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   September 2010
                           PRODUCT NEWS


1. Battle of Britain Pipes                                     Page   3
  (DPZBATTLEB, DPZBATTLES – Limited Edition)

2. Christmas Pipe 2010 – ‘The Ghost of Christmas Future’       Page   7
  (DPZXMAS2010 – Limited Edition)

3. Ascot Pipe Caddies                                          Page   9
   (SF7543, SF7544 - Limited Edition)

4. Sartorial Collection Cigar Cases                            Page 12
  (HU0007B, HU0007G, HU0007N, HU0007PU – Limited Production)

5. Rollagas Lighters                                           Page 14
  (RLJ2553, RLJ3305)

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                               KSH, August 2009
                             PRODUCT NEWS

                             BATTLE OF BRITAIN PIPES

                                  THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN
                                    August – October 1940

The Battle of Britain describes the air campaign
fought by the German Luftwaffe against the
British Royal Air Force over South-East
England during the summer and autumn of
1940. It was the first major campaign to be
fought entirely by air forces and was also the
largest and most sustained aerial bombing
campaign to that date.

The objective of the campaign was to gain air
superiority over the Royal Air Force (RAF) and
prepare the ground for a possible German
invasion. Its name derives from a famous speech
delivered by the British Prime Minister Winston
Churchill in the House of Commons: "The
Battle of France is over. I expect the Battle of
Britain is about to begin ...”
Between 10th July and 31st October 1940, the heavily outnumbered RAF with its 1,963 serviceable
Spitfires and Hurricane fighter planes fought back the attacking Luftwaffe with 2,550 aircraft,
mostly Messerschmitt Bf 109E and Bf 110C fighters. In the course of those fights, the Luftwaffe
lost 1,887 aircraft, while the RAF lost 1,547.

This failure to destroy the British air defences signified a first major military defeat to Nazi
Germany and a crucial turning point of the 2nd world war.

It was Winston Churchill, who, with the Battle of Britain still at its full height, so pointedly
acknowledged the invaluable contribution of the air forces during his speech in parliament:

   “The gratitude of every home in our island, in our Empire and indeed throughout the world,
              except in the abodes of the guilty, goes out to the British airmen, who,
         undaunted by odds, unwearied in their constant challenge and mortal danger,
            are turning the tide of world war by their prowess and by their devotion.

          Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few”.

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                               KSH, August 2009
                             PRODUCT NEWS
                                  THE LIMITED EDITION
                                 BATTLE OF BRITAIN PIPES

These two Battle of Britain pipes have been specifically created and manufactured to remember
and celebrate the 70th anniversary of the British victory at the Battle of Britain, the decisive air
battle between the British Royal Air Force and the German Luftwaffe during WWII.

After launching the Battle of Trafalgar pipes in 2007, this is the second limited edition collection
of a planned trilogy to commemorate the most important battles of British history.

The Battle of Britain pipe is a classic group 4 Apple, a favourite shape among the officers of the
Royal Force. The pipes are fitted with Sterling Silver bands engraved both with the image of a
Spitfire in flight and the inscription The Battle of Britain.

The pipe tamper, shaped like the propeller blade from
a Spitfire fighter, is cast from Duralumin, a special
aluminium alloy procured from the original supercharger
of a Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, the engine used in
Spitfire & Hurricane fighters and Lancaster bombers
during the war.

The tamper is engraved with the image of a Spitfire
airplane on one side and Winston Churchill‟s quote
“Never was so much owed by so many to so few”
on the other.

The highly collectable Battle of Britain pipes and tampers are presented in a prestigious black
lacquer box that is shaped like the cross-section of a Spitfire wing. Integrated onto the top of the
lid sits a Perspex dome reminiscent of the upper gun turret of Lancaster bombers, magnifying the
image of a dog fight scene between a Spitfire and Messerschmitt fighter. The inside of the case is
lined in Royal Air Force blue fabric.

Furthermore, each set is accompanied by the hardcover book „The Spitfire Story‟
by Peter R. March, which has been integrated in the inside lid of the presentation box.
Each set is accompanied by its numbered and hand-signed limited edition certificate.

This edition series is strictly limited to only 100 pipes in Bruyere and 100 pipes in Shell Briar

World-wide launch October 2010.

