WAMU-CFK RecommendedBrokerInstructions by keralaguest


									The following are requirements for WAMU occupied properties in non – redemption states

         Confirm the property type (i.e. Single Family, Condo, Multi, etc) as well as occupancy type
          ( Borrower , Tenant or only Personal Property )

         WAMU requires a Drive-By BPO and one picture on occupied properties. The BPO must be
          received within 5 days and uploaded to the doc website at www.reoexperts.net/bpo. Password and
          Login: BPOLoad. Please use the same BPO form used for the interior BPO and check the box at
          the top of page 1 for “Exterior Only”.

         We require "face to face contact” with occupants to offer CFK. The CFK Letter is only used as a last
          resort where all attempts were made and you had no success with contacting the Occupants

         In order to expedite vacancy the Client has authorized up to $1,500.00 to occupants. The CFK will
          work simultaneous with the eviction proceeding. Depending on the circumstances and to request a
          higher amount or additional move out time please contact Carmelle Maglorie . To qualify for CFK
          the Occupant (s) agrees to voluntarily vacate the premises, remove all personal belongings, trash,
          debris from the interior/ exterior including storage buildings, attics and leave the interior in broom
          clean condition. Broker will post notice to Occupant.(s) along with request to vacate and explains
          the CFK Program. From time to time the Broker is being offered a $750.00 cash incentive.

          Please be reminded that you will continue to offer this CFK each week while inspecting the
          Property. No verbal agreement will be accepted and you must return the CFK Agreement, Release
          and W-9 found on our website. Carmelle Magloire is your contact throughout the CFK process,
          phone # 800-711-1258 ext.124, carmelle.magloire@reoexperts.net. Her fax # is 937-535-0992.

         Please advise if NO contact was made or if CFK offered and rejected by occupant. Please provide
          date contact made.

         If the agent needs a check sent from Coldwell REO you will need to send the CFK Agreement ,
          Release and W-9 to Carmelle Magloire.

         Encourage a Tenant to consult with an accountant or tax professional to determine any tax
          consequences that may arise from this Agreement

         We require a drive-by inspection every 7 days to check the occupancy status during the eviction
          process. If the property becomes vacant please email the Coldwell Pre-Market Coordinator.

         Once the CFK is completed please advise Carmelle Maglorie. Carmelle will order the securing and
          initial services with Cyprexx. Cyprexx will email our agents when the property has been secured,
          rekeyed and the lockbox code. Please start completing in interior BPO immediately.

   CA AGENTS ONLY: Please check with Carmelle for CFK in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Alameda and
   Santa Clara Counties due to rent control. Please let us know if the property is occupied by the Borrower or
   a Tenant.

   Please disregard these instructions if the property is located in a Ratification,
   Confirmation or Redemption state.
                                                                                                 NRT Rev. 04.16.09

            NRT Rev. 04.16.09

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