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1. This guide provides an overview of some of the key Knowledge Transfer funding opportunities available to all disciplines (APART FROM MEDICINE) in the University
2. It does not include information on general Research Council funding - please contact the Research Office regarding this or visit the websites
3. It is kept updated on a monthly basis, but if you notice any mistakes, please contact Alison Burton (2-7459)
4. Whilst it is as comprehensive as possible, there may be some ommissions

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       APPLICABLE TO:
Organisation                 Type                            Description                               Further info                      Funding     Timeline    Funding mode          Deadline       Eng       Maths   Science   Environment DCS & IS   Soc Sci   Languages   Arts
AHRC                         Knowledge Catalyst Scheme       Supports partnerships between    60% cost of 3-15 months    Ongoing                N/A                                                                x         x         x
                                                             universities and non-academic             owledge/knowledge_catalyst_sche project
                                                             partners. Aim - To exploit the            me.asp
                                                             research base in arts and humanities
                                                             for commercial/cultural gain; to make
                                                             such activities accessible to
                                                             organisations for whom DTI KTP
                                                             scheme not appropriate

AHRC                         KT Fellowship Scheme            This scheme is designed to support NA              NA          NA                  08.11.07                                                            x          x         x
                                                             academics so that they can                owledge/knowledge_transfer_fello
                                                             undertake a programme of                  wship_scheme.asp
                                                             knowledge transfer activity in a
                                                             flexible way
BBSRC                        Industrial Partnership Awards   Industrial Partnership Awards are 80% fec         Variable         Ongoing          N/A                               x         x
                                                             science base-led responsive mode          nowledge/partnerships.html
                                                             research grants that have significant
                                                             industrial involvement. Where an
                                                             industrial partner contributes 10%, in
                                                             CASH to the total cost of a
                                                             responsive mode project, the project
                                                             will be given Industrial Partnership
British Ecological Society   Small ecological project        Small (IPA) grants
                                                             Award projectstatus to promote all Up to £2,500 Various              Bi-annual                                          x         x
                             grants                          aspects of ecological research and        getpage.cfm?pagename=Funding
                                                             survey. The awards enable ecologists      OpRecord&lang=EN&type=default                                                     01.11.07
                                                             to travel from the UK or RoI to a third   &query=byFopCode&id=165419&
                                                             country, or vice versa, for the           orgLang=EN
                                                             purposes of research where
                                                             alternative sources of funding are
Carbon Trust                 Applied Research Grants         The Carbon Trust’s Applied Research Up to          Variable    Three times a     Usually one          x      x         x         x
                                                             Programme is open to UK businesses        ology/appliedresearch/             £250,000                       year           month to
                                                             and research institutions and aims to                                                                                        apply
                                                             support the development and
                                                             commercialisation of technology with                                                                    Next call opens     Next call
                                                             the potential to reduce UK carbon                                                                        11th June 07      closes 17th
                                                             dioxide emissions. As such we are                                                                                           August 07
                                                             endeavoring to encourage and
                                                             support the progress of low carbon
                                                             technologies towards large scale

DEFRA                        Various                         Defra lets a large number of research Various            Variable         Various         Various           x      x         x         x           x
                                                             projects every year including through nding/competitions.htm
                                                             competitions advertised on this site;
                                                             non-competitive arrangements,
                                                             mainly at our science Agencies and
                                                             other major contractors where we
                                                             need to maintain certain expertise
                                                             and facilities; and in partnership with

