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									 Name Surname     Company                                                Training Provided
David Algeo   Algeo Training Ltd Improving Organisational Success and Productivity through Maximising Performance and Potential
                                 of Staff, Stress Recovery, Stress Prevention, Team Building, Facilitating Improved Team
                                 Performance, Dealing Change and Conflict, Dealing with Difficult or Aggressive People, Clients or
                                 Customers, Lone Working, Personal Safety, Breakdown Recovery, Breakdown Prevention,
                                 Personal Breakthrough, Leading and Managing Breakthrough

John     Anslow    Anslow             Employment Law Updates and Essentials for Managers, Investigation Service in Public and Private
                   Communications     Sectors, Policy and Procedure Drafting, Skills Development Training on Human Resources
                   Ltd                Procedures, Recruitment and Selection Training, Skills Development Training for Managers on
                                      Managing Diverse Teams, Managing Absence, Managing Discipline and Grievance, Mediation,
                                      Appraisal and Performance Management, PRP

Susan    Bilton    Ark Associates     Coaching in : writing in any format; self management; confidence coaching; executive coaching

Alan     Ross      Ark Associates     Coaching, Executive Coaching, Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Media Coaching, Team

Trevor   Wheatly   Aspire             Management Training and Development, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Psychometric Testing,
                   Development Ltd    Neuro Linguistic Programming, Life and Business Coach, Essential First Time Managers' Skills,
Alison   Wheatly                      How to be a Manager and Leader of Others, Understanding Self and Others, Continuous Process
                                      Improvement Skills, Time and Priority Management Skills, Getting Your Point Across
                                      (Communication and Presentation), Managing the Impact of Change, Coaching for Results,
                                      Performance Management, Delivering Customer Service, Report Writing Skills, Managing Stress,
                                      Team Development, Motivation, Understanding and Building Culture, NLP in Business, Influencing
                                      and Negotiating Skills, Improving Emotional Intelligence, Developing Strategy, Facilitating Action
                                      Learning Sets, Coaching for Senior Managers, Running Team Vents, Assessment and
                                      Development Centres
Andrea Craig      Auckland Training Business Psychology for Personal and Leadership Development, Team Building, Communication
                                    and Change Management, Consultation, Design and Evaluation for In-House Induction
                                    Programmes, Managing and Leading People, Change Management, Performance Management,
                                    Appraisal Training, Chairing Effective Meetings, Time Management, HR for Line Management,
                                    Presentation Skills, Customer Service, High Performance Coaching, Mentoring, Communication
                                    Skills, Influencing Skills, Situational Leadership, Train the Trainer, Team Development, Equality
                                    and Diversity, Feedback and Listening Skills, Effective Written Communication, Meeting
                                    Facilitation, Myers Briggs Step 1 and 2, Team Development using MBT, Career Management using
                                    MBTI, Coaching using MBTI, Supervisory Management Development, Corporate Induction

Simon   Raybould Aware Plus          Improvised Speaking, Finding Your Voice, Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Motivation and
(Dr)                                 Delegation, Assertiveness and Confidence, Negotiation Skills, Time Management, Personal Safety
                                     at Work, Team Working, Positive People Management, Chairing and Meeting Management,
                                     Scrutiny and Questioning, Difficult Conversations, MBTI Levels 1 and 2, Statistics without
                                     Numbers, Personal Safety, Wrestling the Octopus : Emotional Robustness

Mark    Millard   Blue Concept       Conflict Management Skills, Dealing with Customers Exhibiting Aggressive Behaviour, Lone
                  Training           Worker Safety Training, Managing Telephone Conflict, Conflict Management, Negative
                                     Appraisals/Performance Reviews

