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Table of Contents

     Buying And Selling Websites Using Flippa.com:
     What Is It And How Can It Help You Make Money?              6

     About Flippa.com                                            6

     Why Sellers Choose Flippa.com                               6

     Why Buyers Choose Flippa.com                                 6

     How Much Does It Cost?                                      7

     Want To Sell Websites On Flippa.com?
     What You Should Include In Your Auction Listing              8

     What To Expect From Your First Flippa Auction As A Seller   10

     What To Do While You're Waiting For Your Site To Sell       11

     Domain Flipping Using Flippa.com                            12

     Setting Up A Domain-Only Auction                            12

     Flipping Newly Registered Domain Names                      13

     Flipping Websites At Flippa.com
     5 Ways To Maximize Your Earnings                            14

     Recommended Resources                                       16

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     Buying And Selling Websites Using Flippa.com: What Is It And
     How Can It Help You Make Money?

     If you're interested in buying and selling websites on the
     internet then there are plenty of ways to go about it. You could
     contact individual buyers of websites you like, hoping that
     they're willing to sell. You can trawl through listings on forums,
     or keep the word out that you're looking to buy or sell through
     your contacts. But if you want a fast way to get into this
     business, then there's one place everybody turns: Flippa.com.

     About Flippa.com

     Flippa.com was launched in 2009 after migrating from a site
     selling section at Sitepoint. Since then it's become the number
     one place to buy and sell websites on the internet. In short,
     there is simply nowhere else that beats it in terms of how many
     buyers are looking for sites and how many sites are available to

     Why Sellers Choose Flippa.com

     When Flippa first launched in mid-2009 their sell rate was
     around 35%. This meant that, out of every 100 sites put up for
     sale, 35 of these sites would end in a successful sale. This
     number has now risen to over 50 percent, and its user base has
     exploded - proving that many people can, and do, make a full
     time income selling websites through the platform.

     Why Buyers Choose Flippa.com

     Flippa also has plenty of attractive features for buyers, not least
     the fact that they can stay protected by paying using Escrow.
     On top of this, Flippa's search features have improved
     tremendously since they first launched. Buyers can now quickly

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     find the kind of sites they're looking to buy using search
     functions such as:
     * Domain-only sites,
     * Established websites,
     * New websites,
     * Sites earning a minimum amount,
     * Sites with a minimum traffic amount,
     * Site age,
     * Top level domain,
     * And more.

     Because sellers can upload traffic data directly from Google
     Analytics, buyers can feel safe knowing that the site they're
     buying is actually what the sellers claim it to be. And, when
     buyers feel safer, sellers have a much greater chance of selling
     their websites.

     How Much Does It Cost?

     As a seller, you'll need to pay a $19 fee to list your website or
     domain name. If it doesn't sell, you can re-list the site for half

     Sites that do sell are subject to a 5% success fee. Who pays
     this is down to the seller. You can either pay it all yourself, go
     50-50 with your buyer, or set it so the buyer is responsible for
     the full amount. If you're anticipating a high sale price then you
     can pay $149 at the start of your auction to get the success fee

     Flippa.com is really the best choice around when it comes to
     buying and selling websites. If you're thinking about getting
     started, just sign up for free and take a look around to get a feel
     for what's on offer.

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     Want To Sell Websites On Flippa.com? What You Should
     Include In Your Auction Listing

     If you want to sell websites on Flippa.com then a lot of your
     success rides on how well you put together your auction listing
     page. You want to make sure that it includes as much
     information as possible, and pushes the benefits of the website
     as well as the features. Here's a quick guide to some of the
     areas you may want to focus on.

     Content and Design

     You'll want to let your buyer know whether the content and/ or
     design is unique or not. In general, unique content and designs
     can fetch higher prices, but it's still possible to sell sites using
     PLR content or themes that other people use.

     You'll also need to mention whether the content is optimized for
     the search engines, how many posts or pages the website has,
     whether it comes with any bonus eBooks and reports, and so


     Buyers want to know exactly how much traffic your site is
     getting. Take advantage of all the slots Flippa gives you to input
     your traffic data, and follow their instructions to upload a Google
     Analytics report. If you don't have Google Analytics, go into
     your Awstats through your hosting cPanel and take a
     screenshot. And, if you don't have traffic, be honest! There's
     nothing wrong with selling new sites without traffic, they just
     might sell for less.