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                               KSH, August 2009
                              PRODUCT NEWS
FEATURES                        BENEFITS

Subject „Battle of Britain‟     - Historic event, deeply influencing British and world history
                                - Second in a series of three limited editions that are inspired and
                                  dedicated to the most famous battles in British history

Apple shape                     Classic pipe shape, a favourite during the war

Finishes                        One smooth and one sandblast finish: Bruyere and
                                Shell Briar

Vulcanite mouthpiece            Taper mouthpiece, individually cut, shaped, finished
                                and fitted from black Vulcanite rod.

Size                            Gr. 4 - medium to large size

10mm Sterling Silver band       - Sterling Silver = 92.5% pure Silver
                                - Engraved with image of flying Spitfire and inscription
                                  „The Battle of Britain‟

Tamper                          - Cast from Duralumin, an aluminium alloy procured from the
                                  original supercharger of a Rolls-Royce Merlin engine
                                - shaped as miniature version of a Spitfire propeller blade
                                - engraved with image of Spitfire and Winston Churchill‟s quote
                                  “Never was so much owed by so many to so few”

Rolls-Royce Merlin engine       - the engine that won the Battle of Britain
                                - used in Spitfire & Hurricane fighters and Lancaster bombers

Book                            Hardcover book „The Spitfire Story‟ by Peter R. March

Gift presentation case          - Sumptuous wooden case lacquered in piano-black
                                - shape inspired by the wing of a Spitfire (cross-section)
                                - domed Perspex „turret‟ revealing magnified image of
                                  Spitfire-Messerschmitt combat
                                - inside held in Royal Air Force blue (official colour of the RAF)
                                - an impressive and high-status gift presentation

Limited Edition                 Exclusive & very collectable - worldwide only 100 pieces each
                                in Bruyere and Shell Briar finish.

Certificate                     Individually numbered between 1-100.

CODE                     DESCRIPTION                              AVAILABILITY
DPZBATTLEB               Battle of Britain Pipe Bruyere           October 2010
DPZBATTLES               Battle of Britain Pipe Shell Briar       October 2010

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                               KSH, August 2009
                       PRODUCT NEWS

                          CHRISTMAS PIPE 2010

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                               KSH, August 2009
                             PRODUCT NEWS

The 2010 Christmas pipe finalises the 5-year theme based on the main characters of the famous
book ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens, which we initiated in 2006.

This being the 5th pipe in the series, it depicts another of the main characters of the story,

This year‟s pipe is a very elegant group 4 Bulldog in County finish with slightly forward leaning
bowl and tapered stem. It features a square Sterling Silver Spigot mount inscribed “The Ghost of
Christmas Future” giving the pipe an exceedingly contemporary appearance. The solid Ghost of
Christmas Future Pipe tamper is hand-crafted from approximately 35 grams of finest English
Sterling Silver.

The highly collectable Dunhill Christmas pipes and tampers are presented in a leather-bound book
held in typical red & green Christmas colours with golden embossing in co-ordination with the
previous books of this series and each set is accompanied by its numbered limited edition

This edition series is strictly
limited to annually only 300
pipes worldwide. Markets will
be allocated the same quantities
and edition numbers as put
down last year to facilitate
collection of sets.

World-wide launch September

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                               KSH, August 2009
                          PRODUCT NEWS

FEATURES                       BENEFITS

Subject „A Christmas Carol‟    Popular and well-known Christmas story by Charles Dickens.

Bulldog shape                  Elegant execution of popular British shape with
                               forward leaning head and tapered stem.

County finish                  - Light-brown sandblasted finish with smoother surface
                                 compared to standard sandblasted pipes
                               - Alfred Dunhill invented the sandblasted pipe in 1917
                               - Sandblasting the pipe substantially enlarges its surface; thus, the
                                 pipe becomes lighter and smokes cooler than a smooth pipe

Cumberland mouthpiece          Traditional taper mouthpiece individually cut, shaped, finished
                               and fitted from marbled, rough rod Cumberland.

Size                           Gr. 4 – medium to large size

Sterling Silver Spigot Mount   - Sterling Silver – 92.5% pure Silver
                               - Engraved with “The Ghost of Christmas Future”.
                               - „Spigot‟ mount gives the pipe stem increased robustness.
                               - Square spigots are more difficult and costly to manufacture than
                                 round Spigots

Tamper                         The Ghost of Christmas Future – delicately handcrafted from
                               approximately 35 grams of finest Sterling Silver

Book case                      Prestigious leather-bound presentation fully co-ordinated with
                               previous Christmas pipe in series.

