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									    Maharashtra Government’s 2G Scam

Rs.50,000 Crore Ghotala in the name of
            Slum Dwellers

 Presentation : Dr. Kirit Somaiya   BJP National Secretary
           Rs.50,000 crores LOOT by
           Congress-NCP Government
• Congress-NCP Govt. of Maharashtra has gifted
  Rs.50,000 crores worth property/project with profit of
  rs.31,500 crores to “selected builders”
• The land/property belongs to Govt. of India, Defence
  Ministry. Govt. of Maharashtra, MHADA, BMC handed
  over to this builder in the name of slum dwellers
• CRZ salt land also allotted for development in the name
  of        “Rajiv Gandhi Aawaas Yojana”
Cheating, fraud by Congress Govt. in the name of Rajiv
Total Projects allotted in SRA
            u/s 3k
   Total Area of 6 Projects     235 Lac Sq. ft.

   Land Value                   Rs 6,652 Crores

   Total Saleable Component     446 Lac Sq. ft.
   Market Value of saleable area Rs 41,840
   Total Projected Profit       Rs 31,500
     Govt. of Builders - for Builders
• Hundreds of Acres of Land in Mumbai worth thousands of Rs
  Crores gifted to selected Builders
• Rules, Guidelines, Provisions of Laws violated to suit the
  Favored Builders
• No bidding, transparent process
• No consistent process followed in the six approvals.
• Proposals cleared with Amazing Speed
• Out of way/ abnormal Exemptions/ Relaxation given
• No due diligence
• Financial capacity of the developer ignored
• No accurate knowledge of number of families (structures)
  before issuing LOI
• No consent obtained from slum dwellers
• GBR (General Body Resolution) copy not obtained
  Ghotala Sanctioned/Implemented by both Chief ministers
      Shri Prithviraj Chavan Shri Ashok Chavan
• 11 Nov 2010 – Maharashtra had 2 Chief Ministers –
                i) Shri Ashok Chavan
                ii) Shri Prithviraj Chavan
• 55,27,000 sq.ft. land was gifted by Housing Ministry, Govt. of
  Maharashtra to a small-time builder, Lashkaria Constructions
  Pvt.Ltd. on 11 November 2010
• Housing Ministry issued directive/order purported to be dated 11
  Nov. 2010
• Lashkaria Constructions with Paid-up Capital of Rs.15 lacs was
  gifted/handed over project of Rs.10,000 crores with profit margin of
  Rs.6,400 crores
• 11 Nov. 2010 – Shri Ashok Chavan was the Caretaker Chief Minister
  and Shri Prithviraj Chavan took over as regular Chief Minister
• Rs.50,000 crore SRA land scam of Congress Govt. of Maharashtra is
  parallel to that of 2G telecom scam of Govt. of India.
      Loot in the name of SRA
New Jamindar in the name of Slum dwellers

  Legal Acts/ papers referred to:
  • Govt. referred various provisions to have cluster
    development/ township Development
  • An area of 40 hectares & above having large number of
  • Dharavi model of township redevelopment u/s 3.19 of
    Appendix IV of DCR 33(10)
  • Now this is another concept/ FRAUD - Maharashtra Slum
    Areas Act 1971, section 3k along with:
  • New Housing policy Maharashtra of 23/7/2007 &
  • National Urban Housing and Habitat policy, 2007
 Advocate General Ravi Kadam’s
Legal Opinion on SRA…. Ignored

    Govt. asked legal opinion of Advocate General on
      relaxation on SRA Provisions. Advocate General
      said :
    • Annexure I/ II/ III required before LOI can be issued
    • Preface of Appendix IV of DCR 33(10) says
      redevelopment proposal to be submitted by
      owners of the land/ CHS/ MHADA/ NGO’s.
    • Section 2.8 of Appendix IV of DCR 33(10) says
      existing schemes or under consideration schemes
      cannot be overridden
    • NOC required from land owners within 30 days of
      issued LOI
Lashkaria Developers