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     Be as honest as you can about your earnings. Again, you'll
     want to upload screenshots and break down earnings into
     areas such as where they came from, month by month, and
     also any expenses incurred to get those earnings.


     If you really want to go the extra mile to sell websites then
     recording a video tour of your site, its traffic and earnings will
     only work in your favor! This way, buyers are a lot more likely to
     trust everything you say and know that your earnings and traffic
     screenshots are legitimate.


     Flippa.com allows you to sell websites at auction or through a
     Buy It Now price. If you do decide to set a Buy It Now price then
     you really want buyers to use it. Why? You'll generally get a
     good price and end your auction a lot faster! Some buyers will
     need a little encouragement, so offer them extra bonuses (like
     content or support) if they buy using the Buy It Now option.

     Similarly, you can offer bonuses to all buyers. For example,
     offering to transfer the site for free at the end of the auction
     goes a long way towards building trust in the mind of your
     buyers, and helping to make their decision to buy from you a lot

     Other Things To Include

     You'll generally want to include as much information about the
     website as possible, such as:
     * Details about the niche,
     * Ways to monetize the niche,

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     * How old the site is,
     * Your history with the site (if appropriate),
     * Why you are selling (it could just be because you sell
     websites for a living!),
     * Domain name information (expiry, registrar, brandable vs
     keyword domain etc.),
     * Platform (e.g. Wordpress) and any plugins you've included,
     * Payment method,
     * What happens after the sale,
     * Testimonials from happy past buyers (if you have any).

     What To Expect From Your First Flippa Auction As A Seller

     Trying something new for the first time is always nerve-
     wracking, and selling on Flippa is no different. It helps to know
     what you're letting yourself in for before you get started, so
     here's a quick guide to what you can expect from your first
     Flippa auction.

     Listing Your Auction

     When you list your auction you'll need to have a number of
     details on your site ready to go. For a start, you'll enter the
     domain name. You'll then enter specifics such as the age of the
     site, the monthly traffic, the monthly revenue, whether your site
     is established or new, whether the content and design are
     unique, and so on. Flippa provides descriptions of what each
     field means if you get stuck. It's important to be accurate at this
     stage - you don't want to mislead buyers.

     You'll then get the chance to enter your sales text. This should
     promote the benefits of the site you're selling, and can include
     links to external pages (such as traffic screenshots or specific
     highlights of the site) as long as they're directly related to the
     auction. At the end, you may also want to link to your site where

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     buyers can sign up for alerts of any new auctions you list. It's
     well worth building an email list if possible!

     Once everything's ready, you'll submit your auction. Before it
     goes "live" on the site you'll need to verify you're the owner. To
     do this, simply upload a text file according to Flippa's

     Editing Your Auction In Progress

     Once your auction has started, there are limits to the way you
     can edit it. If you've not yet received any bids then you can
     pretty much edit every part of the auction, except for the
     domain name of the site you're selling. However, if you have
     received bids then you won't be able to edit the specifics or
     description - if you need to add information, you can add a
     comment. Flippa has this rule in order to protect buyers and
     ensure they get what they were told at the time they placed the

     What To Do While You're Waiting For Your Site To Sell

     Once your auction's live you'll want to make sure you're
     available to answer any comments. People can either post
     comments publicly to your auction listing, or privately to your
     private message inbox. Prompt responses could help improve
     your chances of a sale. Certain questions may also alert you to
     any details you may have missed from the original auction

     Be aware that you may have to approve bids, depending on the
     setting you selected when creating your auction. You must
     accept or reject a bid within 72 hours, unless you have a Buy It
     Now price in place with an immediate payment requirement.

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     You may be a little surprised to see your auction duration
     extended to four hours whenever anyone places a bid within
     the last four hours of the auction. Although this makes it difficult
     to make sure you're around (and awake) in the final hours of
     your auction, it helps to ensure that all buyers have a good
     attempt at bidding on your site, and don't get outbid in the last
     few seconds.

     Once Your Auction Is Over

     If your auction received a bid over your reserve price then
     you're obligated to follow through with the sale, as is the buyer.
     If there are any problems you can take them up with the Flippa
     team, or else re-list any successful auctions if you want to try
     again. Good luck!

