A 4 Step Program for America

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					A Four Step Program For America.

Now, I have mentioned before in another short article that Obama was more honest in his campaign for
office in that he told us ahead of time what he wanted to do and has so far followed the path he outlined.
The problem with our current administration’s head is not lack of honesty. Its lack of a real plan that can
pay down our debit, decrease the intrusion of government into our lives, take better care of the American
people, produce job growth. In short, their shotgun, give away money, increase government spending is
the problem that has driven our economy to the state it is in. But they are not alone in all this.

The great message of Ronald Regan has rung so untrue with the rest of the so-called Conservatives.
Between the two Bush’s and moderate Clinton, who at least had a balanced budget to his name, we have
watched them not only run us into the this situation, but actually floor the damn bus headed for the cliff.
The Republican’s who give lip service to smaller government have themselves not only increased the size
of government, but now want to go further via laws that even further limit We the People, and the choices
we make in our lives all spearheaded and funded by the Religious Right on one side and socialists on the
other. The problem is both the Republicans and the Democrats increase government size and control
instead of downsizing as any smart business should do in such economic times. They do not get it, and
simply will not get it till we fire all the Bums and force them to listen to the American People.

Sure they want to defund Planned Parenthood, cut medicade, cut educational spending, fund new ads
picturing horrible graphic examples of the ills of smoking, all in the name of a better America. The
problem is these getting richer aristocrats have no honest idea of not only what it means to be poor or even
what it means to be middle class in this country. Their talk show giant vocalized vomitoriams spill forth
every bad news about how the poor simply want to live off their hard earned dollars. But they fail to
realize along with ever bad example they proclaim there are people out there, whole families who work
and because of the poor incomes they make still manage to receive help from the State because their
income is below poverty level. They do not bother to tell you about those examples as if everyone who is
poor or in that situation is a drain on society and a bum. Given the religious rights Gospel of Prosperity
their agenda is clear on that one. They forget to tell you that planned Parenthood is sometimes the only
place our young can go to for help because too many of their religious right Parents do not want to help or
refuse to help because of the shame it would bring upon them. They have become the white washed clean
robed leaders sending Christ again to the cross via the children he told others to have come unto him. No
wonder so many of our youth in this country are turned off by God, when in reality it is the powerless
form of godliness so many of our Churches have that really turns them off.

These same idiots in one county in Texas seldom let the youth there date, and yet, that county has one of
the worst teen pregnancy levels in the State of Texas. Their religious bigotry is part of the problem to
begin with. Between the spend your way to economic recovery idealism of the left, and, the religious lets
make a law on everything approach of the Right our government spending has gone through the ceiling
and neither side gives one iota about you Joe and Jane American caught in the Middle. Sure those who
have religious conviction about homosexual marriages should not be compelled to perform such. But this
is not a religious dictatorship and it is not the place of government to determine who’s religion is better
than another.

America needs to REVOLUTIONIZE itself. The American Government needs to put the needs of
Americans and American business above others. If you picture the American government as a business
itself who’s main job is to service Americans and American interests then the biggest problem with our
Government is has forgot that the customer is always right, in this case us the People. We the People are
the investors in the business that is the American government. As such, for this government to stay in
business it needs to revolutionize its service to its investors, namely us Americans. I am not talking
strictly Social programs here like Welfare. In fact, I am talking about everything but welfare. The
problem is at the current time American people do not trust their government. To make matters worse,
for America to get out of the debit hole it is in will require the equal to a new Boss coming in, firing half
the crew and then trying to build trust amongst those who still work there. But the fact is it can be done.

Here are a few things taken from the list of just one American Company that did just that that can be
retooled to fit our Government:

1.) Cut Expenses wherever possible.
2.) Get the Government Cash flow positive to not only pay down the debit, but work to establish a surplus
of funds.
3.) Keep Americans happy and employed.
4.) Invest in our people, not bailing out failing businesses.

