Memorial tree list 12-2009

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In Memory of              Mildred Chang
"Shangri-La"….Ginkgo Biloba                         NE Corner of Brick Chapel
"Eastern Dogwood"….Cornus Florida                   NE Corner Church of Christ Lot

In Memory of             Don Miller
"Princeton Gold"…Acer Maple                         NW corner of township Green

In Memory of           Mabel Krueger
"Tsuga Candensis"…Canadian Hemlock                  NW corner of park sign…N section

In Memeory of             George Apthorpe
"Pyrus Chanticleer" …Pear                           Nearest tree to park entrance sign

In Memory of             Evelyn Altiere
"Acer Platanoides"…Crimson King Maple               NW Corner of Methodist Church lot

In Memory of             Olive Chaffee
"Acer Platanoides"…Crimson King Maple               S side of Methodist Church lot

In Memory of              Russ Priddy
"Pyrus Calleryana"…Bradford Pear                    Tree nearest new war memorial

In Memory of           Judy Strohm
"Kousa Dogwood"…Cornus Kousa                        SE corner Church of Christ lot

In Memory of           Miles & Irene Schrecengost
"Cornus Ruba"…Pink Dogwood                          S sidewalk entrance to Brick Chapel

In Memory of                 Helen Sands
"Malus Prairifire:,,,Crabapple                      SE corner of Brick Chapel

In Memory of             Jim Pinney
"Gylptostroboides"…Dawn Redwood                     SW corner Brick Chapel lot

In Memory of             Bill Shields
"Pennyflora Double"…Pink Hibiscus                   Center W walk Methodist Church lot

In Memory of                Jack & Joann Neikirk
"Quercus Imbricaria"..Shingle Oak                   Near flag pole..S of town hall

In Memory of            Leon and Mary Kot
"Quercus Prinus"…Chestnut Oak                       E of NW corner twp green/along MLK Dr.

In Memory of            Larry Kline
"Quercus Coccinea"…Scarlet Oak                      In field at end of Methodist Church N Dr.

In Memory of             Eddie DeSalvo
"Cercis Canadensis"…Eastern Redbud                  S side town hall near building

In Memory of              Beulah Smith Perkovich
"Acer Griseum"…Paperback Maple                               N side of Methodist Church

In Memory of             Bob Ehresman
"Larix Decidua"…European Larch                               SE corner of green next to Brick Chapel

In Memory of             Rose Isler Griswold
"Fagus Sylvatica Roseomarginata..Rosepink European Beech     W end of S Congregational Church Dr

In Memory of             Mr. Donovan
"Fagus Sylvatica Roseomarginata..Rosepink European Beech     W end, N Cemetery Dr

In Memory of             Huber King
"Tilia Americana" …Basswood                                  W end of N Congregational Church Dr

50th Wedding Anniversary Harriet Curtis & Bob Isler
"Amelanchier Grandiflora"…Serviceberry                       SE corner of park sign area of green

50th Wedding Anniversary Dick & Suz Viebranz
"Quercus Robur"…English Oak                                  In field behind Congregational Church

Celebration of Marriage Ruth Ann Mizner & William C Isler
"Quercas Rubra"…Red Oak                                      Oak nearest town hall

In Memory of              Lester Jake & Bonnie June Bowers
"Quercus Robur"..English Oak                                 Behind Methodist Church

In Memory of            James Purdy Sr.
"Quercus Bicolor"…Swamp White Oak                            At MLK Dr. and NE corner of large field

In Memory of             John Bowen
"Catalpa Speciosa"…Northern Catalpa                          At back fence,behind Brick Chapel

In Memory of             Bill Spencer
"Acer Platanoides"…Crimson King Maple                        SW corner of water plant fence

In Memory of             Maurice Paul
"Pinus Strobus"…Eastern White Pine                           Pine nearest water fountain walk

In Memory of             Bill Rice
"Pseudotsuga Menziesii"…Douglas Fir                          2nd treee W of water fountain walk

In Memory of             Gene Goodin
"Abies Concolor"…Concolor Fir                                3rd tree W of water fountain walk

In Memory of            George Krontiris
"Aesculus"…Ohio Buckeye                                      currently in old fence corner backlot

In Memory of           Jeanette Rininger
"Malus"…Red Jade Crabapple                                   SW fields NW corner
In Memory of            Gary Mizner
"Quercus Rubra"…Red Oak                                         middle E side SW fields

For                         Grace Ehresman
"Platanus Aceriflora"..Sycamore                                 in field directly behind Civil War Monument


"Aesculus Brioti"…Red Horse Chestnut                            N green entrance
"Frans Fontaine"…Hornbeam Carpinus                              SW corner of Memorial lot
"Acer Freemanii…Pacific Sunset                                  3 plantings in gazebo lot

In Memory of           David Rininger
Gymnocladus Dioicus…Kentucky Coffee Tree                        W. Back of Green at jog in fence

In Memory of            Jess Starkey                            In field @ end of Methodist Church S. drive
"Quercus Alba"…White Oak

In Memory of               Whitey Priddy                        In field direct behind Methodist Church
"Liriodendron Tulipifera"…Tulip Tree