     Domain Flipping Using Flippa.com

     Flippa isn't just a place to buy and sell websites - many people
     have also made a lot of money selling domain names. Domain
     flipping means buying a domain name, whether direct from the
     registrar or from another seller, and selling it on at a profit.

     Setting Up A Domain-Only Auction

     Setting up a domain-only auction on Flippa is much like selling
     a full website. Simply select the domain option as you create
     the listing, and you can go on to enter further details such as
     the date registered, and any listing text you feel is valuable for
     the buyer. Specific information to include should be the domain
     age (aged domains are generally higher in value), whether it
     comes with any content, whether it has any backlinks, Google
     Pagerank and so on. Once you've set up the listing you'll need
     to pay the $19 listing fee and verify that you own that domain.

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     Flipping Newly Registered Domain Names

     There's no reasons why you can't flip domains you've only
     recently registered, but there are a few things you need to know
     before you do. When you try to sell a domain you've bought
     within the last 60 days, Flippa will display a "recent domain
     registration" warning to buyers.

     The reason why Flippa does this is because domain regulations
     state that you cannot transfer a domain name to a new registrar
     within 60 days of buying it. For example, if you registered the
     domain using Namecheap, and the buyer wanted to transfer it
     to GoDaddy because that's where they have all their other
     domains, they wouldn't be able to do that until the 60 days was

     This doesn't mean domain flipping can't be done with new
     domains - you can still generally transfer the new domain name
     to the buyer by pushing it to their account on the SAME
     registrar. So, if you registered it at Namecheap, they'd just have
     to register a free account at Namecheap for you to push it over
     to them.

     Once The Auction Is Over

     Domain flipping is generally a lot quicker to finalize than
     website flipping, thanks to the fact that all it takes is to transfer
     the domain name to the new owner. To do this, they will have to
     go through the transfer protocol of their current registrar, or
     simply sign up at your registrar as mentioned in the example
     above. Once the domain has transferred (this could take up to a
     week) they will have full control and ownership until the expiry

     Domain flipping can be an extremely popular endeavor once
     you know what to look for in a domain name!

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     Flipping Websites At Flippa.com - 5 Ways To Maximize Your

     Flipping websites can be extremely profitable in itself -
     however, if you're looking for ways to maximize the earnings
     you get from every single sale then you may need to think
     outside the box. Here are five ways in which you can increase
     your earnings as a website seller.

     1) Build A List

     One thing that anyone flipping websites should do right away is
     start building up a list of interested customers. Simply sign up
     for an autoresponder account using a service such as Aweber,
     and create a simple webpage where users can input their name
     and email address. In each new auction listing you create,
     include a link to this sign up webpage letting them know they'll
     be the first to get notified of any new deals. This can be a great
     way to sell future sites quicker and for higher amounts.

     2) Offer Extra Services

     Once the site has been sold, you can offer extra services to
     your buyers to make money on top of flipping websites. For
     example, you may promote an article writing offer, or regular
     maintenance of the website for a set amount per hour. Not all of
     your buyers will be interested in these kinds of services, but this
     can be a great way to maximize the potential earnings of any
     site you sell.

     3) Get Affiliate Signups

     When people buy websites from Flippa, the chances are they're
     going to need to buy a few more things along the way. For
     example, they're going to need website hosting, so why not ask
     them to buy through your affiliate link? They're not obligated to

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     buy, but you could offer them extra help with their website, or
     another bonus, if they do choose to buy. Other things you may
     have affiliate links for include paid plugins, SEO services, email
     marketing services and so on.

     4) Create A Membership Site

     Many people who buy websites on Flippa are quite new to the
     world of internet marketing. If you want to help teach them the
     ropes then why not set up a course or membership site that
     takes them through everything they need to know? You could
     even choose to make the course free but include upsells or
     affiliate links to useful products.

     5) Create Custom Websites

     If your buyer really liked your website and your style then
     there's a good chance they will want to buy from you again in
     future. Some may simply wait to see what other websites you
     decide to put up for auction, but others may have something
     more specific in mind. Why not offer a custom website creation
     service that you market to all of your past buyers? You can
     generally charge more for creating custom websites than you
     do for selling sites at auction. Although it might mean more
     work and communication with the buyer, the benefit of this
     service is the fact that you can guarantee a sale, something
     that isn't always the case when flipping websites on auction!

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Thank You

Alexis Kenne

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