Carol   Barwick   Carol Barwick      Bespoke and Sector Specific Training, Consultancy, Coaching, NLP, Identifying Training Needs,
                  Associates Ltd     MBTI Levels 1 and 2, Profiling Assessment Protocols, Train the Trainer, Interviewing Skills,
                                     Recruitment and Selection, Discipline and Grievance Procedures, Equal Opportunities, Defining
                                     Strategy, Executive Performance Coaching, Financial Planning and Awareness, Senior
                                     Recruitment and Selection, Implementing Change Strategies, Difficult Communication Situations,
                                     Working with the Media, Development Coaching, Achieving the Work-life Balance, Dealing with
                                     Difficult People, Dealing with Violence and Aggression, Time and Self Management, Building
                                     Personal Confidence, Making Customer Service Happen, Enhancing the Customer Experience,
                                     Managing Customer Care, Developing Tele-Service Skills, Negotiation Skills, Effective
                                     Communication, Report Writing and Presentation, Better Business Writing, Effective Meetings and
                                     Minute Taking, Understanding and Implementing Change, Selling, Negotiation Skills, Effective
                                     Communication, Report Writing and Presentation, Better Business Writing, Effective Meetings and
                                     Minute Taking, Understanding Assertiveness, Presentation Skills, Finance Overviews and
                                     Awareness, Finance for Non-Financial Managers, Effective Credit Control, Presenting Data and
                                     Statistics, Budgeting for Beginners
Janet   Beaumont Consultant            Recruitment Processes, Investigation Work, Executive Search, European Employment Legislation
                                       Negotiations, UK and European Employers Partnerships, Appraisals, Business Development,

Greg    Canning    Consultant          Interim Human Resource Management, HR Strategy, Operational HR Management, Recruitment,
                                       Talent Management, Discipline, Grievance, Absence, Workforce Information and Development,
                                       Pay and Reward Strategy, Single Status, Equal Pay, Employee Relations, TUPE, Change
                                       Management, HR Team Management

Peter   Fanning    Consultant          Human Resources, Workforce Development, Leadership and Management Strategy, Job

Peter   Fletcher   Consultant          Strategic HR Consultancy, Strategic HR Planning, Designing Best Practice HR Functions,
                                       Organisational Architecture Design, Driving Organisational Efficiency and Effectiveness, Effective
                                       Change Management, Strategic Workforce Planning, Remuneration and Reward Modelling, OH&S
                                       Management Systems, Executive Management Teams

Gary    Pointer    Consultant          Consultancy for Legal and Democratic Services, including Investigations into Member Misconduct
                                       for Standards Committees, Corporate Governance, Council's Constitutions, Standing Orders,
                                       Ethical Framework for Members, Investigations into Misconduct, Provision of Legal Services

John    Terry      Consultant          Industrial Relations, Human Resources

Kevin   Wilkinson Consultant           Human Resources Support, LGR Transition

Ronnie Farley      Councillor Skills   Councillor Skills, Role of Civic Head of Team, Member Officer Relationships, Political Awareness

Alan    Shaw       Danic Associates    Management Consultancy, Leadership Development, Managing Change, Strategic Planning,
                                       Performance Management, Coaching and Mentoring, HR Support, High Performance
                                       Teamworking, Presentation Skills
Dawn      Parkin     Dawn Parkin         Organisation Development, Organisation Design, Transformation and Culture Change, Employee
                     Solutions Limited   Engagement, Leadership and Management Development, Leadership Coaching, including use of
                                         360 feedback, Design and Delivery of Development and Assessment Centres, Team Building,
                                         Facilitation, Development of Values and Behaviours/Competency Models, Staff Recognition,
                                         Human Resources Key Processes inc Performance Management, Staff Absence, Recruitment and

Ian       Flemming Dynamiq               Negotiation Skills, Influencing Skills, Team Development

Sam       Latif      Equality and       Equalities Workshops, Effective Accredited Training, Train the Trainer, Impact Assessments,
                     Diversity Services Equality and Diversity, Immigration and Human Rights, Same Sex Applications, Legal Advice,
                     Ltd                Work Permits, Single Equalities Training

Lynne     Henderson Equality and         Equality, Diversity and Human Rights, Policy Development, Staff Focus Group Facilitation
                    Diversity Training