Limited Edition                Exclusive & collectable. Each pipe is one of only 300 worldwide.

Certificate                    Individually numbered between 1-300.

CODE                   DESCRIPTION                      AVAILABILITY
DPZXMAS2010            Christmas Pipe 2010              September 2010


                       Markets will be allocated the exact same
                          quantities and edition numbers
                               as put down last year.

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                               KSH, August 2009
                            PRODUCT NEWS

                                ASCOT PIPE CADDIES

The Ascot Pipe Caddies are pipe furniture inspired by the „Pipe Caddy‟ from our 1920‟s
catalogues. They are useful and beautiful storage solutions for the pipe enthusiast and make
formidable and luxurious gifts.

The Ascot Pipe Caddy comes in two distinctive finishes – Brown Wenge contrasted with
Maple/Sycamore and an almost black smoked Oak combined with beautiful Kotibé wood.

The inside is completely lined in mahogany like our cigar humidors and has been enhanced for
added functionality not only by adding the generously sized white tobacco jar, but also a White
Spot humidification unit, pipe cleaners and an exclusive set of specially machined, solid stainless
steel White Spot pipe tools that are not available individually.

The front plaque, placed under the discreet White Spot dot, is
made from solid polished steel and carries the Alfred Dunhill

The capacity of each Ascot Caddie is maximum of 8 pipes, two
pipe tools, approximately 20 pipe cleaners, and the tobacco jar
takes approximately 500 gr of tobacco. The pipe caddy also
comes equipped with a self-regulating dunhill humidification
                                                                       Alfred Dunhill Catalogue 1928
Both models are strictly limited to only 50 units each world-wide.

World-wide launch October 2010.

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                               KSH, August 2009
                       PRODUCT NEWS

FEATURES                   BENEFITS

Pipe Caddy                 A modern reinterpretation of a 1920‟s classic.

Ascot                      Ascot is a small town in the Royal Borough of Windsor and
                           Maidenhead, Berkshire, England. It is most notable as the
                           location of Ascot Racecourse, home of the prestigious Royal
                           Ascot meeting.

Finishes                   - Wenge with Maple / Sycamore
                           - Smoked Oak with Kotibé

Wenge                      Also known as Palissandre d'Afrique/du Congo (African/
                           Congolese Rosewood), Faux Ebenier, Dikela, Mibotu, Bokonge
                           and Awong, Wenge is a tropical timber of the Wenge Tree.
                           (Millettia laurentii). The tree is native to the Republic of Congo,
                           the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Gabon, Tanzania,
                           and Mozambique. The tree's heartwood is very dark and dense
                           with a coarse grain and a pattern of nearly black grains separated
                           by dark brown grains. The wood's figure is very distinctive, with
                           a strong partridge pattern. Wenge has become in recent years a
                           wood of choice for contemporary interior design and furniture.

Maple / Sycamore           Sycamore Maple (Acer pseudoplatanus) is a species of maple
                           native to central Europe and southwestern Asia, from France east
                           to Poland, and south in mountains to northern Spain, northern
                           Turkey, and the Caucasus. It is planted for timber production; the
                           wood is white with a silky lustre, and hard-wearing, used for
                           furniture, wood flooring, parquetry, and musical instrument
                           making. It is a traditional wood for use in making the backs,
                           necks and scrolls of violins.
                           Used for the outside edges, the inside sealing lip and the dividers.

Smoked Oak                 European Oak, specially treated with ammonia. The chemical
                           reaction of the natural acid tannins of the timber with ammonia
                           results in this dark tone of the oak

Kotibé                     Kotibé (Nesogordonia papaverifera) is a light brown to reddish
                           brown wood. It often has a Moiré and ribbon like aspect when
                           quartersawn. It originates from West Africa.

Mahogany                   Inside lined with natural, odour-neutral Mahogany.

Capacity                   8 pipes, 2 pipe tools (supplied), approximately 20 pipe cleaners
                           (supplied) and approximately 500gr tobacco.