 • Plot at Malavani, Malad West, Mumbai, is
   513,482 sq meter, of which 25,789 is under CRZ
 • Paid-up capital of the company is Rs 15 lac
 • Obtained loan of Rs 37 lac from a Co-Op Bank
   against residential flat.
 • Financial Reserves, turnover etc. few million
 • Rs 52,41,74,738 paid to Maharashtra Govt. on 23
   Nov. 2010
 • Who are the REAL OWNER of this Company?
   Lashkaria Developers
Un-dated      Application to SRA asking relaxation from payment of
              land premium
18 Mar 2010 Lashkaria’s application to CM

1 July 2010   Housing Ministry called special meeting attended by
              SRA, The Builder & others
2 July 2010   Letter from SRA to Housing, provisional LOI can be
              issued though application has no required documents
5 July 2010   Housing Ministry issued directives to SRA that all
              rules, guidelines should be ignored
5 Nov 2010    Housing Ministry decided to give Project Approval
              under Sec 3k of SRA
11 Nov 2010 Maharashtra Govt. sanctioned the Project.
            Directives/Letter issued to SRA
Lashkaria Developers

 • Full contradictions about Number of Slum
   Families/Structures- 14,000 to 25,000.

 • Guidelines regarding certification of Slum
   Structures/ Annexure II by-passed

 • Legal provision about Annexure II/ consent of
   70% slum dwellers ignored
Lashkaria Developers
 Total project Area      55.27 Lac sq ft

 Land Value              Rs 1,381 Crore
 Total Saleable          107 Lac Sq.Ft.
 Component Available
 Market Value of Saleable Rs. 8,000
 Total Project Profit     Rs 6400 Cr.
Ashok Chavan & Lashkaria

  30 Oct 2010   CM Ashok Chavan announced
  10 Nov 2010   Ashok Chavan submitted his
                resignation to Governor, who
                asked him to continue as

  11 Nov 2010   Prithviraj Chavan took oath as
  evening       New Chief Minister
        Aakruti Builders

• Total plot size is 26 hectares at
  Antop Hill
• Huge portion of Salt Pan Land
  with Mangrove shrubs
     Aakruti Builders

13/7/2009   Original application to CM, wants provisional
            LOI/ IOA/ CC to be granted without 70%
            consent of Slum Dwellers
            Special exemption from 40 hectares area
            provision 15/7/2009
            Application forwarded by Housing to SRA

6/8/2009    SRA reply to Housing Dept. that since there
            are prior proposals, possibility of litigation

26/9/2009 Hsg. Ministry accorded Approval
     Aakruti Builders

Total project Area              45 Lac Sq. ft
Land Value                      Rs 1,350 Crores
Total Saleable Component        88 Lac Sq. ft

Market Value of Saleable area   Rs 8,700 Crores

Total Project Profit            Rs 6,900 Crores
Lokhandwala Builders

  • Total 4 plots at Lower Parel-Haji Ali,
    Worli = 68,970 sq metert for 2621
    families (structures)
Lokhandwala Builders

16/6/2009 MCGM Commissioner Jairaj Pathak writes a letter to
          Housing Secretary, asking to approve the composite
          project without 70% approval and asks to extend cut-off
          date from 1995 to 2000
20/6/2009 SRA letter to Housing Secretary, asking to consider
          waiving the 70% consent of local residents and to extend
          the cutoff date from 1995 to 2000
13/7/2009 Application from Lokhandawala builders to Maharashtra
          CM, mentioning the 4 plots. Does not mention 3k
14/8/2010 Approval for project under 3k(1)
5/10/2010 MCGM Commissioner Kshatriya writes a letter to
          Housing Secretary, asking to approve the composite
          project as per 3k and relax the height restrictions under
          section DCR 31(4)
   Lokhandwala Developers

Total project Area         7.42 Lac Sq. ft.
Land Value                 Rs 371 Crore
Total Saleable Component   12 Lac Sq. ft.
Market Value of Saleable   Rs 1,800 Crores
Total Project Profit       Rs 1,400 Crores
Ruchipriya Developers

