE University admissions test               • On campus
     • Admission fee €120                 or SAT, ACT, CAS                              • IE International offices
     • Additional documentation                                                         • By telephone
                                                                                        • Via Skype

                                                          IV                                         V

                                          Admissions Committee Decision                       Enrollment

                                          • Written notification of               • “Place reservation” €1.000
                                          Admissions Committee Decision           • Documentation required for IE
                                                                                  University enrollment (check entry
                                          - No admission: end of process
                                                                                  requirements and enrollment
                                          - Provisional or definitive             procedures on our web site)
                                          admission: IE scholarship               • Student Office: access to our
                                          application                             online campus, student visa,
                                                                                  accommodation, etc.

Being granted admission to IE University does                 IE University Scholarship Programs
not imply that a place will be held for you. Once             Admission enables the candidate to apply
applicants have received a letter of admission,               for IE University Scholarships. Through the IE
provisional or definitive, they will be asked to              Foundation and our Financial Aid Office, we
make a €1.000 deposit to guarantee a place in                 provide several options for funding the cost of
                                                              our Bachelor degrees. Our grants can cover up to
the Bachelor degree of choice.
                                                              75% of the annual tuition fees.
                                                              Approximately 60% of the students who applied
                                                              for an IE University Scholarship for the 2009-
                                                              2010 academic year, were awarded some form of
                                                              financial support.
                                  Bachelor of
                                                           LawsTaught in English or Spanish

   Other IE University degrees                                                          IE University                     

Bachelor in Business Administration - BBA. English / Spanish       Bachelor in Biology. English                       Madrid                    Segovia
Bachelor of Laws - LLB. English / Spanish                          Bachelor in Psychology. English                    María de Molina, 13       Cardenal Zúñiga, 12         Find us on:
Bachelor in Communication. English                                 Bachelor in Tourism. English                       28006 Madrid              40003 Segovia. España
Bachelor in Architecture. English / Spanish                        Bachelor in Art History. English                   T: +34 91 568 96 10       T: +34 921 412 410
                                                                   Dual Degree Laws + BBA

Argentina / Buenos Aires                   China / Shanghai                                   India / Mumbai                           Portugal / Lisbon                    USA / Los Angeles
Federico Paviolo                           Albert Krisskoy                                    Karan Gupta                              Inés Holtreman                       Jean Marie Winikates
Avda. Santa Fe, 882, 7 B                   IE China Rep Office at Tradeco                     T: + 91 22 325 44 552                    T: +35 1 964800515                   1539 Westwood Blvd.
Capital Federal C.P. 1059,                 1807, Guangdong Rd 689,                                                           Los Ángeles, CA 90024
Buenos Aires. Argentina                    Haitong Securities Tower,                                                                                                        T: +1 310 2340900
T: + 54 11 48 94 13 01                     Shanghai, 200001, China                            Italy / Milan                            Russia / Moscow                      F: +1 310 7346048
F: + 54 11 48 94 13 01                     T: +86 21 3366 5050                                Sergio Negri                             Liudmila Ishchenko                                    F: +86 21 3366 5266                                T: +39 347 00 56 100                         
Brazil / São Paulo                                                                                           Singapore / Singapore                USA / Miami
Joao Villas                                                                                   Japan / Tokyo                            Dirk Hopfl                           Guillermo Montes
Av. Paulista, 726 - 17º andar              Colombia / Bogota                                  James Walsh                              T: +65 650 91157                     T: +1 954 323 8748
Cj.1707d.                                  Patricia Salgar                                    Harumi Hotta                             HP: +65 9236 1802          
São Paulo - SP - CEP                       Calle 99 # 7A-77                                   2-2-25, 4F, Minami-Azabu,      
01310-910. Brazil                          Oficina 603                                        Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0047                                                     USA / New York
T: +55 11 3254 7636                        Bogota. Colombia                                   Japan                                    South Korea / Seoul                  IE Fund
F: +55 11 3254 7628                        T: +571 636 07 05                                  T: +81 (0)3 3457 2821                    Abraham Lee                          Kim Janulewicz                         F: +571 616 97 21                                  F: +81 (0)3 4496 6133                    T: +82 10 7515 7541                  845 3rd Avenue, 6th fl
                                                                                                       New York, NY 10022
Central America                                                                                                                                                             T: 646 290 5098
Patricia Salgar                            Ecuador / Quito                                    Mexico / Mexico City                     Spain / Madrid             
T: + 57 1 636 07 05 / 636 07 16            Alexandra Perez                                    Alvaro Sanchez                           Admissions Department                (prior appointment only)                       Av. Republica 396 y Diego de Almagro,              c/ Alica 18, PB-1. Col. Lomas            María de Molina, 11
                                           Edificio Forum 300, Piso 11                        Virreyes, Del. Miguel Hidalgo            Madrid. Spain                        Venezuela / Caracas
Chile / Santiago de Chile                  Quito. Ecuador                                     CP11040. Mexico City. Mexico             T: +34 91 568 96 10                  Raoul Benaim
Mauricio Yury                              T: +5939 22 547 839                                T: +52 55 26 23 04 10 / 11               Fax +34 91 568 97 10                 Calle Paris con calle New York
Avda. Cerro Colorado 5240, Piso 10         F: +5939 22 507 297                                F: +52 55 26 23 04 11                              Edificio Zumarraga, Piso 2. Of 2D
Edificio Torre Parque Arauco II                                                                                              Las Mercedes, Caracas 1060.
Las Condes, Santiago. Chile                                                                                                            UAE, Qatar & Kuwait                  Venezuela
T: +562 434 5310                           Egypt / Cairo                                      Peru / Lima                              Arturo Manso                         T: +58 212 993 0555
F: +562 434 3333                           Sandy Samaan                                       Bruno Garro                              Al Garhoud, Bin Khedia Centre, 3rd   T: +58 212 991 4277                               T: +20 109999591                                   Calle Bolivar, No. 472.                  floor, 306                 
                                                                        Oficina 403 - Miraflores,                T: +971 4 283 32 61
                                                                                              C.P. Lima 18. Peru                       M:+971 5 045 429 24
                                           Germany / Munich                                   T: + 51 1 447 08 05                      F: +971 4 283 32 62
                                           Isabelle Delacave                                  T/F: + 51 1 445 16 91          
                                           T: +49 89 6151 4103                      

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