Chris     Geyton     Excellence in       Procurement, Supporting Business Developments, Project Management, Organisational
Richard   Roddie     Business            Development, HR Capacity Building, Performance Management, Management of People,
Chris     Hadden                         Partnership Development, EFQM Excellence Model, Organisational Strategy, Organisational
Scott     Brown                          Development and Restructuring, Strategic Management, Change Management, Performance
                                         Management, Quality Management, Creating Win/Win Through Effective Delegation, Effective
                                         People Management, Excellence in Leadership, Excellence in Staff Motivation and Recognition,
                                         Workforce Planning and Getting the Most from your People, Competitive Dialogue, Pricing to
                                         Partnering, Understanding Modern Procurement Practice, Winning Work Public Sector, Managing
                                         Change, Planning and Managing Effective Focus Group, Achieving Efficiency through Benefit
                                         Realisation, Process Re-engineering, Target Outstanding Performance, CAA, Community
                                         Engagement, Overview and Scrutiny, Efficiencies and Value for Money, Partnerships

Keith     Jones      Excellence in       Creating and leading multi-disciplinary teams including Legal, Financial Management, Internal
                     Business            Audit, Estates, Economic Development, Business Support and Tourism, Planning and Strategic
                                         Housing, Budget Setting, Financial Planning, Corporate Planning, Strategic Option Analysis,
                                         Service Planning, Performance Management, Local Strategic Partnership, Performance
                                         Assessment and Peer Challenge, CPA, People Management, Audit Commission Service
                                         Inspections, Use of Resources, Mentoring
Craig     Smith     Flint Consulting    Change Leadership, Employee Engagement, Communications Skills, Leadership, Networking,
                                        Mentoring, Skills, Team Building, Training for Managers and Leaders Implementing Change,
                                        Facilitation and Consultancy Services for Teams/Organisations Undergoing Change, Team
                                        Building, Team Development, MBTI Step I and Step II Assessment and Feedback, Change Style
                                        Indicator (CSI) Assessment and Feedback

George    Boak      GB Consulting       Coaching, Evaluating and Leading Organisational Change, Facilitation of Team and Large Group
                                        Meetings, Information Gathering and Analysis, Development and Training for Managers, Lead and
                                        Support Change Projects, Introducing, Winning Support for and Embedding Change, Coaching and
                                        Mentoring, Key Communication Skills, Leading Meetings

Geoff     Brown     GB Management       Strategic and Operational Human Resources Support, Strategic and Operational Advice to Elected
                    Solutions Ltd       Members, Chief Executive's, Corporate Management Teams, Boards of Directors, Development of
                                        Human Resources Strategic Framework and Associated Policies, Organisational and Management
                                        Development (including Design and Delivery of Action Learning Programmes), Recruitment and
                                        Selection, Executive Recruitment, Design and Delivery of Assessment Centres, Psychometric
                                        Testing and Personality Profiling, Organisational Review, Managing Change, Salary Review and
                                        Benchmarking, Job Evaluation, Equal Pay Advice and Audit, Contracts of Employment and Varying
                                        Terms and Conditions of Employment, Managing Grievance, Discipline and Capability Issues,
                                        Independent Investigations, Managing Dismissal, Managing Sickness Absence, Advising on
                                        Individual Employment Rights, Managing Redundancy/TUPE, Managing Diversity, Equal
                                        Opportunities, Policies, Procedures, Employee Awareness, Achieving and Maintaining Investors in
                                        People Accreditation, Health and Safety at Work Policies and Procedures, Codes of Practice, Risk
                                        Assessment Framework, Training (including delivery of IOSH Managing Safety Programme)

Gillian   Dodd      Gillian Dodd        MBTI Team Development, Developing Coaching Skills, Train the Trainer, Presentation Skills,
                    Training and        Leadership Development, Essential Skills for Supervisors, One to One Coaching MBTI Steps 1 and
                    Development         2, Time Management, Core Key Skills for Excellent Customer Service, Learning and Development
                                        Interventions, Keeping Safe, Managing Difficult Situations