  • Plot is at Akurli village, Kandivali East
    project total area is 456,800 sq mt (45
    hectares) for 15,000 to 17,000 families
  Ruchipriya Developers
21/10/2008   Application made to CM for approval on lines of 3(19) of
             Appendix IV of DCR 33(10). Proposal asks for permission to
             build 5,000 PAP tenements (is it to bypass Financial statements
             under Annexure III?)
6/11/2008?   Housing department letter to SRA instructs them to issue
             Provisional LOI/IOA/ CC without Annexure II and that Annexure II
             to be issued in 60 days
10/7/2009    Ruchipriya letter to Secretary Housing asking not to insist on
             GBR (General Body Resolution) and 70% consent. Also requests
             not to insist on 5% open spaces! Requests Housing department
             not to insist on Annexure III.
2009 (date   SRA writes to Housing department to take cognizance of HC
unclear)     order and UD circular SRA/2008/prakra170/circular-1 for
             procedure of ‘first come first serve’

8/8/2009     Approval by Housing Secretary under 3k
Ruchipriya Developers
Total project Area           51.42 Lac Sq.Ft.

Land Value                   1,450 Crore
Total Saleable Component     92 Lac Sq.Ft.

Market Value of saleable area Rs 7,300 Crores

Total Projected Profit       Rs 5,300 Crores
Shivalik Ventures

• Plot at Golibar, Santacruz for 25,000 structures, is 125
• Plot has 26 acres belonging to MHADA, 43 acres
  belonging to Central government Defense, 52 acres is
  private land ownership and 2 acres each is ‘seema shulk’
  and state collector.
• Unitech a major stakeholder in Shivalik.
• CTS 12/ CTS 541 belongs to Indian Military and CTS 377 is
  Customs Department, Government of India.
• SRA2008/CM-22/PraKra187/Jho-1 referred to.
• State Government Housing policy of 23/7/2007 referred
        Shivalik Ventures
21/1/2008 Application made by Shivalik

21/1/2008 CM writes to Housing department to scrutinize the
17/4/2008 Letter by Shivalik (claims 52 acres private land purchased,
          but no details)
25/6/2008 Letter by Shivalik
21/4/2008 Internal noting of Housing department says no authentic
          data available for number of families residing. Narration
          says 22 acres is private land for which no NOC is
20/8/2009 LOI issued by SRA, for 28 acres only, for section wise
          construction. Earlier LOI issued for 14 acres dated 2007,
          but no performance checked before issuing new LOI.
  Shivalik Ventures

Total Project Area         56 Lac Sq. ft
( In principle approval)
Land Value                 Rs 1,680 Crore

Total Saleable Component   115 Lac Sq. ft
Market value of Saleable   Rs 13,800 Crores
Total projected Profit     Rs 10,000 Crores
Sterling Buildcon

• Project is for Borla village, Chembur
  for 18.94 hectares (189,438 sq mt) for
  7,000 families.
       Sterling Buildcon
9/2/2010 & Application/ letter by Sterling Buildcon to CEO of SRA
31/5/2010   SRA letter to Housing department saying Annexure III not
            to be insisted upon, before issuing LOI.
22/6/2010   Developers Sushiraj to CM and Housing Department
            saying their scheme already has approval and Sterling
            Buildcon has made wrong representation on land
2/7/2010    SRA letter to Housing department

17/8/2010   SRA letter to Housing department

11/11/2010 Approval for project under 3k
     Sterling Buildcon
Total Project Area            20.39 Lac Sq. ft

Land Value                    Rs 420 Crores
Total Saleable Component      32 Lac Sq. ft.

Market Value of Saleable area Rs. 2,240 Crores

Total Project Profit          Rs. 1,500 Crores
Congress-NCP Maharashtra Govt.’s

    • Concept Evolved in 2009
    • Execution in 2010
    • Illegal sanction & allotments
    • Maharashtra Govt. sanctioned projects under
      the guise of Sec 3K of SRA Act & Govt. of India’s
      Housing Policy
    • GOM has given in principle approval to all.
    • LOI issued to many of them.
    • Rough working, projects cost, valuation, profit is
      Rs 40,000 t0 Rs 50,000 crores!
Total Projects allotted in SRA
            u/s 3k
   Total Area of 6 Projects     235 Lac Sq. ft.

   Land Value                   Rs 6,652 Crores

   Total Saleable Component     446 Lac Sq. ft.
   Market Value of saleable area Rs 41,840
   Total Projected Profit       Rs 31,500

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