DTI                          KTP (KT Partnerships)           KTPs sponsor partnerships between                ~£20,000      1-3 years        Ongoing          N/A              x      x         x         x           x         x          x         x
                                                             research organisations, businesses                                            p/a + costs
                                                             and recent graduates who are
                                                             employed to work on a specific
                                                             aspect of a business
DTI                          AHRC KTPs                       Specific to arts and humanity      NA            1-3 years        Ongoing          N/A                                                               x          x         x
                                                             subjects - not yet open for calls         owledge/dtis_knowledge_transfer
DTI                          LINK                            Government wide initiative aimed at       http://defrafarmingandfoodscience   ~50% costs Variable             Annual          N/A              x      x         x         x
                                                             promoting academic/industrial       of project
                                                             research collaboration in a pre-          w.cfm                               (up to
                                                             competitive research area. LINK                                               £5million
                                                             resources are mainly concentrated in                                          p/a in total
                                                             a series of programmes, each                                                  for all
                                                             addressing a particular area of                                               projects)
                                                             science and technology and
                                                             consisting of a portfolio of
                                                             collaborative projects.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          APPLICABLE TO:
Organisation                             Type                          Description                              Further info                          Funding        Timeline         Funding mode        Deadline       Eng       Maths   Science   Environment DCS & IS   Soc Sci   Languages   Arts
DTI                                      Technology Programme          Combination of business support   Dependent      Usually up          Bi-annual          Recently           x       x        x          x          x          x         x         x
                                                                       products and information that the DTI    chnologystrategy/competitions-        on project.    to 3 years                              closed
                                                                       are offering business in response to     for-funding/page34928.html            Between 25-
                                                                       the Technology Strategy.                                                       75% of
                                                                       Collaborative R&D programme                                                    costs
                                                                                                                                                      on type
DTI                                      Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and      Includes a number of technologies          £50million     Next call              Variable            N/A            x                x         x
                                         Carbon Abatement              which, alone or in combination, have                                           in total for   likely in late
                                         Technologies Demonstration    the potential to contribute to reduced                                         the initial    07/08
                                         Programme                     carbon emissions while utilising fossil                                        funding call
                                                                       fuels. Some also have the capability                                           (now           However, if
                                                                       to be deployed in conjunction with                                             closed).       you are
                                                                       renewable energy sources. What they                                            Likely to be   interested
                                                                       have in common is that they are                                                similar in     in this you
                                                                       relatively untried. Even without the                                           second         should
                                                                       further r&d which in many cases will                                                          contact DTI
                                                                       be required in order to produce                                                               asap
                                                                       products which are fully competitive,
                                                                       the lack of field experience and real
                                                                       operating data with these
                                                                       technologies would constitute a
                                                                       barrier to deployment. It is that barrier
                                                                       which this scheme is designed to

DTI                                      KT Networks (KTNs) (Used to They provide both a vehicle for the No specific N/A                   N/A                 N/A                  x      x         x         x           x         x
                                         be Faraday Partnerships)    community to develop its ideas and         chnologystrategy/technologyprogr funding, but
                                                                     interactions and a communications          amme/KTN/page12567.html             an
                                                                     route between that community and                                               opportunity
                                                                     the Government. Their activities are                                           to engage
                                                                     increasingly playing an important role                                         and link
                                                                     in the development of the                                                      partners
                                                                     Government's Technology Strategy                                               together
                                                                     and as focal points for the
                                                                     Technology Programme.
European Union                           Framework 7                 The Seventh Framework programme   Dependent          Multi year             Ongoing             2013!          x      x         x         x           x         x          x         x
                                                                     for Research and Technological             p7                                on project,
                                                                     Development (FP7) will be the                                                but usually
                                                                     European Commission´s main                                                   large scale
                                                                     instrument for supporting R&D and
                                                                     will run from 2007 to 2013. The
                                                                     overall budget is just over €73
                                                                     million. Nine thematic areas for
                                                                     collaborative research are specified
                                                                     (see website)
Fisheries Society of the British Isles   Research Grant schemes      The society funds small grants of up Up to £6,000 Various                 Small Grants &       See website                          x         x                     x
                                                                     to £2,000 and Wyn Wheeler grants of        getPage.cfm?pagename=Organis                                          Travel grants
                                                                     up to £6,000 to support research into      ationRecord&lang=EN&type=defa                                         (quarterly)
                                                                     any aspect of fish biology. Wyn            ult&id=296&orgLang=EN
                                                                     Wheeler granst are restricted to                                                                                 Wyn Wheeler
                                                                     researchers retired from academic                                                                                (annually in May)
                                                                     employment. Applicants for both
                                                                     grants must be society members.
                                                                     Also - travel grants