Robert    Allen (Dr) Hapsis Innovation Developing the Innovative Organisation, Innovation Motivators and Inhibitors, Overcoming Barriers
                     Ltd.              to Innovative Culture, Exploiting Individual Creativity to Stimulate Innovation, Navigating the
                                       Innovation Ecosystem, Realising the Potential of Innovation Thinkers and Do-ers, Managing Risk
                                       for Innovation, Entrepreneurship within Large Organisations, Utilising the Entrepreneurial Mindset,
                                       Embedding Creating and Lateral Thinking, Problem Solving through the Creative Team, Work
                                       Motivation, Creativity and Performance, Managing Knowledge for Innovation, The Learning
                                       Organisation : Capturing and Sharing Ideas, Leadership and Management
Helen    Edwards Hazel Insight        Innovation, Team Development, MBT Personality Typing, Embed Systematic and Accessible
                                      Innovation Skills in Organisations, TRIZ Training, Workplace Support for organisations want to
                                      apply Innovation Skills, Innovation Audit, Investigation of Current Innovation Culture, Practices,
                                      Skills and Knowledge, Team Development, Team Workshops Plus Workplace Interventions and
                                      Support, Information Systems Programme, Project Management

Beverley Elder    HR Innovation and Senior level HR consultancy, People Management Solutions, Coaching and Development of Senior
                  People            Managers/Directors

Jill     Emery    Impact Change       Interim assignments, HR/OD Consultancy, Member Development, Culture Change Diagnostics and
                  Solutions           Action Planning, Peer Reviews, Improvement Support, Workforce Development

Barry    Scarr    Impact Change       Elected Members, Management Teams, Financial Strategy, Value for Money, Local Improvement
                  Solutions           Adviser RIEP, National Digital Inclusion Advisory, Consulting Projects, Efficiency, Transformational
                                      Change, Service Improvement, Organisational Development, Culture Change, Programme

John     Stanforth Improving Public   Management Consultancy, Change Management, Culture Change, Stock Transfer, PFI, Coaching
                   Services Ltd       and Mentoring, Performance Management, Efficiency, Recruitment Support, Discipline,
                                      Leadership, Culture Change, Communications, Teamwork, Facilitation of Planning and Strategy
                                      Events, Development and Implementation of Improvement Plans, Review of Structures and
                                      Development of New Ways of Working, Effectiveness of Partnerships, Project and Interim
                                      Management, Disciplinary Investigations

Dennis   Reed     Independent         Independent Chairing and Facilitation, Feasibility Studies, Option Appraisal, Independent
                  Solutions           Brokerage, Independent Inquiries and Investigations, Mediation, Collective Bargaining Disputes,
                                      Employment Disputes, Contractual and Commissioning Problems, Personal Disputes, National
                                      Policy Challenges, Strategic Policy Consultancy, White Paper

Peter    Reay     Investigator        Investigator Professional Competencies, Intelligence Management, Financial Investigation,
                  Training            Fighting Financial Crime, Banking Procedures for the Economic Crimes Investigator, Taped
                  International       Interviews, Investigative Interviewing, Witness Statement Taking, Knowledge Building - Key
                                      Current Legislation, Foot Surveillance and Log Keeping, Diversity Training, Facilitator Training,
                                      Advanced Investigative Interviewing
Julia    Wright    Julia Wright        Chairing Skills, Effective Meetings, Effective Overview and Scrutiny, Questioning Skills, Speed
                   Consultancy         Reading, Time Management, Working Effectively in your Ward, Public Speaking and Effective
                                       Presentations, Time Management, Community Engagement, Personal Development Planning
                                       Interviews, Induction Programmes for Councillors, Running Effective Meetings, Writing Persuasive
                                       Reports, Meetings and Minute Taking, Assertiveness and Boosting Personal Confidence, Time
                                       Management, Member Officer Relationships, Plain English, Speed Reading, Facilitating
                                       Community Groups

Melissa Roberts    Kaleidoscope        Negotiation Skills, Coaching Skills, Networking Skills, Personal Effectiveness, Coaching, Executive
                   Training &          Coaching

Kate     Dumain    KD Consultation     Introduction to Consultation, Focus Group Facilitation, Questionnaire Design and Implementation,
                   Solutions (KDCS)    Bespoke Training, Consultation Officer Master Classes

