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									                               Faculty Recruitment Policy
                                Department of Pediatrics
                                 Revised February 2006

Each section will be responsible for opening and conducting faculty searches within the
section (except those for section chiefs or endowed chairs). The Pediatric Chair’s Office
will be responsible for recruitment of section chiefs and endowed chairs.

It is the responsibility of the section chief to identify the need to open a faculty position
prior to starting the recruitment process. The section chief should meet with the
department chair to obtain approval for recruitment prior to opening a position.

Positions with modified titles (i.e., clinical assistant professor, assistant professor of
research, etc.) are considered temporary positions and do not require a search be

Opening a Faculty Position
The section chief, serving as search committee chair, will need to appoint a search
committee consisting of at least two other faculty members in addition to him/herself.
The appropriate secretarial/administrative person from the section should be appointed
as search secretary and will assist the section chief in completing the appropriate steps
for recruitment. Contact the payroll coordinator in the Pediatric Business Office
(x42310) for a position number. The committee, secretary and a position number are
all necessary before the Notice of Vacant Position can be completed. The Notice of
Vacant Position is now available on-line at:

The section chief/search secretary should draft the position description and
advertisement and provide the drafts to Carole S. Call in the Equal Opportunity Office.
The Equal Opportunity Office will review the position description and advertisement and
make a recommendation to the committee on advertising.

The advertisement must be placed with at least one national journal and must be a
current publication (within twelve months of the time a faculty appointment is made).
Carole Call should approve Internet advertising prior to the advertisement being placed.
A printed copy of the internet advertisement must be kept with the search file. Once
the advertisement has been approved and is ready for publication, please
forward a copy of the advertisement electronically to the Department of
Pediatrics Information Systems office for inclusion on the web-site.

Once these steps are completed, a Notice of Vacant Position, the position description
(sample attached), and advertisement (sample attached) must be forwarded to Sally
Murphy in the Dean’s Office. The Notice of Vacant Position will require the signature of
Faculty Recruitment Policy                                        Revised February 2006
Department of Pediatrics                                                          Page 2

the department chair. The secretary for the search committee will be responsible for
providing a complete copy to the senior administrative manager in the Pediatric Chair’s
Office and the payroll coordinator in the Pediatric Business Office.

Conducting the Search
Search committees must submit the following items to the Equal Opportunity Office
while the search is in progress:
       1. position description,
       2. copies of published advertisements and other recruitment efforts,
       3. copy of the applicant scoring form, names and addresses of the applicants so
          that a Confidential Data Form may be mailed to each applicant by the Equal
          Opportunity Office.

Search committee members should meet as needed to rank candidates for interview.

Any faculty member asked to interview candidates should receive and return a
completed score model (copy attached) to the search secretary.

Search committee members should meet after candidates are interviewed for purposes
of selection.

Making an Offer
Once a prospective faculty member is identified, the section chief should draft a letter
of offer (to be signed by both the section chief and the department chair) and review
the letter with the chair before the final copy is sent. Specific issues of clinical faculty
appointment guidelines should be addressed before a formal offer is rendered.

Please refer to Process of Recruiting a Faculty Member for further details and for a
template of the letter of offer.

Closing the Position
Once an offer is made and accepted, the position must be closed. An Affirmative Action
Summary must be completed and signed by the search committee chair and the
department chair. The Affirmative Action Summary is now available on-line at:

Once the search committee chair and the department chair have signed the Affirmative
Action Summary, the original should be forwarded to the payroll coordinator in the
Pediatric Business Office (with a copy of the actual advertisement showing publication
name and date, a copy of the position description, and a copy of the letter of offer). A
Faculty Recruitment Policy                                      Revised February 2006
Department of Pediatrics                                                        Page 3

copy of the entire set should go to the sr. administrative manager in the Pediatric
Chair’s Office. The payroll coordinator in the Pediatric Business Office will include the
original with the appointment paperwork and faculty application that goes to Sally
Murphy in the Dean’s Office. Ms. Murphy will obtain the Dean’s signature on the
Affirmative Action Summary and forward to the Equal Employment Office.

All search information must be kept on file in the appropriate section.

Funding for Recruitment
Faculty recruitment expenses for faculty candidates within the individual
sections will be the responsibility of the section. The Pediatric Chair’s Office
will pay recruitment expenses for section chiefs. Recruitment for endowed
chair positions will be a shared expense between the section (50%) and the
Pediatric Chair’s Office (50%).

Once a faculty member is hired, the Pediatric Chair’s Office will pay moving expenses.
The guaranteed salary for the first three years will be a negotiated shared expense
between the section and the Pediatric Chair’s Office.


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                                     Job Description
                        Assistant/Associate Professor of Pediatrics
                                   Pediatric Cardiology

The person filling this position will provide inpatient and outpatient clinical care for
patients under the care of the Pediatric Cardiology Section. Other activities include
teaching students and residents, participating in clinical protocols, and involvement in
the administrative function of the Pediatric Cardiology Section. Minimum qualifications
and specialty training will include Board certification in Pediatrics and Board eligibility or
certification in Pediatric Cardiology.

This may be either a tenure track or consecutive term appointment at the Assistant or
Associate Professor level. This will depend upon the qualifications, experience, and
professional desires of the individual applicant.


The Department of Pediatrics at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine is
seeking a third and fourth pediatric intensivist for a full time position in the Pediatric
Critical Care Section at the assistant professor level. Responsibilities include patient
care, supervision and teaching of house staff and medical students, and clinical or basic
science research. Interest and experience in the development of clinical trials is
desired. Rank and salary are commensurate with experience and training. Candidates
must be BC/BE in pediatric critical care medicine and eligible for a permanent Oklahoma
State Medical license. Interested candidates are invited to contact: Morris Gessouroun,
MD, Chief, Pediatric Critical Care Section, Children’s Hospital, 940 NE 13th St., Room
6115, Oklahoma City, OK 73104, telephone (405) 271-5211; fax (405) 271-2945; email
mo-gessouroun@ouhsc.edu. The University of Oklahoma is an EOAA Employer.

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                                   SEARCH COMMITTEE
                                APPLICANT SCORING MODEL

___________________________________                     ________________________________
Name of Candidate                                       Name of Evaluator

Department _________________________                    School or Division________________

Position ____________________________                   Total Score _____/80

Each committee member (if applicable) should individually screen applicants by a
mutually agreed upon scoring system. The scoring system should be derived
from the specific qualifications listed in the job description. After the applicants
are initially screened in this manner, the final screening should be by majority
vote where the application should be: a) invited for an interview; b) deferred for
possible further consideration; c) rejected.


I.     Teaching (20 points)
       a.   Experience (classroom and/or laboratory)_______________________
       b.   Graduate course work _______________________________________
       c.   Financial recognition (i.e., fellowships, scholarships, residencies, etc.) ___________________

II.    Research (20 points)
       a.   Publications ________________________________________________
       b.   Grant applications and grant funding ___________________________
       c.   Direction of graduate students ________________________________
       d.   Post doctoral studies ________________________________________

III.   Professional Service (20 points)
       a.    Academic credentials ________________________________________
       b.    Professional practice experience (hospital, community, pharmacy,
             government, industry, etc.) ___________________________________
       c.    Professional association memberships including honors and
             activities ___________________________________________________

IV.    References (20 points)

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