Future Energy Yorkshire                  Project Development           Focus on medium scale                 TBC            TBC              TBC                 TBC                  x      x         x         x
                                         Investements                  developments (100kw - +MW); new
                                                                       technology as well as early stage        website will go live early Jan 07 -
                                                                       venture; energy generation and           this will also provide general info
                                                                       enabling projects; speculative           on energy funding in Yorkshire
                                                                       activities. Investment will be on a
                                                                       commercial basis, and it has to have
                                                                       benefit for Yorkshire region
Home Grown Cereals Authority             Cereals research              Invites applications to conduct Various             3 months -             Quarterly                          x                x         x                     x
                                                                       research projects in areas of            getpage.cfm?pagename=Funding                         5 years
                                                                       importance to the cereals industry.      OpRecord&lang=EN&type=default                                                               07.09.07
                                                                       The four key areas are: developing       &query=byFopCode&id=175854&
                                                                       new markets and supporting existing      orgLang=EN                                                                                  30.11.07
                                                                       ones; satisfying discerning markets
                                                                       for quality and food safety; achieving
                                                                       production efficiencies; addressing
                                                                       environmental issues.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                APPLICABLE TO:
Organisation                           Type                          Description                               Further info                     Funding      Timeline        Funding mode     Deadline         Eng       Maths   Science   Environment DCS & IS   Soc Sci   Languages   Arts
Japan Foundation Endowment Committee   Small Grants                  Projects may cover research on any Up to £5,000 Various            Bi-annual                                                                              x         x         x
                                                                     aspect of Japan within the humanities     getpage.cfm?pagename=Funding
                                                                     and social sciences.                      OpRecord&lang=EN&type=default                                                    15.10.07
Marie Curie                            Industry-Academia             This action seeks to open and foster      http://www.see-                  N/A          3-4 years       Ongoing with a                          x      x         x         x           x         x          x         x
                                       Partnerships and Pathways     dynamic pathways between public                                       several calls
                                       (IAPP) (Under FP7)            research organisations and private
                                                                     commercial enterprises, in particular
                                                                     SMEs, including traditional
                                                                     manufacturing industries, based on
                                                                     longer term co-operation
                                                                     programmes with a high potential for
                                                                     increasing knowledge-sharing and
                                                                     mutual understanding of the different
                                                                     cultural settings and skill
                                                                     requirements of both sectors
Ministry of Defence                    Grand Challenge               To create a system with a high           N/A            Long-term        N/A         Summer 2008            x      x         x                     x
                                                                     degree of autonomy that can detect,
                                                                     identify, monitor and report a
                                                                     comprehensive range of military
                                                                     threats in an urban environment.The
                                                                     Grand Challenge will provide a
                                                                     showcase for science and technology
                                                                     capabilities and is open to the whole
                                                                     UK science and technology base,
                                                                     large and small companies, research
                                                                     laboratories and university and other
                                                                     educational science faculties

NERC                                   Connect A                     Facilitates and promotes new       FEC of up      Variable       Ongoing         31.12.07                              x         x                     x
                                                                     partnerships between universities and     mes/connecta.asp                   to £4,000
                                                                     research institutes and public/private
                                                                     sector science users. The funds are
                                                                     for planning and initiating
                                                                     collaborative research not eligible for
                                                                     funding through other schemes
                                                                     (LINK, KTP, CASE or contract
NERC                                   KT Call                       KT Call helps maximise transfer of   80% FEC        12 months      Ongoing         01.08.07                              x         x                     x
                                                                     public-funded environmental science       mes/ktcall.asp                     (£200,000
                                                                     from the UK's science base to                                                available in
                                                                     environmental science users (public                                          total)
                                                                     and private sector organisations). 2
                                                                     schemes make up the call: Networks -
                                                                      for the support of networks of
                                                                     scientists and users; Good ideas - to
                                                                     aid communication between the
                                                                     science base and users