Frances Kelly      Kelly Partnership   Building Community Leadership Capacity, Effective Community Engagement/Consultation,
                                       Enhancing Overview and Scrutiny, Effective Scrutiny Meetings, Community
                                       Engagement/Partnership Working, Successful Executive/Scrutiny Relationships, Scrutinising Policy
                                       and Performance Effectively, Chairing Skills, Partnership Working, the Constituency Role of
                                       Members, Personal Effectiveness and Communication Skills, Problem Solving Skills, Speed
                                       Reading, Comprehension and Recall, Report Writing

Vijaya   Kotur     Kotur Ltd Diversity Planning, Developing and Implementation of Equality, Access and Procurement Strategies and
                   Specialist          Schemes; Advise on Equality Impact Assessments for Services and Employment and Community
                                       Engagement; Equality Performance Management, Community Engagement, Action Planning and
                                       Evaluating Outcomes; Project Management

Lisa     Thompson Lisa Thompson HR HR, Coaching, Recruitment, Selection (including Assessment Centres), Strategic Planning,
Jane              Ltd              Resourcing, Absence Management, Investigations, Disciplinary, Grievance and Capability Case
                                   Handling, Appeals, Tribunal Handling, TUPE, Business Process Re-engineering, Restructuring,
                                   Redundancy Management, Change Management, Performance Management, Reward and
                                   Recognition, Employee Engagement, Individual Coaching across all levels, Facilitation

Linda    Maughan LM Associates         HR Consultancy, Mediation, Single Status Strategy, Discipline and Grievance
                                       Investigation/Management, Coaching, Dispute and Conflict Resolution, Team Building,
                                       Leadership/Management Strategy
David    McGrath   Link Support        Courses for members include: (a) Creating a positive initial impression (b) Raising the bar
                   Services (UK) Ltd   in Overview and Scrutiny (c) Chairing Skills (d) Transformational thinking (e) The Role of
                                       the Councillor in ‘Big Society’

                                             Link was established in 1994 to provide training for elected members and officers
                                              in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
                                             Link is led by David McGrath who is former Councillor (Birmingham City 8 years)
                                              and a professional trainer (Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Personnel
                                             David was also a member of West Midlands Police Authority, West Midlands
                                              Fire and Rescue Authority and provides training in these sectors too
                                             Link currently provide member and staff development services to 16 Councils as
                                              well as LSP's and have a network of associates who also support programme
                                              delivery and research
                                             David is a published author on effective elected member development strategies
                                             Please feel free to ask us for our case studies, publications and references
                                             A feature of the link approach to training is our lively and interactive approaches

Martin   Howe      Martin Howe         Social Care, Services for Vulnerable People, People with Learning Difficulties and Mental Health
                   Associates          Problems, Primary Care, Interim Management, Complaints, Health and Social Care Organisations
                                       Systems and Procedures

Mel      Thomas    Mel Thomas &        Mediation Skills, Stress in the Workplace, Dignity at Work, Conflict Management, Respect at Work,
                   Associates          Change Process, Leadership and Motivation, Delegation Skills, Managing Remote Teams,
                                       Understanding Teams, Appraisal Skills, Managing Change, Conflict Management, Coaching Skills,
                                       Soft Skills for Hard Times, Counselling Skills, Influencing Skills, Handling Violence and Aggression,
                                       Time Management, Stress and You, Assertiveness, Memory Skills, How to Pass Exams,
                                       Facilitation Skills, Public Speaking, Training for Trainers, Team Building

Peter    Davis     Misconduct &        Misconduct, Discipline, Incapability, Complaints Management, Investigations
                   Systems Ltd
Nick    Cook        Nick Cook Ltd    Leads, Manages, Improves HR and other Support Services, Management of change,
                                     Implementation of Efficiency Savings. Responsibilities for HR, Legal, Democratic Services,
                                     Support Services, Registrars Service, Elections and Communications. Harmonisation, TUPE,
                                     Structures and Gradings, Vision and Culture, Ethical Framework for Elected Members