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                               KSH, August 2009
                           PRODUCT NEWS

Tamper & Dottler               Turned from solid stainless steel
                               Satinated finish
                               Inserted discrete White Spot dot

Humidification                 White Spot humidification unit

Branding                       Outside:        White Spot dot, Alfred Dunhill on the handle
                               Inside:         White Spot Limited Edition Plaque
                                               White Spot logo on humidification unit
                               Bottom:         White Spot logo

Dimensions                     approximately 200 x 330 x 170 mm (H x W x D)

Limited Edition                Exclusive & collectable.
                               Each Ascot Pipe Caddy is one of only 50 worldwide.

CODE              DESCRIPTION                                      AVAILABILITY
SF7543            Ascot Pipe Caddy Wenge - Sycamore                October 2010
SF7544            Ascot Pipe Caddy Smoked Oak - Kotibe             October 2010

  SF7543                                                                            SF7544

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                               KSH, August 2009
                            PRODUCT NEWS

                             SARTORIAL CIGAR CASES

                                              These four „sartorial‟ cigar cases have been
                                              developed to fill a niche in the market that is not
                                              offered by any other brand.

                                              Each cigar case is a fashionable, yet classic cigar
                                              accessory that offers a distinct point of difference
                                              through the use of its materials and refined colour
                                              combinations. The cases combine finest leathers with
                                              the best of British fabrics from Savile Row, the
                                              center of bespoke tailoring in the heart of London.

                                              ‘The City' pairs a charcoal flannel cloth with delicate
                                              light grey chalk stripes contrasted with finest black
                                              Calf leather for a distinguished look fitting the
                                              gentlemen of the world‟s financial hubs, be it The
                                              City of London, New York‟s Wall Street or
                                              Frankfurt‟s financial mile. The ‘Glenmore’ has a
                                              Scottish feel to it, combining robust naturally
                                              structured dark brown leather with traditional
woollen sport jacket weave in autumn tones for a more casual, country-style look. ‘Carnaby
Street’ is a fashion statement, combining purple lamb nappa with matching purple-brown sporty
woven cloth and contrast stiching. ’Savile Row’ represents a distinguished, sartorial and
understated look with its fine worsted fabric in delicate black & blue herringbone pattern matched
with beautiful black, grained leather.

                                     Entirely hand-crafted in Alfred Dunhill‟s London workshop
                                     by our master craftsmen, these cases have been considerably
                                     enlarged to accommodate also the newest cigar editions of
                                     large diameters up to Ring gauge 60 – an important point
                                     when selling to the cigar connoisseur. Each case can take two
                                     cigars (i.e. Montecristo Grand Edmundo or Cohiba Behike
                                     56). Furthermore, due to their telescopic construction they
                                         are highly adaptable and can house longer and shorter

                                          Being a limited production run, only
                                          approximately 100 units of each case will be
                                          available for world-wide distribution.

                                          World-wide launch October / November 2010.

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                               KSH, August 2009
                              PRODUCT NEWS

FEATURES                            BENEFITS

Sartorial Collection                - A niche in the market for cigar accessories, not offered by any
                                    competitor, combining attractive leathers and the best of
                                    British fabrics
                                    - Four distinctive models to suit different tastes or occasions

Telescopic construction             Adapts to longer or shorter cigars

Size                                - Accomodates two cigars of up to 60 ring gauge each
                                    - One of the very few cases that can house two Cohiba Behike 56
                                     cigars or larger

Limited Production                  Exclusive products.
                                    Only approximately 100 units per model worldwide.

CODE                       DESCRIPTION                               AVAILABILITY
HU0007B                    Cigar Case Glenmore (2F)                  October / November 2010
HU0007G                    Cigar Case The City (2F)                  October / November 2010
HU0007N                    Cigar Case Savile Row (2F)                October / November 2010
HU0007PU                   Cigar Case Carnaby Street (2F)            October / November 2010

‘The City’             ‘Glenmore’          ‘Savile Row’     ‘Carnaby Street’
 HU0007G                HU0007B              HU0007N          HU0007PU

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                               KSH, August 2009
                       PRODUCT NEWS

                       NEW ROLLAGAS LIGHTERS

                    RLJ2553                               RLJ3305

CODE         DESCRIPTION                                 AVAILABILITY
RLJ2553      Rollagas Soft Lacquer / Palladium Plate     September 2010
RLJ3305      Rollagas Briar Wood / Palladium Plate       September 2010


                       Both lighters can be ordered with either

                                   - standard flame
                                    - cigar flame or
                                      - pipe flame.

                        Please clearly indicate when ordering

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                               KSH, August 2009