The first involves not necessarily cutting all social programs, but cutting entitlements that sap the
programs we do have in place. We need laws on the books that prevents the government from spending
money from tax that comes into these programs for anything else. All extra tied on programs to our core
social programs should be defunded and the basic programs allowed to regain a positive cash flow. In
essence programs like SSI and SS amount to an employee funded program by the American populace
itself. No other outside government agencies belong dipping into these funds including the Government
itself. To do so is equal to a Boss in some company stealing from the pension fund and at the least

As far as cutting expenses go there are plenty of ways to achieve this. For one, consolidate programs that
overlap under one department with a general cut in staff would be a starter point. By a cut in staff I mean
the top personnel should be thinned out and other overlap personnel. These are the one’s who make the
most pay. All Agencies need the lower level personnel to be able to handle the needs that exist out there.
We have the FBI and the ATF, both law enforcement agencies that overlap in areas that could be brought
together under one central agency. I would add in the current TSA agency as another one that could be
added into that along with the Justice Department. All the Armed Forces share a certain connection with
the work of the CIA. These could be brought under one central agency of control. These are but a few
examples that such could be possible and in essence eliminate waste of funds due to overlapping tasks. I
also believe there needs to be tighter regulation of the TSA and less Jackbooted handling of airline

Agencies like Child Protective Services needs to be more accountable to the American people. They also
need agents who have families of their own and know what is involved in raising a child. The EPA needs
a firm set of guidelines and be made to follow those guidelines. They also need public oversight as does
FEMA. This country was not made great by government agencies acting as a law unto themselves. We
do not live in a Communist State and it is time government agencies where made to realize this. They are
there to support We the People and they need to act like we are their boss instead of the other way around.

We need to fund Law Enforcement and Fire and EMS services better and at the same time hold them
more accountable to We the People.

We also need to cut the budget spent on the pay of government workers at least amongst the top offices. I
single out those at the top simply because they make the most money and they should lead by example.
To accomplish this I would suggest a 15% leveling of their income back into the available federal budget.
It is only proper that those who represent American’s and ask those American’s to tighten their belts
should lead by example in this time of fiscal crisis.

The second involves the first and it involves a tax base increase. The simplest solution would be a change
to a flat tax system. I favor the flat tax approach with some tax breaks for the Middle class and poor in
society simply because it is fairer across the board.

The third should also encompass our energy policy. We need to get liberated from dependence on foreign
oil period. The way to do this is not only to Drill for the oil we have, but also to seek alternative energy
sources like natural gas, solar, wind, atomic, etc. We also need to increase Technical R&D, Space
exploration, and export. We also need to better our roads and railroads in this country to improve the
ways goods are transported to market. But the later may have to wait till the first and second goals are

The simplest way to increase business in America is by tax breaks for major industry players best in the
position to hire American workers. I am talking about at home industries that are not partly overseas or
who’s majority work force exists in some other country. By Industries I am speaking about both small,
medium, and large corporations here in America. Along with this would be a decent tax break for
Industries that have farmed out work overseas for returning to America for their work force. While I do
not favor Union or even right to work states I see both as important to America. The Unions in many
ways exist to protect the workers. The problem I see is that at times the Unions over price wages to the
point of driving the Business out of work. However, so-called right to work States have a very bad habit
of low pay with little benefits for those who work. But in a diverse society like our own it takes both.

The Program at NASA needs to have some decent obtainable goals set for it and provided a budget to
meet those goals. We also need to seek ways to more involve civilian organizations and business in space
exploration and development. It is my view that some of the rockets developed for the Military could be
adapted for use by NASA. It is also my view that more robust manned missions need international
corporation under which NASA, ESA, the Russian and China Space Programs could all team together for
common goals. We also need to promote research into leading edge theoretical modes of propulsion and
ways to get into space in the first place.