Paula   Salisbury   Pearltek Ltd     Occupational Psychology/Organisation Development, Organisational Analysis, Talent Management
                                     and Training, Workplace Stress, Employee Engagement and Culture, Recruitment Strategies,
                                     Assessment/Development, Psychometric Testing, Assessment and Development Centres,
                                     Coaching and Professional/Personal Development, 360 Feedback, TLA, Motivation and Conflict,
                                     Leadership Development, Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Psychology at Work, Emotional
                                     Intelligence, Recruitment and Selection, Communication Skills, Interview Techniques, Coaching for
                                     Managers, Team Dynamics, Cross Cultural Awareness, Analysis of Data Relating to Human
                                     Behaviour, Focus Group Facilitation, Competency and Leadership Framework Design, Facilitating
                                     Teams, Myers Briggs

Ian     Jones       People Focused   Human Resources Support, Workforce Planning, Organizational Development, Service Plans,
                    Solutions        TUPE, Single Status, Job Evaluation, Communication and Negotiation
Peter   Hammond Pet&R   Leadership and Management Development, Equality and Diversity Training, Team
                        Building, Train the Trainer, Presentation Skills, Community Engagement, Conflict
                        Resolution, Interpersonal Skills, People Management Skills, Mental Toughness
                        Assessment and Development, Workshop Facilitation, Performance Improvement,
                        Strategic Review, Personal Effectiveness Reviews, Skills Auditing, Psychometric Testing,
                        Coaching, Individual Advice and Guidance, Human Resources Consultancy, Handing
                        Customers with Confidence and Care, Dealing with Difficult Customers, Strengthening
                        Client Relationships, Telephone and Call Handling Skills, Effective Communication Skills,
                        Understanding the Communication Process, Recruitment and Selection, Successful
                        Recruiting, Organising and Delegating, Setting Objectives and Targets, Making Decisions
                        at Work, Motivating to Perform, Obtaining Information for Effective Management,
                        Information and Knowledge Management, Managing Projects and People, Performance
                        Improvement, Service Delivery Improvement, Performance Appraisal, Handling
                        Performance Problems, Effective Evaluation of Learning, Strategic Review and Planning,
                        Creating a Learning Organisation, Personal Effectiveness Review for Leaders, Managing
                        Workplace Violence, Bullying and Harassment, Dealing with Difficult Employees, Handling
                        Discipline and Grievance, Mediation at Work, Attendance Management, Team Health
                        Check, Team Repair Clinic, Team Toughness Review, Managing Change, Change
                        Leadership, Facilitation Skills, Instructor Skills, Influencing and Negotiating Skills,
                        Employee Reps, Interpersonal and Influencing Skills, Managing Stress in Self and Others,
                        HSE Risk Assessment, Psychology at Work, Mental Toughness Development Programme,
                        New Legislation in Equality Update, Diversity Impact Assessment, Culture, Diversity and
                        Exclusion, Diversity Awareness Manager, Diversity Awareness Employee, Age Equality
                        Awareness, Disability Equality Awareness, Gender Equality Awareness, Racial Equality
                        Awareness, Religion or Belief Equality Awareness, Sexual Orientation Awareness,
                        Chairing and Participating in Meetings, Making Meetings More Effective, Minute Taking,
                        Report Writing, Practical Event Organising, ILM Level 2 Award in Team Leading,
                        Certificate in Team Leading, First Line Management, Certificate in First Line Management,
                        Workplace Coaching for Team Leaders and FLMs, ILM Cogent Level 2 Award in Personal
                        Development, Certificate in Team Leading, Supervisory Skills for New Supervisors,
                        Managing and Resolving Conflict, Train the Trainer, Managing Change and Continuous
                        Improvement, Managing the Customer Interface, Building and Leading Teams, Firm but
                        Fair Handling People Problems and Ensuring Dignity at Work, Diversity Awareness and
                        Impact Assessment in Local Government, Award in Sustainable Development, Certificate
                        in Volunteering, Certificate in Understanding Equality and Diversity
Peter    Cameron   P J Cameron         Human Resources Consultancy

Nicholas Fry       Progress            Training Needs Analysis, Policy, Process and Procedure Assessment, Development and
                   International Ltd   Implementation, Facilitation of Organisational Purpose Vision and Values, Competence Framework
                                       Creation/Development, 360 Degree Assessment/Appraisal, Organisational Development Models,
                                       Change Initiatives, Leadership and Management, Teambuilding, Personal Development, Business
                                       Skills and Performance Management, Process Improvement, Service Improvement, Sales and
                                       Marketing, Finance, HR