In Memory of             Robert Jeff                            S. lot line behind Chapel Parking Lot
"Juglans Regia"…English Walnut

Memorial Trees at Windham Fire Station
In Celebration 50th wedding anniversary of Rose & Caryl Griswold
"Malus"…Snowdrift Crabapple                                    West side Fire Station entrance


In Memory of              Elenor Elizabeth Beatty DeSalvo       Behind SW Corner of the Brick Chapel
"Daybreak"… Magnolia                                            parking lot

In Memory of             Caryl "Shorty" Griswold                N of plow truck storage Bld
"Acer Negundo"…Box Elder


In Memory of            Mary "Petie" Cooke                      Behind Salt shed at W fence line
"Carya Ovata"…Shagbark Hickory

In Celebration of         The Flitcraft Family                  Behind NW corner of Brick Chapel
"Nyssa Sylvatica"… Black Gum Tupelo                             parking lot

In Memory of            Jeff Stanley                            S.Main entrance to WHS back
"Quercus Rubra"…Red Oak                                         parking lot

50th Wedding Anniversary Nolan & Emma Hitchcox                  At W fence directly ahead of
"Acer Saccharum"…Sugar Maple                                    Brick Chapel drive

100th Birthday            Adeline Spencer                       South side of field behind Brick Chapel
"Acer Platanoides"…Crimson King Maple

In Memory of           C. Herb Davis                    S side, next to drive, N side of
"Quercus Macrocarpa"…Bur Oak                            civil war monument

In Memory of             Lou and Irene Centric          Next to memorial mound in cemetery
"Acer Platanoides"…Crimson King Maple

In Memory of             Ed Permowicz                   Corner of S.Main and Bauer Ave.
"Aesculus Glabra"…Ohio Buckeye

In Memory of              Peg Permowicz                 Back courtyard of Main KT entrance
"Native Lilac"…Syringa Vugaris

In Honor of                Marianne Starcher            Back courtyard across from KT
"Malus"…Prairifire Crabapple                            cafeteria hall entrance

In Honor of               Grandma Priddy                Near drive behind Methodist Church
"Native Lilac"…Syringa Vugaris

50th Wedding Anniversary Barb and Norris Edder          In meditation garden behind Methodist
"Picea Pungens"…Montgomery Dwarf Blue Spruce            Church


In Memory of              Helen & Joe O'Sako            Southwest corner of Town Hall
"Liquidambar Styraciflua…Sweet Gum

In Memory of              Opal & Harley Miller          Behind congregational Church N. side
"Cladrastis Kentukea"…Yellowwood

In Memory of             Harold & Inez Lininger         Back property fence
"Ulmus Americana"… Valley Forge Elm

In Memory of             Mary Alice Snyder              KT Rt of drive walk and front walk

For Loving Mother         Marian Garrett                Old cemetery across drive fromt
Community Servant                                       maintenance Building
"Acer Platanoides"…Princeton Gold

In Memory of               Mitchell Albert McGuire      Twp Green back fence 2nd tree from
" Celtis Occidentalis"…Hackberry                        MLK Drive

In Memory of              Randy Yeager                  Back fence on green 4th tree from
"Tilia Tomentosa…Sterling Silver Linden                 MLK Drive

In Memory of              Lester Gourley                Back of Congregational Church S. side
"Koelreuteria Paniculata…Goldenrain Tree

A Living Memorial         Marian Garrett "Aunt Rosie"   N. side Methodist Church @ front walk
"Acer Freemanii...Celebration or Celzam Maple

In Memory "Vietnam"    James E Sullinger                             New cemetery 1st tree N of gate entrance
"Acer Saccharum"…Sugar Maple

In Memory "Vietnam"      Robert V Thomas                             New cemetery N Fence 1st tree
Acer Platanoides"…Emerald Queen

In Memory "Vietnam"    James J Kester                                New cemetery 2nd tree N of entrance
Acer Saccharum"…Green Mountain Sugar Maple

In Memory "Vietnam"     Jerry Nichols                                New cemetery halfway between entrance
"Acer Saccharum"…Wright Brothers Sugar Maple                         and south fence

In Memory "Vietnam"      Sherl "Duke" Bonnett                        New cemetery N fence 2nd tree West
"Acer Freemanii"…Sienna Glen Maple

In Memory                Payton & Charlotte Smith Isler              S end parking lot @ Brick Chapel
"Acer Saccharum"…Rt. 82 Farm "Hard" Sugar Maple

Islerscaping would like to encourage the Windham Village Government and Windham Township
Trustees to consolidate these lists to establish a diverse tree planting program. We could well be on our way
            a Windham Arboreatum".The Dirt Daubers Garden Club over the last years has paid for planting
in creating a Windham Arboretum. The dirt Daubers Garden Club over the last 2020 years has paid for planting
numerous tree species at the Community Center entrance and on the Township Green. It is exciting to know
that over 23 different tree species have already been planted in the "Windham Aboreautum". Imagine
groups of school children or individuals walking around the town or cemetery enjoying the different trees and homes.

For further information about Memorial Trees contact Bill Isler at 330-326-2649