The forth involves work force education from grade school on up through college. We need to get beyond
the No Child Left Behind mentality. There has been a tendency to ignore subjects like Science and
Government under that program. The result is a lack of proper training in Science and an electorate that
lacks an understanding of the very basics of government in general. Schools need to be properly funded.
They also need to prepare the younger generation for joining the workforce, becoming functioning
members of society, and in some cases becoming part of our government. We need to retrain where
needed those who have lost their jobs for whatever reason under this economy downfall. We need in the
future to never see any single business as too big to fail. We also need to build trust in the American
people via making sure all past loans to certain businesses are paid back in full, and by setting into place
regulations to prevent the problems that caused the whole mess in the first place. By Regulations I mean
and outside, accountable to the People oversight of all government spending.

We also need to get away from our schools existing like Jail Houses and from Boards of Education that act
as if the cookie cutter approach handles everything. Individualism is what built America in the first place.
Handling our schools like a Police State is not the solution to violence amongst our youth. Neither is this
war on drugs which we have been loosing from the get go. The more we tighten the drug laws the more
the criminals get rich. It is a supply and demand issue. Sure you can cut supply. But you only make
them richer. Gangs exist because they can and do make money. Cut the money by legalization and you
take away the very reason for their existence. There is not a Drug Dealer out there for legalization. The
reason is the day they are legalized is the day they are out of a job.

In short, we need to both downsize government, and at the same time insure the programs we do have are
working properly via oversight that has a We the People aspect to it. The Government needs to get more
transparent in its dealings with the American People. We need to put American’s first, and others second.
Not via total isolationism, but via a program that takes care of citizens first and foremost. Those who are
elected to office need to represent the entire population that elected them, not just some tiny vocal
minority or even some larger vocal majority. They need to have less influence from special interest
groups and more influence from We the People. They are never going to please all the people all the time.
But they can work better at a consensus that does please the majority of Americans. Those who
Represent us should be held to a higher standard of ethics. It is time the rule of law applied to those in
government as well as the people. At this I strongly support our media in this country for so often
exposing not only corruption, but moral ethic problems amongst those who hold high office.

Following this I think America’s role in the world affairs of others needs to be reexamined. America must
and should defend its allies. But America cannot be expected to police the world, nor can we cure the ills
of any society not willing to help itself. We need to find a global strategy where we promote growth both
economically and social reform. We also need to accept the fact that different people may choice a
system of Government different from our American picture of such. We cannot accept Tyranny or
dictatorships, nor can we accept one group not recognizing another group. But, we must accept
differences in the way one Nation wants to be governed over say our own. If We the People have the right
to self government, then so do those of other countries even if that government is different from our own.

We need to treat other Nations in our dealings by the same rule of Law that Governs us as a Nation. We
need to be more transparent in our goals with other Nations and more abide by the treaties we have in
place and establish in the future. Our foremost treaty is our Constitution. If that document means
anything it should apply both here and overseas. We need to get back to that center to rule of law and
make sure it applies to all Americans.

Our Military needs to be strong, but exist more as a big stick backing up peace than a force of interference
wherever possible. At the present time we have problems on our own boarder regions that our Military
could in joint operation with the Mexican Government help with to calm that region and secure our own
land. The current Boarder Patrol is simply over taxed in that region far beyond its ability to handle.

At the same time we need to reform immigration laws in a way that allows foreign workers to be in this
country, to work in this country and yet, while allowing them the ability to become citizens if they want to
and recognize that as foreign citizens they should not be able to receive the same tax paid for benefits We
the People receive, except perhaps with the exception of education and health care of those children born
to them in this country.

Like I said, those who govern need to put America and American’s first because they work for We the
People, not the other way around. This can all be achieved by simply voting all the bums out and
replacing them with those who are going to listen to the people. We can have our own version of an Arab
spring, not by rioting or force. But simply via the one right no one to date has taken away from We the
People. We can have a peaceful second American revolution via our God given right to vote.

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