Neil     Price     RAW                 NLP, Personal Development, Sales and Customer Service, Negotiation, Assertion, Equality and
                   Development         Diversity, Coaching, Managing Performance, Time Management, Stress Awareness, Strategy
                                       Planning, Report Writing, Team Building

Lisa     Rippingale Rippingale         Leadership Coaching for Improved Performance, Mediation, Executive Recruitment Process Co-
                    Associates         ordination, Learning and Development Design, Delivery and Evaluation, Myers Briggs Type

Nicola   Sugden    Re:Solution         Avoiding and Resolving Disputes and Conflicts at Work, Community Cohesion Advice and
                                       Guidance, Conflict Resolution in Teams and Formal Workplace Mediation, Training and Coaching
                                       for Managers on Conflict Prevention and Conflict Management

Carol    Taylor    Solutions 4         Project Management, Contract Management, Business Process Mapping, Strategic Planning,
                   Enterprise Ltd      Customer First Consultancy, Funding Maximisation, Public Funding Evaluations

Stuart   Elrick    Stuart Elrick       Workforce Improvement Strategies, Empowerment of Staff to Deliver Services of Excellence,
                   Consulting          Equality and Diversity Policies Linked to Community Engagement and Service Delivery,
                                       Assessment of Authorities' Position with regard to Equality Framework for Local Government and
                                       the Fire and Rescue Service Equality Framework, Elected Member Development - understanding
                                       workforce issues and an understanding of their role delivering the equality framework for local
                                       government, Joint (Shared) HR Service, Joint (Shared) Equality and Diversity Delivery across
                                       Organisations in the Public Sector

Susan    Irving    Susan Irving        Training, Development, Coaching, Mentoring, Member Annual Training Programme, Appraisal and
                   Consultancy         Management, Assertiveness, Presentation Skills, Equality and Diversity, Sickness Absence
                                       Management, Appraisal Training, Coaching for Performance, Customer Service, Display Training
                                       for TAs and Teachers, Drama in Action, Effective Communication, Effective Leadership, Emotional
                                       Intelligence Workshop, Equality and Diversity, Customer Care, Strategy for Success, Managing
                                       Through Change, NLP Awareness, One to One Coaching, Presentation Skills, Problem Solving,
Decision Making, Report Writing, Sales and Marketing, Self Development, Team Building, Time
Management, Train the Workplace Trainer, Appraisal for Life
Gerald    Coteman The Focus Group    Performance and Risk Management, HR/OD Change Programmes, Skills Audits, Competency
                                     Frameworks, Performance Management, Organisational Development, Internal Communications,
                                     Staff Attitudes, Surveys and Analysis, Communications, User/Stakeholder Engagement, Social
                                     Care, Quality Framework/Quality Accounts, Governance, Community Strategies/Infrastructure,
                                     Service Review/Development of Strategies, Strategic Partnerships, Performance Management,
                                     Internal/External Audit Role, Policy Review, Overview and Scrutiny, Equality and Diversity

Stephen Kirkby    Tree Leadership    Leadership and Management Development, Organisational Development, Assessment Centre,
                                     Coaching, Development of Managers and Leaders, Facilitation Work, Management Development,
                                     Organisational Development, Action Learning, Appraisal Methods, Performance Management, One
                                     to One Coaching, Team Development, Myers Briggs Step 2 Personality Description and Coaching,
                                     Psychometric Testing, Design and Evaluation of Surveys with Staff, Values-Based Work with
                                     Individuals, Teams and Whole Organisations, Continuous Improvement Techniques including
                                     Kaizen Approaches and Lean Methods

Vic      Hewitt   Vic Hewitt         Management Consultancy, Member Training and Development for Cabinets, Overview and
                  Consulting Limited Scrutiny, Standards Committees and Opposition Groups, Chief Officer Disciplinary Investigations,
                                     Senior Management Restructures, Integrated Workforce Planning Advice and Support, Review of
                                     Political Structures, Conflict Resolution, Implementing Change

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