NERC                                   Partnership Research Grants   Facilitate and promote research    Minimum of Up to 3            Bi-annual     1st December                            x         x                     x
                                                                     activities between academic               mes/partnershipgrants.asp          £25,000 for years
                                                                     researchers and public or private                                            direct costs
                                                                     sector partners. The scheme is
                                                                     implemented through a LINK
                                                                     franchise which has EU State Aid
                                                                     approval. It replaces our Connect B
                                                                     scheme, which supported
                                                                     collaborative research with the public
                                                                     sector only
Npower                                 Juice Fund                    The Juice Fund has decided to       Total          Variable       Bi-annual     Aug/Sept 07            x      x         x         x
                                                                     concentrate on wave and tidal             uice-                              available                                    (date TBC)
                                                                     technologies as they have the ability     clean_and_green/about_juice/how    for next
                                                                     to supply a significant proportion of     _the_juice_fund_works.html         round of                                    Call Helen for
                                                                     the UK power market. Current                                                 funding                                      more detail
                                                                     projects with Edinburgh Uni on            Helen Steed - Juice Fund           £500,000
                                                                     evaluation of wave energy                 Manager (01905 340843)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              APPLICABLE TO:
Organisation                             Type                      Description                          Further info                                  Funding      Timeline      Funding mode   Deadline     Eng       Maths   Science   Environment DCS & IS   Soc Sci   Languages   Arts
PPARC                                    PIPSS (PPARC Industrial   KT scheme that supports the          Maximum      Up to 3          Quarterly                              x        x
                                         Programme Support scheme) development of effective, long term  pss.asp                                       of £125,000 years                           02.10.07
                                                                   collaborations between UK                                                          p.a of
                                                                   Universities, CERN, ESO, ESA, UK                                                   project
                                                                   industry and research sector                                                       (Also a mini
                                                                   organisations, with the aims of:                                                   one for up
                                                                   Ensuring maximum benefit to UK                                                     to £80,000
                                                                   industry, through transfer of                                                      for up to 12
                                                                   technologies and skills developed                                                  months)
                                                                   from PPARC research programme to
                                                                   broader market areas; Encouraging 2-
                                                                   way transfer of skills and knowledge
                                                                   between PPARC supported scientists
                                                                   and researchers in UK industry and
                                                                   research organisations representing
                                                                   other sectors.

Research Councils (EPSRC, PPARC, NERC,   Follow on fund (only available Aims to help researchers bridge the £1.5 million 12 months           Annual         2008           x      x         x         x           x         x
BBSRC)                                   with existing EPSRC grants) funding gap between research grants           unding/Opportunities/KT/FollowO p/a in total
                                                                        and commercial funding. Support is         nFund.htm                        for all
                                                                        provided for the very early (pre-seed)                                      projects
                                                                        stage of turning research outputs into     See individual RC websites for
                                                                        a commercial proposition. After            more info
                                                                        completion of the follow-on work, the
                                                                        prospective business idea should be
                                                                        in a much stronger position to secure
                                                                        commercial support from venture
                                                                        capital or seed funds

Royal Society                            Industry Fellowships           Promotes collaboration between    Cost of       2-4 years        Bi-annual    December          x      x         x         x           x         x
                                                                        researchers in academia and industry       nowledge/fellowships.html         salary and
                                                                        by providing funding for: academic                                           research
                                                                        scientists to carry out basic or applied   See individual RC websites for    costs up to
                                                                        research in an industrial environment      more detail                       £1500
                                                                        and industrial scientists to conduct
                                                                        research in academic centres.
                                                                        Available under all RCs

