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									                                   HEADER TEXT OR HEAD

Headers are specially sized letters used to write the chapter headings or sub-chapters. There
are   six levels    of headers from H1to H6. Header H1       is the  largest    and H6 is the
smallest header. Try to write in your Notepad as follows:

<H1>Header level 1</H1>
<H2>Header level 2</H2>
<H3>Header level 3</H3>
<H4>Header level 4</H4>
<H5>Header level 5</H5>
<H6>Header level 6</H6>

Save it in HTML file format and then open the browser. The result will look as follows

Header level 1
Header level 2
Header level 3

Header level 4

Header level 5

Header level 6


Now we will learn how to create lines and paragraphs. Typically, to create a new line, we do
by pressing the Enter key. What about an HTML document? Try making the following text
into Notepad:

Baris pertama
Baris kedua
Baris ketiga

Keep it as an HTML file and then open the browser. How did it go? It turns out just like this:

Baris pertama Baris kedua Baris ketiga.

In conclusion, presses the Enter key does not generate the line in the browser view. Such is
the nature of writing HTML documents. So, how do I make a line? Use tags <BR>. This tag
has no closing tag. Open source code was then edit the HTML file as follows:

Baris pertama
<BR>Baris kedua
<BR>Baris ketiga
Save and then see the results with a refresh on the browser. The result is more or less like

Baris pertama
Baris kedua
Baris ketiga

Create lines, it's easy? <BR> Tag can also be used to create a blank line, meaning that the
row does not have any sentence. Edit the source code again latih4.htm be like this:

Baris pertama<BR><BR>Baris kedua kosong, dan ini baris
ketiga<BR><BR><BR>Baris keempat dan kelima kosong, dan ini baris keenam

Save and refresh again then it will be like this:

Baris pertama

Baris kedua kosong, dan ini baris ketiga

Baris keempat dan kelima kosong, dan ini baris keenam

Here we see that the tag <BR> written twice will produce two lines, and so on. Having good
at making line, now we will learn to make paragraphs. Consider the example text below:

Paragraf pertama <P>Paragraf kedua <P>Paragraf ketiga

When viewed in a browser, the result will be like this:

Paragraf pertama

Paragraf kedua

Paragraf ketiga

With reference to the example usage above <P> tag, try to create an HTML file by using
Notepad to produce an HTML document that will appear in the browser like this:

World Wide Web (WWW) is a system where the information (text, images, sounds, etc.)
presented in the form of hypertext and can be accessed by a WWW viewer (which is often
referred to as a browser).

Information on the WWW is generally written in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). In
addition, other information can be either images (in GIF, JPG, PNG), sound (in AU format,
WAV), and other multimedia objects (such as MIDI, Shockwave, Quicktime Movie, 3D
If you still remember the previous lessons, then without any difficulty, which means you will
be able to make the source code to produce the writings above. Source code is roughly as

<B>World Wide Web</B> (WWW) merupakan sebuah sistem dimana informasi (teks,
gambar, suara, dan lain-lain) dipresentasikan dalam bentuk <I>hypertext</I>
dan dapat diakses oleh sebuah peraga WWW (yang sering disebut sebagai
<P>Informasi di WWW pada umumnya ditulis dalam bentuk HTML (Hypertext
Markup Language). Selain itu, informasi lain dapat berupa: gambar (dalam
format GIF, JPG, PNG), suara (dalam format AU, WAV), dan objek multimedia
lainnya (seperti MIDI, Shockwave, Quicktime Movie, 3D World).

Save the file above and open in the browser.

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