Royal Society                            Various                        The Royal Society always have a           Various      Various       Various        Various            x      x         x         x
                                                                        number of smaller grants available
                                                                        for science disciplines, including
                                                                        travel awards, engaging with the
                                                                        public and lecturer prizes.
Society for South Asian Studies          Project Development Grants     Grants provide seed-funding for   Various        Various          Bi-annual                                                                       x          x         x
                                                                        scholars, working independently or in      getpage.cfm?pagename=Funding
                                                                        groups, to develop distinctive             OpRecord&lang=EN&type=default                                                  15.08.07
                                                                        research projects. The society uses        &query=byFopCode&id=164727&
                                                                        these grants to help define research       orgLang=EN
                                                                        agendas, to set up new projects and
                                                                        to steer South Asian studies toward
                                                                        innovative areas of study and
UK PLc                                   Direct industrial funding      Many companies will be happy to            Call your representative in OCP:   Dependent    1 day             Ongoing        N/A            x      x         x         x           x         x          x         x
                                                                        directly fund a student project or         Ian Proctor - Engineering          on project   consultancy
                                                                        research without matched funding           Kay Martin - Biosciences &                      to multi-
                                                                        from an RC or other funding                Medicine                                        year/multi-
                                                                        organisation. This gives them total        Helen Parrott - Arts & Social                   partner
                                                                        control of the project and the             Sciences                                        agreement
                                                                        outcome and to build strong links with     Alison Burton - Science &
                                                                        the university/department                  Environment
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             APPLICABLE TO:
Organisation                       Type                          Description                             Further info                          Funding     Timeline        Funding mode      Deadline       Eng       Maths   Science   Environment DCS & IS   Soc Sci   Languages   Arts
University of Sheffield (HEIF 3)   Proof of Concept Fund         The PoCF is designed to provide    Up to       3-6 months       3 times a year    Most recent         x       x        x          x          x          x         x         x
                                                                 financial support at a very early stage poc.html                              £10,000 per                                    call closed
                                                                 of turning research into a business                                           project                                         25.06.07
                                                                 proposition. A concept can be a
                                                                 product or process and must be
                                                                 innovative. Concepts at different
                                                                 stages of development will be
                                                                 considered, from those at an ideas
                                                                 stage, to those that have been under
                                                                 development for a number of years.
                                                                 The financial support is intended to:
                                                                 Enable academic staff to explore the
                                                                 commercial potential of ideas which
                                                                 have arisen from their research.
                                                                 Assist projects to reach a point at
                                                                 which the research is commercially
                                                                 viable. Projects should have the
                                                                 potential to lead to a University spin-
                                                                 out, licensing agreement or patent.

University of Sheffield (HEIF 3)   KT Opportunities Fund        The University has received over    Up to        Variable      Next KTOF will    Most recent          x      x         x         x           x         x          x         x
                                                                £180,000 from HEIF 2 to provide              ktof.html                          £9,000 per                 be announced      call closed
                                                                academic staff with an opportunity to                                           project                      later in 07      25.06.07
                                                                work more closely with external
                                                                organisations to develop early stage
                                                                research ideas which could have
                                                                commercial potential or lead to future
University of Sheffield (HEIF 3)   Skills Training Development  The Skills Training Development     NA            NA            NA                31.01.08             x      x         x         x           x         x          x         x
                                   Grant Scheme - Roberts fund Grant scheme aims to promote and              staff/skills
                                                                support the development of generic
                                                                skills training provision for pgr
                                                                students and postdoctoral
                                                                researchers across the University.
Wellcome Trust                     Strategic Translation Awards STAs are designed to bridge the     Dependent       Currently            NA              NA                               x
                                                                 funding gap in the commercialisation of     610.html                                        open (as of
                                                                 new technologies. They are targeted at                                                      July 07)
                                                                 areas that are of strategic importance to
                                                                 the Wellcome Trust, such as the various
                                                                 fixed-term initiatives and ventures that
                                                                 are supported through the Trust's general
                                                                 funding mechanisms. The awards will
                                                                 also focus resources on technologies that
                                                                 will give added value to existing Trust-
                                                                 funded research

WRAP                               Various                       Innovation and research into waste Various         Variable           Various         Various           x                x         x
                                                                 and resources management                    orporate/tenders/
Yorkshire Forward                  Grant for Research &          Grant for R&D work which will lead to        Dependent       Up to 3            Ongoing           N/A             x      x         x         x           x         x
                                   Development                   technologically innovative products or                                      on type of      years
                                                                 processes. Funds available: Micro           Mark Saunders                   fund -
                                                                 (<10 employees in company);                                                 covers a %
                                                                 Research (< 50 employees);                                                  of eligible
                                                                 Development (< 250 employees &                                              costs up to
                                                                 grant of £250k; Exceptional (< 250 &                                        a limit
                                                                 grant up to £500k)

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